Son Wants The Same

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I have written a few stories. Mostly I have received positive and encouraging response from the readers, but some have expressed their disapproval of my bad command of the English language. Living in a country where we have two domestic languages combined with the need of a third language not being English, the result is that there are some flaws in my English. Therefore I can only apologize for the mistakes I make. Still I like to write in English, isn’t that a way to improve your command of the language?

Sam had loved his sister Ellen for many years. She had matured into a lovely woman, now nineteen with the most beautiful figure Sam could imagine. For the last two years he had been lusting for her. All his efforts to reach her on an emotional and thereafter a more physical level had been rejected. Sam could not understand why. In his own opinion he was a handsome guy with a good humor and nice manners. How was it possible that Ellen didn’t feel the same for him as he felt for her? Slowly it started to have clue. The way Ellen treated her father gave him a hint. Could it be that Ellen had a crash on their father?

The Watson family was a happy one. Both Harry and Mary were architects. They lived in a large mansion looking house by a lake. The parents had had the house build in accordance with their own drawings implementing all their combined skills to fulfill the wishes of the most demanding occupants. The surroundings were perfect, quite a few oak trees, already some 15 meters high, gave the house a splendid setting. In spite of the lake they had a big swimming pool outside, and another indoors in conjunction to a combined sauna and gym area. This area led to large covered space with only one wall missing opening to the garden outside where the other pool was situated between bushes and the oaks. The semi open space was ideal for dinners on warm but rainy days.

The family thrived together. Both Sam and Ellen spent most of their spare time at home instead of seeing their friends after school. Sam was eighteen, one year younger than his sister was. The Watson’s usually had dinner together around 7 PM prepared by Sophia, a treasure when it came to keeping a house going. She lived on the grounds in a separate little house together with her husband Emilio who took care of the grounds. After dinner was cleaned away Sophia disappeared. The family was on its own. The normal rhythm after dinner was a session of two hours reading, all together in the large drawing room or outdoors, all depending on the weather and the temperature.

What had lately disturbed Sam was that from time to time Ellen might go over to her father, sit down in his lap, and start reading. Sam felt jealous.

“Ellen, aren’t you too old to sit in Daddy’s lap?” he would sometimes ask.

“Not as long as I’m not too heavy,” she could answer.

“It’s nice that we have such a good atmosphere in the family,” mother would say.

So she approves Sam would reflect. Daddy said nothing, just smiled with an adoring expression on his face.

After the reading session a sauna session was common. They would all go to the sauna area, undress and go into the sauna. This had gone on for years, and none seemed to find it odd that they all sat there on the bench sweating together without a thread on their bodies. Sam had lately had some problems with his dick. From time to time it had started to grove. Sam knew that the reason was the naked women around him, but actually he didn’t know whether it was Ellen or his gorgeous mother that made him react. Sam’s solution to the predicament was to go for a swim in the pool.

After a while he could return with his prick dangling softly between his legs.

When returning his mother would give him an awkward smile. Had she noticed?

Sam would sit down again and commence sweating. After about half an hour they would all move into the pool together and swim around for a while.

Often, not every time they would enjoy some beers in front of the fireplace where a nice fire was burning. Ellen had a tendency to take a place beside her father and Sam, again feeling a sting of jealousy, would sit close to his mother. There they could sit telling each other about the books or magazines they had been reading. Sam would observe his Dad noticing that he never had a problem with his penis. How could he be so calm?

After the sauna session a nice game of escort bayan şanlıurfa Bridge might follow or then they would move to watch TV together. At this stage they would all be clad in morning gowns. The standard scheme would be that they played one rubber in each combination or they would watch the news and one film, carefully selected.

And then it was time for bed. They all had separate bedrooms. Daddy’s snoring had caused the parents to sleep apart.

One night Sam decided to make another try in getting better contact with Ellen. He waited for an hour after they had all withdrawn to their rooms. He sneaked soundlessly to Ellen’s room and silently opened the door. He could hear awkward sounds. He peaked in. There was a light burning on the night table beside Ellen’s bed. He could see Ellen straddling their father who was lying on his back. She was making the most delicious movements with her back. Each time she moved upwards, Sam could see Daddy’s enormous tool coming out from Ellen’s sucking cunt. Sam was flabbergasted. So this was it, they had it going together. Ellen preferred Daddy instead of him. That was why his approaches had been met with kind rejection.

