Stephen and the Girl Ch. 02

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On Friday morning Stephen awoke very early. He was excited about seeing the girl again. Would she really keep her promise and allow him to have sex with her? She had said she wanted his cock inside her. Stephen had a huge erection the whole time he was taking his morning shower. He was glad to be in the shower before the nurse had arrived. She often assisted him but today he would have been mortified had she seen the state he was in. He would have had no explanation. Plus the obvious improvement in his health and wellbeing may have prompted her to curtail his assistance.

He wondered if he could ask for the day help girl to be changed. Mary was a great house-keeper, but the new girl was exciting and he wanted to see as much of her as possible.

The nurse arrived around eight thirty and Stephen was already breakfasted and sitting in his chair.

‘You’re up bright and early today, Stephen, dear,’ she commented as she came in.

‘I was just awake early.’

‘Couldn’t you sleep? Did you feel unwell?’ typically her enquiry assumed the worst.

‘No. I mean it’s not that. I just felt rested and wanted to get up.’

‘Well that’s good. But if you can’t sleep let me know and we can get you something to help.’

Stephen smiled and nodded. He didn’t want anything to help him sleep. If today went as he hoped it would he’d have no trouble sleeping tonight. The nurse went about her routine and he waited patiently for the girl’s arrival. Eventually, at about ten to ten he heard the back door open and the voices of the nurse and the girl in the kitchen. Minutes went by but there was no sign of her coming in to say hello. At last he heard her enter and looked around from his chair.

His heart sank. It was Mary. She was obviously well and had returned to her normal job. The realisation dawned that the girl wouldn’t be coming today. Somehow he managed to smile and greet her, ‘Hello, Mary. Feeling better? It’s good to see you,’ he lied.

Mary chatted as normal and immediately began her duties. She was a good worker but there was no frisson between them. Stephen found himself looking at her differently. For the first time he saw her as a woman, rather than simply a housekeeper. She was taller than the girl. Nowhere close to his six-three, obviously, but perhaps a good head taller than the girl. He noticed her figure. It was more buxom than the girl’s, with bigger breasts and a shapely ass. He tried to imagine fucking Mary and even wondered if he could get her to look at his porn magazines. Maybe the same thing would happen?

Somehow, though, he knew it couldn’t happen. He knew yesterday had been a fluke that could not be repeated. In frustration he watched Mary throughout the day, remaining polite but disengaged. Before she departed he asked Mary who had been her replacement the day before.

‘Oh, I don’t know. It was a new girl, I think. Was there a problem? I can find out who he was and…’

‘No. No really. There was no problem. She did a good job; nice friendly girl.’

At last the evening came and he was alone. He decided to forget the girl and tried to watch TV for a couple of hours. But it was useless. He had so wanted to see the girl. He’d pinned so much on it that he now felt angry with her. He decided to throw her panties in the bin. After all they would simply be a reminder of something that he couldn’t have. He went to his room and took them from his bedside drawer. He turned to go to the back door and out to the bin but something stopped him. He looked at the small black garment in his large hand and slowly brought it to his face. The material was heavy with her scent. The clean, perfumed, musky scent of her body. There was also the smallest trace of a sexual aroma. The smell of her privates, what had she called it? Her cunny.

Stephen held the pants to his nose and inhaled deeply. He felt his cock twitch. He slowly undressed and still holding the pants he lay back on his bed. Naked and on his back, his cock stood straight up in the air. She had been impressed by it. It was a magnificent specimen; thick and straight, with a large domed head. He clasped the panties to it in his fist and started to slowly masturbate. He tried to imagine her small hand stroking him like she did the day before. He tried to imagine her next to him; the heat of her body and her scent. He wanted her so much. He lifted the panties back to his face and smelled them again. The scent brought her to him more vividly and he could see her pretty face and her delectable little body. He could imagine her heat and the feel of her body against him. He could even recall the odd sensation of the metal hoop on her lip as she had pressed her face to his. He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to lick her body, suckle her beautiful little tits. He imagined licking her smooth little pussy. He had hardly ever done that. His wife had thought it disgusting and so oral sex was still virtually a fantasy for Stephen. Would the girl have sucked his cock? He started to imagine her small hot mouth sliding suadiye escort over his large erection. The image expanded in his mind and he felt his semen welling up and spurting from his cockhead. Gawd how he wished he was cumming into her sweet mouth. She had said she loved cum on her face. Was that real or just bravado?

