Study Buddies

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Mature Passions: Study Buddy

Most educators you talk to will tell you that hands-on learning is the best method for teaching any topic. Not only is there discussion involved, but actual performing of the skill or topic occurs, thereby enhancing its educational value. As an added measure, students surveyed said they actually enjoyed it much more than a plan demonstration or lecture. Well I am here to tell you that they are most definitely correct and the “hands-on” practice makes the lessons much more enjoyable, especially if the subject is human biology, if you catch my drift.

Let me tell you about my encounter of “hands-on” learning. It began about a couple of years ago when I had enrolled in night classes at a local university. After spending about 9 years in the service developing guidance systems for missiles, I decided I wanted to work on the civilian side. The main reason was that the pay was better and more chance for advancement.

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to get hired on with the same outfit I worked for in the service and I didn’t lose my seniority or anything. In fact they liked me so well that I entered as a GS-13 on the civilian government pay scale. To further my education I decided to finish my BS degree in computers and enrolled in a couple of night classes, a science( Biology) class and a English requirement for which I chose Classic Eros Literature.

Since I had been living in the base housing, I decided to rent me a small one bedroom apartment near the edge of campus. I had had my fill of roommates in the service and I wanted my own space where I could study or bum around when I wanted to without having to worry about a roommate bothering me.

I met the woman who would rock my world the first night of class. I had noticed her in my Biology class but it was so large that I was one of only 150 students in a huge auditorium room. However, in my lit class, I was able to sit by her, mainly because I was a little late finding a seat and the class was about to start so I chose the first chair that was open.

She had on a white short sleeve poly cotton pull over knit sweater blouse and a blue cotton skirt that came down to just above the knees. The blouse was a little modest but had the potential to allow one to get a glimpse of her cleavage in that it had 3 buttons on the neck line, for which when I first saw her only one was open but by the time class was over it would be all the way open.

The skirt was blue with small white dots and had a small slit on the side just above the knee. In addition she had on blue thigh high stockings, matching garters and panties and navy blue 1 inch heels.

Her hair came down to her collar and was black as a raven and very straight. Her eyes were a deep brown and very captivating. Her ruby red lips looked sensual and enticing and her slender 120 pound 5’7″ 34C-22-34 body beckoned to be explored. Even though she was about 15 years my senior, in her early forties she still had what it took to turn heads.

“Excuse me is this seat taken,” I asked her in a polite way and she turned to me and as our eyes met, there was an instant connection and spark of chemistry between us.

“Not at all hun,” She said in a country twang accent but with a sultry tone. “Knock you self out sweetie,” to which I replied in a joking manner with a smile “Okay but wouldn’t that be a bit painful?”

She smiled and laughed and said “I like that, I’ll hafta remember that.”

“By the way, my name is Jenna,” she smiled as she extended her hand to me.

“Pleased to meet you Jenna, my name is Steve,” I replied.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Jenna said giving me a look that said she definitely liked what she saw.

I guess the reason Jenna and I hit it off so well was the fact that she and I were the only ones in the two classes we shared that would be classified as “non-traditional” students, meaning that we were both older than the rest of the students in the room which had an average age of about 20

The class “droned” on for about an hour but Jenna and I were too busy talking, giggling cutting up and flirting with each other to too much know what was going on Finally about 8:30, it was over seeing that the professor just talked about what would be covered during the term.

However the professor did assign a 300-500 word essay the topic being “Discuss the sexual fantasy aspects of the story Eden’s Forbidden Desire and compare them to you how would experience them if you were the main characters.” My first reaction was “Shit I hate these kind of papers”

The professor did add one thing to the project at the end when she said “I know some of you may prefer to work on this as a group effort, that is fine. Just make sure your essay has all the name of the group members. And besides, once you read this story you may just find working with a partner will make it that much more enjoyable and memorable.”

As the class dismissed everyone filed out except for Jenna who purposely stayed behind to wait on me.

“So kaynarca escort sweetie, you hungry,” Jenna said as she zipped up her bag.

“Yeah I am,” I replied

“Great, how about you and me grab a bite somewhere and we can discuss our mutual classes.

“Sounds great,” I replied “Where?”

