Starcrossed Ch. 003

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((Thank you all for reading and I am sorry this took so long to get out. Also I promise this will be the last information dump. Be warned this story eventually will contain Non con, abuse, BDSM, violence and excessive gore. All characters are 18 and of legal age. This chapter contains what I would consider mild gore and is only a taste of what is to come.))


Rom watched as Julian wandered throughout the room tracing all the book spines.

His eyes dilated and he felt a heated sensation around his neck, as if the silver ring were melting acid, infesting his flesh. His head felt fuzzy as a memory broke through the ring.

…”Stupid dog” A large hairy man spit in the small teens face. “You’re an animal, not even intelligent enough to learn to read.” A book hit the small boy in his chest and he gathered it up like it was a fragile infant. “And your filthy mother tried so hard to teach you.” he laughed closing the cage door behind him.

“My mother was an angel” The kid yelled seemingly startled by his own bark.

“Watch your mouth you flea bitten mutt. Do you forget who it is who owns you?” The Man’s piggish grey eyes raked over the starved frame…

“Babe?” Julian questioned hearing a whimper come from Rom.

Romulus shook his head clearing away the painful memory. The ring around his neck was causing painful little pings to travel through his neck and down to his core. “Sorry, ghosts again.” He walked over to a book shelf and picked out a small book, almost like a pamphlet. Military and government opinion works were still heavily distributed. “This one is about me.”

Julian looked concerned, the book was all black and had the word “enemy” scratched into the front. He was about to say something to sooth the wolf when Rom smirked.

“I have something else to show you, my babies.” Rom held his hand out for Julian.

Julian wondered what in the hell Romulus would consider babies. Did he have some wolf cubs locked up somewhere? He followed Rom through the large house and down the steps. They walked through a concealed garden which Julian marveled at. The only way to see it would be an aerial view and as far as he knew nothing flew anymore. He was then led to another distant cave and a strange smell coated his nostrils. Rom lit another match and the light danced off the steel bodies of four machines.

“I know they are illegal and all but these four have been destroyed. I restored them and put combustion engines in them so the only waste is water and they run off of hydrogen and oxygen.” Rom ran a large hand over the sexy curves of a purple one, the same color as his eyes. The small silver title on the back read viper.

“What are they?” Julian asked amazed by how much Rom knew about engineering. He must have tinkered with the damn steel robots for hours.

Rom’s smile faltered “Cars, you’ve never seen a car before?” He asked. Julian had seen pictures of the time before. He didn’t remember it but everyone had seen pictures. Especially since Rom had such a huge collection of printed works.

Julian shook his head no “What are they for?” He asked mesmerized by his reflection in the paint.

Rom opened the passenger door and Julian inhaled the scent of leather. “Get in”

Julian sat on the seat not sure what would happen. He watched Rom get in the other side of the metal contraption and put a plastic little robot into the big robot. The thing roared to life and the lights flashed on the monster. Julian grabbed the leather his eyes wide.

“Relax babe.” Rom threw the car into reverse and backed it up into the garden. The car roared internally and raced around the track carved into Rom’s garden. It moved faster and faster hitting top speeds of 175 miles per hour.

Julian looked petrified and he clung to the seat. “Out Rom, I want out!”

Rom’s face fell as he pulled the viper into the garage. “We can travel faster…” He offered watching Julian shake. Julian dashed from the car. When he felt his head stop spinning he turned back to look in Rom’s dark eyes. “We can take it sometimes.” He offered. He didn’t have the heart to tell the wolf the ‘cars’ terrified him. Julian could move that fast on his own two legs. His body was used to it. Moving that fast while not moving was strange.

Rom perked up “Really? You like it?” His heart fluttered. “I can find you one for your own if you’d like one. Or you can have one of mine, though I guess they’re all ours anyway.” Rom ran his hand over the silky contour of the hood “I would give you the world if I could Julian.”

Julian walked over to Rom encasing him in his arms, and leaned down to give him a kiss. It wasn’t a big change in height, just noticeable enough to where Rom had to look up. “I have a feeling we are going to have to fix it first. Besides, they can have the world. I have all I need wrapped up in my arms.” Julian felt the wolf’s warmth press into him in agreement. “Ti amo Rom, sei mia per sempre.” Julian whispered in Italian.

