Stranger in My Bed

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I lay here half-awake, half-asleep; my back to the door as I lay on my side, watching the lights flashing past the drape covered window. Uncomfortable in the unfamiliar bed, I hear the sounds of footsteps outside the door and think nothing of it. The footsteps get closer to my door, then stop. I assume that it’s someone in the room across the hall. I don’t hear anything for a while, so I drift off to sleep. Then I feel the blankets move on the bed. I lay totally still, a bit scared, unsure of who is behind me. Alone in a strange hotel room in a strange city, not expecting you until morning.

I feel fingers on the back of my neck and my breath catches in my throat. The fingers trail down my back and I shiver a bit still scared and unsure of what’s happening. I feel fingers trailing up and down my back, massaging the back of my neck. I hold my breath and try not to shiver at the erotic feeling of stranger’s hands on me. I feel breath on my neck, then lips on my ear, I try to turn my head to see who is tormenting me, but a hand stops me. Not sure of what to do, I just lay there, holding my breath, stifling my responses.

I feel breath on my ear, then hear the words. “Don’t be scared sweetheart, I got here early and wanted to surprise you.”

I let out my breath and a moan as my body relaxes. I feel your arm wrap around my waist and feel your body hard against my back. I snuggle back against you as you run your hand up and down my stomach; I let out a little moan and shiver as I feel your hand slide lower. I feel your hand on my thigh, caressing my flesh gently.

I was naked already; it was too warm for clothing and too cold for air conditioning so I had settled for sleeping naked. I feel your clothing against my back and I turn slightly, your arm loosens around me, so I turn more and face you. I see you for the first time and a smile plays across my lips. I press a kiss to your lips and

I feel you relax against me. I trail my hand bayburt escort up and down your cheek, just as I’ve imagined doing for so long. I snuggle against you more and just watch your as you drift off to sleep. As you sleep, I slowly undress you, taking care not to wake you. I rub your tense muscles and watch you sleep until I drift off to sleep in your arms.

I stretch a bit and slowly wake up. I roll slightly and feel you at my back; a smile crosses my lips as I feel your body against mine again. I trail my fingers across your warm flesh, feeling the flesh I’ve dreamed of touching. I lean in and kiss the base of your throat gently and I feel the soft vibration of the sound you make.

I smile as I continue to explore your body with my fingers, twirling them in your chest hair, following the line down your stomach, caressing gently as I watch you sleep next to me for the first time. I trail my fingers lower, gently trailing along your inner thigh and I feel a slight shiver from you. I watch your face as I lightly brush my fingers against you. A soft moan escapes you lips as I smile and get a bit bolder and wrap my fingers around your length and stroke you gently.

I feel you stir slightly and harden under my touches. I smile as I stroke you more. I gently stir and bring myself up to straddle you, my fingers still playing with your hardness as I guide you against my opening. I guide you gently inside me then lower myself, full length onto your hard throbbing cock. The feels of you inside me reminding me that there are still good things in life.

A soft moan escapes your lips as I wiggle slightly on your cock. You stir slightly and I lean down to gently kiss your lips. You open your eyes and I whisper, “Good Morning Sleepyhead.”

You moan a response as I move gently on your length. Your eyes open wide as I kiss you again. You try to speak and I silence you with my lips.

I whisper, bartın escort “Don’t speak, just feel.” You groan as I move a bit more, sliding up and down your length. Reality finally sinks in to what is going on as you pull me down against you and kiss me. I moan against your lips as I grind against your cock.

You flip me over and rise above me, never pulling out of me. I groan as you thrust into me, hard and fast. Your fingers find my hard nipples as your lips find my throat. I moan as I arch up against you, wanting to feel you as deep as possible. You thrust deeper into me and I shudder from head to toe as my body clamps down on you, arms around your neck, legs around your waist, pussy throbbing around your cock. The harder you thrust, the more I arch against you, as if a hunger inside has been unleashed. You press kisses to my throat and I moan.

Your fingers play with my nipples and I shiver. I moan again as you pull out of me, I look at your face and almost beg for more. You press your lips to mine then whisper, “Soon my angel, you will get it soon”. I just moan and nod as I watch you climb from the bed and walk off into the bathroom.

I hear the water start to the shower and sigh softly. A little smile plays across my lips, as I lay there, naked, yearning, wanting, and needing you. I stand up and pad quietly across the room to the bathroom door and turn the knob slowly and grin as it turns in my hand.

I slowly push the door open and slip inside. I see your outline through the shower door and I smile as I push the door shut. I walk quietly over to the shower and carefully open the door, hoping you don’t notice and slip in behind you. I pull the door shut and lean against the shower wall and watch you as you go on without noticing me.

I quickly wrap an arm around you and press myself against your back, letting my hand find the way to your cock. You jump slightly and lean against ığdır escort me, your body slick from the soap and water. You turn around and kiss me as you move my hand off you and pin it against the wall. I struggle slightly, as if I’m trying to break free. You press up against me and I feel you throbbing against me.

I moan against your lips and you brush against my slit. I arch to meet you and you slip gently inside of me. You wrap your arms around me and lift me gently. I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you deeper inside of me and you carry me out of the shower and sit me on the counter as you pull a towel from the rack.

Keeping yourself firmly inside of me you start drying me off, starting with my breasts, playing with them gently as you do then move over to dry my stomach and my legs then around my back and then to my hair. Your touches send shivers from head to toe and I moan as you start drying yourself off.

My body aches to squeeze your hardness as you rest inside of me. As you place the towel on the counter you brush my nipple with your arm and a chill shivers it’s way through my aching body. You wrap your arms back around me and lift me once again, carrying me to the bed. You lay me down on the bed and follow me down, staying embedded deeply inside of me. I whimper a bit as you draw back, then moan loud as you thrust in full length, hard and fast.

I wrap my legs around your waist and hold on as you thrust in and out of me. My pussy grabbing at your cock like a hungry mouth, squeezing at you more and more, begging for you to stay inside her. You thrust harder and faster in and out of me as I grab at your cock more, moans and sighs of ecstasy flowing from my lips. My body throbs as I arch against your thrusts, begging for more without saying a word. You thrust into me again as I clamp down on your cock, my body shuddering with orgasm, triggering you to orgasm, hard and deep inside of me.

I moan as my body shudders and slowly calms pulling your body down on top of hers. You roll us on our sides, facing each other; no words spoken just smiles cross both of our faces. I slowly muster a voice and whisper, “Thank you” then drift off to sleep in your arms, wrapped around your body the way you’re wrapped around my heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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