Slave Ch. 02

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Chapter the Second

Just a note: This story contains bisexual sex, fisting, bondage, piss play and more. That’s why it’s in the fetish section. If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t read it. If it is, enjoy!

Now, on with the depravity…

As I knelt there on the piss soaked blanket in my piss soaked clothes, I tried to gather my wits, not to mention catch my breath.

Mistress Kay was putting the camera on the tripod. Deke was leaning against the wall, sweat dripping off him. “Damn, that was intense! I really didn’t believe he’d do all the shit you said.”

“You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Here, slave, catch!” Mistress tossed me one of the toys she had brought down with her. It was the Bam dildo, even bigger than the Holmes toy. When we had first gotten it, it was all I could do to take it. Twelve inches long and almost three thick, it ain’t small. It had taken a while, but eventually I could take the whole thing with ease. This had led to fists and feet and even larger items.

But she still loved watching that huge, black cock sliding in and out of my ass. And I loved feeling it slide in and out of my ass. Since she hadn’t told me to change position, I sat the Bam on the floor beneath me and slowly sat down on it, easing it into my shit chute. Deke watched slack-jawed as I buried the entire twelve inches up my ass. “Holy shit!”

“Just wait’ll you see him with two fists in his ass!”

Taking just a second to adjust, I started lifting myself up and down, getting faster and harder, until I was slamming myself down onto the huge cock, sweat and piss dripping off me. My eyes were closed and my mouth was hanging open as I panted, quickly losing myself in subspace again.

When I felt something slipping into my mouth, I automatically opened wider and started sucking. I quickly recognized the taste of the John Holmes dildo, the other toy Mistress had brought downstairs. As I was fucking myself with the Bam, she had slipped on the harness. She proceeded to fuck my mouth, not that I could get much of it in. Try as I might, my mouth just didn’t stretch that wide.

Deke was slowly stroking his still erect cock, taking time to rest up and enjoying the show. Mistress glanced over at him, not slowing down fucking my mouth. “Ready for another round?”

“Hell yes!”

She smirked again, then pulled her cock out of my mouth. “slave, stop fucking yourself and stand up.” I quickly got to my feet, the Bam falling out of my hungry ass as I stood up.

“Bitch, lose the panties. I want easy access.” I slid the soaked panties down and kicked them off. Mistress then picked them up and stuffed them in my mouth. “There. You can start cleaning the piss and cum out of them now.”

I started sucking the juices from them, getting off on the kink of it. Mistress laid down on the piss soaked blanket. She actually loved the watersports as much as me. We’ve shared many pissy 69’s. She motioned me over and guided me down onto the Holmes. She’d lubed it heavily, so it slid right in. She slammed it back and forth a few times, spreading the lube around, then slid it all the way in and pulled me down so my chest was pressed into her corset bound breasts.

Another fantasy of mine was about to come true. I’ve had two toys in my ass many times. But I was finally about to be properly double fucked. Deke slid in behind kaynarca escort me. He poured some lube on his cock, then pressed it against my already stretched anal ring. I took a deep breath as he pushed, then slid all the way in to the hilt in one go.

I was moaning nonstop at that point. So many fantasies were being fulfilled on that day. There I was on my knees in my piss soaked schoolgirl outfit, my Mistress under me with her Holmes strapon up my ass, while a man I’d just met that day had his seven inch cock buried in there with it. I was so blissed out I almost let the pissy panties fall out of my mouth. Almost.

And then they started fucking me.

Oh. My. GOD.

They started slowly, finding a rhythm, then picked up speed, both thrusting in and out at the same time. I knew I’d found yet another sensation that I would want to repeat as often as possible. A year ago, I couldn’t have done this. It takes time to learn to take it up the ass properly, and we had taken our time. And now I was being well and truly fucked, and loving it.

The fact that my painfully hard erection was rubbing against Mistress’ corset wasn’t hurting anything either.