“How about Rolly’s Truck Stop and Diner,” Jenna suggested “They have great food and they have quiet booths where we can talk.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I replied, “However, I will need a lift. Since I live practically on campus I didn’t bring my car.”

“I think we can work out something out,” Jenna said with a naughty wink licking her lips. “Come, lets go get something to eat,” she said as she took my hand in hers and we walked hand in hand to her red convertible which was parked just outside the Business building halfway across campus on the other side of the large quad.

As we walked, Jenna took out her leather cigarette case and lit one up. “Would you like a ciggy hun,” she said with a smile.

“Sure I could use one after that class tonight,” I replied. “That paper in lit class looks like its going to be a ball buster.”

“Know what you mean hun,” Jenna said with a smile, “but don’t worry sugar, I am kinda good at bullshitting my way through lit papers so I will give you a hand. Besides, I am going to need help in Bio so I figure we can work out some mutual beneficial agreement.”

“Sounds like a good game plan to me.” I replied.

“And besides,” Jenna added, “it’s always more fun to study when you gotta a study buddy,” she said with a naughty wink, implying that she wanted to do much more with me than just study bookwork.

There was a slight nip in the air that night and I noticed Jenna was getting a bit chilly as was I. The long sleeve indigo colored soft denim shirt and olive casual slacks I was wearing may have been okay for the office and the classroom, but since the sun had gone down, the temperature had dropped into the upper 50’s and the wind was blowing, a jacket would have been much better.

” Damn, I knew I should have brought my jacket,” Jenna said in a huff of frustration.

Sensing the cue that I could score points and have a “valid” reason to have Jenna close to me I said “Come on hun and snuggle close to me.”

“Mmmmm, I must say that sounds better than wearing a jacket,” Jenna said with a purr. Jenna snuggled up next to me and with a sultry voice said “Oh yes baby this is much better.”

Our pace slowed as I had my arm around Jenna’s waist and she had hers around mine with her hand in my back pants pocket. She put her head on my shoulder and smiled up at me

The spark was there and we stopped beneath a huge oak tree that was on the quad.

Without saying a word we both knew what the other wanted, which was a kiss, yet in hesitation I wasn’t quite sure, but I pressed my lips into Jenna’s hoping for the best.

Much to my delight she responded well deepening the kisses and probing her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed, our hands found there way over each other’s bodies and we pressed into one another as we continued our breath taking tonsil swabbing French kisses.

A cool breeze blew over us as we kissed and the leaves were rustling in the trees and the ones that had fallen on the ground rustled as well. Not too many people were around so Jenna pushed her crotch against my growing hard on and slowly grinded her crotch against mine.

. Even if they had been, I don’t think we would have cared. It was as fate had ordained that time and place for us to kiss and seal the beginning of our exciting sensual loving and lascivious relationship.

As we broke the kisses I knew we had fulfilled our desires for the moment. The awkwardness of breaking that first barrier was gone and we both knew now we could carry on with our relationship at a comfortable pace.

As we approached her car which was nice new dark maroon convertible Mercedes 450 SLC I opened the door for her and Jenna smiled saying “Ohhhhh, a gentleman and a scholar.”

We drove the 30 minutes to Rolly’s Truck stop and once there Dianna our waitress brought us our drinks and food. We sat close together holding hands and got to know each other better and Jenna’s hand would finds its way on to my cock and softly stroke it.

We spent about an hour to an hour and a half talking about us and eventually we got back around to school work.

“Hey sugar, why don’t you come over to my place Saturday morning around 11 O’clock and we could spend the day together working on that paper and you could help me with that Biology.”

“Sounds good to me hun,” I replied. “I will just need directions to your house.”

“It’s easy to find sweetie,” Jenna said and she wrote them down.

“To tell you the truth I would invite you in tonight but my aunt from out of town is staying with me for a few days and well, she is one of these old maid types, very prudish so I rather not upset her, you know how that küçükyalı escort goes.

“Yeah,” I replied with smile.” I know where your coming from on that. I had an aunt much like her”

“Well anyway sugar, she should be leaving about 10:00 after we have our traditional last breakfast together at IHOP so that should give me enough time to get home and get ready.”

