Sister Mistress

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Dominant Sister

At 22 years of age Katherine Jenson was happy with her body. She knew her best asset was her big 34 double E cup tits, being only five feet one inch tall 108 pounds & measuring a curvy 40-23-34 had the effect of making her breasts look even bigger. The only thing she would change about her appearance was that she wished she was prettier or maybe a touch taller, Kathy was not unattractive & you certainly wouldn’t call her ugly, she didn’t have any problem attracting bed partners. Her long slightly wavy red hair was always hanging down her back in a ponytail, Kathy had enjoyed a very full sex life, but she had never felt the need to have a permanent boyfriend as such. She was far to busy playing the field to be tied down to just one regular sexual partner. That was until their father died in Kathy’s final year of collage.

Her mother decided to sell up & move herself & her little brother Luke back to her home town & Katherine decided she’d move with her for a year or two until her Mother got settled in.. Money was no problem because her father had a 15 million dollar insurance policy that paid out to Kathy’s mother without questions. After enjoying the abundant nightlife Kathy didn’t really want to move to a small town but her Mother paid all her bills & wasn’t that bad to live with. Mother told her about the job offer from her friend Sally’s employer as a top level programer, what changed her mind though was the promised salary a healthy six figures with bonuses.

Kathy had made a conscious decision that she would turn over a new leaf in her new home town besides from what her mum had told them it was fairly small, the major employer was the computer company that Sally worked for. She had given up being a slut & she dearly missed all the football crowd fucking her, forcing her to suck them off, what she liked the most though was when her friend Jade was forced to service her while the boys gave it to her doggie style. The feeling of power sent shivers up Kathy’s spine every time. The football team had given them the nicknames of Big Tits & Fuck Slut, on her last night before her family moved from the big smoke her & Jade gave the team a lesbian show with her best friend Jade taking a vibrator in her ass while Kathy fucked her with a strap-on all the guys spunked all over Jade before Kathy stopped & told the foot-ballers.

“Jade’s sister Helen will be replacing me as the team whore.”

The small town they’d moved to had a population of just under 35000 there wasn’t that many available men for her not that it stopped her anyway, there’s the women as well. She didn’t mind though because with her assets & the way she dressed she had just about every man in town watching her where ever she went & she loved it, after a month Kathy was going steady with the local post master’s son Gavin (only because he drove a nice car) he had tried & tried to get Kathy to have sex with him. Kathy had only consented to giving him a hand job & she let him play with her big boobs mostly she liked the way he would suck on her stiff nipples for what seemed like ages. Before she lost control & came to a thundering orgasm Kathy would push Gavin away saying no Gavin I’m not like that I want to be a virgin when I get married. Gavin’s shoulders would slump he’d give in grumble & drive her home, but little did he know, his girlfriend was getting it on with her neighbor Kathy’s pussy was always drenched when she rejected him the feeling of the control she had over poor Gavin thrilled her immensely Kathy would sit there with her legs crossed as Gavin drove her home hoping that he would not hit too many potholes on the way.

Tonight Gavin had broken it off with her saying that she didn’t put out & then dropped her off at the end of her street. As Kathy walked towards home she was mad as hell at Gavin how dare that fucking bastard say that, if he only new what Jenny & I use to get up to or just how big of a slut I was back in the city. Hell it would make his hair go white & fall out finding out that ice cold Kathy, as he had called her, was in fact the football team’s Cumslut whore. Thoughts of Jade came to her she was licking her sister’s pussy while taking a monster dildo up her ass, Kathy’s pussy started to get moist she quickened her pace wanting to get home so she could dig out her favorite vibrating dildo, she hoped Luke had gone out too so she could have some fun with the big black 9 inch dildo that Jade & Helen had given her as a going away present.

Walking in the front door Kathy could hear the unmistakable sound of someone enjoying a head-job you, know slerp, slerp, squelch, suck. Kathy’s heart sank her little Brother was home she’d have to be quite in her room. “I wonder what little whore’s sucking him off she thought, probably that little bitch Lisa from down the road. Just as long as it isn’t my Jenny.

