Smothered and Face Sat

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Her giggles were like melancholy through my muffled ears. The must deep in my nose was suffocating, stifling even. I loved it. Not being able to be breath and being encompassed completely by her. Smothered and buried deep between the folds of her Godly curves and skin. I want to be buried alive if this is what it means to die happy. Her scent was heavenly and her pleasure made me squirm beneath her.

“You’re a good little ass addict, aren’t you?” Her menacing voice teased.

The high, euphoria, daze I was in did not allow me to respond not that she could hear me even if I tried.

Her thighs squeezed and any intake of breath I had left was squeeze out.

“I asked you a question, slave!” She shrilled in between giggles as she wiggled and squished me more. I’m sure my face was going through a chameleon of colors, but the aromas filling my nostrils intoxicated me further.

Her ass was intoxicating. I’d gladly go braindead from lack of oxygen.

Dutchess lifted herself slightly, allowing me to pant and breathe for air. The perfect curves of her ass flexed and hung above me, slight moisture apparent in her perfect silk thong panties. Her ass was phenomenal, caramel curves suiting her perfect figure and entrancing me into eternal submission. çekmeköy escort My weakest, most vulnerable state. The feminine power of women so easily reduces me to the pathetic male that I am, weak for strong and superior women. Beautiful, dominant women are meant to smother and suffocate men.

Dutchess sat on my face again, without warning. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets and I swear I can feel her smile through her ass. I so badly want to reach my arms out from my sides and touch, grab her perfect ass, pull it closer to my nostrils and inhale deeply. Smell the perfect whiffs of stink and sweet. I’d lick up and taste any odor Dutchess would allow me to, her perfect caramel ass must taste like chocolate.

“I hope you can breathe down there, I don’t want you braindead!” Dutchess teased.

She kept wiggling against my mouth and nose. I could literally feel my pathetic slave nose sinking into her asshole and pussy. My god. I was going to go braindead from all these aromas and lack of brain function. Her smell drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck her ass and pussy with my nose. I wanted to beg her, deeper please. More.

Dutchess began to grind up and down my face. Humping me, like the seat I was.

“You are a seat cevizli escort meant to be smothered and suffocated. Sitting on your face like a seat warmer and leaving slime trails on you, marking you with my odor. Bury your face in my ass and inhale deep.” She instructed.

I happily obliged, desperately pinning my arms to my sides in an attempt to restrain my raw desire and want to indulge in her heavenly scent nostril first. Diving deeper into my senses and filling me with sensory overload. Oh please, yes. I eagerly nodded my head and got a smack to the cock.

“No moving. Just sniffing. The sweet torture of my scent.” Dutchess demanded, a chorus of new giggles in between as she spreads her legs further and arched her back, literally opening up her holes and allowing me to sink deeper, further. Thank the Gods.

Her asshole smelled perfect. I wanted to lap and run my tongue and nose up and down oh so badly. To soak up and wringe out any odors and liquids from her dirty panties and be a good ass addict. Smothered by her curves and heavenly scent is the way to go. Feeling the folds of her thighs and ass wrap around me and take me into the dark. Encompassed by Goddess stink. The sweet perfume and aroma of her sex.

“Beg for my bare, erenköy escort sweaty ass on your face and my panties up your nose or in your mouth.”

She barked at me as she stood up, towering over my and nudging me with her foot.

I immediately began to beg,

“Please Dutchess. Let me be your ass addicted Dummy. Please let me sniff your stink and perfume. Let me bathe in it as you suffocate and smother me, I beg of you.”

The words left my mouth with a bit of drool and pleading eyes. She straddled me again, this time giving me a back view, not looking down at me. Almost as if she was on all fours leaning forward and easily sat back to smother me. God that would be hot, forgetting I was there and just sitting and smothering me like a seat.

I am her seat. I continue to be her seat and sniff. Inhale.

Smothered by sexy, ebony Goddess ass and suffocated for her pleasure. Goddess continues to tease me, a constant cycle of sitting on me, bringing me to the point of no breath and lifting herself, laughing and degrading before smothering me all over ago.

Her perfect ass was meant to be worship and my face was meant to be sat on by it. Teased and denied by Dutchess’ soft caramel ass. Constantly craving it to envelop and drag me deeper into her scents and intoxicate me further. High off her stink. Dumb and obedient, always ending with her perfect rump in my face, juices and odors left in my nostrils and coated over my nose.

The lifer of an ass addicted, panty sniffing, asshole lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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