“Sounds good,” I replied

“Oh yeah hun, “Jenna said as a sly devilish grin came over her face. “You might just wanna pack a toothbrush,” as she gave me a naughty wink.

“Well sweetie it’s getting late and we both gotta got to work tomorrow so let me give you a ride to your place and we will say our goodnights until Saturday morning when we can have no one but us.”

Jenna drove me back to my apartment which was just on the edge of campus

As Jenna walked me to the door, I unlocked it and had it slightly open as we turned to give each other what we thought would be just a simple goodnight kiss but for some reason I kept the porch light off.

Instead of it being just a simple kiss goodnight, one kiss led to another than another which led to our bodies pressing into each other and our hands caressing each other’s “vital” areas.

Neither of us wanted to stop. Jenna’s hand found its way inside my pants and grabbed my already pulsating erect 8 inch cock and began stroking it. With Jenna’s help, my hand found its way inside her panties and I began fingering her nicely shaven wet cunt.

Our passions rose as we feverishly did our best to satisfy each other’s carnal urges. It was all I could do to keep from coming but I didn’t try to fight it and let Jenna make me spew my load inside my pants. At the same time, Jenna was panting and I could feel her juices trickle and within a minute of me cumming she came all over my hand.

As we caught our breath we both saw the couch in the living room area beckoning us to it and for a few seconds considered quite strongly throwing caution to the wind and continuing our passions and going all the way. However, Jenna, with great hesitation said “Sweetie I would love to continue this tonight but it’s getting late both of us have to get up early for work tomorrow. “

“Anyhow we have Saturday, and who knows how much after that,” Jenna added “So, we best call it a night before we start something we can’t finish.” With that we reluctantly said our goodnights and I watched Jenna drive away blowing me a kiss.

I thought Saturday morning would never get here. All day at work that Friday I could not stop thinking about Jenna although she did call several times and we talked a bit.

Friday night was a killer. The only relief I had that night was an old Fredrick’s catalog left by the tenant before me and “Rosey” and her five friends. However that would not be enough so I decided to go to one of the titty bars just outside of town and paid the 40 bucks for a private lap dance in which the hot little blonde vixen named Amber would give my cock a good ride and make me cream in my pants.

Finally Saturday morning arrived and I awoke early and counted the hours then after wanking to relieve the sexual frustration I showered, threw on an old pair of jeans and a blue long sleeve light weight fleece shirt and tennis shoes, packed my books and out of lustful hopes three changes of clothing and drove the 15 minutes to her place.

It was down from the campus on a country road known as “Coon-Dog Trace.” Her place was a nice looking log-cabin styled double wide trailer set on an acre and a half of land off from the road on a hill. I drove up the gravel drive and walked up to the porch and rang the bell.

I heard foot steps coming towards the door and was greeted by Jenna wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a long sleeve pull over blue and green striped shirt with a plunging neck line.

“Hey Sweetie,” Jenna said as she hugged me and laid a big kiss on my lips. “Come on in and lets get this party started.”

She told me to have a seat on the sofa and asked me if I wanted something to drink, maybe a beer or something.

“I’m drinking a 7 and 7” she said with a smile, dropping a hint

“I think I’ll have that,” I replied.

She brought me the drink and had a seat on the sofa next to me and we kissed as she began to stroke the back of my neck.

“Wanna hit sweetie,” Jenna said smiling lighting a funny looking homemade cigarette, taking a long puff and then handing to me..

“What is it,” I inquired.

“A joint silly,” Jenna laughed as she exhaled “Go on it won’t bite ya.”

I took hit and held it as long as I could then blew out the smoke then I took another and soon I was feeling a good “buzz.”

“God I thought today would never get here,” Jenna said with a lustful moan, taking the final long drag of the joint and then snuffed it out, “and I thought my Aunt Marcie would never leave this morning. To tell you the truth hun I have gone through a new set of batteries in my dildo trying to satisfy sancaktepe escort my urges.”

“It’s a good thing I gotta private office at work,” Jenna added with a laugh as she lit up another and handed it to me. “When I was talking to you on the phone yesterday, I was frigging myself silly with my vibrator under the desk. I am sure you could tell by the passions in my voice.”