Kathy wasn’t ready for what she saw, her 19 year old younger brother Luke was obviously drunk sitting on the floor wearing nothing but a T-shirt & his new friend John had his gaziantep zenci escort bayan head buried in her little brother’s crotch Luke was moaning loudly as John sucked on his ridged pole. John was a couple of years older than Luke & she didn’t like her younger brother hanging around with him & now she finds Lukey baby in their mothers sitting room having his cock sucked. Kathy was furious but strangely turned on as well, she decided to stay hidden in the entry & see just how far her fag of a little Brother would go. She was well hidden in the dark but could clearly see all the juicy action in the sitting room. John had swung his legs around to allow Luke’s right hand to find his fly.

“Not the first time he’s done that I’ll bet,” Kathy whispered to herself.

Lukey deftly unzipped John’s jeans & tried to fish out his cock, but only managed to free about half of its length, John’s back was to her so Kathy couldn’t see his cock this wasn’t the first time she’d seen two guys go at it having one of them be her little Brother strangely seemed to turn her on even more, yum nice she thought as she absentmindedly started to toy with her rapidly hardening nipples through the flimsy halter-top. John’s tool was semi hard & as he gobbled his best friend’s thick tool, slowly Lukey ran his fist along John’s dick. Kathy felt her pussy start to moisten she wondered how it would feel to have Luke’s prick buried deep inside her wet twat while John fucked her tight anus. The thoughts of incest sent bolts of lightning form her taught nipple down to her equally hard clitoris.

John lifted his head from friend’s cock slowly pumped his fist along Lukey baby’s hard cock looking up he smiled.

“Tell me how you like my style Lukey baby.”

Before returning to his mates cock Luke started to encourage John.

“That’s it my lovely big cocksucker you know I adore the way you deepthroat me, I can’t wait to taste yours again big Johnny, now tickle my nuts you fucking horny cocksucker Lukey’s nearly ready to come for you.”

“Oh yes please Lukey baby cum in my mouth I want to taste your creamy jism slide down my throat, or do you want to do it on your Johnny cock suckers face so that Lukey baby Cumslut can lick it off?”

Kathy couldn’t believe her little Brother & his friend were talking like this if his Mother heard them they’d be in for it that’s for sure, she’d have a heart attract if she caught them at it. Did she hear him right, did Johnny say on his face & yours again? So this isn’t the first time it has happened then. This made Kathy’s cunt even hotter & when her brother said “here it comes cocksucker Johnny drink it you sissy little cum whore. John’s mouth clamped down on Luke’s shiny knob & milked his friends heavy nuts not spilling a single drop. Kathy came without even touching her pussy that hadn’t happened for such a long time her nipples stood out like twin erasers straining against her loose halter-top & she could feel her wetness seeping from the elastic leg of her G-string. Kathy absentmindedly reached under her skirt slid her fingers along her inner thigh scooping up her sticky nectar bringing them to her lips she greedily sucked & licked them clean.

Looking up at Luke, John smiled.

“Now it’s your turn Lukey baby my sexy cocksucker Bitch.”

They swapped positions Kathy’s eyes were glued to her younger brother’s friend’s crotch she was going to see his prick for the first time. Strangely she felt herself wanting John to show his cock when he pushed his jeans to his ankles Kathy almost gasped out loudly. John’s cock lay against his thigh & although now only half hard it was still over nine inches long. Her pussy got wetter as she thought about how she would love to have that huge fuckstick to play with.

“Now that’s nice she said to herself that could really scratch my itch.”

Kathy noticed that as her little brother started to suck on his mates cock he slowly stroked his own, smallish cock. Luke had the type of dick that when he was soft he measured under two inches & if it got cold then he shrank too under one inch, but when he was erect his circumcised tool was just short of seven inches & on the thin side. Luke slowly licked his way from John’s heavy nut sack all over & around the shaft until he reached the head that he greedily sucked into his mouth, which made both of them moan even louder. Kathy couldn’t help herself she slid her right palm over her G-string & pulled it to one side allowing her other hand to freely stroke her soaking gash. Kathy stabbed three fingers into her greedy pussy her nipples were throbbing with excitement as she continued to spy on her younger brother licking & sucking his friends 11 inch rod. It was obvious from Luke’s actions that this definitely wasn’t the first time that he’d sucked Johnny’s big tool. Lukey baby’s reddish blonde hair bounced as his head bobbed up & down. Kathy felt pride in her younger sibling as she saw his nose being tickled gaziantep escort bayan by John’s pubic hair.

“Hang on cocksucker I’m gonna fuck that throat of yours, so get into position over here Lukey baby you fucking Cumslut.”

