Sister-in-law 1

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My wife doesn’t like anal sex. We tried it years ago and it was too painful for her. Even though I have never tried to do it again, I have always secretly wanted to. And I got my chance, although not the way I thought I would.

One morning while we were at the table eating breakfast my wife, Kat, told me, “My sister and her two girls are flying in this weekend and staying the week. John (Her husband) was going deep sea fishing with his buddies and she did not want to stay home alone for the week. ” I looked at her and groaned miserably. My sister-in-law and I get along great the farther away she is from me and I do not have to talk to her. She is always complaining about something stupid, and because of her OCD, she is constantly yelling at her two girls (Who don’t need to be yelled at as they are great kids to begin with). I already was starting to get a migraine just thinking about it. I looked at her and said, “You are going to owe me.” She look at me with her whatever look and got up from the table to clean up from breakfast.

The weekend came too quickly. And of course her flight was late and when they got off the plane at 10 o’clock at night, they were miserable due to sitting on the plane and not eating since lunch.

As they were walking towards us, I could feel my anxiety level rising, so I tried to think about something that would ease my oncoming pain. Sex. Yes thinking about sex usually would do it. My mind wondered off thinking of how many times I could get sex this week for payment of dealing with this situation. I was thinking of different sexual positions I would put my wife in, and if I could get her to cum in each one. I was getting a semi-hard on, when I realized my shin was in pain.

“Honey!, Aren’t you going to take their luggage?”

“I will, but you did not need to kick me!”

“Well you were in la-la land and were not listening.”

I trailed behind the group, carrying their luggage, still nursing the bruise on my shin. Looking forward, my wife and her sister were in the lead, gabbing away, while the older of her daughters was holding the little ones hand. I started to zone out, fixing my gaze on my wife’s tight and firm ass. MAN she looks as good from the back side as the front.
Because of all the noise in the airport, it actually drowned out my sister-in-laws annoying voice. I stared at her back side, and started to compare Escort Eryaman both of their assests. If you could take the annoying attitude away, my sister-in-law actually was pleasant to the eyes.

She is three years older than my wife, but a few inches shorter. Although they were athletes in high school and college, my wife still goes to the gym and tries to stay in shape. For a mid thirties mom who birthed two boys, she is still in great shape (Our boys stayed at my parents for the night because we did not have the room in the car to fit everyone and we knew we would be really late). My sister-in-law has not taken the same route. She hasn’t stayed in shape, though even with the few extra pounds, she still has a small hour glass shape. Definitely doable in my book, if she was muted, if you know what I mean. She is a little more voluptuous than my wife. Not to knock my wife’s tits, her nipples are always perky and waiting to be sucked on. My wife also still has her knock out legs. They are long and still muscularly thin. They both have long reddish blonde hair, my wife’s is curly and my sister-in-laws is straight. They both have gorgeous green eyes and small soft curved noses.

I stared intently more at their assets and started wondering. What if………….

WHOAA there! I shook myself back to reality. I really have to control my imagination. My cock, on the other hand, did not care that I was day dreaming, and was at full attention in my pants. It was aching really bad, and I was thankful that I had some bags to cover it.

The ride home was uneventful. The little ones were sound asleep. And my sister-in-law, Nichole, just doesn’t stop talking. She never shut up from the moment we got in the car, till the moment we got out.

I brought the bags in, and went straight to our bedroom to bed.
A little while later, my wife woke me when she was getting into bed.

I asked, “They all settled in for the night?”

She replied, “Yes.”

I rolled over and laid my arm across her chest.

I said, “Well, this week is already setting up to be really fun.”

My wife noticed the sarcasm in my voice. “Give it a chance. You will be working during the week. Plus you can duck in your office or put on a movie in the living room and I will try to keep Nichole out.”

As she was talking, I moved my right hand up to her earlobe and lightly was Eryaman Escort sliding my fingers up and down it. And I slowly slid my other hand down to massage her ass. Knowing where this was going, my wife said, “My sister is in the next room, probably not fully asleep. I think we should wait for another night.”

