Skinny Dipping

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I had stepped out on the porch expecting just to enjoy the fresh evening air and to watch the sunset behind the trees, but the air was so beautiful I had to experience more. I wanted to truly experience the night. I slipped on some sandals, not bothering with a jacket as the air was still warm. I walked from the porch into the small yard and down the rocks, then continued along the small path that led to the lake. The sun had dipped behind the trees, but the sky was alight with different colors. Mostly a deep pink that reflected on the water. I watched as the stars began to sparkle in the sky, and I wrapped my arms around myself as the air began to cool.

As I watched the moon rose over the trees and I could see the reflection on the water. The water was rippling gently as a breeze ruffled it into small waves. I walked closer to the water and to dip my toes in. The water was still warm from the sun earlier in the day. It was warmer than the air and I waded in deeper almost mindlessly. The water passed my ankles, then my knees wetting the hem of my sundress, weighing it down. I walked in deeper, to my knees, to my hips, than to my chest. I could feel my nipples tighten in the cool breeze as I walked turned back to toward the shore. I hadn’t meant to swim but the water was calling to me.

I waded back to the shore and I took off my dress and threw it onto the rocks. I dove deeper into the water. It felt so freeing swim this way, dressed in nothing but the moonlight. I found myself laughing as I swam. It was so wonderful to be here in the woods without anyone around. I let the water caress my body. I let the wind tickle my face and tangle my hair with the water. I was almost ready to get out of the water when I looked back towards the shore and noticed that there was a small pile of clothes next to my sodden dress. It looked like there was a pair of folded shorts and a t-shirt. Next to them lay pair of sneakers that looks suspiciously male.

I looked quickly around hoping to see the possessor of the clothes, and saw nothing. I didn’t want to get out of the water until I had spotted him so I could be sure he wouldn’t watch me pull the dress over my head, not that it would be covering anything in its completely wet state. I swam towards the center of the lake to get a better view. To find him before he found me.

When I was treading water toward the center of the lake I looked around and I realized that I was too late. On the other side of the rocks from where the clothes were laid out there was a man just barely in the water, sitting on the bank. He looked very comfortable reclined in the soft moss at the edge of the water. It was too dark to see for sure, but I could imagined I could see him smile. He was definitely looking in my direction. I instinctively I covered my chest even though I was completely covered by the water, and he had probably seen everything already.

I was trying to decide if I should swim back and grab my clothes and disappear. Or If it was safer to stay in the water until he decided to leave. My decision was made for me as he stood and began slowly walking deeper into the water.

When he was about chest deep he began swimming very deliberately towards me. I considered swimming away but this weekend was supposed to be about new adventures, and doing things that I hadn’t done before. Speaking to handsome strangers naked in a lake was definitely something I had not done before, and he was handsome, it became apparent as he got closer. I turned to float on my back as I was getting tired of treading water. He swam surprisingly slowly and it took a while for him to get closer. Finally when he was about 20 feet from me he spoke.

“Well hello there” he said, I wasn’t quite sure what to say to him, especially with such a benign greeting, so I didn’t say anything. I just looked at him and smiled. It was such an odd situation I didn’t know how to proceed. I didn’t feel shy anymore. But I wasn’t sure what I felt.

Up close I could see his face more easily, he was very attractive and he looked to be in his early to mid 30s, but I never was good at guessing ages. His shoulders were broad probably from swimming, or some other outdoor exercise, but I couldn’t make out any more of his body through the water.

I hadn’t seen anyone else for the rest of the weekend so I was surprised to see anyone, and it was even more surprising to see someone so beautifully made. The artist in me with assessing his features almost clinically, his beautifully square jaw, the hair that looked fairly lush from what I could see, even in its very damp and very dirty state. His neck looked strong as well, but blended easily into his shoulders which were wiry and strong and just slightly hunched forward like so many swimmers.

I realized I had been staring for a little bit too long when he began to laugh quietly. His laugh was infectious and I found myself beginning to giggle as well.

“I don’t know quite what to say in this situation.” I said through my giggles.