Stephen lay panting on top of his bed. Naked and with his spunk splattered over his stomach. He slowly drifted off to sleep with his head full of images of the amazing girl that had so briefly passed though his life. He yearned to see her again.

He awoke with a start. A couple of hours had passed. With an effort Stephen got up and made his way around his home turning off the TV and lights. He dressed in his pyjamas and rolled into bed. He held the girl’s panties to his face. Their aroma aroused him once more and in the darkness of his bed he again fisted his thick erection until it spewed its load once more. He was no longer angry with the girl. He wanted her like he had never wanted any other woman. He had to find out who she is. He had to see her again. He had to see her again… he had to… Soon he was asleep.

On Saturdays and Sundays there is no home support. There had been at the beginning but as Stephen’s health improved it was scaled back to just weekdays. He found he now quite liked the peace and quiet and usually had a bit of a lie in. But by ten o’clock he was up and about, still dressed in his pyjamas he sat at his kitchen table and enjoyed some breakfast. He realised that his pyjama bottoms were crusty and stained from the previous night so he dumped them in the wash and headed for the shower.

An hour later Stephen was ready to go out for his usual Saturday walk to the shops. Since his illness he hasn’t strayed too far, but today he decided to go into town and to visit the porn shop and top-up his magazine collection. He thought that if he can’t see the girl again, he may as well enjoy some good porn.

Some hours later he returned home with his shopping and an anonymous black plastic bag containing several new magazines. He decided that he will have a bath and retire to bed early to enjoy those, along with the girl’s panties.

By 7.30 pm he had eaten and was running his bath. He enjoyed and good soak and climbed out feeling warm and clean. Ready for a lovely session, he thought. Stephen was quite excited and thought that at least he has the girl to thank for re-awakening his sexual desire. Maybe he could even find a new partner?

After his bath Stephen prepared a drink and set his new magazines on the bed and checked that the girl’s panties were on his pillow. Soon he was just about to climb into bed when there was a knock at his front door. He was quite amazed as he hardly ever got callers, and certainly not at this time in the evening. He thought that it’s probably some kids or possibly someone lost. Nevertheless, he took the precaution of hiding the magazines in his bedside cupboard, just in case it’s a visitor who needed to come in. Putting on a dressing gown he went to the door.

On opening the door there was no one there. He stepped outside and looked left then right. To his shock and amazement the girl was leaning up against the wall.

‘Hey,’ she smiled at him, ‘missed me?’

For a moment he just looked at her, then his countenance changed and he grinned, ‘Yes I did miss you.’

‘You gonna ask me in then?’ she chirped.

‘Of course, come in,’ Stephen turned to enter but she didn’t follow. He looked back out, ‘You coming in?’

‘Yes. It’s just. Well my friend is here too.’


‘So can she come in too?’

‘Yes, why ever not? Come in.’

Stephen entered his house and the girl followed. They entered the living room and Stephen turned to welcome her as he heard the front door close. A moment later the second girl entered the room. She was clearly the girl’s friend. They were very similar. They seemed to be similar in build and style; although the new girl was a fraction taller and possibly with a fuller figure and larger boobs. Under an overcoat she wore a waistcoat style garment on top of a more figure hugging black top with long sleeves. Even their hair styles were similar, but the new girl has a shock of white-blonde colouring in one thick strand on the left. Sort of like Cruella DeVille. Stephen smiled at both of them.

‘So who’s your friend?’

‘That’s G,’ the girl stated minimally.

‘And do I get to know your name now?’

The girl laughed, ‘Sure, it’s Bri.’ she grinned at him, ‘so were you going to bed?’

‘I was but that was before I had such wonderful company.’

‘You sure, we can just go if you like.’

‘No, please. Stay, you’re very welcome. Both of you.’ he looked between the two and smiled.

‘Great,’ Bri set down her large canvas bag, which made a distinct clink. They looked at each other and both girls snorted with laughter.

‘You young ladies been drinking?’

‘Absolutely,’ G spoke for the first time.

‘You yakacık escort drunk?’

‘No,’ Bri reassured him, ‘we just had one in the pub. So we’re not at all drunk.’

‘Yet,’ sniggered G.

They both laughed again and Bri took off her coat to reveal a very similar outfit to the one she wore the other day. Except this time both shoulders were bare. She fished in her bag and produced four large bottles of cider. She asked if she could get some glasses and she disappeared into the kitchen. Stephen looked at G and invited her to sit down. She dropped her coat and sat on the edge of the small sofa. Her bag clinked down too and she opened it to take out another four bottles. At that moment Bri returned and announced that she had found ice too. She poured three glasses of cider on ice and they all clinked cheers.

