Stroke Stories

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Stroke Stories

(Unlike my other character-driven stories, these short vignettes are designed simply to get your blood pumping. I hope I’m successful!)

Bathhouse Encounter

Mike thought that the sex gods who govern horny men must be smiling on him lately. He loved going to the Club but usually was lucky to make it only a couple of times a year. He managed to get there again today, third time in three weeks. And again, it was a great time for this horny married man.

The usual: check in, get a room, strip down, wrap a towel around his waist, and start to prowl. At first, he didn’t see anyone who got his blood flowing, but as more men began to arrive, the prospects brightened considerably. Time in the sauna and steam room, a shower, then back to the play area.

Mike rounded a corner where there was a bed-type setup, accessible from three sides. And what a sight met his horny eyes! A fine-looking man was stretched out on the bed, with another well-built man giving him a masterful massage. A couple of other men were “assisting” the massage, but they were really just having a great time groping a sexy body. How could Mike turn down such an opportunity?

He joined the group around the bed, letting the real masseur do his thing, just enjoying himself caressing this stud’s chest, playing with his nipples, and doing his own amateur version of massaging his arms and legs. And Mike was drawn irresistibly to the stud’s cock. He had a beautiful ball sack, and his dick was long and thick. He was aroused but not fully hard and erect. Even so, he had to be at least 8 inches of manhood. If he had been fully hard, it would have qualified as a weapon!

The other men playing with this fine specimen of manhood drifted off to pursue other interests around the Club, and soon it was just the real masseur and Mike working over this hot body. During the conversation, Mike found out that the other guy did therapeutic massages part time in a hospital. He just enjoyed using his skills on hot men. In fact, he had become a semi-regular with the man they were massaging (well, more like groping, as far as Mike was concerned).

Mike decided to take a break himself and went back to the sauna and steam room to tame his raging hormones. Then a shower. And as he was drying off, who should walk by but the sexy masseur! Mike asked him if the other man got his rocks off and got an affirmative answer. He then said something like, “I sure wish I could have been in his place.” The masseur asked Mike if he wanted a massage upstairs. Mike must have had an extra horny look on his face, because the masseur said, “Let’s go do this now.”

Mike moved faster than he had in a long time, getting his sex-crazed ass upstairs and into the play area. The masseur was waiting for him by the bed. Mike stretched out face down and the masseur began to give him a legitimate massage. It was amazing to Mike how a massage can be truly therapeutic and relaxing, but also stimulating at the same time. Some muscles get relaxed and loose, and other muscles get aroused and hard.

The hot masseur worked over Mike’s backside for about fifteen minutes or so, combining the real massage with some hot ass play. That really got him going, squirming around on the bed and opening up his ass. Then, the long-awaited moment: “Okay, time to turn over.”

Mike flipped and lay there with a hard dick and aching balls. The masseur started working on his chest but almost immediately started to focus on his erection. He had an expert touch on Mike’s balls, massaging firmly but not too hard so as to be painful. And his hands on that hard cock! He had a magic touch that had Mike writhing in response to the exquisite torture. And then a warm mouth on the aching, pulsing dick, licking and sucking and driving Mike to an inevitable orgasm.

And then, he suddenly pulled off and let the energy subside. Mike groaned in enjoyable anguish. He really needed to cum, but the masseur was determined to take him to the edge and leave him hanging. Mike must have gotten right to the edge of shooting his load at least a dozen times under the expert ministrations of a warm mouth and strong hands. Most of the men in the area must have heard Mike’s moans and groans as he rode the waves of sexual arousal to the brink and then fell back again, only to be led once more to the edge.

This went on for perhaps a half hour, but Mike lost all track of time; in fact, he lost all track of reality and sanity. All he could think of was the wonderful torture he was being put through as his sexual arousal was being teased and played with. The sensations he was feeling in his dick had him in their grip.

And then, the masseur pulled off and said he needed to leave soon. Did Mike want to cum? Of course, he wanted to cum, but he had already taken advantage of such kindness and skills for long enough. A quick kiss and hug, and the masseur was on his way, Mike sitting there breathless with hard cock and aching balls. He couldn’t let this stand!

