Sleepover 3 — Detention

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Here We Are Again. This Is 2 Months After Me And Spencer’s Last Episode.

It’s Not Summer Anymore Unfortunatly And Me And Spence Are Back In School. Although, Even Because We’re In School Dosen’t Mean We Can’t Have Some Fun. Well, It’s Friday Today And The Bell Just Rang To Go To Second Period.

Me: Spencer!

Spencer: Hey Dude. I Haven’t Seen You All This Week. Why Haven’t You Talked To Me?

Me: Spencer, Take It Easy School Just Started. I’ve Been Trying To Get To Know My Teachers And Stuff.

Spencer: Oh. Do You Have Miss Betz?

Me: Yeah 5th Period.

Spencer: I Always Forget Where Her Room Is Can You Tell Me?

Me: 4th Door On The Right In The Left Hall.

Spencer: Thanks.

He Leaned In Like He Was Going To Whisper Something In My Ear, But His Head Went Lower And He Gave Me A Kiss On The Lips.

Me: What If Someone Sees?

Spencer: Follow Me.

He Lead Me Into The Bathroom And Into A Stall. We Began Making Out. I Felt Him Trying To Push His Tounge Through My Lips And I Opened Up My Mouth. His Tounge Slipped In With A Huge Force. It Felt Like He Was Trying To Shoot It Down My Throat.

I Let Out A Moan.

Man: What The Hell?

The Man That Said That Opened Up The Stall Door. It Was The Principal Who Just Happened To Be Using The Urinal Outside.

Mr.Hayden: What The Fuck!!? Come With Me! NOW!

We Followed Him Outside The Bathroom, Where He Lead Us To His Office.

When He Opened The Door To His Office He Pointed To The Chairs And Told Us To Sit Down. We Took Our Seats And He Took His Behind His Desk.

Mr.Hayden: Now I Want To Know Why The Hell You’re Doing This.

Spencer: Well You See Sir, We—

Mr.Hayden: Shut Up. I Don’t Want To Hear It. One Of The Rules Here Is Absulutly No P.D.A. If You Don’t Know What That Means, No Public Display Of Affection. And You Two We’re Showing GAY PUBLIC AFFECTION!!!!!

Me: So You’re Against Gays?

Mr.Hayden: Of Course Not. But Showing Gay Affection In My School Is As Bad For Out Reputation As A School Shooting. I’m Not Against Gays But Other People Are. Like The Schoolboard.

Spencer: What Do You Suggest We Do?

Mr.Hayden: Promise Me That You Will NOT Show Gay Affection In Public And You’ll Spend 4 Hours Here On Saturday With The Detention Teacher.

Spencer: Are You Kidding Me??? Four Hours On A Saturday!?!

Mr.Hayden: You Are Expected Here At 10:00 A.m.

Spencer: Fine.

We Left His Office And Finished The School Day.


I Woke Up At 8:00 The Next Morning. I Explained To My Mom That I Got Into A Fight At School And Had To Serve Detention. I Told Her It Was Self Defence And That They Got Me In Trouble Also. She Understood And Said She Would Drop Me Off. If She Dropped Me Off She Would Find Out What I Was Really Going To Detention For So I Told Her I Would Drive.

I Finally Got There At 9:30 Because i Had To Pick Up Spencer. Since He Didn’t Have A Car And His Mom Would Figure Out Why He Was Really Going, I Had To.

A Man Walked In. He Was About 6 Foot Şirinevler Escort Tall, He Had Blue Eyes, Short Dark Brown Hair, He Was Skinny, He Was Wearing A Blue Shirt With Nothing On It And White Slacks.

Man: Hello. I’m Mr.Micheals And I See You’re Here For Detention.

Spencer: Yeah.

Mr.Micheals: What Are You Here For?

Me And Spencer Looked At Each Other To Decide If We Should Tell Him The Truth. We Decided That Nothing Could Be Worse So We Told Him.

Spencer: P.D.A.

Mr.Micheals: T–To Each Other?

Spencer: Yeah.

By Looking At His Face I Couldn’t Tell What Mr.Micheals Thought.

Mr.Micheals: Ok. Just Read A Book Or Something. I’m Not That Strict So You Guys Can Talk As Long As You Keep It Down. I’ll Be In My Office.

Mr.Micheals Went In His Office And His Heart Was Racing. “Had These Kids Ever Had Sex?” Mr.Micheals Was In Fact Bisexual And The Idea Of Fucking 2, Gay, 14 Year Old, Sexy Kids Gave Him A Huge 7 Inch Hard On In His Pants.

Me: Spencer?

Spencer: Yeah?

Me: Could You Tell What He Thought When We Told Him?

Spencer: Huh-Uh.

Me: How Old Do You Think He Is?

