Stranded Daddies

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Stranded Daddies

By Beating Off Bob

Dave Thompson turned the radio up a little as “You’re Addicted To Love” came on the station they were listening to. He heard Robert Palmer, but, in his mind’s eye, he saw the dead pan faces of the women on the video, as they held guitars and swayed enticingly. Dick Williams, his next door neighbor, and best friend, started rocking in the seat next to him as he got into the beat too.

The girls were in the back seat, dead to the world, after a soccer game that had been a real thriller. Dave looked into the rear view mirror to make sure he hadn’t made the music too loud, and wakened them. They’d played hard, and they were bushed.
Stranded Daddies

By Beating Off Bob

Dave Thompson turned the radio up a little as “You’re Addicted To Love” came on the station they were listening to. He heard Robert Palmer, but, in his mind’s eye, he saw the dead pan faces of the women on the video, as they held guitars and swayed enticingly. Dick Williams, his next door neighbor, and best friend, started rocking in the seat next to him as he got into the beat too.

The girls were in the back seat, dead to the world, after a soccer game that had been a real thriller. Dave looked into the rear view mirror to make sure he hadn’t made the music too loud, and wakened them. They’d played hard, and they were bushed.

“Man, the memories this song brings back,” said Dick, his face twisting as he mouthed the words “addicted to love”, hamming it up.

Dave was so into the music that he didn’t see the warning light on the dashboard light up. It wasn’t until he felt the car falter, that he looked down and saw the “oil” light brightly lit. He heard the rapid, staccato sound of valves, trying to work without oil, and knew it was bad already, if he could hear it over the music.

“Fuck!” he snarled, letting off of the gas. His hand flashed to the volume knob and he twisted it viciously.

“Hey!” said Dick, and then he heard the noise too. “Uh Oh,” he said, unnecessarily.

Dave pulled to the shoulder and shut it down. Even inside the cab they could both hear the crackle and pop of overheated metal, flexing in the motor compartment. He looked in the rearview mirror, to see if there was any traffic behind him, and when he didn’t see anything, he opened his door. He leaned down and pulled the hood release, groaning when smoke flowed out of the gap created by the hood popping up a few inches.

Both men stared at the engine. They could feel the heat, standing three feet away. The dip stick had burned Dave’s fingers when he tried to pull it. There was a rag in the trunk, but he didn’t want to go get it. He knew what he’d see when he pulled the stick. Nothing. He’d see nothing, where a black coating of oil should be, where the cross hatched lines lay next to the words “operating range” on the dip stick.

“Did you check the oil when we left?” asked Dick.

Dave shot him a dark look. “Of course I checked the oil. I’m not an idiot.”

“Just asking,” said Dick.

“What’s going on?” came a female voice.

Both men looked to see Denise Williams, Dick’s daughter, come from where the open hood had blocked their view of her getting out of the back seat. Both men noted her short, lush body, still in her soccer uniform. That uniform did nothing to hide her big breasts. Her dark brown hair had been let out of it’s pony tail, and fell to her shoulders in long gentle waves. She looked at the two men with startling hazel eyes, that seemed to flicker from green to blue, depending on the light. At first glance, she was stocky looking, short and wide. But a closer examination, and the right clothing, revealed that, below broad shoulders, and breasts that looked too big to be on such a short girl, there was a narrow waist, and then hips that, combined with the shoulders and breasts, were why she looked so stocky.

“Did you break the car, Uncle Dave?” she said, putting her hands on her hips. Both men stared at her. They had stared at her all through the game. Dave stared at her every time she came over to the house, to see his daughter, Cindy, who was apparently still asleep in the car. Dick, her father, had stared at her for years, unbelieving, as she turned from a little girl into a young woman any man would gawk at.

She saw the disgusted look on her “uncle’s” face, and realized he was really upset.

“How bad is it?” she asked, serious now.

“Oil,” said Dave, shortly.

“Or lack, thereof,” said Dick.

“Well, put some more in,” said Denise. “I’m hungry.”


Dave finished unloading the trunk. He’d found two quarts of oil, amid all the sports gear, old newspapers he’d forgotten to take to the recycling point, the picnic blanket they hadn’t used in years, and one very flat spare tire. Thank goodness they didn’t need the spare.

He poured the oil in and felt arms go around his waist. His daughter had woken up as they tore the trunk apart, and had been brought up to date by her best friend. She didn’t say anything, and he knew she was just trying to make him feel better.

He put the cap back on and then got on one knee, to look under the car. He saw oil start dripping out slowly, and knew what had happened. In the parking lot, after the game, he’d tried to pull forward, through the empty slot in front of the car. He’d forgotten there was a concrete tire barrier, and his forward momentum had carried the car over it. Everyone in the car had heard the crunch and groan of metal impacting concrete, but he’d though it was just the frame.

Turned out it must have been the oil pan.

“We have to go!” he yelled. “It’s leaking out! COME ON!”

They all piled into the car and he started it. The knocking was there immediately, but he put it in gear and started forward. He wanted to go fast, to get somewhere quickly, but knew that running the motor at slower speeds would do less damage. They were in the middle of nowhere, taking what looked like a short cut on county roads … at least it looked like it on the map. He couldn’t remember if they’d seen any traffic, but he knew he hadn’t passed anybody, or been passed, for quite a while.

Dick yelled, with pent up anxiety, as he saw the sign up ahead.

“Flannery – 1 Mi” it said.

Dick grabbed the map and stuck his nose two inches from it.

“We’re on 79, right?” he asked.

Dave nodded, but kept his eyes on the road.

“I don’t see anyplace called Flannery on the map,” said Dick.

The knocking intensified, and took on a deeper tone.

“It had better fucking be there,” snarled Dave.

“Now Daddy!” came Cindy’s voice, chiding him for cursing. He ignored her.

There was a silo ahead, and a small cluster of buildings. A faded sign said “Flannery – unincorporated”, and then there was a railroad crossing sign, and then there was Flannery, which was composed of the grain elevator and seven other buildings. One was a gas station. Dave more or less aimed the car there and winced as he heard things begin to rattle under the hood. As if the motor knew it had done it’s job … had gotten them to civilization … it gasped its last and died with a series of jerks and shimmies that shook the whole car.


A man in overalls came lumbering toward the group. He had on a ball cap that, at one time, had been red, but was now an indeterminate maroon color, due mostly to grease that had almost covered up the red. He had a rag in one hand, which was also greasy. He used that rag to wipe his hands, frequently. An observer might have noticed that, sometimes, the rag got grease on his hands, instead of cleaning them.

“You folks having some trouble?” he asked. He waved his hand in front of his face to blow away the smoke and fumes that were billowing from under the hood of the car.

“I think I hit something and put a hole in the oil pan,” said Dave.

“Hmmmmm” said the man. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Dave looked at Dick, who shrugged, as if to say “Well … he’s right.”

“Is there a mechanic around here?” asked Dave.

“That would be me,” said the man. “Howdy, I’m Jimmy Joe.” He stuck out his hand, which was covered in grease.

Dave took it anyway. In a place this small, there couldn’t possibly be more than one mechanic, and he didn’t want to get off to a bad start with this one.

“Dave Thompson,” he said, and then found himself introducing the whole group to the man. He felt stupid, but finished. Jimmy Joe spent extra time examining the girls, and grinned happily as they each gave him two fingers to shake.

“Will she start?” asked Jimmy Joe.

“I sort of doubt it,” said Dave. “Key’s in it.”

Jimmy Joe got in, turned the key and listened as the motor turned over slowly, but didn’t catch. He got out again, shaking his head.

“Ain’t looking good,” he said. “Help me push her over there and I’ll do some checking to see how bad it is.”

The three men pushed, while Cindy steered, and they ended up in front of the open garage door that was part of the station. Jimmy Joe got a jack and lay on the ground to position it. Then he stood, pumped the handle, and rolled under the car on a creeper. He rolled back out, went to a tool box, made some selections, and rolled back under the car. Ten minutes later he rolled back out, pulling the oil pan with him. It had a white colored scrape on it, with wet oil streaking away from a tear that looked like a crack. He stood up, lifted the pan, and peered inside. Then he stuck a finger inside and wiped along the bottom. He held the finger out for Dave to look at.

“See all that pretty sparkly silver stuff?” he asked. “That’s shavings of metal from your motor. They ain’t supposed to be in the oil pan.”

Dave wanted to scream. Of course metal shavings weren’t supposed to be in an oil pan. Any idiot knew that!

Jimmy Joe went blithely on. “The bad news is that your oil pan needs to be replaced. The good news is that there will be a new oil pan on the new motor you’re going to have to have.”

“Where the hell am I supposed to get a new motor around HERE!?” yelled Dave, his frustration boiling over.

“I’ll call Lester,” said Jimmy Joe. “He’s sort of our parts man in these parts. He might have something that will fit in your car.” Jimmy Joe smiled helpfully. “Course, that will be used and all, but, to be honest, I don’t even know where to call to get a brand new motor.”

“How long?” asked Dave, preparing himself for more bad news.

“To fix it?” asked Jimmy Joe.

“Uh … yes,” said Dave, his voice tight.

“Well,” said Jimmy Joe, looking up into the sky, for some reason, “If Lester’s got something, maybe a couple of days.”

Dave blinked. That wasn’t so bad. He looked at Dick. Dick looked at Jimmy Joe, and then said “Why don’t you call Lester, while we talk.”


There wasn’t much to talk about. It was obvious they weren’t going anywhere real soon, unless they could rent a car. A quick question to Jimmy Joe, while he was on the phone with Lester, determined that wasn’t going to happen. The girls had had a little sleep in the car, but were still tired from the rigors of the game, and home was still three hours away. It was getting late, too. Cindy, who had been listening quietly, tugged at her father’s shirt sleeve.

“Daddy, there’s a motel over there,” she said, pointing.

Dave and Dick turned to look. Behind a row of trees was an old style motel, in the shape of an “L”, with a row of rooms making the two legs of the L, with the office at the corner. A faded sign stood beside the dirt driveway. The letters could barely be made out, but they said “The Queen’s Motor Court” A smaller wooden sign hung under the bit one. Dangling from one of two eye hooks, and moving slightly in the breeze, it said “Vacancy”. There was one car, parked near the office, but it was rusty and beat up. It could have been there for years, based on the look of things.

“I don’t think that’s actually open for business,” said Dave.

Jimmy Joe waddled back to the group, ogling the girls again, and told them that Lester was pretty sure he could come up with a motor that would fit in the car. He’d know for sure sometime in the morning. They asked him about a rental car again, but he said the only cars in town belonged to people who needed them. He floored them all by suggesting they stay the night at the Queen’s Motel, which obviously meant the dilapidated place Cindy had pointed to. There was no restaurant in town, but the store would be open in the morning, and they could buy something to eat there.

“But I’m hungry now!” moaned Denise

“I’ve got some candy bars in the station,” offered Jimmy Joe. “They ain’t too old … mebbe a couple of months.”

“Where are you going to eat?” asked Cindy, turning on the charm.

Jimmy Joe looked at her frankly. “I take my meals with my lady friend, Maggie. I ‘spect she’d be a might off her feed if I brang home a bunch of strangers … specially two girls like you. She might not let me … I mean she might be mad.” He frowned. “Maybe Pops, over at the Queens has something. I know them rooms of his have cookin’ stuff in them … pots and pans and the like. I live there my own self, in one of his rooms. He might have some vittles he can sell you.”


In the end, there wasn’t anything they could do. They had no luggage. Their trip had been intended to be a run up to the game, which was a challenge match between their town soccer team and that of a town in a neighboring state. They were “sister cities”, in a program that had started decades ago, when one twin sister got married and was taken away by her new groom to live there. The sisters wanted to see each other, so they put on a campaign to have the two towns establish an official, if rarely attended to, relationship.

It was supposed to have been four hours over, play the game, and four hours back. The rest of the team was on a school bus, but Dave and Dick wanted to go see their daughters play, and the girls had ridden with them, instead of on the bus.

The door of the office opened under his hand, and Dave walked in to find an old time desk bell sitting on a dusty desk. He hit it with his palm and it rang loudly.

Nothing happened.

They could hear the sound of a television from back, behind the wall in back of the desk. He rang the bell again, and then again, until he got so frustrated that he started hitting it over and over again. Dick eventually stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

“The TV’s too loud. They can’t hear you,” he said.

Cindy took matters into her own hands by simply walking around the end of the desk and walking through a curtained door in the wall. Dave felt a stab of concern, and started after her. He was about to the curtain when it moved, and Cindy came back through, followed by a man who looked as decrepit as the motel.

He had to be in his late seventies, or early eighties, and walked with a shuffle. Two oversized hearing aids stuck from his ears, and Dave heard a high pitched squealing sound as the man fumbled with controls on each one.

“Dint know I had visitors,” he wheezed. He smiled, showing startlingly white and even teeth, that had to be dentures. They belonged in the mouth of someone fifty years younger. He shuffled to the desk and stood, looking at them, obviously waiting.

“We need a room,” said Dick.

“Room?” asked the man, leaning forward. “Course we got a room. This is a motel!”

“We NEED a room,” said Dick, much louder.

“All right,” said the man, as if something important had been decided. He pulled a big cloth covered book in front of him and flipped it open. Dust flew everywhere as the cover slammed down on the desktop. He flipped a couple of pages, until he found one that was only half filled in. With practiced hands, he spun the book in a half circle and pushed it towards Dick.

“Sign in right there,” he said.

“Do you have a pool?” asked Cindy.

“Rules?” said the old man, leaning forward again. “Don’t disturb the other guests. That’s my only rule.”

“No,” said Cindy. “I asked if you had a swimming pool!”

“Oh, POOL!” The man grinned. “They’s one out there, but it ain’t been filled for quite some time. I’d have to clean it out and all that. How long you folks staying?”

“Two nights,” said Dave.

“Tonight?” asked the man, looking disappointed. “If you’re only staying tonight, it ain’t’ really worth all that work.”

“NO, NO,” said Dave, shouting. “TWO NIGHTS … MAYBE!”

“Oh,” said the man, fiddling with his hearing aids again. “Damn batteries don’t last for shit.” He looked up. “I’ll try to take a look at it tomorrow. I won’t make no promises, though. Even though we’re on a well, it would take most of a day to fill her up, so it may still not be worth the trouble.”

Dick finished writing in the ledger, and spun it back around. The old man peered at it.

“Just one room?” he asked, looking back at them. “You all’s properly married … right? I don’t allow no funny business in my place.”

Both men looked shocked, and both girls giggled. Cindy draped herself over her father’s right side, hugging him.

“HE’S MY DADDY!” she yelled.

The old man peered at her and licked his lips. “Yeah … right,” he said. “Whatever you say. But all of you in the same room?” His eyes gleamed for a few seconds, and there was a half smile on his lips.

Then he shrugged. “Prolly better that way anyhow. I only got one that’s nice enough for folks like you. Got a Tee Vee and everything.” He smiled proudly. “Cable’s hooked up too, from Jimmy Joe’s satellite dish.”


The room matched the exterior of the motel.

There were four walls, with peeling wallpaper, and two beds, of the size that used to be called a double deluxe, which meant they were six inches wider than a double, and about a foot narrower than a queen. You couldn’t tell what color the carpet actually was, but that was from age, rather than dust – it had actually been vacuumed in the recent past. Table lamps provided most of the light, through dingy, yellowed shades that, in years past, had been white. The television was a 13″ color Sylvania set, that had quite possibly come off the assembly line as the girls who stared at it were pushed out of their mother’s birth canals. Only the microwave, on the counter by the sink, still had any shininess to it, but the light inside didn’t come on when Cindy pushed the button that opened the door. Dick, who was in need of bladder relief, discovered that the bathroom held a claw-footed tub, and a toilet that had a huge, round, silver handle on the front of the tank. The mirror was the front of a white-painted metal box on the wall, that swung open to reveal thin metal shelves inside, upon which someone, at some date, far in the past, had left a toothbrush that didn’t bend, flex, wiggle, or do anything else that a toothbrush made in the last ten years claimed to do besides simply brush teeth.

But there were no cobwebs, or mouse droppings, or any other signs that the room hadn’t been entered in a decade. Even slapping one of the bedspreads didn’t raise a cloud of dust, like Dave expected it to.

In short, it was shabby, but clean. While a grown woman would have wrinkled her nose and turned a wrathful eye on the man who had rented this room, the girls who now stood in it thought of it as “quaint”, and decided, almost together, that this had turned into an adventure. The men looked around and, like men, figured that if there was a bed, and a TV, that was all they needed.

“Where’s the remote?” asked Denise, looking around where the TV was sitting.

They all turned to the old man, who seemed not to have heard her question. She tried again.


The proprietor grinned. “Yeah, it’s a little remote, but we have us a nice town here. Don’t get too many visitors, but we get by OK. It’s nice and quiet.”

“NO,” said Denise impatiently. “THE TV REMOTE!” She pointed at the TV and pantomimed pushing buttons on her palm.

He bobbed his head. “Well, we don’t get regular TV way out here. Like I said, we ran a line from Jimmy Joe’s satellite dish. You have to watch whatever he’s watching, but you all look tired anyway. You prolly just want to get to bed anyway.” He leered at the girls and cackled, as if he’d made a joke. Then he turned and shuffled to the door. He walked out, leaving it standing open.

“Deaf as a post,” commented Dave. “That’s why he thinks it’s so quiet around here.”

Denise had bent over to peer at the control panel of the television set. Dave stared at her butt. Even in the loose uniform shorts she was wearing, her buttocks looked round and firm. He’d always thought she was going to be a babe, and a heart breaker, as she’d grown up over the years. He felt an uncomfortable sensation in his groin, and looked away as Denise pushed a button on the control panel.

The room was suddenly filled with a hissing static sound, and the screen of the TV resolved into snow, on a black background.

“Great,” she said, sounding miffed. “Now, where’s the channel selector?”

Cindy went to bend over beside her, and Dave was now faced with two sets of female buns. The uncomfortable feeling in his groin intensified. He wondered how he could stare at his own daughter’s buttocks and get excited. That was something that had been happening for the last two or three years, as his baby grew into a young woman. He forced his eyes away, looking at Dick, who was staring, not quite slack jawed, at the girls’ behinds too. Rather than feeling unhappiness that his best friend was staring at his daughter’s ass, Dave felt better, somehow. Maybe he wasn’t so perverted after all.

The sound changed from hissing to the obvious sounds of a woman having an orgasm, and both men jerked and stared past the girls at the screen, which had resolved into a picture of a penis, being shot in extreme close-up, as it slid in and out of a wet pussy.

Both girls stood, and stepped back, looking at the screen interestedly. The scene changed to a wide angle shot of a man, on top of a woman, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. The volume was loud enough that even the motel proprietor could have heard it, and the woman was making it very plain that she wanted it even harder and deeper.

Dick moved first, lunging for the TV and punching buttons like crazy, while he tried to block the screen by waving his hand in front of it. The girls giggled and took another step back.

“Daddy, you’re in the way!” complained Denise.

“How the hell do you change the channel?” gasped Dick. He’d already punched three buttons, and nothing had happened. Finally he hit the on/off button and the screen shrank to a point of white, on a black background, and then winked off.

“Well, I guess we know what Jimmy Joe likes to watch,” giggled Cindy.

“Totally inappropriate!” pronounced Dave, frowning. “I’m sorry you girls had to see that.”

“See what?” asked Cindy, grinning. “I couldn’t tell for sure what that was. What was that, anyway?”

Her father turned his frown on her.

“You know what that was, and you know I don’t approve of you seeing that stuff.”

Cindy had had her fun, and she tried to look chastened.

“Oh, OK. No harm done. Denise and I already know about the facts of life.” Then, like a woman does, she changed the subject. “Now, about food. I’m starving.”

Dick stood up, trying to ignore the TV. “Yes!” he said. “I’m hungry too. What say we try to find the store. There has to be a store around here someplace. Hopefully it isn’t closed yet.”

“You two go ahead,” said Denise. “I’m going to lie down. My legs still hurt from the game.

Cindy looked at her friend, one eyebrow going up, and then said: “Yeah, me too. We’ll just stay here and rest while our big, strong daddies go out and kill a moose or whatever.”

“There isn’t a moose within five hundred miles of here,” said Dave, looking at his daughter.

“Well then, trap a rabbit or whatever, but your darling daughters are starving, and you’re the men of the family, so it’s your job to feed us. Go on now,” she said, shooing them out of the door. “Go hunt, or gather, or whatever it is you big strong men do.”


Cindy stood by the curtain, peeking through it, watching as her father and her “uncle” walked out to the road. “OK, they’re gone now,” she said.

She turned to find Denise already turning the TV back on. She found the volume button and pushed it until the noise level went down considerably. The scene they had seen was over, and now there was a shot of a swimming pool, and a young man, with a net on a long stick, walking around it. An “older” woman was sunning herself on a chaise lounge, and was giving the pool boy orders. Among them she ordered him to put sunscreen on her, which he did with great enthusiasm. When he pushed his hands into the top of the woman’s swim suit, she pretended to scold him, but did nothing to stop his actions. By the time Dave and Dick had located what they thought was the general store, and were reaching for the door handle, their daughters were excitedly watching the pool boy stripping “the woman of the house” and sliding his impossibly large prick into her well-used pussy.


Dave reached for the door handle, looking at the cardboard sign in the window of the door that said “OPEN” in faded, red, capital letters. As his hand touched the handle, the sign seemed to slide away from him, into the store, and was flipped to reveal “CLOSED” in faded, black, capital letters. At the same time he heard a click, and felt the vibrations of the deadbolt being thrown, in his hand. The knob didn’t turn when he tried.

He knocked on the glass, rapidly and urgently, and saw the sign move again. There was a woman’s face peering out at him.

“PLEASE!” he shouted. “WE NEED FOOD!”

The sign was pulled aside, and two eyes looked out at them. Dave backed up, automatically, to let her see that he was doing so. The sign flopped back down, still reading “CLOSED”, but the door opened about five inches.

“We’re closed,” said the woman’s voice.

“Please,” said Dave again. “We broke down, and our car’s in the shop. We’re staying at the motel down the street, and we don’t have anything to eat. All we need is some food.”

The door opened further, and the face came into view. The woman was blond, but it was pretty clear that wasn’t her natural hair color, since it was a brassy yellow color that didn’t quite go all the way to the roots.

“You’re staying at Pop’s place?” she asked, sounding incredulous. “Really?”

“I believe it’s called the Queen’s Motor Court,” said Dick, trying to be helpful.”

“Imagine that,” said the woman. “Actual paying customers, staying at Pop’s!”

She opened the door.

The brassy blond hair was attached to the body of a woman who was just passing her prime. While she still had an hour glass figure, it was a well padded hour glass figure, and the sand was slipping into the bottom of the hour glass with increasing rapidity. She had generous breasts, and generous hips. In fact, everything about her body was generous.

“I’m Mable,” she said, her hand going to her hair. The men got the idea she hadn’t seen a strange man in years. “You boys just come right in and I’ll take care of you.” Her eyes went immediately to the third finger of their left hands. She felt a leap of anticipation when she saw both fingers were bare.

Both men got the feeling that “take care of you” meant something different to this woman, than it did to them. Not that she was ugly, or anything, but there was a flavor of aggressiveness about her that promised that, if she got her hooks in a man, he would have a hell of a time getting her hooks OUT of him, should he ever desire to do so.

“You boys traveling alone?” she asked, interest in her voice.

“No!” said Dick, a little too quickly, and a little too loudly. He darted a glance at Dave. “The women are at the motel.”

“Oh,” said Mable, sounding distinctly disappointed. “That’s nice.” It was obvious she didn’t mean that either. She became more business-like immediately. “Well, the weekly truck isn’t due until tomorrow, and everybody in town has already done their shopping, so the pickings will be a little slim, but we can find you something.

“Something” turned out to be a can of Spam, two cans of vegetarian vegetable condensed soup, a bag of potato chips, and a dusty can of asparagus. The men also got a half gallon of milk, and a box of Fruit Loops. There was enough beer along one wall to supply a company of thirsty soldiers, and Dave picked up a case, trying to see what the expiration date was on it. It turned out to be the freshest thing in the store.

The people in this town might have been forgotten by the world, or at least the world that didn’t deliver goods on trucks that drove through town, but Mable had a shiny, working credit card machine. She rang up their purchases on an antique cash register, that had keys like an old manual typewriter, that moved an inch, and made little red and white flags with numbers on them pop up in the window on the front of it, and then swiped Dave’s credit card with an expert twist of her wrist. It was a little like being in a museum, but they left with enough food to fill four hungry stomachs, even if it was mostly junk food.

“I live upstairs,” said Mable, as she walked them to the door, smoothing her dress over her substantial hips. “There’s a button beside the door. If you boys need anything … just push the button. Anything at all …”

Her invitation was obvious, and both men felt a little shiver of dread as they stepped out of the door, hoping they wouldn’t have to come back. Mable made the atmosphere predatory, and kept alarm bells ringing as the men stepped away from her. Still, they were stuck in this town, and they might HAVE to return, so Dave forced a smile onto his face.

“Thanks so much,” he said. “You’ve been a life saver, and we really appreciate it.”

Her smile showed white teeth. “No problem. Anything at all. I’m right upstairs.”

Dave swore she tried to wiggle her breasts at them, and turned to walk quickly away. Dick was right there with him.


They were twenty yards away when Dick gave a long sigh. “Man, that woman is dangerous!” he said under his breath.

“Ya think?” chuckled Dave. “People sure are friendly in this town.” He laughed. “You could be getting your pipes cleaned back there. What are you doing here with me?”

Dick entered the comfortable kind of man-talk easily. “What? I’m hard up. I admit it. But I’m not THAT hard up!”

Dave grinned. “I don’t know,” he said. “That’s the best offer you’ve had in … oh … at least the last month or two.”

“That’s the ONLY offer I’ve had in the last month or two,” laughed Dick. “Tell you what. You’re my best friend. I’ll back off and let you have her. That’s how much our friendship means to me.”

It went on like that, as two friends, who often joked this way while they played golf, or fished together, or engaged in any number of other pursuits in which they shared each other’s company.

The barbs had gotten around to the general subject of “bed warming” when Dick stopped.

“I just thought of something,” he said. Dave stopped and looked at his friend. Dick was frowning. “What do we do about tonight?”

Dave had already thought about that, though he hadn’t worked it through in his mind. There had been the faint, quick fantasy of sleeping with Denise, but he had pushed that out of his mind. He owed Dick a lot more than thinking about that. Thinking about sleeping with is daughter wasn’t a whole lot better. Around the house, neither of them were particularly bashful. She often walked around in bra and panties, or just a T shirt and panties, and he often wore his boxers in the evening. When his wife, Trudy, had taken off, leaving him to raise their daughter, they had become survivors together, and grew close in that mind frame. It was them against the world, and they were both proud of being successful at being a one-parent family.

Still, as she developed into a beautiful young woman, Dave couldn’t ignore that, and he had feelings for her that he knew were completely inappropriate. He still remembered teaching her to use tampons, and seeing her adolescent pussy, having something inserted in it. Her breasts had just been mere humps then, with unformed strawberry nipples, but her pussy had looked all grown up as the cardboard tube wormed its way inside her. To his father’s mind, seeing the tampon being pushed in was like thinking about a boy dumping his sperm in her, and when she took the empty cardboard tube out, and smiled trustingly at him, proud of her success, he had felt awful, staring at those delicious pussy lips, with that string hanging from them. Since then, seeing her walk around half naked was bad enough. He had a pretty good idea that sleeping in the same bed with her would affect him in ways he wouldn’t be proud of.

At the same time, he couldn’t very well admit to his best friend that he lusted after both girls.

“Maybe it should be you and me in one bed, and them in the other,” he offered.

Unknown to Dave, Dick’s life was startlingly like that of his best friend. He hadn’t had to teach Denise about feminine hygiene. Valerie, her mother, had taken care of that, on one of her infrequent visits from corporate headquarters, where she was a rising star. That’s why she wouldn’t marry him, when he knocked her up. She had plans, and they didn’t include being a full time mother. She’d agreed to have the baby, and to put his name on the birth certificate, so he wouldn’t have to adopt her, and she visited, once in a while, but that was it.

One other difference was that there wasn’t the same casual attitude about half nudity in their house. Denise always went fully covered, and he wore a robe, but even so, his daughter’s lush body hadn’t escaped his notice either. It was, perhaps, for that reason, that he tended to concentrate on Cindy, his best friend’s daughter. It didn’t feel so bad lusting after her, with her corn-silk hair, and slim, but still feminine body. He loved having her in the house, or being at their house, because he got to see those spiky nipples of hers poking through whatever she was wearing. In bed, alone at night, he had a hard time deciding which one to think of as he flogged his log, to get relief. Like Dave, he knew that, if he slept with his daughter, unwelcome thoughts would make sleep difficult. If he slept with Cindy, he might actually cum in his shorts.

And, like Dave, he couldn’t very well admit any of that to his best friend.

“I guess so,” he agreed. “That would probably work out best.”

Had either man been able to hear what was going on in the motel room, they might have thought differently than they did.


A new movie had started, on Jimmy Joe’s porn station. It was called “Sock Her Balls Tournament” They had laughed uproariously as women who had to be in their mid twenties, but were acting the parts of High School girls, pranced around on a soccer field, trying to kick a ball, while their fathers, who could only be five or six years older than the women, talked about how hard High School was for their daughters, and about how worried they were for their daughters’ virtue. All the shots of the women playing “soccer” were of tits and butts and hair flying. The men, while they talked about their “High School soccer stars” all had to rub their crotches, for some reason.

Cindy and Denise were almost in tears, laughing so hard, but stopped as one father began to massage his daughter’s “aching legs” after the game, in the privacy of their own home. When “Daddy” suggested that her uniform was in the way, she coyly removed it, along with her sports bra and panties, for some reason, and lay down on the bed.

It was obvious where this was going. Denise and Cindy had seen three different pricks fucking three different pussies, since their fathers had gone to find something to eat. Now, as “Daddy’s” prick slipped out of his robe, right in front of “daughter’s” eyes, and the “daughter” licked her lips, Cindy reached out and punched the off button.

“Oh my gosh this is just AWFUL!” squealed Cindy.

“Hey!” complained Denise.

“I can’t watch that!” said Cindy. She was flushed. “I used to sleep in the same BED as my Daddy!”

“You DID!?” squealed Denise. “You never told me that!”

“It was a long time ago,” said Cindy, waving her hand carelessly. “He made me start sleeping in my own bed when I started having periods.” She shifted uncomfortably in her uniform. Her nipples were tingling, and she wished she could take her sports bra off and pinch them. She hated bras, and only wore one during games, going without, the rest of the time, if she could get away with it.

Denise had a far-away look in her eyes, that Cindy knew well. Denise had three boys on a string. She let them play, but not much. Only touching of breasts was allowed. The same was true of Cindy, except that her just-broken-up-with boyfriend had bragged to his friends that she’d let him do a LOT more. When she found out, she dumped him, and then told him why. He’d accused her of being frigid, and she’d cut him off at the knees. “I’m looking for a nice hard prick,” she’d said sweetly, leaning toward him. “but not one shaped like YOU!”

Because the girls routinely discussed their love lives, and because they were one-for-all and all-for-one, they agreed to adopt the same rules, when it came to boys. They had, when they were both thirteen, sworn to have a double marriage, hopefully to identical twins, and go on their honeymoons together, to lose their virginities side-by-side. It had been a wild and hormone-driven dream, at the time, as they masturbated together in Cindy’s bedroom, during one of their almost weekly sleepovers.

Since then, of course, common sense had put that oath on a very back burner. Both girls remembered it fondly, but didn’t expect it to really happen any more.

But, because both girls routinely discussed their love lives, both girls had, at one time or another, expressed how much they thought of each other’s fathers. “Uncle Dave” and “Uncle Dick” were the coolest fathers on the planet, and both, according the their “nieces” were hunky hotties too. Of course both squealed and disagreed with each other routinely about that designation, but both were secretly proud that the other thought her father was handsome. Both girls thought their fathers were handsome too.

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Cindy, seeing the look on her best friend’s face. “You can’t have him. He’s mine.”

Denise’s eyes cleared, and her eyebrows rose. “But I thought you didn’t want to see that!” she said, pointing to the TV.

“He’s not mine THAT way!” said Cindy, blushing. “But you can’t have him that way either!”

“Oh, come on,” sighed Denise, seeing a way to needle her friend. “He doesn’t have a girl friend, and he’s not sleeping with you any more.” She grinned.

“Oh yeah?” said Cindy, rising to the bait. “So how would you feel if I let YOUR father do that to me?” She pointed to the TV too.

“Mmmmm,” said Denise, suddenly feeling her own nipples begging for attention. “That would be so naughty.”


Dave and Dick approached their room. The door was still open. Both were swearing from their walk in the heat, though, and just thought the girls had left the door open to air out the room. They hadn’t said anything to each other for the last hundred yards or so, just walking amiably in silence. It was for that reason, and the fact that Cindy had turned off the TV, that they were able to hear the girls talking, as they approached the open door.


“Knock it off,” said Cindy, frowning. “Don’t tease me like that. You know I just broke up with Randy. At least you still have John and Nick and Ted to play with your nasty little nipples!”

Denise knew she’d gotten the better of her friend, and backed off.

“I know, and I’m sorry about that. Randy was a jerk.”

“Are you sorry enough to loan me Ted?” asked Cindy, feeling better.

“No,” said Denise immediately. “But, unlike you, I’d share my Daddy with you.” She grinned.

Cindy spoke too loudly. “I can’t BELIEVE you! You have three boys to play with your titties, and you STILL want to sleep with my father!?”