I pinched that fine ass of hers and said, “You are not getting a choice this week. If she is here, I need some down time, and sex is the only remedy. Besides, she should understand that we can not be sexually active all week because she is here.”

I leaned over and kissed her boob through her shirt, while slowly moving my hand from her ass to her pussy.

“Alright, but we need to be quiet.”, she said softly.

She leaned over and our lips slowly touched. We start to work our tongues across each others mouths, and wrestled them each time they met in the middle. I fully cupped her boob with my right hand and started to rotate my wrist around massaging it. I could feel her breathing change. She got up and mounted me. Slowly she took off her shirt to expose her great perky tits to me. Then she took her shorts off and sat up to my face, so her pussy was directly on top of my mouth. She reached over to grab the headboard for support, and slowly lowered herself down. before my tongue got to lick her clit, I could already feel the wetness coming from her pussy. I slowly moved my tongue up and down the folds of her pussy and flick her clit every time my tongue came to it. I could start to feel her body moving with the rhythm of my tongue. I reached up with both hands, each grabbing an awaiting boob. I slowly squeezed her nipples to see how ready she was. Her back arched slightly when I did (Her nipples are very sensitive to touch and if she is not on her way to cum, they hurt when they are squeezed or touched.). I buried my face into her neatly shaved pussy and sped up my tongue. She was starting to move her pelvis back and forth as if she was riding a horse. I squeezed both her nipples, and slowly started to pull them. Her head leaned way back causing her long hair to brush my cock and balls. She started to gyrate her hips violently, and her breathing was short and quick. I could feel a precursor of her cum getting ready to explode, so I engulfed her whole pussy into my mouth, and flicked her clit with my tongue in high speed. She arched back uncontrollably, the Eryaman Escort Bayan only thing saving her from falling was the death grip she had on the headboard. I squeezed her nipples hard and pulled. That sent her over the edge. She bit her tongue to keep her moaning down, and I was not able to say anything, as I was sucking on the wave of cum that was now flowing into my mouth.

“Holly crap babe!!”, was all I could get out. She looked like she was in heaven. She looked down at me and smiled as she saw some of her cum gleaming in my beard from the pale light of the bathroom. She bent down and gave me a huge open mouth kiss, with her tongue going deep enough in my mouth to almost gag me.

She slid down to kneel between my legs. She grabbed my cock in one hand, and my balls in another, and slowly started whacking me off and caressing my balls. She bend forward and slowly took the head of my cock between her lips, and started to go up and down my shaft. She has an unique way of using her mouth and hand to give me a blowjob and hand job at the same time. Her hand and mouth both are in the same rhythm up and down my cock giving me two different feelings and pressure which is indescribable. at the same time, her other hand is switching from caressing my balls and taking her finger and rimming my anus.
I could feel myself getting closer to explode, so I start fucking her mouth. She does not like to swallow, so that is the sign that I am ready.

She gave my cock one more kiss, stepped over me with one foot on each side of me. She grabbed the headboard for support, and lowered her wet, hungry pussy onto my throbbing awaiting cock. Using her bent legs, she started moving her body up and down. I reacted to this by matching her speed with my hips. Her slight moans were taking me over the brink. When she heard me moan, she picked up the speed, causing her to moan quicker and louder.
“Honey, I am going to cum again.” she said as quiet as she could (Which was not very quite).
We were slamming into each other now and soon she let out one long moan, which she immediately covered her mouth to muffle it, and I arched up, lifting her entire body up with me as I exploded in her and could not help or care about the loud moan I had to release. She used her other hand to cover my mouth. After a few more pumps, she laid down beside me barely able to catch her breath.

“I sure hope my sister was asleep.” She said nervously.
Looking at me with a playful grin, “So is my payment fulfilled for the week?”
As I was rolling over to go to sleep, I muttered, “Not even close.”

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