Sister Gets Banged Pt. 02

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My story continues…

I was on 7th cloud as if my all sex fantasies have come to life suddenly.

I thanked Neha as she was sucking my cock I was caressing her silky hair and pushing my dick all in her mouth. With her so many sex orgies she has become an expert in sucking the cock like a lollypop ufff uffff what a feeling I told her I can’t hold and ahh ahhh ahh i ejaculated in her mouth.

She had eaten my entire cum tastefully. She even did not wasted some of it spilling out of the corner of her mouth. She took the entire cum on her finger and licked it and seductively said I love my brothers cum hmm hmmm.

Next day we woke up had tea and breakfast all nude. She told me let’s take our bath and let me make you all ready for Angelina return to back home. No more sex now you have to preserve your cum for her.

I was very happy she also mentioned that she has never seen my face blushing like that ever. We had lot of discussion the entire Day on what women like what gives them more pleasure etc etc.

Evening arrived and we eagerly started waiting for Angelina. While we were waiting doorbell rang and I knew my dream sexy women, my favourite sister was there and she has agreed for sex with me.

Neha welcomed her with a warm hug, I remained in the other room to give them space to talk. After a brief talk and giggling both of them entered my room and

Neha told Angelina that I have been waiting very eagerly, Angelina opened her arm and greeted me with a hug, it was so sexy I could feel he perfect boobs crushed in my chest.

She was still in her Air Hostess dress and I immediately has a hadron. What a sexy moment A Sexy Air Hostess sister been presented to you.

She looked into my eyes and presented her sexy lips to me for a smooch like never I rolled my tongue in her entire mouth and sucking her tongue and lips.

So sweet in taste. We has a very passionate smooch and this cleared that she was also all horny to have sex with me.

Neha interrupted and told us to relax she told me that since she is here now and we have long night left lets her get refreshed after a long flight and be ready for you. We disbursed, Angelina went to her room for taking a bath. Neha said she will prepare something to eat as later we will not get any time.

I went to fix drinks for us and started some romantic slow music.

After an hour Angelina came out looking stunning in her short lingerie dress which was dark purple in colour and was just till her mid thighs. Her white smooth and sexy legs were a treat. Un like most of Indian women her skin was very smooth and without any marks.

She had not tied her silky hair which were still mild wet and were looking very sexy.

She straight came to me and sat onto my lap facing me with a smile. Her mole on the chin was so sexy and was inviting to be sucked for ever. She giggle and said so my brother has grown big and his dick need pussies to fuck and that too his sister pussies hmm hmmm naughty boy.

With that we again had gaziantep sahibe escort bayan a passionate smooch. I told her when my sexy sisters are taking dick of so many guys why not there brother also have some of their pussies after all I have the 1st right. She said my little brother our pussies are you’re now fuck us as you want.

Neha arrived into the room with meals in the tray and said that so naughty brother and sister has forgotten me… I also owe this sexy cock…hmmm.

We all laughed, I asked Angelina and Neha what they want to drink. Neha said Vodka and Angelina asked me what am I having I told her whiskey she said she will also have the same.

I fixed the drinks. Both the naughty girly came with their drink and sat on my lap with each on one leg.

It was an awesome moment… such a sexy and lovely ladies all mine for the entire night.

We had few drinks chit chatting like that, I was casually touching there boobs and back. Alcohol has started working now. Angelina and Neha started smooching me one by one.

Neha took her top off and her silky bra off and offered her boobs to my mouth while sucking her boobs she started pouring her vodka on her boobs and

We started having our drinks and told me to taste this boob’s drink. It was amazing big globes with vodka dipping of them I drank all with sucking boobs with my tongue.

She stood up from my lap and made Angelina stand along her side. Then she told me to stand and handed over Angelina hand to me and told me that just like a new bride I hand over your sexy sister to you fuck her or suck her do whatever you want to do full fill your all fantasies. We will make a sandwich sex with you between our nude babies.

I took Angelina face in my hand and started smooching her aggressively like there was no tomorrow and groping her soft ass with one hand and boobs with other hand. I told her that I want to undressed her cloth by cloth and want to cherish this moment of making her nude.

I slowly took her short satin gown of her body now she was in front of me in her satin push up bra and a tiny matching tong. She was looking as a hell of a sexy babe in her high heels. This was the moment that can say that she was born to be fucked and fucked and fucked… lovely piece of sex…

I started roaming my hand slowly through her silky hairs then on to her face with tweaking my fingers on her lips which she seductively sucked for a brief. Then onto her naked shoulders to her arms moving ahead to her back and then her stomach. I very softly groped her boobies and then her soft butts.

Them I roamed my hands on to her smooth long legs though they were not very white but were extremely silky and smooth.

I took unhooked her bra clips and slowly took that off. They were perfect pair which stood straight with brownish nipples poking out. Perfect size of mangos. They were of 36 AA size. I cupped them softly in my hands and started sucking them slowly she was mourning şahinbey escort bayan hmmm hmmm ahh suck them… ..

