Sibling Sex Education Ch. 04

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Chapter Four

Understanding and Revelation

When I awoke the next morning, Alex had left and Sam was still sleeping soundly beside me. Feeling lazy I propped myself up on my elbow and studied my sleeping sister. Sisters are usually not someone you look at this way, sister’s you tolerate and protect. I was stunned by how damn beautiful she was and wondered how even a brother could not have noticed that before. Sam stirred and rolled onto her back moving her left arm above her head. Her left breast came free of the sheet and I looked at how perfectly round and firm it was. I thought back to last night and how I had used that tit as a handhold to take my sister’s virgin ass. This morning it look unscathed, her nipple not extended, but asleep like her.

Sam and I had been lovers for about six weeks now, ever since the day I came home early from classes and spied our mother cheating on our father. I photographed mom with another man and woman and later that night Sam had seen the pictures. While we’d agreed that if our Dad found out that a divorce could happen and our lives might change so we elected to keep that secret. Mom and Dad had gone off for a week, leaving Sam and I alone and we’ve been using this time to explore our sexual fantasies. I used my finger to graze Sam’s sleeping nipple and watched, mesmerized, as it seemed to grow before my very eyes. While I wondered what today’s fantasy might be, I continued to lightly touch Sam’s nipple. Eventually I bent forward and licked it, flicking my tongue back and forth, batting at the now elongated tip of her tit.

I think that is when I realized that the love I had for Sam had changed and was no longer that of a brother, but it was the love of mate. It was wrong, sibling sex is forbidden by society, we would have to hide our loving relationship or move away from friends and family and lie about our family connection. Her nipple was now very hard and through still asleep Sam had begun to breath harder. I took her herd nub in y mouth and sucked gently on it and my hands roamed down across her belly, past her hairless pubic mound and into the soft, silky folds of her vagina. I made sure I was gentle barely touching the silky, damp folds of her pussy while sucking easily on her nipple.

As I continued this ‘grazing’ of my sister’s naked body she continued to sleep. Yet her body was reacting, nipple firm in my mouth and pussy opening and dampening for my finger. I wanted Sam to be a part of this, to be a partner in this loving embrace. So I let her nipple drop from my mouth and moved my lips to Sam’s face. I kissed her gently on her cheeks, her eyes and her chin, and then I kissed her ear and whispered.

“Sam, I want to make love with you this morning.”

Sam’s eyes opened slowly and she smiled as she became aware of where my hand was and that I’d been kissing her, nibbling at her ears and neck.

“Before the fantasy, before more role playing, I just want to make love to you sis.”

Sam nodded and pulled my face to hers and locked her lips to mine. We kissed lightly at first but as our passions rose, so did the ardor of our kissing. Our hands explored each other’s bodies and as we both became hot and ready, Sam joined her hand in mine and rubbed her pussy with them. I rolled atop her and moved my cock into her ready pussy. I moved in slowly and tried to keep it slow and sensual, I wanted to make love and not just fuck my sister. From her reactions, I think Sam recognized that this morning was different and was dong her best to accommodate my needs.

Unfortunately our bodies would eventually take us back tour purer animal instincts and soon enough we were pounding our bodies together straining to make it last for our partners, but knowing it would end all too soon. Cuming harder then I had in a while I felt Sam’s loins tighten about my cock as she too shook with the release of her orgasm. Lying contentedly side-by-side Sam said.


“Please, Sam for a moment can I just be Paul or bro?”

“Yes, and no. This morning you made love to me, and I made love to you. It was the best you’ve felt since you had me for the first time. I so loved the feel of you cock invading me, of how my body opens itself to you. I love how I lose control of myself when you touch me. I love you as my brother, as my Master but also as, I hope you do too, as my mate.”

She was silent then and I said.

“You know Sam that what we have is mutual. I love you as my sex toy, but as you can see from this morning I love gaziantep olgun escort bayan you as a mate, a wife, a girlfriend. But all of those names don’t include brother and sister. I want you, I need you and I cannot see not having you but to do so will shock everyone. It will be difficult to be open about our love.”

“I may be a year younger and maybe I don’t fully understand the issues, but I don’t care. If we have to leave our home and go where no one knows us as siblings, I am ready to go. If we want to stay here and just be brazen about it, lets do it. I love you brother, I love you husband, and I love you Master.”

“I love you Sam as my sister, my wife and my slut. We will work it out. I just wanted us to both be aware that no matter how great what we have is, not everyone will be happy about us.”

“Master, this slut only cares for her Master’s feelings. What will you do with me today?”

“Shall we get the box and see?”

“Master, forget the box if you will. I apologize if as your slut I prevent you from experiencing what’s in that box, but I just want to be directed by you, to see how well I obey, to accept your punishment when I fail and to enjoy your cock when I succeed. May I ask you Master to just use me as you wish, for the rest of the week, for the rest of our lives?”

“I think for now I’d just like to lay here and get to know your body, find out what you respond to, play with you and fuck you.”