Slowly without a sound Sam closed the door. He felt dizzy. He returned to his own room. What could he do? His Daddy was fucking his sister. Then why couldn’t he fuck his mother? He had for years fancied her, but always thought that approaching her was totally out of the question. He could not do that to his Dad. And his mother would never allow him to get too close to her. Or would she? His dick was rock hard as he thought about his father and sister fucking behind the wall and at the thought of himself fucking his mother. He started stroking his tool. It became deep purple. If they could do it, why couldn’t he? He started for the door. He opened the door and peaked into the corridor. Just as he was about to step out from his room he saw his mother walking down the steps to the ground floor. He grabbed his morning gown and followed down the steps. There was light in the drawing room. He could see his mother sitting in the sofa, her back to him, with a drink in front of her. He was standing in the doorway hesitating and wondering what to do. He could see his mother taking a sip from her glass. She leaned backwards in the sofa. Sam approached quite silently. When close behind her he could see that his mother had a big dildo, which she slowly pushed into her cunt. He got perplexed and started to withdraw.

“You don’t have to run away, Sam,” Mary said with a hoarse voice.

Sam was electrified. He froze where he stood.

“How did you know I was here?” he asked.

“I saw your reflection in the TV monitor,” she calmly explained. “Come here and sit beside me,” she commanded.

Sam couldn’t move. He felt paralyzed. After a while he managed to take a step forwards, then another. Soon he stood in front of his fabulous mother. Her breasts were very firm, as he knew from before, but now her nipples looked hard and erect.

Mary grabbed hold of the belt of Sam’s gown and loosened it up. The gown front fell apart and Sam’s throbbing dick come out into full view for both of them.

“Don’t talk now Sam, later we will,” his mother said and took hold of his pole. She pulled at it a few times and Sam exploded his cum which landed on his mothers voluptuous breasts.

“That was fast,” his mother exclaimed.

“The situation was too much for me to handle,” Sam explained blushing.

“You will get more to handle,” Mary retorted.

Sam’s rod was still hard as a rock. Gently dragging Sam from his member she led his cock to her mouth. She started to suck and lick on it. Sam felt delirious. How was all this possible? He would never have thought that things might come to this one day. She continued the sucking. Sam felt a new flow of cum coming up along his tool. He shot the load into his mother’s lovely mouth. She gulped it all down. She pushed Sam downwards, still holding his ram in one of her hands. Soon he was on his knees between his mother’s legs. She made them wide apart. She took hold of his head, simultaneously removing the dildo from her cunt, and pushed his head toward her vagina, aiming his lips to her cunt.

“Now you lick and suck your mother in the best way you can,” she commanded.

She didn’t have to ask twice. Sam’s escort gaziantep sarışın bayan longtime most secret dreams were coming through. He still felt quite dizzy. He started licking, soon finding his mother’s clit. Mary was void of pubic hairs. The taste was wonderful. He tried to push his tongue into her cunt but didn’t succeed well enough in his opinion, why he commenced licking and sucking on her clit.

“You are good, darling,” she said, then remained silently endeavoring the moment.

It didn’t take too long before she had a lovely orgasm.

“Now you sit in the sofa,” she ordered getting up from his way and moving in a kneeling position in front of him,

She took his member between her lips and started to suck on it. If it had not been as hard as it could be before, it was that very soon.

Mary climbed up in the sofa, straddling Sam and bringing his dark purple pole into her. She started to rock. Sam could feel how she managed to press together her cunt muscles giving a tight massage to his cock. Her breasts were jumping in front of Sam’s face. There were fantastic. He managed to get one of her nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it.

“That’s nice. You are a good lover, which I have always hoped you would be,” she said continuing the ride on Sam’s throbbing member. Soon he came again, his cum spurting into his mother’s womb. She continued for a few minutes more and then she came. Sam could feel some fluids washing over his tool.

“Time for a shower and bath,” Sam’s mother decided.

She got up, her tremendous breasts swinging as she moved towards the sauna section. Sam sat openmouthed looking after her. The he got up and followed after her. As he reached the washing room Mary was already in the shower.

“We don’t want any cum in the pool. Be thorough when you wash me,” she said.

Sam went into the shower water and started to clean his mother from all his cum.

When he was ready with her breasts, stomach and face, his mother said;

“Don’t forget my cunt, baby.”

Sam took the hand shower and tried his best to rinse her cunt with fingers and running water.

“That’s good enough. Now I’ll check that you are clean, my dear son,” she said.

She took the hand shower from Sam and started to clean him. She took special care with his still quite hard cock. Finally she was happy with the result.

“Ready, love. Now for the pool.”

We jumped in. So far Sam hadn’t verbally expressed one single question of all those towering in his head. How was all this possible? Did Mom know that Daddy was fucking Ellen at the same moment? Had they done it for long? Had Mom known it for long? How would Dad react if he knew that Sam was fucking his Mom? Perhaps he would soon get an answer to at least some of his questions. He noticed that he was starting to have a hard on again. Sam realized that he would love to push his dick into Mom again. She was at the moment getting out of the pool. She went to the gym. Sam followed her. Mom was standing at the wall bars. She was fastening a rope high up on the bars. She turned around and waved Sam to come over to the bars. She put the rope end around his wrists the hands being pulled together. Then she pulled on the other end and Sam’s hands were lifted up. She put a knot so that Sam could not get his hands down. There he stood with an enormous erection gaping with his open mouth.

