Silent Love Ch. 02

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I didn’t know how much Carol knew or didn’t know; that was what tormented my mind. I hadn’t intended for things to go this far. I admit to weakness I mean who wouldn’t cave when a nubile nineteen year old vixen all but shoves her pussy in your face.

Raye was insatiable; I had never seen a woman who craved sex as much as that girl did. God, I thought my sex drive was high; she dwarfed me by a mile. If she wasn’t after me, she was after her mother.

That first time I had seen them together had set off a hormonal fuse in my brain; and as I had left the bedroom, I had watched as Raye lowered her cum filled cunt over her mother’s face.

Even though I knew Carol wasn’t much for sucking my cock; there was no way she could mistake the two distinct flavors in her daughters soaked pussy.

Yet, she said nothing; her silence driving me nearly insane. I was wracked with guilt, until my cock was buried in that tight cunt again. What confused me was how had Raye gotten her mother to even consider being with another woman. I mean, Jesus her list of no-no’s was a mile long; and topping that list was oral sex.

The fact I had witnessed Raye munching on her mothers’ dripping pussy, and then had gotten her to do the same; simply amazed me. But, then again we were talking about the same young woman who had shoved my dick down her throat to the root.

I did have to admit, it added some spice for Carol and me. While she still had those same barriers; she seemed more tolerant of my silence. For me, the thought I was fucking the same pussy my daughter had been eating, set off mind blowing explosions in my nuts.

I never had the opportunity to witness them together over the next couple of weeks, though it wasn’t for lack of trying. Carol seemed quite adept at hiding what was going on with Raye; and it wasn’t exactly like I was going to confront her.

What the hell would I say? By the way honey, I watched our daughter eat your pussy while I fucked her? Jesus Christ I would be dead in five minutes.

It was Raye who created my next adventure into hedonistic sex. I had been at work that Tuesday, and it was early afternoon when my cellphone beeped. I pulled it out and opened the text message. I immediately jammed my cell back into its carrier at my hip.

“I need to take this” I told the foreman for the work site.

I looked around for somewhere private, and finally stepped into one of those port-a-potties you see at fairs. We use them at construction sites.

I pulled my cell phone out and reopened the text message. I felt blood drain into my cock at the photo Raye had sent. It was a clear shot between Raye’s spread thighs, with her mother’s head buried in her crotch.

You couldn’t see a lot of Carol’s face, but what you did see was smeared with Raye’s juices. Raye had held her mother’s hair back with one hand and snapped the picture with the other.

Underneath the image were only two words. ‘Come home.’

I made excuses to the foreman and climbed into my car. What should have been a twenty-five minute drive; took me less than fifteen minutes. The entire way there my cock throbbed and pulsed in my jeans.

I parked in the driveway to not use the garage door, and slipped into the house. Quietly I ascended the stairs; I could hear moaning from our bedroom as I walked down the hall. I was curious I couldn’t hear Carol and her usual monologue; but I knew why when I stepped to the bedroom door.

God that was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Carol was stretched out nude on our bed, her legs splayed wide open and Raye’s face buried between them. Carol couldn’t talk because our daughter had her own pussy jammed over her mother’s face in the hottest sixty-nine I had ever seen.

I heard Carol moan and mumble something against that wet pussy. When Raye lifted her head her eyes locked to mine. She raised her body slightly upward, her hips lifting just a bit to give her mother more room.

The sudden reprieve was like flipping a switch, and the monologue started again.

“Oh God Raye what are you doing to me?” I could hear the fear and desire in her voice.

“I’m eating your cunt mother” I heard Raye’s raspy voice.

“We shouldn’t…we can’t…” I heard Carol moan.

“Oh I can and I will mother” Raye hissed as she stared at me.

“I can shove my finger in your cunt” I watched a slender finger drive between Carol’s soaked lips.

“Nnnnghhhhhhh” Carol moaned as her hips bounced on the bed.

“I can fuck your sweet cunt” I stared wide eyed as a second and then a third finger stretched Carol open.

Even at the few feet across the room, I watched as Raye opened her mother up for me to see. This was deliberate, and for my show; and I knew it.

Raye leaned a bit to the side, picking something up off the sheet; suddenly a pair of pale green thong underwear went flying through the air at me. They landed at my feet as I stood rooted to the spot.