“I don’t know what to say either,” he said “but Yalova Escort I figured I would just start with the hello.”

He reached out and tucked an errant strand of hair behind my ear. It was a strangely intimate gesture coming from a stranger. But somehow it felt right. I tried to look closer at his face, perhaps I did know him from a long time ago. I had come here with my family a few times when I was very young. But I didn’t really remember meeting any other people my age, but perhaps we had met some time before.

“Have you ever been here before?” I asked. It would be the easiest way to find out.

“Many many years ago.” He answered laughing again. “I didn’t expect you to be the pick up line type- do you come here often?” I liked his humor, and his smile. He was even more beautiful when he was smiling.

“You just seem familiar for some reason, and I did come here as a child. But I don’t remember meeting anyone. But then again I was with my family and they take all whole lot of energy.” I answered as we both laughed again. He nodded knowingly. I wondered if he also had a large family.

I was beginning to tire from all of the treading water. I didn’t want to be rude so I make sure to swim close by him as I made my way towards the shore. Or at least close enough where I could stand.

My feet were just barely touching the sandy bottom of the lake, My head and neck are exposed, but everything else felt fairly covered.

He swam after me. And he stopped as well, just a few feet away from me, I was glad that he had, I wasn’t quite ready for this moment to be over. There is a quiet moment as we just watched each other. When I wasn’t trying to just keep my head above the water, it was easier to study what I could see of him. He was very beautiful. The rest of his upper body matched his chest and shoulders. Lean muscle, with just a small hint hair, just enough to emphasize his masculinity. His face was very kind and had a sense of humor, even when he wasn’t speaking. The small lines of the edges of his eyes suggested that he smiled and laughed a lot. And from what I had heard in our short amount of time together he did.

It was such a beautiful night I wasn’t ready to leave the water but I could feel my fingers beginning to prune. I didn’t want to leave him or the water. I was curious what he was doing here and what his story was. I didn’t know the etiquette of what to do in this type of situation or what to say to continue our conversation.

I went back to what I was comfortable with and just watched him for a while. He seemed comfortable being watched. He just smiled gently at me as I struggled to come up with the words or actions to get what I wanted. All of what I wanted.

“I think I did come here a few times as a child.” He said finally “I don’t remember meeting anyone either, but I definitely would have remembered you.”

“Who is coming up with the pick up lines now?” It was my turn to laugh.

He laughed as well and smiled.

“You got me there” he answered “I’m just so curious. This isn’t a situation that I’m used to. I’ve never seen anyone at the lake in the night time before. And now that I think of it I haven’t really seen anyone in the day time either”.

It was funny to think that perhaps we had both been here for days, just missing each other at the lake, along the path, other places.

He continued “I’ve always loved it here because of how lonely it is. I’m very much a people person but sometimes you just need a break from everything. That way you can really appreciate the people that you do you have.”

I nodded in agreement. It was how I had been feeling. I needed some time to just be alone so I could appreciate the people that I loved, instead of feeling obligated to spend time with them. I had been looking through old photos with family and had seen a few from this place. It had seemed like the perfect solution.

I felt some time alone would be good. I thought feeling lonely would help me appreciate the time that I did get to spend with my loved ones instead of resenting them for the teeny things that may have bothered me. I had found myself rolling my eyes at brunch invitations. I had found myself pretending I didn’t see text messages or missed calls. I was burned out on friendship and just needed time to discover myself. Or perhaps, I thought focusing again on his face, to discover some new people.

It was coming to the end of my weekend of solitude anyway, I had only two more days before I was back to the city, back to my job, back to that and never ending messages and buzzes of my phone. Why not take a small break from loneliness? I almost missed it, the chaos, but before I went back perhaps one more new experience was just what I needed.

“I was feeling the same way actually. I really love people but… I felt like I needed a break. Every weekend felt like much work as the week.” I hoped the spaces I took to think between my answers were not too noticeable.

He was nodding as I spoke and began walking closer to me as I finished.

“Perhaps Yalova Escort Bayan we seem familiar to each other because we need the same things.”