“What is this?” he asked.

His mother started to fondle with his enormous prick. It again started to get darker and darker. Sam could see that pre cum was flooding out. Mary bent down and licked on the tip, then along the shaft. Then she climbed up the bars with her hands on both sides of Sam. Her beautiful breasts came before his mouth and he took them in, one at a time. His mother lowered herself on his aching rod. She pulled herself up and down making Sam whine with luster. He thought he was about to come again, but Mommy could obviously sense it, because she lifted love box off his dick, climbed down, made some gentle massaging movements and left him. At the door she said:

“Be ready for me when I get back.”

She left the room. The last things he saw of her were her beautiful back and rump. Would she let him screw her in her asshole? That had been a long felt wish when masturbating and lingering in his wet fantasies. escort şehitkamil Where had she gone and why, he thought? His erection did not subside at all. Thinking back on the experiences he had had during the last hour made the throbbing tool get even harder. What did Mom have in store for him next?

After a while Sam could hear someone talking in the next room. What now, he thought? The door opened and Mom came in followed by his father and Ellen. They were both naked as well. Daddy had a tremendous erection.

“Welcome to the team, Sam,” Daddy said with a happy smile on his lips.

“I suppose you wonder what all this is about,” he added. “We will tell you soon.”

He went to one of the mats and lied down, his back downwards. His trembling cock looked enormous as it reached towards the ceiling. Mom stepped over him, bent down in a half standing position so that she could reach Daddy’s tool with her lips. She took it in. At the same time Ellen sat down on her knees on both sides of Dad, pressing her surely very wet pussy to his lips. Daddy started licking the wonderful box. Ellen bent forwards reaching Mom’s backside and started to lick her mother in the cleavage exposed to the beautiful daughter. This went on for a while. Sam was staring at the sight. His eyes were about to pop out from their sockets. The throbbing in his dick increased. He was about to come in spite of the fact that the cock had no physical contact with anything. He came. His cum made a long arch and fell down on the group in front of him. The next to come was his Dad, then Ellen and finally his Mom. They all disentangled and Ellen came over to Sam. She grabbed his still erect tool and made some gentle strokes on it.

“Now, dear horny brother you will get what you have been trying for so long,” she said with a smile. She climbed the bars as her mother had done some ten minutes ago, and sat herself on his oozing pole. Her cunt was narrower than his mother’s was; the sensation was a different one. Her magnificent breasts were grinding into his face. Sam was about to faint. It was all too much. He exploded into his sister. She just smiled happily and continued the riding. Meanwhile Sam saw his parents having a 69-session on the mat. Sam realized that his cock was still as hard as ever before. There was nothing he could do, with his hands bound to the bars, but to let his lovely sister ride his tool as it pleased her. The sensation was by far much better than he had ever been capable of imagining. Finally his parents got up from the mat, both looking extremely satisfied and happy. They sat down in a couch, side by side, looking at their children at it.

“Come here now Ellen, time for an explanation,” Daddy ordered.

Reluctantly Ellen got off her wonderful horse and went to sit down beside her father.

Sam could see that she took hold of her Daddy’s tool and started to fondle with it.

There Sam stood, his dick still very hard standing up with all its pride.

“During our studies we got used to group sex, your mother and me,” Daddy started to explain. “After a while the frequency of opportunities decreased. Suddenly there was the situation that we didn’t have any friends with whom to have that kind of sex, either because we didn’t fancy our friends in that way, or because nobody showed any interest in gang bangs. With all our experience and all our fantasies we missed it, but there was nothing we could do. Our position in the society prevented us from taking up sex with for us unknown people. It is too dangerous to expose yourself to people you can not trust to one hundred percent. At that time we decided that if and when you two, our lovely children would show any interest in extending your love to a more physical form, we would oblige. We waited while you grew up, having good sex by having fantasies about the sex with you as you were adults, if so would happen.”

“And it happened. About one year ago Ellen seduced me. I let it go and we had our first intercourse while you Sam were visiting Granny with your mother. As you came home I told Mary about what had happened. We were both very happy about it. We realized that you weren’t yet of the appropriate age. In the sauna we all saw that you were getting a hard on from time to time, which you had great problems to hide. But you managed. We decided to wait you out. The first step had to be taken by you, exactly as Ellen had done one year ago. Tonight it finally happened. After this, if you wish, sex is totally free between all of us. You may at any time do and suggest anything you wish. You don’t have to say anything tonight. You can give us your answer tomorrow or next week. There is only one answer you have to give us at this very moment. Before I let you loose of your bondage; may I suck you off my son?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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