Straight Married Man Extra Credit

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Professor Gum was sitting in his car in the University parking lot. It was a windy day and he had the perfect spot to see wind blown up-skirts as female coeds walked to their cars. A gust of wind just then blew a woman’s skirt above her waist and he had the perfect shot of her figure and panties. He had a small video camera on his dash that caught the moment. It made him hard and horny.

He saw Sammy, one of his students, walking toward him spoiling the moment. Subconsciously he swore in scorn that he would make Sammy pay for the interruption. However as always to his students he was cheerful and upbeat.

Sammy came up as he rolled down his window all the way to greet him. “Hi Professor Gum, how are you?”

“Well I am good. What can I do for you?” He was parked at the end of the parking lot and there was nothing on that side of the car all the way to the woods. At this time of the day there were few cars as people parked closer to the building. After all they had to carry books and what have you. His windows were tinted so he had privacy there when needed.

Sammy admitted, “I want to ask you for help. I have to pass your class or I won’t get the degree in time to save my job. It will jeopardize my marriage as well.”

Professor Gum remarked, “You do have seriously bad grades.”

In desperation, Sammy said, “Is there anything I can do? I’ll do anything.”

Looking up Professor Gum realized the last of the skirts had reached their cars and were driving home.

Noticing Professor Gum’s gaze, Sammy looked down at his crotch and saw he had a raging hard on demanding attention.

“Anything?” Gum asked rhetorically. “Prove it.” Of course he meant by studying harder.

“Ok,” Sammy responded with a sudden inspiration, and slowly started reaching in the window.

Gum saw Sammy starting to reach in. Gum’s hard on was demanding more attention than that. He watched and could not imagine that Sammy was reaching for his cock. In disbelief he watched as Sammy’s hand reached his pants and momentarily rubbed the fabric on the side before stealthily reaching the mound created by his cock with the pants fabric stretched tight.

Reflexively Gum clinched as Sammy’s hand started exploring the shape of his cock through the fabric. As the hand moved south on his shaft Gum involuntarily hunched his cock and Sammy’s fingers wrapped around his ball sack with one finger teasing his perineum and taunting his warm asshole.

Sammy had never touched another man before and was intrigued at how it felt to feel another man’s privates even if it was gaziantep suriyeli escort through clothes. As his hand traveled back up the cock shaft Gum unlatched the door. At first Sammy thought he was going to be told to leave but Gum guided him from leaning through the window to crouching in the door.

With renewed vigor, Sammy let his hand and fingers travel the seams of Gums zipper fly. Then he took hold of the brass zipper and pulled it downward until his underwear was revealed.

Sammy took one hand at the small of Gums back and started sliding his pants and underwear down while palming his butt crack. With the other hand he opened his pants taking the band of his underwear to clear his cock head, and pulled them down. He had his balls in the palm of that hand and his butt cheek in the other. Bending over he blew a stream of air up and down his shaft. Opening his mouth he enveloped the cock head while he blew air over it through his mouth. He licked the skin of the shaft and Gum reacted when the breath of air cooled his cock, removing heat and making it even harder.

At the cock head Sammy let his tongue wet and tease for pre-cum and was soon rewarded. He tasted it, then wetted the entire cock head with his tongue moving in a butterfly pattern.

Sammy could feel the throbbing cock through his lips. He was fascinated by the silky feel of the skin, and the taste of the shaft. He kept feeling the puffy cum vein with his tongue, and kept checking the pee hole for more pre-cum. Pre-cum and saliva was making the back of his throat slick. The cock was throbbing more and Gum’s hips involuntarily hunched and thrusted. Soon Gum grabbed the hair at the back of his head and started pulling.

The cock head was hitting the back of his mouth but Sammy was surprised when the head squeezed into his throat a little bit.

Feeling the warm squeeze on his cock head Gum couldn’t control his self much longer.

Sammy felt the cockhead move back and forth a little, still at the very opening of his throat, but suddenly he felt gushes of cum shoot into his throat lubing it well and the shaft of the cock went in. He felt his mouth go all the way to the base of the cock until his balls were against his lips and the front of his tongue. Sammy felt the seam of the ball sack on his tongue.

Several cum shots had gone straight down his throat then Gum pulled his cock out to the front of his mouth momentarily long enough to coat his tongue with a pool of cum. He savored the taste for the first time, and then swallowed it.

Gum held his head down until his cock stopped pulsing and throbbing.