Kathy was shocked at first but it soon turned to excitement, she thought that the little turd deserved everything that happened. Luke knew that their mother didn’t like him drinking, Luke hadn’t said a word he just swung his legs underneath himself stood up walked to the coffee table & settled onto the large wooden table. As John positioned himself so his knees were just about touching Luke’s shoulders, her little brother looked up at John as he guided his long cock towards Luke’s open mouth. Kathy was elated that they had changed positions & were now side on to her so she could clearly watch. Kathy smiled as she saw her brother grasp Johns hard cock one fist around the shaft other went straight to Johnny’s hairy balls.

Definitley done that before hasn’t he Kathy thought as she continued to watch. Lukey’s fingers just met as he grasped the fleshy base of John’s thick tool. Lukey started licking & what can only be described as slobbering over his friends dick. Once he was satisfied jhon’s cock was sufficiently coated with saliva Luke sucked several inches of John’s twitching prick in to his mouth. John knocked his hand away & grasped a handful of Luke’s hair & said.

“Okay my little Cocksucker I know you fucking want it. So come on & suck my fuckstick Lukey dick licker Cockpig Cumslut.”

He shoved his rock hard tool at Luke’s mouth roughly forcing his thick rod into Lukey baby’s throat, Kathy was just about to save her little brother but she saw that he was trying his hardest to get John’s cock into his willing gullet.

“The little cocksucking slut loves this, so my little brother Lukey is a kinky fucker just like his sister was at that age. I wonder if it’s the virus or just him?” she thought. Kathy bit down on her lower lip as another amazing orgasm washed over her she steadied herself against the wall stifling her moans & slowly formulated her plan while absentmindedly licking the fingers that had just bought her to a wonderful climax. She fished in her hand bag for her cell phone pulling it out she set it for video capture. For the next few minutes Kathy waited for just the right moment her phone could only save two minutes of video. As Kathy waited she scooped one of her big double E tits out of her halter top & twisted the nipple between her thumb & forefinger exciting her even more, she found herself wondering what John’s cock tasted like.

“Get ready Cocksucker your gonna that stuff you love so much Cumslut your gonna get Johnny’s jism, Lukey baby you fucking god damn Cockslut Whore.”

This was what Kathy was waiting for she switched the video on just as John pulled Luke’s nipples & forced his cock deeper into Luke’s throat.

“That’s it cocksucker deepthroat my fat prick you fucking Cockslut, Aggh, Oh fuck, Aggh fuck yessssss. Lukey Cumslut you’re the best cocksucking whore, now drink my come Lukey Cumslut.”

John withdrew his prick just enough so he could grip its base. Kathy knew that he was trying to stop himself from coming & pride swelled up in her again as she watched Luke’s cheeks sucking in as he hoovered John’s thick tool trying to suck his orgasm from him. What she couldn’t see was her Brother’s tongue as he flicked it across Johnny’s fat purple knob trying to force it’s way into the eye as Lukey greedily licked the pre-cum oozeing from his friends fat dick.

“Here it is Lukey baby.”

John pulled his fat cock from Luke’s sucking mouth with a loud schlepping sound then with a few quick strokes his cock erupted spurting the first thick white rope of come straight into Luke’s waiting mouth the second & third sticky strands splattered against Luke’s chin & across his nose. Luke’s tongue snaked out to lick John’s blood engorged helmet catching the next rope of white jism that he greedily lapped up the last sticky rope then splattered against his chest. Before John’s cock shot another sticky glob Luke swallowed.


Luke took John’s prick back into his mouth & started to suck again milking the last few drops from his cock.

Kathy was so transfixed that she hadn’t noticed when the video stopped she didn’t need the whole show just the first few seconds should be plenty to blackmail Luke just in case her special computer virus didn’t lead to his kinky behavior.

“Besides all I want to do is allow him to discover his erotic kinky side without the torment & hang ups I had to deal with. If my plan works then what took me five years to discover he’ll learn in under six months.”

She thought to herself happily. Kathy adjusted her clothing & quietly slipped out the front door, she walked up the driveway she thought that this is going to be easy. Kathy having decided on her course of action turned back towards the house & stomped up the steps trying to make as much noise as possible she rattled her keys making out that they were stuck in the door to give them a little more time. Pushing it open she called out “hi is anyone home”? Kathy heard rustling of clothes when Kathy walked into the sitting room both the boys were sitting watching TV a few empty beer bottles were on the coffee table. When Kathy saw the bottles she said.

