Stephanie’s Friends

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“I’m mad at you,” my daughter said.

I knew something was wrong. Stephanie had been moping around all day. Now that my wife had left for work, it appeared I was about to find out why. “What’s the problem?” I asked.

“You’ve been cheating on mom,” she said.

I felt like I had been punched. I actually felt the air whoosh from my lungs. “What…How…How do you know that?” I wanted to know.

She waved a piece of paper at me then read it aloud. “My Dearest Lover— Last night was wonderful beyond my wildest dreams. You are the best I’ve ever had—and the biggest. I can’t wait to have your big, yummy cock inside me again. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Call me soon. Love, Lisa.”

“Where…How did…Where did you get that?” I asked, more embarrassed than anything else. That was not the kind of message a guy wants his eighteen year old daughter to find.

“It was on your lap top,” Steff told me.

“What were doing with my lap top?” I demanded, hoping to shift the focus of the conversation.

“I left mine at Jillian’s house and I wanted to find something on-line,” my daughter said, “so I borrowed your’s. When I got on-line I saw you had a new E-mail and I opened it.”

“You shouldn’t have done that,” I told her.

“I know,” Steff said, flopping onto a chair across the couch, “I shouldn’t have but I did. But you shouldn’t be cheating. I mean–what about mom?”

I looked at my daughter , my young, beautiful daughter, as I tried to figure out what to tell her.

Actually, Stephanie was my step-daughter. She was seven years old when I married her mother. Two weeks ago Stephanie had turned eighteen. She was five feet, four inches tall and weighed just over one hundred pounds. She had dark, almost black hair that hung down, loose and straight, to a point below her shoulder blades. Her face was beautiful, large, green eyes, a tiny nose and moist, sensual lips that begged to be kissed. Her smile was like a burst of sunshine on a gloomy day.

Her body was perfect. As her father, I should not have been thinking about her sexually but being a forty-two year old man, and having seen her in a bikini, it was difficult not to.

Her breasts were small, but full and firm, high and straight. She had a small waist and rounded hips. Her stomach was flat, her jutting ass was small and tight and her legs were perfectly shaped. Even her feet were pretty.

As she sat across from me, she was wearing a pink tank top, without a bra, and white shorts. Her small feet were bare.

I decided to tell Stephanie the truth. “Your mother and I haven’t had sex for over a year,” I said, “I don’t know why but…”

“I know why,” Stephanie interrupted me, “Mom got fat and sloppy and she drinks like a fish.”

“Well, that’s part of it,” I admitted, “Somewhere along the line she lost interest in sex and I didn’t.” What I didn’t tell her was now that she was eighteen, her mother was planning to file for divorce and make me move out.

“What about me?” Steff asked.

“What about you?” I asked.

Stephanie stood up, crossed the room and knelt down at my feet. Sitting back on her heels, with her hands in her lap, she looked up at me and said, “if you wanted someone to fuck, you could have fucked me.”

I was completely blown away. My mind was spinning. I wanted to say something but I could not speak, or even think.

“I’ve wanted to have sex with you ever since escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli I was fourteen,” Stephanie said,

“I didn’t know you even thought about sex,” I said.

“I think about it all the time,” Steff told me.

“I don’t know what to say,” I told her, “I assumed you were a virgin.”

“Well, I’m not,” Stephanie said, with a hint of sadness, “I wanted my first time to be with you but I wanted to do it so much I couldn’t wait any longer. But I never let a guy put his cock inside me unless he’s wearing a condom and I never let a guy cum inside me, even if he is wearing a condom. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Do you make your boyfriend…” For some reason, it was difficult to say the word in front of my daughter.

“I always make him cummm,” Stephanie said, emphasizing the word with a smile. She held up her hand and wiggled it.

“So, you’re a hand-job queen,” I said, with a smile.

“I wouldn’t say queen,” Stephanie smiled back, “I’ve only done it with one guy.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Its fun,” Stephanie answered, “and I’m really good at it.” She knelt up straight and put her hands on my knees. “You want to see?”

“You want to give a hand-job,” I said, not like a question. I felt a little light headed. My heart was racing and I was suddenly aware of my erection.

