Star Struck Ch. 02

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Lonnie noticed Louis white-knuckling his seat in the first class cabin of the jet. “Obviously, you’ve never flown before,” she observed.

“When I was a lot younger.”

“There’s nothing to it. Just sit here and enjoy the ride.”

“Easy for you to say,” Louis countered, anxiety obvious in his voice.

Leaning closer, Lonnie whispered in his ear. “Later, after things quiet down, I’ll introduce you to the mile high club.”

Louis turned sharply to her, momentarily forgetting his fear of flying. Of course, he’d heard of the mile high club, but he didn’t think people really did that, so was she serious or just trying to take his mind off of his misery? He shook his head. It didn’t really matter. “I told you. I’m just here with you to appease my grandmother.”

Lonnie smiled. “Of course, you are. But you and I both know that’s not true.”

“You don’t think so?” Louis questioned in an argumentative tone.

With a knowing smile, Lonnie said, “Louis, in the last two days, you’ve had more sex than in all your life before. On top of that it was really great sex. You see, sex is like a drug; once you’re addicted to it, you can’t get enough. And you’re on your way to becoming addicted. Now you’re going to have even more great sex. That, my friend, is why you’re here.”

Louis merely shrugged, knowing that anything he said, she would counter. Besides, while there might be some truth in what she said, the real reason he was being somewhat obstinate was to hide why he was really here: he just wanted to be close to Lonnie, but he didn’t know why he did, and, he had to admit to himself, he was a little jealous that she had been with his father.

* * *

Since he had never flown anywhere, Louis did not think about how they were going to get from the airport to Lonnie’s home. He simply followed her once they collected their luggage from baggage claim. It wasn’t until she led him to a waiting stretch limousine that he took notice. He froze at the sight of the vehicle.

“Never seen a limo before?” Lonnie asked.

“Of course, I’ve seen one,” Louis retorted.

She nodded her understanding. “Now you get to ride in one.”

“Cool,” he answered, finally allowing some excitement to show.

Lonnie grinned to herself without Louis seeing. Yeah, he was glad he came, she thought. And it was about to get better.

As that notion passed through her mind, two incredibly beautiful young women, eased out of the limousine and greeted them.

Louis nearly tripped over his suitcase as he watched the blonde and the brunette rush over to Lonnie. Both wore short skirts and sheer white shirts, the blonde’s visible bra was blue, the brunette’s white. One took her briefcase, the other her purse. Once the driver had their luggage loaded into the trunk, Lonnie slid into the rear seat. The girls gestured for Louis to follow, and then they climbed in afterward, making certain he got good looks up their skirts. Of course, their panties matched their bras.

“Louis, meet Gwen Davis—” the brunette waved “—and Diane McCloud.” The blonde fluttered her fingers. They’re my assistants, associate producers and basically to do whatever I need done. They’ve just come from wrapping a shoot. How did it go?”

Diane handed her boss an iPad. “It’s all on here. We filmed three come shots. Johnny came, but it was just a dribble, then Joey produced enough to cover Monica’s belly, but it didn’t jet out, so finally, Harry gave us some flying sperm. We can edit it into a decent money shot.”

Holding up the iPad as a gesture, Lonnie said, “Okay, I’ll take a look.”

Gwen and Diane were sitting in the side seat, while Lonnie and Louis sat in the rear seat. Louis couldn’t help watching outside to see the sites of Los Angeles, but his vision was just as drawn to these two gorgeous girls, particularly because the low seats of the limo made it difficult for them to sit too gracefully. What kept his eyes darting back and forth from outside to inside was the fact that they didn’t seem to care about sitting gracefully.

And then, there was Lonnie sitting next to him watching scenes from her latest porn movie on her iPad in such a way that he could easily see.

And if all of that wasn’t overwhelming enough, Diane turned back to face Gwen, and a moment later, Louis thought he saw her lean over and kiss the other girl. Gwen then returned the favor. Before long the two were engaged in some hot kissing. Now his eyes were glued to this action, although he stole a glance at Lonnie, who gave a quick glimpse over the edge of the iPad with a smirk, then returned to what she was watching.

The two young women were now seriously swapping spit. Louis felt his cock get even harder in his pants. He leaned over to Lonnie and whispered, “Are they lesbians?”

Flashing her eyes up to the two and then back to her screen, she answered, “No, they’re just horny from filming all day.”

They were now removing each other’s skirt.