He Etiler Escort showered to wash off the excess massage oil and then started the prowl again. Mike was a horny man on a mission: he had to cum! His balls ached and his dick, while not at full mast now, was swollen with blood in anticipation of the orgasm that didn’t happen. It seemed like he was going to strike out, but then he made a last round through the maze and noticed that there were some men on the upper level of the glory hole area. He stepped up to that level and stood by one of the glory holes, cock swollen and begging for release.

Soon, an attractive man on the lower level stepped up next to Mike’s cock and reached through the hole and drew him forward until he had full access to the aching dick. Then he began some expert sucking, using his lips and tongue in some very effective moves. Mike began to thrust his hips forward, building to his orgasm.

And then, the cocksucker pulled off just as Mike was on the edge of cumming. Mike seemed to have attracted men today who were determined to torment him. The man went back down on Mike’s cock, sucking and caressing it, jacking it off with his mouth just over the cock head. And then, once more, he pulled off and let Mike’s passion subside a bit.

Mike thought that between this cocksucker and the sexy masseur, he must have been brought to the edge of an orgasm at least twenty times over the course of about an hour or so. He thought he was going crazy, desperate to shoot but not wanting to just jack himself off. Then another cocksucker stepped up and took over. This man was also on a mission. He was determined to make Mike cum, and he was going about it the right way. Great sucking action, ball massage, licking the underside of Mike’s dick while he played with it.

Mike’s hips were thrusting faster and harder, and he finally felt it starting. That glorious feeling in his balls that all men know, that boiling of passion that makes their heads spin and takes their breath away. Soon Mike’s moans and groans increased in volume as he felt it finally mounting and beginning to surge through his cock.

As usual, Mike was not discreet when he finally shot his load into his new best friend’s warm mouth. His moans had turned into something like a very loud growl as he emptied his balls in one of the biggest orgasms he had had in a very long time. Probably just about every man on the second floor of the Club knew that Mike was shooting his load.

The cocksucker kept sucking on Mike’s dick after he swallowed the big load of semen, but the cock head was too sensitive to let him keep working it over. Mike fell back from the glory hole (and it was really glorious) and leaned against the wall, not sure if his wobbly legs would carry him very far. After resting a few moments, he began to stagger away, probably looking rather comical trying to walk after that big of an orgasm.

Mike went back to his room, trying to take it all in. Then he got dressed, went downstairs, and checked out. Somehow the horrible traffic didn’t bother him. He hoped his wife wouldn’t ask him when he got home why he seemed to be so relaxed and de-stressed. Mike knew that he would really sleep well that night!


Cum Is the Best Lube

Jim was with a group in the Los Angeles area. He managed to arrange things so he had a long afternoon to himself, with his own transportation, and he decided that he wasn’t going to waste such an opportunity.

Jim was pretty new to man sex at the time, only familiar with some local video arcades in the city he lived in, but he had heard about a theatre in Los Angeles named the Tomkat. He was able to find out its location ahead of time, on Santa Monica Blvd, in West Hollywood.

The things Jim heard about it drew him like a magnet. He wanted to explore his newly-rediscovered bisexuality. He had been married about eighteen years by then, and he found he really craved man sex from time to time.

So off he went, checking his directions and getting lost a few times. But he finally drove past a very seedy looking theatre with TOMKAT on the sign. It looked really bad, run-down and ill-kept, and Jim thought that it might not be such a good idea to go in. But the raging hardon in his jeans, and several weeks’ worth of anticipation, finally convinced him that he needed to at least try it out.

Jim parked around the corner, went up to the window and paid his admission, and went into the lobby. Not knowing what to expect, and used to small theatres at home, he was surprised to enter a large movie house, big screen down front showing horny men sucking and fucking, and all of it looking seedy and forbidden. In other words, his erection got harder just from the atmosphere of the place. The smell of sex in the air was intoxicating.

As Jim’s eyes adjusted to the dim light, he became aware that there were groups of men scattered all over the place, many of the men practically naked and obviously involved Escort Bayan in various sex acts. Jim was unconsciously rubbing his swollen dick through his jeans, aching for release.