‘I am yours to do with as you wish, Master.”

Paul began to use his hands touching all of his sister’s body. Then with his mouth he kissed and licked every inch of her creamy white skin. When he found himself between her legs, she opened them wide allowing him entry to her pussy and ass. Paul ate her wet cunt, tasting the residue of their early fuck and then used his tongue to penetrate and stretch her back door. Then he took her ankles in his hands and lifted and spread her open. Resting one of her ankles on his shoulder her used his hand to line his cock up to her asshole and pushed in gently.

“Oh Master, yes fuck my ass.”

With his cock well into her he put his hand back on her ankle and then pushed both of her legs up, pulling her ass up as he placed both of her feel equal to her head. Then he pushed his cock all the way into her.

“Yes, that feels so good. Fuck your slut’s ass Master. Oh god yes, fuck my ass.”

Pushing in and out of her ass felt great and Paul reveled at the sensation of her tight backdoor. He watched as his cock went in and out and noticed how her pussy began to leak with her juices. He could see her clit swelling as he moved in and out of her ass and for a moment got lost in the pure joy he was feeling. As good as her ass felt he wanted to have her pussy and so he pulled his cock from her rosebud and slid into her wet steam cunt. It felt so good, so hot and soft. He fucked her slowly, wanting to enjoy this as much as anything he’d ever done. All too quickly, he thought, he felt the stirring of his own orgasm and his cock began to jerk and spew his seed. Sam gasped and shook as her own orgasm took hold of her and she pumped her hips up into her brother as he filled her with hot jets of cum. She felt those spurts splash inside her and her body convulsed again and again as each jerk of his cock splashed it’s hot milky fluid into her.

He released her legs and they automatically wrapped around his hips pulling him deeper into her as his cock softened inside her. They lay together trying to regain their senses as his cock slowly slipped from the warmth of her tunnel, their mixed juices oozing from her.

Later Paul took his sister to the shower and then they both dressed. Today they wore nothing sexy or showy, just jeans and tees and Paul had insisted that Sam wear both a bra and panties. He did allow for her to wear a lacy bra and thong. After lunch he took her to the car and drove off. They traveled close to an hour to a city they’d rarely visited. Cruising the streets Sam remained quiet while Paul evidently searched for something.

Spotting what he was looking for he parker the car and the two of them walked down the street and into a store. On the sign in the window as they walked in Sam saw that this store offered body piercings and felt a twinge of excitement as she followed her brother in. She stood behind Paul and ignored him as he spoke with a man behind the counter. She noticed that after completing the transaction Paul gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan moved off to the back f the store and she followed. Entering a small room Paul said.

“Take off your tee and bra then sit in the chair.”

Obeying without question as she pulled the tee over her head Sam unclasped her red lacy bra and handed both items to her brother then sat in the chair. It was obvious to anyone who might of seen Sam that she was excited about the possibilities, as both of her nipples were extended and hard. No other words were spoken and a few minutes later the man Paul had spoken with came in and closed the door. He had a small package in his hands that he handed to Paul and then went to a sink in the corner and washed his hands. After slipping on a pair of latex gloves, fresh from a box on the counter he rooted in a drawer for something, eventually pulling out some sort of tool.

Sam felt a wetness start between he legs as she imagined what Paul was doing. She hoped that he was having her nipples pierced and soon she knew she was right. The man took and opened the package he’d earlier given Paul and removed a gold object that was almost round except for a straight section on one side. He then pulled on the straight section till it came away and set it one Sam’s belly. Then taking the tool he used his fingers to stretch her left nipple out away from her breast. He placed the tool around the base of her nipple and pulled what look like a trigger and Sam felt a slight pain as some sort of needle shot through her nipple. He left the needle sticking through her and picked up the ring-like object from her belly. After coating the straight section with some sort of cream, he lined the straight piece up with the end of the needle and as he pulled the needle out he pushed the straight piece in through her nipple. Then he closed the ring and let it click shut. He repeated the process with her other nipple and when he was done he spoke to Paul and then left.

Sam stared down at her now pierced nipples and looked about the room for a mirror. Spying one in the corner she looked at her brother and said.

“Thank you Master. May I look at them in the mirror?”

Paul nodded and Sam stood and walked to the mirror. Looking at her nipples Sam could not hide her joy and smiled wide as she saw the two rings hanging from her still erect nipples. She wondered if her nipples would ever soften. Turning back t her brother she said.

“Master they are perfect. Thank you for this.”

“You may not thank me later. I have some ideas for them after you heal. Now put your bra and tee shirt on we have things to do slut.”

The bra only made her that much more aware of her piercings and as she walked with her brother back to the car her pussy was now dripping. If she looked down she was sure her jeans would be much darker in her crotch from the juices spilling from her.

They drove on back toward home but along the way Paul pulled off the main road and drove up to the lake. While it was a warm day, it wasn’t yet a time when the lake would be crowded with people. In fact when they arrived only a dozen or so cars were scattered in the lot.

