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We finally found some relief for my chronic hip dysplasia. I’ve been on pain medication, on muscle relaxers and have been through numerous physical therapy sessions. For all this time, I had to move carefully not to hurt or injure myself.

The relief came from a special type of spreader pants we found online. When he showed me the pictures and the articles about it, I was slightly nervous, but it seemed it could actually help me. So he wanted to give it a try, and though I was still a bit scared, he went ahead and ordered a pair for me. They come in awesome designs, so they are fun to look at. I wanted the princess design. It’s the cutest design for something not so fun.

But I was so tired of constant doctor’s or ER visits when my hips act up. I should always be in a slight spreader position with my hips, and then I won’t have such issues anymore.

So at night, I used to have this wedge strapped between my legs to keep them spread. I couldn’t sleep on the side with that wide wedge between my legs. I was not too fond of it, but he said I needed to do this so I won’t mess up my hips at night while sleeping.

Of course, I can’t walk around with a wedge between my legs during the day. It’s so painful, and I wanted relief. We considered a walker or some kind of brace, but nothing is on the market. So, I always moved very carefully and slow not to pull my hip joints out of the socket.

He was sure the spreader pants would be my best option. So, I nervously awaited the package from overseas.

The day it came, I waited for him to get home to open it. He got home, and we sat down together and opened the package. I was nervous about how this was going to work. But he assured Kurtköy Escort me that he would be supportive and help me as best as possible to adjust to this treatment.

Like in the pictures, the design is super cute in pink shades with princesses and kitties. It’s definitely made for a girl. I like girly things, so I loved the design right away.

The spreader pants are so thick and padded with a rigid middle piece about nine inches wide. The middle piece is sewn into the material, so it’s softly padded and hidden within the thickness of the pants. It’s more like a diaper, actually, but of course, I would never want to soil the spreader pants. I usually wear pull-ups or adult diapers underneath the spreader pants if I wear them long-term. I have lots of room to wear a thicker diaper if I have to. I mean, it would be best if I wore them all day. So I could wear the spreader pants under loose sweat pants or joggers. My butt is padded and looks a bit bulky, but it’s okay. He likes it nice and round, and it feels comfortable to be cushioned all around. I am thickly padded and all closed off, which is okay. I just need to stop thinking about pleasing myself or fucking.

I had to get used to the spreading width. I can’t put my legs together anymore; I’m always walking with my legs apart now, so we decided to invest in a walker. It makes it easier to walk in this way. For long outings with more walking, I use a wheelchair, but I am wearing the spreader pants 24/7 now. They keep my legs apart and my hips aligned. I haven’t had any issues with my hips. I am scared not to be in the spreader pants because I think it could be problematic for my hips again.

He only lets Maltepe Escort me take them off if I have to use the bathroom, and as soon as I am done, he helps me put them on again. I lay on the bed like a baby getting a diaper put on. The Velcro straps are very strong and hold the spreader pants very snugly. The middle piece is very rigid, but it’s so padded that it doesn’t bother me. Again, I can’t walk a long distance or go on hikes in my spreader pants, but I didn’t do that before, and I don’t do it now. I have to make sure I don’t hurt myself. He also wants to make sure I don’t injure myself.

So, yes, I am now in my princess spreader pants 24/7. I am kind of aroused with my legs spread all the time, and though I sometimes want just to walk normally again, I know it’s better for my hips to be aligned. I still can’t lie on my side at night, but it’s at least more comfortable than the dumb wedge between my legs. Usually, when we make out, he waits until right before to take the spreader pants off. A little bit, they act as a chastity device, a nice soft chastity belt.

I also can wear them under long, flowing summer dresses, so it’s not obvious I’m wearing them, and my legs are always apart, and my hips are nicely aligned. They haven’t popped out of their sockets anymore. So I think we have found the solution. I am still getting used to the spreader pants, but he is super supportive.

At first, I felt a bit funny wearing them and walking like this, but he assured me that I was still so sexy and cute. He says he’s even happy for me that we have my health issues under control like this. I will always be in my spreader pants. We even ordered two other pairs, so Tuzla Escort I have two other super cute designs to wear. The middle piece is high quality and stays rigid and hard, keeping my legs apart, so it all works out.

When we make out, I get all crazy when I feel his hands on the outside of my padded spreader pants. I long for his hands to slide inside the warmth where my pussy is hidden away. With these thick spreader pants on me, my pussy is always in heat now. The first couple of weeks, I was kind of aroused all the time, but I couldn’t get to my pussy. He said jokingly that he would buy locking pants for over my spreader pants if I couldn’t keep from thinking about putting my hands inside. He’s the one who decides when they come off, and that’s okay. He knows what’s best for me, and I trust him.

I am in my princess ones today. I am wearing them as I am typing this and my hand touches the soft material. I hope he’ll let me take them off tonight and touch me down there. My pussy is so hidden away now that I crave the touch sometimes. But when I am busy during the day doing my housework, I don’t think about it too much.

And so when he lets me take them off and feels it’s safe for my health, it’s even better.

My spreader pants are my saving grace for my health issues and teach me to be patient. I love when he undoes the Velcro straps and takes them off. I have to keep my legs apart; I think my legs are getting used to the position. Since I usually also wear diapers, it’s nice when I get to take them off, especially if I peed. I even get a bit cold at times when everything comes off. He cleans me up with a warm washcloth, and then we get busy. It’s nice to get a breeze to touch my skin, but I’m so used to my spreader pants that I am also glad when I am nicely strapped in again, soft and comfortable, keeping my hips aligned.

Oh, he’s coming in, and I hope he’ll free me for a little while so I can get off tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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