Subliminal Suggestion Ch. 02

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As Betsy’s eyes were pulled back to Carlos’s hard cock, so were mine. Betsy’s hand was still surrounding the base of his hard shaft and I could see it moving slightly up and down, just maintaining enough stimulation to keep Carlos erect.

In the periphery of my vision, I could see that Carlos was in a state of shock. The husband of the woman who was blowing his cock had just walked in right in the middle of the action. He probably didn’t know whether I would kill him or just chase him away and fire him. He was waiting while he gauged my response.

But my response wasn’t to do either of the things he feared. I was fixated on his hard cock in Betsy’s hand. It was slick with her spit and, now, Betsy was stroking it more obviously than before. Carlos’s cock stood up brown and proud, apparently oblivious to the risk that might be posed by an irate husband interrupting his wife pleasuring it.

That cock, shining with my wife’s spit, captured all of my attention. I saw the veins pulsating with energy, the purple helmet crowning the smooth shaft, and the drop of pre-cum balanced on the slit at the top.

I watched as Betsy, who now saw that I was not about to explode with rage but, instead, was transfixed by the sight of her hand on Carlos’s dick, brought her mouth back to engulf his cock. Her body was twisted now in a way that allowed me a clear view of her lips surrounding Carlos’s cock. She wanted me to see the action. This should have finally triggered the proper response—shaken me out of my trance. But, instead, I sank deeper into that trance. All I could hear in my head was this:

You want cock … you adore cock … you can’t stop thinking about cock … you want to suck cock … you want to feel a cock explode in your mouth, filling it with sweet cum … you will suck cock … you will swallow cum … you will lick up every drop of cum with your tongue.

And then it seemed as if I was saying it to myself:

I can’t stop thinking about a hard cock in my mouth … I need to suck a hard cock … I want cock … I want your cock … I need your cum … I need to feel you fill my mouth with cum.

I felt my heart pounding, my ears burning, and my mouth salivating. It wasn’t from inner turmoil, though. I didn’t feel conflicted; I felt overwhelmed with last. And, instead of lunging at Carlos in anger, I walked over and knelt down beside Betsy. Despite being engrossed in what she was doing, she noticed me and pulled off Carlos’s cock, smiling at me and silently offering to share with me the cock that she was still stroking.

All I could think about was how much I escort wanted Carlos’s cock in my mouth, how good it would feel to run my lips over the entire length of his shaft. I knew that this desire was artificial—that it was the product of my own scheme of subliminal control, designed for Betsy but unintentionally effective on me, too. Maybe this should have made me shake it off—say, “this isn’t really me.” But it didn’t. Instead, I eagerly accepted the gift Betsy was offering me.

For the first time in my life, I touched another man’s cock, first with my tongue, which I ran slowly up the shaft to the top. Betsy mimicked my motions on the other side of Carlos’s cock and out tongues met at the top, lapping up together the new drop of pre-cum that had formed there.

I was surprised by how sweet it tasted in my mouth. I savored it for a moment as I watched Betsy return her tongue to the base of Carlos’s cock. I wasn’t prepared to simply share this treat. Selfishly, I placed my lips over the head of Carlos’s cock.

My lips touched it gingerly at first but, as soon as I felt the electric pulse of pleasure shoot through my body at that first touch, I took Carlos’s hard, hot, smooth shaft into my mouth like a madman, pushing Betsy’s head away in the process.

I put one hand up and cupped his balls, my hand pressed against Betsy’s hand that was still holding the base of Carlos’s shaft. I felt her hand move slowly up and down as she gently jacked his cock in my mouth.

Feeling my mouth filled with Carlos’s beautiful hard cock was an incredibly satisfying feeling for me. I’d never felt such overwhelming pleasure. I focused on the sensation of Carlos’s smooth, wet skin sliding in and out of my mouth, the head of his cock popping past my lips back and forth. I paid attention to the sensations on my tongue as it massaged his eager cock.

Betsy put her other hand on the back of my head and controlled my motions, pressing me further and further on to Carlos’s cock with each cycle. I gagged as the head of his cock pressed against the back of my throat. I pulled back, reflexively, but only momentarily. I needed to get his whole shaft into my mouth. This was, for the moment, my only reason for being, I felt.

So I didn’t need Betsy to force me to take Carlos all the way in. With each pass, I tried to take him more deeply—to open my throat, control my gag reflex, and take him to the hilt. Betsy accommodatingly moved her hand away from the base of Carlos’s cock to allow me the access I craved.

