Sisterly Feelings

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This is my 2nd story. I hope you like it, and I’d love to hear your comments. I’ve tried to make each one a stand alone story, but to get everything in context it may be best to read my 1st story “Wash Day” before this one. X.


It had been 3 weeks since that fateful day when Helen, and her daughter Clare, had discovered the vibratory delights of their washing machine, and as a consequence had gone on to make passionate love to one another. Helen’s first lesbian experience at the tender age of 42!

The incident had been praying heavily on Helen’s mind ever since. Surprisingly it was not the incestuous aspect that concerned her. Clare had been positively enthusiastic to make love to her mum, and had instigated some very lewd behaviour!

No, it was the lesbian aspect. Helen had never felt any sexual attraction to other women before. In fact she regarded herself as a strictly heterosexual cock loving mother of two! She loved the feeling of her husband’s fat cock stretching her pussy as he slipped slowly into her, and then revelled in the fullness she felt as he drove it in and out of her wet pussy. She also loved cum. Many women she knew hated the taste and feel of cum and avoided giving their partner a blow job if they could help it. Helen loved it. She greedily sucked on his cock, and made sure that when he did come the stringy jets of jizz landed on her face, and preferably in her mouth, where she savoured it, before swallowing it down.

However, she had now started to fantasise about women all the time, and in fact was becoming a little obsessed. She would see attractive women in the street and wonder; had they ever licked pussy; were they gay or straight; was their pussy shaved or hairy like hers? Where were these thoughts coming from, why now, and most importantly, why had it taken her so long to discover the delights of Sapphic love?

It was a warm sunny afternoon and Helen’s best friend Laura had come round for one of their regular coffee and chat sessions. Helen and Laura had first met in high school and become firm friends. They were inseparable as teenagers and had kept in close contact ever since. Laura was godmother to Helen’s daughter Clare, who always referred to her as Aunty Laura.

Helen and Laura were physically very similar — tall and slim with firm D cup breasts; the sort of figures that always attracted male attention. The only difference was their colouring. Helen was the typical English Rose with clear pale skin and long light brown hair. Laura, on the other hand had a long mane of fiery red hair, and typical of redheads, had a very light covering of freckles on her face, arms and upper body, which only served to enhance her overall attractiveness.

They were relaxing on the sofa chatting about nothing in particular when Laura suddenly said, “What’s the matter Helen?”

“Nothing,” she lied, “why do you say that?”

“You seem very distracted. What is it? Missing Martin already, not getting enough cock?” asked Laura. “Where has he gone by the way?”

“10 days in Dubai on business,” said Helen. “No, I’m fine, although I am going a little short!”

“When Dave used to go away I’d end up fucking myself with all sorts,” said Laura. “I used to go to bed early with a bottle of wine, and watch telly. I’d usually fall asleep, but when I woke up horny in the morning all I needed to do was reach for the empty bottle and give myself a really good fucking. It was lovely. I think the feel of cool smooth glass sliding in and out of a hot and horny pussy is exquisite.”

Helen laughed, “I know what you mean, I try all sorts, but mostly dildos or vibrators. However I ‘discovered’ the washing machine the other week. That was wonderful, we loved it.”

“We?” queried Laura.

Helen, realising her slip up, quickly said, “Me and my pussy.”

“Oh, I see,” said Laura in a suspicious tone, but said no more.

The 2 women were always completely open with each other, but their chats only occasionally turned to sex. Helen decided to take advantage of the current conversation to bring up the question she had been dying to ask, and the reason for her distraction that Laura had correctly noticed.

“Laura, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course,” said Laura, “and I’ll give you an honest answer if I can.”

“Have you ever been with another woman, you know, sexually?”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “quite a few over the years. Why, haven’t you?”

“It’s something I keep thinking about,” Helen lied again, “and wondered what it would be like”

“Well, I’m not exactly a lesbian, I love a good cock, but when I have been with a woman it has always been wonderful. Tender, loving, and the orgasms have usually been much better than with a man. We know what we like you see!”

“Wow, I’m quite shocked!” said Helen, taken aback. I didn’t think you’d be so open about it. How old were you when you first did it?”

“Eighteen,” replied Laura after a brief pause for thought.

“Oh God! gaziantep vip escort bayan We were nearly inseparable then,” said Helen, “and I never knew anything about it. Who was she?”

