Sis, Maria, and Me

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I was home after an Army tour of the Middle East and had enrolled in a local culinary school. I wanted to be a chef.

My room at home had been left just as I had left it which was nice but my older sisters room was too and she was back in it. I went into the Army shortly after she had married her high school sweetheart.

The marriage lasted about the same length of time as my Army career which surprised both she and Mom. I had been in ROTC in high school and was as gung-ho as anyone.

My sisters marriage ended for the same reason my service career did, what we had chosen was not the one we thought they were.

I was sympathetic with her, all she had dreamed of was being a wife and mother. Fortunately there were no children. She was now working the morning shift at a fast food joint and going to our business school studying to become a paralegal.

Mom was very happy to have both of us home even though we interfered with her love life, or so she claimed. Sis told me she had no love life since our father left us when he found a younger woman to please him.

None of us were the same people we had been since I left, we were now adults with adult size scars. We needed each other, badly.

We had always hugged and kissed even though I had pretended not to like that. Now I drank up the hugs and the kisses. What was new was that as soon as I got home the kisses were now to my lips.

They were short, soft kisses but I was not used to my mother and sister kissing me on the lips. I saw they were concerned by my reaction and noticed I was not kissing them back.

I immediately corrected my behavior and their kisses came more often and lasted longer. I began to run my tongue between their lips. They loved that. Soon their tongues were sliding between my lips. The kisses lasted much longer.

The hugs used to be from the shoulders up but were now full body hugs. I began to get erections and they began pressing their bodies to it. We understood our shows of love had gained a sexual component but none of us shied away from it.

My sister had kept her best friend much to my surprise, she was her former sister in law. She was also a bisexual, sexy beauty. We had fucked once before the wedding. I knew she and my sister fucked at times. It was soon apparent she and Mom fucked at times.

Her name was Maria and there was something about her, a mystery, a smile, a laugh all of us found entrancing. On my first week back she came to my room, became naked and fucked me hard. “Welcome home,” she said as she left my bedroom and walked to Mom’s still naked.

My sister came in and said that Maria could hardly contain herself when she learned I was coming back and had in fact agreed to wait until the weekend to attack me. She had not waited past my third night home.

It was a few moments before it sank into my head that my sister was sitting in bed with me while I was naked as my shiny wet cock slowly sank into slumber.

She had been married and had seen that before but I was her brother.I decided that if she was OK with it I would be too.

“Maria is now eating Mom to sleep. She will spend the night in bed with me. If you want her again just come to my bed, we will pause for you,” she said.

I thought she was just having fun with me but saw she meant it. My cock twitched. She saw that and smiled.

“Don’t fall in love with her. I mean she does love you but she also loves about eight others of various sexes. She is not a couple person.”

“Good to know.”

She was now staring at my cock that had now paused in its retreat.

“Your cock is much bigger than Jeremy’s, prettier too,” she said as she caressed it.

“Um, thanks,” I said.

“Did she cum?”

“Yes, she did. Those are her fluids on me. My cum is still in her. I hope she tells Mom.”

“She wont but Mom will love it.”

Sis was now softly masturbating me. I reached under her t-shirt and caressed a tit. She sighed. In less than five minutes my cock was mostly erect.

Sis took her t-shirt off and slid over me. She slowly sank her pussy over my cock. I wondered if she had ceased to see me as her brother and was just now a cock.

She leaned over and kissed me, it was a love filled kiss. I was still her brother and she was going to fuck me.

It was a long love filled fuck. She had small orgasms and nice orgasms but she was working for a big one. I was happy I had just cum and was lasting for her. Soon Sis was groaning loudly as her body shook and her pussy strangled my cock making it explode.

She collapsed over me out of breath. I caressed her back and ass until I felt her sigh. We kissed. It was the kiss a grateful loving sister gives her brother.

Maria slipped to my left as Sis slid to my right. Both kissed me and each other then promptly fell asleep. Somehow şanlıurfa escort bayan I managed to fall asleep too.