I could hear the rhythmic squelching of Raye’s fingers as they gaziantep özbek escort bayan fucked in and out. I could hear Carol moaning for more. I slowly bent down, never taking my eyes off the pair, and retrieved the still warm and moist thin cloth.

A lust filled smile crept over Raye’s face as I raised the cloth to my face and inhaled. I instantly recognized Raye’s musky scent as the smell filled my brain. My other hand unsnapped my jeans and pulled down my zipper softly.

Standing at the door, I gripped my steel hard cock and started pumping. I felt my heavy balls swing free between my thighs as my jeans bunched at my knees. God I watched mesmerized as Raye fucked her mother.

“More…need more…” Carol grunted in time to those invading fingers.

“You want me to fuck you mom? You want me to fuck that tight mother cunt?” Raye grated as she stared at me.

“Fuck me…please.” Carol whimpered under her.

“Dirty little girl, I want you to fuck me good. Fuck your momma” Carol babbled.

I wrapped that soft cloth around the head of my cock as my fist picked up speed. I watched as Raye leaned back slightly, her free hand searching behind the pair. When it came forward, I saw the long pink cylinder in her hand. Oh fuck, she had a vibrator.

“You want me to fuck you?” Raye hissed again. “Fuck that tight cunt…like this.”

In a split second Raye ripped all three fingers free of her mother; I could see the gaping opening of her pink pussy; and then the image was gone as a bright pink cylinder slammed up her mother.

“GHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Carol screamed; her ass lifting off the bed.

“Fuck…good…cumming…” Carol grunted.

My dear loving verbal wife was reduced to beyond words as her own daughter did what I hadn’t; fucked the living shit out of her. All the while Raye kept up a tirade of words. Pure filth that seemed to drive her mother as high as the physical act of fucking her did.

“Take that cock, take it mom; like the slut you can be.” Raye’s voice filled the room. “Come on, fuck me; fuck my dildo mom.” Raye pushed her mother.

“Think of daddy, ramming his cock into you; while I watch.” Raye was tormenting her mother with mental image after mental image.

“I bet you would watch wouldn’t you” Raye’s voice was hot with lust. “Watch your husband fuck my tight teenage pussy” She told her mother.

“Raye…oh God Raye…” Carol moaned.

“Watch his balls…empty into me.” Raye grated. “I bet you would suck that cum out of me.” She moaned down at her mother.

All the way through it Raye stared at me, watching my hand as it pumped the length of my cock. I could feel my balls tighten as I neared my own climax.

It was as if the words triggered Carol; her ass rose straight into the air, supported by her heels and her back as she arched upward. I saw the muscles of her thighs quiver as Raye fucked into her unrelenting.

A piercing wail echoed off the bedroom walls as Carol exploded. I was stunned as an arc of fluids shot out of my wife; like she was pissing and cumming at the same time, hot cream jetting out too splatter to the sheets between her planted feet.

“RAAAYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Carol screamed as release ripped through her.

At the same moment my cock pulsed, and a hot jet of fluid pumped from the tip, soaking into the soft green cloth. Raye watched as I exploded staring at them; that satisfied smile spreading across her face.

I stumbled from the bedroom and back to the car, sitting there in the driveway I reeked of sex and hot cum. I stared down into my lap at that cum soaked thong still clutched in my grip.

Was it me; was it Carol…or maybe even Raye? It was as if our house was changing and I could only hang on for the ride.

It was three days later that roles switched; I became the one on display; and honestly it was so sudden I didn’t even have the chance or strength to fight.

I had tried to find time with Raye; God I needed to bury my cock in that tight pussy; but it seemed almost as if this time she was deliberately avoiding me.

By Friday I was in a frenzied state of horny and had resolved one way or the other I was going to empty my balls tonight; whether it was Raye or Carol didn’t matter at this point.

Carol and I were sitting in the living room watching television that evening. I was stretched out in my recliner watching some show I can’t even remember now. Carol was on the couch with her iPad, scrolling through her Facebook.

We tended to stay up a bit later on weekends. So we had both already showered and changed and we were just relaxing before heading upstairs. Carol had on her night slip; and every now and then I would glance over at the curves of her full breasts through the loose cloth; or scan my legs up those tanned thighs stretched out on the couch.

Yeah, I has semi hard, I admit it. But sitting in my chair in my lounger pants gave me the advantage I porno videolar could hide my thick hungry cock. Every now and then I would reach down and adjust my half hard dick, thinking of what I wanted to do to my wife.