“If you want me to,” Steff said. Before I could say anything, her hands were at work unbuckling my belt.

“Whoa…wait…hold on a minute,” I protested, pushing Steff away, “STOP!”

She pulled back, a surprised, hurt look on her little girl face. “What’s wrong?” she asked, “I know you want it, too. You’re already hard. I could feel it.”

“That doesn’t matter,” I told her, “I’m your father.”

“You’re my step-father,” Stephanie said.

“Same thing,” I told her.

“Ten years ago it was the same thing,” Stephanie informed me.

“And what am I now?” I asked.

“You’re my mother’s husband,” Stephanie told me, “My mother’s hot, sexy husband.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I am your father. You’re my daughter. Fathers don’t have sex with their daughters.”

“You know my friend Jillian,” Stephanie said, “she’s been fucking her father for more than a year.” Jillian was Stephanie’s best friend. Jillian’s father was a lawyer with a major law firm in town. “And Sandy Watts, she graduated with Jillian and me, she sucks her father’s cock almost every night.”

Surprise and shock doesn’t really explain what I felt but, at the same time, I was more turned on then I had ever been before. My cock was so hard it hurt.

Stephanie’s hands moved back to my waist and finished unbuckling my belt. I did not protest or attempt to stop her.

My daughter unbuttoned my jeans then slowly pulled the zipper down. She put her hands on either side of the waistband and tugged down. “Help me, Daddy,” she said, “lift up your hips.”

I was about to cross a line that I would never be able to uncross. I knew I should stop, I wanted to stop, but I was in a speeding car, going downhill, without brakes.

I lifted my hips and Stephanie tugged my levis down around my ankles. She quickly pulled my shoes and socks off, then my jeans. Her hands returned to my waist and without hesitation, I raised my ass and let Stephanie pull my briefs down my legs and off. Finally, she took the hem of my escort gaziantep yeni bayan T-shirt in her fingers and lifted it to my shoulders. “Oh, fuck,” I muttered, giving into my own twisted desire and raising my arms so Steff could lift my shirt up, over my head and off.

I sat on the couch, my legs separated, completely naked in front of my daughter. What bothered me most was how relaxed I felt, how comfortable I was.

“Oh, Daddy,” Stephanie said, her hands on my thighs,”it really is big.” She looked directly at my face. “May I touch it?”

“Of course, baby,” I answered, my muscles tightening under my skin.

The fingers of her small hand encircled the shaft, sending a tingling spike up my spine. “I can’t believe it’s so big,” she said in a breathy voice, “and hard.” She raised and lowered her hand on my cock and moved her other hand to my balls. “It’s a lot bigger than the other cocks I’ve seen.” Stephanie moved closer, kneeling between my legs.

“How many have you seen?” I wanted to know.

“I’ve only played with one guy,” Steff told me, her hand moving slowly up and down over the full, nine and a half inch length of my hard-on, “But I’ve seen other guys. At parties.”

“You go to some wild parties,” I said.

“Do you like this?” she asked, her hand slowly stroking, feeling, caressing my my erection.

“I love it,” I told her, “use both hands on my cock.”

Steff stroked my cock with both hands, one above the other.

“Twist your hands a little,” I told her.

She began twisting her hands, just a little, in opposite directions. “Like this?”

“Yes, baby,” I told her, “That’s perfect.” I leaned back, resting my head on the top of the couch’s backrest. With my eyes closed, I was enjoying the feel of Stephanie’s hands on my cock. I knew what I was doing, what I was letting Stephanie do, was wrong but a large part of me no longer cared. Besides, if Jillian’s father was fucking her and if Sandy was giving her father blow jobs, maybe letting my daughter play with my cock wasn’t so bad.

A sensation of wet warmth covered the head of my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down as Stephanie smeared a glob of her saliva down the shaft. She held her mouth over my rod and let a second glob of saliva fall from her lips onto my cock’s crown. She smeared the second glob, further lubricating my cock. I felt the first beginnings of my orgasm.

“Wait a minute,” I told her, “Stop for minute.” With Stephanie’s hands rubbing my erection, it was easy to forget that she was still wearing clothes.