“Mum’s not going to be happy with you if she finds out you’ve been drinking little brother.” “Fuck you bitch. What’s the matter Sis didn’t you get any cock tonight.”

Luke spat back.

“Don’t you talk to me like that mister or you’ll regret it little Brother.”

“Why what are you going to do about it bitch.”

Luke taunted his older sister. Kathy turned to John.

“I think that it’s time for you to go, or do you want me to ring your parents & tell them what you have been doing tonight?”

Yeah I’ll tell them you had oral sex with my brother & that he deep throated you until you shot your load all over him, you both loved it to Kathy thought to herself.

“I’ll catch you later dude” John said as he slinked towards the front door.

“How fucking dare you tell one of my friends to leave, you’re a fucking bitch.”

Luke yelled at his sister. Even though he was almost 20 years old Luke was small enough to be a jockey like his father & was only four foot eleven, 125 lb. He stood a touch shorter than his older sister & didn’t take shit from anyone so he wasn’t about to let his older Sister push him around since she’s only five foot one inches & 108 lb. he thought that she couldn’t make him do a thing.

“Did you enjoy sucking Johnny’s big dick Lukey baby.”

Her question nearly floored him, Luke felt his face blush crimson red he murmured.

“What did you say Kath?”

“You heard me Lukey.”

With a horrified look he started pleading with his sister asking her not to tell anyone telling her that it was the first & last time it would happen. Kathy hadn’t said anything she just looked down at Luke & thought. He caved in so easily as I suspected he’s just a little submissive slut just like I used to be it must run in the family this is going to be a whole lot easier than I first thought.

“Now that’s not what I asked is it? Lukey baby, I asked you if you liked sucking your mates thick cock?”

He didn’t want his Sister to see how embarrassed he was so looking at the floor Lukey baby whispered a reply.

“Yes Kathy.”

“Cocksucker I can’t hear you, Cumslut Lukey baby.”

Luke’s eyes shot up to his sisters smiling face when he heard John’s pet name for him. “That’s right Cumslut I saw everything earlier I even taped you drinking John’s come on my phone & before you think you can just erase it, I’ve sent it to my work e-mail so ha.”

“Now answer my question nice & loud so I can hear you.”

“Yes, Kathy I liked sucking on John’s thick cock.”

Luke replied quickly, was one of his fantasies going to come true he loved it when he & John got drunk cause John would dominate him & eventually forces Luke to perform oral sex then return the favor, but a woman dominatrix was a whole new thing & his gorgeous big tited Sister to boot, Luke had been jacking off to fantasies of his sister for the past two years & lately his Mother & Kath’s friend Jenny Kavanagh had started to work her way into his fantasy world as well. Wow how fucking lucky can I be he thought to him self Kathy looked down at her brother as he relaxed on the lounge wearing only a T-shirt & cutoff jeans she could see a sizable lump starting to grow in the groin area. Kathy’s stiff teats were clearly visible through the thin white cotton of her halter top, Luke’s eyes were glued to his Sister’s boobs swaying above him. Kathy was reveling in the feeling of power over her little brother she was experiencing the thrill of a new conquest & that caused her pussy to begin tingling & the throbbing of her clitty gave her the courage to go through with the next phase of her plan since Lukey baby was showing nearly all of the tell tale signs that he would enjoy being a submissive from the way he was ogling his older Sister’s heaving melons it was clear that he found her sexually attractive.

“Don’t lie to me Lukey cocksucker you don’t want to get me angry, I saw how much you were enjoying John’s thick rod tickling your tonsils earlier.

Luke simply nodded his head not looking at his sister he didn’t trust himself, he knew that he would smile when she asked him about cocks.

“Now tell me Lukey baby who else’s cock have you had in your cock sucking mouth you little Cockslut?”

“Only John’s, Sis we do it every Saturday night when you go out & Mum’s usually out with Sally.”

Kathy placed her hands on her hips causing her big tities to jut out as she looked down over her stiff nipples towards Luke’s crotch she noticed the now considerable bulge. Thus encouraged she went for it, it was now or never. If she was going to have her own live in slave who could be better than one’s own little brother, Kathy had spent her collage years in an all lesbian dorm & your freshman year was spent as a submissive. The seniors would have parties where their slaves would be ordered to out do one another or at least try to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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