“Avete mio Julian del cuore, voi siete ataşehir escort il mio amore il mio vampiro” Romance languages sound even better coming from your lips.

Julian smiled “I wondered if you would remember your native tongue. Not many do, they speak this new crude language and have forgotten their ancestors.” Julian Ran his cool fingers through the thick hair on Rom’s head. “We should get a blood bank for our home.” Julian commented “Makes it easier to not have to go out and hunt anytime I want food. I know you can eat people food so we could have romantic dinners at home.”

Rom grinned “You called it home.”

Julian swatted him “Yes, it is our home.”

There was an odd fizzling pop as the collar on his neck cracked.

Rom doubled over. He felt sick and his knees made contact with the ground. Flooded with memories. Being with Julian and being happy seemed to erode the ring on the wolfs neck…


“Hey little bitch. You like the new necklace I gave you?” The large man laughed at the 12 year old wolf. He was 17.65 human years and still looked so innocent, he didn’t even know what he was.

Rom lounged against the chain jerking back. The silver ring glowed blue absorbing the memory. “Fuck you!” The small boy spat.

The hairy man laughed “Soon enough my dear boy just four more months now and you will be of legal age.”


A half starved boy that looked to be about sixteen was huddled in the corner. Rom was 22 now and it wouldn’t be long before his wolf years caught up. The large fat hairy man walked in.

The wolf emptied his bladder in fear as his blue eyes looked at the black bar. He had changed into a wolf during his fight. The large man’s nose wrinkled. “You pathetic little bitch. Did I give you permission to piss?”

Rom could have been used for a study in anatomy he was so thin. Every bone was so clearly outlined. He pushed up against the cinder block wall. “No master, I’m sorry I’m sorry” He started crying scrambling away from the fat man. He knew that stick had one of two uses; pain on the inside of him or pain on the outside. “I didn’t know” He cried covered in the blood of another boy and his own. Rom was used to killing, even at that young age.

“Well now you do.” The large man phased into a grey wolf and lifted its fat leg to mark the boy.

He grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him to the ground mounting him.

Cries of terror and shrieks of pain flooded the hall. The guards laughed. So the prisoner knew what he was now.


Rom looked big. There was not an ounce of fat on him. His eyes were a clouded purple as he sat on the floor. The fat wolf came in and this time Rom looked relaxed dazed. “No one will ever love you like I do Romulus.”

He pulled on the chain and the big wolf stood. “Just my bed from now on what do you say to that?”

Rom almost always obeyed, as long as the drug was running through him. The older wolf had been hoping to break him, to slowly wean him off of it. Letting him socialize with other wolves was not helping this. Rom was a natural leader.

He spit in the face of his master a smirk playing on his lips as his eyes started to clear. The master growled and phased.

He crashed into Rom with the intention to rip him apart. Instead Rom fell face first onto the cobble floor. Blood started to pool out from under his lifeless body.

The master phased back, a hairy naked man he suffered no pain like Rom endured when he phased. He pulled him by his hair arching his neck to expose his face. “Now look what you made me do to that pretty face of yours.” He spit on the gushing wound. “No one loves you Romulus and with a face like that no one ever will. Not even your mate, not even your fuck buddy Rodney.”


Rom looked up into worried amber eyes. “I think the ring is breaking.” He smiled and rose shakily to his feet.

“You look terrible, where is our bedroom you need to lay down.” Julian supported the nearly dead weight of Romulus.

“That one” Rom indicated a door at the end of the hall and Julian scooped him up like a baby. He was taller than Rom but Rom was much bigger and so Julian had some issues carrying his bulk, despite the fact that the weight wasn’t a problem.

Rom had loved his scar back then. He remembered that now. It meant that people stopped wanting to have sex with his drugged body. He had many scars on him. They had all made him ugly, and safely unwanted.

“I think that ring is to keep your memories from you.” Julian noted, not just the good memories but all of them. Anything important.” He touched the burn scar on Rom’s thick neck. The door came within reach and Julian was pleased that he had so much strength. He crouched and used one of the arms supporting Rom to open the door. Julian gasped at the interior.

Rom, who was too tired to open his eyes smiled “I bet your face was adorable when you saw our bed.”