I hoped so. It seemed a likely possibility now. I hoped this unlikely event of skinny dipping in a lake with so few cabins or residences around it was some kind of sign. And the fact that we both had left the city to spend some time rediscovering ourselves, and that at the end of both of our trips we had found each other here. Naked. It had to mean something didn’t it?

I took another step towards the shore, and then kept slowly retreating toward the edge. I knew that this move would reveal more and more of my body as I went. I watched his face as I did. I watched as the edge of his mouth crept up just a little more. I guess he liked what he saw, of what he could see.

He didn’t come any closer though. And I was nervous that I had misinterpreted his looks and smiles. Well it has been a fun experience while it lasted. I turned slowly to walk towards my dress. I was sliding the clammy fabric over my head when he called out again.

“Are you really going to leave without even telling me your name? How my supposed to know if I knew you from before? How my supposed to tell everyone who asks that I met a real beautiful magical woman in the lake? If I don’t have a name they’ll never believe me! Well they won’t believe me anyway. But it’s worth a try isn’t it?” He called out dramatically, gesturing pleadingly as me as I turned back to face him again.

I wished I was magical. I laughed, but then again, it did seem like a bit of a magical moment. Meeting him here the dark, with barely enough light to be able to see him. His body was definitely made for some kind of mythological creature. Something out of a Greek mythology perhaps, or Roman.

“So you plan on telling stories.? What story would you tell, nothing really has happened. Just that you saw a stranger swimming in the lake. You’ll reveal yourself that you were skinny-dipping alone.”

“It is always more fun with someone else, as fun as it is alone” he replied.

Finally he began walking out of the water.

The rest of his body matched the top half. He definitely did not skip leg day. His body was perfectly sculpted and I could almost imagine some Homo-erotic sculptor painstakingly chipping away at a piece of marble to create this body. There was however one part but the Greeks would not have appreciated. Even in the cold water and the even cooler breeze, what he was packing would not fit behind a grape leaf.

His hands came to cover himself and I felt my eyes dart quickly up to his face. I had been caught staring again.

“I am just an artist I promise. I’m just looking for the aesthetics of things!” I can feel myself blushing and I hope it is dark enough that he can’t see.

“I hope that’s not the only reason you’re looking. I just usually would have bought you a drink at least before giving you the whole show. I still don’t even know your name.”

“That’s kind of some of the magic that wasn’t it? If I have a name then you’ll know I’m not some magical creature from your imagination.”

“I don’t know if I have that good of an imagination.” He said smiling again he began walking towards me. He didn’t stop until he was right in front of me. I had to look up sharply to see his face.

I imagined that I could see steam coming off his skin. I watch as my hand reached out to touch his shoulder gently. His skin was warm and firm and softer than I expected.

I let my fingers trail down his arm around his triceps then down to his elbow. I let my nails trail down his inner arm and across his fingers. I watched as the goosebumps formed on his skin and I was flattering myself that it was my touch they had done it, and not the cool breeze that was beginning to blow harder and cooler now that the sun had set.

I lifted my other hand to repeat my actions on his left side. When I was finished he took my hands in his. His hands were incredibly warm and large and I wished they were touching more of me than just my hands.

“But now I’m touching you, so I know you’re not a dream.” I couldn’t argue with his logic. But I also couldn’t speak to let him know.

He transferred my left hand into his left so both of my wrists were clasped firmly in one of his hands.

Usually I would be nervous with someone who is so obviously stronger than holding me so tightly. But again there was the easy familiarity, the feeling like we had done this a thousand times washed over me.

He held my wrists as he trailed his other hand up my arms across my collarbone then down my chest, across my breast, across my nipple, down to my navel. His touch was light, but it was even more powerful for its gentleness.

I shivered in the breeze and his touch scorched my skin in contrast to the cool air. His hand trailed back up my body on the other side- crossing to my other breast, teasing my nipple, then traveling across my collarbones and up to cup my face his hands. He Escort Yalova looked into my eyes and I thought he was seeing more than just their color, he looked into me. Even in the dark his eyes sparkled with humor and kindness. The contrast of his power and gentleness was intoxicating. I wanted to touch more of him, but my hands were still trapped in his. His finger traced to my lips and I let my tongue peek out to taste it. He tasted like skin and river water.

