Solstice Ch. 05

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Solstice – Chapter 05

Aphrodite walked into the kitchen the next morning finding her mother kneeling in front of Alex giving him a blowjob. She smiled as she stood there watching.

“Good morning, Mom,” Alex said.

“Fixing Grandma some breakfast?” she asked.

“This is her second serving,” he grinned.

“I’m not surprised. She’ll probably want some from Daddy and your dad too.”

Phoebe pulled off for a second. “Jealous?” she asked her daughter.

“Nope, I’m sucking him as soon as you finish.”

Aphrodite got a cup of coffee and sat at the table. When her father walked in, she got him a cup of coffee then he joined her at the table. Alex erupted into his grandmother’s mouth a moment later. She came when he did, then after recovering, picked up her coffee and joined them at the table.

“Alex, let me know when you’re ready. I’d like some of that too,” his mother said.

“Mom, it doesn’t even need a recovery period. I just need a little stimulation.”

His mother motioned him over with her finger and had him sit on the table in front of her. As she continued to sip her coffee, she kneaded his cock and balls. Alex was hard again in no time. She leaned forward and teased the head of his cock with her tongue.

“I love watching you do that, Mom.”

“Di, mind if I eat your pussy while you do that?” her father asked.

“Not at all,” she replied.

Her father crawled under the table and got between her legs. He raised her skirt revealing her bare pussy and dove right in. It had been a long time since her father had eaten her. She smiled, remembering the first time, on her eighteenth birthday when she had become E’mamas. He took her virginity that evening too, and then Xander had taken her later at the promise’s celebration. It seemed like a long time ago.

As she continued sucking her son, she could tell he was getting close. So was she. When Alex came, his semen triggered her orgasm. Aphrodite pulled her father’s face into her pussy as she came. When she and her son recovered, her father got up and walked to his wife. She took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him, as she had every morning for over forty years. He didn’t last long before rewarding her. Everyone sat back in their seats and finished their coffee.

“Mom, what can I expect with the council meeting?” Alex asked.

“It’s an official meeting, so you and I won’t be wearing pants. I’ll hand out copies of the prophecy then go over it. The women are all going to want to test your cum.”

“How many will there be?”

“Probably ten or twelve. Some of them will share, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t give you a real workout. We’ll discuss things, then make a decision if they agree.”

“I’d better…,” Alex began, but was interrupted by his grandfather’s moans as he filled his wife’s mouth. “…eat some breakfast and drink plenty of fluids.”

“Definitely, what would you like?”

“Biscuits and gravy?” he asked.

“I’ll get that,” his grandmother replied. She walked to the kitchen and started on it.


It was about an hour later that council members started to arrive. The women all greeted Xander and Alex by kissing the head of their cocks then kissing his mother’s mons, followed by his sisters. The men bowed to Xander and Alex then kissed the mons of his mother and sisters. His grandfather had plenty of chairs set up, with seats for Alex and his family facing everyone. Alex brought another chair over and sat Alexandra next to his sisters. After the greetings were done, Aphrodite began the meeting.

Aphrodite passed out copies of the Nea Archi prophecy then went through it matching up her findings. Most heads were nodding in agreement after the first few matches. When she showed the DNA reports, everyone seemed to be in agreement.

“We’ll open the floor to discussion,” Aphrodite said.

Leonidas spoke, “I think there should be DNA tests done on Helena, Adonis, and Phoebe, for completeness. That would give us evidence that the change did occur with Aphrodite.” Everyone agreed.

“The prophecy calls for a Mamas to give birth to a son, then Papas’ sisters will each have one daughter. The problem is, it mentions a third daughter but doesn’t mention who that is,” Hera, Xander’s sister, said.

Demi spoke, “That IS in the prophecy, but it’s in a different part. If you’ll look in the section regarding consorts, it’s very clear that the consort is Mnemosyne, Goddess of memory, and the mother of the muses. That would indicate Alexandra will bear the third daughter.”

“I’ll get the prophecy book. We need to verify that,” Phoebe said. She went to the safe and returned a few minutes later with the book.

“Give me the book; I’ll show you where it is,” Demi said.

Her grandmother handed her the book and she turned right to the page in question, then handed it back. Phoebe and Aphrodite read the section she pointed out.

“That is what it says,” Aphrodite said, then showed the paragraph to the others.