“I’d rather not say,” replied Laura.

“Why not? You can tell me.”

“No. It’s best if I don’t.”

“Why?” enquired Helen, “go on, I won’t say.” After a short pause Helen smiled, “Oh I get it now! I knew her, didn’t I?”

Laura’s silence was admission enough. “Was it Michelle?” said Helen. Laura shook her head. “Or Mary…. No, I bet it was Tasha, I did wonder about her,” Helen continued.

Laura had known Helen for too long and knew that she would not give up now until she told her. So she took a deep breath and said quietly, “It was Jane.”

“Jane? Jane who? We didn’t have any friends called Jane?” replied Helen in confusion.

Laura just looked at her expectantly, waiting for the information to sink in. Suddenly Helen’s eyes opened wide and she gasped, “Oh my God — Jane? My sister Jane? My elder sister Jane?”

Laura nodded sheepishly.

“You fucked my big sister? I just can’t believe it,” marvelled Helen.

“Well strictly speaking she fucked me first, but yes!”

“I’m stunned,” said Helen. “You’ve never struck me like that, and Jane certainly hasn’t. How did it all happen?”

“Well actually, it was because of you.”

“Me!” cried Helen. “Come on, you have to tell me now. This is unbelievable. Give me all the details now, if you can remember them.”

“Christ Helen, it was quite a momentous episode in my life, I can remember every detail like it was yesterday. To be honest it has been a burden keeping it a secret from you for nearly 25 years!

“If you really want to know I will tell you the whole story, but afterwards we need to figure out what to say to Jane, if anything, because I was sworn to secrecy.”

“No wonder,” remarked Helen. “No, I want to know the whole story — right now!”

“OK, it’ll take a while so relax and let me go through it…………………….”

It was a beautiful summer’s day and I was feeling great. Just turned 18 and dressed in a thin summer blouse and short cotton skirt, my freshly washed red mane flowing behind me. I actually felt quite attractive, not the slightly geeky ginger nut I usually saw in the mirror!

I skipped up your driveway and rang the doorbell. Jane answered. “Hi Jane, is Helen in?”

“No,” said Jane, “she’s spending the afternoon with Maggie.”

“Oh, of course she is, I forgot. No problem I’ll catch up with her again.” I looked up and realised Jane did not look herself. Her face was strained, and she looked like she might have been crying.

“Are you OK Jane, you don’t look yourself?”

“I’m fine it’s nothing, don’t worry.”

There then followed an awkward pause where Jane seemed to be thinking about whether or not she should close the door on me. I turned to leave and then Jane suddenly said, “Laura, do you have a minute?”

“Of course,” I replied, “I have the whole afternoon now I know Helen is not here.”

“Can you come in a moment; I want to ask you something?”

I entered the hall and Jane waved me into the living room. I felt slightly uncomfortable. Although Jane was less than 2 years older than us, I had always looked up to her, and admired her. She seemed far more refined, elegant, grown up, and just downright sexier than us. And now she was asking for my advice, how could I possibly help her?

I sat down on the sofa next to the lovely Jane. She seemed to be trying to phrase her words. After a pause she looked at me and said, “Has Helen said anything about me recently? Has she said anything about me acting weird towards her, or possibly spying on her?”

I didn’t need to think about the answer. “Good God, no,” I replied instantly. “She thinks you are wonderful. The best sister ever she tells me, and I know she loves you to pieces.”

Jane visibly relaxed. “Thanks Laura, that helps to make me feel better,” she said. “I don’t want to upset her.” After a pause she added quietly, “I love her too, perhaps too much, that is my problem.”

“Sorry Jane, you’ve lost me now. How can you love her too much, she’s your sister?”

Jane looked at me with a sad expression. “I’ve been having fantasies about her.”

“Fantasies? What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

Jane looked at me as though I was some idiot child, sighed deeply and replied, “Sexual fantasies!”

“Oh my God!” I said, truly shocked. “How did these come about? That is, if you want to tell me?”

“I need to tell someone, I’m going mad. That’s why I asked you in. I feel I can’t cope with it on my own, but don’t know who to share it with. I may be making a mistake telling you, but I’ve started now…….

“2 to 3 weeks ago I wandered into mum and dad’s bedroom. Helen was having a shower in the en-suite bathroom, and we have a clear glass door on the shower gaziantep yabancı escort bayan cubicle. I had never realised before, but if the mirrored doors on the wardrobes are open at a specific angle then you get a perfect view of the shower.