Denise was unrepentant. “I SAID I’d share MY father with you too! Don’t take it out on me just because Randy claimed to have gotten your cherry!” She bored on in. “And YOU”RE the one who shut off that movie. I think you have the hots for your OWN Daddy!”


Both men stood stock still, jaws drooping, shocked to their cores by what they were hearing.

Dick felt a welling up of anger that three boys were allowed, according to Cindy’s rant, to feel up his baby girl’s sweet breasts! Then his daughter’s offer to “share” HIM with Cindy, thundered into his brain, exploding like fireworks.

Dave, hearing that the luscious young girl who was his daughter’s best friend, and his own favorite fantasy, wanted to SLEEP with him, had much the same effect on his own brain. The added information that some boy had tried to deflower his sweet daughter … and had failed … made something swell inside of him that threatened to make his body limp. His arms tightened reflexively on the paper bag in them, and the paper crackled.


“Don’t go there!” said Cindy, her voice loud. “Just because we talk about each other’s fathers doesn’t mean we should DO something about it!

“Hey!” said Denise. “I just thought of something!”

“Probably my Daddy’s penis!” snorted Cindy.

“I’m serious!” said Denise. “There are only two beds.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“Oh my GOSH!” said Cindy, explosively. “You’re right!”

“Looks like you get to sleep with your Daddy again after all,” said Denise’s voice, heavy with innuendo.

“I can’t do that!” moaned Cindy.

“I KNEW it!” squealed Denise. “You DO have the hots for your own father!”

“It’s not like that!” insisted Cindy. “I loved sleeping with him, back when I was little. He was so warm, and he smelled so good. I felt safe!”

“I know what you mean,” said Denise. “I used to fall asleep, lying on the couch while we watched TV. Daddy would carry me up to bed. I loved that. He felt so strong. I always wished he’d put me in his bed, but he never did.”

“Really?” asked her friend. “I though I was the only one who felt like that.”

“I’m sorry I teased you,” said Denise, again best friend to her best friend. “What are we going to do? We have to all sleep somewhere.”

“I don’t know,” said Cindy. “I think it would be better to sleep with my own father, than yours.”

“I know that!” said Denise. “I might attack Uncle Dave if I have to sleep with him.”

“Don’t lie!” said Cindy. “We’re both virgins and we’re both staying virgins until we’re married!”

“I know,” said Denise, her voice easy. “But it sure would be fun to sleep with a man … you know … just to see what it’s like. I mean there wouldn’t have to be anything like what was on TV, or anything. But it would be hot!” There was a pause, and Denise spoke again. “Tell the truth! Would you rather sleep with your Daddy, or my Daddy?”

“My Daddy!” said Cindy. “No! Your Daddy! … Oh … I don’t know. OK, I admit it! I have feelings for BOTH of them. There! Are you happy now?”

“In that case,” said Denise, her voice heavy with emotion, “maybe you and I had better sleep together. At least you can’t make me pregnant.”

“DENISE!” squealed Cindy.

There were giggles and the sound of soft thuds, as each girl grabbed a pillow and started an impromptu pillow fight.


Dave felt Dick’s hand on his sleeve, pulling, and he stumbled backwards, his frozen legs reacting to being off balance. Dick took him back towards the road, and closer to the building.

“What the fuck do we do now?” he asked. He was panting.

“Oh, man,” said Dave, his mouth dry. “Did you KNOW any of that?”

“Fuck no, I didn’t know any of that!” gasped Dick. “My little girl lets three boys play with her tits?!”

“At least my baby is still a virgin,” sighed Dave, reaching for what comfort he could find in the situation.

“They both are,” said Dick, feeling relief course through his body as he centered on that fact.

Dave turned to his best friend, his face frozen. “My daughter wants to sleep with you!”

Dick, still off kilter by what he’d heard, knew this was a dangerous situation. He grasped at the first defense that came to mind. “She wants to sleep with you too, from the sounds of it.”

Dave couldn’t deny that. He hadn’t had time to process that information. When he did, his world would flip flop all over the place, and his blood pressure would go up thirty points. But right now all he could think of was that this was an untenable situation.

“What the fuck do we do?” he asked, helplessly.

“We can’t sleep with them.” Dick’s voice sounded shaky. “Either of them.”

“Right!” said Dave, feeling some grasp of sanity returning. “We have to go with our original plan. Us in one bed, and them in another.”

“Right!” said Dick.

Both men grasped at the only plan they could come up with to put some sanity back in the situation.

“We’d better get in there,” said Dave.

“Yeah,” agreed Dick. “They might wonder where we are and come looking for us. We wouldn’t want them to see us here.”

Anyone who would have seen the two men huddling in front of a motel room door … that wasn’t to their room … would have assumed they were up to no good. No one was watching them, thankfully, and when they moved, both attempted to do something to warn the girls they were coming. Unfortunately, both men’s minds were centered on things sexual, so what Dick came up with was probably not the best thing to use.

“What a piece of work!” Dick almost yelled, as they approached the open door of their room. “That woman should be put on a leash!”

Dave caught on immediately. “What you said, buddy!” he said, as if Pops and his squealing hearing aids was trying to listen in. “We’re lucky to have gotten out of there with our pants on!”

They stumbled into the room, wide-eyed and pale, to find Denise sitting on one bed, and Cindy standing by the sink. Both girls were staring at the men.

“What happened?” asked Cindy.

“What?” gasped Dave. His eyes took in his daughter’s young, healthy appearance, and his mind’s eye saw her naked body, struggling with that of a young man, her age, as he tried to skewer her pretty pussy with his adolescent prick. He tore his eyes away from her to look at Denise, who was sitting on the bed, as if she were waiting for him to come undress her and take her to bed. He looked at the ceiling in self defense.

“What were you talking about?” asked Denise. “What woman?”

Dick was doing exactly the same thing that Dave was doing. His eyes went first to Cindy, tall and slim, her eyes looking back at him, and he thought of what it would be like to lie in bed with her. He tore his eyes away from her to rest on his daughter, who let boys play with her naked nipples. His eyes went to her breasts, and he looked away, also in self defense.

“At the store!” he blurted. “Woman … sold us things … very forward!”

Denise frowned. The idea of some woman trying to put the make on her father suddenly made her feel unhappy.


Neither girl, of course, had any idea that their conversation had been overheard. They, therefore, tried to act just like they would have if the situation were completely normal.

Except the situation wasn’t completely normal. It wasn’t anywhere NEAR normal … for any of them.

The men fumbled around, inordinately proud of the skimpy provisions they had obtained. The girls looked at the “feast”, and wanted to laugh at their fathers for being so proud. They didn’t. Instead they teased them.

“THIS is dinner?” asked Cindy, holding up the can of Spam in one hand, and the bag of chips in the other. “We’re growing girls, not cattle, to be fattened up!”

“It was the best we could do,” whined her father. He had been trying to focus on dinner, instead of on what he’d heard them saying.

“Adapt, improvise, overcome!” said Dick pompously, trying to do the same thing. He didn’t look at either girl as he went on. “We’re in strange circumstances here. Nobody planned this. You should be glad there’s anything at all, in this dump!”

“I know, Daddy,” said his daughter, who bounded up off the bed to hug him. “Thank you.”

Dick froze as his daughter’s soft breasts pressed into his chest, and her arms went around his neck. Boys had played with those breasts. That was all he could think of. At least until his brain notified him that his prick was stiff. With complete shock, he wondered how long he’d been like that, and if it showed. He moved his butt backwards, trying not to let his daughter feel it.

“Me too, Daddy,” chimed in Cindy, hugging her own father tightly. “We won’t be picky.”

What leapt into Dave’s mind was her comment “I have feelings for them both. OK? Are you happy now!?” While he didn’t feel her breasts, his body still realized she was young, female and beautiful. Her hair smelled wonderful too, and he realized that he was erect too.

It had been a long time for both men, and they were basically helpless.

“Well fix dinner, then!” blurted Dave, ducking his head to get out of his daughter’s grasp.

The girls, not through being properly thankful, turned to hug their “uncles” too.

“Yes,” breathed Denise into Dave’s chest, as her breasts mashed against him. “Thank you, Uncle Dave.”

“Thank you,” said Cindy, wrapping her arms around Dick. “We know you guys did the best you could.”

Both men had relaxed, as their daughters left them. Neither was prepared to be embraced by the other girl. Both men had rampant boners, by this time, and both girls felt them plainly as they pressed their young bodies against the men. Both girls had felt that kind of lump being pressed against them before, in a car, or on a dance floor at school. Both girls were clearly aware of what that lump meant, pressing against their abdomens.

And both girls thought that those lumps were for them.


It was strangely quiet in the motel room, as the girls disengaged themselves from their “uncles” and went to the counter. Both girls wished that the men weren’t there, so they could tell the other what had happened … what they had felt. Both girls were, at the same time, excited and a little unnerved. It was one thing to talk about being attracted to these two men. It was something completely different to feel the evidence of sexual arousal in them.

As for the men, they were still trying to process information that had turned the world upside down. It was one thing to fantasize about doing things with their best friend’s daughters. It was something else again to find out that the girls had the same, or at least similar fantasies.

Dave, his mind moving at a hundred miles an hour, reacted by habit, and turned the TV back on. The volume was lower, but the action was about the same as it had been when the TV was last on. In this case, it was an outdoor scene, where a woman was in a carriage, and the driver was between her legs, with her skirt up. She was calling him a filthy commoner, and had her legs wrapped firmly around his waist as he thrust repeatedly into her.

Dave groaned, punched the channel up button, and got snow. He kept punching, until he was treated to the carriage driver cumming on the lady’s pubes. He punched the off button viciously.

Oddly, it was the kind of thing that broke the tension, at least for the girls. Cindy tittered.

“That Jimmy Joe sure has lusty tastes,” she said, laughing. “I just hope he’s as good at fixing cars as he is at watching porn.”

Denise giggled, and both men sighed in frustration. With only one chair, one of them had to sit on a bed.


It was beginning to get dark outside by the time the meal was ready. Dick had located an air conditioner panel, in a long box under the picture window, and had coaxed the unit into a wheezing attempt to cool the room a bit. The air blowing from the louvers was cooler than the outside air, but not much. Everybody was sweating as they ate.

“So …” Cindy broke the silence. “Who sleeps where?”

Dave cleared his throat and looked closely at the Spam on his fork.

“Dick and I will take that one,” he said, pointing to the bed closest to the door. “You two can have the other one.”

“OK,” said the girls in tandem. Their faces gave nothing away, but the men knew what they were likely thinking. There was a sense of relief all around.

“We didn’t pack anything to change into,” said Denise.

Nobody had thought of that yet.

“You can wear my shirt,” said Dick.

“Your stinky shirt?” asked his daughter, making a face.

“It’s all I’ve got,” said her father, impatiently. “If you want, you can sleep in your uniform, instead!”

“It’s all stinky too,” said Denise. “I’ll take your shirt.”

“I have a shirt in the trunk.” said Dave. “I put it there in case I have to change a tire or something like that. It’s stained, but clean.”

“OK,” said Cindy, sounding unconcerned.


What was most awkward, after they finished their meager repast, was the fact that the things they usually did in the evening hours were not available to do. Television appeared to be out, unless Jimmy Joe changed the channel, which he apparently was loathe to do. There were no books, or games. It was summer, so there was no homework. Dave would have given ten dollars for a crossword puzzle book that they could all work on together, but he hadn’t thought to ask Mable for that.

Basically, they all had nothing to do, and long hours ahead of them before they went to bed. At least until they were used to going to bed.

Physically, the girls were in better shape than the men, in terms of the heat, which the struggling air conditioner valiently worked against, but with almost no success. It turned out that they were better off with the door to the room open, than closed, but they let the AC run anyway. The girls were wearing their soccer uniforms, which were loose, and made to breathe. The men were stuck in slacks and shirts, which were loose to some degree, but didn’t breathe all that well. Had they all been home, they’d have gotten more comfortable. But they weren’t home.

“Anybody want to go for a walk?” asked Dave, breaking the silence.

“May as well,” said Denise. “There’s nothing to do around here.”

They set out to discover the secrets of Flannery. Half an hour later they were still looking. There was a coin operated Laundromat, the store, the gas station, twenty-one houses, three dogs that barked at them, and two that did not, and, attached to the grain elevator, a farm store that had windows so dirty they couldn’t see inside. The only thing that made any impact at all were the dozens of rusty old cars, parked helter skelter, that the men were mildly interested in, because they were so old.

“Thank our lucky stars we’re not from here,” sighed Cindy, her feet dragging in the dust. The girls were wearing tennis shoes that they’d brought along, so they wouldn’t have to wear their cleats in the car. “I’d simply die of boredom if I lived here. I wonder what these people do for fun?”

“Sex,” said Dave, without thinking about it first. It was what had been on his mind as he watched the girls hips sway in front of him as they all walked along. He flushed bright red as both girls turned to give him a speculative look. “Small towns are famous for it,” he said weakly.

They were walking back toward the motel, passing a row of houses.

“I wonder which one is where Jimmy Joe’s lady friend lives,” said Denise. “I wonder what she looks like?”

“Why on earth would you want to know that?” asked her father.

“I don’t know,” said Denise, pouting a little. “He creeps me out a little bit. What kind of woman would want to be his girlfriend?”

“That’s unkind,” said Dick firmly. “Everybody deserves love in this world. I thought I taught you that.”

“I know,” she moaned. “But you have to admit … it would take a special kind of woman to want to …” She trailed off. Then, feeling everyone looking at her, she added “… you know … kiss him or something.”

“You mean a hard up one,” said Cindy, grinning.

“Cindy!” warned her father.

“OK, OK,” she said, turning around, and walking backwards. “How come you don’t have a girl friend, Daddy?” she asked. “I go on dates all the time, and you never do.”

Her mention of dates brought back the image of her boyfriend – ex boyfriend, thank goodness – trying to get between her legs. Dave pushed that image out of his mind by remembering the last woman he’d dated. Her name had been Helen, and she’d wanted a husband – bad!

“The women I’ve met all want to get married,” he said. “I’m a little gun-shy about that. Besides, another woman in the house would be a bad idea.”

“Oh really!” said his daughter.

Denise turned around and walked backwards too. It caused her breasts to bounce under her jersey.

“I had no idea we women were such a pain,” she said. “Is that true, Daddy? Is that why you don’t date either?”

“How would you feel if I brought some strange woman home and said “Hey cutie, meet your new mother!” said Dick.

Denise frowned.

“I thought so,” said her father. “All I need is a rebellious teenager in the house, and a new woman, who wants to take everything over and change it all.”

The girls wouldn’t leave it alone, though. Their own sexual tension was higher than normal, and maybe that’s why Cindy said what she did.

“But don’t you get horny?”

“What?!” choked Dave.

“Every boy I know is horny all the time,” said his daughter, used to being able to talk to him about anything. Had she known he’d heard her talking to Denise, she wouldn’t have said it. Both girls thought their fathers had no sexual thoughts at all, much less about them. “Don’t you get horny too?”

“I do NOT want to have this conversation,” moaned Dave. Denise, who didn’t talk to her dad nearly as often, or as intimately as this, couldn’t make her mind whether it was more interesting to stare at her best friend, or at her Uncle Dave.

“Why not?” asked Cindy, missing the pain in his voice. “We’ve talked about boys before.”

“Oh we HAVE, have we?” asked Denise, interest plain in her voice.

“Sure,” said Cindy, impatiently. “He tells me what to watch out for, and how to handle boys. You know that.”

“Oh you DO?” asked Dick, staring at his daughter.

Now Denise was on the spot.

“We’re best friends,” she said carelessly. “We talk about everything. I can’t remember all of it.” She turned to Cindy. “I don’t remember you telling me that your father told you how to handle boys!”

“Remember?” said Cindy, completely unaware that she was digging them deeper and deeper into a hole. “I told you what to do if a boy got too feisty?”

“Oh that?” asked Denise. “You didn’t tell me Uncle Dave told you that.”

“I didn’t?” Cindy sounded doubtful. “Well he did. And I shared it with you, like always.”

“What exactly do you do if a boy gets … feisty?” asked Dick, his voice dry.

His daughter beamed at him. “You knee him in the balls, just as hard as you can,” she said calmly.

Dick bent forward, reflexively, as if he’d just been kneed in the balls.

“Not that I’ve ever had to do that,” said Denise, carelessly. “I can usually defuse things before it gets to that point.”

“I don’t want to have this conversation either,” moaned Dick.

“How come you never told me that, Daddy?” asked Denise, some heat in her voice. “Don’t you care what happens to me?” Her voice rose on the last word.

“Of COURSE I care!” he blurted. “I just didn’t think that you let boys … I mean I didn’t think things would get that far …” He wanted to turn around, like the girls, and walk backwards too, just so he wouldn’t feel the weight of their eyes on him. He couldn’t do that, though. Anger gave him words. “You don’t need to be dating if it comes to that!” he barked.

Denise stiffened, and turned back around. She stalked down the road, speeding up. Cindy chased after her, and their heads were close together as they talked.

“If your daughter is anything like my daughter, you’re in big trouble,” said Dave. He thought it was funny, but didn’t smile.

“Did you really tell her that?” asked Dick.

“Sure,” said Dave. “She’s got to know what to do.”

“I never thought about it quite like that,” said Dick. “I guess I didn’t think about it at all.”

“Well, based on what we heard, you’d better START thinking about it,” said Dave. “I need to think about it some more too. I think we’re both in big trouble here, come to think about it.”

“Why?” asked Dick. “They won’t do anything with us. That’s crazy!”

“I agree completely,” said Dave. “But the fact is they’re thinking about it. What did you do when you were their age, when you thought about sex?”

“I tried to have it!” said Dick. He looked shocked. “Oh, fuck me to tears!” he moaned.

“Maybe it isn’t as bad as we think,” said Dave, feeling the same panic. The thought that his daughter was thinking about sex just about paralyzed him. He knew it shouldn’t … knew it was normal. Well not if it was about him and Dick … but … His thoughts got all jumbled up at that point. “They said they’re still virgins,” he said, reaching for anything to help him feel better. Cindy said it like they had a pact or something … to wait until they got married.”

“Did YOU wait until you got married?” asked Dick.

“Well … no … but …” Dave ran out of words there.

“What are we gonna do?” moaned Dick. “Do you really talk to her about anything?”

“We always have,” said Dave, grasping at what was normal. “I never talked to her about anything like they were talking about, though. I just told her to save her virginity for a man she really loved. I thought that was enough.”

“Maybe we should talk to them about this,” said Dick, grasping at the idea like it was a life raft.

“What do you mean?” asked Dave. “This” covered a lot of territory.

“You know … what they were talking about … about how that’s not a good way to think … about us, I mean.”

“How the hell are we going to do that?” asked Dave. “Are we just supposed to say ‘Hey, darlings, we sort of heard you lusting after us, and that’s not a great idea, so stop thinking about it!’ … that’s the craziest thing I ever heard!”

Dick looked glum. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Let’s just get through tonight, get the car fixed, and get back home. Maybe we can work things out there.”


Back in the motel room, the girls asked for their father’s shirts, and disappeared into the bathroom. When they came out, the men both stifled groans.

Dave’s T shirt came to Cindy’s mid thighs. It was pulled down tightly, and her modest breasts pushed her immodest nipples through the cloth so much that it looked like the cloth might tear from the strain.

Dick’s button down shirt had tails on it, which hung low on Denise’s front and back, but rode up high on her hips. Her olive complexion, gotten from her mother, made the shirt look thin. Two dark circles were visible through it where her ample breasts pushed it away from her chest.

They had washed their uniforms out in the bathroom sink, and were looking for a place to hang them up to dry. There was a closet in one wall, but no hangers. Denise reached up to hang her jersey on the end of a curtain rod, and her bare butt was exposed.

“Niece, honey,” choked her father. “You aren’t wearing any underwear!”

She was apparently still mad at him, because she looked over her shoulder, still on her tiptoes, her butt still showing, and frowned.

“We had to wash out our panties, Daddy. They were dirty.” She said it like he was the village idiot, and she was explaining it to him.

Dick looked at Dave, who was staring at Denise’s butt. He elbowed him.

“You want to knock that off?” he whispered.

“What?” said Dave, tearing his eyes away from Denise. He looked at his friend. “Um … sorry.”

“Were you looking at my butt, Uncle Dave?” Denise said, her voice full of syrup.

“Hey!” said Cindy. “I thought we …”

“Shhhhhh!” went Denise.

“Oh … yeah …” said Cindy, looking away and trying to act like she hadn’t said anything.

“Sorry,” said Dave, addressing the girl. “It was there, and I’m a guy. I had to look. It’s a rule.” He tried to make it into a joke, but the fact that Denise was STILL standing on her tiptoes, and that her buttocks were STILL displayed, made it fall flat.

“De-NEECE!” hissed Cindy.

Denise was apparently still sulking from the argument her father didn’t know he’d had with her on the walk. Or, she was still feeling horny from thinking about possibly sleeping with one or the other of the men. Who knows? In any case, she didn’t like it when her friend and the two men lined up against her.

“I’m not the one who didn’t put any oil in the car!” she said. “I’m not the one who got us stuck in the middle of nowhere! It’s HIS fault my panties are hanging in the bathroom!”

“Not fair!” blurted Dave, happy to have something to think about other than what was just in front of the beautiful butt crack he had just torn his eyes away from. “There was plenty of oil in the motor before I ran over a tire bumper!” He looked confused for a minute, as he realized that hadn’t gotten him off the hook. “And that was an ACCIDENT!” he added.

Denise went back down on her heels, finally, probably because her calves were giving out from standing on tiptoes for as long as she could. She had a little streak of exhibitionist in her that she hadn’t known about, until she realized she got tingles from Dave and her father staring at her bare butt.

“I know,” she said, in a complete turn around. “I shouldn’t have said that. I know you didn’t do anything on purpose.” She sighed. “It’s just so BORING here!” She actually stamped one bare foot. “I’m not sleepy, and there’s nothing to do!”

“We could play a game,” suggested Cindy.

“What game?” asked her friend.

“I don’t know,” said Cindy, waving the jersey around in her hand. She had been about to copy Denise, and hang it up on the other end of the curtain rod, when she realized that her butt would show too. “We could make one up!”

“How about twenty questions?” said Dick, trying to get things back to normal. “We used to play that all the time. Or ‘I’m thinking of an animal’, or something like that.”

Denise cocked her head. “That was fun, when I was little. Why not? It beats just sitting around looking at the walls.”

Dave held a half hysterical laugh in by pure force of will, as he thought about how the last thing he’d be looking at in this room was the walls. Not with two scantily clad girls prancing around. He knew that his daughter was sans-panties too, based on what Denise had said.


Once it was decided, the girls plopped down on their bed. They sat with their knees together, and their legs out to one side, leaning on an arm. At least initially. Dick sank gratefully into the chair, and Dave started to lie down on the other bed, until he realized that he was stiff as a board from looking at Denise’s ass, and that, if he lay on his back, it would look like a ferret had crawled up his pants leg, and curled up in his lap. He lay sideways, with is hand covering the lump, instead.

They started with animals. The number of questions was unlimited, but had to be answerable with only a yes or no. Denise started, thinking of a penguin. Her dad, who had played this game a lot, got it narrowed down quickly by asking if it was a bird, and if it flew. From there the others got it within three more questions.

Cindy went next, trying to stump them by thinking of a platypus. That one lasted a long time, until Denise asked if this mammal had live birth.

Dave tried an elephant, which was pathetically simple after Denise asked if it was larger than a horse.

Then Dick, who had played the game a lot, years ago, kept them all going for almost five minutes by thinking of a yak.

The game went on, eating up minutes, and the mood lightened as they tried to come up with rarer and harder animals. The girls, unthinking, adjusted their posture and settled into sitting Indian style, on the bed. Their natural modesty ensured that, as they did so, they tugged their shirts to cover their naked bodies.

That was fine, as long as neither girl lifted her arms.

The problem was that it’s unnatural to sit for an extended period of time and never lift your arms, or move around.

In their occasional excitement, the girls DID move, and those shirt tails moved too.

They had switched to thinking of things other than animals, when an argument started. Dave had thought of a quark, which he thought was a most excellent thing to think of, and no one had been able to get close to it, other than “atom”. When they finally gave up, and he told them what it was, Denise threw her hands up in the air and said:

“Well no wonder! That’s sub atomic! That’s not fair!”

Dave suddenly had an unobstructed view of Denise’s two pouting pussy lips, nestled below a tangled mass of brown hair. When her hands dropped, the shirt dropped too, but hung up on that tuft of hair, leaving her exposed. His eyes bugged out and he rolled onto his back, bringing one hand up to cover his eyes.

“You don’t have to overdo it!” said Denise, unaware of what had happened.

Her father, sitting in the chair, didn’t have the same view as Dave, but he saw the shirt lying high, and guessed what Dave had seen. He felt his prick tighten in his pants.

“Baby,” he said, a little too loudly. “You’re shirt.”

Denise looked down, and her olive complexion darkened to the point that she looked like a mulatto. Her hands grabbed the shirt tale, and stuffed it down between her legs.

Cindy giggled, and Denise turned a wrathful eye on her, only to find Cindy staring at her father. Denise looked, and immediately saw the bulging lump of his penis in his slacks. She felt a rush of something go wildly through her, and felt her nipples firm up. Seeing the evidence of what she had done to Uncle Dave was thrilling, in a naughty kind of way, and she suddenly loved feeling naughty.

“What’s the big deal?” she said, trying to keep her voice level. “Cindy has one too, and I’m sure you’ve seen hers.”

“Ohhhhhhh,” moaned Dave, bringing his other hand up to cover his whole face.

“Um … Dave,” said Dick, staring in horror at his best friend’s crotch. “Um … DAVE!” he said more loudly, when his friend didn’t answer.

“What!” moaned Dave.

“Um … your pants …” Dick couldn’t say any more.

Dave lifted his head, uncovered his eyes, and groaned again, sounding like he was quite sure the world was ending. He rolled to his left, and ended up in a fetal position, his back to the girls.

“Daddy!” said Denise, brightly. “This is a situation I’ve never been in before! What is your advice for me, Daddy?” She beamed at her father, knowing she was pushing the knife in harder. It was too much fun to resist, though.

Dick looked at his daughter blankly. He had no idea what to do. He wanted to stand up and walk out the door, but he knew he couldn’t do that. For one thing, his own prick was mostly hard. That little problem wasn’t so little, as he began to come to grips with the fact that he wished, there for a few seconds, that he was where Dave had been, so he could see what Dave had seen. That thought was unsettling enough, all by itself, to render him immobile. Another part of him said he should stop her from humiliating his best friend … but then … his best friend had just gotten a boner after seeing his daughter’s pussy!

Denise wasn’t the only one who was in a completely new situation, and didn’t know what to do.

It was Cindy who brought some semblance of control back to the situation.

“Denise!” she barked. “Just because you’re mad at YOUR Daddy doesn’t mean you can take it out on MY Daddy!”

“I’m not taking anything out on ANYBODY!” yelled Denise. She had a hard time getting over being mad, and being horny didn’t help things at all. “He looked at my … he looked at me!” she insisted, “and he got like THAT!” she pointed. “And he did it right in front of my DADDY!” she yelled. She was acting like a poor young girl who had been taken advantage of which, to be honest, was the right role for her to play, in most situations. The problem was that Cindy knew how hypocritical she was acting. The men did too, though they weren’t actually thinking about that at that moment.

“Don’t be a bitch!” warned Cindy. She couldn’t remind Denise of their earlier conversation, with the men there, but she felt like she had to exert some kind of control over her friend, or things were going to go to shit much worse than they already had.

In Denise’s mind, though, as young people often do, she ignored the fact that she had lusty thoughts about “Uncle Dave”. She was well aware that young girls aren’t supposed to lust after their best friend’s father, not to even speak of having similar thoughts for her OWN father. When that same adult displayed obvious lust for HER, breaking all the rules that applied to HIM … her sense of fair play was given a slap, and she reacted like most young people do, in that situation.

“HE GOT A BONER FOR ME CINDY!” she screamed.

Cindy’s reaction was fairly typical of a young person too. Her friend was acting stupid, in her opinion. More than that, though, her friend was embarrassing and tormenting the man Cindy loved most in the world. On an unconscious level, she understood the role that sex played in advertising, and most human relationships. She hadn’t thought it out on a rational basis, but she understood that her friend was good looking, and female, and that her father was a normal male, even if he hadn’t acted like it until this moment.

Cindy’s jumbled thoughts led her to fight back … to even the playing field.


She jumped up off the bed and stood in front of her friend’s father, who was sitting, shell-shocked, in the chair. She lifted her T shirt, displaying the soft, straight, short hair that framed her own pussy lips … right before his eyes. She saw them widen, and she saw him stop breathing.


She let her shirt fall, and leaned over to put her hand on Dick’s lap.


“CINDY!” shrieked Denise, who was so shocked that that was all she could shriek. This kind of behavior was completely uncharacteristic of her best friend. Cindy was the modest one, at least in public. Cindy was the one who wore modest clothes, and conducted herself in a lady-like fashion. Cindy would NEVER flash her pussy at a man, much LESS her best friend’s father! It shocked Denise so much that she actually calmed down.

“OK!” she yelled, pulling her shirt down to cover herself again. “OK!”

Cindy turned around. When she’d let her T shirt fall, it had caught on her round butt cheeks. Her pussy hair was just barely visible from the front, but it was in shadow. She gave a little tug to the shirt, and it slipped down to cover her again.

It was about then that both girls realized the import of what had happened. Things had gotten so out of control that they had both done things that neither would have ever thought to do on purpose. They’d both said things that they’d never have said, intentionally, in front of their fathers. Both were embarrassed. Both fled to the bathroom, which was the only place they could go to be away from the men they had just embarrassed themselves in front of.


In the sudden silence that filled the motel room, the pressure of the girls being there was gone. There was a different kind of pressure, though … a very complicated pressure … that of two men, the best of friends, who were not only aware of the girls sexuality, but had responded to it in a way that could not be ignored. What complicated this was the fact that the women they had responded to were each other’s daughters. If that weren’t enough to mix things up completely, it is almost impossible to be irate at your best friend for lusting after your daughter … when you have lusted after her too. Especially when you know that the girl in question has some of the same feelings for you … and him.

Like I said … it was complicated.

It was also too early for either man to have processed the information and feelings that still seemed to be banging off the walls, like super-balls, gathering speed, instead of slowing down.

“Fuck!” moaned Dave, uncovering his eyes to confirm that the girls were actually gone.

“I’m right there with you, brother,” sighed Dick.

“What the hell do we do now, Dick?” moaned Dave.

“You’re asking me?” Dick blinked.


In the bathroom, something of the same sort was going on.

“I can’t believe you showed him your pussy!” said Cindy.

“I didn’t SHOW it to him!” yipped her friend. “Not on purpose, anyway! YOU did!”

“I know,” said Cindy, looking amazed. “I can’t believe I did that either.”

“Well you did!” said Denise.

“They had boners!” said Cindy, straightening up, as if she’d just realized it.

“Your dad did,” said Denise, remembering the lump in the front of Uncle Dave’s pants. “That’s for sure!”

“I KNOW!” moaned Cindy. “I saw it too!”

“You put your HAND on my Daddy’s boner!” squealed Denise.

“I KNOW!” moaned Cindy again. “I can’t believe I did that either!”

“What are we gonna do?” Denise’s voice was almost a whine.

“You’re asking me?” whined her friend.


When people are in a situation where they have no idea how to proceed, with all the mixed up emotions that this situation had created, they often do something that is completely illogical, and irrational. They pretend whatever happened didn’t happen.

Anyone who thought about that kind of response would sneer and say it was idiotic, but there is a breaking point that people sometimes sense in themselves that, if the situation is allowed to continue, will be met. No one wants to break down, and one way of dealing with that danger is to just pretend that nothing happened.

It doesn’t work if only one participant in the situation takes that approach. It doesn’t really work even if all the participants take that approach – not in the long run. You can’t forget that something like that happened. But, if everybody will play the game of pretending, for a while, it gives people time to adjust slowly, and for their thoughts to evolve.

In this case, the girls decided that they couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever, and just decided to go back out and go to bed, as if nothing had happened. When they did, the men were forced to either talk about it, or ignore it too. Ignoring it seemed much easier, as the girls came out and, without looking at either man, got the bed ready to sleep in, and climbed in.

There were only two problems.

The first was that it was much too hot to pull a cover over them, as they lay out on the bed, side-by-side, and shoulder-to-shoulder.

The second was that their shirts didn’t cover any more of them this way than they had standing up.

As Dick sat, and Dave lay, both of them wide-eyed, the girls tried to get comfortable. Lying on their backs wouldn’t do, so each girl twisted to lie on one side. Then they had to adjust pillows, which involved their arms lifting up to their heads, which pulled the shirts up, exposing creamy, smooth buttocks. That caused hands to come back and tug shirts back into place … repeatedly.

Dave, somehow knowing that this situation was, again, building to a level of tension that wasn’t going to work, got off the bed and went to the door. He jerked his head at Dick, who lurched up out of the chair. Both men looked at each other’s pants, which were still bulging.

“We’re going for a walk,” announced Dave.

The only response came from Cindy, who, without turning her head, said: “Turn off the light, please.”


Outside, the men walked aimlessly for a few minutes, before either one spoke.

“Sorry,” said Dave, quietly.

“She flashed you,” said Dick, disbelief in his voice.

“Not really,” said Dave. “It was an accident. Now YOU, on the other hand, got flashed!”

“I guess I did!” agreed Sex hikayeleri Dick. “She grabbed me too!” he gasped. Then some semblance of decorum made him say: “I’m sorry too.”

Dave stopped. His hands waved in the air as he spoke.

“They were talking about being horny for us … before.”