Sometime around dawn I awoke as I was being fucked. She was already in orgasm and was soon back to sleep by my side, my left side. It took me a few minutes but I was soon back to sleep too.

The following morning I was alone in bed. I went to the bathroom, took a leak, brushed my teeth and got into the shower. Mom slipped her head behind the shower curtain and said, “Breakfast is ready, don’t bother dressing. We were dressed the last three days only because you were home and we have just decided not to bother anymore. Give me a kiss.”

She slid her tongue between my lips as she gave my cock a squeeze then left. As I toweled dry it crossed my mind Mom was horny for me. By the time I got to the kitchen I had an erection.

The three were happy to see it but it was apparently Mom’s turn since she sat on the kitchen table and pulled my cock to her as she wound her long legs around me. My cock was soon buried in her as she kissed me passionately.

The head on my shoulders was hesitant but the one on my cock wasn’t. I fucked Mom. Her orgasm came soon and she released me.

Maria immediately took her place and I fucked her enthusiastically and filled her pussy during her second orgasm. After I backed away Sis dove for Maria’s pussy and licked my cum out of her until Maria had another orgasm.

Mom was already serving our plates so we had to get Maria off the table. I had already eaten a third of my breakfast before the ladies took their first bite. It was sausage gravy over home fries.

Sis was not working that morning so she and Maria went to her bedroom and talked as they kissed each other’s tits. Mom did have to work that morning but not until nine. She asked me to follow her to her bedroom and I did.

She told me our house had become a nudist colony with a lot of lesbian sex. She told me she had a man come over and fuck her every once in a while but hoped she would not need him for a while.

I nodded.

She told me Maria was a flirt and a slut but that she and Sis loved her anyway. She doubted Maria would abandon her other sex partners but Mom said she would not be too surprised if she abandoned her other male lovers for me.

“You have to decide what to do with her if she does. Don’t be shocked if she decides to sleep on your bed often. Don’t be surprised if your sister decides she wants you again. She told me she fucked you last night. She likes your cock in her, we all do. I’ll be home around five thirty. I will want a fuck at five forty five so keep the others away from you after three please. Kiss me bye.”

I did and she left.

I had a class at ten so I dressed but before I left I walked to Sis’ room and gave each a deep kiss before leaving.

There were nice looking women in my class but I acted married although I never said I was. Still two of the women flirted with me the whole class.

I made it home around two and had the house to myself until Mom came home. I was on her bed naked with an erection when she came in. She became nude in seconds and was fucking me before it was five forty five.

I had stamina and control so I fucked her twice before allowing her to take a shower and go to the kitchen. I kissed her in the shower and in the kitchen. She had seven orgasms and was fucked out but kissed me and my semi-erect cock at times.

Maria and Sis came back and headed to the shower in Mom’s room then joined us still naked. Sis sat on the table and pulled me to her by the dick and we fucked. Then I made slow love to her. Her orgasms wilted her and she slid off the table.

Maria inspected my cock and found it still erect and said “awesome” and got on the table. She wanted a fuck but I made love to her too until she had a deep loud cum. Mom and Sis kissed her in congratulation.

We sat to eat and learned they had been shopping all day and had presents for Mom and me. I would not see mine until the next day however. After dinner we helped Mom clean up the kitchen then went to the living room to watch TV. It now made sense to me why all the furniture had towels over them.

I sat in the recliner while Mom sat in her winged chair and Sis and Maria shared the loveseat. They watched dancing with the formerly stars and I got bored and went into the kitchen. I saw all the ingredients I needed and prepared a no bake coconut cheesecake.

I took each lady a slice with a glass of wine and got terrific kisses for my effort. Maria also briefly slurped my cock into her mouth. I ate my slice and as soon as they were finished I collected the dishes and took them to the kitchen and went out and refilled their wine glasses.

That time all three slurped my cock into their gaziantep sarışın escort bayan mouths. I stayed and watched Castle with them then the news. I decided I needed sleep and went to bed. Apparently I was asleep in seconds. I did wake up when someone joined me in bed, kissed me, then curled up with me. It was Sis. I draped an arm around her and went back to sleep.