When my lips were finally able to reach the very base of his cock and my nose escort bayan pressed into his pubic hair, I paused, enjoying the sense of accomplishment. Carlos’s cock was big, at least eight inches. And I’d taken it all. I’d mastered his monster with nothing but my mouth.

For a while I just enjoyed the feeling of taking this beautiful hard shaft all the way in my mouth and down my throat, followed by the sensation of it retreating all the way out of my mouth.

Though my appetite was voracious, I was careful not to bring Carlos to an orgasm too quickly. I didn’t want my pleasure to end anytime soon. So, varying the rhythm, and sometimes pulling off entirely for a momentary pause, I worked my lips and tongue over his irresistible rod.

Suck, swallow, repeat. Suck, swallow, repeat. I was happy.

I suddenly felt Betsy, whose presence I had largely forgotten in my revelry, trying to unzip and pull down my pants. She clearly felt the emotional void of being deprived of a cock in her mouth and was seeking to fill that emptiness.

This was a distraction to me. All I really wanted was to focus on the sensations I was feeling in my mouth. I considered pushing Betsy away but decided that would be cruel. After all, I now knew what sort of craving consumed her consciousness. I’d deprived her of Carlos’s cock to indulge that very craving myself. The least I could do was allow her satisfy her lust on my cock, even if it was a minor distraction to me.

So, I allowed Betsy to wrestle out my own cock, which was hard for her to do because it was, well, hard. I can’t deny that it felt good to have her wet mouth engulf my cock. It did. But it was just pleasant background music to the main attraction: Carlos’s cock.

I re-established my rhythm and kept at my pleasant task for a few minutes. But then I needed more. I needed to make Carlos cum. I needed to feel his cock harden even more and pulse in my mouth, shooting stream after stream of his hot, salty load into me for me to savor and swallow.

I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and began working it hard, while I sucked vigorously on the head of his cock and bobbed my head up and down over the shaft.

Perhaps because she sensed the change in my rhythm, Betsy increased her own on my cock, clearly trying to urge me on to an orgasm to gain her own reward.

Frankly, though, I was so focused on my need for Carlos’s cum that I didn’t realize how close I was to my own orgasm. As it turned out, very close.

Carlos grunted and thrust his hips up. I had to rise up to keep him fully in my mouth. I egged bayan escort him on with my lips and my hand and, with a loud roar, he began his orgasm.

I felt the first shot of sperm shoot past my thumb up his rigid cock. It must have been only a small fraction of a second later when that jet of cum spurted into my mouth, but time had slowed for me and it felt as if it took seconds for the shot to reach my eager mouth.

I was sucking so hard that the first shot went down my throat before I really had a chance to taste it. Fortunately, that was only the first of six or seven distinct jets of sweet semen that Carlos graced my mouth with.

Carlos’s body was rigid with pleasure; his legs were locked straight and his hips were well off the couch now. Of course, no part of him was more rigid than his cock, which I managed to keep well-buried in my mouth.

This was an enormously challenging feat because, just as Carlos was filling my mouth with his seed, my own cock exploded in Betsy’s mouth. This didn’t really distract me from the pleasure I was feeling from taking Carlos’s load. I think it intensified it.

As Carlos rested back down into the couch and Betsy removed her mouth from my dick, I pulled away from Carlo’s cock, still holding much of his cum in my mouth. I took my time savoring the flavor.

I’d tasted my own cum before. It wasn’t disgusting but I didn’t really fancy it. It was kind of salty and tangy and it felt slimy.

This experience was completely different. I don’t think I’d ever tasted anything as satisfying as Carlos’s cum. Strangely, I guess I’d describe it, like the taste and feel of my own cum, as salty, tangy, and slimy. But, now, salty, tangy, and slimy seemed like the most delicious thing in the world.

I finally swallowed the treat that I’d been savoring for so long and only then noticed that both Carlos and Betsy were watching me closely and smiling. Carlos’s smile seemed tinged with curiosity, and perhaps a bit of smugness. Betsy’s was one of pure pleasure, I think—the pleasure she felt from sucking my cock and the pleasure she felt from knowing how much pleasure I’d just experienced.

Needless to say, this changed my relationship with Betsy a lot. Indeed, it changed my whole life. Our marriage is now better than ever. We often tell people that the secret of our almost impossibly happy marriage is that we enjoy so many of the same things. What we don’t add is that many of these things that we enjoy together are the hard cocks of various men.

I’d been really skeptical about subliminal suggestion. I tried it on a lark, not expecting it to work. It did, though, and in more ways than I’d expected. I’m not complaining, though. It did everything I’d hoped for, and more. And the “more” was something that I hadn’t hoped for only because I had no idea how wonderful it would be.

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