‘It’s a bit bright in here,’ Bri complained and moved around turning on the two table lamps and turning off the ceiling light. ‘That’s better,’ she affirmed.

Stephen moved his chair around to face the sofa and the two girls sat together on it. They chatted and drank and Bri explained that she was re-assigned on Friday and so couldn’t come to his house. She then asked him what he had done today. Stephen smiled to himself and the thought formed in his head to say – I wanked over you and bought some porn. Naturally, he didn’t and instead he gave her a brief account of his day. The girls told how they had spent the day shopping and hanging out with friends. As they talked Bri unfastened her boots and tossed them aside. She then swung her legs up over G’s lap. Stephen was amused once more by the oddly girlish socks she was wearing.

‘Don’t mind me, will you?’ G said in mock complaint.

‘Aww, rub my feet, babe. They’re tired from all the walking.’

‘And stinking, pooh,’ G exaggerated flapping her hand as if to wave away to stench.

Bri pulled her foot up to her nose and sniffed. ‘They’re not stinky at all,’ she defended herself with a smirk.

‘I know, just kidding, you know I think your feet are cute.’ G reassured her.

‘Give me yours too,’ Bri demanded. G now wriggled out of her boots and Stephen saw that she wore black nylons under the seemingly obligatory leggings. She then swung her legs up and crossed them over Bri’s.

As the conversation continued the girls gently massaged each other’s feet. Stephen was amazed at how un-self-conscious they seemed. The chat roamed from shopping to work and G asked Stephen about his illness. He thanked her and reassured her that he was getting well. G seemed to snigger at this. They talked about their boyfriends and told Stephen how they weren’t seeing them tonight as they both worked in bars in the town.

When their drinks were empty G volunteered to go out to the kitchen to make-up some more. When she left, Stephen stood and said that he would just go and change, as he felt a little self conscious in his dressing gown.

‘Why?’ Bri asked.

‘Well it would be more appropriate.’

‘Are you naked beneath that?’

‘Well, yes, so…’

Bri giggled,’Well it’s not like I haven’t seen it before. She bounced out of the sofa and scampered over to him. In an instant she hugged him and wormed her hand under his gown. He felt her fingers encircle is flaccid cock and she gave it a little squeeze, ‘There he is.’ Stephen smiled down at her and she rose up on her tiptoes and lightly kissed his chin.

Just then G’s voice interrupted them, ‘Oh get a room you two!’ Stephen stepped back away from Bri. He looked nervously at G, then at Bri.

‘She told me what happened between you two,’ G confirmed.

‘I see,’ Stephen wasn’t sure what that meant.

‘I thought it was a bit weird when she told me she fucked some old guy.’

‘I didn’t fuck him,’ Bri snapped quickly, ‘I told you that.’

‘Yeah but you would have if he had any rubbers, you said,’ G retorted.

‘Yeah,’ Bri giggled, ‘But I told you he was cool, didn’t I?’ Bri hugged him again.

‘Well you told me he had a huge dick,’ G announced mockingly.

‘You slag. You weren’t supposed to say that,’ Bri seemed a little annoyed and looked sheepishly at Stephen. He smiled and she seemed to relax again.

But then G spoke again, ‘So you still gonna fuck him?’

‘Shit, G!’ Bri seemed upset.

‘Well you brought rubbers, for fuck’s sake. You said you were going to.’

‘That’s not fair. I haven’t decided. Sorry,’ she added to Stephen as an afterthought.

‘That’s OK, Bri. I wouldn’t expect…’

‘You fucking ruin everything,’ Bri snapped at G.

‘Fuck off!’ G spat back, ‘Why are we here if you’re not going to fuck him?

They looked like they might fight and so Stephen said, ‘Now girls, let’s be nice. We were having a nice drink and a chat, let’s get back to that, OK?’

The two girls looked at one another’



But they were smiling and then laughing so the feud seemed to be over. Bri led Stephen to the sofa şerifali escort and sat next to him.

G pertched on the armrest behind Bri. Her arm slunk around Bri’s neck and she bent to kiss her cheek, ‘Sorry, Babe.’

