Stroke of Fortune

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Many thanks to Red_Sky_Reader for helpful input.

This is an email I dug up from an old college girlfriend from a bit ago, after we reconnected via the social media business. Sweet slender girl, long thick dark hair. Was a nice memory from many years ago. She’s okay with having this posted here, just with changed names and places. We attended different colleges but in the same town. Old (early) girlfriends are some of the greatest people in the world.

From Marla:

You reminded me when you wrote of the first time I stroked you to climax. It had to have been just a few months after we first got together, my second year of college. We had been on the long bus ride back from my home in Eastham visiting my parents on the Cape that weekend, a tiresome wasted Sunday afternoon of travel. I was going to stay with you that night before heading back to my dorm Monday morning to get ready for classes.

I had been daydreaming during the bus ride about your penis while you dozed or read your book on the seat next to me. Not sure how I got started along that line, but the more I thought about your penis, the more exciting it became for me. Of course we had fiddled around a little in those early days, but hadn’t even had that many nights together, and you had usually just rubbed your penis on my leg to come, humped my thigh really, while we fondled and kissed and cuddled. So innocent!

You would finger me for my own pleasure, how nice that was! We hadn’t moved much beyond that. Of course we were both small town kids before we met. My family were strong Catholics and at that stage, I was just plain not going to have you inside me and take the risks of pregnancy and everything else. Just wasn’t ready.

But it had been fun to be intimate with you and feel your penis go from soft to hard and know that I had something to do with that. Kissing and having you rub my breasts and bum felt really good, it was too good to be something wrong or immoral.

My fingers had felt your balls, and your penis, so smooth and nice. I had only seen my brother’s penis before, no one else, but not since he was twelve or so, before he got more private around me and my sisters, so yours was really my first.

You were sweet with me, kind, my first boyfriend. It helped that you laughed easily and were cute! It didn’t matter kırklareli escort that you were an inch shorter than me, you were rugged and handsome.

On the bus ride I kept imagining stroking you, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take you all the way from soft, relaxed penis to hard excited penis and then get you to feel the pleasure of having your sperm come out.

I imagined you lying on your back and my fingers on you, stroking, pulling, making you feel good. I wanted to see your penis up close, every corner, every part. But mostly, I wanted to actually see what it was like when you came, what your body did then when you had your pleasure. All this was so new.

Thinking all this on the bus got me real excited. Real excited. It got so I couldn’t think of anything but your penis, what the head of it looked like and felt, and how hard you would get, about how your balls would get anxious and all bunched up in their sack. I didn’t say anything to you, just kept my penis-fantasies in my head, dying to enact them. I was beside myself with anticipation all the way back, and then making dinner and eating, which took forever, until we finally were ready to turn in.

I used the bathroom first, then took my clothes off when you took your turn. I was naked and sitting by the edge of the bed when you came in. You had a surprised smile, like it was obvious how excited I was. I pulled your shirt and pants off, which was more forward than usual for me, and you kept smiling more and more.

We laid out together on the bed. It was a warm Indian summer evening so we didn’t need any covers. We kissed. Our hands traveled all over, which was nice and I never got tired of that part. You had nice strong shoulders and thighs and I liked your smell.

But I wanted your cock. I laid you out on your back. Your penis had already gotten a bit excited, and was lying out mostly full length on your stomach. It was soft enough to still be supple and I just knelt next to you and began playing with it, looking at your face and then back at your cock.

I had left the bedside light on too, which was also more daring than usual for me. I was self-conscious about my body, my flat almost nonexistent chest with pancake breasts which you took lots of afyon escort time telling me were beautiful anyway. And my thighs, which had been rail thin in high-school but had gotten thicker those first couple years of college. How I wish I had them now! So we usually did our thrashings in the dark. But tonight I wanted the light on so I could see you. And your penis.

It was beautiful. As I played with it it got longer and harder. The skin was so smooth, but so firm underneath. It was like ivory or warm polished marble or something. I learned that night how sensitive the head of your penis was, the ridge around it, and you would move around involuntarily when I ran my fingertips around it.

Yours had a nice inward curve to it, and I loved how your balls tucked up into their sack when you were excited, and it was fun to hold them in one hand and feel them while I pulled on the main part of your penis with the other. They were warm and firm under their tightened skin. I was entranced.

There isn’t anything else on a body quite like a penis. The skin on an erection is firm, but silky to the touch. The veins stood out on the shaft, the ridge around your cock’s head was so sensitive to my touch, you would squirm every time I went there, a sharp almost barbed edge. Your penis was alive, like some animal, but anchored to you. And it was hard and stiff and anxious because of me, your desire for me, and what I was doing to it.

I don’t remember everything I did that night, but I explored as much as I could, until it was clear that you were not going to last. We took a couple breaks, the first time after some fluid had started to leak out of the head of your penis and I stopped stroking it.

I thought maybe you had already come and was disappointed at how fast it all was and I had somehow missed it, but you said it was just fluid that came out beforehand. I looked more closely, just a clear slippery fluid oozing from your tip. I spread it around the head of your cock. We talked a few minutes and I watched your cock go from impossibly hard to slightly less so.

But I had to start rubbing it again, and pretty soon it was rigid and pointing straight up towards your face, stiff enough to hold itself up off your belly and bob around when I touched it. I smeared amasya escort more of the clear fluid around your cock-head, which really made your hips squirm around, to my pleasure.

Looking back on it, it really was the first time in my life that I was “cock hungry” although I never would have used those words back then. I just was fixated on your penis, obsessed even, how handsome it looked, how stiff, the blue veins standing out, how much pleasure I was giving you by fondling it. I wanted it badly.

I wanted it to go on for a long time and wasn’t done playing when it became obvious you were about to come. The change in hardness was obvious to my touch, along with the fact that your legs had been tensing and you were moving your hips around underneath me much more frantically, trying to push your cock into more contact, your hands finding ways to feel my nipples or stroke my hips and shoulders.

Your eyes were closed, and the low little sounds of enjoyment that were coming from you were intensely satisfying to me. My stroking seems so primitive now, I would learn to do you much better later, but that night it was just so much fun.

But I could feel a slight change in your penis, and the head to your penis had gotten just a bit larger as my fingers slipped along its edge. When your hips tensed and you spurted it took me by surprise, even though I knew you were close, that first glob of semen that flew out, while your cock pulsed, and then another stronger spurt that went up along your stomach and another, until the cascade died down and the last bit was just a drop that clung to the tip while I continued to stroke you.

All that messy white stuff that came out of you! I was fascinated, astonished at the intensity of the spewing, how much sperm there was, the sticky puddles around your navel and pleased that you enjoyed it so much and that I had been the one to make you come.

I got a towel from the bathroom and cleaned you up a bit, and washed my hands, but the sheets still smelled like semen the next morning. You wanted to do something for me but I was happy just to lie next to you and go to sleep, while I kept rerunning the whole adventure in my head, how your cock had gotten hard and how it had twitched when the sperm came out.

It felt so awesome to have your cock grow hard in my hands. I would soon learn that it was even nicer to have you get hard inside my mouth, but that was still some time away.

Thanks Rick. It was nice to revisit that time. The memories all came flooding back and we really learned on each other back then. You had a nice cock back then, and probably still do now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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