“Oh yeah,” I gulped taking a breath. “That was quite good I must say.”

“I tell you one thing hun,” Jenna said. “Reading that story in lit class sure didn’t help matters none.”

“I wouldn’t know, ” I replied sheepishly. “I was too afraid that it would only frustrate me more.”

“Oh sweetie, you haven’t read it yet,” Jenna said with surprise snuffing out the joint. “Oh hun you must. It will get your juices going. Come let’s go to my room and read it together. After all, Professor Johnson said it was much better read with a partner, and who knows, we may just find our own interpretation “

Jenna sat her glass down on the table and took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom where her book was laid open on her huge 4 poster king sized bed.

“Come hun sit on the bed,” Jenna said as she patted the mattress so I sat next to her on the bed and we both began reading the story while she read it aloud.

As Jenna read I could tell she was becoming aroused because her voice became more and more intense and it had that sensual erotic sultry tone that came from reading erotic material.

Also as she read, her hands began to trace over her body and over mine as she would stress certain acts and soon her hand found its way between her legs and slowly began rubbing her crotch. As difficult and intense as it was to read, Jenna finally finished.

“See what I mean hun,” Jenna said sounding winded and out of breath. “It was all I could do to keep from ripping my clothes off and masturbating right here in front of you.”

“That wouldn’t have been a bad thing,” I said to her seeing that I would have loved to seen that and hopefully help.”

“Well to be perfectly honest with you,” Jenna said looking me straight dead in the eye, “what I really wanted to do was to rip your clothes of and jump your bones right here and now.”

“So what’s stopping you sweetie,” I boldly said and with that laid back on my elbows and invited Jenna undress me.

“Mmmmmm baby I thought you would never ask,” Jenna purred with a lustful moan and pulled off her shirt to reveal her sumptuous breasts.

Jenna then took my shirt at the bottom and slid it over my head and laid me down on my back. Crawling on top of me she laid herself against me so that her sumptuous soft breasts were pressed against my bare muscular chest.

Jenna and I passionately kissed as our partially naked bodies rubbed up against each others. Jenna then would raise up unfasten her jeans and pull them off exposing her beautiful pink shaven pussy. After Jenna undressed, she unbuckled my belt, unfastened my jeans and pulled them along with my underwear off so that we were both naked as a jay bird.

Jenna would lay on top of me once again. Our bodies would move together as one as we passionately embraced and kiss. Our hands would move up and down the other. My huge rock hard pulsating cock was at its maximum length and was rubbing against Jenna’s warm and inviting pussy. Without saying a word, she took it in her hand and guided it into her pussy and it fit like the finest smoothest silk glove.

Jenna rose up and began fucking me cowgirl style, slowly at first then built up speed. I put my hands on her hips and guided her motions as I just laid back and enjoyed the ride,

“Oh baby you don’t know how long I have waited for this feeling again,” Jenna softly moaned. “It’s been almost two years since I have had a good fuck and felt a man’s cock deep with in me.”

Jenna gradually built up speed and I could feel my hot cock fill with it’s spunk and knew I wouldn’t be long until I would cum. Jenna sensed my pleasure reaching its peek and she slowed her motions down so that the were long and intense.

Tried as I may, I could hold back no longer and spunked my hot manhood deep into Jenna’s eagerly waiting pussy “Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s”, she moaned as I continued to spunk my load deep into her. Jenna in turn flooded my cock with her hot sticky cum

“Do me doggie style, baby,” Jenna purred. “I want you to pound me hard fast and furiously. I am your hot little naughty slut to do with as you please.”

I turned her over so that she was now on her hands and knees and Jenna grabbed the headboard and let out a moan of pleasure as I entered her hot wet cunt from behind. I would move slow at first then gradually build up speed until I was pounding her like a pile-driver.

“Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s,” Jenna gasped as her pleasures rose. I knew it wouldn’t be long until she would cum so I grabbed her with my arm, pulled her upright so that she was only on her knees and began to nibble and bite the flesh on her neck.

Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body and son it was all Jenna could do to hold it back. She let go and as she did. She dropped to her elbows, bit the pillow and cried out in pleasure as she came flooding my cock with her hot sticky cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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