“Yeah,” said Dick, his voice almost a sigh. That fit in well with his fantasy.

“Then they flashed us,” said Dave, ignoring his own previous statement that Denise’s exposure had been an accident.

Dick’s eyes were round and white in the darkness. “You don’t think they did that on purpose … do you?”

“They weren’t acting like they did it on purpose,” said Dave, grudgingly.

“Yeah,” sighed Dick. “You’re right. They were all worked up about it.”

“But earlier …” said Dave softly.

Both men remembered vividly the girls talking about how they’d like to sleep with each other’s fathers … and with their own fathers too.

“They said they were both virgins,” said Dick.

“Thank goodness for that,” sighed Dave.

“What does all this mean?” moaned Dick.

Dave started walking again. He was getting so worked up that the impulse to ignore things crept into his thoughts again.

“Look, all girls get a crush on their fathers, at one time or another, right?”

Dick agreed. A crush wasn’t so threatening, at least not in real life. It was fine for a fantasy, but made it easier to resist impulses in real life.

“And it isn’t so strange that they’d develop a little crush on their father’s best friend either, right?” Dave went on.

“I guess so,” agreed Dick.

“So that’s all it is,” said Dave firmly. “It’s just a school girl crush. They’re just kids, and they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re full of hormones and do crazy things … SAY crazy things … but it doesn’t really MEAN anything … right?”

Dick felt strength flowing back into his body. He liked this line of “reasoning”. “Of course!” he agreed.

“So all we have to do is go back in there, get a good night’s sleep, get the car fixed, and go on home, and everything will be back like it used to be!” Dave sounded happy.

Fantasy often makes us happy … at least for a little while.


In the motel room, the conversation going on would have chilled the men’s hearts, had they heard it.

“My butt is showing again,” said Cindy, punching her pillow.

“Mine too,” said Denise. “We can’t help it, though.”

Cindy giggled. “You should have seen your Daddy’s eyes when I flashed him!”

“You’re terrible!” whispered Denise.

“I can’t help it. He looked just like Randy looked, the first time I told him he could touch my boobs.”

“Your dad almost had a heart attack when he saw me,” giggled Denise.

“Do you REALLY want to sleep with him?” asked Cindy, turning over to face her friend in the dark.

“I don’t know,” said Denise. “I get all wiggly inside thinking about it. It’s different, knowing that he got a boner for me.”

“What if he tried something with you?” asked Cindy.

“I don’t know. What if my Daddy tried something with YOU?” asked her friend.

“When the boys play with your nipples … does it make you get wet?” asked Cindy.

Her question, off the subject, caught Denise by surprise, and she answered truthfully.

“Does it ever!” she whispered. “Sometimes I feel like I need to change my panties!”

“Me too,” said Cindy softly. “I’m wet now.”

“YOU ARE!?” Denise almost sat up.

“SHHHHHH,” hissed Cindy. “We don’t know where they are!”

“Are you?” asked Denise again, more quietly.

“Yes,” admitted Cindy.

“For my daddy? … or yours?” asked Denise.

“DENISE!” blurted Cindy.

“SHHHHH,” hissed Denise. She waited a few seconds, and then said: “Well?”

“I don’t know,” said Cindy, so quietly that Denise could hardly hear her.

“It’s OK,” said Denise, reaching out to touch her best friend. “I know how you feel. It makes me want to rub.”

“Me too!” moaned Cindy. “But we can’t! They might come back any second.”


When the men got back they didn’t turn on the light. The moonlight outside made it light enough that they could see well enough to get undressed and onto their bed.

It also made it light enough that both me could see two pairs of pale, naked buttocks, lying side-by-side in the other bed.

Like the girls, the men lay on top of the bed, in just their shorts. Dave favored boxers, because they were loose. Dick liked jockeys, because they didn’t bulk up in his pants. Both types of underwear, had the girls been looking, would have displayed what was underneath.

Both men were still mostly erect.



Had someone been taking bets on who would wake up first, the next morning, the odds offered would have been even. The girls had played hard, but had gone to sleep early, suggesting they might awaken first. The men were used to getting up for work, though, and rarely overslept.

In fact, it was the men who woke first. They got up quietly, in the dawn light, intent on getting dressed quickly. The small flaw in that plan was that both girls had turned to lie on their backs in the night.

First Dave, and then Dick, when he saw his friend go immobile, looked at the other bed.

Cindy’s shirt was clear up to her belly button. Her legs were closed, but the sparse covering of hair on her mons only accentuated her pussy lips, which fairly bulged, looking like a split peach.

Denise had a much thicker covering of pussy hair, and much darker too. Her legs were closed as well, but the light colored shirt, which had pulled up to just below her navel, merely made her puffy hair all the more noticeable. A hint of pink glowed through her thatch, suggesting those pink lips that Dave had seen so clearly the night before.

Dave looked over at Dick, who was staring at the girls. Dick felt his gaze, and turned his eyes to Dick’s. Both men, based on some unspoken agreement, turned to let their eyes roam over the girls again.

Cindy moved, then yawned, and stretched. The shirt didn’t pull up any more, but her nipples poked through it as it tightened across her chest. Her eyes remained closed, but her right hand came down and lay on her belly. The men could actually see her reaction as she realized her pussy was bare, and both looked away just before she opened her eyes, to see both men, dressed in their slacks, but no shirt, and very interested in their shoes, for some reason. She lifted her head, saw her friend’s similar display, and elbowed Denise, while pulling her own shirt down. She knew there was no way the men could have not seen them as they moved around the room.

Denise was not a morning person. She grumped and rolled to her stomach as Cindy tried to wake her up.

“Get up!” hissed Cindy.

“Nooooooo,” moaned Denise, crawling until her naked butt was high in the air.

Both men, naturally, turned around. Now Denise’s pussy slit was on perfect display, protruding from between her thighs, just below her naked buttocks. Both men turned back around with a sigh, while Cindy lurched up to stand between the men and her friend.

“You aren’t supposed to look!” she groused.

Her father turned around.

“We didn’t look on purpose.”

Cindy looked at her father, and saw something like pain on his face. She loved him, and didn’t like that look.

“It’s OK, I guess,” she said. “Why don’t you two get breakfast ready while I drag her out of bed.”

“Sure,” said Dave, walking to the counter. He got out the milk and cereal, while Dick found some bowls that needed washing, even though they were stored in the cupboards.

As soon as Denise was awake enough to understand what was going on, she bounced out of bed, pulling her father’s shirt down to cover her loins. Both girls went to the bathroom, and came out wearing their soccer outfits.

“This is icky,” complained Denise, pulling at the jersey. “I stink.”

“Maybe you two can find something to buy at the store,” said Dick, trying to act normal. He pressed his hard prick against the counter as he washed the bowls.

“Yeah,” agreed Dave. “We don’t know when the car will be ready.”

“Are they open this early?” asked Cindy, looking out the window between the drapes.

“Won’t know unless you go over there,” said her father, also hiding his erect prick against the counter.

“Where’s your credit card?” asked Cindy.

He patted his pocket, but he had left his billfold on the night table. He didn’t want to turn around to go get it.

“My billfold is over there somewhere,” he said, pointing.

“Never mind,” said Cindy. “I’ve got the one you gave me for emergencies in my purse. I’ll use it. We’ll eat when we get back!” Her voice was excited at the prospect of going shopping.


Their excitement bounced like a yoyo as they saw the sign that said “CLOSED” in the window. They tried the door and found it open, which shot their hopes back up as it opened inward, making a bell suspended over the door tinkle. Their hopes fell again as they saw what was in the store.

They were going through what they thought were jeans, but turned out to be overalls, as they heard footsteps on creaking stairs. They turned to see a woman come through an open doorway. She was dressed in a robe.

“We thought you were open,” said Cindy.

“Don’t lock doors in this town,” said the woman, yawning. “Who are you?”

“We’re staying at the motel,” said Denise.

The woman perked up, and frowned. “Oh you’re with those men,” she said. She examined them, in an obvious manner. “Shouldn’t you be home with mommy, instead of carousing with older men?” Her voice raised the hackles on the backs of both girls’ necks. They recognized jealousy when they heard it. They got a steady diet of that at school.

“They’re our …” Cindy was interrupted by an elbow in her ribs, put there sharply by Denise, who know Cindy was about to finish the sentence with the word “fathers!”

“Sugar daddies?” smirked Mable, finishing Cindy’s sentence. “I could use a sugar daddy. At least then they wouldn’t be robbing the cradle.”

“Who they spend time with … and who WE spend time with … is our business,” said Denise, some heat in her voice. She didn’t like this woman, but it had more to do with the fact that this woman wanted her father, than it did with her snide comments. She got snide herself. “You got anything decent to wear in this dump?”

Mable saw her hopes of dallying with one … or both … of the men going down the drain. These girls – and they WERE girls – were young and pretty and sexy, while she was on the verge of losing what looks she’d been able to salvage as time tried to drag her down.

“Not anything high-minded ladies like YOU would want to wear,” she almost snarled. “This is a farm town, not some boutique.”

“Look,” said Cindy, not wanting to deal with this horrible woman, who obviously had designs on her poor innocent daddy, “Our car broke down, and we’re stuck here. We didn’t pack clothes for this trip. We just need something to wear.”

“Why don’t you just go naked?” asked Mable, her voice sticky sweet.

“We did that last night!” said Denise, just as sweetly. “Now, do you have anything or not!”

Mable pushed past them to a shelf that was overloaded with what looked like table cloths, all checkered, either white and red, or blue and red. She pulled at a package and presented it.

“This is what women around here wear,” she said. “There might be some GIRLS sizes in there somewhere.” Her emphasis on “GIRLS” made it clear she was trying to make them into ten year olds.

Cindy actually shook one out and held it up to her body. Both girls giggled. Cindy made a half-hearted attempt at folding it back up and stuffed it back into the pile.

“We’ll just look around a bit,” she said, smiling falsely at Mable. Mable turned on her heel and walked to the counter, where she tried to act busy, while she watched the girls.

In the end, the girls had to settle for either a checkered dress, which seemed just TOO antique, or a man’s shirt, with overalls. Oddly, the men’s attire was more attractive to them, and each left with a pair of overalls and a man’s western styled shirt. The only panties in the place had looked like they’d fit an elephant, but the girls each took a pair, just so they’d have something to change into.

Mable said nothing as she swiped the card. She presented the slip to Cindy, who sighed it with a flourish. Mable examined the card, and the signature carefully. The names matched. She had been about to deny the sale, thinking that the card must belong to one of the men, which would make this hussy’s signature invalid … but she couldn’t do that now. Still, this was a nice little sale to get the day started.

“The truck comes this morning. There might be some clothing items on it,” she said, her voice a little less surly.

“We hope to be gone in a few hours,” said Denise. “Jimmy Joe is fixing our car.”

Mable laughed. “You’ll be back,” she said. “If Jimmy Joe is fixing your car, you may be here for a long time.”


“I do NOT like that woman!” hissed Cindy as they walked away from the store.

“If Daddy comes back over here, I’m coming with him!” said Denise.

“Speaking of Daddy,” said Cindy, looking at her friend. “Why did you make it sound like they were … “

“Our boyfriends?” asked Denise. “You heard her. She’s just itching to get her hands on them. I wanted her to get that idea out of her nasty head!”

“They were looking at us,” said Cindy, walking on. “This morning, I mean … before we woke up.”

“Really?” gasped Denise.

“I know they were,” said Cindy. “I woke up and they were acting like they hadn’t been, but I could tell. They looked embarrassed … you know?”

“What does that mean?” asked Denise.

“Well … we have the hots for them …” Cindy let her voice trail off.

“I can’t believe you said that!” said Denise.

“Don’t lie. We both know how we feel about them,” said Cindy.

“OK,” agreed Denise, “But that’s different!”

“Really?” asked Cindy. “If we can have the hots for them … why can’t they have the hots for us? When I woke up everything we had was on display!”

“That is just too weird,” moaned Denise.

“You said you’d like to sleep with Daddy,” Cindy reminded her friend.

“Well … yeah … but … you mean you’d actually DO it?”

“We were both wet last night, Neece. We both wanted to rub off.”

“Yeah,” said Denise, amazed that her friend was acting like this. “But you wouldn’t actually let him …”

“No!” said Cindy quickly. “But, like you said, it might be a lot of fun to sleep with him … maybe play around just a little bit?”

“How little?” asked Denise, feeling her nipples tingle.

“Like on a date, or something,” said Cindy.

“Do you think they’d DO that?” gasped Denise.

“They were both hard for us last night,” said Cindy softly.

“What if they tried to … you know …” Denise’s voice sounded scared.

“Oh, they’d never go THAT far!” said Cindy. “They’re our DADDIES!”

“Wait a minute!” said Denise, coming to a halt. “Are you talking about sleeping with MY daddy … or YOUR daddy?” Her eyes were big.

“I don’t know!” said Cindy, embarrassed. “I was just talking … that’s all.”

“You’re a SLUT!” squealed Denise.

“I am NOT!” said Cindy.

But there wasn’t much conviction in her voice.


“What are we going to do?” asked Dick, when the girls had left.

“Why are you always asking ME what we’re going to do?” moaned Dave.

“Man!” Dick’s voice exploded. “Did you SEE them this morning?”

“Of COURSE I saw them, you idiot! How could I help but see them?”

“We have to get that car fixed today!” said Dick. “We have to get gone from this place! Get back HOME, where things are normal!”

“Who are you trying to kid?” asked Dave, looking at his friend. “When we get back home, and Cindy comes over, are you just going to ignore her? Cause I’m telling you right now, buddy, I won’t be able to ignore Denise! Not any more!”

“It’s just a crush!” moaned Dick.

“Tell that to my prick!” said Dave, almost shouting.

Dick’s eyes flashed to the door, afraid the girls would come back. He realized they hadn’t been gone long enough for that, and relaxed.

“Look,” he said soothingly. “We’re grown men. We can work this out. You’re my friend!”

“That’s not the problem!” said Dave. “The problem is they’re grown women, or might as well be. I know you’re affected the same way I am. And what’s worse is that I looked at my own DAUGHTER this morning!”

“I did too,” said Dick, still trying to calm his friend down. “I looked at both of them. It’s not so bad. They’re beautiful young women. We’re reacting normally. We can beat this thing, though.”

“I don’t know,” moaned Dave. “All I can think about is that little prick boyfriend of hers trying to pry her legs open in some car in the dark. It makes me CRAZY!”

Dick blinked. “Cindy or Denise?” he asked, on impulse.

Dave turned a baleful eye on him. “Both! They may as well BOTH be my daughters!”

“Fuck!” sighed Dick. “You’re right! I know exactly what you’re talking about.”

Dave was agitated now, and he spoke without really thinking, just reacting to the situation.

“I mean, it might not be so bad if you got her cherry. I could live with that. You’re my best friend. But some punk kid? Just the thought of that makes me want to buy a gun!”

It was suddenly very quiet in the motel room, as what had actually been said sank into both men’s consciousnesses.

Dick thought about that. He tried to imagine his little girl, Denise, in the arms of his best friend. Except she wasn’t a little girl. He could never imagine her as a little girl again – not after seeing her plump pussy peeking out between her round, firm butt cheeks this morning. The memory of Cindy’s sparse light pubes, above another set of pouting pink pussy lips came into is mind. She had showed them to him. He had heard her say she wanted to sleep with him. Now, his best friend in the whole world had said that if he did, he could live with that.

“You’re kidding,” he said.

Dave had been thinking much the same thing. He had no trouble imagining his daughter with a punk kid, fighting for her virtue in the back of a car. His vision of her with Dick, though, wasn’t like that. He’d seen her hug Dick a hundred times. Denise had hugged HIM a hundred times.

He looked at his friend.

“What if I wasn’t kidding?”

Dick’s eyes got even bigger. “You know what you’re doing?!” he croaked. “You’re offering me your daughter!”

“Fuck me to tears!” said Dave, slumping. “What’s wrong with me, Dick? Am I having a breakdown? Or am I just some kind of fucking pervert?”

“Calm down,” said Dick. “We’re in a weird situation here, OK? I don’t blame you for saying something crazy like that. I even know how you feel. I know Neece loves you, and that if something had to happen with her you’d be good to her.”

He blinked again, and his mouth fell open. “Good grief!” he gasped. “I’m doing it too!”

They were saved from anything further by the door opening, and two girls tromping in.


Cindy’s outburst, when she entered the door, was both unexpected and disarming.

“Daddy! If you go back to that store today, you are to take either me or Neece with you!”

“Yes!” added Denise.

Dave blinked. “Huh?”

“That woman!” barked his daughter. “She thinks she can just slide in and gobble you up!” She stopped, and looked at Dick. “You too, Uncle Dick!”

Dave glanced at Dick, and both men tried to hide their automatic grins. That their daughters could read the same signals they had read was hilarious, in a way.

“OK, baby,” said Dave. “You’re being silly, but whatever you say.”

“She is NOT being silly!” said Denise. “We had to pretend to be your girlfriends, just to keep that woman away from you! She’s a bitch!”

“Denise!” said Dick, warning in his voice.

“Daddy, you weren’t there!” said his daughter. “She came downstairs in her BATHROBE! If it would have been you two, instead of us, she’d have … I don’t know … done SOMTHING!”

“Dick’s a big boy,” said Dave, still trying not to smile. “So am I. We can handle a woman like that.” He felt his smile fade. “Girlfriends, huh?”

“Well,” said Denise, flushing a little. “It just seemed like the thing to do at the time.” She pouted. “Besides, she was mean to us. She tried to sell us old timey dresses that looked like tablecloths!”

Dick went into automatic daddy mode. “Sweetie, you’d look good in anything, even an antique.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” Denise preened. “I’m glad you said that, because we ended up with farmer clothes.”

“Farmer clothes?” Dick looked confused.

“Wait!” squealed Denise.

Both girls dashed for the bathroom. Once inside they stripped off their uniforms. Cindy held up a pair of the panties and stepped into them. She was able to pull them almost up to her breasts. They were cotton, and she and Denise could have both almost fit into them together.

“This is awful!” she giggled, pushing them back down. They bagged around her hips. She took them back off and dropped them on the floor. “I’m not wearing those things!”

“Our others are all icky,” said Denise, holding hers up. “Even though we rinsed them out.”

“We may as well just go without,” said Cindy, holding up the overalls. They looked pretty big too, to her eyes. “These things will cover us up anyway.”

Denise shrugged into a checkered shirt and realized it was long sleeved.

“We’ll roast in these things!” she complained. “Try it without the shirt. That thingie in front should cover us up OK.”

Cindy pulled on the overalls, which weren’t as big as they had looked. She twisted to peer at the tag. It said “Boys, Husky, Med”. When she had the straps over her shoulders she looked in the mirror. Her breasts were covered, at least from the front. The sides, however, made it crystal clear that she had nothing on her upper body at all, under the overalls.

“I don’t want to wear my sports bra,” she moaned.

“Then don’t. You’re covered up,” said her best friend, as she wriggled into her own pair of dark blue overalls. She looked in the mirror at herself, and turned sideways. Her own breasts, inches larger than Cindy’s, made the overalls jut out much more, and revealed the creamy round sides of her breasts, under her arms. “I see what you mean,” she said. lifting an arm. If she bent just so, she could see most of her breast through the arm hole.

“What are we going to do?” moaned Cindy.

“Tear the arms off the shirts!” suggested Denise.

They tried that, but weren’t strong enough to rip the new fabric, or stitching. Cindy opened the door and walked out into the room.

“Daddy? Do you have your pocket knife? The shirts we got are long sleeved and we need to cut the sleeves off.”

Both men turned to look at Cindy, who looked positively delectable in just the overalls. Her whole side was revealed, her creamy naked skin a magnet to both men’s eyes. Both men, at exactly the same time, realized that, if a man was standing behind her, he could slide his hands into the arm holes of the overalls and have handfuls of soft teen titty, just like that!

Dave fumbled in his pocket, looking down. He could already feel his prick stiffening, and sighed. He got his knife out and handed it to Cindy, who smiled brightly, said: “Thank you Daddy!” and disappeared back into the bathroom.

Dave looked at Dick, who shrugged his shoulders. Trying to make a joke, he said: “If the offer is still good, I’m your man.”

Dave, whose level of frustration had now made him almost numb, let his shoulders droop.

“She is a babe, isn’t she?”

“Like I said, Neece would look good in anything she wore. Cindy’s no different.”

“She’d probably scream her head off it I laid a finger on her,” said Dave.

“Who? Cindy?” asked Dick.

“Either of them,” sighed Dave. “I’m a pervert. I’m a fucking pervert, Dick!”

“If you’re one, then I am too,” said Dick.

“This is rich!” gasped Dave. He felt so overwhelmed that he started to laugh, just so he wouldn’t cry. “Our daughters want to sleep with us, and they’re jealous of the well-used harridan that runs the general store. To top it off, we’re talking about taking each other’s daughter to bed, so that no pimply-faced teenager can divest them of their well defended virginity. Could this get any crazier?” His hysterical braying laugh turned into a real laugh, that felt so good he just let go. He had to sit down on the bed as his knees got weak and his laugher went on and on.

Dick, grinning ear to ear, in sympathy with his best friend, couldn’t help but join the laughter, even though both of them knew it wasn’t really funny. They were still laughing when the girls came out of the bathroom.

Both girls had heard the laughter start, in the other room, as they basically destroyed the two new shirts, trying to cut the sleeves off of them.

“They’re laughing at us!” gasped Denise.

“You have to admit we look funny,” said Cindy. She wasn’t happy with just cutting the sleeve, and went deeper, getting into the body of the shirt. By the time she was finished, the arm hole was a foot wide. She shimmied out of her overall straps, put the shirt on, buttoned the bottom three buttons, and pulled the straps back up. It wasn’t much better than before, and she frowned. “I look like some back-woods bimbo!” she moaned.

“They’d better not laugh at us!” said Denise, clouding up. “We did the best we could!”

Cindy slashed at Denise’s shirt, achieving much the same effect – a foot wide circle where the arm used to be attached. She thrust the shirt at her friend, who dropped her overalls, baring her breasts.

“We ought to just go out there like that!” growled Cindy. “THAT would shut them up!”

“Boy, would they change their tune if we did that!” giggled Denise, lifting her arm. She could still see a lot of the round side of her breast, but she was half mad now, and didn’t care any more. If they wanted to look … let them! She’d teach them to laugh at her! “Come on!” she said.

When the laugher went on, unabated, as the girls posed for their fathers, they both frowned, about to yell, until both realized that their fathers weren’t actually looking at them. They were both rubbing their eyes, as tears streamed down their faces.

“WHAT!” yelled Denise, “IS SO FUNNY!?”

Dave turned to look, and his laugher bubbled up even more. The girls looked ridiculous … but undeniably cute, in their getups. He sighed as he realized they not only looked cute, they looked sexy in the ridiculous outfits. The legs were just the right length to show the girls’ bare feet. He thought of the old farmer’s daughter jokes he’d heard as a kid, and suddenly, all the stress was back. His laughter cut off like somebody had swung a sword.

“Not you,” he said, staring at his beautiful, silly, sexy daughter. “It’s just the situation we’re in seemed kind of humorous.”

“We look stupid,” said Denise, frowning, “don’t we!”

Dick’s chuckles were running down, as he looked at the girls, and arrived at much the same conclusion as Dave had. It didn’t matter what they had on. They were sex pots. They weren’t trying to be sex pots. They didn’t have to try to be sex pots. They just were.

“Baby,” he said, addressing his daughter. “You couldn’t look stupid if you were dressed in a gunny sack.”

Dave turned away, to hide his growing cock. He wished he had a double strength jock strap on hand. He’d have put on two of them. “What he said.” he added, looking at Dick with a wry smile.

“Really?” asked Cindy, longing in her voice. She wanted to believe them.

“Really!” said both men together, as if they’d rehearsed it.

“Oh,” said Cindy. “OK, then. Where’s breakfast? I’m starved.”

Just like that, the girls felt OK about what they were wearing. Their father’s approval was taken at face value.

The men couldn’t keep their eyes off the girls, and both of them knew it. There were helpless looks traded, as the men looked at the gaping arm holes in the shirts, and the flesh that was exposed to their view.

“Maybe we should go check on the car,” Dave finally said.

“Yes!” agreed Dick. “Absolutely.”

“We’ll just stay here,” said Denise, around a bit of cereal.

“Good idea,” said Dave. He didn’t want Jimmy Joe looking into those arm holes. In fact, he admitted to himself, he didn’t want anybody but him and Dick looking in those arm holes.

The fact that he didn’t mind his friend ogling his daughter’s tender breasts didn’t seem so strange to him any more.



As they walked toward the gas station, Dick looked sideways at his friend.

“I hate to ask you this … but what are we going to do?” He grinned.

Dave smiled tiredly. “Let’s find out about the car first.”

“Gotcha,” said Dick.

That, as it turned out, didn’t take long. Jimmy Joe was there, and he and a man who had to be in his eighties were trying to muscle what was obviously a motor off of a trailer, in one of the mechanic bays of the station.

“Glad you boys are here,” said Jimmy Joe. “This here is your new engine. We could use a little help getting it off the trailer.”

“If it’s going to take four of us to move it,” said Dick, eyeing the motor, “how the heck are you going to get it into the car?”

“Got a motor lift,” said Jimmy Joe, wiping his brow with a filthy rag. “But it won’t reach clear onto the trailer. Once we get it off, I can use the lift.”

“Just for giggles,” said Dave. “How did you get it on the trailer?”

The old man squinted at Dave. “Got a front end loader on my tractor,” he said. “Lifted her right on there.”

“Oh,” said Dave.

He and Dick heaved to, and they moved the motor to the back of the trailer. Then Jimmy Joe moved the motor lift into place and attached it to the chain that was draped across the top of the motor. He used a jack handle to lift the motor off the trailer, which the old man promptly pulled out from under it. He waved as he drove off. The three men grunted to roll the motor lift into the bay, next to Dave’s car, which was missing the entire front grill and both fenders.

“What happened to my car?” yelped Dave.

“Makes it easier to get the old motor out, and the new one in,” said Jimmy Joe. “Don’t worry. I’ll put it all back together.”

“When do you think it’ll be done?” asked Dave, staring at his car, which looked destroyed.

“Take me the rest of the day to get the old one out, and get the new one in position,” said Jimmy Joe, eyeing the mess. “If everything hooks up right, I should be able to try to crank her up tomorrow sometime.”

“Great,” moaned Dave, thinking about another night in the motel.

“No compliments is necessary,” said Jimmy Joe, beaming. “Your money will be thanks enough.”

“Great,” moaned Dave again. He’d walked ten feet when he turned back around. “Hey, do me a favor. The spare’s flat. I don’t think it had a hole in it, but could you air it up?”

“Sure,” said Jimmy Joe, still eyeing the engine. “Won’t even charge you for that.”


“Another night here,” said Dick, unnecessarily, as they walked back toward the room.

“Yeah,” said Dave, his voice gloomy.

“What do you want to do about the girls?” asked Dick.

“I’d like to put them on a bus and send them home,” said Dave.

Dick blinked. “Hey! That’s a good idea! Do you suppose the bus stops here?”

Dave, for the first time in twenty-four hours, felt hope flood his veins.

“We can sure find out!” he said, excitedly.

They stopped at the motel office. Again, there was nobody at the desk, and the sound of a loud TV was coming from the back. Dave walked through the curtain without a thought. He was astounded to see Mable, leaning back in a chair, her dress drawn up to her very naked waist, with Pops head moving busily between her naked thighs. Mable looked up at the movement and blanched. She pushed at Pop’s head.

“Whatsamatter?” the old man whined. “I’m doin’ it right!”

Mable pointed, and Pops’ head swiveled.

“Don’t you boys know how to ring a bell?” he complained.

Mable had recovered from her shock at being caught with the old man. She lounged, a little stiffly, in the chair. She did not cover her somewhat hairy crotch.

“Well if it isn’t the Sugar Daddies,” she said, leering at them. “You wouldn’t help me out, so I had to call on Pops, here.”

“Looks like he was doing a fine job,” choked Dave. “Sorry to barge in. We were just wondering if the bus stopped here.”

Mable, moved her legs in what she thought was a sexy way. She didn’t just want to thrust her pussy at the men, but, then again, she had nothing to lose. “Thursday,” she said.

It was Saturday.

“Oh,” said Dave, feeling the hope drain out of him. “Whose minding the store?” he asked, trying to have a normal conversation, a completely abnormal situation. Everything about this stupid town seemed to be abnormal, to Dave.

“There’s a sign that says I’ll be back,” said the woman. “It said half an hour, but I can stay longer if you fellas want to help out Pops.”

“Whadda ya want?” asked Pops, fiddling with his hearing aids, and looking at his two customers. His face was shiny with Mable’s juices.

“I guess you need to put us down for longer,” said Dave, trying not to look at Mable’s naked body. He didn’t want to encourage her.

“I can’t go no stronger,” whined Pops. “I’m an old man. I’m licking her as hard as I can. I’m about to pass out as it is,” he complained.

“Pops don’t hear too good,” said Mable, helpfully. “He can’t get it up any more either, but he still makes me feel like a woman.” She tried to strike a pose. “You boys don’t want those skinny girls. They don’t know how to please a man. You want an experienced woman, and I can fill that bill.” She smiled at them in what was probably supposed to be a coquettish manner, but just looked like a grimace to both men.

“That’s mighty nice of you, Ma’am,” blurted Dick. “But my partner here, and me too … well, we have male troubles too. Our shrink says it has to do with our ex-wives, and suggested that we stay away from women their age. Nothing personal, you understand, but we probably wouldn’t be able to do more than Pops.” He felt panic as he realized it might sound like he’d offered to do what Pops had been doing. “Like Dave said … Pops looked like he was doing a fine job, from the look of it. We’ll just come back later.”

He grabbed Dave’s sleeve and both men made a hasty exit, back through the curtain. They could hear Mable complaining as they beat a path to the front door of the office.

Both men found themselves trotting toward their room.

“I hope that door has a good lock on it,” panted Dick, who hadn’t run in a while.

“That was some fast thinking … about the shrink,” panted Dave, who also hadn’t run in a while. “In fact, I’m thinking of seeing one as soon as we get back home.”

The men, trying to get through the door, acted out an unintentional, but common slapstick routine, when both tried to go in at the same time, and their shoulders stuck, keeping either one from going inside. Dick looked over his shoulder, afraid he’d see Mable running toward them, her skirt held high. As he did so, he turned sideways and both men almost fell in through the door.

The girls were sitting on their bed, Indian style, and had obviously been talking. Both looked with wide eyes at their fathers, who were pale, scared looking, and out of breath.

“What happened?” asked Denise, excitedly.

“Mable happened,” said her father.

Cindy frowned. “Daddy! I TOLD you not to go over there without me!”

“Not … how … it happened,” panted Dave, sitting down in the chair and leaning back. “Car’s … not … ready.” He stopped to take a deep breath. “We stopped at the motel office … and she was there,” he finished.

“Well I knew she was scary,” said Denise, smiling. “But I didn’t think two grown men would have to run away from her.” She giggled.

“She was …” Dick started, standing and just breathing. “Never mind,” he said. He sat on the edge of the bed. “We have to get back in shape, Dave,” he said, breathing deeply. “We only ran a fifty yards, and we’re huffing like a locomotive!”

“Right after I see the shrink,” said Dave, waving his hand.

“Shrink?” asked Cindy, looking confused. “What shrink?”

“Never mind that too,” said Dave.

“Daddy!” There was an edge to Cindy’s voice.

Dave ignored her. He got up and went to the drapes, pulling them apart just enough to peek out. He relaxed when he didn’t see anybody. He turned around. “We’re stuck here another night,” he said. “We need to talk.”

“Talk?” asked Cindy. “About what?”

“You,” he said. “Us … Neece … all of us.”

Dick perked up.

“Dave?” he said, his voice rising. “What are you doing, Dave?”

“I’m trying to save my sanity!” said Dave forcefully. “If I have to spend another day in this wacked out town, I’ll go stark raving mad, if we don’t get some things straight here in this room.”

“Dave?” said Dick again, feeling dread. “Don’t do anything stupid, Dave. Please, Dave.”

“What’s he talking about, Daddy?” asked Cindy, getting up off the bed and facing her father. “What could you do that would be stupid? What do you mean … here … in this room?”

Dave was on the edge of madness, and he knew he was going to fall one way or the other. If what he was about to say blew up in his face, at least it would be over. If it didn’t … well … he’d probably just slip into a catatonic state of more or less permanent insanity, and end up sitting in a corner, gibbering.

“You and Neece,” he started. “You’re growing up. Hell you’re GROWN up!”

Both girls just stared at him.

He went on. “Last night, when we went to get food … when we were coming back …”

“Dave, PLEASE don’t do this!” moaned Dick.

Dave had to finish. “We heard you talking … about sleeping with us … about being virgins … about everything.”

Both girls blanched, going pale, and then color rushed back into their faces. They were frozen, as if they were statues.

Had Dave just left it there, the girls would probably have thrown themselves on their father’s mercy, begging to be forgiven for stupid school girl fantasies. It might, after a while, have turned into a real dialogue, about how everyone felt in their single parent households. Had that happened, they might have worked out their emotions on a more rational basis, deciding that, while it might be normal for the men to admire the girls burgeoning femininity, and while it might be normal for the girls to develop little crushes on their fathers … and their friend’s father … it wouldn’t work out. That conversation might have ended up being a learning process for all of them.

But Dave didn’t leave it there. He blundered on, like a lemming headed for a cliff.

“We feel the same way!” he blurted. “You’re both so beautiful, and sexy, and we shouldn’t look at you that way, but we do, and we can’t help it, and we don’t know what to do because it’s just KILLING us to see you being so beautiful and sexy looking and …”

That was when he ran out of steam. Almost fifty words later than he SHOULD have run out of steam. Think of it as worn mental brakes, trying to stop emotional momentum.

