Storm Warning

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Everyone in this story is over 18 years old

I woke to the scream of the tornado sirens. The distant roar confirmed that the severe thunderstorm warnings proved true. A tornado was on the ground in our area! My section of the country was prone to these storms so my family drilled relentlessly on our take cover plan.

I rolled out of the bed and sprinted down the hall to my mom’s room. Outside I could hear the almost stereotypical roar of a freight train approaching. Ignoring the family privacy rules, I flung open the door and charged into her room.

The old brass bedstead dominated the opposite wall of the narrow claustrophobic bedroom. A tired tan armoire loomed on the right backed by the peeling flowered wallpaper. On the left, a black two drawer nightstand sat with an empty gin bottle laying on its side on it.

Mom lay naked on her back on top of the sheets. The furry thatch covering her nether regions glistened wetly between her open legs. Her large breasts flopped to either side as she thrust the large pink noisily buzzing vibrator repeatedly into her pussy. The sweat of her exertions bathed her full mature body.

Spittle and guttural groans issued from her open mouth. I stood transfixed watching the slow roll of her hips. A frothy liquid covered the area around the vibrator. A whitish fluid oozed from her pussy and dribbled down the crack of her ass. The hair around her pussy was wet and matted. Her belly pooch trembled with her exertions.

I was at once disgusted and aroused. I felt my cock rise, straining at the slit of my boxers. She was my mother and still a very beautiful woman. She occupied my masturbation fantasies for as long as I could remember. In happier times, her willowy body was the envy of the neighborhood. All high school buddies anointed her the MILF of the complex.

That was 6 years ago before dad left. When I came home from my tour in Iraq, I realized mom had really let herself go. It started with the drinking. The occasional glass of wine had turned to daily hard liquor. Then there were the men. Two or three nights a week, some strange man would bring her home drunk. Once some yahoo had dropped her in the driveway naked. He threw her clothes out of his truck window.

I walked to the end of the drive and collected her. I knew the prying eyes of the neighbors witnessed her dissolution.

“Come on, mom, let’s go inside!”

“What’s wrong with me, Joe?” Tears ran down her face as I wrapped my arms around her waist and led her up the drive.

“Nothing is wrong with you, mom, it’ll be okay!”

I closed the door behind us as we entered the kitchen. Mom stumbled and grabbed the kitchen counter. I reached out to prevent her from falling. She fell forward into my arms. My hands clutched her full ripe rump. The faint odor of sex permeated the room. I roughly squeezed her ass with both hands.

“I’m so sorry, baby, I just can’t help myself!” Mom moaned as I kneaded her ass. She wrapped her arms around my neck and shoved her pelvis against my cock.

As she slowly gyrated, bringing my manhood to full rigor, I cupped her ass pulling her tighter.

“Mom, mom, I love you so much!” I felt her hand leave my neck and push between us. She stroked my member through my sweat pants.

“I love you too, Joe, help me get better!” I groaned as she stroked me and began to slide down my body. I could feel her nakedness as her breasts slid across my abdomen.

The wrongness of what was happening washed over me. I reluctantly let go of her delicious ass cheeks, gripped her firmly in her armpits, and yanked her to her feet. I shook her hard.

“No, mom, Gawddamit, no! I’m not just another quick fuck! You’re my mom and I love you and I’m ashamed zenci escort gaziantep bayan of you!”

Her head dropped to my shoulder and she began to cry. I picked her up. She buried her head in my chest sniffling as I carried her to her bedroom. Her hair smelled of stale cigarette smoke. The smell of gin and sex tinged the air.

I put her to bed. Then I went into the bathroom and jacked off in the toilet. I trembled with the violence of my orgasm and shame. It was not the first time mom got drunk and came onto me. Each time my shame increased as my resistance weakened. I knew I should move. But who would take care of her?

Her head slowly rose and she tried to focus her watery blue eyes. “Get the fuck of here!” One hand freed itself from the vibrator and she ordered me out. It returned to the inches long vibrator

“Mom, wake up! We need to take cover!”

She mumbled incoherently as I frantically shook her. My eyes kept straying to her pussy and the obscene scene she presented. Her hips seemed to be acting independent of the rest of her body. Mom again tried to move her hand toward the vibrator.