After a brief suck session I moved to her tong panties. Slowly started pulling it down and slowly emerged one of the sexiest pussy all clean shaved and smooth. Angelina my sexy sister was all nude in front of me…

I took a finger near her pussy which was dipping wet and slowly inserted inside it. She geared ahhhh immmm oh my god that is so amazing my pussy hmmm hmm is on fire…

I sucked my finger clean and tasted her pussy cum it was as sweet as honey and the aroma of pussy juices was to sexy and erotic to smell and inhale. It reminded me of the used panties that I have been sniffing in past those used to smell the same. Ahhh oohh what a sexy pussy smell.

I slowly turned her around admiring this Marvel piece of beauty. Her round and soft butts were beautifully with no sign sogginess.

I groped them this tome little harder enjoying the touch and feel and running my fingers in her ass crack. Angelina could only mour hmmmm. Ahhh…

She stopped me and told me it’s her turn now and she will undress me. She took my shirt off and then started taking my shirts of while bending down once my shorts went down my erect dick popped out and het her face.

Ahhh what a fleeing I have fantasies so many times while talking to her that how it will feel running my dick on her smooth face. She ducked down and looked directly into my eyes in a very seductive manner and started licking my dick slowly and seductively.

She was looking in my eyes what a moment ahh ahh hot tongue on my wet dick … she was running it all around my dick and was sucking my balls.

That was a brief moment when we moved towards Neha and started taking her skirt off and then her panties off.

Now all three of us were nude … 2 sexy ladies /international air hostess /models all nude available for me.

We moved to the bed room where in Angelina pushed me onto the bed. She again seductively started licking my erect dick with directly looking into my eyes like if she wanted me to see her licking her brother’s dick like a sexy slut.

Neha came and sat on my face and I like a hungry dog started licking her smooth pussy which was dipping with juices.

Angelina was an expert with sucking skills with running tip of her tongue on the dick hole and sucking the dick hard… I could not hold and with a loud moan ahhhhhh ahhhhh ohhhh i ejaculated in her mouth she swollen my cum straight looking into my eyes. Neha was very noisy with ahhh ahhhh suck me suck me hard… yup. Hmmmm me me cum…ahhh

We switched places , I took Angelina on the bed and went between her legs and started licking her pussy.. She was caressing my hairs and pushing my head deep into her pussy… Neha came down under me and started sucking dick…

I was roaming my dick into her pussy and she was flooded with her juices. I did not wasted even a single drop şahinbey bayan escort she was mourning loudly ahhh ahhh suck my pussy.. ahh ahh that is sooooo niceeee I love you so much..

This is the best sex I ever had… ahhh make me come suck me hard… i want to come on you face… ahh ahhh I am Cumming… ah aha ha hhhhhhhh.. And she went calm while i was still liking her slowly and she was running her hands on my hairs.

Both of us looked at each other and smiled we could read our eyes and took Neha onto the bed not both of us sucked her… What an awesome scene of lesbians was this while she sucked Neha I played with her boobies and ass and when I start sucked she would play with my dick.. Neha came with a loud groan ahhhh ahhh ahhh hh hhhhhhhh i hmmm Cumming… Ah ah.

All three of us were bit tired we stood and took refills of our drinks… Angelina told me this was the best sex she ever had and she said I have one of best thick and long dicks. She is dying to experience it in her pussy.

2 more pegs down she started playing with my dick with stoking it while I was fingering her slowly. We could not wait she laid onto the bed and told me to come over her as she wants to look into my eyes.

I called Neha and told her to put my dick onto Angelina pussy as if she was offering the same to my dick she came forward and took my dick on to the opening of her pussy she kissed me deep and told me my favourite sexy sister pussy is all your.. Fuck her pussy with you dick… with a strong push I entered her completely she felt pain and looked into my eyes.

I told her that I am fucking her harder to punish her because she has been fucking stranger and other men like a complete slut and not allowing to fuck his pussy to me earlier.. I started Fucking you like my slut sister.. Your pussy need dicks now you have a one in your home take this dick all in your pussy… hmm hm h h h..

She kept looking into my eyes as accepting her punishment and accepting her brother’s cock with complete pleasure. She was very highly turned on… hmm hmmmm hmm oh ahh ahh fuck me my lover my brother this is your pussy now.. ahh ah hh with that I slowed my pace with smooth and long one .

I told her that’s better now I will make love to you my Sexy sister slave… With that I started stroking long push… She was high with shouting ahhhh ahh a a ahhhhh fuck me pls make me cum ahhhh. I was about to cum and tried taking the dick out but she pulled me and looking into my eyes told me cum inside your sister pussy … you will always cum in her pussy it’s your copyright now…

Fuck and flood my pussy with your semen.. Fuck me hard ahhhh ahhhh ahhh with that she came and I ejaculated my warm cum in her pussy… ahh ahh what a feeling ohhh ohhh that was amazing we started smooching each other like teenage lover … I slowly came Off her.

Neha immediately jumped between her legs and started licking her pussy and eating my cum out… What an arousing scene that was my dick was hard again. I positioned myself behind Neha and started fucking her in doggy styles.

All three of us were shouting ahhh ahhh fuck fuck… And all 3 came symentaniously. The room was smelling of hot steaming sex … we all slept cuddling with me in between to fresh fucked pussies…

Will continue … with fucking Angelina in her ass and how she was fucked by strangers in an orgy in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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