After he trailed off, it was very quiet in the room. Only the straining hum of the AC unit under the window provided any aural input at all.

“Um …” said Cindy, finally. “I think I understand about the shrink, now.”

Dave wanted to cry. “Don’t hate me, baby. I can’t help it. I don’t know when you grew into such a desirable woman, but I missed it, somehow. Well, not really. I’ve noticed you for a long time, but what happened here just kind of brought it all to a head and …”

“Shut up, Daddy,” said Cindy. It wasn’t loud, or angry. But it cut him off like a cleaver beheads a chicken.

Cindy looked at Dick.

“You too?”

Dick’s mouth opened and closed several times, and then he swallowed, but nothing came out.

“I have a question,” said Denise, finally speaking.

“What?” asked Cindy, who seemed to be in charge, all of a sudden.

“My question is for my Daddy,” said Denise, almost like there was some formal ritual she had to go through. “Daddy, do you have the hots for Cindy?”

Dick’s mouth opened and closed again, and he looked at Dave.

“Hots makes it seem so demeaning,” said Dave, his face earnest.

“Be QUIET, Daddy!” said Cindy, more forcefully. She looked at Dick interestedly, obviously waiting for his answer.

Dick looked at Dave, a pleading look on his face. He looked at his daughter, but his eyes bounced off of her face like a man running full tilt into a brick wall. He couldn’t look at Cindy at all.

“You were staring at me this morning,” said Cindy softly. “You were staring at both of us this morning, when we were lying there on the bed and our shirts were pulled up … weren’t you … Uncle Dick?”

It was her use of what had always been the familiar and unthreatening “Uncle Dick” that unhinged the man of that name.

“See?” he croaked. “That’s the whole point, isn’t it? I’m you Uncle Dick. I can’t have those kinds of feelings about you.”

“What about Denise?” asked Cindy, her voice the same. “You were looking at her too … weren’t you? BOTH of you were staring at us this morning. Is that because you heard us talking? Is that because you SPIED on us? Is that because you heard us say we wanted to sleep with real men?”

“We didn’t spy on you,” moaned Dave. “The door was open. We were just coming back with food!”

“And last night,” said Cindy, standing up. “Did you give us your shirts to sleep in just so you could get a shot!?”

“NO! Baby, no!” said Dave, almost crying.

“Daddy,” said Denise, adding to the pressure. “You never answered my question. Do you want to sleep with my best friend or not?”

“FOOD!” gasped Dick, concentrating on that one word that Dave had just said. “WE HAVE NO FOOD FOR TODAY!” He lurched toward the door.

Denise bounced off the bed like she had springs in her buttocks. She hopped on the other bed and used it as a springboard to leap, her head almost touching the ceiling, as she gracefully landed like a cat, between her father and the door.

“Uncle Dave said you feel that way about me too, Daddy,” she said, her face a mixture of confusion and womanly understanding that she had some kind of power here.

“THIS CAN’T GO ON!” screamed Dave, boiling over. “WE CAN’T STAND THIS! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!” He was panting again, his face red. His hair even looked wild. He was looking around the room, this way and that, as if he were looking for something. It was almost scary to the girls, who had never seen him this close to being unhinged.

Cindy got off the bed, moving slowly. She moved toward her father as if he were some kind of dangerous animal she was trying to tame. Her hand came up, and her voice was soothing and low.

“It’s all right, Daddy,” she said. “We can talk about this. It’s OK. We can talk about anything. You’re my Daddy, and we can talk about anything that’s bothering us.” When she touched his arm with her fingertips, he jerked, but her voice seemed to have calmed him. Very slowly she grasped the fabric of his shirt, and urged him gently to move to the chair. Once there she turned him, and pushed against his chest, just enough to let him know she wanted him to sit.

“I can’t, baby,” he said, tears leaking from his eyes.

“Yes you can,” she cooed. “It’s all right. We’re not mad at you. We’re just surprised … that’s all.”

Denise, seeing the success Cindy had had in calming her father, tried to do the same thing with her own, pushing him toward the bed she had jumped on, like a trampoline. Dick, in his own way, was as much or more agitated than Dave was, though, and the nearness of his daughter felt like the heat of a blast furnace. He tried to dodge around her, and her only recourse was to jump forward and hug him tightly, so that, if he moved, he had to take her with him.

That embrace robbed Dick of all his strength, like air rushing out of a balloon. He stumbled backwards. His thighs hit the edge of the bed, and suddenly he was falling backwards, his daughter still tightly attached. She ended up half way on top of him, and then rolled awkwardly to one side. The feel of her body pressing against him seared into him and he gasped for breath. Denise, seeing what looked like a man in the middle of dying, extracted herself from his arms and sat beside him, looking down at her father.

“Don’t have a heart attack, Daddy,” she pleaded. “Don’t leave me!” Tears started leaking from her eyes too as she looked worriedly at the almost purplish visage of his face.


Time, they say, heals all wounds. The men’s wounds were, more or less, simply an emotional overload, mixed with fear, and shame. The girls weren’t as devastated by what had happened, but their world had been turned upside down too. It is one thing to have adult fantasies about your Daddy, or his best friend. It is another to find out they want you in a very adult kind of way. Their previous knowledge … based on the men being flashed … had been interesting in the extreme, but was easy to discount as an automatic reaction.

This, though … this confession of lust … was much more concrete, and impossible to discount.

These “wounds” were not healed by the next ten full minutes, as everyone sat, and thought, but they were, in the medical term, “stabilized”. Cindy ended up sitting on the arm of the chair Dave was in, like a guard, keeping him there. As everyone sat, or in Dick’s case, lay, and nothing was said, that ‘nothing’ translated into a medicine of sorts for those wounds. Dick was no longer trying to run away. Dave wasn’t as frantic as he had been. That calmed the girls. From the men’s point of view, the girls hadn’t run screaming from the room, which was a relief so tangible that that, alone, lowered their blood pressure twenty points. As the tension began to fade a bit, and more rational thoughts began to creep back into the minds of the four, the panic that had been there in all of them abated. It took ten minutes, which seemed like hours to them, but all of them were fairly happy with the status quo, all things considered.

“So, what do we do now?” sighed Dick, finally breaking the silence.

“We have to talk about this,” said Dave, sounding pained.

“Why don’t we all go find something to eat,” said Cindy. “Then we can talk.”

Dave groaned. “That means facing that woman again.”

“That’s why I said we should ALL go,” said Cindy. She gave her father a tentative smile.


As the four walked toward the store, Cindy took her father’s hand. It wasn’t so much a sexual thing, though, to her, it felt much more sexual than it ever had before. It was more of a comfort thing, partly for his comfort – she somehow knew he needed to know she didn’t hate him – and partly for her own. She wanted to say “We’ll get through this, Daddy.” But she thought that would sound silly, and remained quiet.

Denise, walking with her father behind the others, saw Cindy take her father’s hand, and did the same thing to Dick. It wasn’t until she felt his big, warm hand in hers, that she actually began to process the information that had overloaded her. Holding his hand was the most normal thing in the world, but at the same time, it felt completely different than it ever had before. She actually pulled her hand up, making his move with it, and stared at their fingers, which were interlaced. She was shocked by the intimacy of just holding his hand.

Dick looked sideways at his daughter, and she saw that and looked back.

“It’s not all THAT bad,” she said, dropping their hands, and swinging them, as they walked.

“It’s horrible,” he said softly.

“No it isn’t!” she insisted.

He shut up, then, and just walked. There was an eighteen wheeler parked on the street in front of the store, with a ramp leading from a door in the side to the front door of the store, which was open.

The girls didn’t let go of hands when they entered the store, stepping carefully past the end of the ramp. This, however, was for a different reason. They were entering, to their minds, a place of danger, where a predator kept her lair. Now their clasped hands announced possession. They didn’t actually think along those lines, in a rational sense, but instinct made them clasp their men, so that the predator would see, and be discouraged.

Mable was back behind the counter. She had been in the process of buffing her nails when the door opened. She looked up, saw who it was, and HER unconscious mind saw those clasped hands. She gave a sigh as the girls instincts paid off.

“What do you folks need now?” she asked, attempting to be civil. There were two other customers from town in the store. That was pretty common when the truck arrived.

“I see the truck is here,” said Dave, carefully.

“He’s unloading it now,” agreed Mable. “Be another ten or fifteen minutes before he’s done, I expect.”

They wandered around the store, just looking at things. The girls held tightly to their father’s hands. The man unloading the truck made it plain he was looking the girls over, each time he passed, wheeling another load of boxes in on his hand cart. The other customers looked at the four too, interested in strangers, but then lost interest after a while, as they made selections and left.

Dave stopped at the rack that had the old fashioned dresses on it. He extracted his hand from Cindy’s and pulled down the one she had held up to her body. He let it fall and looked at it.

“I don’t think this would look so terrible on you,” he commented.

“Da…” Cindy cut off her “Daddy”, almost biting her tongue, doing it. “Dave,” she said, trying to sound older. “It’s so old fashioned!”

“Old fashioned doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look good on you,” said Dave. “There’s a certain appeal in simple clothing.”

“You really think so?” she asked, looking at the checkered dress doubtfully.

“I do,” he said. He somehow felt much better as they talked about something routine. “Besides, who knows how long we’re going to be stuck here. The whole front end of the car is torn off. He says he thinks it will be ready tomorrow, but if he runs into trouble, it could be another day. You’re going to want to change clothes.”

Cindy abandoned him, to go put her head close to Denise’s. They came back together, and started looking through the piles of plastic-wrapped packages. In the end, the one Cindy thought would fit her best was red and white, and the one Denise chose was blue and white.

The men needed a change of clothes too, and found short-sleeved shirts that Cindy and Denise had missed. They also found jeans, which Mable hadn’t told the girls about.

Denise picked up a straw cowboy hat and put it on.

“What do you think?” she asked, posing, hipshot.

Her father looked at her, dressed in overalls, with a raggedly cut shirt underneath, and the hat. What leapt into his mind was Denise, on a pile of hay, taking all that off.

“Ride ’em, cowgirl,” he said, not meaning to say it out loud.

Denise beamed at him, and left the hat on. Of course Cindy had to have one too.

When they left, they had bags full of clothing and victuals. They made sure they had plenty. None of them wanted to have to come back and interact with Mable again.


When they got back to the room, the door was open. A Hispanic woman was making the beds. She had pushed a rickety cart, that had towels on it, and little paper-wrapped bars of soap and the like, inside the room. The woman looked up and smiled.

“No hab-leh English”, she said.

“No problem!” said Dave, holding up his hand. “Thank you for taking care of the room,” he added, even though he knew she wouldn’t understand him.

The woman finished her work and then gathered up the girls soccer uniforms, along with their panties and bras. She held them in her arms, looking around for other dirty clothes.

“What’s she doing, Daddy?” asked Denise.

The woman smiled again. Then, with a pained look, she tried “I wash … si?”

“Wow!” said Dick. “Laundry service? In a place like this?”

Dave nodded his head at the woman, but then held up one hand.

“Wait … OK?” he asked. The woman stood there.

Dave got into the packages and pulled out jeans and a shirt. Dick saw what he was up to, and did the same. Then Dave said “Wait” to the woman one more time, and the men went into the bathroom to change. They brought out their old clothes and offered them to the woman, who smiled brilliantly and took them. She piled everything on top of the cart, and very carefully said “Two hours … si?” Then she pushed the cart out the door and down the walk.

“That reminds me,” said Dave. “I don’t know if Pops ever figured out that we’re staying longer or not. I probably ought to go see him.”

“We’ll get lunch ready while you’re gone,” said Cindy. “Then we can talk.”

Her reminder that they had something to talk about dampened the atmosphere, which had been almost back to normal. Dick went with Dave, more because he didn’t want to be left alone with the girls, than because he actually wanted to interact with Pops again.


As soon as the girls were left alone, they faced each other.

“Can you BELIEVE IT?” asked Denise, instantly excited.

“I thought they were going to freak out!” sighed Cindy.

“They HEARD us!” said Denise. “And they didn’t even YELL at us!”

“Didn’t you hear them Neece?” asked Cindy, a look of wonder on her face. “They want to sleep with us too!”

“I can’t believe that!” said Denise, wonder in her voice. To her, she was just a kid. Uncle Dave was a big, strong man, whom she loved, and had, for as long as she could remember. Her father was in the same category. That either man could look at her as a woman just blew her mind.

“We’re going to have to talk about that,” said Cindy, sounding nervous, for the first time.

“What’s to talk about?” asked Denise, flippantly. “We want to sleep with them, and they want to sleep with us.”

“Don’t you GET it?!” said Cindy, heatedly. “They’re not talking about squeezing our boobs. They’re talking about the WHOLE THING!”

“No they’re not,” said Denise, firmly believing that. Her experience, to date, was along the lines of a little groping and some hot kisses. THAT was fun, but that’s all you did.

“Of COURSE they are!” insisted Cindy. “They’re MEN. They’re real, grown up men, who have had sex before. WE’RE here because they had sex before, Neece! Grown ups have SEX!”

Denise’s juvenile fantasy of Dave holding her, kissing her, and stroking her … and that’s all … suddenly crumbled. She’d never seen a real penis before, but she’d seen pictures. The thought of seeing Dave’s penis … and being touched by that penis … in places she’d never been touched … ever … suddenly overwhelmed her.

“We can’t do THAT!” she gasped. “We’re VIRGINS!”

“Why do you think they’re so weirded out?” asked Cindy, who understood what was going on much better than the more flighty Denise. “They want to have SEX with us, Denise!”

“But we don’t HAVE sex!” moaned Denise, unable to turn her perspective on a dime.

“THAT’s why we have to talk to them about all this,” said Cindy, reasonably. “We were just talking … before … right?”

Denise’s brow furrowed. “You mean about sleeping with them? I think that would be dreamy … but not if they want to … fuck!” She said the last word in a whisper.

“That’s what I mean,” said Cindy. “Before, we were just dreaming about stuff. This is for real. They’re grown ups. They think about this a lot different than we do. I think that’s why they’re so upset. They want to … fuck us!”

“Wait a minute!” gasped Denise. “They said they think about BOTH of us!”

“That’s right,” said Cindy. “Your Daddy wants to sleep with you.” Her meaning was clear as the ring of a bell on a quiet day.

“And Uncle Dave wants to sleep with YOU!” gasped Denise. “AND ME!”

“Now I think you’re finally getting it,” said Cindy.

“Oh, wow,” moaned Denise.

“So … what are we gonna do?” asked her best friend.


The scene in the motel office was exactly as it had been before. Dave rang the bell three times, this time, and waited, while he listened to the sound of the over-loud TV coming through the curtained door. Finally he pulled it aside. Pops was sitting in the same chair Mable had been sitting in. His head swiveled when he saw the curtain move.

“Oh, it’s you.” He sounded disappointed, somehow.

He got up and shuffled to the curtain, as Dave backed up.

Dave looked around and saw an envelope lying on the counter. It hadn’t been opened. The pen he had registered with was lying by the book. He picked it up and slid the envelope over, to write on the back.

“We need to stay another night – maybe two” he wrote. He turned the envelope around so Pops could peer at it.

“Fine,” said the old man. “You got enough toilet paper? I’ll get over and change the linens in a bit.”

Dave retrieved the envelope and wrote “The maid was just there.”

“Maid?” asked Pops, looking confused. “Ain’t got no maid. You’re the first paying visitors to stay here in two months.” He blinked. “Besides Jimmy Joe, I mean. He rents by the month.”

Dave felt a stab of concern. Had the woman stolen their clothes? That would be about par for this town.

He wrote a description of the woman, filling the back of the envelope.

“Oh!” said Pops, after he laboriously read what Dave had written. “I fergot about Maria. She’s not really the maid. She does odd jobs around town for folks … some laundry … cleaning, now and then … stuff like that. She’s one of them illegals I think. She just works for tips, sort of. You’ll have to pay her yerself. That ain’t included in the rent.”

“No problem,” said Dave.

“I don’t want no problems either,” said the old man, as his hearing aids squealed. “Just pay her something and everybody will be happy. Now, we done here? I’m missing my soaps.”

Dave just waved, helplessly, and he and Dick left.

They walked a little slower on the way back to the room.

“You just had to open your mouth,” said Dick.

“Yes!” said Dave, explosively. “It was driving us BOTH crazy. You know that!”

“So …”

“I know,” said Dave. “What do we do now?” he finished for his friend, smiling sideways at him.

“Yeah,” said Dick, smiling back.

“At least it’s all out in the open,” sighed Dave. “I guess we talk to them about it.”

“How do you talk to two teenage girls about the fact that you want to fuck their socks off?” asked Dick. He looked shocked that he’d been so graphic. “Sorry,” he said, knowing that the term applied to both men, and both girls … WITH both men. He had basically just admitted that he wanted to fuck Cindy’s socks off … to Cindy’s father.

“We’re way past that,” said Dave. “I know how you feel about Cindy, and you know how I feel about Denise. I’m still a little confused about how we feel about our own daughters … but it’s out there … and we’re going to have to deal with that too.”

“You think we could just do what we did last night?” asked Dick.

“I have no idea,” admitted Dave. “I didn’t sleep too good last night.”

“I know, you elbowed me all night long,” said Dick.

“Maybe we should just go in the bathroom and beat off,” said Dave. “Maybe that would help.”

“I can just see that,” said Dick. “There I am, sitting out there alone, with two gorgeous half dressed girls, while you’re in the bathroom, flogging the log. And then Cindy says ‘Hey, Uncle Dick … what’s Daddy doing in the bathroom for so long?’ … and then I have a total meltdown.”

“You’d get to go after me,” said Dave, helpfully.

“I get to go first!” said Dick. “And YOU can tell Denise what I’m doing in the bathroom.”

Dave stopped. “We don’t really want to fuck them … right? I mean they’re virgins, and that’s a good thing … right”

Dick stopped too, and looked curiously at his friend. “I’ve been trying not to think about that,” he said.

“OK, so what if we did … something … but not everything. With them, I mean.”

“Something …” said Dick.

“What if we got them off – we both know how to do that – and if we let them get us off … wouldn’t that lessen the tension?”

Dick gulped. “You mean have THEM beat us off?”

“Yeah!” said Dave, relieved that he hadn’t had to actually say that himself. “I mean, we’d all be a lot more relaxed, and maybe that would kind of defuse things.”

“You’d let Cindy beat me off?” asked Dick, unable to believe that.

“I’d much rather she jerk you off than … the rest,” admitted Dave.

Dick thought about Denise, naked with Dave. Thinking of them just necking and … playing … was a lot easier than visualizing Dave, hulking over her moaning body as her legs spread wider, to accept …

Dick realized he was sweating. It was hot, but it wasn’t that hot.

“I see what you mean,” he said.

“Assuming, of course, that the girls would really DO that,” said Dave.

“Of course,” said Dick. “I mean it might all be just a harmless fantasy for them … right?” He started walking again. “They might not actually want to DO anything at all.”

“Right!” said Dave, walking beside his friend. “If they don’t really want to do anything, then that’s great! I mean we’ll just suck it up, beat off in the bathroom, and drive on! We’ll get it all cleared up, and things can get back to normal.”

“If that happens, I still get the bathroom first,” said Dick.

“Maybe we should do it together,” said Dave. “Facing away from each other, of course.”

Dick had to laugh, and this time it was HIS laughter that was communicable, as Dave joined him.


The laughter of the men was heard by the girls, and it had a peculiar effect on them. They had clearly seen the pain and anguish in their father’s faces, as the men tried to deal with taboo thoughts and urges. The girls felt their fathers’ pain, but they had their own feelings to deal with too … much less developed feelings … but just as passionate. Passion doesn’t wait for age. It flows through young bodies just as strongly as through older ones.

Now, hearing their fathers laughing, even though they didn’t know what was driving that laughter, the girls relaxed a little. Things didn’t seem so deadly serious any more, if their fathers could laugh like that. Things didn’t seem so scary any more, as the girls heard normality in their father’s voices, and saw the lingering smiles as the men stepped into the room.

Lunch, which was hot dogs, green beans, and a tub of potato salad, was ready, and they all tried to extend the feeling of normality as they ate, mostly in silence.

Eventually, though, eating was done, and the silence had to be broken. Enough time had passed that both men felt capable of broaching the subject.

“OK,” said Dave, calmly. “Let’s talk.”


The girls gravitated toward their bed, and sat on it together. Dick took the chair again, and Dave sat upright on the men’s bed.

Dave just charged in.

“First, we’re both very glad you’re still virgins,” he said.

“We are too,” said Cindy.

“Just let me talk for a little while, sweetheart, OK?” asked her father. He wanted to keep talking while there was something in his mind to say.

“OK, Daddy,” said the girl.

Her “Daddy” hit him pretty hard.

“That’s another thing,” he said. “You’re our daughters. We both think of you as our daughters, and we love you … as daughters, I mean. But, as it turns out, you’re also beautiful young women, and we can’t help but think about that too. We don’t want you to be scared. Neither of us would ever dream of hurting either of you.”

“We know that, Daddy!” said Cindy, unable to keep quiet. She ducked her head as her father frowned at her.

“We want you to know that we’re trying to act normal. Fathers shouldn’t think about their daughters like … well, like we have been. To be very honest with you, I doubt if we can stop thinking that way. But we don’t want you to worry about that. It’s just that it’s been eating away at us since we got stuck here, in this town, and we haven’t been able to deal with it very well. But we’re trying, OK?”

That gave Cindy permission to talk, at least in her mind.

“Daddy, we’re not scared of you, or worried … well … I guess we’re a LITTLE worried … sort of. We want to stay virgins, I mean.”

“Oh!” Dave was lost for words. He had expected them to at least chastise the men for thinking about them … sexually. “Of course!” he added. “We want that too.”

“OK, then,” said Cindy, as if everything had been settled. “As long as we stay virgins, we don’t mind sleeping with you.”

Dick’s gulp could be heard clear across the room.

“I don’t understand, honey,” said Dave, his voice dry. “Why would you want to sleep with us?”

Cindy rolled her eyes.

“Daddy, we love you too. You’re our daddies, and you’ll always be our daddies. But we’re girls, and we have feelings too. We’re curious about things, but it’s too scary to … um … investigate, I guess … like on a date or something. Boys can be very insistent.”

Dave started to get visions of his daughter, fighting for her virtue in the back seat of a car again, and pushed them away. “I know, sweetie, I’ve tried to tell you that.”

“You did!” she said. “And I listened, and I told Neece everything you told me, and we’re fine. But we can trust you, and we love you more than any boys we know. I love cuddling with you.”

“Well … um … sleeping together is a little different than … cuddling.” said Dave.

“Not really,” said Cindy, leaning forward. “Not if we stay virgins.”

“Well, honey,” said Dave, “the problem is that men … in that situation … get excited … and … um well we have to do something about that.”

“You mean masturbate,” said Denise, looking interested. “Girls do that too.” She looked startled and turned to Cindy. “Can I say that?”

“Of course you can,” said Dave, feeling better. Masturbation, after all, was what he and Dick were trying to keep this down to. “If we’re going to have adult thoughts … and talk about them, we should be honest with each other.”

“This is weird,” said Denise. “I mean, who’d have thought I’d be talking about sex with my Daddy and my Uncle Dave?”

“We talk about sex sometimes,” said Cindy.

“I know, but Daddy and I don’t,” said Denise.

Dick was driven to speak.

“I’m sorry about that, honey,” he said. “I should have been more open with you. It’s just kind of embarrassing.”

“That would be a lot less embarrassing than you hearing Cindy and me talking when we don’t know you’re there,” said his daughter.

“Well,” said Dick, uncomfortably, “we didn’t TRY to hear. It just kind of happened.”

“I’m glad it did,” said Cindy. “I mean, it got us to this point … didn’t it? I kind of like being able to talk about this.”

“Did you really mean it when you said you wanted to sleep with … both of us?” asked Dave.

Both girls nodded, but only Cindy spoke. “I thought it was kind of weird, but knowing that you both think about us that way makes it seem a lot better.”

“I don’t think it’s normal, honey,” said her father. “Fathers and daughters aren’t supposed to think about each other like that.”

“Too late,” said Cindy. “Besides, I don’t see what it hurts. I love you, and you love me. Isn’t that just another way of loving?”

“Yes, but it’s still not normal,” said Dave. “Imagine what your mother would think if she found out.”

“Mommy’s a bitch,” said Cindy, carelessly. “I don’t think she understands love at all. She tries to get me to love her by buying me stuff. All I really want is to be friends with her, but she’s too busy. I know you love me, and I know Uncle Dick loves me. I love you both. The thought of getting to sleep with you makes me feel good.”

“Me too,” said Denise. “I’m not as good at talking as Cindy is, but when I think about sleeping with both of you, I get horny.” She looked at Dave. “You have no idea how it made me feel when you got a boner for me last night.”

“You didn’t sound happy about it,” said Dave.

“I couldn’t admit it then,” said Denise, calmly. “I had to act like I thought I was supposed to act. Besides, I was horny too, and it was frustrating.”

“I think we were all frustrated last night,” said Dick.

“Well, we won’t be tonight,” said Cindy, sounding much more grown up that she was. Then she became a girl again. “You’ll have to teach us how to help you. Neither of us has done anything like that with a boy.”

Dave’s prick hardened almost instantly as he thought about feeling her hand … or Denise’s hand … on his prick. He wanted to stand up and get started right now. He forced that urge aside, though.

“There’s just this one room,” he said.

Cindy looked confused, and then smiled. “Neece and I rub off together all the time. We’re not shy about seeing each other.”

Dick’s gulp was just as loud this time as the last time.


Though tensions were VASTLY reduced by their talk, there was still some natural nervousness about actually DOING anything. Both men were ready, willing and able to have some afternoon delight, but neither of the girls seemed to think of that, so the men, knowing that later on, ecstasy would be within reach, and fantasies would be indulged, exerted self control, and patience.

They went for another walk around town, this time making two circuits. When they got back, their clothes, laundered and neatly folded, were stacked on the bed nearest the door. Maria was nowhere to be seen, but the room had been dusted and didn’t smell nearly as musty as it had. The dirty dishes had also been washed and stacked in the sink to dry.

The girls were hot after their walk, and the overalls felt heavy and binding. First they tried cutting off the legs, to make shorts out of them, but then Denise remembered the dresses. While the men tried to cook steaks and potatoes in the microwave, the girls picked up the dresses. They started automatically for the bathroom. Cindy stopped, with her hand on the knob.

“They’re going to see us later,” she said to Denise. “We don’t have to change in there any more.”

Denise’s eyes widened as her natural modesty was affronted. Then she got a smoky look in her eyes. She had always wanted to be naked with a man, and see the look in his eyes. Suddenly, she had the chance to do that.

They turned to find both men staring at them. There was a mixed look of anguish and hope on their faces.

Undoing the straps on her overalls was much harder than Cindy thought it would be. She thought of her small, hard breasts, and about how Denise’s were so much bigger … so much more womanly. She thought of her sparse patch of pubic hair, that was so much lighter and thinner than Denise’s. She had always thought Denise looked much sexier than she did. Only the thought of the look on Dick’s face, the night before, when she had unthinkingly flashed him, kept her going. The overalls dropped like a stone, leaving her in an armless western shirt.

“Wait!” said Denise, wanting to catch up. She fumbled with her straps, and her overalls became the mates to Cindy’s, puddled on the floor. She stepped out of hers, and Cindy, as if awakening from a dream, copied her.

Their fingers went to the buttons of their shirts. Only the three bottom buttons had been fastened, so it was only a very short few seconds before both shirts were gaping open, showing the creamy flesh of their inner breasts, and exposing their pussy hair.

“No panties,” sighed Dick.

“We got some at the store,” said Cindy nervously. “but they were ten sizes too big.”

The girls looked at each other, their eyes wide, and, together, they shrugged out of their shirts.

“Oh, baby,” sighed Dave, staring first at his daughter, and then at Denise. The differences in their bodies were starkly visible, but both looked gorgeous to him.

The girls blushed, but the open admiration in both men’s eyes did what it was intended to do, and both girls felt a rush of pleasure, as they were appreciated. They also felt the rush of something warm and wet, seep out to cover their pussy lips.

“Are you getting hard?” asked Denise, looking at Dave. Her vamp-like nature, once freed, liked to romp and play.

“Yes,” he said simply. “Is that OK?”

“That’s great,” she answered him. “It makes me horny.”

“Uncle Dick?” asked Cindy, timidly.

He jerked, and closed his mouth. “Oh, baby,” he said softly. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see you like that.”

Cindy felt a rush of blood staining her upper chest and face pink. She felt another twinge in her pussy too, which was something she usually only felt when she was fantasizing and rubbing her clitty.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

“I think you should get dressed now,” said Dave, his mouth dry. “It’s too early for bed.”

The girls got into their new dresses. Even though they were an old design, they clung to the girls bodies. Cindy’s was much looser in the chest than Denise’s, but somehow, standing there in the old fashioned dresses, barefoot, they looked like the pure and innocent girls they were. Both men were completely hard as the girls approached them.

“Well,” asked Cindy, stopping in front of Dick. “How do we look?”

Dick had had another fantasy for a long time. That was the one where he took Cindy in his arms and kissed her, and she kissed him back. He couldn’t resist. He did it.

What made it work flawlessly, was that Cindy was ready to be kissed. She’d kissed lots of boys, making out, learning to French kiss, and liking the tingling feelings that caused in her. His kiss was different. He had stubble on his chin and cheeks, and his lips were more demanding, pressing harder. Her natural instinct to play with his tongue was exactly what he had dreamed of, and the kiss turned into a grinding hot thing that threatened to consume them both. Cindy’s hands, which had gone to his shoulders as she realized what he was going to do, slowly slipped down his arms, until the hung, limp, as she was transported into a world where his lips, and the bulge pressing against her abdomen, became her whole world. There was the niggling thought that she should be pushing him away, but she didn’t want to push him away. She wanted him to go on kissing her like this for hours.

Dave and Denise watched, wide-eyed, as the other two suddenly started making out.

Denise looked at Dave first.

“I want to do that,” she said, her voice husky.

Dave’s kiss was just as experienced, and just as hot as Dick’s. His hands went to Denise’s back, and slid around, enjoying the feel of there being no bra strap there. He could feel her lush breasts against his chest. His hands went to her butt, and she moaned into his mouth as she Frenched him ardently too. In seconds she was just as limp as Cindy.

At that point, either man could have stripped his partner bare, and skewered her virgin pussy with his prick, and neither girl would have done more than cry out in passion.

Both girls felt like it was the first time they’d ever been kissed.


The men felt the same passion, but they had some experience with regulating that passion. It was for that reason that the kisses ended, and supper was eaten, without either girl being stripped bare and skewered.

Then, trying to delay the inevitable, in one sense, and just enjoying the anticipation, in another, there was another walk. On this walk, they saw Maria, scurrying along with a basket of clothes. Dave stopped her and gave her a fifty dollar bill. She almost cried when she saw the bill, moaning “Gracias, Senor” over and over. He expected her to take his hand and kiss it, but she didn’t. She blinked away tears, and with a final stream of Spanish, that they couldn’t understand, but which they knew were more words of thanks, she trundled off with the clothes.

Eventually, they could walk no more, and ended up back in the motel room.

Cindy flicked on the TV, and sighed as an NBC program came on the screen.

Perhaps, by habit, when the men lay down to watch TV, on separate beds, their daughters lay down with them, snuggling up into armpits, with their father’s arm around them. There was nothing sexual about this. They were just watching TV with their fathers, and it was nice, even if it was still hot enough to make them sweat a little. Dave wished he’d thought to ask Pops for a fan.

It was about seven-thirty, in the middle of a commercial about Cialis, when the picture suddenly became a busy blond woman being taken from behind by a young stud. The camera moved to his thick, young cock, sliding in and out of the woman’s wet pussy.

“Well, I guess Jimmy Joe is done working on the car for today,” said Dave.

Denise got up and went to the TV, shutting it off. Her vamp side was back, and she moved to the bed Dave and Cindy were on and reached for Cindy’s hand, pulling her away and off the bed. Then she climbed on and, on her hands and knees, made it plain she wanted another kiss.

Cindy went to the other bed and did the same thing.


To give the men credit, they lasted fifteen minutes, just kissing, before their hands began to wander. That was probably because they were living a dream, which gave them patience. Even when the girls slowly went from hands and knees to lying half on the men, swapping tongues was the primary activity.

When the men’s hands DID start wandering, the girls had to be given credit too. They were used to hot, torrid make out sessions, but when hands started drifting around their hips, they were also used to stopping those hands. Now, though, almost with a will, they held their own hands in place, firmly on their chosen man’s face, or shoulders.

Dave was the first to start pulling the skirt of Denise’s checkered blue dress up, baring her thighs, which he stroked, gently. When his hand got to her buttocks, she wiggled with the thrill of finally letting a man touch her there. That touch was electric, and her natural instinct was to burrow her upper leg between Dave’s and press her itching pussy against his thigh. She’d never done that, either, and it felt fabulous.

When Dave began to explore, first her butt crack, and then deeper, to slide a finger over her tight anus, and then to the bottom of her thoroughly soggy pussy lips, Denise thought she’d pass out.

Cindy experienced much the same thing, except that Dick stroked the front of her thighs, under her dress, as their tongues dueled. Her instinct to keep her legs closed was fought off, and she lifted one leg, feeling more daring than she had the first time she’d let a boy touch her breasts. She knew his hand would eventually touch her pussy, but, as he played, tickling her inner thighs close to, but not there, she bent her knee and opened herself up even more, anxious, now, to feel a man’s hand there for the first time. When he traced up the front of her thighs, going PAST her slit, to slide his fingers across her abdomen, just above her pussy hair, she moaned into his mouth, and kissed him even more urgently.