Sammy kept holding his balls and butt cheek with his hands. He caressed every bit of Gum’s ass, and felt of his ass crack top to bottom, the tip of his finger playing the asshole for a few moments.

Gum ran his fingers through Sammy’s hair and caressed his head. Reaching further he fondled Sammy’s ass for a minute.

Gum said, “Come to see me tonight in my office after evening classes.”

Sammy felt a new high of accomplishment. Maybe now he would have a chance with his classes. He had never sucked cock before but it was worth it. Actually he liked it. It was his first time and he found it exhilarating.

After his classes, Gum headed to his office. How fortunate, he thought, it is too risky anymore to mess with female students, and it is starting to get that way with male students who usually don’t tell, but Sammy is a married male student and not likely to break silence due to his marriage, or the risk of embarrassment. Gum had hopes of having his fun and helping the student to succeed at the same time.

Pensively Sammy reached for Gum’s door and knocked. Hearing a response, he entered Gum’s office.

“Lock the door for me please Sammy.”

“Here are some notes for you to start a new program of study habits for this course. They are only for the next few days and you will need to come by for a new set. I am creating this plan just for you, in outline form. Do you still maintain that you are willing to do anything?” He set them on the corner of the desk for Sammy to pick up on the way out.

“Yes,” answered Sammy. He was willing to work for it, and sucking cock wasn’t so bad, and nobody saw it.

“First I want to get a picture of my dick in your mouth to remind me of your first time.” He wanted to back up the video from the camera on his dash.

With tenderness Sammy got on his knees and took Gum’s cock out.

Gum was capturing all this on video, and took some great still shots as well. “Hold it in your lips with just the tip in your mouth.” He snapped some pictures. “Now sensually kiss it with fish lips. Check if you have a pre-cum drop at the top.”

Sammy pulled his face back and looked at the tip. There was a drop and he took it up with the curved point of his tongue while looking up at the camera point of view.

“Now let’s get a picture of it halfway into your mouth.”

Sammy complied.

“You are doing well, so let’s take your clothes off. I want you stripped naked so I can get some pictures of your naked ass, and fully nude.”

“On your knees, let’s get a picture of you deep throating like you did before. Take your time.”

Gum waited until Sammy’s lips were buried in his pubic hair, had him look up, and took some pictures. Sammy sucked his balls also. Gum said, “lick my ass crack, rim my asshole, and wash my entire ass with your tongue until you can still taste it with your dinner.”

Sammy got on his hands and knees and stayed in the right positions for the camera.

“Now stand up and let me take some pictures of your naked profile.”

When Sammy stood up, Gum admired his ass cheeks, and his cute and tiny butt crack. He reached down and fondled Sammy’s ass so the video would get the firmness and bounce of his ass cheeks when played with.

“Put your hands on the desk here bending over the top of the desk.” After a couple shots, “Now reach back and spread your cheeks.” Gum got pictures of his entire ass crack, butt cheeks, and asshole. He also got shots of his hanging balls. He reached down and played with Sammy’s balls for a minute.

Sammy actually liked all this. It was far more attention than his wife ever gave him in play.

“Hold still over the desk like that.” Gum took some gel lube and spread it down Sammy’s ass crack to his asshole. Gum spread it on Sammy’s asshole and used his finger to poke some in. “Now I want you to relax your asshole.”

Gum took his clothes off and rubbed his cock up and down Sammy’s ass crack. He stopped and teased Sammy’s asshole with the tip of his cock. He rhythmically pushed until the tip of his cock was partially in.

“Now relax and push back. You can hump a tiny bit, and wiggle your ass on it. Open your ass hole when you push back.”

Soon enough Sammy felt the head of Gum’s cock push in. Relaxing a minute he pushed back some more and felt the warmth of the shaft lodge in his asshole. He relaxed again and soon was pushing all the way to the root and felt Gum’s pubic hair on his ass. Gum’s balls were bouncing on his own.

Gum took pictures of the cock head starting in, of his cock half way in, and of his cock all the way in to the balls. His cock took up most of the ass crack and he got a wonderful picture of that.

Sammy squeezed his ass on the cock, and Gum pushed his cock and it throbbed in Sammy’s hole with every stroke. Sammy liked it and felt the gushes of cum in his gut for the first time. It was thrilling.

Gum spanked Sammy’s ass and watched it wiggle, as he felt his cock start to shrink in Sammy’s asshole.

Gum was already thinking of how many other young straight married men were in his classes.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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