Sisters Tender Touch

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Kissing Penis

When I was a teen my older sister Molly and me, Dale, were always arguing about something. Anything I did was wrong and she ran to tell mom or dad the first chance she got about it. Molly was always spying on me and no matter what I said or did; I was the one in the wrong. I didn’t hate my sister, but I sure didn’t like her either.

In my senior year at school I was eighteen. I was helping a friend with his old Chevy. I had the hood opened and was bent over the fender when a radiator hose burst. My face and top of both hands were scalded. I was taken to the hospital where I was admitted to the burn unit. I stayed until my skin had peeled off, leaving a very red and very scarred face. They had ointments and bandages covering everything but my eyes and a small opening for my mouth and another for my nose. I was to get the bandages off just a month before graduation from high school.

My girl friend dropped me when she saw my scarred and swollen face. I was felt like I had lost everything. The doctors said in time I would heal and have a few visible scars, but nothing hideous. That didn’t mean crap to me then. I was going to miss all the graduation parties and even prom night. Molly was pissed at my girlfriend for dumping me and had a plan to cheer me up.

“Dale, you’re going to the prom! I will be your date that night.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Molly doing something nice for me? I know going to a prom with your sister is dorky and only a loser would even consider it, but it was the nicest thing ever said to me. There I was, cracked lips, a red swollen nose, a face from a horror movie, and my sister was still willing to be my date.

Tears were dripping down my face as I asked Molly if she really meant it.

Molly said, “Yes, I want to be your date. I will dress up and be as pretty as I can be, and you will look fine too. I’ll use some make up tips I know and you won’t believe gaziantep ucuz escort bayan your eyes.”

The day of the prom Molly sat me in a chair. She had all kinds of bottles and brushes on a table next to her. She worked on me for three hours, finally bringing out a mirror and letting me look at her work. I was amazed. All the redness was gone. She had blended in some coloring and my nose looked almost normal. Even my lips looked normal or even better, as they looked kind of in a pucker. “Molly, you did magic on my face!”

I went upstairs to put on my tux while Molly was dressing. I stood in front of the mirror not believing my eyes. Molly had me looking handsome, maybe even sexy. I wanted my ex to see me now.

Molly was waiting for me in the living room. She was a vision. I would have whistled at her if I could. “Molly, you’re beautiful. I mean really beautiful.”

“We’ll show them. I want you to treat me just like a real date. I don’t care if they know I’m your sister or not. I plan on us both having a prom night we’ll never forget.”

Molly drove us to the prom. The stares and giggles didn’t last long. My ex even asked me to dance, I told her no thanks. Molly and I danced and laughed. I was having a better time with my sister than I ever had with any other girl. Molly was funny, smart, and even sexy. She was at my side constantly, always holding on to my hand or arm. It was like your dream date. She listened to my every word and paid all her attention to me. She made me fell important.

“Molly, where have you been all my life?” I asked.

“Right here Dale. I have always been here for you. It’s just that you didn’t know it.” Molly whispered.

Was it just the moment, or because of the pain I had been through? I fell in love with Molly, my sister, my tormenter, and now my most tender love. I wanted gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan this night, this feeling to never end. Molly was looking into my eyes, peering into my soul, reading my every thought. We were one, for a few seconds.

Molly asked if we could leave and as much as I wanted to keep the moment alive, I told her sure, we could leave. When we were inside the car, Molly leaned over and very gently kissed my lips. Without saying anything she started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. We were half way to the house when Molly made a right hand turn and headed away from home. At first I thought she was just riding around, but we were heading towards the interstate highway.

“Molly, where are we going?”

Don’t worry, I promised you a prom night you would always remember.”

Molly pulled the car into a motel parking lot, got out and went inside the office. She came back out a few minutes later and drove to the back of the

furthermost building. I thought maybe there was private party going on, but the rooms were all dark.

“Molly, are we going to a party?” I asked.

“We are the party!” She answered, as she opened the door and turned on a small light next to the bed.

“Molly, I don’t understand.”

“Dale, I’m going to try and make up for all the torture I put you through. I want you to do everything and anything you can think of to me. I want you to do all of your sexual fantasies tonight, with me.” She was stripping her clothes off and I was anticipating the sight that was about to be presented to me. I was dumbstruck as the beautiful figure stood in front of me, as though she was waiting for inspection.

“Molly, I can do what I want?”

“Anything, Dale. This is all for you.”

I peeled my tux off in a flash. I hadn’t had sex for a very long gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan time and I was ready now. I couldn’t use my mouth or lips because of the soreness and my hands felt like I was wearing gloves, but my cock was fine. Molly spread her legs and I plunged in. What a sweet pussy it was. Molly lifted her ass and bucked into my cock hard. I came fast, Molly was still humping. I took a very short rest and played with her small but firm tits. Hard again, I bent her over and fucked her ass. I came again. I took another short rest and hard again.

Molly was on her back, her legs spread. I speared her cunt and pounded her ass into the bed. I was loving every sound, every drop of sweat, every shudder she made. I was now giving her the orgasms. I was driving my cock as deep as possible and fucked her hard. Every time I came, I was as deep in her cunt or ass as possible, filling her with my sperm. We fucked all night and even into the morning. No sleep was gotten by either of us. I wanted to fuck my dick off. I wanted us both to remember tonight.

Checkout time was eleven o’clock and we just made it after a fast shower. My dick was a little sore and was dragging. I though maybe I did fuck it off. Molly was a little sore, but said it was a good soreness.

On the way home I was worried about what we would tell our parents, but Molly had that taken care of. She had told our parents that there were sure to be parties all night and not to worry if we didn’t get home until the next day. I told Molly I had the best of everything last night. Molly was all smiles. I wondered what else she had planned.

“Dale, you were very good in bed, but I made a mistake last night. I forgot about you not being able to use your mouth and hands. I told you, anything and everything. So I’ll give you a rain check and I will be very glad to do it right next time.” Molly had a twinkle in her eyes when she finished.

This all happened almost six years ago. Molly and I never fought again. We did have sex again and are still fucking like rabbits. We live close, but not together, small town you know. Neither Molly nor I have gotten serious with anyone else, and only date to keep appearances up. Most times you’ll find us in bed together, sometimes my place, sometimes her place, and sometimes that same motel, same room.

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