“I walked into the bedroom to be confronted by the startling image of my naked sister showering. I was instantly captivated. As you may have noticed she has wonderful boobs. She was stood in the shower soaping her breasts and rubbing them gently over and over again in a circular fashion. Her hands were moving gently over her nipples, which were getting harder and harder. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My pussy was starting to get wet as I watched her. She then started to gently rub and pinch her nipples, gasping with the intense feelings. She continued to soap down her belly and into her pussy hair. I watched as she soaped her hair over and over again, and then started to rub the corner of the soap bar hard into her pussy. As I watched my own pussy got wetter and wetter and I started to rub my own breasts. Helen arched backwards in the shower pushing her crotch forward. I watched as she slowly inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and slowly began to fuck herself. My pussy became even wetter as I watched, and I could feel my own orgasm building quickly, just by watching her. Suddenly I could take no more and I rushed into my own room where I ripped my clothes off and finger fucked myself to a wonderful orgasm, while thinking about my lovely little sister. That was it, she now had me hooked!

“As the days passed I started to become familiar with Helen’s shower schedule and made sure I was always around to watch. I found I could lie on mum and dad’s bed to watch and still not be seen, as long as the bedroom light was off. I’d play with my breasts and pussy, while I watched little sis do the same. However as soon as Helen started to finger herself I then had to rush off to my own room to come hard whilst thinking about her, as I couldn’t trust myself not to scream.

“I became so familiar with her schedule that I’d strip naked and put on my silk gown just before she started to shower so that during and after her next inadvertent show I had easier access to my own breasts and cunt. Watching her really got my juices flowing, but I found that my fingers were just not enough to make me cum as quickly as I wanted to, so desperate was I. I’ve not got a dildo so I’ve started keeping an empty Coke bottle in my room. As my horny little sister frigs herself to orgasm in the shower I’m lying on my bed thrusting a Coke bottle in and out of my cunt, dreaming that it is Helen fucking me with a big fat dildo, until I come in a massive screaming orgasm. I then lick my own juices off the bottle neck and pretend it is her juices that I’m tasting.

“How sick is that?” Jane finally screamed, before bursting into floods of tears.

The older Laura paused her story telling and looked at Helen.

“My God,” said Helen, “she really was watching me. For a period when I was 18 that was my sex life. I’d massage my tits until the nipples were really hard and sensitive, and then rub my clit with the hard soap bar until I felt that lovely tingling feeling in my feet and groin. I worked out that if I lent backwards and thrust my pussy forward I could get the shower jet to hit right on top of my clit. The feelings were exquisite, and almost unbearable, but if I then fingered myself at the same time I was guaranteed a wonderful orgasm. I would thrust my fingers in and out, locking my knees to prevent my legs collapsing, until I was hit by a series of orgasms. I could feel my warm juices running down my thighs until they mingled with the warm water and were washed down the drain. If only Jane had seen that, it would have driven her mad!”

“You were driving her mad anyway,” replied Laura.

“Is that it?” asked Helen. “Is that all the story? You said you made love to one another.”

“God, no!” replied Laura, “that was only the start. Let me continue…….”

I really didn’t know what to do. I was so far out of my comfort zone it was untrue. However I really wanted to help Jane, as I could see she was suffering. I took hold of Jane’s hand and squeezed gently. She squeezed back and looked into my eyes.

“I just don’t know what to do Laura,” she wailed.

I decided to take a logical approach and after a moment I said, “What do you actually want to do?”

Jane just stared at me incredulously.

“What do I want to do? What sort of damn fool question is that?”

“I’m sorry Jane, I’m just trying to help. If we sort out what you want, and then what you can actually do, we may find a solution, a compromise.”

“Should I tell you what I want to do?” Jane said rather scornfully. I nodded.

“I want to be waiting when Helen comes home from college. As she walks through the door I want to take her in my arms and give her a loving kiss. I’ll then lead her gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan to my room. I’ll tenderly remove her blouse and skirt, and feast my eyes on her beautiful young body dressed only in bra and pants.