Maria was in bed with me when I awoke in the morning. I saw it was a bit before eight AM and remembered Sis would have been at work for two hours already. Maria was sound asleep so I dozed off.

Mom came in to kiss us goodbye. Five minutes later Maria and I were fucking. Thirty minutes later I was back in class. The two ladies resumed flirting with me. I did not discourage them but did tell them I had three women depending on my attention already.

‘We are sure you can handle five,” one of them said. I laughed then one of them caressed my ass. My cock became erect.

“Did you help one of those women this morning?” one of them asked.

I nodded yes.

One slid a hand over my crotch and said. “You can handle two more, after class. There will be no attachments, we are lesbians.”

“So are the other three. All of you are giving lesbians a bad reputation.”

They giggled and gave me quick kisses on the lips right there in our kitchen lab.

I did follow them to their patio home and fucked them before heading home. I hoped I would recover before Mom got there.

Mom was in the shower and I joined her in it and ate her pussy. As Mom soared into orgasm it occurred to me I had come out of that pussy and my tongue and cock had made return visits to it. That thought gave me the erection I needed so I made love to her in her bed.

Sis and Maria joined us as Mom was coming back from her orgasm. They kissed both of us. Maria asked, “Have you seen your presents?”

“No, where are they?”

“The bedroom.”

“Time to see,” I said as I slowly withdrew out of Mom’s pussy. All of us watched as my cock slowly reappeared and we heard Mom’s sigh as the flare of my cock parted her pussy lips on the way out.

As I rolled onto my back Maria dove on my cock and made it vanish down her esophagus.

“Presents,” Sis said and Maria released my cock and we all went to my room. Only it was longer my room. It now had two dressers and an armoire. It had a very king size bed.

Sis explained, “You will seldom be alone in here and there will be three women with you at times. Maria has semi-moved in with us but she will not be the only one on your bed, we are taking turns. We expect you will not have a difficult time handling us.”

“Yes, well there are now five of you. Two lesbian classmates have assured me I can handle five. I pleased them this afternoon.”

“One day home and you are already cheating on us.” Sis said.

“The ladies have luscious tits the three of you will adore.”

The following silence was followed by Mom ordering me to “Bring them home.”

All three had nice tits, Mom and Sis also had puffy nipples but they were easily overshadowed by my classmates. I decided to bring them over but told Mom and Sis we could not play together while they were there. They agreed to wait until they had left.

I later did fuck Sis which made the number of women for me five that day. I could handle that but only because two of the women did not get my cum. All did have orgasms however.

Sis slept with me that night and again I woke up with Maria. We were still fucking when Mom came in for goodbye kisses.

At school that day my classmates requested I follow them home again. I suggested the follow me home and they agreed. I was fucking the one with the biggest tits when Sis and Maria returned. The two consumed my other classmate and each had one of her tits in their mouth within seconds of arrival. We switched and I fucked the second as Maria and Sis devoured her. Mom came in to the orgy on my bed and was soon eating pussy as I fucked Maria.

They were still in a lesbian orgy when I went to the kitchen and prepared supper for all of us. I brought in two chairs from the patio and announced dinner was served. All five were still nude when they joined me.

We were eating dinner before we introduced ourselves. My classmates were Lucinda and Margo. Lucinda was a brown skinned gorgeous woman with amber eyes and Margo was a curly haired blonde with freckles. They had been partners for three years and were older than me but younger than Mom. Both were school teachers and were taking the culinary class just for fun.

Every one loved everyone and the ladies resumed their orgy after dinner. I fucked Lucinda again. Mom fucked Margo again. Maria and Sis went to Sis’ bed and played with each other. It was after eight şehitkamil escort bayan before our guests went home.

That night in my bed Sis and I made love. In the morning Maria and I made love. After school that day Lucinda and I made love. Margo was naked on Mom’s bed when I came home. After Margo left I fucked Mom hard, we needed that.