“What’s wrong?” Stephanie asked.

“Nothing’s wrong,” I assured her, “I just want to see you naked.” I reached out, took the hem of her tank top in my fingers, but Stephanie pulled away. “Lets go in the bedroom,” my daughter said.

“Take your clothes off, first,” I told her.

She got to her feet, crossed her arms and pulled her tank top up and off in one, easy motion. Then she pushed her shorts down and she was naked.

Her body was small, slim and perfect. Her breasts were straight and full, tipped with short, fat nipples surrounded by dark brown, quarter sized aureolas. Her pussy was cleanly shaved, allowing the top of clit to peek out from between her thighs.

“You’re so hot,” I said, reaching behind her and gripping the firm cheeks of her tight, little ass.

“You are, too,” escort gaziantep zayıf bayan my daughter replied. She was looking up at me, smiling, and I lowered my head, kissing her as I pulled her against me. Her arms encircled my neck and our tongues explored each others’ mouths she was tip toes and I could feel my erection pressing against her stomach.

“Can we go in your room?” Stephanie asked, “your bed is a lot bigger than mine.”

I was about to cross another line, making love to my step-daughter in her mother’s bed. “Of course, baby,” I answered, “Anywhere you want.”

She took my hand and I followed her to my bedroom, mine and my wife’s bedroom. It bothered me but not enough to stop. I knew I was going to fuck Stephanie and nothing was going to stop me.

In the bedroom, we lie in the middle of the king sized bed, facing each other, as I kissed her neck and massaged her ass. I lowered my head to her breasts and began sucking her nipples. At the same time, I pushed her onto her back and slipped my hand between her legs. As I fingered her slit, Stephanie asked, “Do you think it’ll fit?”

“Will what fit?” I asked her.

“Your cock is so big,” she said, “Do you think it’ll fit in my pussy?”

“I think so,” I told her as I positioned myself between her widely spread legs, “I’ll go slow and you can stop me if it hurts.”

I rubbed the crown against her clit, making her groan. “Put it in me,” my daughter said, pulling her knees back almost to her shoulders, “Put your cock in my pussy.”

Her pussy was tight but it was so wet that my cock slid into her easily. She groaned and gasped and pushed her hips upwards as I pumped in and out of her.

“Oh, Daddy,” Stephanie moaned, “Your cock feels so good inside me. Oh god…Oh fuck…OH DADDY…AAARRRGGGHH!!!”

Her body stiffened, her back arched and her pussy tightened on my cock as stream after stream of cum spurted into her.

My wife was a nurse and worked the afternoon shift, from three to eleven. She had left for work at two o’clock and Stephanie came out of her room ten minutes later.

She was now in the bathroom. I looked at the clock next to the bed. I was surprised to see that it was only three thirty.

As I lie there, I wondered if Steff had been honest about how much sexual experience she had. Not that it really mattered. Considering her looks and personality, finding out she was a virgin would have surprised me much more than finding out she wasn’t.

The bathroom door opened and Stephanie entered the bedroom. She came to the bed, climbed onto the mattress and knelt by my hips.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m fine,” she told me. She put her hand between my legs and fondled my half hard cock. “But while I was in the bathroom it occurred to me that we didn’t use a condom. What if I get pregnant?”

“You won’t get pregnant,” I assured her, her hand making me hard.

“How can you be sure?” she asked.

“I had a vasectomy,” I told her, “You know what a vasectomy is, don’t you?”

Her face brightened. “It’s an operation that keeps you from getting a girl pregnant, right?”

I told her it was and she said, “No matter how often, or how much we fuck, I won’t get pregnant.”

“That’s right,” I told her. My cock was fully erect and Stephanie smiled as she rubbed the shaft.

“Fuck me again,” she said.

“Now?” I asked, pleased and aroused by her eagerness.

She swung one over me and straddled my hips. With one hand on my chest, she used her other hand to hold my cock straight up as she lowered her pussy onto it. Stephanie lowered her body against mine and drew her knees forward.

We kissed, our tongues playing with each other as Stephanie moved her hips, sliding her hot, wet pussy up and down on my hard cock.

We both came a second time.

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