It wasn’t long before somebody noticed him standing there against the rear wall, a newcomer, and Jim was soon welcomed into the sex scene by a couple of men who boldly came up to him and started groping his crotch and ass, rubbing him all over, and inviting him into their world of man to man pleasure.

Jim sat down to watch some men nearby who were surrounding a hot young man sucking a daddy type for all he was worth. The men were all openly jacking themselves, moaning and groaning, offering words of encouragement to the cock sucker. Soon the daddy practically yelled his pleasure and sent what must have been a real mouthful of cum into his young partner, who had trouble taking it all.

The cock sucker groaned loudly and sent his own load of cum spraying over the floor. No wonder the place had such a smell of man sex! For a relative newbie like Jim, it was an overpowering scent of manhood.

He looked around the theatre and saw that a lot more was going on than he had realized. Jim saw and heard men sucking each other, fucking men bent over seats, eating out willing asses, more sex than he had ever dreamed of going on in one place. Who cared about the porn on the screen when there were shows going on all around me!

Jim walked around, with his hard dick hanging out of his open jeans. Men groped him as he passed. He was well hung and loved to show it off. He loved to hear men say, “Nice cock, man.” He got stopped a few times by men who would grab his ass and pull him into their faces, swallowing his cock to the base and fingering his asshole, and Jim got hornier and hornier.

This went on for the better part of three hours, exploring around the theatre, going up into the balcony, getting groped and sucked, and doing some serious cock sucking himself. Jim kept an eye on the time so he could get back to his hotel and rejoin his group. He knew he would need a shower: he couldn’t go to dinner with them smelling like sweat and cum!

There was one man, around Jim’s age of 38, who seemed to turn up at any group of men he stopped at that afternoon. This stud was obviously interested, and the attraction was mutual. Jim had been edging all this time and was really getting an ache in his balls as they wanted to empty their load of cum.

So, Jim walked straight up to his admirer and reached for his dick. It was also hanging outside his jeans, and Jim went to his knees and began to suck. What a delicious cock! Big but not huge, beautifully shaped, cut, fairly thick, and leaking delicious precum like a fountain.

Jim fondled those large balls, sucking, licking, nibbling, and jacking this beautiful dick. The man kept getting close to the edge of his orgasm but couldn’t get over into bliss somehow. Finally, he sat down in the seat (they were actually in the front row, and they had attracted a fairly large group of men who were watching and having fun with themselves and with each other.

He devoured Jim’s cock, sucking the swollen head, swirling his tongue around the slit, and pulling off of the throbbing dick in order to lick and suck on his aching balls. At first, Jim expected that he would enjoy the great head and cum in his mouth, zip up and leave, but the cock sucker had plans of his own.

With the moans around them and men encouraging him to cum, Jim knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He was about ready to blow his load and reached for his partner’s head and began to pull his head down onto his aching cock.

Instead, the man pulled away and got to his feet, jacking Jim over the edge and into a really strong orgasm. He took Jim’s dick and aimed it right at his own cock. Several ropes of Jim’s cum shot all over his dick, and he began to furiously jack himself off, using the hot, sticky cum as lube. Jim reached for his dick and he obligingly removed his hand so Jim could have the pleasure of feeling his own warm cum coating this raging boner, and Jim began to jack him into a mind-blowing orgasm.

He yelled out “I’m cumming” loud enough to attract the attention of every man in the theatre who wasn’t lost in his own sex world. The warm cum shot out and sprayed all over Jim’s hand and arm. Jim fell to his knees and got a stream of semen right in his face. The drained man leaned over Jim and almost collapsed on him, still moaning and breathing heavily, his hands on Jim’s shoulders all that was holding him up.

If Jim was worried about what to do about the cum all over him, he needn’t have thought about it. He felt several hands reach for him and scoop up the sticky fluid, and then these men followed the man’s example, using the warm cum as their own jacking lube. It didn’t take long for several of these men to begin to buck their hips and shoot their loads of juice. Other men began to stroke or suck on these cum-streaming dicks, adding istanbul Escort to the general atmosphere of sexual energy and the smell of fresh semen.