He let go of my hands. His hands cupped my face then slid over my shoulders to rest on my waist. They almost met each other around me. I felt small and feminine and taken care of. I let my hands rest on his forearms. I looked up and to his face and watch him lean closer almost painfully slowly as he bent forward for a kiss.

Our lips met so gently it was just a whisper of sensation. And for its gentleness it was one of the most impactful kisses I had ever experienced. The gentleness just made me wish for more. My nerves are on fire as I reached up to touch more of him. My hands gripped his, arms my nails just threatening to sink into his skin. I tried to reach to my tiptoes to get closer to him to feel more. But his grip on my waist was firm.

It felt like forever that I was reaching for him before suddenly he changed. He pulled his head away but lifted me up to I could wrap my legs around his waist.

His body was solid and so warm. I wrapped my arms around his neck. My hands tried to wind their way into his hair, but it was too matted with the lake water and mud to be very successful. It didn’t matter. I was much too focused on the feeling of his lips against mine. And then on his tongue reaching out to dance with my own. I held his head closer to mine I tried to crawl into him. It felt new and real and like everything I had been looking for when I was here. The kiss was amazing but it wasn’t long before I was longing for more. His hands had stayed very calm and respectful below my ass just holding me up. But I wanted more of them. I wanted to know if they would feel like on the rest of my body, in my body.

My legs unwinded from his waist and I slid slowly down his body. My lips were tingling as I looked up into his face. I was gratified to see that he was not unaffected, and from what I felt pressing against my now very chilled belly revealed that the kiss had wound him up at least as much is what I had done to me. I was glad for the millionth time that I was a woman and that my own arousal was just a bit more hidden. For a moment I could pretend I had control.

Just as the thought was crossing my mind, one of his previously chaste hands made its way from my waist around my ass to slide between my legs cupping me gently but firmly. I could feel my cheeks begin to burn as I knew my secret was revealed. It was only fair that he feel my arousal, but I was still shy and all the sudden. The feeling of shyness faded as one of his fingers began to work its way inside of me. His fingers felt even bigger than they had looked and felt around my waist. I just felt full and aroused and so magically sparklingly alive.

My head fell back and I gasped. It felt too good to be true. He held me up as his finger pushed deeper into me and then began a slow thrust. It was only moments before I felt myself tightening around him, I could feel my wetness beginning to drip down my thighs and onto his hand. He leaned in closer to me and another finger began to work itself in beside the first. The tight stretch made my orgasm retreat for a moment, but when his thumb began to rub my clit as his fingers curled inside me it came back with a vengeance and hit me like a freight train. I heard myself scream as I clenched around his fingers. My nails sunk into his shoulders.

It felt natural and beautiful to cum in this setting, to be free and loud and so satisfied. When I began to come down I was looking up at the moonlight streaming through the trees and the reflection of the moon on the water. When I could stand firmly on my own, I let go of his shoulders. I took his cock into my hands. It was even hotter than the rest of his body, it was also larger that it had looked. I could hold it in both of my hands and have length to spare, but more than the length I noticed my fingers didn’t meet around his girth. I looked up into his face and he was smiling. More composed than I had been, but also with more warning, I didn’t need to be warned, I could feel the challenge in my hands. I leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the tip of him. He smelled like soap and lake and something else that must have just been him.

It was as if something larger than myself was compelling me. I felt outside myself as my tongue reached out to taste the drop of liquid that was forming on his tip after my kiss.

He tasted salty and familiar and like mine. I licked again, the head then further down the shaft. I hated dirt against my wet skin after swimming, but sank to my knees without a second thought. I licked him all over, listening for the places that made him sigh or take a sharper breath. When he was coated in my saliva and the taste and smell of him were filling my consciousness I took the whole head into my mouth. I knew that my jaw would ache after just a few moments but I wanted to see how much I could take, I wanted him inside me any way I could have him.

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