“Alexandra gaziantep escort should also have DNA tests,” Rhea said. Everyone agreed.

“Anything else?” Aphrodite asked.

“I’d like a demonstration of E’papas cum and his regenerative abilities,” an older woman said.

“Would you like to collect it yourself?” Aphrodite asked.

“I’m too old for that. Have a younger one collect it and we can share it to test.”

Helena walked to her nephew and knelt in front of him. “May I collect your treasure, E’papas?”

“I would be honored,” Alex replied.

Helena grinned up at him. “This won’t take long at all,” she said.

Aphrodite went to the kitchen and returned with a small cup. Everyone watched as Helena sucked Alex. She was an expert and it only took a few minutes before he erupted into the cup his mother held in front of him. Helena took the cup and walked through the group. Women took samples on their fingers and at Aphrodite’s signal they touched the cum to their tongues. The first one came about fifteen seconds later and by thirty seconds, all the women who had tasted a sample were in the throes of an orgasm.

“That seems to verify the orgasmic effect, but what about the regeneration?” Cletus asked.

“Would someone like to check?” Aphrodite asked.

Alexandra walked to Alex and knelt. “May I, E’papas?”

“I’d be honored,” Alex replied.

Alexandra, although not as experienced or as talented as Helena, began working on him with her mouth. He was hard almost instantly and came again in just minutes. She collected the sample in her mouth, orgasmed, and shared it with his sisters and two other women in the group, then walked to her father and shared the last with him. Each of the women came.

Ariana knelt and did the same procedure, causing a quick erection and another full ejaculation, then shared it with the last of the women in the group. They all came. Demi repeated it again in just a few minutes, with the same results.

“Anyone else?” Aphrodite asked.

The older woman who had brought up the idea walked to him then knelt in front of Alex. “May I have your treasure, E’papas?”

“I would be honored,” Alex replied.

The woman was good at this and Alex came very quickly this time. She came almost the moment he erupted, then swallowed, cumming a second time. After recovery, she turned to the group. “I’m convinced.”

“The prophecy says that he’ll also have the ability to control when he produces sperm and when he can ejaculate without it. Should we test that?” Atticus asked.

“Other than getting a test at the doctor’s office, I’m not sure how we could do that,” Aphrodite said.

“It also explains that in the prophecy book, on the page following the one we just read. There’s a word that when he says it, will cause the release of the sperm,” Demi told them all.

Phoebe turned the page and found the information, then shared it with the group. Just before ejaculation he would say, ‘dimiourgo,’ which translated from Greek, meant create.

“I have access to a microscope. We can test it ourselves,” the older woman’s husband said. “We’ll need at least three, preferably four or five specimens to be accurate.”

“E’papas, are you willing to do that?” Xander asked.

“I’m willing to do whatever is necessary,” Alex replied.

“The collection of the specimens should be supervised and monitored. I have everything we’ll need in my car. Since he’s already cum five times today, we should probably do it another day,” the man said.

“I’ve cum eight times today. We can do the tests right now if you want,” Alex said, grinning. “Any volunteers to help collect it?” Nearly every woman in the group raised her hand. Cletus started to, then put his hand back in his lap.

The man went to his car and brought in the microscope and several containers, then labeled them one through five. He then took six pieces of paper. On three he put an S and the other three were left blank. He folded them and put them into a bowl.

“Who’s the first collector?” he asked. Phoebe walked to him. He held the bowl above her head. “Take one paper, please.” She took a paper and opened it. It was blank. He looked at Alex. “The first one is without sperm.” Alex nodded. He gave the cup to Phoebe, who went to Alex and began her collection. Each of the five volunteers did the same thing. Specimens two and five were to have sperm. The man and several others stayed to monitor the collection, while the others mingled. As the specimens were brought to him, he put each on the microscope to look for sperm. All five came back exactly as predicted. Only specimens two and five had any sperm. When the testing was done, everyone returned to their seats for the results. There were no longer any doubts, within the group, that the prophecy was real.

“We’re all-in agreement then?” Aphrodite asked. Everyone nodded. “I’ll order the DNA tests and have them sent to the person being tested; that’s Helena, Adonis, Phoebe, eskort gaziantep and Alexandra. They’ll collect the specimen and return it. Once results come back, please get me a copy. At the fall equinox, E’papas will become Papas. He and I will go through the fertilization rite that day. If it follows prophecy, he and I will bear a son at the summer solstice.”