“Cum slut.”

Paul said and they headed off to one of the trail through the woods the circled the lake. After walking about halfway around and seeing only a few folk here and there Paul stopped and turned toward Sam.

“Your piercings will need air to help the healing process, slut. Give me your tee and bra.”

In the middle of the trail Sam quickly removed the clothing and handed them to Paul. He took them and threw them into the brush where they would be hidden a bit from the casual hiker. Then he took her hand and continued to walk. Sam was breathless at being exposed to whomever might come upon them and once again her pussy was leaking. Sam loved the feel of the warm air on her naked chest and being with Paul this way was thrilling. Coming to a fork in the trail, Paul led her away from the main path and headed deeper into the woods. Even fewer people would come this way, but Sam knew someone might.

Once again they stopped and this time Paul made Sam remove her jeans. These too he tossed into the brush then took her hand and continued walking. N her sneakers and thong only Sam proudly walked with her Master.

They approached a clearing with a picnic table, obviously not used since last year and Paul had her sit on the edge. He bent gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan over and unlaced her sneakers and tossed them, them then had her stand and he pulled her thong off. Completely naked now, he pulled her along further into the woods. They circled around to a spot where the woods came up to the edge of the lake and their Paul sat and pulled her down to him. Sam looked out and in the distance she could see people walking the trails around the lake and wondered if they could see her. The thought excited her and she had trouble sitting still. Paul had opened his fly and removed his cock and then said.

“Suck me slut, get me ready for you.”

Sam forgetting everything but Paul’s cock went to work sucking and licking his rod, enjoying the feeling of it growing in her mouth. She gagged a few times on the softer head of his cock as she tried to push him into her throat. When he was ready he pulled her off and said.

“Go stand there by the lake and spread your legs slut.”

Sam went to the spot and stood with her legs spread, watching the people in the distance, hoping both that they did and did not see her there. Paul, after taking off his clothes stood behind her and pushed her over at the waist. Then he slipped his cock into her wet cunt from behind and without the tenderness of this morning fucked her hard and fast.


Sam screamed as his cock pounded into her. She loved how hard he was attacking her, filling her, cramming every inch of his tool into her. She went wild and bounced her hips back into Paul with the same force he plowed into her and her groans and screams carried over the still waters of the lake and unknown to her at that moment a few heads turned to see where the noise was coming from. Sam didn’t care and neither did Paul. The idea of fucking in a place where they could be seen was a big turn on for both of them. As Paul was about to release his sperm into Sam’s quivering cunt, he turned and saw that they were being watched by a young couple about twenty yards away in the woods.

He grabbed Sam’s head and turned it so she could see the two watching them and then he exploded shooting his load into her. Sam, finally seeing what Paul had seen, was pushed to her limit and allowed a massive orgasm to overwhelm her. Writhing and shaking with the tremors wracking her body, her eyes never left the couple as they silently watched the two come to orgasm. When Paul pulled out he saw the couple wave, smile and then head away from them.

“Oh shit, Master that was fucking awesome. You made me a dirty girl in front of strangers. Oh thank you.”

Sam reached up to her brother and kissed him again and again, pressing her still sore nipples into his chest, enjoying the slight pain as she ground her tits into him. Paul slipped on his jeans and said.

“I hope you remember where your clothes are, but in any case if your not at the car when I leave, I guess your stuck here.”

The he walked slowly off, back the way they came and Sam scurried to keep up. She found her shoes and thong easily and slipped them on before catching back up to her brother who just kept walking. Back on the trail, knowing that there were still lots of people still out and about, Sam search frantically for her jeans but never found them. Getting closer to the car now, dressed only in sneakers and her thong, she spied her tee shirt and slipped it on. Her bra was lost and she needed to keep up with Paul or be left here.

Paul’s cum and her own fluids had oozed down he legs and dried on her thighs and as they came ever closer to the car park, Sam realized she’s have to make it to the car in what she had on and just hope no one would see her. That was not to be the case a she saw three teenage boys milling about the area and soon they were all staring at her. The sight of the boys had her pussy leaking all over again and their derisive shouts only made her juices flow harder. She was humiliated and loving it.

She had to stand for a minute while Paul fumbled with his keys and in that minute Sam decided not to panic. In fact she pulled her thong off and walked to the three boys and handed it to them without a word, then turned her naked ass to them as went to the car. She got in slowly, not wanting to look like she was in a hurry and as she closed the door, Paul pulled out then looking at her said.

“You are a good slut, sis.”

Sam beamed and said.

“Thank you Master.”

As they neared their house Sam realized she’d have to get in the house naked from the waist down and hoped she could do so without the neighbors looking. Thankfully it was now getting darker as evening approached and she followed her brother into the house sighing as the door closed behind them.

She turned to look at Paul and before she could say anything she heard.

“What the fuck are you doing walking around half naked?”

Shit Mom was home and they were caught!

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