“Turn it off,” she slurred as she continued her uncoordinated attempt to reach the vibrator. My cock was rigidly hard. I leaned toward her legs, my hand moving slowly. As I gripped the end of the vibe, mom thrust up hard, forcing it deeper in her hole.

I was never sure about what happened next. Mom’s hand reached out and grabbed my cock, squeezing it. Her grip tightened painfully when I tried to pull away. Outside the intensity of the storm was rising.

“Mom, let go you’re hurting me!”

“Came back to get your dick sucked, you bastard! I knew you would!”

As I tried to pry her hands off my cock, I realized in her alcoholic stupor, she thought I was my dad or one of the many drinking partners who came by to drink and stayed to fuck her. “Mom, let go, you are hurting me!” Keeping a firm grip on my cock, her tongued snaked out and licked my cock head. Despite the pending danger of the storm, I got harder as her tongue lavishly bathed my member in her saliva. She inhaled my cock, her cheeks caving in as she applied incredible suction. My hips thrust forward fucking mom’s mouth. The feeling was incredible. Our eyes locked. The fact that the woman who gave birth to me was also an incredible cocksucker created an impossible conflict. I didn’t want her to stop. I want to fill my mother’s belly with my sperm.

The sound of something crashing into the side of the house snapped me back to reality. We were in real danger. I pried mom’s hands off my cock. I stepped back, my cock leaving her amazing mouth with a faint pop. We both groaned in disappointment.

I bent, pulled her forward and stood with her over my shoulder, her mature ass pressing against my cheek. Even with the extreme danger of the moment, the aroma of her pussy so close to my nose was intoxicating. I fought the urge to turn my head and rain kisses on that fragrant hole.

I could feel her drunken drool running down my back. The vibrator slid from her pussy and clattered to the floor. I struggled under mom’s weight as I staggered toward our shelter.

At 5′ 2″ and about 170 pounds, mom was not a small woman. After dad left, she sank into funk, eating and drinking to excess. She went from the sexy willowy blond of my teens to this overweight promiscuous drunk.

I became the man of the house. Looking back, I guess I could see their break up coming for years. They never talked to each other but at each other. After one particularly loud and violent argument, dad packed and left.

Our safe room was a steel reinforced area under my dad’s workbench escort bayan gaziantep in the garage. At 7x4x4 feet, it was little more than a small horizontal closet anchored to the concrete floor. However, the rationale was that you would huddle in its safety for the few minutes that the storm was moving past.

I pushed mom’s naked body into the tight confines. I slid in next to her and dogged down the latches holding the door. In the claustrophobic darkness, we sat on the old quilt with our backs against the wall; our feet extended in front. Mom was next to me moaning softly.

After the adrenalin fueled flight to safety, I realized that I was clad only in my boxers. I sweated profusely in the hot tight confines of our steel shelter.

“wha…what…where am I?”

“We’re in the safe room, mom, there is a tornado warning.”

She her arms flayed about in the claustrophobic darkness. “Sit still, mom, it should be over in a few minutes” I could feel her hands moving. She found my thigh and gripped it painfully.

“Where are my clothes? You bastard! Give me my clothes!”

“There wasn’t time to get dressed. Now just sit still. The storm will pass in a few minutes.”

Despite what I said, she turned and continued feeling around in the darkness. Her hands found my thigh and slid up it to my tool. She stroked my semi hard dick.

“Gimmee some of that,” she slurred.

I grabbed her arm and yanked her hand away from my rigid member. “Mom,” I hissed, “it’s me, Joe, your son! Not one of your fucking lovers!”

Mom began to thrash about wildly as she came fully awake.

“Let me out of here,” she wailed drunkenly, “I told your father I would never get in this fucking coffin!”

In the darkness, I struggled trying to grab her and calm her down. I grabbed her arms and then she started kicking me. I slid over, wrapping my arms around her sweating body, pinning her arms to her body. She continued to scream and struggle. We rolled to the floor with me on top. Mom freed her arms and began beating me about the face and shoulders. I recaptured her arms and pinned them above her head.

The overpowering odor of gin assaulted my nostrils. The shelter reeked with odor of sweat and gin.

“Mom you have to lie still. It will only be a few minutes and the storm will pass.” Our exertions had exhausted us both. I lay on top of my mother, desperately trying to catch my breath. I was acutely aware of her naked body under me. Her large breasts were pressed against my chest. I could feel the prickle of her pubic hair through my shorts

The clatter of objects striking the outside of the shelter underscored our danger. Mom panicked and began to thrash about.