“When will E’mamas’ become Mamas?” Xander asked.

“At the solstice or equinox following their twenty-first birthdays.”

“And what of the consort, Alexandra?” Cletus asked.

“I would assume the same timing for her,” Aphrodite replied.

“Should their fertilizations be rituals?” Leonidas asked.

“Since they’re prophesied, I would say, yes. Since timing wasn’t mentioned in the prophecy, the actual timing would be up to Papas and the Mamas involved. Anything else?” Everyone shook their heads. “I’ll see you all at the equinox.”

Everyone stood and said their goodbyes. As was customary, that included kisses on Alex and Xander’s penis’ and on Aphrodite, Ariana, and Demi’s mons. Alexandra got the same treatment and blushed the entire time. As people started leaving, Aphrodite called Demi to her.

“How in the hell did you remember those things in the prophecy book?”

“Mom, I have no idea. When it came up, I just knew it. I knew where they were in the book and what they said.”

“Well, you are the oracle. I guess that makes sense.”


Alexandra rode with her father on the way home. She was quiet much of the way.

“What’s on your mind?” Cletus asked her.

“Dad, I don’t understand why they want to test my DNA.”

“If you are the one prophesied, I think they expect your DNA will be identical to Ariana, Demi and Aphrodite.”

“But my biological parents were Xander and Helena. Xander’s DNA is normal.”

“Sweetie, if you’re the one, Gaia is your mother. You will become a Mamas, and with Alex’ help, will have a daughter.”

“Alex is supposed to be Uranus. Mnemosyne had children by Zeus, didn’t she?”

“You’ve got me there. I’m a chef, not an historian. Ask Aphrodite, she knows all that stuff. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over any of it.”

“I won’t. It’s all so sudden and confusing.”

“Let me clear some of it up for you. You’re my wonderful daughter. I love you, and always will. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Regardless of where your DNA came from, that will always be the way it is.”

“I love you, Dad.”

He smiled at her. “I love you too.”


The next six weeks were busy for Alex. There were lots of relatives to greet, but between his sisters and Alexandra they kept the visits spread out fairly well. Classes would be beginning right after Labor Day and then the equinox after that.

The DNA results came back, and all, except for Alexandra’s looked like normal DNA with a hard Greek connection. Alexandra’s was identical to Alex’ mother and sisters, which meant that she was to be Mamas number four and the mother of his third daughter.

Xander’s life got very quiet. With the prophecy being fulfilled, the women were wanting to wait for the new Papas to sire their children. Even at that, he wasn’t bored and had plenty of women more than willing to bed him. Sex had become something fun again and not his job. He didn’t envy Alex.

About a week before the fall equinox, his mother went over the schedule with him. The first thing that would happen would be him becoming Papas, the sharing of his cum among the families, followed by a free for all orgy like the first night of the summer solstice. The following day, which was actually the equinox, was the ritual fertilization of his mother, at exactly 2:20 pm. There would be a feast, then after that, mother and father would present Ariana to him as his Mamas. A short time later, Cletus, with the help of Ariana and Demi, would bring Alexandra to him for the promises, and becoming E’mamas. Ariana and Alexandra would be taking the orgasm elixir as his mother and sisters had done at the summer event. That would be followed by having sex with Demi. The other men would be given the elixir of vitality at the feast. Alex wasn’t required to perform at that night’s orgy. On day three he would begin the fertilizations and taking of virginities. Those were mostly done at the May Day celebration but some of the women didn’t want to wait seven more months after turning eighteen to lose their virginities. Alex would be doing most of those, but biological fathers could do them too, if their daughters preferred that.

The family site in Colorado would be where the events would take place, depending on the weather. Colorado tends to be a bit unpredictable in September. Most of the ceremonies were to be outside during the daylight hours and everything else would be indoors. An alternate site was also available at his paternal grandparents’ home, should the weather not cooperate.

The forecast for Colorado was for unseasonably warm weather, gaziantep esmer escort so the day before the festivities were to begin, they loaded into the SUV and drove up. Several families were already there by the time they arrived. The family was greeted much like royalty when they arrived, and the house was full all evening. There were twice as many attendees as there had been at the solstice, and even more faces that Alex didn’t recognize. The family wore their robes that evening. Their genitals were kissed repeatedly but no one made any gestures toward sex.