Variations of that day happened regularly that summer. Each day I fucked at least three until the time came for their periods and the only one available was Mom, she had exclusive use of me for six days.

When school resumed Lucinda and Margo had a difficult time putting us on their schedule. Mom would go visit them at times and so did I. Mostly Mom fucked Margo and I fucked Lucinda.

At home Sis would go to sleep with me and Maria would wake up with me. Mom and I would fuck in the afternoon unless we were with Margo and Lucinda.

After nine months I was a certified a classically trained chef. Sis was now a paralegal. Maria did not work, she was rich. She now lived in our house.

She told me she really enjoyed starting each day as my wife. She told me she was not jealous of the others but admitted a small worry about Lucinda and me. She told me she joined Sis and me in bed soon after we had finished our fuck. She slept most of the night in bed with us but cuddled to me only after Sis got up.

Eventually it was just Sis, Maria and me. Lucinda came by at times to love me and Margo would come over at times to fuck Mom.

Mom and I ceased to fuck in the afternoons when I became a chef at the country club, I did not get home until after ten each evening on most workdays.

Sis now had normal hours and our only time together was late evening. I had Mornings off and Maria had me until I went to work.

They became my only sex partners.

Five years had passed and our schedule had not changed. They both became pregnant. Neither told me they were off the pill and I was upset at first, not because they were pregnant but because the kept a secret from me. As soon as they saw that they ganged up on my body and ravished me.

That the father of Maria’s baby was me was immediately admitted.. Who the father of Sis’ kid was a mystery. Eventually I admitted that a good friend of mine from my Army days had visited and that my lesbian sister fucked him continually for the three days he was there. I also told them my sister did not want him to know.

Everyone seemed to understand Sis just wanted to be a mother and the rumors ended.

Lucinda went back home to Peru. Mom moved in with Margo. Sis, Maria and I shared Mom’s house. Sis and I still fucked at night and Maria and I fucked in the morning. I asked Maria if she wanted to get married and she said she would think about it. She thought about it and as she went into labor and said yes. The day she and my new daughter returned home Sis went into labor. I soon had two daughters.

They were raised as sisters and both loved Maria and Sis like mothers. Much to the surprise of all Maria loved being a mother and a wife. She was very good at both.

I changed jobs and became the lunch chef at an upscale restaurant. I worked from nine till three. Sis and I found longer ours to fuck. Maria had shorter hours but most mornings we were fucked out by nine anyway. We just started as soon as Sis kissed us goodbye.

On the day our daughters went to kindergarten both stopped taking the pill. The next summer I had two more daughters.

Questions about who the father of Sis’ daughter came up but I reminded them that she had been at a conference in Chicago the year before and apparently the lesbian also liked being a Mom. Of course Sis almost never ate pussy anymore and that pussy was Maria’s. Maria dropped all her other lovers except Sis.

I adopted both of my sisters girls, they already had my last name anyway, and we bought a bigger house. We had four little girls with us that would eventually learn our relationships were unusual so we had a bedroom for Sis, a bedroom for the older two and a bedroom for the younger two and a bedroom for Maria and me.

Sis and I managed to fuck often enough to keep us happy.

When all the girls where in college Maria told us she had fallen in love with a woman. Before we had a chance to ask her to bring her over she said the woman lived in the city and would not come down. She had decided to go to her.

Maria said, “I don’t want a divorce. I love you and you are the father of my girls but this woman has bewitched me.”

She then hugged Sis and began to cry.

Sis told her to go to her new love but to remember she always had a home with us.

We did not see her except for Thanksgiving and Christmas when the girls came home. We fucked each night she was home.

Sis moved back into my bedroom and assumed the husband and wife roles after the girls left and stayed there together until it was time for them to return to school.

Soon the girls married and began their own families. Sis and I moved to a two bedroom patio home seventeen mile away. No one knew us there and all assumed we were husband and wife. Somehow that house made us horny and we ended up fucking a lot.

Not a bad way to spend our golden years.

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