Then, when Dick flattened his hand on her belly, and slid it down, his middle finger rubbing across her clit, to dip into her sex, it was too much. She rolled away from him, her hand flopping on the bed, and let out a long groan.


Dick grinned at her, loving the fact that his was the first finger to penetrate her, and loving the fact that she was so obviously enjoying it. He pushed in a little deeper, going gently, because he didn’t know if her barrier was still there or not. It wasn’t, which became clear, and he pushed until he couldn’t get any more in.

“AUUUUUGGHHHHHHH” groaned the over-stimulated teen. This was completely different than her own slim, smooth finger. This put pressure on the sides of her pussy, and made her clitty scream. When she did this to herself, it took ten minutes to get off. Now, though, with almost panic, she realized that the mother of all orgasms was bashing at her door. When he gave his finger a little wiggle, and slid it in and out rapidly a few times, she went off like a bombshell.

All Cindy’s noises, but especially the noises she made as she came on Dick’s Sikiş hikayeleri finger, were heard by the couple in the other bed, who were going much more slowly. At that point, Denise had raised her leg higher, her knee impacting his erection, still in his pants. That opened her up enough that he could barely reach her clit, as she ground her asshole down onto his wrist. When Cindy started moaning and thrashing in the next bed, both broke their current kiss, and looked over. Cindy was lying on her back, her skirt up to her waist, and Dick’s hand was wriggling between her legs as her head flopped back and forth, her eyes tightly shut. That she was having an orgasm was obvious.

Denise reacted in a way that surprised her, as much as it surprised Dave. She crawled up on top of him, pulling at her skirt, and pressed her naked pussy directly against the lump her knee had been playing with. Then, her hips flexing, she dry-fucked him until she was babbling with joy. Somehow she had known how to do this thing she had never done before, and it was just as fantastic as she had known it would be as she scrambled into position. Dave’s hands, on her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples while she came, only made it better. She used one hand to try to pull the dress off her shoulders, so he could touch them naked, but it wouldn’t work. By then, she was in the middle of the best orgasm she’d ever had, and concentrated on that.


The quiet in the room, after both girls had filled it with their moans, screams, and grunts, was so complete that Dave could actually hear Dick kiss Cindy’s lips, making a soft smacking sound. Denise was lying on top of him, exhausted from her cum, and he was stroking her back gently. Her weight on his stiff prick felt good, the way it feels good to wake up in the night with the bed pressing against your boner. He looked over to confirm what he had heard, and saw Dick kissing Cindy repeatedly, with slow, light, lip-sucking kisses. Dick’s finger was still in her, but it wasn’t moving any more. As he watched, he saw Dick carefully extract that finger from his little girl’s pussy. He didn’t feel anger, or jealousy. What he felt was pride that his best friend knew that her pussy would be sticky, clasping, and sensitive, after her cum, and that he needed to remove his finger slowly. He saw Dick bring that finger to his lips and suck it.

“What are you doing?” moaned Cindy, still breathing hard.

“Tasting you,” he said.

“Oooo ick!” moaned the girl.

“You taste good,” said Dick.

“That was fantastic,” sighed Cindy. “I never felt anything like that … ever!”

“There’s more where that one came from,” said Dick softly.

Denise moved her face, which was covered by her hair, and reached up to pull her hair back. Her eyes stared into Dave’s.

“Is there more for me too?” she asked, barely above a whisper.

“Lots more,” said Dave, kissing her nose.

“I feel you,” she said. “You’re hard.”

“Uh huh,” he said, kissing her nose again.

“You want me to touch it?”

“Oh, yeah,” he sighed.

“I don’t know how,” she said.

“I’ll teach you.”


Cindy rolled her head to see her best friend started undressing her father. When she realized what was happening, she felt some energy return to her sated body, and she sat up. Dick wasn’t waiting. He, too, had seen what was going on in the next bed. Cindy decided that the dress was confining, and pulled it over her head as Dick shucked his jeans and shirt. She stared, as he lay back down, the first hard prick she had ever seen, jutting from a nest of brown hair.

She looked curiously, and then turned her head, to try to see her father’s. She knew about both kinds, having seen both on the internet. Most of the ones she’d seen were like Dick’s, which had a large darker head, with a thin neck behind it, and then a bigger veined shaft under that. As her father lifted his hips, and Denise pulled his jeans down, his prick flopped onto his belly. His looked different. You couldn’t see the head, because of skin covering it.

Her head swiveled back to Dick’s … “dick” … she decided. It wasn’t a penis, and it wasn’t a prick. It was a dick, because it was on Uncle Dick. She remembered his thick finger in her pussy, and stared at the big blunt head, that was impossibly too large to fit in a pussy, even though she knew that’s where it had been when her best friend had been concieved. She could see, intuitively, that, once the head was past her pussy lips, they’d close down tightly around that thinner neck. It didn’t occur to her that she was thinking about getting that dick in her pussy. It was more along the lines of seeing something that was obviously painful and thinking “Oh, that would hurt!”

Cindy had heard her father say “I’ll teach you,” and now she went to the other side of the bed, to half lie on it, with her knees on the floor. She could look past Dick’s dick, and watch. She didn’t want to wait, though, and reached out to test what Dick’s dick felt like.

It was hot, and it was very hard, but it was also velvety soft, somehow. She squeezed it, experimentally, and Dick sighed. She looked up, but Denise was in the way. Her arm was moving, but Cindy couldn’t see her hand. It didn’t occur to her to ask Dick what to do. Instead she said “Be right back,” and scampered over to peer over Denise’s shoulder. Denise had her hand wrapped firmly around her father’s penis, and was sliding it up and down the stiff stalk. Cindy could see the loose skin on the outside moving, uncovering the head, which looked like Dick’s, when it was uncovered, and then covering it up again when her hand came up. Denise looked up at her friend.

“This is so cool,” she breathed.

“Gotta go,” said Cindy, and scampered back to her man.

The problem was, that there was no loose skin on Dick’s dick to move. Her hand wouldn’t slide, easily and quickly, like Denise was doing.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, getting frustrated.

“It works better when I have some hand cream, or something slippery,” said Dick, who was having fun, regardless of how effective her strokes were.

“I don’t have anything like that!” she complained. “I do at home, but not here.”

“There’s soap in the bathroom,” he suggested. “Just lather up your hand, and come back.”

She ran to the bathroom and did just that. When she got back she smiled widely as her hand now slid easily up and down. She could feel all the bumps, and the thin neck behind the head. It felt wonderful, sliding through her hand.

“Oh, baby,” moaned Dick. “That feels soooo goood.”

“I like it too,” she said, almost shyly. “It feels good in my hand.”

She played with the head, sliding her fingers around it, and along the circumference of the neck, underneath. He groaned and his hips bounced. She’d have played with it more, but he asked her to stroke it.

“You’re going to squirt sperm,” she said, moving her hand faster, “aren’t you?”

“Ohhhh yeah, sweetie … any minute now … just keep that up.”

Denise’s squeal of excitement signaled that she had gotten there first, and Cindy turned to see a thick stream of white leap up past Denise’s shoulder, to fall and disappear again. Denise’s arm was moving very fast now, and Cindy turned back to copy that speed.

Dick sat halfway up, and then flopped back down, and the thing in Cindy’s hand pulsed. A stream of white goo, just like the one she’d seen over Denise’s shoulder, leapt into the air, and fell straight back down onto her hand. It was hot, and that heat surprised her, but she kept jerking as more and more of the stuff shot out. Each stream went a little less far in the air, until all she could get was an ooze of the stuff, out of the little hole in the tip. Dick’s hand came to hers.

“Stop now,” he panted. “It’s too sensitive to keep going.”

She knew what that felt like. His finger had done the same thing. Her orgasm had gone from something so sweet that she was sure she’d never feel anything better, when his thick finger, rubbing her clit, had suddenly become painful. He’d stopped, just then, and the pain vanished, leaving her feeling only the nice fullness of his finger, spreading her tunnel apart.

She didn’t want to let go, because now it felt different. It wasn’t as hard, and seemed to have shrunk. She watched, amazed, as it shrank more, until she could squeeze the column and her fingers sank into it.

“Easy,” he moaned.

Finally she took her hand off of it, and watched sadly as it fell over, limp and tiny looking. She looked at her hand, which was covered with suds, and his sperm, which didn’t feel so hot any more. She brought her hand close, to stare at the stuff, and then sniffed, but didn’t smell anything other than a slight musky odor, barely discernable within the smell of the soap.

He had tasted her, when he was done. She knew about blow jobs, and that some girls claimed to swallow this stuff, but she couldn’t bring herself to taste it. Her other hand came up, though, and smeared through it, feeling how slippery it was. It would make the perfect thing to masturbate him with. She stifled a giggle as she realized there was a catch 22 there. It was the perfect lubricant, but you couldn’t get it out … without another lubricant.

Denise had gotten spunk all over her hand too, and she stood up, the dress settling back into position. She turned around.

“You’re naked!” she said to Cindy.

“It felt better,” said Cindy.

“We’d better go wash up, huh?” said Denise, looking closely at Uncle Dave’s sperm on her hand.


When the girls came back out of the bathroom, Denise had taken her dress off too, and it was hanging in her hand. She tossed it toward the chair, and stood, looking at her father, still lying spraddle legged on the bed. She went back into the bathroom and came out with a washcloth. She hadn’t waited for the water to get warm, and Dick jerked as the cool wetness hit his body. He watched as his daughter cleaned up what her best friend had gotten out of him. He looked at her hanging breasts, and licked his lips. She was so beautiful.

Denise handed the washcloth to Cindy, who had stood and watched, uncertain what was going on. When she understood, she went to her father, and did the same to him. She looked at his eyes, and saw heat in them, as they roamed her body. She heard Dick groan, and turned to see Denise climbing up on top of him, like she had done to Dave. She lay down, her breasts flattening on his chest, and kissed him. Cindy saw her start humping her hips immediately, sliding her pussy against Dick’s dick. She looked at her father’s penis. It looked limp and forlorn too. Not understanding the drive to do so, she leaned down and kissed it.

Then she climbed up on top of her Daddy, settled her pussy down on that limp thing, and figured out what Denise was doing in the next bed.

She found out it felt delicious, especially when he kissed her like Uncle Dick did.


Cindy was still lying on top of her father, except that she was reversed, with her back to his front. His left hand was stroking her breasts, and playing with her nipples, while his right was between her legs. What he did to her was completely different than what Uncle Dick had done. Her legs were spread wide, and he had three fingers pressing against her pussy lips. He didn’t put his finger inside her. Instead, he wagged all three fingers back and forth, making her clitty sing with happiness. She was panting, because her orgasm was almost there. If he kept going just a few more seconds, it would happen. Her head was lying beside his, on the pillow, and he was whispering in her ear about how beautiful she was, and how sexy she was.

“You almost there, baby?” he whispered.

“Almost, Daddy,” she moaned. “Just a little longer … this feels soooo good.”

Denise squealed, in the next bed, and her anguished “OH DADDY!” signaled that she was feeling the same thing Cindy had felt, as a thick finger penetrated her virgin pussy, driving deep, and crushing her clit. That sound made Cindy push with her heels, lifting her pussy up, as the waves of pleasure broke over her. THEN Dave slid a finger in her and pulled, still wagging his hand back and forth, until she thought she’d pass out from the joy of it. She heard noises, and realized they were coming from her own throat. When she dropped her butt back onto her father’s loins, his hand stopped. He held her tightly with his left arm, and his right hand, and whispered “I love you, Cindy.”

The girls wanted to masturbate their fathers, but the men were satisfied.

“Tomorrow,” said Dave, as Cindy pouted.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked.

Dave looked over at Dick, who was being kissed by Denise.

“I guess so,” he said. “Looks like they’re happy.”


They were all exhausted. It was a combination of the tension they’d all been under for two days, and extremely satisfying orgasms that was responsible for that. No one woke during the night, as father cradled daughter in his arms. It was hot, but their nakedness offset that, to some degree.

In the morning, their sticky, sweaty state quashed passion. They took turns in the shower, which was a claw-footed tub, with a spout that came from the wall. Water got everywhere, but everything was tiled, so it didn’t matter. No one put clothes on.


Things might have worked out as both the dads and daughters intended them to, had they not been stuck in Flannery, where there was nothing to do. Well … there was something to do NOW … but that’s ALL there was to do.

Having breakfast in the nude didn’t help them either. Dick stared at the milk in his bowl of cereal, and then at his daughter’s thrusting breasts, with their tiny, perky nipples. The connection between the milk in the bowl, and the milk that would someday squirt from those nipples, was obvious. He’d already been mostly hard, but that finished him off. When he stood to take the bowl to the sink, both girls saw his bone.

“Is that for me?” asked Denise, “or Cindy?”

“Yes,” he said, smiling.

That led to Dick trying out those perky nipples, for the first time, and Dick and Denise ended up on the bed, where Denise found out what it was like to try to jack off a circumcised penis, which was so different that she got frustrated, too. Cindy ran to the bathroom, got her hand lathered up, and returned to coat both Dick’s dick, and Denise’s hand with the soap. Then both of them were happy, as he thrilled her by sucking at her nipples, and she thrilled him by stroking him slowly.

Cindy, of course, didn’t want to be left out, so she went and straddled her father’s legs, sitting on his lap, making him eat over her shoulder, until he gave up and started nursing her strawberry nipples too. His prick grew, and before either of them knew it, was pressing into her sex.

“Mmmmm that feels good,” she said, kissing him, and then shoving her breast back into his mouth.

He sucked, and stroked her back, and then spat out her nipple.

“It may feel good, but it’s not a good place for my little friend to be.”

“It’s not in me,” sighed Cindy, wiggling. The head pressed deeper, forcing her pussy lips apart.

“It will be if you keep doing that,” said her father. The urge to pull her onto his prick was intense, but he resisted it.

“I wanna feel good,” she moaned.

“I know another way to make you feel good,” he said.

He pushed her back and stood up. The tip of his prick was shiny with her juices. He took her to the bed, and lay her on it, crawling between her legs. He sucked at her breasts some more, and kissed her, until her hips were lifting up off the bed, and then kissed his way down her belly.

“Oh Daddy!” she moaned. “Are you really gonna do that?”

“You bet I am, baby,” he said, his voice muffled by her pubes.

Her cry of appreciation, when he nuzzled her pussy lips, and stuck his tongue in her fragrant pussy, was loud, and drew the attention of Denise, who looked back, over her shoulder.

“That’s so nasty!” she moaned.

“It’s not nasty at all,” said her father. He pushed her into position and, over her objections, stuck his face between her legs. Her objections vanished instantly, and she moaned.

The room was filled with noise. First it was the slurping of mouths, licking and sucking at wet pussies. Then it was the growing moans of the girls, which turned into whines and then into shrieks of happiness as the girls squirted their daddies’ mouths full of joy juice.

When the girls recovered, and had masturbated their fathers, getting nice and messy again, and needing another shower … it was only nine o’clock.

The girls were sated for half an hour or so, but newly awakened passion is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and soon the girls had switched partners again, and were finding out more about how different technique made for different kinds and strengths of orgasm.

Lunch was a welcome respite, at least for the men. They hadn’t been asked to perform two or three times in one day for a long, long time. A nap seemed like a good idea, and the girls were ready for that too.

The nap lasted until supper time. All of them, after the tension of the previous days, and disturbed nights, needed the sleep.

They ate supper naked, and when they tried the TV and found NBC on again, the girls cuddled with their “uncles” to watch. At eight, the porn came back on. This time, the girls just rolled over to have orgasms, and let the sound of fucking on the tube excite them, as they came hard on deep-digging fingers.

The TV was turned off, and the girls got more sperm out of the men, stroking lovingly, and watching hot-eyed as that sperm spurted into the air.

By the time they had cleaned up the men, and snacked, it seemed too early for bed. It was light outside, but some cuddling seemed in order.

They just happened to lie down with their fathers again. Passion, and orgasms had taxed them all. Talk faded, stroking hands fell limp, and eventually they slept.

When Cindy woke up, around six in the morning, and her father was still sleeping, she intended to disengage herself from his arms and get some cereal.

When she saw his penis lying there, limp, she felt a surge of love and leaned over to kiss it, like she had before. One kiss led to another and the limp thing began to twitch and move. She was delighted that she could make it hard, and continued with little kisses, until she felt the urge to lick the tip.

Dave let himself drift toward being awake. Somebody was kissing his penis, and he was getting hard. That was delightful, and he didn’t really want to wake up, because what was going on was just fine. Because he wasn’t awake, his hands did what they might have done in an earlier year. They went to the soft hair on the head of the woman whose lips were touching his prick, and maneuvered it so that she would take him in her mouth.

Cindy felt her father’s hands on her hair, pushing. She was having so much fun watching his prick grow that she didn’t look up at his face. She did open her mouth to tell him how much fun she was having. His hands tightened on her head, and suddenly, without warning, her mouth was full of half-hard daddy prick.


Cindy’s reaction to having a penis in her mouth, for the first time, would have been comical, had anyone but her been awake enough to watch it.

Dave’s hands tightened on her head as he continued to wake up. The penis in question was only half hard, about the consistency of a half-cooked hot dog, which meant it would still bend. It did that, as Cindy turned her head sideways, in an attempt to get it out of her mouth. Then her tongue came into play, trying, instinctively, to move the thing around. She gave off a strangled “AWWP”.

Then, quite suddenly, perhaps because of the natural instinct to suck and taste what is in one’s mouth, Cindy stopped fighting, and … sucked and tasted. The texture was fascinating, because she could compress her lips on it and dent it, yet, it was firm enough that her cheeks caved in as she sucked. It didn’t stay half hard for long, though, and by the time she had decided that, odd as this new thing was, she liked it, it had firmed up enough that she could no longer manipulate it inside her mouth.

Now, she fought her father’s hands, not to get off, but just to feel what it was like to slide her lips along the shaft. She liked that too, but couldn’t get to the tip because her father’s hands were pressing her downward. She put her right hand on his balls, and her left hand on his pubic hair, and pushed. Dave woke up the rest of the way, and realized what was actually going on.

“What?” he said, lifting his head to see his fingers tangled in his daughter’s hair. He felt her pushing and let go instantly.

Cindy pulled off, sucking all the way, and finally looked at his face.

“You don’t have to force me,” she said softly.

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said, confused. “I didn’t mean to. I don’t think I was awake when you … um … started.”

“I didn’t mean to start,” said his daughter, taking hold of the now-hard shaft and stroking it. “But I’m glad it happened. I like this.”

Skinning the hood back, to reveal the knob, she leaned down and took just that in her mouth. That smooth, hard skin felt completely different than the loose skin on the shaft. It was easier to suck, too, because it didn’t overfill her mouth.

“Ohhhhh” moaned Dave.

She pulled off. “Does that feel good?”

“Ohhhh, baby, you have no idea,” he sighed.

“I don’t think I want it to squirt in my mouth,” she said, uncertainly, looking at the head, while her hand stroked it a couple of times.

“OK,” he said. “I think you can go a little longer before there’s any danger of that.”

She was too new at this to understand how to make him have an orgasm, this way, but she had a lot of fun playing with it. She found out that he wiggled a special way if she used her lips to force the skin off the head, and then sucked as she pulled back, to let that skin re-cover the head. It was a little like kissing it, over and over again, except that each time she let it slip into her mouth. After a while, though, her jaws hurt from spreading so widely, for so long, and she asked if she could stop.

“Honey, you never have to ask to stop. If you don’t want to do something, that’s good enough for me,” said her father, pulling her up for a kiss.

She climbed on, rubbing her pussy lips along his hardness. This was the first time she’d done that too. Always before, when she rubbed against it, it had already squirted, and was soft. Now, though, as the shaft split her pussy lips apart, and her clitty scraped along it, she felt an orgasm coming much more quickly.

“Mmmm, I’m gonna cum,” she said into his ear.

“You keep rubbing like that and I’m going to cum too,” panted her father. “It’s too close to your pussy, honey,” he cautioned.

“It’s not in me,” she said, assuming, like most young people, that sperm outside the body is completely safe, and can’t get inside the body. “Suck my nipples,” she demanded, pressing one into his mouth.

Dave came first, and his semen was trapped between her pussy and his belly, as she rubbed her pussy lips through it. That warmth and slipperiness was what she needed, and she whined as streaks of pleasure shot through her. When she was done she lay down on him.

Dave thought about all those little wrigglers, at the mouth of her sex, trying valiantly to swim upstream to spawn. He didn’t think they’d really have much of a chance, though. And she felt good, lying naked on him. He dismissed the possibility of danger from his mind, and stroked her back instead.

Sated, and relaxed, father and daughter fell back asleep.



When Dick woke up, he had a full fledged morning woody, and an armful of beautiful teenager, whose soft breasts were pressed against him. He tried to extricate himself from her arms, so he could go to the bathroom, but that woke her up too. Her hand drifted to his boner.

“Mmmmm, so hard,” she murmured.

“It gets that way in the morning,” he whispered. “I have to pee.”

“Oh,” she said, sounding disappointed. “I thought it was for me.”

“It is for you,” he said, pinching her buttock. “As soon as I get back from the john.”

He got up and, on his way past the other bed, looked to see Cindy lying on top of her father, her legs spread, and her knees on the bed. He was shocked to see that Dave’s prick was slimy with spunk, and Cindy’s pussy was pressed into it. It looked like all that spunk might have run out of her pussy! He stopped, staring. He couldn’t believe Dave had actually fucked his daughter. Both men had resisted the thought of that, and the girls had too! He hadn’t heard anything during the night, and if Cindy had lost her virginity, he was sure it would have made the kind of noise that would have wakened him.

He bent over and looked more closely. Her pussy lips were spermy. His prick was spermy. EVERYTHING was spermy! Dave’s prick looked like it might have slipped out of her pussy in the night, as they slept!

His bladder screamed at him, and he stood back up and went to the john. He had to sit down and force his prick into the bowl, it was so hard. As usual, it softened a bit as the strong stream resulted in the ecstasy of the pain leaving. He couldn’t believe they had fucked … right there in the bed next to him and Denise. But the evidence was plain. Not only had he fucked her, he had done it bareback! He had cum in his own daughter’s sweet, unprotected pussy!

By the time Dick left the bathroom, he was hard as a rock again. Just thinking about Dave’s prick, sliding in and out of Cindy’s young pussy, spurting her full of Daddy cum, had his balls boiling. He looked at them again. They were still asleep.

His eyes went to his bed, and the girl lying on it. She was on her back … waiting for him … looking at him. She had that sleepy look of a sexually satisfied woman. He looked at the dark hair that hovered, above her own thick, pink pussy lips. They were closed now, as if to protect her virginity. Would she let him fuck her too? Would she let him spurt his own Daddy cum deep in her belly? How could he asked her to let him do that? She had made it clear she wanted to stay a virgin. But Cindy had too, and she had obviously changed her mind. Lust raged in him.

He put his forefinger to his lips, and beckoned Denise to come to the foot of the other bed. She looked at him questioningly, and he gestured again. The bed creaked as she got up, and padded to join her father. He pointed.

Denise looked where he was pointing, and her eyes grew wide. Her young eyes came to the same conclusion that her father’s older ones had. She leaned closer, unbelieving, holding her breath.

The first thing she felt, after the astonishment, was anger. They were supposed to do this together! They were supposed to get married and lose their virginities, side-by-side! Now Cindy had gone and ruined that. There was no doubt in Denise’s mind that Cindy had been the aggressor. She had obviously wormed her pussy down, around Uncle Dave’s hard prick, and taken it inside her. She stood up, letting her breath out, and taking in another, to scream.

Dick saw the anger on her face, and heard the intake of breath. His hand moved instinctively, to slap over her mouth, and he put his own mouth right by her ear.

“Quiet!” he hissed.

She struggled, until she realized he was too strong, and then slumped, as disappointment in her best friend took the place of anger. She turned, tears in her eyes, and Dick took his hand off her mouth. She hugged her Daddy.

“They weren’t supposed to do that!” she whined.

“I know, baby,” he said, stroking her naked back. He felt his prick pressing into her belly, and wished it was lower, between her legs. “I’m sure they just got carried away.”

“They weren’t SUPPOSED to get carried away!” she said, and he shushed her again.

“It’s too late to do anything about it now,” he whispered. “I know how they feel, anyway.”

Denise’s brain caught up with the last part of his statement slowly, but when it did, that comment exploded in her head. She pushed away, as much as she could, with his hands on her waist.

“You want to do THAT to me too?” she whispered, her eyes wide.

The look in his eyes answered for him. She suddenly felt his prick, pressing against her.

She shook her head. “I’m not ready for that,” she said. “Cindy shouldn’t have done that.”

Dick felt rage that Dave had gotten to fuck Cindy, but Denise wouldn’t let her father do the same thing. Then he was horrified that his mind would fall into that trap, and he pushed the rage back, with his will alone. He saw the concern … or was it fear? … on his own daughter’s face, and felt ashamed that he would ever have considered coercing her.

“You’re right, honey,” he said, relaxing tense muscles. “They shouldn’t have, and we can’t let that affect us. You mean too much to me.”

“But you want to?” asked his daughter.

The new openness between him and Denise was something he had reflected on a lot, in the last day or so. He had realized how precious it really was, and he didn’t want to injure that. He nodded.

“I want to, but only if, and when, you’re ready. If that’s never, that’s fine. I love you, and I want you to be happy. That’s all that really matters to me.”

While Dick didn’t know it, it was exactly the right thing to say. Denise was used to boys being pushy … used to having to fight them off. For a man to put her wishes ahead of his was something that thrilled her to the core.

“Thank you,” she said, going up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

That kiss got Denise going. Dick, of course, was already going, though he had put on the brakes a bit. There were other things he could do with her, and he knew she would make him spurt. That was enough. He didn’t have to fuck her to create pleasure.

He put her on the bed, and when she realized he was going to go down on her again, she spread her legs happily. Soon she was thrusting her pussy up at his face, as he licked and sucked. When she felt her orgasm coming, she pulled the pillow over her face and moaned and groaned into it, so she wouldn’t wake up the others.

Denise squirted Dick’s face messy. He loved moving his lips around her slippery sex. He wanted to jack off, but his hand was dry. He thought of all that slippery juice, and lifted his face. He was crawling into position, when Denise took the pillow off her face. She looked alarmed as she lifted her head and saw her Daddy’s boner hanging right above her pussy.

“Daddy!” she yipped.

“Shhhhh” he said. “I’m not going to put it in you. I just want to rub a little.”

He let his back muscles relax, and lay the bottom of his stiff shaft in her open pussy lips. He slid it forward. Her clasping, slick lips were hot on his prick.

Denise felt that shaft scrape along her clitty, which had recovered from her first orgasm. It felt wonderful, and completely different than either of the fingers that had rubbed that little organ.

“Mmmmm” she said, encouraging him to keep going.

Dick started the age old rhythm of forward and back. He went back enough for the bottom of the head to dip into her open sex, but the angle was all wrong for penetration. It just felt good, and that was enough.

Denise gave a gasp as he speeded up, his prick now sawing back and forth, the head pushing her clitty aside, as it slid forward, and the shaft then mashing it, until he reversed, and went the other way. Knowing that her Daddy’s prick was right there, at the entrance of her virgin tunnel was so exciting that her second orgasm came quickly. When he leaned down and bit one of her nipples gently, she went off.

She didn’t put the pillow over her face this time.


Denise’s agonized groan of ecstasy woke Dave, and he turned his head. His eyes popped open as he saw his best friend, solidly in the saddle of his daughter’s thighs. His lunges, forward, and then back, and their effect on Denise, were plain. He was fucking her! It didn’t occur to him that, what Cindy had done to him, an hour ago, could be done in reverse. His eyes convinced him that he was watching, as Dick took his daughter’s virginity.

That impression was only heightened, when Dick groaned, pushed himself up off his daughter, and onto his knees, his left hand supporting the weight of his upper body. His right hand flashed to where they were joined. Dave lifted his head, to see Dick’s hand grasping the prick he’d just taken out of his daughter’s pussy. That hand was pumping, to finish him off. Long streams of thick white spunk shot out of the tip, painting Denise’s pubic hair with a tangle of twisting streaks of white.

He had pulled out of her to cum, Dave thought. At least he had pulled out of her to cum. He saw Dick’s head start to turn, and dropped his own, closing his eyes. The man had obviously lost control of things. Denise hadn’t been complaining. She’d been having an orgasm. He didn’t want his best friend to feel the shame of being seen, in his moment of weakness. No. Let him enjoy the moment, thinking no one knew.

They could always talk about it later on.

Eventually, Dick rolled, to lie beside his daughter. Her pussy lips were coated with his spend, just like those of her best friend, in the next bed. Like Cindy, she was sated, and sleepy, after cumming twice. She and her father drifted back to sleep too.


Cindy got up first. She padded to the bathroom, and closed the door. Dave heard the shower start. When she came out, he went in, and did the same thing. He came out, rubbing a towel over his hair, and saw that Cindy had put on her overalls again, except that, this time, there was no shirt under them. She was standing at the counter, pouring milk into a bowl of cereal, but when she saw Dave, she did the same thing Dick had done earlier, putting her finger to her lips. Then she took Dave’s hand and led him to the foot of the other bed. Dick was lying on his side, his limp penis lying on top of one of Denise’s thighs. Her other leg was bent at the knee, exposing her pussy to their view. Her pussy lips had closed back down, but a runnel of Dick’s spunk had dripped between them, and a long drip was hanging from the bottom of her closed petals. Cindy pointed.

Dave nodded, and put is mouth to her ear.

“I know. I woke up and saw them doing it.”

Cindy’s reaction was just like that of her friend. She was mad. She turned and stalked to the front door, opening it and going through it outside, leaving her naked father standing there. She wasn’t quiet about closing the door, and the sleeping couple on the bed jerked, both heads lifting.

“Sorry,” said Dave, helplessly. “Cindy went outside and slammed the door.”

He jumped into his jeans and, forgetting his shirt, went outside, barefoot. Cindy was right outside, crying.

“She was supposed to WAIT!” whined Cindy. “We were BOTH supposed to wait!”

“I know, baby,” he said, wishing he could take away the hurt. “They probably just lost control. It’s hard to keep control when you’re that much in love.” Like his friend had, Dave uttered fateful words. “I know how he feels, honey. I wanted to do that with you, last night.”

“You did?” she said, whirling to face him. “I thought we agreed that wasn’t right.”

“We did,” he said. “And I still think it’s best that you save your virginity.”

“We were supposed to WAIT!” she moaned. “We were going to go on our honeymoons together!”

“Wow,” said Dave, the image of two young women on a joint honeymoon. It wasn’t that different than what had happened the night before. He grimaced as he felt his jeans get tight. He didn’t need that right now. She didn’t need that right now.

“I know it was just a stupid dream,” said Cindy, slumping. “But it was a nice dream.”

“She should of at least woke me up,” said Cindy. “She should of at least told me she was going to do it.”

“Honey,” he said gently. “Things like that happen very quickly. It’s hard to stop, once it gets started. I’m sure they were both ashamed that things had run away with them, but they couldn’t stop.”

“What if that happens to us?” asked Cindy.

“It won’t happen to us,” said her father.

“It may as well, now,” she said, miserably. “I don’t want to be the only virgin.”

Her unannounced about face, rattled Dave, and his prick got harder in his pants. Resisting the urge hadn’t been so bad, when both of them were resisting. If she stopped, he didn’t know if he could keep resisting or not.

“We’ll see,” he said, not knowing what else to say. “Just remember, they’re our best friends for good reasons. We can’t let this mess things up.”

“I know,” she said sadly. “I still love her … and Uncle Dick too. I’m just disappointed, that’s all.”

“I know,” he said. “Come back inside. You woke them up when you slammed the door. Maybe we can talk about it.”


They could not, as it turned out, talk about it, when they went back in. That’s because Dick and Denise were in the bathroom, together. The shower was running again.

Cindy immediately thought of the two naked people in that room. They were probably doing it again. She didn’t know how you could do it in a bathroom, or shower, but they were probably doing it again. Uncle Dick’s dick was probably way up inside her, spurting again. Denise was probably going to have her own father’s baby, and ruin everything even more!

She was immediately ashamed of herself as the bathroom door opened, and Dick walked out, toweling himself off. Obviously nothing had been going on.

“You used all the hot water!” came Denise’s voice.

Dick had just pulled on his own jeans when Denise came out, shivering. She saw Cindy, in her overalls, and went to pick up her own pair, also putting them on without a shirt.

The mood in the room was tense, but nobody was willing to talk about it yet. They ate breakfast in silence, without looking at each other more than in quick glances.

“Guess we should go check on the car,” said Dave, finally.

The men put on shirts and shoes, and left.


Neither man said anything, on the way to the service station. Neither could figure out a way to broach the subject. When they got there, the place was open. The old engine had been removed, and the new one was lying next to it, on the floor, in front of the car. Jimmy Joe was nowhere to be seen. There was the bang of metal, and a few seconds later, Jimmy Joe came from behind the station, carrying a piece of metal in his hand. He nodded to the two men.

“Motor mounts were different,” he said. “Bell housing has to be switched too. I think it will work. Just take a little longer, cause I have to switch stuff around.”

Neither man had any idea what he was talking about, but both nodded. What else could they do?


In the motel room, the tension had mounted, and then, oddly, waned, before finally rising again.

Both girls were unhappy, but neither would start the conversation that would have cleared up everything. Part of the problem was that each recognized, in the other, the anger and disappointment that was being felt. Each girl misunderstood that anger and disappointment, detecting it as shame, or guilt, instead. Each girl thought the other was ashamed of having broken their vow. That was what brought about the waning of tension. Each girl felt better, “knowing” that the other was punishing herself for breaking the vow. That was enough, for both of them. They had been friends for too long to want to rub it in. As the misunderstanding continued, there finally came a time when Denise could try to give voice to what she was feeling.