I figured Raye was upstairs finishing her school work, or just jamming to her music as usual. I was a bit surprised when I heard the soft steps of her feet across the living room carpet. I turned my head to look, and froze in my chair.

Totally nude; I mean stark raving nude; Raye walked across the living room. Those firm teenage breasts barely moved with her gait; my eyes drank in her flat belly and that smooth junction between her thighs.

She never hesitated as she advanced on my chair; before I could move or say a word, Raye reached down and stuffed something into my mouth as it hung open in shock.

It was the same green panties I had jerked off to three days ago; this time they weren’t damp, they were fucking soaked in her juices. Her taste and scent overwhelmed my horny brain as she shoved them between my lips without a word.

Her slender fingers slid inside the top elastic waistband of my lounger pants, and with a swift jerk she had them down to my knees. My cock gave a slap as it pulled forward and then sprang back against my belly in freedom.

I started to look over in shock at Carol; but my vision went fuzzy at that moment. My cock, free in the cool air of the living room; was suddenly enveloped in warm wet heat.

Bending at the waist, Raye gripped my cock by the thick shaft, opened her mouth, and in haled my entire cock. Just like the first time she had blown me; there wasn’t a single moment of hesitation as my entire length slid down her tight throat.

I gave a soft whimper through the cloth as my hands gripped the arms of my recliner. My ass lifted slightly as Raye began to suck; and I mean SUCK. Wet slurping filled the room as her head bobbed up and down; spit ran down my shaft; and one small hand cupped my balls.

I wanted to scream; to ask what she was doing. I turned towards Carol, suddenly realizing Raye had deliberately come to the opposite side of my chair. This meant my wife had an unobstructed view, as our daughter swallowed my cock.

Carol sat frozen on the couch, clutching her iPad as she stared. Her eyes were huge and round as she watched Raye bob up and down my throbbing cock.

It only took a few strokes of Raye’s steaming mouth and I was rock hard. I started to reach up and pull the cloth from my mouth, freezing as Raye began to once again climb into my lap. Memories of our first time, in my office, flooded through my mind.

This incredibly sexy nineteen year old woman, climbed straight into my lap, reaching down she gripped my rigid pole, aiming it straight into the air. Her hips hovered over me, and I swore I could feel drops of hot cream dripping onto my cockhead.

She smeared the swollen purple head along her lips, soaking me in her juices. Looking to the side, she began to slowly lower onto me.

My head snapped to my side, seeing Carol still stretched out on the couch only feet away. The iPad had been set aside, and one hand was balled into a fist, pressing the thin cloth of her night slip between her now partially spread thighs.

I wanted to say something, ask what was going on; all I got out was a soft gurgle as an incredible tight heat enveloped my cock. With an obscene wet slurp my engorged head slipped inside; then slowly, as if in slow motion, Raye lowered herself.

Dear God, she was showing off for her mother, my brain tried to assimilate. I knew at the angle and slow speed; there was no way Carol could miss the entire scene as Raye’s tight cunt swallowed my cock.

“Unnnnn” Raye gave a soft groan as my cock expanded her tight walls.

“Ohhhh” I heard Carol softly gasp out.

Jesus I wanted to scream out loud, but all I could do was shudder as Raye slid lower and lower. I heard her give a soft grunt as her firm ass came to rest on my thighs; fuck I was buried to the base inside her.

Raye reached out and lifted my frozen hands from the arms of the chair; she pulled them around her waist, resting my large palms on that tight teenage ass. In reflex I gripped her, kneading that firm flesh.

I felt that small frame slide up, and then drop back down again. I looked up as Raye turned and stared down at me. Her eyes blazed as she slowly rode my cock. She had that all too familiar fuck me look; and my frazzled brain did what it always had done; it complied.

Gripping her ass, I waited until she had started a slow downward stroke; then drove my hips straight up.

“Fuck” Raye gasped softly as my cock rammed home.

I leaned my head to the side and spit the soft cloth free; then brought my body upward. My mouth closed over one puffy nipple as I fucked up into her.

“Mmmmmmm” Raye cooed as her hands wrapped behind my head.

The sound of her ass softly slapping into my thighs, mixed with gaziantep rus escort bayan the sucking noises of my mouth. No, wait; there was a third sound; a wet squelch that matched the pace of my hips.

