Stoking The Embers

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I couldn’t exactly pinpoint when we had turned into slippers. It’s the point in the relationship when you’re so comfortable with each other that most of the time words aren’t necessary. It’s the point at which most of your husband’s conversations are conducted with a series of grunts, gestures and meaningful glances and you actually understand what he’s saying. It’s when you start wearing flannelette pyjamas to bed instead of those wispy scraps of silk that used to make you feel sexy and he wears his boxers and a t-shirt that’s faded through a thousand washes. You know that you’re slippers when it gets to the point when he farts and you answer with one of your own without bothering to blame the dog.

Like I said, I couldn’t pin down exactly when it happened, but it was around the six-year mark. It wasn’t that we had stopped loving each other; we were just in a rut so one night we came up with our list, it wasn’t too long; we both contributed to it. On it were all of our fantasies, everything we had dreamed of doing and a couple of things we were too scared to dream about. In all there were ten; maybe conservative by some peoples standards. We decided that to re-ignite the spark that had burned so brightly through the first few years of our relationship, we would act out each one of our fantasies, from time to time when we felt it was right. All would be written down on a separate piece of paper, folded up and put in an envelope, one chosen at random; it would be fairer that way.

The night we drew the first piece of paper out of the envelope I couldn’t decide whether I was nervous or excited, it was probably a mixture of both, but as it turned out, it was one of my fantasies. Like a lot of other women, I had always wondered what it would be like to be taken by a stranger, kind of like a rape fantasy. In mine I had specified a location; with my parents living on the Isle of Mull, it often meant that we had to drive up from where we lived in Glasgow to Oban to take the ferry across to the island. Knowing that the ferry would be busy added fuel to my fantasy, and it was in the toilets of the ferry that I wanted to be taken. Kyle just raised his brow as he read and gave a shrug of his shoulders, agreeing softly, telling me that we would go across to the island at the weekend. It was already Wednesday night; that meant that there were only two days to wait.

We were late, I knew that when we got to Oban and saw the ferry already docked, there was no time for me to nip to the loo and I had been putting off asking Kyle to stop the car at the services on the way up to the coastal town. I glanced to the side, and saw impatience in his furrowed brow.

“Listen, just get out will you, go get the tickets and I’ll wait here.” His words were clipped, and I was beginning to have serious doubts that my fantasy would be acted out on the outward trip.

“Sure, I’ll be two minutes.” I saw the hoards of tourists pooled at the bottom of the gangplank, a rainbow of different coloured rucksacks hoisted on their shoulders.

I closed the car door with a loud slam and ignored my nagging bladder as I ran into the ferry booking office, quickly kütahya escort getting the tickets we needed, before running back to the car. Kyle had kept the engine ticking over and we joined the back of the queue of cars heading into the bowels of the ferry for the short trip across to Mull. Kyle was completely silent and I made no attempt at conversation, instead reaching over to the back seat to grab my small rucksack, getting out of the car once we had parked up; not waiting for him to join me. I turned round when I reached the top of the stairs leading to the upper decks, and saw him sitting on the bonnet of the car just watching me, a slight smile about his mouth, I knew by the look in his eyes that there was a chance.

The main foyer was awash with a host of different nationalities, wide smiles and interesting accents but I didn’t stop to eavesdrop, instead I headed straight for the ladies toilets, waiting for a couple of minutes a little way from the door, pretending to read a general emergency poster on the wall but still keeping half an eye on the door that led down to where the vehicles were parked. I knew I should have nipped in for a pee as soon as I had come into the foyer but I didn’t want Kyle to miss me; as I saw his tall form emerge from the stairwell I headed for the ladies, catching his eye for only half a second before going in.

I felt his hand at the small of my back pushing me roughly inside the cubicle, I was in pain, desperately needing to pee, but there was no way I could ‘go’ in front of him. I quickly undid the front of my coat, pulling the belt, fingers struggling with the button fly of my jeans; I hoped he would act the gentleman and turn around but he did not and I knew I could not control my bladder for much longer. His hands pulled at my coat, quickly dropping it to the floor, moving his hands to my hips, pushing my jeans and panties down around my knees, turning me around and forcing me down so that I was sitting on the toilet. I clamped my thighs together in a feeble attempt to stop the inevitable, trying to hold back but it was impossible. Frustration must have shown on my face, but he tilted my head back and dropped his head to mine, kissing me roughly as he took hold of my ponytail with one hand, making it impossible for me to move.

I let out a cry as I felt his hand push between my thighs, parting them, his fingers sliding over my mound and into my slit, rubbing over and over on my clit; making it impossible for me to maintain control under his constant stimulation. I managed to drag my mouth from under his to ask him to stop but he shook his head briefly before standing up, bringing my head down to his waiting cock as his fingers continued to stroke my pussy through the stream of hot pee. It was relief and pleasure all at the same time and my mind struggled to make sense of the two emotions. My tongue darted out and flicked at the head of his cock, the tip darting inside his pee-hole to capture the glistening bead of pre-cum that anointed it.