By now they were slamming into my ass, raping me just like I’d dreamed. “You like that, don’t you slut? Two cocks in your ass at once? I think we’ll have to try three someday…”

I came on the spot.

“You’ll have to lick that up. Mmmmmmm, harder Deke. Give this faggot’s ass hell.” They both somehow managed to pound my shit chute even harder. Mistress pulled my face down to hers and jammed her tongue into my mouth, still full of pissy panties. “Mmmmm.” She sucked them half into her mouth. “Tasty.” We somehow managed to French kiss with panties in our mouths. Still not sure how that one worked. After a while she spit them off to the side and just concentrated on the butt fucking.

That was one of the longest, most intense anal poundings I’d ever taken. It seemed to go on forever. It was actually closer to half an hour. (I checked the time on the video later.) Finally Deke slammed all the way in and held it there, shaking, as he came for the third time that night. Mistress had had at least six orgasms as she fucked me. Deke pulled out and fell down beside us on the piss soaked blanket.

All three of us were exhausted and sweaty. Tired as I was, I still knew my duty, and cleaned off both cocks with my mouth. I even remembered to lick my cum off of Mistress’ corset. I sat down next to them, my ass feeling wonderfully stretched, but terribly empty. I knew that wouldn’t last long, though.

I was right. Mistress sat up and stretched, eying me like a hungry cat. “slave, ass up face down in the piss, now! Deke, hand me that lube, would you?” I quickly got into position as he handed her the Fuckwater.

She poured some on my ass, then over her hand. Smirking, she glanced at Deke. “You’re gonna love this.”

She then proceeded to slide her right hand into my ass nearly to her elbow. Deke’s eyebrows tried to climb past his hairline. “Goddamn!” Mistress just kept smirking and started running her arm all the way in and out of my ass. Deke scrambled to his feet and grabbed the camera, wanting to get a close up of this.

Mistress held her other hand out to him. “Pour some lube on my hand, please.” With his free hand, he did, not taking küçükyalı escort the camera off of my stretched ass.

“Holy shit!” He was slackjawed as she slid her left hand in alongside her right. “Jesus! I’ve seen videos, but I always thought they faked it somehow. I cannot believe you have two hands inside that ass!”

As she plowed those two hands back and forth in my very full butt, Mistress looked up at him and grinned. “You get to go next. Hear that bitch? Deke is gonna fist fuck you next. You’re going to walk funny for a week. By the time we finish with you, when you fart, it’ll sound like the wind blowing through a tunnel. You’re gonna have the most stretched out faggot asshole in the history of stretched out faggot assholes.”

“Uhn… Sounds good to… uhhhh… me Mistress… ooohhhhhh… Use my faggot asshole … Oh, GOD… use it anyway you want… ohgodohgodohgodohGODOHGODOHGODDAMNYESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

I came again.

Without warning, Mistress pulled her hands out of my ass. Deke got a closeup of my gaping ass. Mistress shifted around. “Watch this!” And just as quickly as she’d pulled her hands out, her silk stockinged foot slid into my still gaping asshole, right past the ankle. Deke was actually shocked wordless. But he still filmed all of it as Mistress slowly twisted her foot around inside my stuffed shit chute.

Now, from a submissive standpoint, literally having someone footfuck your ass is kind of a Holy Grail sort of thing. I wasn’t just in subspace at this point, I was pretty damn sure I’d found Nirvana. It hurt. Of course it hurt. I had a foot in my ass, toe nails scraping around my rectal walls, stretching me in ways nature sure as hell never intended.

And I wanted more. Dear Lord, I wanted more!


“What, slave?”

“More… Please Mistress… I want more!”

Mistress was surprised. This wasn’t the first time we’d done this, but one ankle deep foot was all I could manage. But on this night, my body was on fire, and I knew that I wanted, that I needed this.

“Are you sure slave?”

“Yes Mistress! Please! I can take it!”

She turned to look at Deke. He had already put the camera back on the tripod and was lubing up his right hand. “Ok slut. You want more, you get more.”