“Are you glad about last night?” She was inviting Cindy to confess, and give her the details of the event. Denise was very curious, now, to find out what it had been like, losing one’s virginity.

Cindy thought she was talking about sleeping with her father – just sleeping. That had been a singularly wonderful thing. She had, understandably, felt closer to her father than ever before.

“Yes,” said Cindy. “How about you?”

Denise felt another twinge of disappointment. Cindy obviously wasn’t ready to talk about it yet. Resentment flared.

“Yes!” she said. “It was wonderful. I can’t wait to do it again!”

Cindy reacted just like her friend. Denise had no shame at all! She was going to let her father fuck her again! Well! She’d just see about that!

“It’s my turn to sleep with him, tonight,” said Cindy, almost harshly.

Denise thought about that. Her friend would get into bed with her Daddy, and, having been fucked, would let him fuck her too! Everybody knew that once you had done it, you wanted to do it all the time. Everybody knew that, once you’d done it, you turned into a slut. That’s why they had made the vow in the first place!

Then Denise thought about how Uncle Dave would act. He’d fucked his own daughter. He’d surely want to fuck her too. Would she let him? SHOULD she let him? It would be a good way to pay Cindy back. She’d get Uncle Dave’s nasty old prick inside her, and make him shoot off there, instead of in his lying, cheating daughter!

“You’re right!” said Denise, her nose in the air. “And it will be MY turn to sleep with Uncle Dave, and I’m going to do exactly the same thing with HIM!”

Cindy was shocked. Not only was Denise unrepentant about letting her daddy fuck her, she was going to seduce the other man in her life too! That bitch! Well, two could play that game. If Uncle Dick would fuck his own daughter, he’s surely be willing to slide his nasty old dick into her best friend. And when he did, and when it squirted, Cindy planned on yelling that it was happening … that he was cumming in HER, instead of his baby girl!


They were almost to the room when Dick spoke for the first time.

“Another night here, huh?”

Dave looked at him. That was obvious. Why had he said that?

When Dave didn’t say anything, Dick went on. “Last night was … um … interesting.”

Dave expected his friend to go on … to confess that he’d taken Denise’s virginity. When he didn’t, Dave didn’t know how to respond.

“I guess so. I mean it’s hard to believe it all happened,” he said carefully.

“You can say that again,” said Dick. “It’s hard to believe that they love us … like that.”

“Are you sorry?” asked Dave, giving his friend an opening.

“No,” said Dick. “It would be easy, though, for things to get out of hand.” He was offering an olive branch to his friend … an opportunity to wail and moan and admit that things HAD gotten out of hand.

Dave felt anger tighten inside him. The hypocritical son of a bitch. He screwed his daughter, and spurted in her unprotected pussy, and that wasn’t “getting out of hand?!”

Dick hadn’t seen his friend’s face tighten, and went on.

“I have to say this, Dave. I’m not sorry about any of this, really. It’s been a dream come true. I just want to make sure it doesn’t affect our friendship.”

“It didn’t bother you?” asked Dave, his voice tight. “Seeing me with Denise, I mean?”

Dick looked at him. “To be honest, I actually feel good about that part. I mean, when I see you with her, I know you love her, and won’t hurt her. I know you. I trust you.” This was Dick’s way of reminding his friend that the girls weren’t supposed to be fucked.

Dave heard a lot of things in that comment, but they weren’t what Dick meant. He heard Dick begging him to take Denise, and protect her from the obviously uncontrollable urges daughter and father felt for each other.

“So, if they want to swap, tonight, that’s OK with you?” asked Dave.

“They seem to want to,” said Dick, wondering if Dave was beating around the bush … asking for permission to fuck Denise, like he had fucked Cindy. “We just need to be careful how far we let things go,” he said, uncertainly.

It sounded to Dave like that was as much of an admission as he was going to get from Dick, that he felt remorse for taking Denise’s virginity. Dave was reasonably certain that Cindy wouldn’t put up with any funny business from Dick. Then his mind wandered to the girl in question. Denise had gotten royally fucked, if the amount of spunk dripping from her pussy was any indication. Would that mean she would want the same thing from him?

Dick was having some of the same thoughts. If Cindy had let Dave fuck her last night, and hadn’t made a fuss about it, might she want to try out Uncle Dick tonight? His balls tingled at the thought. He wasn’t worried about Dave pressuring Denise. She had made it quite clear she was upset with Cindy, and wasn’t about to do the same thing.


The attitudes of the girls only helped things go awry even further. They were distant from each other, and each man read the situation in error. From Dave’s perspective, Denise now knew what having a prick deep in her pussy was like, and he just naturally expected her to think she was on a different plane than Cindy was. She had taken a step ahead, and left Cindy behind. Girls could sense that kind of thing.

Dick figured that, like always, the girls had talked, and that Cindy had confessed her indiscretion to Denise, who was still pouting a little. He knew Denise would forgive and forget, sooner or later. This wasn’t the first spat they’d had.

Meanwhile, each girl, now intent on letting her uncle take her virginity, to pay the other one back for cheating on their agreement, thought about how that would play out. Both were worried that it would hurt, and eyed each other. Neither of them were walking funny, like Samantha Hardbridge had, the day after she let Cody Foster fuck her in the back seat of his car, after a football game. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, after all. Each girl thought of the erect penis that would make her a woman. Each girl had played with that penis, and seen it spurt. Both girls thought it was way too big to go in without pain, but, at the same time, both girls got wet, thinking about that. They did not, however, get so excited that they wanted to do it right then. There was no hurry. They had all day.

Unless the car was done.

When the men came back, both girls were suddenly anxious to know if the car was fixed. When Dave said it wasn’t looking good for that day, but was almost a sure thing for the next, both girls relaxed a little.

Because neither girl wanted to make the other suspicious, neither girl mentioned what they wanted the sleeping arrangements to be that night. It was still morning, after all. Neither wanted to look too anxious. The fact that they’d played, sexually, almost all of the previous day didn’t intrude on their scheme. As such, neither girl expressed a desire to play with either man. The time for play was over. The time to think about the real thing now. Each tried to plan how it would happen.

For the men, who had experience with women who, once they were satisfied by an expert fuck, tended to lose interest in the man who had given it to them – at least for a while – the behavior of the girls met their expectations. Besides, both were concerned about what “their girl” would want to do … want to have done to her, when the time finally arrived. As such, both men were content for things to be less sexual than they had been the day before.

The problem was, they still had nothing to do.

Dave got an idea, and said he’d be right back. He put on shoes, and a shirt, and went to see Pops. Everything was like usual. The front desk was deserted, and the TV was blaring from the back. Dave peeked through the curtain, afraid that Mable would be there.

She was.

She wasn’t getting her pussy eaten by Pops, this time, though. Instead, Pops was the one sitting on the chair, dressed only in a shirt, while Mable knelt between his legs and slurped on his limp cock. She was trying hard, and Pops, based on the look on his face, was having a good time, but she wasn’t getting it hard. Dave smiled. At Pops’ age, he probably couldn’t GET hard any more. Still, Dave knew how good if felt to be sucked, even when it wasn’t hard. He stepped back from the curtain. On impulse, he left and went to the store. The front door was open, as he thought it might be, even though the closed sign was in the window. He was still hunting for a deck of cards, when Mable came in the door.

“Well, well, well,” she said, frowning. “If it isn’t Sugar Daddy Dave. What are you doing here? We’re closed.”

“I know,” said Dave. He had nothing to hide. “I went to borrow a deck of cards from Pops, but he was … busy.”

Mable looked at him with a level stare.

“There ain’t anything else to do in this town,” she said.

“I know,” said Dave. “That’s why I didn’t interrupt. I thought you might have cards here, though. I was going to leave money on the counter.”

“Pops really can’t get it up, you know,” said Mable, her hand toying with her hair. “He’s real good at everything else, but a woman has needs. I got cards here. Maybe we could work something out?”

Dave felt a chill go down his spine.

“Look, Mable, you’re a nice woman, and I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t do that, OK?”

She shrugged. “Can’t compete with skinny little girls,” she said, “but you can’t blame me for trying.”

“If I wasn’t already … involved,” said Dave, feeling relief, “… well, you’re not a bad looking woman, Mable.”

She smiled, and he could tell it was an honest smile. “Thanks,” she said. “Makes an old girl feel good, even if you’re lying through your teeth.” She bustled behind the counter, and reached into a display case, coming out with a deck of cards.

“I s’pose you’re going to play strip poker with those girls,” she said, ringing up the cards on the old fashioned cash register. Dave handed her a five, and waved away the change. “You know what amazes me?” she asked.

“What’s that?” asked Dave.

“That old buzzard can’t get it stiff enough to make a dent in his pants, but he can still squirt, if I do him just so. Ain’t that something?”

“That kind of pays homage to your … technique,” said Dave.

“I s’pose so,” said the woman, who had lost all traces of her former predatory behavior. “I’d rather be paid homage to with a nice stiffy, though.” She winked. “When you get tired of that inexperienced wannabe woman, you come back through here. I’ll see what I can do to make you pay homage to me too. Besides, I’m a lot lower maintenance than she is. You’d be a much richer sugar daddy with me.”

“If I get tired of her,” said Dave. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“You do that,” she said. “Now, I’m going to go take a nap. You need anything else?”

“Might need supper,” he said, “but we’ll come back later for that, if that’s OK.”

“Come around any time,” she said. “Things only been half as boring since you all got stuck here.”



Dave was so excited that he’d been able to have a normal … or mostly normal … conversation with Mable that he told the others all about it when he got back with the cards. They laughed as he described it all to them, and told them what she’d said.

“You’re never coming back here!” said Cindy firmly.

Both Denise and Dick thought they knew why. For the first time, it occurred to them that, once they all got back home, Dave and Cindy would be able to do whatever they wanted to … any time they wanted to do it. Then, for the first time, it occurred to them that they could do the same thing.

For Dick, that thought wasn’t earth shaking. While he and Denise might play around, and give each other orgasms, he didn’t expect things to change all that much. They’d be closer, but that was all.

Denise, on the other hand, thought about that differently. She was going to let Uncle Dave deflower her, tonight. And, if she liked it … she’d have her daddy’s stiff prick to play with at home too. The thought of that made her wiggle.


The men taught the girls to play Hearts, and the Spades. No one really cared who won. They sat in a circle on the floor, Indian style, starting with the men facing their daughters. That put a girl to each man’s side, and those overalls were loose. The men spent as much time sneaking peeks at bare breasts, as they did paying attention to the cards. The girls knew what was going on, but it just made them feel good, and they found ways to let the men see better. One favorite, for both girls, was to run their hands back, pulling their hair into a pony tail. They didn’t PUT their hair into a pony tail … they just held it there. That left the sides of their overalls completely open. Each time they’d say something like “Oh, it’s so muggy in here”, but the reality was they were showing off for the men.

They broke for lunch, and ate the rest of the hot dogs, along with two boxes of macaroni and cheese. Afterwards, when Dick yawned, and said a nap would be nice, Denise dropped her overalls like a professional stripper.

“I’ll take one with you,” she said sweetly, before Cindy could claim him.

“And I’ll take one with Uncle Dick!” said Cindy, getting naked much less efficiently.


Both girls were intent on revenge, which meant losing their virginity.

Both men assumed their daughters would squeal like pigs, if the other man tried to take that virginity.

If that wasn’t enough to undo them all, each man had experienced something with his daughter that had been the next best thing to fucking. For Dave, it had been Cindy’s pussy lips, sliding along his prick until he erupted. For Dick, it had been sliding his prick between Denise’s pussy lips, until he erupted.

Both men wanted to experience that again. And if, in the process, as they suspected would happen, the girls decided to try a different prick in their pussies … well then … it was really the other man’s fault for breaking them in … now wasn’t it?

The result was spectacular.

Both girls started by playing with a hard penis. Cindy, who now knew that sucking a penis wasn’t bad at all, thought that her saliva would do just as well as soap. When she took Dick’s dick in her mouth, he was blown away. Once she had sucked on it for a while, feeling how different it felt, she stroked him. But she didn’t want him to spurt. Not yet.

Denise was busy getting her nipples sucked, which was made even better by the thick finger that was in her pussy. She stroked Dave as carefully as she could, in the throes of ecstasy, also not wanting him to spurt and go soft. Not before she could get it in her and taunt Cindy.

Neither girl, though, knew how to go about getting a stiff prick in her pussy. That part was still a mystery to them both. Which was why, when the men took over, they ended up solving the problem.

Dave pulled Denise up onto him, settling her so that her fat pussy lips pressed against the bottom of his iron hard prick. Her full bush felt different than Cindy’s sparse, flat pubes. She had bigger breasts too, which meant he could get more in his mouth, and more easily.

Dick did the same thing with Cindy he’d done with Denise, that morning. He pushed his face between her legs and got her bucking up against him, and then moved up to carefully press the bottom of his aching prick between her pussy lips, before beginning to saw back and forth.

The men, lost in the sweet feel of pussy against prick, didn’t look at each other. They had their ears to warn them of anything going on that was unwanted, in the other bed.

The girls, brought near to orgasm, but not satisfied, reacted to this new kind of play with delight, knowing that the orgasm that would soon come would be intense. Each had the hard prick very close to where she ultimately wanted it. All they had to do was figure out how to tilt that prick into their pussies.

Call it fate, or kismet, or luck, if you will, but both trains screamed on toward the collision that would change everything for all of them. Both girls now knew enough to recognize the sounds the man they were with made, when he was about to spurt. That both men got there more quickly than the girls expected … and before the girls got their cookies … was too bad. It was too bad because both girls knew that they couldn’t wait for their own orgasms to mature. Their agenda required that that prick be inside them when it fired.

For Cindy, it was easy. All she had to do was reach down, wait until the knob of Dick’s prick was in her pussy opening, and push on it while he rammed forward again.

For Denise it was only marginally harder. She had already figured out that, as long as she was sitting up, it just slid back and forth. She knew that, if she lay down, it would catch. She had felt it catch, when she dropped a nipple into Uncle Dave’s mouth.

And so, at virtually the same time, both girls took the action needed to get their revenge on the other.

Both girls were wet and slippery, which is why they wouldn’t walk like Samantha Hardbridge had, the day after she let Cody Foster fuck her in the back seat of his car, after a football game. Samantha had been scared to death, and dry as a bone, when Cody rammed her full of impatient teenage cock.

But, wet and slippery as they were, their pussies were still untried, and each of them managed to get a pussy full, all at once, on one frantic thrust. They went from virgin, to balls deep, in about half a second … and it REALLY hurt.

“OOWWWWW” squealed Cindy, just like a pig.

“OH-SHIT-FUCK-THAT-HURTS!” squealed Denise, just like a pig.

“UHHHHHHHH” groaned each man as hot pussy, wrapped firmly around his prick finished him off.

Dave couldn’t do anything about it. Denise’s full weight was on him when his prick spat her full of Uncle Dave spunk.

Dick’s natural reaction, when he felt Cindy’s hand put him in her, was to give her what she wanted, which meant going in and staying in as HIS prick belched ropes of baby makers.

“OWWW UNCLE DICK OWWWWW” complained Cindy.

“OH-SHIT-FUCK-THAT-HURTS!” whined Denise again.

Their cries finally penetrated the brains of their fathers, who finally reacted. Dick pulled out of Cindy, to her immense relief, and bounded up off the bed, his prick dripping. Dave rolled, pushing Denise off his prick, to her immense relief, and he rolled over her to come to his feet, his prick dripping too.

Both men stared at their daughters, both of whom were lying, more or less spread eagled on the bed. Both girl’s pussy lips were swollen and red, and cum was dripping out of them.

Animal roars were followed by both men lunging at each other, as combat ensued.


It must be said that, while naked women wrestling in a mud pit may be sexy and fun to watch, naked men wrestling on a dingy motel carpet just doesn’t have the same charm.

The girls, of course, still laboring under the same illusions that were causing their fathers to fight, had no idea what was going on, but neither of them wanted their fathers to fight like this, and both bounded up off the beds, their sore pussies forgotten, as they attempted to separate the men.

It wasn’t so much the girls’ efforts that made the men disengage. It was actually much more the result of each man suddenly feeling another man’s naked skin, in very close contact, including the skin of each man’s sexual organ. Not only were their pricks pressed against each other, which would have been bad enough, but those pricks were slimy and wet, which was almost unbearable for the men.

Dave ended up sitting on his ass, Cindy’s arms around him from behind, pulling him away from Dick. Dick was on his knees, and his daughter was pressed to his back in similar fashion. Everybody was panting, and frowning.

“You son of a BITCH!” growled Dick, glaring at his former friend. “Not only did you force your own daughter, you raped MINE TOO!” He ended up screaming, and tried to lunge forward again, but this time, Denise was ready for him, and pushed him sideways to the floor, landing on top of him. His shoulder drove between her breasts and air whooshed out of her lungs in an agonized groan.


Dave tried to throw his daughter’s arms off of him so he could attack again. In the process he gripped one arm and leaned forward. Cindy’s light frame rolled over his shoulder and, with a squawk, she flopped on her back on the carpet between the two men.

“OWWWW STOP IT!” she screamed.

Cindy rolled to her hands and knees and stood up.

“BOTH OF YOU! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” she yelled. She looked at Denise, whose face was gray. She was sitting on her butt, trying to get breath back in her lungs. “Are you OK, Neece?” she asked, worriedly.

Denise held up a hand, her eyes wide, and then got her first good breath of air. Dick moved to look at his daughter, having been given his first clue that his daughter was in some kind of distress.


She went to help Denise up, and sat her on the edge of the bed, while the girl dragged in deep breaths of air, and her color improved. When she was satisfied that her friend was all right, she turned to the men, who were glowering at each other, but hadn’t moved.

“NOW!” she yelled. She realized how quiet it was in the room and lowered her voice. “What’s going on? Why are you fighting?”

“Why are we fighting?” asked Dave, his eyes huge. “HE RAPED YOU!”

“NO!” yelled Dick, pointing at Dave. “HE RAPED NEECE!”

Cindy held up both hands, and the men subsided long enough for her to say: “Nobody raped me!”

The men stared at her. She turned to Denise. “Neece, did anybody rape you?”

Denise shook her head, and tried to talk. Her voice was raspy. “I was trying to pay you back. I put him in me. I didn’t think it would hurt.”

Cindy stared at her friend. “Pay me back?” she asked, her voice high. “What for?”

Denise jutted her jaw out. “You let Uncle Dave fuck you. You broke our pact!”

“No I didn’t!” squealed Cindy. “It was the other way around! You let Uncle Dick fuck YOU! You’re the one who broke our vow!”

Denise looked stunned. “Daddy never fucked me!” she said.

Cindy frowned. “Well, my Daddy never fucked ME either! WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!” she wailed.

Denise looked a little uncertain now. “Cindy, I saw his stuff coming out of you … this morning … your pussy was SOAKED with it!”

Cindy looked confused. “No! I rubbed all over him last night, and when he came I rubbed in that too. Then, this morning, when we got up, I saw Uncle Dick’s sperm running out of YOU, Neece! There was a string of it hanging from your pussy!” She looked confused. “That’s why I put Uncle Dick’s dick in my pussy! I was paying YOU back!”

Denise stood up. “No, no, NO!” she said heatedly. “All Daddy did was rub up against me until he came! He didn’t go inside me! It got all over my pussy, but it never went inside me!” She looked startled.

As realization came to the women, they both looked down, between their legs. Each one had runnels of thick white spunk leaking from their pussies. They looked back up, and at each other, and then, like it was scripted, looked at each other’s pussy.

“You let Daddy fuck you?” asked Cindy, her voice wavering.

“Well, sort of,” said Denise. “I didn’t exactly tell him I was going to do it. I was just mad at you.” She blinked. “And you let my daddy fuck you too!?”

Cindy shook her head. “It was just like with you. I didn’t tell him I was going to do that. I just kind of pushed him into me, because I knew he would push, and then I could tell you he was fucking me instead of you.”

Dick rolled to his back, and his hands came up to cover his face. He felt exposed, and lifted his knees, resting his heels on the carpet, even though that didn’t cover his groin.

“You mean this was all just some kind of stupid mistake?” he moaned.

Dave stiffened. “You can’t fuck my daughter and just call it a mistake!” he said hotly.

Dick uncovered his face and lifted his head to look at Dave.

“Dave, did you intentionally fuck Denise?”

“NO!” yelped Dave.

“Then it was a mistake … wasn’t it!”

“Well …” Dave was flustered. “I guess, if you put it that way …”

Cindy’s voice was trembling, when she said “Neece … we’re not virgins any more.”

Denise looked back at her pussy. “I guess not,” she said, some sadness in her voice. “At least it happened at the same time,” she said dully.

Cindy jerked, and then looked up. Her face changed. “NEECE!” she squealed. “It DID happen at the same time! We did it at the same TIME, Neece! We DIDN’T break our vow!”

Denise smiled, but it was a tired smile.

“That’s one of the things I like about you the most, Cindy. You always try to see the bright side of things. But we’re not married, and we’re certainly not on our honeymoons.”

“I know that!” said Cindy, waving a hand. “But at least we did it with someone we love, and we did it at the same time. It’s almost like we planned.”

“Yeah,” said Denise, her voice still subdued. “But it was awful. I never felt anything like that. If that’s sex, I don’t think I’m all that interested in it any more.”

“Oh …” said Cindy, deflating. “You’re right about that. It hurt a LOT!”

“Hey!” objected Dave, his male pride damaged. “If you two would have told us what you were doing, things wouldn’t have happened that way. You went about it all wrong! Neece, I’d have made you go lots slower if I’d known you were still a virgin!”

“He’s right!” said Dick, also in defense of males everywhere. “Cindy, I’d never had just shoved it in you like that if I’d known. Not the first time, anyway. Of COURSE it hurt! You weren’t ready!”

“I thought I was ready,” said Cindy, her face clouding up. “And I didn’t think it would hurt. You’d already done it to Neece, and she didn’t scream or anything.” She blinked. “Oh yeah … we were wrong about that.” She frowned, and looked at her father. “Daddy … YOU’RE the one who convinced me that Uncle Dick had fucked Neece! You pointed it all out!”

Dave looked uncomfortable. “Well? It looked that way to me too!”

Denise perked up, looking at her father. “And it was YOU who got me out of bed to go look at Cindy’s pussy! You made me think she’d let Uncle Dave fuck her!”

“Baby,” objected Dick. “It wasn’t like that. We both thought the same thing, honey!”

“You should have known!” grumbled Denise. She might have been young, but she’d already mastered the female trait of making everything the man’s fault, whenever possible.

“I hate this fucking town,” moaned Dave.

“This town didn’t fuck us,” said his daughter grimly. “You two did!”

“Wait a minute!” said Dick, coming to his friend’s defense. “You two just admitted that you got us to fuck you on purpose!”

“Yeah,” said Cindy, blithely, “but that was only because you convinced us that we had already been fucked!” She blinked, and looked uncertain that she’d said what she meant to say.

“Well, you’ve been fucked now,” said Dave, heavily. “That can’t be undone, no matter whose fault it was.”

“We’re not virgins any more,” said Denise. Her voice had that dreamy quality … not that it was a good dream. She looked over at Cindy, between her legs. “That’s my daddy’s sperm,” she said.

Cindy looked down. “It is,” she said. Her voice had a slightly different quality. It was one of dawning understanding. “And that’s MY daddy’s sperm!” she said, pointing at Denise’s pussy.

Suddenly, the girls were hugging each other. Unlike the men, they didn’t mind the naked flesh of the other. Tears flowed and they babbled. Both men were devastated by the obvious sorrow of their daughters, and came up from the floor to stand, hovering about the women, feeling helpless and guilty.

It took a minute and a half for the men to realize that the tears weren’t necessarily ones of sorrow. Some of that was because they couldn’t understand the girls, who were talking at the same time, and whose voices were close enough in timbre that it was hard to tell who was saying what little could be understood. Part of it was because, to men, tears are always assumed to mean pain. Eventually, though, the men noticed that there were smiles, along with the tears, and snippets of what was being said began to become clear, even if they didn’t all make sense.

“… always wanted it to be together …”

“… I love him so much …”

“… so glad it was your daddy …”

“… really wanted it inside me …”

“…stupid mistake, you know I don’t hate you!”

“…so glad it was him …”

“…almost like twins…”

What was important to the men was the fact that what was NOT being said were words like “sorry it happened” and “I hated it” and “stupid men!”

What defused the situation even more was when the girls suddenly broke apart and hugged their fathers, kissing their chests, and telling them how much they loved them. Then the girls, as if they’d practiced it, switched partners and did the same thing, kissing them and telling them how much they loved the other man too.


There is nothing quite so sexy as a naked woman, who isn’t mad at you. If you’re a man, anyway. And if that naked woman, who isn’t mad at you, is hugging and kissing you … well, maybe there IS something sexier than a naked woman who just isn’t mad at you.

In any case, the relief of the situation being resolved without knives, clubs and allegations of rape, combined with the feel of a naked girl in their arms, had a salutary effect on the male organs in the room. Those male organs rose, as if to say “Nobody’s mad at me any more? GREAT! Here I am! I’m back, ready to do my duty! Play with me all you want to!”

From the female perspective, once it was determined that best friends didn’t have to be mad at each other any more, and all misunderstandings had been blamed on the men, it was fairly easy to be titillated by the fact that the men they loved obviously found them attractive. A boner sticking out, and an eager look in a man’s eye will sometimes do it for a woman. That was assisted, in no small degree, by the fact that nature arranged it so women forget certain kinds of pain, no matter how disagreeable that pain was, at the time.

That didn’t mean the women were helpless in the presence of male desire.

Cindy backed up and looked at Dick’s dick.

“Are ALL men that way all the time?” she asked, staring at the boner that had taken her virginity.

Dick had the presence of mind to be abashed. “Only around a woman he really loves. I’m sorry, sweetie, about everything.”

Denise had felt Dave’s prick against her belly as she rid herself of the overflow of emotion caused by the whole fiasco, and she backed up too.

“Your daddy is just as bad,” she said to Cindy, without looking at her.

Dave was no slouch in the “apologize now, in hopes of sex later” department. “I’d never have hurt you like that on purpose,” he said sincerely. “Pay no attention to my unruly friend. He’s just reacting to your beauty.”

“He reacted to my beauty a little while ago, too” said Denise, looking down at her spermy pussy lips. “You squirted in me, Uncle Dave.”

“Um … I’m sorry?” said Dave, trying to keep things positive.

Denise looked at him. “You’re the first man to cum in my pussy,” she said, with that dreamy quality in her voice again. She moved back toward him and kissed him soundly, with tongue.

Dave quit worrying about it about then.

Cindy looked at her friend, thanking her daddy for cumming in her, and then looked back at Dick.

“You OK?” asked Dick, hopefully.

“I didn’t plan things very well,” she said. “I feel kind of stupid.”

“It was all just a silly mistake,” said Dick, wanting to hold her again.

“Are you sorry you came in me?” asked Cindy, her voice rising.

Dick knew what his real feelings were. What he didn’t know was whether they would match hers. He opted for honesty and clarity, since that seemed to have been lacking all morning.

“I don’t know how you feel about it, baby, but I have to admit I’ve wanted to love you like that for years. I just wish it had been better for you.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, smiling tiredly.

She did hug him then, though it wasn’t with the same level of passion that was causing Denise to grind her lips against Dave’s.

“I love you,” she said into his shoulder.

“That makes me feel so good, I can’t express it,” said Dick.

“You don’t have to,” she said, giving his prick a little bump with her loins. “That’s doing it for you.”

“That’s not all I feel for you,” he said, stroking her back. “If I never got to put it in you again, I’d still feel the same way about you.”

“Who said you get to put it in me again?” she asked, grinding her loins against his prick.

Dick felt the loss of having disappointed someone he loved. “Nobody, honey. I was just talking.”

Dave, feeling things were getting out of hand again, chose to end his cuddling with Denise, before it led to something uncomfortable.

“Why don’t we all get cleaned up, and get something to eat?” he suggested.


The girls used the bathroom first, closing the door not because they were modest, but because they wanted to talk privately. That talk was all about how things had felt, as they washed the sperm from their pussies. They talked about how different that kind of slippery felt, as compared to their normal slippery girl juice, which both were familiar with. They talked about how silly they had been to believe that the other would lose her virginity, without at least warning the other. Eventually they talked about whether or not they wanted to do it again.

The pain had faded. All that slippery sperm felt good on their pussy lips. They loved the men who had put it there.

“Would it be OK if I let him do it again?” asked Denise, the hornier of the two.

“I guess so,” said Cindy. “I mean we’re not virgins any more.”

“Do you want to do it again?” asked Denise.

“I think so,” said Cindy. “I’m not sure. Do you want to do it again?”

“I just asked if I could!” said Denise.

“I know,” said Cindy.

“But I don’t want to if we don’t do it together,” added Denise.

“We’ll see,” said Cindy.

The girls put on their dresses again. The men put on the slacks they had come to town in, and which the maid, who wasn’t really the maid, had washed. They left their shirts off because of the heat.

While the men cleaned up, the girls got together the rest of the provisions they’d gotten from the store, and put supper together. It was a mish-mash of chips, potato salad, rice and Spam, with soda and milk to wash it down. All of them looked forward to seeing a restaurant soon.

In theory, the car would be ready the next day, and they could get out of Flannery, and back home to their normal lives. Then again, so much had happened that none of them could anticipate what “normal” meant any more, or at least what it would mean back home. All they had to do was get through one more evening, and one more night, and at least they could get something decent to eat as they traveled towards home.

After supper, Denise flipped on the TV. The sound told them it was porn, before a picture came on the screen, and she flipped it back off again. Dave asked if they wanted to play cards, and, for lack of anything else to do, they settled down on the floor. This time, it was girls against boys. Whether it was because of the way the cards fell, or because the girls had a much better grasp of the game than the men expected, the girls had a wonderful time trashing their fathers at spades.

It was because of that that Dick suggested they play poker.

“We don’t know how to play that,” said Denise. “You just want to see us naked,” She grinned.

“I didn’t say STRIP poker,” said Dick. “I just said poker.”

“You know, though, strip poker IS much easier to teach than regular poker,” said Dave, with a straight face.

“We can’t play strip poker,” said Cindy. “All Neece and I have on are our dresses. If we lose one hand, we’ll be naked!”

“Well, all we have on is our pants,” said Dave.

The negotiations continued, as the girls decided that, along with their dresses, the girls would wear their new cowboy hats too. If a girl lost, she’d unbutton the dress first. Then she could push the dress off her shoulders, baring her breasts, or pull her skirt up, baring her pussy. After all that had been done, the dress would have to be removed. The men were required to put on shirts, which could be removed in the same way, followed by the pants.

“Wait a minute,” said Dick. “That gives you four things to lose before you’re naked. Us guys will be naked after losing three times.”

“Well …” said Denise, dimpling at her father. “We’re novices. You dirty old men will probably cheat anyway, so we need an advantage.”

Neither man pointed out that, during the negotiations, it was just assumed that they’d play.

The men were teaching the game, and the girls were right – the men cheated – so of course, the men were way ahead when the incident happened.

Dave was shirtless. Denise was sitting on the floor, wearing her hat. She had chosen to bare her breasts before losing the hat. The top of her dress down around her waist, her breasts fully exposed, and Cindy, also wearing her hat, had her skirt pulled up, exposing her flat blond pubes and pink pussy lips, when Jimmy Joe opened the door and walked in like it was his own room.

“Your car’s done,” he announced, before literally skidding to stop, and staring at the girls. He recovered quickly. “Evening, ladies,” he said with a leering grin.

Cindy’s hands moved to push her skirt back down. Denise covered her breasts with one hand, and her cards.

“Any chance there’s room for somebody else in this game?” asked Jimmy Joe, hopefully.

“No chance at all,” growled Dick.

“Might make you a good deal on that motor work, iffen you change your mind,” said Jimmy Joe, nonplussed.

“We’ll see you in the morning,” said Dave, standing up.

Jimmy Joe put his hands out, palms facing Dave. “OK, OK. Can’t blame a man for trying.” He backed up slowly, but didn’t turn, his eyes bouncing from Dave to Denise.

Denise finally spun around and went about pulling her dress back up to cover her breasts. She laid her cards down face up as she did so. Three aces were on top.

Jimmy Joe laughed. “Good thing,” he said, pointing at the aces. “I’d have been buck naked on the first hand.” He turned around and left, leaving the door wide open.

Dave went and closed the door, and then locked it.

He turned around, expecting the girls to be upset. Denise was, but only because her cards were showing.

“Not fair!” she complained. “I was going to win!”

“Let’s see,” said Dave, thinking fast on his feet. “Where were we, before we were so rudely interrupted?” He sat back down. “Denise, I believe it was your turn to bet.”

Denise looked at him blankly.

“Go on,” he said. “Bet.”

She finally got it and grinned. “OK, I bet my dress. All of it!”

They played the hand out, and, of course, all of them ended up naked except for Denise. She smiled happily, and then frowned.

“Hey! I’m the only one with any clothes on!” She stood up. Her dress was still unbuttoned, and she shrugged it off her shoulders. It caught on her swelling hips, and she wiggled it down off of them, stepping out of it. “That’s better,” she beamed. “Now I don’t feel all different.”

“You won, Baby,” said Dick. “I’m so proud of you.”

Denise walked over and straddled him, sitting on his lap and wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said, kissing him.

“I’m all sad, Daddy,” said Cindy, her pout obviously contrived. “I’m a loser!”