“I’ll put my arms around her, and kiss her deeply on the lips. I’ll then kiss slowly down her neck and across the tops of her breasts as I carefully undo her bra. As I remove her bra and discard it on the floor I’ll begin to caress and kiss all of her breasts. I’ll kiss her nipple, and take it in my mouth, licking and gently sucking until it becomes hard and distended, and ever so sensitive. I’ll continue sucking, and start nibbling it gently until the sensations make her squirm with pleasure. I’ll switch the attention of my lips and tongue to her other nipple, but keep the first one nice and hard by gently rubbing and pinching it with my fingers.

“Once she is moaning with pleasure I’ll move my hand over her belly and onto her panties, feeling the heat and moisture emanating from her pussy. After letting my hand caress her mound for a few minutes I will kneel before her and slowly slip her knickers down, burying my nose in her fur as it reveals itself, breathing in her intoxicating musky smell.

“As her panties fall to her ankles I’ll push my lips into her soft brown fur, kissing and nuzzling her pussy. I stand up, put my hands on her shoulders and press her gently to sit and then lie on my bed. I remove her knickers completely and gently spread her legs to reveal her virgin pussy lips. I start to gently kiss her inner thighs, slowly moving up until I start to kiss her pussy lips, moving up one side, across her clit, and then back down the other. Her lips open up to me like a flower as she becomes more and more aroused by her sister’s love making. I gently kiss her love hole tasting her juices as I slip the tip of my tongue into her beautiful cunt. My tongue moves up to her tiny clit, and I lick and kiss it, feeling it getting bigger and harder under my lips. Helen is moaning now, loving what I am doing to her. I rub my fingers around the entrance to her vagina to make them nice and moist as I tenderly slip one finger inside her. She moans and writhes at my touch.

“As she gets moister I insert another finger and start to slip them both in and out as I kiss, suck and nibble on her clit. Helen is approaching her orgasm, I can feel the walls of her vagina grabbing my fingers, she starts to gasp and tremble as I hit particularly sensitive spots. She begs me to fuck her harder, and I oblige. My fingers are moving faster now and my clit licking is more intense. Helen’s body starts to buck and writhe as her release approaches. I continue relentlessly, my fingers sliding in and out of her tight sloppy cunt and my tongue and teeth flicking her highly sensitive clit. Helen is gasping and moaning and can no longer lie still. All at once she tenses up, her body nearly vibrating, and then with an ecstatic scream her orgasm erupts and she goes over the edge. She comes hard, her juices, my own little sister’s juices, covering my hand and face, and spraying into my open and willing mouth. I drink them down greedily.

“That’s what I want to do!” Jane concluded quietly, slightly embarrassed by getting so carried away with her description.

A slightly breathless silence ensued. After her graphic outburst my own pussy was throbbing, and my panties were soaked.

“OK,” I said huskily, “what do you think you can do?”

Jane stared at me with wild eyes, and then physically growled. I was instantly afraid; I thought she was going to attack me.

“FUCKING NOTHING!” she screamed wildly. “She’s my little sister for fuck’s sake. There’s no way I could seduce her. She’d think I was some kind of pervert.” She was gasping for breath.

“But you’re torturing yourself,” I pointed out. “You can’t carry on like this; you’ll have a nervous breakdown.”

“I know, I know,” she said, slightly calmer now, but ever so sad. “I think I’m destined to die of extreme sexual frustration. My whole body feels like a coiled spring with no sign of release.” She paused, and then said softly, “What a fucking mess!” Jane fell silent and began to sob softly to herself.

I just sat their completely paralysed by my conflicting emotions: I was so incredibly horny after she had described what she wanted to do to your body a large part of me just wanted to rip my own knickers off and masturbate violently with the biggest, fattest phallic object I could lay my hand on!

Another part of me was desperate to help Jane find a solution to her problem, and so find inner peace, and be able to get on with her life.

The final part of me was insanely jealous of you. I could scarcely believe the depth and intensity of Jane’s feeling for you, both the lust and the love. I desperately wanted another human being to feel so deeply about me, as she did about you. Silly I know, but that’s how it was.

How could I help? As the silence between us lengthened I was wracking my brains. All of a sudden a crazy idea came to me completely out of the blue. I initially dismissed it, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it seemed to make. It might just work.

“Jane?” I said. She looked up at me. “I’ve just had an idea. You may think it mad, but please just listen.”

Jane looked at me and smiled, “I doubt you can help me, but thanks for trying,” she said sadly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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