Spencer: 18? 20? You Know, You Don’t Have To Go To College To Be A Detention Teacher.

Me: He Looked Young To Me Too.

Spencer: We Can Talk But This Sucks, We Could Be Out Doing Something Fun.

Me: I Could Think Of Something. He’s In His Office…

Spencer: We Couldn’t Do That! He Could Come Out!

Me: I Know Spence, I Don’t Mean I’m Gonna Throw You On The Table And Fuck You, I Mean We Could Kiss And Rub Each Other Under The Table.

Spencer: I Guess But No Tounge Because If He Comes Out–

Me: I Know, He’ll See.

Spencer: Right.

Spencer Moved Over To The Chair Next To Me And Placed His Hand On My Now Rock Hard Cock. Even Though It Was Through My Pants It Still Felt Great. I Put My Hand On His Cock And Rubbed It For A Bit And Then I Unzipped His Pants.

Spencer: What Are You Doing??? If You Take My Cock Out And He Walks Out…

Me: The Front Of The Table Has That Metal That Hangs Down. It’ll Be Like A Cencor If He Comes Out.

I Pulled Down His Jeans A Little Bit And Pulled Down His Underwear Enough To Have His Cock Sticking Out. He Had His 6 Inch Cock Hard. I Took It Out And Wrapped My Hand Around His Meat, And Slowly Jacked Him Off. He Leaned Back In His Chair And Opened His Legs Wider.

Mr.Micheals Looked Out The Window In His Office To Make Sure That The Kids Weren’t Watching Him, For He Was Going To Look At Porn. He Saw Spencer Leaned Back In His Chair And Mitchell Sitting Straight Up With His Arm Angled Over Twoards Spencer’s Cock. Mr.Micheals Thought That Mitchell Was Just Rubbing His Cock Through His Pants. Mr.Mitchells Figured He’d See How Far They’d Go Before He Walked Out.

Spencer: Suck It.

Me: You Want A Blowjob? What Happend To The Cautious–

Spencer Pushed My Head Down Onto His Cock While I Was Talking. I Figured “What The Hell?” And Started Giving Him A Blow.

Mr.Micheals Looked Out The Window Because He Heard Escort Bayan Spencer Moan. He Saw Spencer Leaned Back In His Chair And Mitchell’s Head Bobbing Under And Above The Table.

Mr.Micheals: (To Self) Oh, My God. He’s Sucking His Cock!!!

Mr.Micheals Went Out Of His Office And Over To The Boys. Spencer Noticed Him But I Did Not.

Mr.Micheals: So………………………………….. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

I Came Up From The Cock I Was Sucking Which Was Now Sticking Up From Under The Table.

Me: Uhhhhh………

Mr.Micheals: I Said That You Could Talk! I Didn’t Say That You Could Go Throat Deep On His Cock!!!

Spencer: Look, We’re Gay, We’re In Love, We Have Sex Often, What The Fuck Is Wrong? Are You Against Gays Too?

Mr.Micheals: No, In Fact I’m Bisexual Myself.

I Figured That He Wouldn’t Tell Anybody If We Got Him Involved So I Walked Over To Him And Got On My Knees.

Me: So You Mean That If I Did This….

I Unzipped His Pants.

Me: That A Hard Cock Would Spring Out?

I Pulled Down His Pants All The Way Along With His Underwear And Sure Enough One Did.

Mr.Micheals: Yeah, But This Is Wrong….. Don’t —

I Stuck The Head Of His Cock Through My Lips.

Mr.Michaels: No! Wait! I’ll Get Fired…..

He Stoped Talking After I Deep Throated His Cock And Started Using My Great Blowjob Skills On Him. I Started Bobbing My Head And Rubbing His Balls At The Same Time. He Let Out A Moan. I Took My Head Completely Off His Cock And Started Teasing Him By Violently Licking The Head. His Hand Came Down On My Head Push Is Cock All The Way In My Mouth. Having No Gag Reflex I Just Swallowed. My Throat Mucels Massaged His Cock And He Left Me In This Position. I Kept Swallowing And Sucking His Cock And About 5 Minutes In His Hand Came Down On My Head And Held It There As Huge Streams Of Cum Shot Down My Throat. I Tried To Swallow It All But Some Leaked Out Of My Mouth And Onto My Hairless Chest. Spencer Came Over And Bent Down Under My Head, Where Mr.Micheals’ Cock Still Was, And Licked Up The Cum That Leaked Out.

Mr.Micheals: Oh My God… That Felt Great…. Well, I Guess I’m Involved Now, So Can I Give You A Blow?

Me: Yeah, But Everyone Take Off Thier Clothes.

Everyone Did As Told. Mr.Micheals Kept His Body Completely Hairless Besides His Head. He Hand No Pubic Hair,. No Chest Hair, And No Ass Hair. He Was So Sexy.