“How come they’re not artvin escort in your movies?”

“They’d rather work behind the scenes.”

“They don’t seem shy.”

Lonnie chuckled, “They’re just blowing off steam. And they won’t mind if you watch.”

While Louis and Lonnie were talking, Diane and Gwen had unbuttoned each other’s shirts. They’re hands were everywhere, feeling each other’s breasts, cupping faces. Diane lowered one of Gwen’s cups to suck nipple. Gwen produced a big smile, holding her friend’s head against her tit. The blonde’s hand even dipped into the brunette’s panties.

Then they were interrupted by a question from their boss.

“Are the last two days’ scenes on here?”

Breathing heavily, Gwen responded, “Yes, the files are named by date.”

“Oh, yes, I see them.”

Diane had been eying and winking at Louis, and she could see the huge bulge in his pants. “Are we allowed to play with Louis?” she asked.

Needless to say, Louis was taken aback.

“I think that’s a question for him, not me.”

“Want to play with us, Louis?”

“Play with you?”

Diane’s face lit up. “He’s so deliciously naive.”

“But he makes up for it in other ways,” Lonnie commented.

“Then lets see how,” Gwen said, her expression filled with just as much anticipation.

The two women reached out and pulled Louis onto the floor of the limousine, sandwiching him between them. Diane smothered his lips with hers in the most amazing kiss he’d ever had. He savored it instantly, but just as he decided he wanted it to last forever, Gwen twisted his face to hers. Her mouth action was no less enticing. They began taking turns, each kiss lasting no more than a few seconds, and after a minute, it was difficult to tell whom he was kissing. After another minute, it didn’t really matter; it was just too much fun.

But Louis was becoming dizzy between the constant shifting of his head and the motion of the car. He wiggled free and up, yet only made it to a kneeling position, as the girls arose to match his stance.

Gwen had lifted her breasts up and out of her bra, and she pressed herself to him, her mouth to his. From behind him, Diane reached around and undid his shirt. Louis offered no resistance as she removed it and kissed his shoulders. The bulge in his pants was too irresistible for Gwen not to fondle it through the material.

Now, it was Diane’s turn again, Louis couldn’t help but paw her breast even though it still resided in its cup. It felt so different from Lonnie’s, so . . . so much younger.

Gwen, meanwhile, was unfastening his pants, and while doing so, she leaned over as Diane did the same, and the two girls kissed again. Watching from this close exhilarated Louis to the point that he finished opening his pants and pushed them down enough to expose his rock hard cock, which he grabbed and stroked. Since he was facing Diane, she also latched on to his rod and pulled on it.

Really getting into it now, Louis noticed that Gwen had shed her shirt so he reached around to play with her tits. She then dropped her hand down to fondle his balls. It was an awkward stretch for him so he eased his hand down to the waistband of her panties, pulling them down several inches and drove his palm between her legs. His fingers easily found her pussy and played with it.

As the girls continued to handle his dick and balls, they kissed his neck and shoulders. Louis had thought he had reached the pinnacle of his life with his couplings with Lonnie. These two girls were sending him to the summit. He’d dreamed and fantasized about threesomes but he never, ever expected to have one. But then, he’d never expected to have sex like he’d had with Lonnie. Sexually, his life just kept getting better. How far could it go on this trip?

Gwen took over stroking him, and as he kissed Diane, he lifted her tits out of her bra. Now Gwen was pulling his pants off completely, and he sensed they were about to move on. In his wildest dreams he never anticipated what came next.

Laying on her back, Gwen maneuvered Louis to straddle her neck. This caused his balls to rest in her mouth where she licked and sucked on his scrotum. It was unbelievable to him. Diane then got own hands and knees facing them mouthing and slurping his cock. Louis thought he was going to pass out. He’d never in his life experienced anything so divine.

Wanting to participate, Louis reached behind him and pulled and twisted Gwen’s nipple while he ran his other hand along Diane’s back. He felt like he should do more for them what with all they were doing to him. But they were clearly more experienced, and he was undoubtedly helpless. So, he let them continue. And he made sure he enjoyed it—not that there was any way he couldn’t.

After a few minutes he was feeling lightheaded so he fell over onto his back. Gwen removed the rest of her clothes and walked on her knees between his legs. She bent over and aydın escort took his cock—still wet with Diane’s saliva—into her mouth. The blonde moved around to straddle his face. She pulled her panties aside to expose her pussy. He got the idea, extended his tongue and started licking. He didn’t know if he was doing it right, but he was having fun doing what he was doing. But Diane’s moaning told him he was satisfying her.