“Come here, my darling,” said her father. “I’ll make you feel all better.”

Their smooching was intended, in the beginning, to be just that … just smooching. Denise was probably the one who moved it forward. When she had seen Jimmy Joe staring at her breasts … the first man other than Dick and Dave to ever see them … she hadn’t felt shame or embarrassment. She expected to … but then didn’t. Instead, she felt heat in her belly as she saw the lust in his eyes. It wasn’t that she wanted Jimmy Joe – nothing could be farther from the truth – but seeing lust in a man’s eyes made her feel sexy. Sitting on her daddy’s prick, which got hard as she kissed him, made her feel even more sexy. When she wiggled her pussy against it, and it nudged between her no-longer-virgin pussy lips … that made Erotik hikaye her feel even MORE sexy.

“Baby,” said Dick warningly, between kisses, as he felt the head of his prick get warm.

“Mmmmm,” said his daughter, wiggling more, and kissing him with tongue.

Dick pushed her away, a look of concern in his eyes. “It’s starting to go in you, baby,” he said.

“Cindy?” called out Denise.

Cindy and her father had moved to a bed, and were lying side-by-side, kissing and stroking each other. “What?” she answered, between kisses.

“Can I let my Daddy put it in me?” asked Denise, clearly.

Cindy raised up on an elbow, and looked over her father’s body. She could see Denise wiggling.

“Do you want to?” asked Cindy.

“Yeah, I do,” panted Denise, rubbing her breasts against her father’s chest.

“OK,” said Cindy. “But don’t blame me if it hurts.”

“I won’t,” panted Denise, scooting forward.

The head of Dicks dick pressed through her lips, which snapped closed around the neck behind. She sat there, like that, because there HAD been some pain, but then it had flashed away. Now it just felt good to have her pussy lips stretched a little. She suddenly found muscles she hadn’t known she had, and used them to squeeze the knob that was in her pussy.

“Uhhhhhh,” groaned Dick.

“Does that feel good, Daddy?” she asked, kissing him again.

“Honey, that feels fantastic,” he moaned.

“I know,” she sighed, using those muscles over and over again. By wiggling, she got the knob to move around in her, even though it didn’t go much deeper, or come out.

“Oooo” he whined. “Oh, baby, you have no idea … Neece, honey, you have to stop that!”

She shut him up with a kiss, and rippled her muscles. He grunted into her mouth and she felt heat spurting into her pussy. She knew he was spurting in her, and she loved it. She kept kissing him until she didn’t feel his prick jumping inside her any more, and then pulled back.

“Cindy?” she called out.

“Whaaaaat?” moaned Cindy, who was lying, her hips thrusting, as her father probed her pussy with his long finger, rimming her cervix.

“Can he squirt in me too?”

“I … guess … so,” panted Cindy.

“Good,” laughed Denise. “Cause he just did!”

“Ohhhh fuck,” sighed Dave, softly, in his daughter’s ear.

She turned her head.

“You want to do that to me too … don’t you?” she panted.

He kissed her, instead of answering, and diddled her cervix some more.

She pushed him away. “You do, don’t you!” she insisted.

“Not if you don’t want to!” he gasped, as she pulled at his prick, skinning it back and forth.

“Will it hurt?” she gasped, as his finger penetrated, ever so little, through her cervix. She didn’t let him answer. “Neece!” she gasped loudly.

“What?” came her friend’s voice.

“Did it hurt?”

“It was yummy!” cooed Denise, her father’s prick still trapped between her pussy lips. It had gone limp, but not enough to pull out. It didn’t occur to her to mention that only the head had gone in her.

“Daddeeeeeee,” moaned Cindy, her hips thrusting harder.

He took it for her demand to be satisfied, in the only way a woman can truly be satisfied. He rolled, and her breath whooshed out as his weight settled on her. Then he got his knees between her thighs, on the bed, and pushed with his hands, and she pulled in a deep breath. She raised her head, to see his long, smooth-looking prick, the tip barely touching her pussy lips. She reached for it, and used it to rub, spreading her lips, and massaging her clit.

Dick knew he had to be careful, so he reached with his own hand, brushing hers aside. He gripped his cock so that only the head protruded, and leaned into her, watching her face. She winced as the head pushed through his foreskin and stretched her, and he pulled back. Then he fucked his hand, making the head go between her lips. He couldn’t go any deeper, because his hand stopped him.

It only took three of four of those tiny pushes before her wince went away. He moved his hand back a little, and gave her some more. Her eyes opened wide in shock, and her hips gave a little jerk upwards, as his hand mashed her clit.

A minute later, he removed his hand. He was sliding half his prick in and out of his daughter’s quim, and she was loving it. In another minute, he groaned as he hit bottom, and her hands began to stroke his back. When he pulled out, and her hands went to his buttocks, to pull him back in … he knew she was ready.

Dave Thompson fucked his seventeen year old daughter like he would have wanted her first time to be. He stroked her through three orgasms, watching her face the whole time, elating in each wide-mouthed, but strangely silent scream she gave out, as an orgasm ripped through her loins. Her lips, between orgasms, were almost frantic, as she realized that there was another orgasm out in front of her, and that she could reach for it. The only sounds she made were a litany of “Oh Daddy … oh Daddy … oh Daddy” and then her whole body tensed again as she strained up against him. By the time she’d had three, he was lost. He didn’t even think about pulling out. He concentrated, instead, on nosing his prick into her cervix, where he froze, and groaned like he was dying, as his prick spat streams of dangerous spunk into his daughter’s womb.

Her final “Ohhhh Daddy,” as he slowly collapsed on top of her, was music to his ears.



When the action started on the bed, with Dave crawling between Cindy’s thighs, Denise saw it over her shoulder. She got up off her father’s lap, then, and went to the end of the bed, where she had a ring-side seat to what was going on. She felt Dick’s sperm running down her leg and unconsciously sealed her leaking pussy with two fingers, that squeezed her pussy lips together.

At first she couldn’t see anything, because Uncle Dave’s hand was in the way. But, when he removed it, there, in all its glory, was that long, thick prick, stretching her best friend’s pussy lips until they were white, instead of pink. As he slid it in, deeper and deeper, Denise watched in awe. It was impossible, but it was happening right before her eyes. It was ALL going in her friend, and the only noises Cindy was making were obviously happy ones.

She felt her father’s hands come around and cup her breasts, squeezing the nipples, and she felt his cock press between her buttocks. She whirled, and looked.

“It’s still hard!” she whined.

“Not all the way,” said her father.

“Would it really fit in me?” she asked. “Like that?” She looked over her shoulder. Dave was moving all the way in, and all the way out, now, and Cindy sounded like she was having an orgasm.

“Oh, yeah,” sighed Dick.

He took her to the other bed, and lay down on it, pulling her on top of him. He let her rub for a few seconds, and then helped her notch it in her pussy. He was amazed to feel himself firm up, and knew he must be as excited as he’d ever been in his life. His previous load made her channel slippery, and when she pushed, to get just the head in again, like before, half his prick slipped neatly into her.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. Her hips went spastic, and he had to grab them, to help her learn the rhythm that would result in her getting more prick in her, and getting it to move in her.

She was a quick learner. By the time Cindy was having her second orgasm, Denise was fully impaled, sitting bolt upright, her hips flashing forward and backward, like a belly dancer. When her father reached up to pull at her nipples, the orgasm that ripped through her robbed her of all her strength, and she slumped. Then the desire to feel more spurted energy into her veins, and she started over again.

It wasn’t until after her second orgasm that Denise remembered those newly-discovered muscles, and started using them. When she did so, she milked her father off in less than three minutes. As she slumped again, she got her second dose of daddy spunk, this time right next to her cervical mouth. Then she lay down on him, his prick firmly embedded in her pussy, to take a nap.


Cindy woke up around nine, wide awake. Dave had rolled off her, but was still leaning against her. She extracted herself from his arms, and stood up. She stretched, trying to feel every muscle in her body.

She felt good. In fact, she felt fabulous. Nothing hurt. She tried to concentrate on feeling the hot juice her father had left in her, but she couldn’t feel anything, other than a sense of calm joy. She wasn’t a virgin. She thought of it much differently than she had when she actually lost her virginity. Then, she had been full of angst. It hadn’t been a good thing at all. This, though … this was very different. She felt like a real woman for the first time in her life. This was something she could do three times a day. She realized all those girls who had said fucking was irrisistable, once you’d done it, were right. She did not, however, feel one iota like a slut. She looked at her father, lying there, his face slack, in sleep. She felt an upwelling of love in her chest.

She looked over at the other bed, where her best friend and her first lover lay. She felt an upwelling of love there too, but it was slightly different. For her best friend, she felt only joy, hoping that it had been half as good for Denise, as it had been for her. Dick’s form also caused something to move in her, but it was different from what her father caused. This man, whom she had looked at as a second father, but would now be indelibly remembered as the man she gave her virginity to, made her think of other things. Those things were misty, and unformed, but had to do with the future. She couldn’t imagine her life without either man in it.

She put on her dress, which was wrinkled, now, but she didn’t care. Then, on purpose, she woke Denise, and got her up, handing the blue and white dress to her.

“What?” whispered Denise, rubbing her eyes.

“We’re going for a walk,” said Cindy.

“Why?” asked Denise, pulling the dress over her head.

“To talk, of course,” said Cindy.

They did. They walked, in the almost darkness, and talked. They talked about what had just happened, to be sure, but they also talked about lots of other things, as friends do. They didn’t get back until it was fully dark, and half past ten.


The men slept on, drained of energy, both by their amorous activities, but mostly by the overall stress of the whole episode in Flannery. The car was ready to go. They had just had some of the best sex of their lives. The bed was soft and comfortable.

When the girls came back, they stripped. They had already agreed that they would sleep with each other’s fathers that night. Both knew they’d sleep with their own fathers in the future. Who knew what chance they’d have to sleep with their first lovers again, after this?

They didn’t initiate anything with the men. They were tired too, and still pleasantly sated. They crawled next to their chosen man, and drifted off to sleep.


Dave moved in his sleep, and his scratchy chin slid across Denise’s shoulder, waking her up. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the room. It was surprising how much of the street light outside penetrated the curtains. She looked at the sleeping man beside her, and ran one hand down his side. His eyes opened instantly, almost scaring her.

“Hi,” she said softly.

“Hi,” he said.

She kissed him, and reached for his prick. It was soft, but began to firm up as soon as she held it, and squeezed.

Words weren’t needed. They kissed until he was hard, and she climbed up on top as he rolled to his back, and scooted his butt to the middle of the bed. With her hand, she reached and slotted him, sinking down on him slowly. She could tell he was just a smidgen longer than her father, because that thing that her father had pressed against, as he spurted into her, complained a little bit, as Dave’s prick pressed it harder. She wiggled, not knowing what she was doing, and then sighed as she felt the pain lessen, and he went just a little deeper.

She rocked, slowly, just loving the feel of being full, and of the pressure points his body was pressing against. His hands came up to fondle her breasts, and she smiled in the darkness. Both of them must be good lovers, because she loved this with both of them.

She remembered her muscles, and started making them ripple.

“Oh good grief!” he gasped quietly. “When did you learn to do that!?”

“I don’t know,” she said, squeezing him harder. “Daddy loves it.”

“Me, too, sweet thing,” he said, breathing harder.


Dick woke up. There was whispering going on in the next bed, and he realized that’s what had wakened him. His nose told him immediately that it was Cindy in bed with him, rather than his daughter. That information didn’t rise to conscious thought … he just knew it. Her back was to him, and her buttocks were pressed into his groin. The hand draped over her was on the covers, but he moved it, to confirm it was Cindy, by the feel of her flatter, smaller breast. The sight of Dave’s thick white stalk, sliding in and out of her pussy flooded his mind. It had been the first time he’d actually seen something like that in real life. It had looked just like it did in porn movies. He knew that he and Dave were about the same size … about average.

He lifted his head and looked over Cindy’s shoulder. Denise was riding Dave. It was obvious what they were doing. He watched, curious to find out what he would feel like. For the first time, he thought about the fact that there was no birth control involved here. He couldn’t believe that hadn’t entered his mind before this. She had her pussy full of prick, that was driving the sperm HE had put in her even deeper, and was going to add to it any second now, if the sounds his friend was making were any indication.

What if she got pregnant? They wouldn’t even know whose it was, without a DNA test. He thought it was odd that he was more concerned with whose baby his daughter might have, than the fact that she might be getting pregnant at this very second.

He heard Denise say “I love this … I love you.”

Quite suddenly, it didn’t matter if she was getting pregnant. He knew how Dave felt about her, and Dave wouldn’t let her down. Neither would he, if it came to that. If she got pregnant … she got pregnant. It would all work out, somehow. He’d raised her. He could raise his grandchild … or child. She could still go to college.

He became aware of Cindy’s breast under his hand. He slid his hand from her breast, down over her flat belly, full of her father’s sperm, and she moved in her sleep. He kept going, his fingers sliding right across her pubes, instead of tangling in them, like they did with Denise’s fluffier bush. She was warm, and damp, and slippery, down there. He moved, to roll her to her back, and she woke up.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, sleepily.

“Nothing,” he whispered, crawling to straddle her legs, which were closed. He leaned down to lick and suck her nipples.

“Oh,” she said, her hands coming to the back of his head, to ruffle his hair. She spread her legs too.

He shifted his knees between her legs, and she spread them further apart. He reached to grasp his prick, and her hand went between them. He realized she was covering her pussy lips with her hand.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“You know I do,” he said, kissing her gently.

“You could make me pregnant,” she said, astonishing him with the same thought he had had when he decided to mount her, and add his sperm to her father’s. He wasn’t actually TRYING to impregnate her, but the thought of Denise’s belly swelling, had gotten him going. “Do you love me that much?” she asked.

Dick’s thoughts flashed through his head. The idea of his daughter having a baby didn’t bother him. It was easy to add her best friend into the same category. They would be taken care of. It was just that simple.

“I love you that much,” he said.

She pulled her hand away, and reached for his head as he eased into her, not knowing if she would be sore or not. She answered that unasked question by slamming her hips up to gobble up his prick, as she kissed him hard.


Denise looked over, to see her father mount her best friend. They were whispering to each other, and then she saw Cindy jerk, as her father’s buttocks fell.

She leaned down to whisper to her lover, who was gasping and panting.

“My daddy is fucking your daughter right now,” she said, licking his ear.

That, and her milking pussy muscles, destroyed Dave’s attempts to stave off his orgasm. He moaned and his prick leapt, to deliver his balls’ precious cargo of sperm into this beautiful girl’s womb.

Denise sighed as she felt the warm, wet offering.

“I’m so glad we broke down here,” she said, kissing her lover.


Dick used every trick he knew about to make Cindy crazy. He needn’t have bothered. Once Cindy had come to grips with the fact that what had happened might make her pregnant, and decided that worse things could happen to her, all she was worried about then was whether she should limit her exposure to just her father, who she knew loved her more than life itself, or let Uncle Dick have a shot too. She knew Uncle Dick loved her, but not if that love included babies. Once that was resolved, Cindy Thompson didn’t worry about babies any more, and just concentrated on how wonderful it felt to have Dick’s hard prick in her pussy.

If he’d have offered to pull out, she wouldn’t have cared. She might have been willing to see what he tasted like … whether it was like her Daddy’s taste.

He didn’t offer, staying deep inside her as his balls pumped their nectar into her young womb. As she enjoyed the feel of that, she decided she had all the time in the world to see what Dick’s dick tasted like.


When they woke in the morning, there was no hanky panky. All of them wanted to get in the car, find a good place to eat something normal, and then get home.

The girls put on their soccer uniforms again, both because they were now clean, but also because that’s how they started this journey, and it seemed only fitting to finish it that way, even though nothing else was the same at all. Likewise, the men dressed in the same clothing they had worn into town.

Jimmy Joe leered at the girls, but they ignored him, getting in the back of the car together, purely by habit. They left the doors open, to let out the heat.

Jimmy Joe gave it one last shot.

“Don’t usually take no credit cards,” he said calmly, when he presented them the bill. He knew quite well that they wouldn’t have the cash. “I could be convinced, to, though, for a few short minutes with those sweet young things, there.” He said it loudly enough for the girls to hear. They stared at each other.

“I don’t usually smash a man’s teeth down his throat,” said Dave, calmly. “But, under the right circumstances, I might be convinced to do just that.”

Jimmy Joe stepped back. “Don’t get all riled up. I done you a favor. That’s all.”

“You did work for us,” said Dave, “for which you are being handsomely compensated.”

“Oh, come on, now, boys,” wheedled the disgusting man. “Those girls are obviously underage. I don’t know where you found them, and I don’t really care, but it would be a real shame if the State Patrol got interested in your car, and started asking questions. I don’t want to fuck them, or anything. I just want to see them nekkid one more time before you all drive out of here.”

Why Dick said it, he’d never know. He was irate. Maybe that was it.

“Those are our WIVES, you fucking pervert!” he growled, taking a step toward the man, and balling up his right fist.

“In THOSE getups?” laughed Jimmy Joe.

Cindy got out of the car. Nobody knew quite what she was going to do or say. Her two lovers should have given her more credit. She walked up to Dick.

“Dick, the man is just a pervert with good taste. He’s not worth getting into trouble over.” She turned to Dave. “Pay the man, Dave. I may be your wife’s sister, but I’ve had enough of this shit! Thanks to you and your fucking broken down car, Dick has already missed three days of work. We’re probably the laughing stock of Ridgeview already. ”

Denise climbed out and joined the charade seamlessly.

“That’s right David!” she said, scowling at him. “This pig has obviously never heard of the Soccer Mom League. Every other wife on the team is sitting at home, right now, sipping martinis, and laughing at us, thinking about how you and your fucking SHORTCUT have gotten us lost for three whole DAYS! I’m tired, I hate this dump, and I want to go HOME, Dave! If he won’t take the card, FUCK HIM! You offered payment. Get his fucking address and send him a cashier’s check when we get home!”

Both girls turned around and stalked back to the car.

“Why we didn’t listen to Mom, and go to college, I’ll NEVER understand!” growled Cindy.

Dave’s face was perfectly straight when he turned back to Jimmy Joe.

“Sisters,” he said. “We met them online. Thought young ones would be better than the ones we divorced.”


“I’ll take the card!” said Jimmy Joe.

He snatched it from Dave’s hand, and hurried to his office. Dave followed him, and Dick went to get in the car. He sat stiffly, worried that it would all fall apart somehow. He had no way of knowing that, when Jimmy Joe looked out and saw him sitting there, obviously acting like he was in big trouble, that it simply supported the girls’ hastily employed plan.

“I’d make ’em sit in the back too,” said Jimmy Joe, having gone from lust to sympathy in the space of half a minute.

Dave looked anxiously out at the car too, stepped out, waved and yelled: “I’m coming, dear.” He turned around, ripped his signature across the bottom of the receipt, and trotted out to the car.

“Stupid,” grunted Jimmy Joe to himself, putting the receipt in his cash drawer. “That’s why I’ll never get married!”


By the time they drove past the store, where Mable was just coming out, probably on her way to see Pops, the girls were so giddy that they waved and screamed goodbye to the woman, who looked startled and waved back, on pure impulse.

“A pervert with good taste?!” laughed Dave.

“Well, we’re pretty!” yipped Cindy.

“You’re just flat gorgeous,” laughed the driver.

They laughed and talked for another thirty minutes, when there was a loud “POW” and the car started shuddering.

“Flat!” groaned Dave, steering the car to the side of the road.

“What could happen next?” moaned Denise, from the back seat.

“The spare’s good,” said Dave. “I told Jimmy Joe to pump it up. We’ll change it, and get back on the road in no time.”

They would have, too, if jimmy Joe would have remembered his vow to air up the spare. He hadn’t. And they’d left in such a rush, that Dave hadn’t thought to check it. The car was jacked up, and the bad wheel off, when they discovered that the spare was just as flat as it had been the last time they’d seen it.

They were standing around feeling sorry for themselves, when an eighteen wheeler sighed to a stop, going the opposite direction. Air brakes whistled, but the engine kept running. A slim man in a cowboy hat got out and walked across the road.

“You folks OK?” he asked.

“Spare’s flat. I told the mechanic in the last town to fill it, while he worked on our car, but he didn’t.” sighed Dave.

“Hang on a minute,” said the man, and went back to his truck. He got into a side compartment, and pulled out a blue hose. “Bring your spare over here!” he yelled.

Dave picked up the wheel. The trucker got to his knees and plugged one end of the blue hose into something under the truck. He was amazed to see an air chuck on the other end of the hose when he got there.

“Have to air up my own tires, now and then,” said the man, putting the chuck on the end of the valve stem. Dave saw the tire firm up immediately, and felt a rush of relief.

Less than five minutes later, the ruined tire was in the trunk, and the car was sitting on the spare.

“We sure appreciate it,” said Dave, shaking the man’s hand.

“No problem,” said the trucker. “I was getting sleepy anyway. I been on the road for three weeks.”

“Man!” said Dick. “That must be tough, being away from home that long.”

“Not much difference,” said the trucker. “Wife left me years ago. If I get any at all, I get it on the road, these days.” He winked, unabashed that the girls were listening to him. “There’s a town about fifteen miles up the road, with a truck stop called Sadie’s. Stop there and ask for Nelson. Tell him Silver Streak sent you. He’ll take care of that tire for you.”

“Silver Streak?” asked Cindy, who had been hanging on her father, while he talked.

“My handle,” said the trucker. “For the CB. Pretty much everybody knows me as the Silver Streak.”

“Well, mister Silver Streak,” said Cindy coyly. “Did I hear you say you’re lonely and horny?”

The trucker grinned. “Honey, as much as I’d like to take you up on an offer like that, I recognize jail bait when I see it.”

“Oh!” said Cindy, blushing. “I didn’t mean ME. But I DO know where you can find a lonely, horny woman, who is definitely not jailbait.”

“What?” Dave looked confused.

“Mable!” Cindy giggled.

Dave’s mouth dropped open. Then it shut, and he grinned. “You know what? She’s right. We met Mable in Flannery, just down the road. You and Mable would get along wonderfully. Do you drive this road often?”

The trucker was eyeing the group warily now, not sure if they were playing with him or not. “About once or twice a month,” he said carefully.

Dick was grinning too. “Here’s the deal. Mable’s a little … shall we say … eager. She was hitting on us with our … with the women right there! She’s not all that bad looking, but I have to tell you, it may take a lot to satisfy her.”

“Eager, huh?” mused the Silver Streak. “And not dog ugly?”

“Not at all,” said Dave. “She runs the general store. Lives upstairs. She’ll close the store at the drop of a hat so she can do … uh … other things.”

“You all wouldn’t be setting me up for failure, would you?” asked the man. “After I stopped to help you and all?”

Dave got out his wallet and pulled out one of his business cards. He extended it to the trucker.

“There’s my business address. If you think I need my ass kicked for introducing you to Mable, then you can come on down any time. I won’t lift a finger in my own defense.”

“Mable,” said the Silver Streak. “I might just stop at the store and get me something to drink.”

“Do me one favor,” said Dave. “Tell her the sugar daddies sent you.”

“Sugar daddies?” asked the trucker.

“It’s kind of our handle, as far as she’s concerned,” said Dave. “Just tell her we sent you, and then hold on for dear life.”


They ate in the restaurant at Sadie’s, while Nelson took care of their tire. They all ordered, and ate too much. The food was almost unimaginably good, after their odd diet.

Three hours later they rolled into Dave’s garage. The girls actually danced a little jig as they got out of the car and ran to Cindy’s room.

“Want a beer?” asked Dave, handing his friend a bottle.

Dick took it and twisted the top off.

“Did all that really happen?” asked Dick. “It seems like a dream now.”

“It happened,” said Dave. “What are we going to do now?”

“That’s my line,” said Dick, smiling.

They could hear the girls chattering upstairs.

“I have to say this,” said Dave, looking sideways at his friend. “I don’t want it to cause problems … but I’m going to want to … um … be with Denise again.”

“What about Cindy?” asked Dick.

“You mean what about Cindy and you?” asked Dave.

“No, I just figured you’d know I feel the same way about her as you do about Denise. What I’m asking is … are you going to want to … be with … Cindy again too?”

Dave took a long pull on his own beer.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “What a fucking pervert I am.” He scowled. “People just don’t live like this!”

“We do,” said Dick.

“Normal people,” added Dave.

“I feel normal,” said Dick.

Dave stared at him. “Do you really? I mean honestly? You can live with the fact that you fucked two teenaged girls, and want to fuck them again … even though one of them is your own daughter?”

Dick shrugged. “I know I love them both. I didn’t try to make this happen. It just did. I can’t help how I feel about them.”

Dave slumped. Then he straightened back up. “What if they don’t want to … be with us any more? What if this was all just some kind of weird sowing of wild oats or something?”

“Then we don’t,” said Dick, simply. “Like I said, we love them. We’re not going to do something they don’t want to do. We don’t want to hurt them.”

“Yeah, but what if we already did?” moaned Dave. “It occurs to me that we just engaged in wild passionate sex with our daughters, and not once did we use any protection!”

“Oh,” said Dick. “Yeah … I guess there is that little problem.”

“Little problem!?” gasped Dave. “We may have knocked them up!”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’d marry Cindy if I could,” said Dick, unable to think of anything else to say.

“And I’d marry Denise in a heartbeat!” yipped Dave. “But that’s not going to happen. They’re teenagers, for pity’s sake! They don’t want to get married at all, right now. They’re going to be Seniors in High School, for Pete’s sake! And even if they DID want to get married, they SURE wouldn’t want to marry two losers like us!”

“We’re not losers,” said Dick, a little whine in his voice. “We just got caught in a situation that kind of got a little weird.”

“A little weird,” sighed Dave. “I feel like I’m in some Sci Fi movie!”

“Why don’t we let them call the shots,” said Dick. “If they’re pregnant, we’ll deal with it. We’ll take care of them. You know that. It’s all our fault, and we’ll stand up and deal with it. We both raised girls alone. If we have to, we’ll raise another one.”

“Let them call the shots,” repeated Dave. “Yes. You’re right. We have to take our cues from them. Maybe it was just some bizarre one time thing. They’re probably up there doing what they’ve always done. They’ve probably forgotten all about us. They’re probably up there talking about their boyfriends.”



The girls were, in fact, talking about their boyfriends, but it wasn’t along the lines that Dave thought they were.

“What do we do now?” asked Denise, when they got to Cindy’s room. Cindy was checking email, anxious to see if she’d missed anything on their unplanned, and unintended vacation.

“About what?” asked Cindy, distracted by the list of messages that had built up.

“About THEM, you dope!” squealed Denise. “About our daddies!”

“They’re our fathers,” said Cindy. “What CAN we do about them?” She was trying to read an email from Susan Watts, who had asked her if she could go out with Randy after Cindy had told him off.

“CINDY!” hissed Denise. She reached for the monitor and punched the on/off button. The screen went dark.

“Hey!” said Cindy, looking up at her friend.

“They fucked us!” hissed Denise. “What are we going to do about that?”

Cindy stared at her friend. Denise was displaying all the same signs and signals that she usually did when she wanted to talk to Cindy about a boyfriend she was especially hot for.

“You have three boyfriends,” said Cindy, hiding her smile. She knew she was teasing Denise. “Do you really need more?”

Denise stared back at Cindy, like she had grown a third eye.

Cindy finally couldn’t keep her laugh in any more, and it burst out.

“Look,” she said. “We’re not virgins any more. You DO have three boyfriends. You can do whatever you want, now.”

Denise looked shocked. “If you think I’m going to just let those guys crawl all over me, like I’m some kind of slut …” She tensed, and her scowl made her whole face wrinkle up. “I thought you were my friend!”

“I AM your friend!” said Cindy. “What do you want me to say? You want me to say you can come over here and fuck my Daddy any time you feel like it?”

“YES!” yelled Denise. Then her mouth snapped shut and her eyes wobbled like there was an internal earthquake going on, and only her eyeballs were affected. She sat down on the bed. “I AM a slut,” she moaned.

“You’re not a slut,” said Cindy. “You love my Daddy, and you like having sex with him. I love having sex with your Daddy too. My problem is I love having sex with both of them.”

“Me too!” moaned Denise. “See what I mean? What are we going to do?”

“Can’t we just keep sleeping with them?” asked Cindy.

“Can we?” moaned Denise. “We’re back home now. This is all so normal,” she said, waving her hand around the room. “It isn’t normal for us to just fuck them whenever we want to!”

“Why not?” asked Cindy. “People do it with their lovers all the time.”

“Not fathers and daughters!” said Denise.

“Uncle Dick isn’t my father,” pointed out Cindy.

“Yes, but you can’t sleep with him every night!” yipped Denise.

“I could on sleepovers,” said Cindy.

Denise stood up. “OK, so from now on, I guess we’ll have a sleepover at my house one night, and then at your house the next night. Yeah,” she said sarcastically, “that’ll work just fine!”

“You don’t have to have sex every single night,” said Cindy, just as sarcastically. “You’re not a slut … remember?”

“Well, then, why do I want to have it right now?!” Denise shot back. “Don’t you?”

Cindy blinked. She COULD have sex right now, if she wanted to! That had certainly never happened before. All she had to do was go downstairs and pick the man she wanted, and …

“Hey,” she said, looking doubtful. “What if they won’t do it with us any more?”

“What do you mean?” asked Denise.

“Well, think about it!” said Cindy. “We were stuck out there, and all that was on the TV was porn. We HAD to sleep together then. What if they won’t do it, now that we’re home?”

“They can’t do that!” moaned Denise. “I like it too much! I can’t just not do that any more!” She stared at her friend. “And I’m NOT going to do that with some boy from school, so don’t even go there!”

“I know, I know,” said Cindy. “Me neither, and not just because I’m between boyfriends right now. I can’t imagine doing that with somebody I don’t love.”

“That’s right!” said Denise. “A little playing around is one thing. This is something completely different.”

“Well, then,” said Cindy. “We just have to convince them that they can’t stop.”

“How do we do that?” asked Denise.

“Talk to them?” suggested Cindy.

“Can we do that?” asked Denise.

“If you can’t talk to the man who took your virginity, something’s wrong,” pointed out Cindy.

“I know,” moaned Denise. “I’m just afraid they’ll say no, and get all parental on us.”

“Maybe if we waited, until tonight, you know. We can try to sleep with them tonight, and while we’re doing that, we can talk to them about it.”

“What if one of us doesn’t get to sleep with them, tonight?” asked Denise.

“That won’t work,” said Cindy, immediately. “We have to both do it at the same time.”

“I could call you on my cell,” said Denise.

“While you’re having sex with Uncle Dick?” asked Cindy, incredulous.

“Well, maybe as we’re getting ready to, or something like that. I could call you and tell you it’s going to happen, and then, if you think it’s not going to happen at your house, I could stop, or something. And you could do the same thing, and then it would be both or not at all.”

“OK!” said Cindy, excited. “That sounds like a plan.”


Thus goes the attempt by a teenager to engage in rational thinking, before the part of the brain that enables rational thinking has fully developed. Kind of makes you think that eighteen might be a tad bit early to let them vote … and help determine the fate of the nation … doesn’t it?


For the men, the signals they got when the girls descended from the castle tower that was Cindy’s, were somewhat mixed. The girls acted normally, in the sense that they acted like teenaged girls, padding around the house, getting something to nibble on, talking to the men, occasionally, and channel surfing on the TV to see if there was anything they wanted to watch.

When Dick suggested that they hadn’t been home, since arriving … home … Denise’s response was typical for a normal situation.

“But we just got here, Daddy,” she said, initially. “Cindy hasn’t even had time to check all her email!” Then, after a few seconds, she said “I do need to take a shower and get ready for bed, though. Whatever you think is best, Daddy.”

Dick looked at his watch. It was not quite five in the evening. He looked at Dave, who shrugged.

“It is about supper time,” ventured Dick.

“I’m not really hungry,” said Denise, munching on one of the handful of carrot sticks she’d gotten from Dave’s refrigerator. “Lunch was soooo huge!”

“I probably need to check my own email,” said Dick. “I missed a lot of work. I hope I still have a job. I didn’t have any showings this week, but there was a closing that I missed. I know one of the other brokers took care of it, but I need to let them know I’m back, and what happened. You want to stay here for a while, baby?”

“No!” said Denise, too quickly, and with too much emphasis. “I think you’re right. I need to check my email too. We’ve been gone so long!”

Both girls acted like Denise’s complete turn around was completely normal, and Cindy hugged her friend goodbye. She went to Dick and gave him what was obviously a perfunctional hug, and peck on the cheek. Prior to the trip, it would have been par for the course. Dick looked at Dave, who shrugged.


At both houses, once Dick and Denise had walked next door to theirs, the scene was eerily similar. There was very little talk, as both father and daughter waited for the other to say something. It was too early for the girls to suggest it was bedtime, and then suggest that they wanted to sleep with their father again, like it was now normal. Both men were antsy. Both girls moped around the house, lounging here and there, looking delicious to their fathers. Both men tried to catch up on what they’d missed at work. Dick had several emails asking where the hell he was, and answered them. Dave had emails from his employees, giving him updates on jobs completed, and in process and, in much more delicate language, wondering where the hell he was. He answered those too.

The girls went through their email, which took longer. Everybody raided the refrigerator for something quick and easy.

It was all very routine, in most ways. And, as it turned out, it was the routine itself, that made things happen.


“What’s on?” asked Cindy, as she came downstairs and found her father watching TV.

“Oh, it’s just an old re-run of the Dick Van Dyke show,” said Dave. “Kind of brings back old memories, I guess. I loved this show when I was growing up, even though I’d have never admitted it then. I was in High School – about your age – when it was winding down and got cancelled. Back then you couldn’t admit that you thought it was funny.”