On Friday morning, the first day of the festival, a big breakfast had been prepared. After breakfast, Aphrodite led the family group to the site. She and Xander led the way with Alexander behind them. His sisters and Alexandra brought up the rear. Alex had been dressed in a short red robe that left his package on full display. Everyone else was covered and wearing white. They were seated as before on the platform but now Alexandra sat next to his sisters.

Once the crowd had gathered around, Aphrodite stood and walked to the front. Xander walked to her and faced the crowd. “We are here tonight to name the new Papas.” Xander removed his silver medallion and handed it to Aphrodite. She put it in the pocket of her robe then kissed Xander on the lips. He removed her robe, then walked off the platform carrying it. The sight of his mother standing naked in front of the crowd got Alex hard immediately.

She turned to Alex. “E’papas, my husband, my son, come forward.” Alex stood and walked to her. “You are now Papas, my son, and my husband.” She undid his robe and dropped it on the floor in front of her, then knelt on it. “Give me your treasure, Papas.” Aphrodite took his cock into her mouth. Fingers began snapping and after a short time they faded out as she sucked him. It only took her a couple of minutes to get her reward. She swallowed it and a few seconds afterward she came hard. The finger snapping began again. It took her a moment to recover, then Alex helped her stand. She kissed him then walked him to the seat that had been vacated by his father. She sat in the seat to his right.

Ariana rose and dropped her robe then walked to her brother and knelt. “Papas,” she said, smiling. Then kissed the tip of his hard cock, licking the pre-cum. She stood and knelt before her mother. “Mamas,” she said, then kissed her pussy. Ariana returned to her seat. Demi was next and did the same thing. Alexandra was third but rather than just a kiss, she began sucking him. A few minutes later, when he came, she spit the contents into the cup Aphrodite was holding, then came from his cum. She kissed Aphrodite on the mons then returned to her seat.

Aphrodite stood and walked to her daughters and Alexandra. Each woman dipped a finger into the cup then touched it to their tongues. All three came a few seconds later. Aphrodite returned to her seat then nodded to the man standing at the foot of the stairs. He, and the two women behind him dropped their robes and came up on the platform. The man knelt in front of Alex then bowed his head.

“Papas, I welcome you, and present my wife and daughter.”

“Thank you. I’m honored to serve them.”

The man stood and stepped to Aphrodite and knelt. He kissed her mons. “Mamas,” he said.

Aphrodite put her finger in the cup and put a trace of cum on the tip of Alex’ cock. The man stood as his wife knelt before Alex. She licked the cum from the tip and came a moment later. “Thank you, Papas,” she said after recovering. The woman moved to Aphrodite and kissed her mons. “Mamas,” she said, then stood. Aphrodite put cum on her sons cock again as the couple’s daughter knelt. She licked the cum, came, then thanked him before moving to Aphrodite.

Each family or couple followed the same procedure. It was about the tenth family when Alex saw the daughter crying as she began untying her robe. She looked very young and he hadn’t met her before. Alex stood and walked to her.

“What’s your name?”

“Selene,” she replied, looking at the floor.

“Selene, I’m Alex. How old are you?”

“I turned eighteen yesterday.”

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“About taking off your robe?” he asked.

“About everything, the robe, the kiss, all of it.”

He put his finger under her chin and raised it to face him. “I’ll tell you what. Leave your robe on. When it’s your turn, we’ll shake hands or hug. How about that?”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really. You okay now?”

She smiled and nodded. Alex went back to his seat. When it was her turn, she knelt, and Alex offered her his hand. She smiled at him and shook it. “Thank you, Papas.”

“I’m honored, Selene.”

When Selene stood and stepped to Aphrodite she stood and turned to her. Aphrodite gave her a warm hug and whispered to her. “I’m going to put something on your finger. Go somewhere away from everyone and put it on your tongue.”

“Thank you, Mamas.”

“You’re welcome, Selene,” she replied, putting the cum on the girl’s finger.

When the family walked away, Alex looked at his mother. “Did I handle that okay?”

“Perfect, Papas. I may have to keep you. We’re running low on this. We’ll need someone to collect more.”

A young woman was in the next group and overheard Aphrodite’s comment.

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