Not releasing that rock hard nipple, I angled my head sideways. I admit; I did stop sucking for a moment, in pure shock. There was Carol, stretched out on the couch; she had one leg dangled over the edge, her foot resting on the floor. Her other bare leg was bent at the knee and rested against the back of the couch. I couldn’t see between her thighs with her slip covering everything; but the movement of the cloth as it covered her hand left no doubt what was happening.

I could hear that wet squelch as her hand movement matched Raye as she rose and fell. Raye reached up and braced her hands on my shoulders, pushing her upper body back. With a wet pop her breast came free of my mouth.

I looked into my daughter’s face, and saw her staring silently at her mother. Raye turned and stared down at me, and I could see the lust in her eyes, a small smile crept over her face. Oh God, what was she up to now?

Raye rose straight up in the recliner, until my hard cock came free with a wet slap as it snapped back to my belly. Like a lithe athlete she scrambled around, reversing her positon.

I felt slender finger wrap around my juice coated cock, holding it up right. Raye positioned herself over me, hovering. Raye held that positon, watching her mother intently. I wanted to scream at her, to bury my dick so deep inside her; but I sat silent as something passed between the two women unspoken.

That tight nineteen year old pussy nudged my cockhead but held. I turned to Carol just in time to watch her free hand find the hem of her slip. I stared as that thin cloth drifted the rest of the way up her full thighs.

When it cleared her hand, my cock jerked at the sight. Good God, she didn’t have just one or two fingers inside; she had the first three fingers of her hand jammed into her stretched pussy. I could even see the glisten of her cream as it slowly oozed down the crack of her ass.

Just as that obscene sight came into view; Raye dropped her weight. Since she was now facing her mother, it gave Carol an unobstructed view as my thick cock slid in inch by inch.

I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could feel it. Jesus was the girl wet as I sliced through hot butter. The fact she was stretched from our fucking meant nothing as hot velvet walls gripped my cock.

My hands instinctively came off the arms of the recliner and reached around, gripping those firm orbs. I kneaded her breasts as I rolled her puffy nipples. I grunted as she settled on me; I heard Raye’s matching grunt.

I watched as Carol rammed her fingers deep, staring between our spread thighs. Her eyes were glassy and her face ruddy and sweating. I could see her cream cling to her hand; feel Raye’s walls ripple; and I lost it.

It was amazing; there was no prelude or warning build; my cock jerked deep inside Raye and the first molten blast spewed out without warning. Raye turned her head and looked at me with surprise in her eyes; I was beyond anything as my body shuddered and a second volley pumped up into her tight little pussy.

As she turned back to her mother, Raye eased her body back until she was resting against my chest; her sweat slick back hot on my skin. She raised her feet, and planted her feet on the recliner seat outside my knees. I couldn’t see, but I could imagine what Carol was now looking at.

Raye slowly lifted and dropped her body along my cock, and I could feel my hot cum oozing out and running down my shaft to coat my balls. I could see Carol shudder and a pulse of white froth coat her hand and soak into the couch as she orgasmed with me.

The room was filled with the stench of our combined sex; but only the sounds of our heaving breathing broke the silence. Not a single word had been said until Raye started to pick up the pace and ride me harder.

“Daddy” she whispered softly. God it sounded so loud in the silence.

I gripped her slender hips and pulled her down harder with each stroke, driving my cock deeper. I turned and watched Raye’s eyes flutter, her walls gripping my shaft tight as she slid up and down. A hot gush of fluids coated my balls as her body shook. I was stunned; my nineteen year old daughter was cumming on my cock, riding my lap; while only feet away her mother watched.

I looked over at Carol; she sat frozen on the couch. Her fingers were jammed knuckle deep in her pussy; her eyes riveted to between my thighs. God, she had to be watching the river of cream that I could feel flowing out over my balls.

I could only watch as the most amazing thing happened; Carol’s entire body jerked as if she were having some kind of seizure; her eyes rolled back as I saw the muscles in her belly suddenly flex.

I literally stared between her spread thighs, as a wet spot grew on the couch cushion between her legs. Jesus she was cumming watching us, and for once she hadn’t uttered a single word.

I turned and looked at Raye; she had that sultry smile back on her face. I could feel my nuts tighten as I raced to my own release. Raye tilted her body backward against me further, sliding upward just a bit. She had exposed the lower half of my cock as I felt the cool room air. What was she doing?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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