Meanwhile, he could feel Gwen going pretty deep on him when she wasn’t coating his shaft in spit and licking his balls. With her pussy still planted firmly on Louis’ mouth, Diane removed her shirt and bra and bent over to assist her friend with his rod. He couldn’t see, but when they periodically paused, the lip sounds told him they were probably locking lips. He let this go on for a few minutes, but then he had to stop them because he feared coming too soon.

They both lay on their backs, heads toward the front of the vehicle. Louis sat up, and when he saw the totally naked brunette with her legs spread, her pussy glistening with seepage, and the blonde clad only in see-through blue bikini panties sporting a wet spot in the crotch, thoughts of coming too soon vanished and only the notion of having his dick inside both of these pussies was on his mind. As Diane again pulled the elastic leg band aside and spread her vaginal lips, he knew this was his first port of call. His cock straight as an arrow, he walked on his knees to her, and with little aim, drove it right in.

Diane lifted her leg and rested it on Louis’ shoulder as Gwen massaged her friend’s nearest tit, occasionally sucking her nipple.

Diane’s pussy felt divine, much tighter than Lonnie’s, but not necessarily better. He was in such a euphoric state that he didn’t think any pussy could feel bad or better than any other. They were just all different. How could anyone not want to sample as many as possible? And with that in mind, while plowing away at the blonde, he reached out and shoved two fingers into Gwen’s snatch. She instantly groaned, but quickly grabbed his wrist to move his fingers in and out of her.

And as though he couldn’t get enough, he leaned over and planted his lips on the brunette’s. Both girls were moaning and groaning. Even though the ride of the limousine was fairly smooth, there was enough motion to enhance the movements of the threesome.

Louis continued to fuck Diane until she came. The loudness of her screams in the narrow confine of the vehicle nearly shattered everyone’s eardrums, and the driver quickly raised the privacy window behind his seat. Mind over matter, Louis prevented himself from coming with her—though he easily could have let himself—because he still wanted to feel his cock inside of Gwen.

And she was no less eager. When her friend finished, Gwen pushed Louis onto the side bench in a sitting position. With her back to him, she sat on his cock, guiding him into her. She might have even been tighter than Diane, or the angle of her vagina was different. Regardless, it was yet another new and thrilling experience. And what made it even more so was to be in one girl almost immediately after being in the other.

As Gwen bounced up and down, Diane having recovered sat beside them and rubbed her friend’s clit, kissed and licked her nipple, and fed her nipple to Gwen. After a couple of minutes of strenuous jolting, Gwen slowed, becoming tired. When she came to a stop, Diane was there to pull Louis’ cock out and dribble saliva down his shaft before spreading it around by going down on him with her mouth.

There was another fascinating experience: pussy to mouth. And then Diane put it back in Gwen’s hole. Louis had almost forgotten about Lonnie and so he stole a quick glance at her. He saw that she was watching with great interest, and was even discreetly rubbing her own pussy through her clothes.

Reminding himself that the girls had already been horny when they got in the limo, Louis was not really surprised when Gwen came quickly, particularly since she had to endure her friend having relief first. Fortunately, the brunette did not scream as loud as the blonde had, but her orgasm seemed just as intense.

Louis was ready to come also, but he knew he shouldn’t let go inside of Gwen, so he waited until she got off and quickly covered his cock with her mouth. Diane was there to have her turn, and once again, they alternated letting him fuck their mouths.

Finally, he didn’t want to hold out any longer and let his sperm go. Surprisingly, the girls caught the copious amounts of cream bubbling out, and between them, they managed to swallow pretty much all of it.

“Damn, he can shoot a load,” Gwen noted with amazement.

“I told you, he makes up for the naïveté,” Lonnie reminded her.

“And he’s still hard!” Diane saw. “And I’m ready for more,” she said as she got back on the floor, almost prone, but with her butt sticking up. She wiggled her ass. “Come balıkesir escort on, Lou. Let me have it.”