Julian felt his meal rising to his cheeks shamefully, ataşehir escort causing him to blush. “Yeah, although I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised with any fantastic thing you do.” He rested Rom down on the bed and removed his heavy boots and baggy black pants. Always shirtless Julian was happy he didn’t have to contend with the extra fabric. He tucked his naked lover into the bed.

The room was massive with marble walls and floors. The bed was black iron and twisted into an almost Celtic looking pattern. Julian pulled back the black silk comforter feeling the under feathers of birds move. “The pillows are filled with down too.” Rom informed him with a smile. “It was easier to come by than cotton fillers.”

Julian nodded even though Rom’s eyes were closed. “God you look so sexy against those silk red sheets.” Julian pealed off his own clothing not expecting a response and pulled Rom into his arms.

Rom winced “I doubt I am sexy”

Julian pulled back stunned. “What makes you say that?” He protested in shock.

Romulus opened his eyes “Well, for one I am too big. Too much muscle is unattractive which I definitely have. Two, I am a carving board. I have scars over every inch of my body. I forget I have them sometimes. Even my damn dick has a scar.”

Julian’s mouth was open “I like that you are all man” He protested running a hand up Rom’s chest. Maybe some beings would find so much firm muscle intimidating or unappealing, but he loved it. He traced a finger down Rom’s split face “I also happen to admire your scars. It shows me how strong you are and strength; both mental and physical is beautiful and damn sexy.”

Rom studied Julian’s face he could tell he had meant what he said. “Well if you think strength is beauty then I am a sex god.”

Julian rolled his eyes “And then you open that beautiful mouth of yours.”

Rom pulled Julian into his body.

“Sleep, sexy, then you can hunt and bring me something back.” Julian pressed his cool lips to Rom’s jaw, which elicited a growl from the large male.

“What will you do while I am gone?” Rom yawned eyes already heavy with sleep.

“I’ll find a good book to read to you. Rom, why do you have all those books?” Julian asked smiling down at the innocent looking wolf.

“I collect things. They seemed like they might be important some day.” Rom cuddled deeper into Julian’s embrace.

The vampire just smiled and ran his hands through the thick black hair on Rom’s head. It felt so soft just sliding through his fingers. How anything was soft on the burly wolf was baffling. He was so powerful and rugged.


Some hours later Romulus stretched and opened his eyes to the world. His bed was void of a particular vampire.

Julian laughed “Morning sleeping beauty.”

Rom looked to the corner to see Julian, a book cradled in his lap.

“What time is it?” He asked eyes glowing since the fire in the house had died some time ago.

“It is light hours. You slept through the dark and I didn’t have the heart to wake you. You looked so sweet and innocent.”

Rom snorted before resting his feet on the floor. “I’ll bring something back.” He grumbled angry he had slept so long.

“Take your time. I am enjoying your collection of fairy tails. By the way I am working on organizing the library.”

Rom shook his head “What am I going to do with you. You’ll have moved everything in my home before I come back.” He laughed running a hand through his thick hair.

“Well I hope you keep me. I would also enjoy if you fed and then fucked me but I’ll leave that up to you.” Julian turned the page bordered in gold.

“I plan to do all of those things.” Rom walked over to Julian and kissed his cool head. He frowned. “You are cold.”

“I’m a vampire” Julian looked up at Rom.

“You are colder than you should be. You should have woken me.”

Julian waved his hand as if to dismiss the wolf “I’m not helpless. Now go get food for both of us.”

Rom figured his time would be better spent hunting. “Fine, there is a small supply of blood in the basement if you get too bad off.”

Julian nodded in understanding clearly too addicted to the words on the page to give more of a reply.

Rom walked out of the room closing the door behind him before making his way down the center staircase and to the main door. He opened the wooden barrier and moved the boulder. The light glared into his eyes as he turned to conceal the door in the hill.

Rom sank to his knees naked. The painful sounds of bone splitting and reforming engulfed the air. His muscles twisted and tore before reattaching. Fur sprung up from his sun soaked hide, feeling like tiny fires rolling over him.

The large black wolf shook as if to rid his fur of dust. The feel of the soft grass beneath his calloused paw pads was a welcome sensation. He turned his head toward the forest and chose a meandering path with a destination in mind. He tried hard to never walk the same way twice so anadolu yakası escort as not to wear a path that monsters could follow. Romulus was heading to his village.