I was white knuckling the blanket, wringing urine out of it. “Thank you Mistress…”

And Deke slid his hand into my ass, not gently at all, halfway to his elbow. I screamed. And kept screaming as he proceeded to fuck his arm in and out of my massively overstuffed shit chute. I had never been so full in my life. But somewhere along the way the pain transformed into something amazing, and as the rape continued, I came again, hard.

Everything went black.

I came to a few minutes later, laying on my back on the wet blanket. Mistress was on her hands and knees beside me, Deke fucking her doggy style. She saw me looking up at them. “Oh, good. You’re awake slave. Get your clothes stripped off. I’ll have a load of cum for you to clean out of my pussy shortly.”

I nodded. I didn’t have the energy to speak. I somehow managed to stagger to my feet. Leaning against the wall, I slowly peeled off the sticky, sweaty, cum and piss soaked clothes. I left the nipple clamps on, since she’d only said clothes.

“Uhhh… Start the shower… sancaktepe escort uhn… warming up but… oooooodaaaaammmmnnn… no cleaning up… ohohohoh… yet…”

I did, then watched as Deke fucked her through three more orgasms before unloading in her cunt. Without being told, I immediately set about cleaning them both with my mouth and tongue.

Deke needed to pee again, so I got another healthy load of piss. Since I needed to go myself, they had me lie on the floor and piss on myself. I was actually ably to get the stream aimed into my mouth and was able to drink down a fair amount of it. Again, everything was videoed.

After that, we took a long, leisurely shower, taking time to clean each other off. We laughed and talked about what we’d done. It was, up to that point, the most amazing sexual experience of my life. As we dried off and threw clothes in the washer, I wondered what was next. We were done for the night, Mistress was wanting to let my ass rest up after the abuse they had heaped on it, and I couldn’t argue.

Deke had to head home, but we made arrangements to get together again in a few days. He left happy, with Mistress promising to make a copy of the video for him. Mistress changed into some comfy clothes, but had me change into another one of my sissy outfits. A red fishnet crotchless body stocking, a very short cutoff denim skirt, a cut off tee-shirt, and another pair of black heels. She had me lose the panties. We were sitting on the couch watching the video when there was a knock at the door. I started to hide, thinking she would get the door. “Hold it, fag-boi.” I froze. “Are you my slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Mine to command?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then you will answer the door. You will pay the pizza boy with the money I left on the table. And for a tip you will give him a blowjob.”

I was stunned. We had always been very careful to keep our private life concealed. Part of me wanted to be out in the open, but I was terrified of the consequences. But today had been replete with firsts. Just go with it, I thought, and strode over to the door.

I found out later that she had set the whole thing up with the delivery boy, not that I had a clue right then. I swung the door open and stood there in all my sissy glory. “How much?”

He was giving me an appraising look. “$15.50, ma’am.” The ‘ma’am’ was said with a smirk. He was young, black, and good looking.

I handed him the twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change. Also, my Mistress has ordered me to give you another tip.”

“And what might that be?” Going off his smirk, I started to realize he was in on it.

“A blowjob.”

“I could stand to clean the pipes. On your knees, bitch.” He dropped his baggy shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Hanging between his legs was a ten inch cock, long but slender, maybe a little over an inch thick. That thing was going all the way down my gullet.

So I did. I dropped to my knees and took that long black snake down my throat, right there in the door, letting that 18 year old black pizza delivery boy skull fuck his first white sissy.

And as he came all over my face, my Mistress sat there eating her pizza with one hand while filming with the other.

Later that night as I dozed off, cum drying in my hair, I reflected on the amazing day I’d had. I truly had started a new chapter.

I was a sissy cock-slut. I was a piss and cum-dumpster. I was a slave. I had fucked two complete strangers. My ass was sore, but in a way I craved.

I was happy.

I had no clue about what was to cum…

To be continued…

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