With a big grin and a shrug, Louis got on his knees behind her. Gwen knelt beside her and spread Diane’s ass cheeks allowing him to plow back into her pussy. Louis put his arm around Gwen’s neck, and she dribbled saliva down on his cock as he thrust away. Feeling bold, he pulled his dick all the way out resting it in Diane’s ass crack. Gwen got the idea and sucked the tip, savoring her friend’s sweet pussy juice. Louis then reinserted his cock in Diane and pumped away. A minute or so later, Gwen stopped him so she could suck him some more. Again, he went back to Diane’s hole.

This time, Gwen stopped him sooner, and the game became one thrust in Diane’s pussy, then one slide in Gwen’s mouth, and so on. If this wasn’t living, Louis didn’t know what was. Diane had craned her neck around to see what was going on. He went back to more time in the blonde and infrequent stops for Gwen. He compensated by bending down to kiss the brunette.

Gwen then moved forward to play with Diane’s hanging tits bouncing into one another. The blonde turned her head so the two girls could also kiss. Gwen returned to the rear where she again spread Diane’s ass cheeks and dripped more spit into her crack. But when she used her forefinger to spread the saliva around her friend’s anus, though never entering that hole, was when Diane had her second, more powerful orgasm. She collapsed all the way on the floor.

Gwen lay beside her with spread legs, and Louis knew she wanted him inside her. He was only too happy to oblige. He placed his palm on her abdomen with his thumb in position to rub her clit. Diane recovered and moved over to kiss Gwen, suck her nipples, have a turn fingering her clit, and like Gwen, have some licks of Louis’ cock coated with pussy juice.

Louis watched Diane rub Gwen’s clit so hard, he feared she’d rub it right off. But obviously, these two had played this game before, and the former knew just how much pressure to apply. As an added inducement, Diane held Louis’ cock, and while jerking it, she rubbed the head against Gwen’s clit. That was all the latter needed to come again like a bucking bronco.

When she finished, Diane aimed her head between Gwen’s legs in anticipation of Louis coming again. She opened her mouth, and when he saw that, he was ready. He pulled out of Gwen, and just like in so many movies he had seen, he grabbed hold of his cock and jerked it a few times—that was all that was necessary—until the first few jets hit Diane’s chin, her mouth, upper lip, and of course, Gwen’s abdomen. He didn’t shoot quite as much as the first time, but when he stopped, with her face dripping semen, Diane sucked out whatever remained inside him. She then licked some of it off of her friend’s belly.

When Diane finished by kissing Gwen and allowing the brunette to lick the remaining cum off of her face, Louis thought the scene had caused him to ejaculate more, but when he looked down he was dry.

As the girls raved about Louis’ prowess, Lonnie looked forward to the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. She glanced around the interior of the limousine, then back at the driver, who nodded. She then returned the nod and said, “Everyone get cleaned up. We’re just about home.”

* * *

Louis’ second big surprise since arriving in Los Angeles was exiting the limousine in the driveway of Lonnie’s home—mansion. It was located at the top of a hill with an exciting panoramic view. The ocean could be seen out to the west.

Awestruck, Louis asked, “What part of L.A. is this?”

“This is Chatsworth,” Lonnie explained, “north of Los Angeles. Burbank is in between. Chatsworth is the home of the adult film industry.”

Gwen and Diane had not completely dressed. They made it as far as bras, panties and unbuttoned shirts. But as secluded as the huge house seemed to be, they didn’t have any hesitation to strut inside half-clothed.

That caused Louis’ eyebrows to shoot up in amazement, which Lonnie noticed and brought a smile to her lips.

Once inside, as though he’d just entered Disneyland, he said excitedly, “You’ve filmed movies here!”

“Very observant,” Lonnie remarked as the girls giggled. “Come on, I’ll show you to your room. You can freshen up.”

“Do Gwen and Diane live here also?”

Lonnie shrugged. “They spend a lot of time here—and nights.”

“So, the three of you . . .” Louis bobbed his head from side to side.

“Sometimes.” She studied him for a few seconds. “Does that bother you?”

“I don’t judge,” Louis answered unconvincingly, though it did matter. “I’m learning that your business is not just work, but rather your way of life.”

“You don’t get into this business if you don’t like sex—at least most of us. What we do on screen isn’t always real. So, we do it off-screen.”

“Is it always just fucking? Is there no emotion?”

“Everybody’s different, Louis. For some, it is just about the sex. For others, there’s more to it.”

As she opened the door to a sinfully large bedroom with it’s own huge bathroom, he wanted to ask her which category she fit in, but he was afraid to. He continued to ponder that thought as she left him saying she’d check back with him shortly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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