He walked into the town that had grown accustom to seeing him and knew that someone was going to die. Rom smiled this was his town as far as they were concerned he was a wolf spirit sent to protect them. He killed only the evil in the city. For some reason Rom felt he needed to protect them. They stayed hidden from most of the world and to him seemed different.

They were all human, reliant on him to be the law. In a town were resources were limited and most pitched in for the greater good there was no room for criminals. It was harsh, but all knew the law. They may not know everyone by name but this town was strong. When new human survivors came in they talked about the horrors of the outside world.

Some of the new ones brought the stench of evil with them. A human disease that needed to be eradicated as swiftly as possible. Some recognized the wanted man and it was these that Rom took aside and threatened with the rules. In time they simply forgot, or committed an atrocity and earned death. Those who forgot about Romulus and the outside world, lived long and had posterity. Those who committed a terrible crime became dinner.

There was an elderly man living in the first house right on the outskirts of the village. “Hey Slash” The old man called. He had been the one to give Rom this name because of the white slash on his face where his human scar was. He was the first one to trust the wolf and welcome him into the town. Though now all the humans knew him by name and were happy to see him.

“Come on ol boy” The man called. The man had been about 33 when Rom had first come to town. He was now about to turn 90. It was strange how fast time had passed. How little had changed. Things were changing now though, Romulus had Julian.

Jackson placed two knotted fingers to his lips and whistled. Rom’s tongue rolled out of his mouth in a smile. His black tail wagged and he padded up to the old man like a well trained Labrador. “Ya know it really aint fair a spirit of the forest still looks so young.” He laughed, scratching Rom behind the ears.

For a werewolf being pet like a dog was a terrible insult. With this group of people Rom just let it go. He loved them and knew it was their way to show affection. Not to mention they still only thought he had a wolf form. Rom never showed them he was human as well. He didn’t want to scare them.

“I got sumfin for ya”. The old man hobbled into his home and came out with a few slivers of raw bacon. Rom accepted it and ate them without really tasting.

The old man shook his head. “Ya look happier ten usual” The old man questioned arching a feather grey eyebrow.

Rom wagged his tail to affirm his friend’s suspicions.

“Ya find yur self a gurly friend?” He laughed.

Rom did a half snort half sneeze to convey his disgust.

“Boyfriend?” Jackson laughed.

Rom wagged his tail his mouth open.

“Well I’ll be damned. He better be good lookin. You bring em by. Anythin that makes ya that happy I wanna see for I die.”

Rom licked the man’s fingers. A silent promise to bring Julian by sometime. The man smiled showing how he now had so many creases in his kind face.

“Cops got sumfin for ya at the jail house. Since ya been gone longer ten usual.”

Rom body bumped the closest thing he had to consider family. Then padded through the town towards the jail as if he owned the place. A few people called out to him and he looked like a playful over grown German Shepherd as he trotted to his dinner.

“Hey boy” the cop smiled. Rom play bowed and wagged his tail as the cop lunged at him. Rom loved this town he often wondered what had drawn him to it but that wasn’t important.

He had been protecting it from the outside world for centuries and when new people came in or tried to disrupt order Rom was the executioner. “Come on boy, I got 3 big males for you to chase he said walking Rom to the familiar holding cell” Rom sensed the fear in these men and decided to have some fun with them.

He sat next to the cop as the cop talked to the men “It’s your lucky day boys he laughed. Your executioners here” the men gulped and the cop unlocked the door.

Rom walked into the cell wanting to make an example of the first so the chase would have a clear meaning to the remaining two. He padded in like he was still a friendly wolf.

“Alright boy they are all yours” with that Rom pulled his lips back in a snarl. He lounged at the group picking the smallest of the three. He tore his throat out and then began eating the tissue he pulled out.

He grabbed the underside of the mans ribcage and shook back and forth until the body split in the seams spraying his kill all over himself the cell and the other two.

For murderers they sure seemed like cowards when confronted with a brutal death.

Rom growled at the other two and looked back at the cop and whined “Alright boy” the cop said as he hit a button. The back wall of the cell opened. Rom turned his attention to the men who took off. He waited a few moments before following. He would take one for himself and drag the other home for Julian.

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