I Laid Down On The Table With My Legs Hanging Off. Mr.Micheals And Spencer Came Over. Mr.Micheals Grabbed My Cock And Started Sucking It And Spencer Was Licking And Sucking My Balls. I Let Out A Moan. As Spencer Was Sucking My Balls He Started Fingering My Ass. It Felt SO Good. Mr.Micheals Got On One Side Of My Diomand Hard Cock And Pushed Spencer’s Head On The Other Side And Started Making Out With Spencer With My Cock In The Middle. Spencer Was Stilling Fingering My Ass. Mr.Micheals Went Down To My Balls And Put A Finger In My Ass. Spencer Started Sucking Like Mr.Micheals Was. They Switched Positions! I Had Spencer On My Cock, Mr.Micheals On My Balls, And 2 Fingers istanbul Escort In My Ass Going Up And Down. This Was Too Much.

Me: I’m Gonna Cum!

Mr.Micheals’ Head Came Up And I Blew My Load In Spencer’s Mouth. Stream After Stream Flooded His Mouth. He Didn’t Swallow And He Could Barely Hold It All. He Shared My Cum With Mr.Micheals.

Me: Man, Mr.Micheals You Have Serious Skills!

Mr.Micheals: Let’s Just Say I’ve Had Practice.

Me: Fine With Me.

Mr.Micheals: Ok, Let’s Just Put This Behind Us. It Was Great And All But It’s Already 1:00.

Me: Oh, Leave Our Asses Hanging?

Mr.Micheals: What Do You Mean?

Spencer Bent Over The Table With His Ass In The Air.

Mr.Micheals: Y–You Want Me To Fuck You?

Spencer Shaked His Ass.

Me: Have You Ever Fucked A Guy Or Got Fucked By One?

Mr.Micheals: Once. I Fucked A Guy.

Me: Then Go Ahead With Spencer, Then I’ll Fuck You, And You Can Go. Deal?

Mr.Micheals: I Guess.

Mr.Micheals Was Already Hard. He Went Over To Spencer Who Was Bent Over. Mr.Micheals Spit On His Hand And Rubbed In On His Cock. Then He Put Some On The Crack Of Spencer’s Ass. He Lined Up His Cock With Spencer’s Crack And Pushed In Gently. Inch By Inch He Put His Cock In Spencer’s Tight Ass. I Started To Jack Off. I Stroked My Cock In Sequence With Spencer Getting His Ass Full Of Hard Cock. Mr.Micheals Was All The Way In Now. He Pulled Out His Cock Until Only The Head Was In Spencer’s Ass. He Pushed It Back In A Little Faster Now. He Got Faster And Faster Until He Was Going All The Way Out And All The Way In Really Fast. I Stroked My Cock Faster. Mr.Micheals Moaned And So Did Spencer.

Mr.Micheals: I’m Gonna Cum!

Spencer: Cum Up My Ass!

Mr.Micheals Shoved His Cock Balls Deep In Spencer’s Ass And Held It There. By The Spasms, I Could Tell He Was Cumming. Mr.Micheals Pulled Out His Cum-Covered Cock And Put It In Spencer’s Mouth. Spencer Greedily Swallowed Every Bit Of Cum That Was On Mr.Micheals’ Cock.

Without Warning I Came Up Beind Mr.Micheals And Pushed His Body Onto The Table.

Mr.Micheals: Take It Easy, Will Ya? I’ve Never Been Fucked.

I Spit On My Hand And Rubbed It On My Cock As Mr.Micheals Did. Also, As Mr.Micheals Did I Rubbed Some On His Crack. I Put My Cock On His As And Gave Him 4 Inches Of It. He Winced In Pain, But I Ignored It. I Was So Horny. I Gave Him The Rest Of My Cock AAnd Started Fucking Him Fast.

Mr.Micheals: Jesus Christ! I Said Easy!

I Ignored Him Again And Just Kept Going. I Felt His Ass Pucker After A Few Minutes Of Him Getting Fucked. I Reached Around Him And Grabbed His Rock Hard Cock. I Started Jacking Him Off. He Moaned. I Started Going Faster And Faster And Finnally Felt A Pressure Building Up In My Balls. I Felt Myself About To Cum So I Pulled Out Of His Ass And Put It In Front Of His Face. I Cummed All Over His Face, On His Nose, Cheeks, And Lips.

Mr.Micheals Got Up And Put On His Clothes.

Mr.Micheals: I Won’t Tell Anyone If You Don’t. You’re Free To Go.

I Looked At The Clock And It Said 2:00. Me And Spencer Put On Our Clothes And Walked Out Of The Building Holding Hands.

I Felt Kinda Disapointed That I Didn’t Get MY Ass Fucked But It Was Ok. It Was The Greatest Detention I’ve Ever Been To.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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