Cindy sank down on the couch beside him, a normal, routine kind of thing she’d done a thousand times before. She leaned against him, and he put his arm around her, a normal, routine kind of thing he’d done a thousand times before. It even felt normal and routine to both of them, as she settled in to watch with him.

On the screen, a thin, overactive man was lying in bed, having an argument with an attractive dark-haired woman with a hairstyle that was humorous to Cindy. The woman was in another bed, two feet away from the one the man was in. It reminded Cindy of the motel room.

“They’re married, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” said Dave, his concentration on the humor in the argument.

“So why are they in separate beds?” asked his daughter.

Dave looked at his daughter. Her face was inches from him, but she was staring at the screen.

“Back then, you couldn’t show married people in bed together,” he said.

“You’re kidding!” said Cindy, clearly amazed.

“Nope. The censors wouldn’t allow it.”

“They had censors for TV shows?” asked Cindy, astonished. This was America! You didn’t have censors in America!

“They still have censors for TV shows,” said Dave. “At least on the free channels. Why do you think cable took off so strongly?”

“But cable’s been around forever!” said the girl.

“No it hasn’t. It started because people wanted to make programs that the national networks wouldn’t run.”

“But this …” said Cindy, pointing to the screen. “If they wouldn’t show married people in bed … where did they think babies came from?”

“Everybody knew where babies came from,” said Dave, trying to explain something that made no sense whatsoever. “But you couldn’t actually talk about that, or show it. Not on a national network.”

“That’s pretty stupid,” said Cindy.

“I know,” agreed Dave. “But that’s the way it was, back then. There were separate beds for all the famous married couples on TV.”

It was quiet for a few seconds.



“Do we still have to have separate beds?”


At Dick and Denise’s house, it was a little different. Denise got something else to eat, even though she wasn’t hungry (!) and they both checked their email before deciding to take a shower. Over the years, mostly because it meant cleaning one shower, instead of two, they had both gotten used to using the one in the hallway, across from Denise’s bedroom. There was one in the master bath in Dick’s bedroom, but he just wasn’t in the habit of using it.

Neither of them were paying much attention to the other, at that point, because, by then, it was only about seven. Denise had gone into the bathroom to take her shower, before Dick left his bedroom to go do the same thing. Denise had dropped her clothes and was examining herself in the mirror, trying to see if not being a virgin any more showed somehow, when Dick opened the door and walked in, dressed in only his boxers.

Denise turned.

“Oh, hi, Daddy,” she said, automatically.

Dick stood, transfixed. She was SO beautiful. His prick stiffened, not only because of her nakedness, but also because of the timbre of her voice.

“Sorry, Kitten,” he said, automatically.

“Daddy!” she said, frowning. “It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this before.”

“I know, honey,” he said. “I just didn’t know how you’d feel about things … now that we’re home.”

Denise dropped her eyes to the lump, clearly obvious in his boxers.

“You can go ahead and take your shower, if you want,” she said.

“It’s OK,” he said, his breath coming faster. “You were here first.”

“Well, … considering what happened and all … couldn’t we … um … share?” asked his daughter. “There’s something I want to ask you about anyway.”


Cindy and her father were walking toward his bedroom, when a musical tone sounded down the hall.

“Oh shit!” squealed Cindy, and pulled free from her father’s hand, running to her room. Denise’s name and number were displayed on the screen. She flipped it open, while she ran back into the hallway, where Dave was still standing.

“I … couldn’t … wait,” came Denise’s panting voice, over the phone.

“What?” asked Cindy, grabbing her father’s hand and pulling him toward his bedroom.

“We’re … already … Ohhhhh Dadddyyyyyy,” the sentence ended in a moan.

“You’re doing it right NOW?!” squealed Cindy.

“Yeeeesssssss,” whined her friend.

“It’s OK,” panted Cindy, pushing her father toward the bed. “Bye!”

She flipped the phone closed and laid it down on the night stand. She pulled the T shirt, that was all she was wearing, over her head. She was so excited that she shoved her hand between her legs.

“Hurry UP, Daddy!” she moaned.


Once the relationships at home had been resolved, to the satisfaction of all concerned – literally – the next thing the girls talked about was how to extend that satisfaction to each other’s houses. While talking to their fathers about the home situation had worked really well, they were still a little unsure of themselves. So they worked out another plan.

Cindy called Denise and asked if she could come over. That told Denise that Dave was there, in the house, not doing anything. When Denise said to bring a certain CD, that meant that Dick was there, also not doing anything. Cindy announced she was going next door to see Denise. Once she got there, she “remembered” she had neglected to grab the CD, and asked Denise to go get it for her. Then, after Denise was gone, she struck up a conversation with Dick.

Both girls thought they were being clever and sly. Both men saw right through it, seeing a hot, horny, willing girl, who was in heat. Within ten minutes, both girls were flat on their backs, their pussies stuffed full of hard, spurting cock. As soon as that was done, Cindy got to taste Uncle Dick’s dick, and Denise, screwing up her courage, tried the thing that Cindy had described to her how to do on Uncle Dave. She discovered that Cindy was right. A penis did feel wonderful in your mouth.

By the time both fathers thought to mention that it was getting late, and that their daughters might be wondering where each other was, it was no problem at all for the girls to announce that they were sleeping over … at each other’s house.

Both men laughed, and then THEY called each other, to ask, formally, if it was all right for their daughter’s to stay at each other’s houses for the night.


The euphoria of the new arrangement pretty much blotted out sane, rational thinking, on the part of pretty much everyone concerned, for the first month. By the time the men talked to their lovers (first), and their daughters (second), about the possible consequences of all this loving and fucking … and obtained back-to-back appointments for them at the clinic both families used … the consequences were already three weeks grown … in each girl’s womb.

It was, in fact, the visit to the doctor, in both cases, that determined that birth control pills were no longer an option. At least not for nine months or so.

Cindy had gone in first. It had seemed to take a very long time for the examination to take place, as Denise and her father leafed through magazines in the waiting room. When Dave and Cindy finally came out, both their faces were tight, and sober.

“What?” asked Denise, recognizing tension on Cindy’s face.

“Just go,” said Cindy, sitting down heavily.

That exam took a long time too.

The doctor came back with them, and stood at the front desk as Dick and Denise joined Dave and Cindy. He had been their doctor for years, and knew them well. It hadn’t seemed odd that these particular fathers, who he knew were single parents, had brought their daughters in for the same thing. He knew the girls were best friends too. What was surprising was that neither father had screamed at either girl, when he had to give them the results he’d had to give them. When they all stood up, and left, together, with no conversation at all, other than the two girls putting their heads together for a few seconds, he shrugged. Maybe they had been expecting this. Just about every other teenager he saw these days was sexually active. He’d been only mildly surprised that these two girls were pregnant, and that, only because he’d never had any indication that they were sexually active before this. Usually, he could get a pretty good idea about that, based on the behavior of the girls. Then again, most of them lied, when he asked them point blank.


The men were appropriately, and legitimately concerned, even though it was a bit late for that too.

The girls, about ready to start their senior year in High School, were expected to be a LOT less enthusiastic about their new relationships, now. The men expected tears, and rage, and accusations. They were prepared for that, on the trip home from the doctor’s office. That trip would be either very quiet, or very loud, both men knew.

What they weren’t prepared for, was for the girls to demand the keys to Dave’s car, and then tell the men to use Dick’s car.

Dick followed his friend’s car through the city streets. It wasn’t weaving, or hotrodding. It just looked like two girls, in a car, driving around, talking. There was a lot of talking, but the sound of it never reached the open windows of the men’s car. By the time they pulled up in Dick’s driveway, and the girls were closing Dave’s garage door, they still had no clue as to what was in store for them. To their credit, they walked straight across the grass to Dick’s house.

They found the girls sitting, side-by-side on the couch, waiting for them.


The men stood, shifting on nervous feet, facing their daughters.

The girls sat, staring up at their fathers.

No one said anything. In fact, no one said anything for a full minute. It seemed like hours to all of them.

Dick broke first.

“I’m sorry baby,” he blurted. It wasn’t clear who he was addressing.

“Sorry you had sex with me, or sorry you made me pregnant?” asked Cindy.

“I’m sorry that you’re unhappy,” moaned the man, not able to answer either of her questions. He wouldn’t lie. And he didn’t think she’d appreciate the truth.

Denise just continued to stare at Dave, who tried to look elsewhere, and felt ashamed to do that, eventually meeting her gaze.

“We didn’t say we were unhappy,” said Cindy. “But I might GET unhappy.” She blinked. “Neece, too,” she added.

While both men had been prepared for screaming, unhappy women, they weren’t prepared for that. Both made noises that sounded like they had question marks at the end of them.

“Uncle Dick,” said Denise, finally. “Are you unhappy that you made me pregnant?” Her voice quavered quite a bit, and one corner of her lip trembled, to go along with that.

Dave, who like Dick, thought the idea of his baby growing inside his daughter’s best friend was so hot it almost made him hard, also didn’t think she’d like it if he jumped for joy.

“I think we can work through this,” he said, his own voice unsteady.

Cindy’s face began to move. It was almost like something had invaded her skull, under her skin, as muscles pulled here and there, initiated by emotions that were just beginning to make themselves known.

“You want us to get abortions.” Her voice squeaked, so tightly was it controlled.

“NO!” shouted both men at once. Dick was so horrified that his mouth stayed in an “O”. Dick was better prepared to address that horrible thought.

“No, honey, please don’t think like that. You may not want to have this baby right now, but please, don’t think about doing that. We can work this out. I’ll help you, honey. Dick will help Denise too. Please.” His voice was full of pleading and longing.

“We can have the babies?” Denise’s voice squeaked like Cindy’s, and her face also writhed with emotion.

“Yes, please, don’t think about abortion,” pleaded Dave.

“We don’t want abortions,” said Cindy, her voice sounding more normal. “We were afraid you’d make us do that.”

There was a generalized burst of tears, groans, wails and the like, that degenerated (or generated, perhaps) into what might have passed for a group hug, as the men knelt and the daughters tried to hug them both at the same time.

When things finally calmed down to where the girls were merely hiccupping, and the men were trying to look like they hadn’t cried at all, the conversation got a little saner, before ratcheting back up in emotion.

“We want to have these babies,” said Denise. “We don’t even know which of you got us pregnant, but we want to have them.”

“I love you,” said both men, to both girls. “We’ll help you, and take care of you,” said Dave.

“We’ll have to go to school pregnant,” moaned Cindy.

“People will laugh at us,” cried Denise.

“I wish I could marry you,” groaned Dick, kissing Cindy’s hand.

“Why can’t you?” she cried back. She seemed entirely too prepared to ask that question, but neither man noticed it.

There was a sudden quiet in the room, as everyone seemed to hold their breath, while Cindy’s last question hung in the air, like an expensive vase, about to hit the floor and shatter into a million pieces.

Dick turned to Dave. “CAN I marry your daughter?”

Dave blinked. He looked at Cindy. “You’re nowhere near ready to get married.”

“I’m nowhere near ready to be a mother, but that’s going to happen!” said Cindy.

“But you can’t get married at seventeen!” insisted Dave. “It’s not allowed! You have to have …” He trailed off, looking thoughtful.

“Parental consent.” Denise finished it for him. She was looking at him, her eyes pinned to his.

Dave rubbed his hair with his hand.

“I guess she could get married, if I signed the papers.”

“I could get married WHEN you sign the papers,” said Cindy, her voice taking on a sharp edge. “And Daddy, if you don’t ask Denise to marry you in the next ten seconds, I’m never going to speak to you again … EVER!” She screamed the last word.

Dave blinked again, and focused on Denise’s face. There were tears building in her eyes.

“Of course I’ll marry you,” he said, as if he had been asked. He turned to Dick. “Can I marry your daughter?”

It was Denise who unmasked them. She did it by hissing “YES!” and making a fist, away from her body, her arm extended, and then pulling it sharply back in to her body. The look of elation on her face, after being so close to crying, seemed like a transition that should have been impossible.

Dave leaned back, his eyes narrowing.

“You two just got us to propose … I mean you PLANNED on getting us to propose … didn’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

“Daddy!” said Cindy, trying to sound injured. She sounded worried instead. “We just found out we’re pregnant! We’re devastated! We can hardly even THINK about all this!”

“I’ll be damned!” said Dick, leaning back too. “You’re right! I can see it in their faces. They planned this whole thing!”

“We did NOT plan on getting pregnant!” said Denise hotly. “Not this soon, and we didn’t plan on getting you to marry us this soon, either!” She closed her eyes, slumped, and sat back. “I just blew it, didn’t I?”

Cindy leaned back too. “Yes, you stupid…”

“That’s enough!” said Dave. “When did all this happen?”

“Daddy,” pleaded Cindy.

“Don’t you Daddy me, you conniving hussy,” he said, almost, but not quite angrily. “You two have been scheming, and I want to know how long! Was it before the trip?” He had a sinking feeling in his stomach that he and his best friend had been taken, and that they’d been manipulated from the very beginning.

“NO DADDY!” shouted Cindy, trying to stand up. She was too close to Dick, though, and when he didn’t help her, she fell back. “That was all an accident! Please believe me! We’re happy with the way things turned out, but we didn’t do any of that on purpose!”

“When did all this marriage stuff start?” asked Dick, more calmly.

“I don’t know,” moaned Cindy. “A couple of weeks ago, I guess.”

Denise finally spoke again. “We were just talking about how it kind of felt married to sleep with you, and that was really nice. And then, when we found out we were pregnant, we were afraid you’d hate us, and everything would stop, and we don’t WANT it to stop, and we love you, and …” She started sniffling, building up to another crying jag.

“You don’t know what marriage is,” said Dave, not unkindly. “You’re so young.”

“We’re not too young for you to fuck pregnant!” snorted Cindy.

Dave ignored the anger in her voice. “Sweetheart, that’s not what I meant. We said we’d help you with the babies, and that’s true. But you don’t have to marry us to get that help. You two can still go to college, meet nice young men, fall in love. You don’t want to get tied down to old men like us. We’ll love you forever, whether we’re married or not.”

“But I love you NOW!” wailed Denise. “I WANT to have your baby! I want to sleep with you every night! I want to be Mrs. Thompson!”

“And I feel the same way about you,” said Cindy calmly, to Dick. “I’ve even practiced writing my name … Cindy Williams.”

The men were floored. They were also tempted. At the same time, they were capable of thinking a little more rationally, perhaps, than their daughters.

“We need to think about this,” said Dick to Dave, who nodded.

“You won’t marry us?” wailed Denise.

“We need to TALK about this!” said Dave, leaning close to her. “We haven’t talked about anything else we did. We just DID it! If you’re going to be my wife, we’re going to have to talk about a LOT of things, and the FIRST one is whether we should get married in the FIRST place!”

“Ok,” she said meekly. “You don’t have to yell at me.”

Dick looked at Cindy, who was looking at her father, a funny look on her face. She looked from him to Dick.

“You’re going to marry me, buster,” she said. “And we’re going to have four or five kids.”

“I want you to go to college,” he said.

“I’ll practice going to school pregnant this year,” said Cindy, smiling sweetly. “Then, when I’m in college, I’ll be used to it.” She stood up, grabbing Dick’s shoulder to help her, and then pulled him up. “We have a lot to talk about too,” she said. “Our house … or this one?” she asked, still smiling.

Dick looked at Dave. He couldn’t keep the hint of a smile from his face. “I think we’re in serious trouble here,” he said.

Dave didn’t smile back. “She’ll find out how much trouble SHE’s in when I put her over my lap and paddle her for not just talking to me about all this.” It wasn’t clear which girl he was talking about. He reached for Denise’s hand.

When she came up, it was to hug him tightly. “I only want two, or maybe three,” she said into his chest.



Dick, maybe because Denise’s mother still showed up to visit, every six months or so, was a little more cognizant of the fact that, if these two marriages happened, they would raise more than an eyebrow or two. For that reason, and that reason only, he ruminated on it a lot more than Dave did.

For Dave, after he found out she wanted to marry him, the third time he woke up with Denise draped over him, he looked at her and knew that somehow it would happen. He felt like the world had finally delivered up on some of his fondest hopes, and he’d find a way to make it work. He was a little worried that, when she went away to college, she’d find some young man who would look much more appealing than he did, but even in that situation, he’d have had her for a year or two, and even that little amount of time would be filled with joy.

The girls didn’t push it, probably because they weren’t showing yet. But, when school started, they worried about it. It didn’t seem possible, as they drifted from class to class, that their dream would come true.

Again, it was Denise who got the dialogue going again. It was a Saturday morning, after the first full week of school. She had come home Friday night, dutifully done her homework, and then gone next door to spend some time with her best friend, and sleep with her lover. Cindy went next door around nine, to sit with Dick, and then crawl in bed with him. Neither girl had slept with her father since they had found out they were pregnant.

That Saturday morning, Denise woke up to find Dave staring at her. He didn’t have to say a word. It was all in his eyes.

“I love you too,” she said, kissing him. “That’s why I want to marry you.” She winced. Both girls had agreed not to bring it up. It was the men’s job to bring it up, the next time it came up. “Cindy would marry you too, but she can’t.”

“I thought she was still mad at me,” said Dave, stroking along her side.

“We decided that you guys were worked up enough just having one girl crawling all over you. It didn’t seem fair to overwork you.” Denise grinned.

“Do you mean she’d still do this,” Dave cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it, “with me?”

“She loves you, even more than I do,” said Denise. “I’m working on catching up to her. It would help if I could live here.”

“What if we did get married?” asked Dave. “I’m not saying we will. Dick and I still need to talk about that. But what if?”

“If you’re asking if Cindy could do this with you sometimes,” said Denise, running her hand to his groin, to find him stiff. “We share everything.”

“Everything?” he asked, his eyes wide. “Even after you’re married?”

“If we get married to you and Daddy … yes,” said Denise. “Why are you so surprised? We already shared you.”

“This seems strange enough already, I guess,” said the man, feeling the urge to mate with her.

“Men marry seventeen year old girls al the time,” said Denise. “Well, maybe not all the time, but it’s only strange because you’ve known me all my life. Do you love me?”

“You know I do.”

“Then I don’t understand why you’re so reluctant. Are you ashamed of me?”

“No, that’s not it, and you know it.”

“I guess,” said Dave, “that I’m more ashamed of me. In ten years, you’ll still be a knockout babe. I’ll have gray hair. I might even need a walker or something!”

Her laughter tinkled. “Maybe. I plan on keeping you pretty young, though. I mean, you’re over the hill, and all that, but I won’t let you go DOWN hill.”

She laughed again, and that was all it took to make him show her how NOT over the hill he was. When they were done, they were both gasping for air.

“Now THAT’s the man I want to wake up with forever,” she sighed.


Dick finally confided in Cindy, also in bed. She was lying on top of him, having ridden him to completion. She was engaged in kissing his chin, when he put his hand between them.

“I love you,” he said softly.

“I know,” she said. “I think that’s part of why I love you too.”

“Just part of?”

“I know I’m young, but I also know I’ve seen a lot of men. Other than Daddy, you’re the only man I’d let touch me like this.”

“You’re sleeping with him too?” asked Dick. Denise had NOT been sleeping with him.

“No,” she said, pushing his hand away so she could kiss his chin again. “We’re waiting.”

“Waiting for what?” he asked.

“I can’t tell you,” she said. “You have to bring it up first.”

He wasn’t stupid. “Marriage,” he said.

“Oh! Look at that! You brought it up!” she said, smiling.

“Her mother will have a fit,” said Dick.

“Her mother doesn’t care, according to Neece.”

“That’s not true, and if Denise thought about it she’d admit that.”

“Her mother abandoned her,” said Cindy. “Yes, she still sends cards, and comes to visit once in a blue moon, but she gave up rights. Denise will never let her opinion stand in the way.

“She could make trouble,” said Dick.

“How?” Cindy sat up. She rubbed her leaking pussy on his messy penis. “If you and Daddy give consent, there isn’t anything anybody can do about it. It’s unusual. We both know that. People will talk. We know that too. People are going to talk anyway, as soon as this,” she rubbed her belly, “starts showing.” She rocked, as if she were unconcerned. “If people are going to talk, one way or the other, why shouldn’t we be happy while they do it?”

“How do you know we’d be happy?” he asked.

“I’ve known you my whole life,” said Cindy. “The only other man I know better is my father. I don’t feel like trying to find a boyfriend. Why should I, when I already have the best man in the world right here.”

“What about Neece?” he asked.

“What about what?”

“What about if we get married, and she still wants to … do this?”

“We have that all worked out too,” said Cindy.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, really,” said the teenager who had just worn him out, and who was about to get him stiff again. “We don’t know which one of you got us pregnant this time. Next time, we will. Each of us wants one from the man we want to marry. After that, we don’t care any more. Either of you can get us pregnant again, and we’ll be gloriously happy.”

“You’re kidding!” he gasped.

“Try us,” said Cindy, reaching to insert him in her again. “But right now, try me.”


Things moved more quickly after that. When the girls were eight weeks pregnant, they stood in front of a desk, at City hall. Neither was showing, but both looked like exactly what they were – High School Seniors.

“Let me get this straight,” said the clerk. “You’re her father.” She pointed at Cindy, who was standing with Dick, and Dick, who was standing with Denise. Dave nodded. “And you,” she said, pointing at Dick, are HER father.” She pointed at Denise.

“Right,” said Dick.

“And you two, want to let your daughters, get married to … the other of you two.”

“Right,” said Dick again.

“This is highly irregular,” sniffed the woman.

“It may be highly irregular,” said Dave. “The question is, is it legal?”

“Yes, it’s legal,” said the clerk, shaking her head. She looked at the girls. “And you two want to do this too?”

“More than anything,” said Cindy.

“Yes Ma’am,” said Denise, putting her arm around Dave.

“The Judge may want to ask you some questions,” warned the woman.

“That’s fine,” said Dave.

“He’ll want to talk to the girls alone,” she warned.

“That’s fine too,” said Dick.


The judge did, in fact, want to talk to the girls alone. He meant singly, but when Cindy’s name was called, they both got up and went in.

“Which one of you is Cindy Lou Thompson?” asked the man, who was in his sixties.

“I am, Sir,” said Cindy, raising her hand.

“And let me guess,” said the judge, staring at Denise, over his reading glasses. “You must be Denise Jean Williams.”

“Yes Sir,” said Denise. “We’re best friends.”

“Best friends,” mused the judge. “Best friends who want to marry each other’s fathers.”

“Yes Sir,” they said in tandem.

“Do tell,” said the judge, smiling. “And why in the world would two lovely young ladies, such as yourselves, want to marry two old men?”

Cindy raised her hand. The judge looked at her and leaned back in his chair.

“I’ve known Dick Williams my entire life,” she said. “I had a boyfriend, who told lies about me and tried to get me to have sex with him. I didn’t like either of those things.” She took a breath, but the judge raised a hand.

“How about Dick Williams?” he asked. “Has HE tried to get you to have sex with him?”

Cindy stood straight. “He has never done anything with me, or asked me to do anything, that I wasn’t completely comfortable with,” she said. He’s never lied to me, or about me, and he never will. I love him, your majesty.”

“Your honor,” corrected the judge, smiling thinly. “It’s your honor, not hour majesty.”

“Sorry,” said Cindy, ducking her head. “I’m a little nervous.”

“Are you nervous about marrying this man?”

She raised her head and looked straight at the judge. “No, your honor, I am not.”

The judge turned his eyes on Denise, who looked stiff.

“How about you, young lady? Are you doing this just because your best friend wants to do it?”

“No Sir,” said Denise, almost standing. “Like Cindy, I’ve known him all my life. I can’t imagine there’s another man I want to be married to more than him. I love him with everything that’s in me.”

“What about school?” asked the judge. “I assume you’re going to drop out?”

“No Sir,” said Denise. “We’re going to finish school. We have plans for college too.”

“What college?” asked the judge.

“Probably State,” said Denise. “It’s less expensive, and for the first two years it doesn’t really matter where you go.”

“These men … your fathers … are going to marry you, and send you off to college in another town?” The judge looked skeptical.

“Why not?” asked Cindy. “Married people go to college all the time.”

“True,” mused the judge, “but most married men don’t send their wives off to college somewhere, where they can’t keep an eye on them.”

“These aren’t … most men,” said Cindy, helplessly.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” said the judge. “You can go. Send in … oh Hell, send them both in!” he said, his tone irascible.

The girls left, to be met by their fathers. It was plain to the men that the girls were rattled.

“He’s mean,” said Denise softly. “I don’t like him.”

“He wants to see you now,” said Cindy. “Both of you.”


Dave and Dick stood, respectfully, while the judge leafed through papers on his desk. He looked up at them, didn’t say anything, and then looked down again. He shuffled more papers.

“You want to tell me what’s going on here?” he finally asked. “Sit down,” he added, waving his hand at them.

They sat. Dick cleared his throat.

“We want to get married, Sir,” he said, hoping that would be enough.

It wasn’t.

“Why?” asked the judge. “These girls are the ages of your daughters. Hell they ARE your daughters. Why in tarnation would you want to marry them off to each other at the tender age of seventeen?”

“Look, your honor,” said Dave. “I’ve known Dick for seventeen years. There’s no man I’d trust with my daughter more than him. I’ve known his daughter all her life. I know it looks odd, but I love her, and I think she loves me. I KNOW my daughter loves Dick. We’re not doing anything underhanded here. I don’t see what the problem is.”

The judge ruminated on that for a few seconds.

“The girls tell me they’re going to finish High School, and that you’re sending them to college.”

“Yes,” said Dick.

“Aren’t you worried they’ll meet some men their own age at college?”

“Yes,” said Dick again.

“I assume these girls have mothers?” said the judge. “Where are they?”

Dave spoke first. “Cindy’s mother is a woman named Trudy. She took off with her boss when Cindy was three, and we haven’t seen or heard from her since. She didn’t contest the divorce because she probably never knew about it.”

Dick took over. “Denise’s mother wouldn’t marry me, but she let me adopt Denise. She visits a couple of times a year, from New York City, and sends a few cards each year. Denise doesn’t think much of her.”

“If I found her, would she contest this marriage?” asked the judge. “I mean the one to your daughter … not your own.”

“Probably,” said Dick, his heart sinking.

“Go get the girls and bring them in here,” said the judge.


“My job is to look after the welfare of those too young to look after their own welfare,” said the judge. “In situations like this, I have to make a decision as to whether these marriages are in the best interests of you two young ladies.” He peered at the girls. “I don’t give a hoot about the men. They’re grown, and are supposed to know what they’re doing.”

Cindy raised her hand. The judged looked at her.

“You got your chance to talk. Now’s mine. You just stand there and listen, because I’m going to give you some advice.” He moved some papers around on his desk. “Everybody makes some mistakes in life,” he said. “The measure of a person is whether they do something to turn those mistakes into something good, or to at least learn from them. Even though I have some concerns about this, I’m going to let you folks get married.”

He waited while the girls squealed and grabbed the arms of their intendeds. Then he went on.

“The preacher, if he’s worth his salt, will talk to you about the seriousness of what you ladies are doing, before he agrees to do the ceremony. In case he neglects to do that, I’m going to say this. You’re taking these men to be your husbands. Don’t think this is a temporary thing. If you do this, you give up your option to play the field, and do all the things young girls like to do with young men. Is that clear?

“Yes Sir,” said Cindy, while Denise bobbed her head like crazy.

“All right,” said the judge. “Now, you ladies go on and powder your noses or something. I need one last word with the men.”

The girls left, and the Judge handed each man a paper. “These are your licenses. I signed them, but I’d appreciate it if you got these marriages out of the way before those girls start to show. People will talk about this enough as it is. I don’t want them asking me why I let two fathers marry off their pregnant daughters to their best friends … all right?”

“How’d you know?” asked Dick, his eyes wide.

“I’m from West Virginia,” said the judge, winking. “I’ve seen this a hundred times. You boys take good care of those girls, and they just may not stray. All right?”

“Yes sir … thank you sir,” said Dave, feeling weak.


Two weeks later, in a very small, almost private ceremony, two men walked their daughters down the aisle of a storefront church, while a Major in the Salvation Army waited for them at the altar. When they arrived in front of the Major, each man turned, and offered the hand he was holding to the other man. The girls took a single step in opposite directions, and stood beside the man they’d be married to when they left.


The only hitch was the High School. The girls were called to the Principal’s office, and told that married students were not accepted for enrollment in the school. When the girls said they were already enrolled, the beaurocracy kicked in, and people started acting like assholes. In the end, the girls were transferred to a GED class at the local vocational and technical institute, where they attended classes with men and women their father’s ages.

It was embarrassing until they found out that the State University, in the interests of encouraging adult education, awarded five scholarships to students in the class. Only three students wanted to compete for the five spots, but the girls knew they needed to work hard anyway, just to be ready for college. They finished the course by Christmas, and passed the test.

Cindy and Denise moved into the dorm as roommates as their friends in High School were beginning that last, interminable, boring semester before graduation. While their friends in High School were trying to get dates for the Prom, Cindy and Denise were in the delivery room, being coached by their husbands, and giving birth to girls who looked like twins, even though they came from different wombs. Two months later, Dave and Dick took care of their younger daughters, while their older daughters took final exams.

Then it was summer, and the girls could relax.


Cindy sat on the couch. Paula, her daughter was fastened firmly to her right nipple, sucking lustily at a nipple that was twice as long as it had been when Paula was conceived. Dave was changing the diaper of the other baby in the house, this one named Lucinda. Lucinda was smiling and talking to Dave, who was smiling and talking back, in equally incomprehensible baby speech.

“I hope they get here pretty soon,” said Cindy. “I’m not going to have enough to feed Lucinda too. Paula’s being a little pig again!”

“They’re right next door,” said Dave, holding Lucinda and rocking her in his arms.

“I thought they were going out somewhere,” said Cindy.

“She’s always horny as a goat,” said Dave, grinning. “I think she vetoed his plans, and took him straight to the house.”

“I know how she feels,” said Cindy, her eyes smoky as she looked at her father. “That’s the other reason I hope they get here soon. I can’t wait to be alone with you, with no babies crying for my attention.”

“Patience, dear daughter,” said Dave.

Just then the door burst open, and Denise hurried through.

“Where’s Lucinda?” she moaned. “I hope she’s hungry. Daddy took the edge off when we first started, but I’m so full again it hurts!”

“Paula would be happy to help,” said Cindy, holding out her daughter. “She could empty two of me.”

Denise unbuttoned her blouse and threw it open, to reveal naked breasts. She cradled Paula in her arm and gave her a nipple. The baby gurgled and sucked lustily, while Denise fished a nursing pad out of her pocket and put it over her other breast, so it wouldn’t spurt all over the place when her milk let down. She shuddered as that happened, and then sighed with relief as her best friend’s daughter started emptying one breast.

Like they could communicate, Paula spat out the nipple after two or three minutes, and Lucinda started to fuss. Cindy took her daughter back and cuddled her, while Lucinda took her place, emptying Denise’s left breast, and starting on the right.

Dick wandered in a few minutes later.

“Sorry for being late. She was on top this time, and she leaked all over me through a couple of orgasms. I had to take a shower. You guys can take off now. We’ll take the kids over to our place.”

“We’re not going anywhere,” said Cindy, standing up and shrugging her blouse off, to stand half naked in the room.

“We’re not?” asked Dave, innocently. “I thought I’d take you bowling, or something. I thought we were going to spend some quality time … you know … father daughter bonding?”

“The only balls I’m interested in right now are already in this room, and one set is already worn out, thanks to my best friend” said Cindy, working at her shorts, until they dropped. She stood in only panties. “And we ARE going to spend some quality time … in bed! You can bond with me there. I plan on a LOT of bonding.”

Dick went to his wife and kissed her.

“Have fun, honey,” he said, swatting her butt.


Dave collapsed on Cindy, and she hugged him.

“I love it so much when you squirt in me,” she whispered. “I loved it the first time, and I’ve loved it every time since then.”

“You’re trying to get pregnant again … aren’t you?”

“Not trying, exactly, but it would be wonderful if it happened again.”

“I thought you were intent on having one that you knew was Dick’s,” said her father.

“I am. We both are. We have lots of time. It’s really hard to resist either of you, you know. We love you both.”

“I knew, when you were born, that you were the best thing that could ever happen to me,” he sighed. “I never thought it would be this good, though.”

Cindy laughed, as much as she was able to, weighed down by his bulk. “I won’t tell Neece you said that.”

“She knows how I feel about you,” said Dave. “She feels the same way about Dick.”

“I know,” said Cindy, softly. “We’ve been going over the books.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Dave. “We’re both doing very well. The real estate market is way up, and Dick’s making a killing. Because of all the new construction, I have more business than I can take on. Everybody needs an electrician, these days.”

“We know that,” said Cindy. “It would just be so much more convenient if we all lived in one big house.”

He levered himself up, and stared at his lovely daughter.

“You want to live together?”

“You don’t?” she asked. She pushed him off of her and scrambled to take him in her mouth.

He thought about it for a minute. They were together most of the time anyway. They couldn’t keep the grass growing on the path between the houses.

It wouldn’t be that different, and it would be a whole lot more convenient. Her ministrations were making it hard to think, and that made him suspicious.

“I suppose the two of you already have a place picked out,” he said, looking at her mouth sliding up and down his newly-revived prick.

She climbed on and sank down on him with a groan of satisfaction.

“Of course,” she sighed.

She started rocking.

“It has enough room for eight children. And that’s if we don’t use bunk beds. The master bedroom is huge. There’s more than enough room for two big beds, and lots and lots of closet space.”

“Eight children?” he said, straining up into his daughter.

“Eight,” said Cindy. “We only have two right now.”

“We’ll see about that,” Dick grunted, rolling her over.

The End

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