Submitting to Mistress Trina

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Mistress Trina had ask me to pick her up from her home, I was to open the car door for her as usual with my caged cock and balls on show for her inspection and my thick leather collar locked in place round my neck . She had kept my cock caged for a good ten weeks now and my balls were fit to burst.

I picked her up promptly at six she squeezed my full balls as I opened the car door for her and said she had a special treat for her slave this evening. Thank you I replied wondering what it could be as she attached my lead.

When we got to my home I stripped naked at the door and let mistress in. She liked to keep me naked when we were indoors and, occasionally when we are out. Once when we were out for a walk in the woods she ordered me to strip down to just my collar and cage and led me along on my lead like a dog for a few minutes. Then sat down on a log and ordered me to suck her wet cunt through her g-string till she came, she then pulled her knickers to one side and made me lick her wet cum juice.

Instead of leading me into the living room as usual mistress led me into the bathroom, she ordered me to lie back with my head facing upward over the toilet bowl as she had been desperate to relieve herself for the entire journey. I did as she ordered and she squatted down over my face and let go with a steady stream of golden nectar. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and swallowed as it poured in. A small amount dribbled down the side of my face onto the toilet seat. When she had finished I licked her cunt dry and she ordered me to lick the puddle I had left on the seat. She ordered me to go get my syringe and return. I obeyed; when I got back she had the sink full of warm soapy water. She sucked up the water with the syringe bent me over, pushed the nozzle into my asshole and slowly pumped the liquid into my ass. She repeated this several times till my ass couldn’t take any more then ordered me to stand and hold it in as she needed to make a call.

As I stood there desperately çanakkale escort trying not to let out the liquid in my ass, I could hear her laughing on the phone. I heard one or two random words, Bitch, cock, she then said see you later and return to the bathroom. I had now been stood there twenty minutes and was on the verge of letting go. Right she ordered sit down and flush out that ass, then come into the front room and get on your hands and knees. I knelt down with my ass facing her she lubed up my hole and worked in my butt plug slowly and gently until my ass was relaxed enough to take it’s full width.

Right face down and lick my boots bitch she ordered and don’t forget the heels suck them like a cock you dirty cumslut. Mistress had removed her coat to reveal her thigh length black leather boots, black leather thong over her stocking and suspenders and a matching Basque which pushed up her breasts and barely covered her nipples.

When she was happy I had done a good job on her boots she got out the leg spreaders and fasten me into them so my butt plugged asshole was open and in full view she told me to kneel up and cuffed my hands behind my back. She blindfolded me and I heard her walk out of the room.

I few minutes later she returned I felt a sharp but mild pain on my ball sack as she attached the first clothes peg and flicked it to make sure it was in place she repeated this over and over until my sack was nearly covered. Just as I felt her attach the next peg the door bell rang. Ah she said I think your surprise is here. My face started to feel hot and fill with blood and my heart started to beat at a very fast pace. Was she going to let people see me like this? plugged, caged and pegged, tied on my knees with no way of knowing who or what was coming into the house.

I heard her answer the door and greet what sounded like three people perhaps two men and a woman but I couldn’t be sure. They came into the room and mistress çanakkale escort bayan told them to make themselves comfortable, I was just ignored completely as if I wasn’t there. She poured them drinks and they sat and chatted about ordinary everyday things for about an hour I think. My butt plug was starting to sting a little so I could not really concentrate on what they were saying until mistress said right ladies and gentlemen lets feed the cumslut some cock. This got my attention straight away and again I felt my face flush and my heart start pounding. Are you ready to suck some cock bitch mistress said to me? My answer wasn’t fast enough and I felt her crop across the cheeks of my ass. Are you ready to suck some cock bitch she said firmly? Yes please Mistress Trina I replied. That’s better bitch, and are you going to take a hot load of cum or two down your throat bitch? Yes mistress I replied in a nervous shaken voice. Good, now open you mouth wide. I could hear them laugh as I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I felt something hard rub against my tongue and let out a huge sigh of relief as I realised it was a dildo and not a real cock. Slowly my mouth was fucked with the dildo as they all taunted me about how good a cock sucker I was. I hope your flicking your tongue over the head of that plastic cock she said I tried to reply yes Mistress Trina but couldn’t as they continued to fuck my mouth in a rhythmic stroke. Right I heard Mistress say I think the bitch is ready.

I felt the blindfold being unbuckled behind me and then being slowly removed from my eyes. The sight that greeted me I will never forget for the rest of my days. Just inches from my face being slowly wanked were three of the biggest cocks I have ever seen in my life. The first and smallest of the three was the fattest it must have been at least seven or eight inches round and a good six or seven inches long with the biggest purple cock head I had ever seen Mistress escort çanakkale had her hand round it and was softly pulling the skin backward to make the cock head swell even bigger in front of my face. At the other side of my head was a long hard cock maybe nine inches long being stroke quite vigorously by an almost naked woman I had not seen before her big hard nipples jiggled in front of me as she wanked the big cock. This you would think would be at the centre of my thoughts, but no because between them was a huge black man with both hands wrapped round a truly massive black cock it was just inches from my lips and a good foot in length quite hard too to say how big it was. As I was being hypnotized by the giant cock mistress and her friend bent over the settee with there legs spread and with one thrust of the two hard cocks were both speared in the ass balls deep. Mistress grunted as he withdrew to force that thick weapon back into her ass, fuck his mouth now and suck it good bitch or it will be your ass next. He fed his cock into my mouth and I suck on the massive tool the best I could every few minute the cocks would change places and I would be face fucked by a different cock.

After each woman had been fucked in the ass and cunt by all three cocks for what seemed like hours the were again pointed at my open mouth Mistress wrapped her hand round the fat cock and started wanking it hard the massive purple head swelling with every stroke until it jerked violently and let out a huge spurt of thick sticky white cum. The first spurt hit me clean in the mouth I could taste it salty and strong. He continued to cum all over my face spurt after spurt of his hot cream as his orgasm subsided the other woman pulled back on the cock in her hand it came in big long loops of cum that went straight into my mouth don’t you swallow yet bitch she said. Both women then wrapped there hands round the final huge back cock the head was rubbing against my teeth as he spurted load after load of cum onto my tongue. Mistress took her finger and spooned all the cum from my face into my mouth and I was ordered to swallow all three loads.

Through the course of the evening I was made to suck all three cocks again and also made to clean the cum out of both pussies and asshole as there were fucked over and over by all three men.

For my beautiful mistress Trina

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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