‘S’OK,’ Bri kissed her back. The kiss lingered a moment on her cheek then Bri glanced sideways at Stephen, ‘C’mere,’ she said to G. G leaned down and Bri kissed her full on the mouth. As Stephen watched their lips pressed together and then parted slightly. He saw their tongues cross over to tease one another. G’s eyes were closed but Bri kept hers fixed on Stephen. This was incredible. Stephen had never actually witnessed two women kiss as lovers. He didn’t know if this was real or just a show for him. But he liked it and his cock started to respond.

Then G leaned over to whisper to Bri.

‘You ask him,’ Bri said aloud.

‘Ask me what?’ Stephen was curious.

Bri looked at G but she said nothing, ‘She wants to see your cock, but she’s too scared to ask. Fucking virgin.’ Bri mocked.

‘Shut up.’ Then looking at Stephen G asked, ‘Is it really big?’

‘Bri says it is. I don’t have much experience with cocks,’ Stephen joked.

‘Can I see?’ G asked coyly.

‘I suppose,’ Stephen looked at Bri who seemed to give a small nod and a smile.

Eyes fixed on Bri, Stephen untied the belt of his dressing gown and opened it to expose his semi-hard cock resting against his thigh.

G immediately commented, ‘How big does it get?’

‘I think I know how we can find out,’ Bri said quietly.

She pulled G down onto the seat beside her. G now had her back against the sofa and Bri quickly knelt over her lap, just the way she had done with Stephen. ‘He likes girls together,’ she said quietly as she leaned in to G. Their lips met in a soft kiss and their hands started to roam up and down one another’s body. G’s hands encircled Bri’s bottom and Bri fondled G’s boobs. Stephen watched fascinated as their mouths parted and he could see their tongues, tips lightly touching. They were so soft and gentle with one another it was beautiful to watch.

Bri kissed G’s neck as she started to unbutton the waistcoat. It was soon open and G wriggled to help her remove it. In one swift action Bri then pulled G’s top off over her head. She wore just her bra and Stephen could see her fulsome breasts bulging over the half cup. All of this had done wonders for his cock which was now at attention in his lap and Stephen gently stroked himself as he watched them.

‘You too,’ G spoke quietly. She then tugged Bri’s top out of the waistband of her small skirt and pulled it over her head. They both now sat in their bras. G lightly kissed Bri’s neck and shoulders before slipping her bra straps off and letting the bra fall away from her boobs.

Stephen relished seeing her pale pink nipples again and his cock twitched with excitement as G took them into her mouth one by one. As her friend suckled on her tits Bri looked over at Stephen. She smiled when she saw that his cock was fully erect and murmured something to G. G turned her face sideways to look and she too grinned and then turned back to suck on her friend’s nipple once more. As she did this Bri unsnapped her bra strap and drew it off her waist where it had slipped. She was now naked from the waist up. She wanted G to be the same and pulling her forward she opened her bra. Stephen stroked a little harder as the larger breasts were revealed, already topped with thick, erect brown nipples. Bri immediately dropped her head to suck one of them into her mouth, to which G gave a little gasp of pleasure. For the next few minutes the girls exchanged suckling kisses to one another’s breasts and Stephen slowly masturbated next to them.

Then G’s hand stole across to reach into Stephen’s lap. Her finger tips tickled his balls and then her hand rested on top of his. Bri noticed and looked at her friend who spoke in an exaggeratedly pouty voice, ‘I want to play with the nice man’s cock.’

Bri just climbed out of her lap and knelt by Stephen’s feet. G just seemed to loll sideways so that she was half lying across his lap. Both girls started to tickle and stroke Stephen’s erection and he let go to enjoy their touch. Bri then bent her head to plant tiny, soft kisses on his thighs and then his balls, while G did the same thing, kissing along his shaft. The kisses were just with lips and with a butterfly lightness of touch. Stephen’s head was swimming. From virtually never experiencing oral sex he now had two sexy young girls kissing his manhood. He put his head back and savoured every touch and caress of their hands and lips.

G moved up his shaft and the pressure of her kisses increased. A hot velvety softness encased his cockhead and Stephen glanced down to see G, eyes closed, sucking his cock into her mouth. An involuntary groan escaped his lips.

‘He likes that, babe.’ He heard Bri speak softly. Her head then disappeared behind and below G’s and Stephen felt her lips and tongue press into his shaft just below G’s mouth. This was intense and the sensations caused him to well-up. He felt he was going to cum. He didn’t want this experience to end but he had to regain control. Almost in a reflex he doubled-up and gently pushed the girls back, groaning as he did so.

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