“Let me out of here,” she screamed.

Despite the fact that it was my mom, I was aroused. Hell, I was wrestling with a naked voluptuous woman. Our struggles caused her breasts to slide up and down my bare chest. I was basically dry humping her as I tried to wind my legs around hers to restrain her, my cock was pressed between her legs. I could feel her legs wrap around me as she freed them from mine and tried to throw me off. I raised up trying to get more leverage. I felt my cock slip from my boxers and rubbed through her bristly thatch.

In spite of the tight confines and the howling wind outside the safety of our shelter, my dick was getting hard. I could feel her wetness. Over the screaming of the wind and the repeated thuds of debris assaulting our haven, I shouted at mom to calm down. With her legs in the air, kicking and screaming, her hips thrust up and my cock slid down and right into the tight wet confines of her pussy.

We both froze. “Oh my god mom, I am so sorry!” I tried to raise up but she started struggling under me again. I dropped my weight back on her trying to pin her and keep her from hurting herself. My cock slid deeper into her pussy.

“Gawddamit, get off me, you bastard!” she howled. Her thrashing about only served to make my cock slide in and out of her pussy. I felt her pussy began to pulse as her arousal increased.

In the hot dark confines of our shelter with the storm raging outside, I began to thrust in and out of my mom’s pussy. I managed to get my mouth on one of her breasts and nipped hard on the nipple. My reward was a sharp intake of breath and a thrust up of her pelvis.

As the storm raged outside, mom and I fucked. She was an animal, biting my shoulder, scratching my back with both hands.

“Gimmee all the motherfucking cock! Fuck me like you mean it!”

“You bitch! You useless slut! I love you! Mom, I love you!”

Mom wrapped her legs around my back. Her arms encircled my neck.

“All you bastards say that! Then you fuck me and leave!”

Mom started to cry. Her legs released me and she lay back on the thick quilt on the floor.

“I won’t leave you, mom! I’ll never leave you!”

I raised on my arms. The fury of our fucking turned to the tenderness of a mother and son needing and loving each other. Mom’s hands came to my face. She caressed my cheeks. Then she kissed me, her tongue outlining my mouth.

“Don’t leave me, baby! Please don’t ever leave me! I need you!”

We became a symphony of fucking. Our bodies finding the rhythm as if we had done this for years. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh competed with thunder of the storm. We added the sound of our grunts, moans and the squishy sound of hard dick in wet pussy to roar of the storm.

“Fuck mommy, baby! Fuck mommy!”

“I have wanted to love you like this all my life!”

Something large slammed into the shelter. Mom and I wrapped our arms around each other. Our hips never stopped thrusting. Hungrily, the fear of death added to the intensity of our sex.

“Come, son, come in your mother’s pussy! If we don’t make it, I want the sperm of the one man who I know loves me in my womb!”

The tight confines of the steel box reeked with odor of our fucking and the sweat from our bodies. The sweat was like a lube that let us slide our bodies in our incestuous tryst. We came together, thrusting, groaning and growling like rutting animals. Mom had incredible control of her Kegel muscles and milked my cock dry.

We were laying like this, our arms tightly embracing, our leg entwined, my still hard cock buried in mom’s pussy, when the rescue workers undogged the box from the outside. At first there was an embarrassed silence as they thought they had rescued two lovers sharing what they thought was their last moments. It turned to outrage when they realized they had rescued a mother and son engaged in a perverse act. Still, they did their job.

The subdivision was field of twisted wreckage. Miraculously there was no loss of life. The wreckage of our home lay scattered about the yard. The safe room anchored to the concrete floor of the garage saved our lives.


That was all two years ago. The local sheriff decided not to arrest us because of the extenuating circumstances. However, we had to leave town. It worked out well for us. Dad had insurance on the house that paid off handsomely. We used that to move to a small beach house in Florida.

I got mom into AA. She did well in the program. She even started going to a gym, began losing weight. She began to look like her old self. That is when we found out she was pregnant.

I can see mom and Haley now from the lanai. They are building a sand castle on the beach. Haley is 10 months old and a handful. I am watching as mom struggles to her feet and tries to catch her so she could have lunch. I get up and go out to help. Trying to corral an active toddler can be difficult when you are six months pregnant. We are hoping for a boy this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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