As Jim began to come back to reality and got himself ready to leave, he realized that he had been at the center of a group of more than twenty men, all ages, races, sizes, united in a quest for man sex and apparently satisfied, at least for the moment. He walked toward the lobby, on rather wobbly legs, his grateful dick now subsiding to a state where he could finally get it back in his jeans.

As he passed some other men on my way out, Jim heard one man thank him for the best damned porn show he had seen in a long time. Jim was now a confirmed cock addict, and he loved the fact that he had aroused and satisfied other men’s sexual desires.

As Jim went out through the lobby, the ticket cashier gave him a knowing smile. Maybe he had taken a break from his mundane job and had come in for some relief of his own. Jim walked back to his car, got in, and just sat there for a while, thinking about what had just happened.

Still happily married and sexually satisfied at home, Jim realized that he would always need cock, the feel of a mouth on his dick, a cock filling his own mouth, groping, jacking, shooting cum. He was hooked. And long before he had ever used lube for jacking or fucking, he had found the best lube of all: warm, slick, sticky, juicy cum!


Theater Encounter

Eric had a favorite ABS to cruise. It had an arcade on one side, a “theater” on the other. Kind of run down, and the action was uneven. But when it was hot, it was hot!

He went there around lunch time one day. The theater had a few men in it, watching the routine straight porn on the screen. The real show was about to happen in the audience. There was the usual cruising of men rubbing their crotches, occasionally pulling out dicks and jacking, but not much else. He halted just inside the theater entrance, letting his eyes adjust after coming in from the bright midday sun.

Eric was standing in the back when he saw a UPS delivery man enter the theater. Because of the hot weather, he had on shorts as part of his uniform, and his filled them very nicely. Nice ass, strong thighs, and a package that Eric wanted to have delivered to him.

Mr. UPS felt his way to the back of the theater, almost running into Eric (not that he would have minded!), and then he moved to the wall a few feet away. This was one man Eric really wanted to explore, but he found that the UPS stud had other designs. While they were pretending to watch the movie, they were inching closer to each other. Eric saw the wedding band on the other man’s left hand and knew he wanted him even more.

Finally, they were close enough to touch. Eric was about to reach over for a gentle grope of his firm ass, when he felt his hand grabbing at his crotch, first tentatively, then firmly and determined like a man on a mission for cock. Eric leaned his head back and let himself go, feeling the fire beginning to rise in his balls and dick.

Eric was aware that other men in the theater were beginning to pay attention to this show near them instead of the one on the screen. They began to move towards the two groping men, and soon there were five or six other men around the horny studs, rubbing their crotches. Eric heard zippers going down and saw dicks being hauled out, and suddenly realized that he was the center of attention.

His UPS friend kept groping his package, and then he reached across with his other hand and ran it over Eric’s chest. Then he moved and stood right in front of Eric, looked him in the eye, then slowly sank to his knees and began unbuckling the belt. Eric squirmed in anticipation of what was about to happen. He was about to get blown in front of an audience. But there was much more to come.

The UPS man immediately took Eric in his mouth, all the way to the bottom of his dick, rubbing his balls and sucking and jacking his cock. Then Eric felt a different pair of hands reach for his ass and start to grope him (Eric love to get groped!). Then another pair of hands on his chest, another groping and massaging his legs. Finally, Eric looked up to become aware that most of the men around them were joining in the fun of making him feel good.

Someone unbuttoned his shirt and began sucking and licking his nipples, while someone else was groping and kissing his ass, then parting his ass cheeks and diving in to give him an expert rimming. Then Eric sensed a face near his, and felt lips kissing his throat, licking his face, then finding his lips. They began to kiss passionately. All the while, his UPS buddy was licking up and down his shaft, licking and sucking his ample balls, and then diving down on his cock, sucking and jacking him at the same time.

Eric went into sensory overload, surrendering himself to all the sensations of pleasure that were overwhelming his body and mind. He reached out his arms and put them around the shoulders of two men who were watching and masturbating. They realized that if they didn’t hold him up, Eric would not be able to stand much longer. They supported him and he was able to completely let himself go and take in all that was being done to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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