Suddenly I knew that I didn’t want this to be a gentle encounter, I had been waiting for what seemed malatya escort like months; I needed all he had to give me, right there and then. With a groan I sank my mouth down his shaft, sucking on him hungrily, my hands pushing at his trousers, raking his hairy thighs with my nails, finding his heavy ball sack and massaging roughly as his fingers plunged straight inside my sopping cunt, stretching me tightly with each thrust. With whispered encouragement in the form of dirty fuck words, I found myself tilting my hips towards him, showing him that I wanted more, letting his hips buck at my face, pushing more and more of his long thick cock inside, easing past the back of my throat. I was no longer able to control my breathing, but I didn’t care, I was feeling light-headed, poised on the edge of my orgasm and ready to fly. His fingers massaged and teased, fucked and plunged; all of a sudden I felt my head being yanked back and his fingers withdrawing from my pussy.

I couldn’t stop my yell of frustration, not caring whether there was anyone outside the cubicle that could hear. What would they do anyway? His hands yanked me up and turned me round; I knew what was coming and bent down as much as it was possible to in the small space and sighed with pleasure as I felt the broad head of his cock push against the cheeks of my ass, his fingers spreading them roughly apart so that he could find my slick entrance. There was no gentleness as he thrust deep inside me; his hands were at my waist, holding me, pulling me hard onto his cock with each stroke. I had never been taken so roughly before, but I loved every minute of it and shouted my approval, telling him to fuck me harder. His breath was hot and laboured against my neck as he nipped at the sensitive skin, heightening the feelings that were already coursing through me. When his hand reached round in front of me to cup my pussy, I knew that my shouts were being answered, I was poised on his hand and his cock and his fingers were frigging my little clit. My muscles were clamping wetly around his cock but still he fucked me, urging me on with his whispers, pushing my body higher and higher. Never before had I felt like this, I felt dirty; we were both using each other, there was no love, just raw sex and it was all that I needed. I was sobbing when his release finally came, bathing my cunt with his creamy cum; filling me with his wet heat before pulling out quickly. I felt it dribble down the inside of my thigh, but didn’t have the strength in me to move, my cunt was throbbing as his fingers moved away and I could still feel his cock moving inside me although it was gone. I had been well and truly fucked.

As I tried to straighten up, I felt his hands holding me still again, and I was moved forwards slightly, feeling his lips on my ass, brushing softly back and forth, the whisper of his breath against the swollen lips of my cunt. My hands clenched into fists as his tongue darted against my pussy, lapping up his cum and my own slippery juices. Every now and again he would stop, just breathing hard against me, he was throwing me over the edge again and batman escort he knew it, but there were no words of encouragement this time, I didn’t need them, I was right there, crying out, calling him for all the bastards under the sun for what he was doing to my body. I felt like a puppet being manipulated by its master, but his mouth continued to work me, till my words faded and all that was left were incoherent mumblings. When he was done, I said nothing; even when he moved away, or when his hands moved me, pulling up my panties and jeans, draping my coat over my shoulders. I heard him open the cubicle door and turn me round, but the words wouldn’t come. There was plenty I could have said right then, but all I could do was look up at him, wondering how affected he had been by our little encounter, but his dark eyes were almost unreadable, blazing with a heat that I hoped was mirrored in my own, because after just one taste of what it felt like to be taken so roughly, I was left hungry for more.

The toilets were blessedly quiet when we emerged from the cubicle, so it was standing side by side that we washed our hands, glancing from time to time in the mirror at each other. I dared to smile a little as I moved away to dry my hands, letting my fingers trail over the side of his face once I had dried them. He quickly turned his head to the side and caught a fingertip between his lips, sucking on it slowly; my lips parted slightly and my breath rushed out; I was unprepared for the clenching of my muscles that this simple action caused. No-one had ever affected me so much so quickly, but all too soon he released them as an old woman pushed open the door and hurried towards the cubicle we had so recently vacated.

“I think a strong drink is in order, want to join me.” He held his hand out to me and I slipped mine into it, feeling instant heat and a tingling awareness.

“Sure, I’d like that.” I could have thought of several other things that could have occupied our time till the ferry docked at the island but I bit my lip as I bent down to retrieve my rucksack from the floor where it had been dropped earlier.

A few minutes later we were both sitting in the lounge bar with drinks in front of us, a large whisky for him and vodka with lime for me. There was a silence between us, but it was not an uncomfortable one, I was still lost in thoughts about what we had just shared, and he was seemingly content just to watch the thoughts race across my face. I felt my eyelids half close as I remembered just how full I had felt when his cock had driven all the way inside my cunt, my muscles tensed and it was as though he was still there; my cheeks were hot, the room was cold, my hands were shaking, he was smiling, eyebrow raised.

“Well, wife of mine, I take it that this is a fantasy we can stroke off the list as being fulfilled?” His voice drew me back, but with difficulty.

“Oh, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been filled, um… fulfilled, yes, God, honey you were great!” My mind was already bringing up the list of fantasies we had written out together, both individual and shared.

“So perhaps we go with one of mine now?” I raised my eyebrow as he reached into his coat pocket to draw out the envelope, slowly reaching inside, retrieving one of the folded squares of paper. I could feel myself getting wet again as his mouth formed a surprised little ‘o’ but he said nothing at that point; I had no choice but to wait in eager anticipation.

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