Succumb to Temptation

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© blueeyeandy 2016

(Also published under the penname Shyblueeyes1968)

(FM, Older/Younger/Mature Women/Younger Man/Oral – Approx. 4350 words)

Note: Please do not place this story on any other website, without the express permission of the author, or as an absolute minimum, with the authors email address and homepage address. The use of this story and other stories by the author ‘Shyblueeyes1968’ for commercial purposes or other activities where readers have to pay to access the story, is strictly forbidden, without the express consent of the author hyblueeyes1968.

Revised September 2016


Summary: A woman in her 40’s, attractive, divorced and deeply frustrated both sexually and emotionally, by the men in her own age group. Temptation comes knocking and she finally gives in.


Brenda sighed deeply as she dropped her sports bag in the hallway. She’d just returned from her early morning swim. Damn, she thought, it’s not working. She’d hoped that a good long swim would release some of the frustration and tension that had been building up for past few days. It had worked briefly, but with the prospect of a long lonely weekend ahead she knew it wasn’t going to last.

She sighed again, well no good getting down about it, pull yourself together girl she told herself, and with that she walked on through into the kitchen. After all the rushing around and the little last minute panics of the past few weeks, it all seemed like an anti-climax. She filled a glass with orange juice from the fridge, then walked over to the kitchen window and gazed out of it.

I suppose I could catch up on the gardening, she thought. What with getting her son ready for his first year at university, she’d neglected the garden a little; well actually quite a lot really. She told herself aloud “Yes, that’s what I’ll do!” But for the moment, she continued standing by the kitchen sink, gazing out of the window pondering her life.

I’m alone, she told herself. She had friends, and an ok social life, a dozen employees etc… So, not really alone but that’s how she felt, now that both of the children were at university.

It was going to be odd, having the house to herself, except for the holidays when her son would be home. Mind it wasn’t as if she had needed to do much; both her children, John and Karen, were very independent kids and had always helped around the house, espieally during and after the divorce. Just then she felt something brush against her leg and followed by a loud “meow.” She glanced down at her feet.

“Ok, yes I know, I still have you” she told her cat, Boris, a slightly, well actually a very over-weight; tabby cat. He continued to curl himself around her legs and replied with another meow, probably meaning in cat speak: “hey, it’s been a least two hours since you put anything in my bowl. I’m starving. Look at me; I’m wasting away, honest… I am!” She bent down, picked him up and gave him hug. Boris meowed in half-protest at the indignity of this.

She carried Boris over to one of the cupboards and pulled out a box of dried food. Placing him on the floor, she poured a generous amount into his bowl, spilling quite a bit , because Boris, in his eagerness to get to the food, had pushed his head under the box. “Oh, Boris” she gently scolded him, “you little pig.” Boris was far too busy with the serious business of eating to notice either the food cascading over his head or the scolding.

“You just want me for food, don’t you, like most men. As long as your belly’s full you’re happy?” Once he’d had his fill, he’d find a nice sunny spot in garden and have a kip, just like her ex-husband.

Oh well, she thought, best get on. No point moping and feeling sorry for myself she told herself again. If she didn’t fight it, it would ruin her day, so she left the kitchen and went up stairs and on into her bedroom. As she entered, she began to undress, dropping each item into the clothes hamper.

Once she was down to her bra and panties, she considered what to wear. Hmmm it’s warm out, so… I think I can get away with shorts and my old halter top. As she turned, she caught sight of her reflection in full length mirror that stood in the corner of her room.

She paused, slowly considering her near naked body. Hmmm not bad really, for a woman of 40… okay, 44. It was still hard to even think about that: 44! Where had all those years gone? Still on the whole, she thought, she looked good, and lets not forget you’ve had two children.

So, on the whole, the old girl was in good shape. Still… hadn’t her husband run off, and then later, unbelievably, married an 18 year old girl! No matter how hard she tried to make light of that, it was still a blow to her self-esteem.

He was 41 and at the time, Karen, their daughter was the same age as his new wife! Karen kept referring to him as ‘her father, The Pedophile’. Even though the girl was suadiye escort 18, she looked shockingly young in her wedding photographs.

The divorce and then the ‘child bride’ had been a real blow to her self-esteem, and for a while she’d wallowed in self pity. But, suddenly one day out of the blue, she had thought: fuck it, why should I let the bastard win? She started swimming again and cut out the self pitying comfort eating.

More importantly she threw herself back into her design business which had been in free fall for a while and in fact it had almost gone under. It was only the loyalty and patience of few key employees and clients that prevented it from happening. She went back to examining herself in the mirror.

She turned from side to side. Hmmm not skinny, but then not fat either, curvy; and her boobs remained firm and round. She definitely noticed men noticing them, and for that matter, boys too. Yet, despite this attention, she had found the few sexual encounters she had had with men disappointing sexually. Sex with them was sort of: in out a bit, then a groan, followed by them falling asleep, while she lay awake and often having to finish herself off. She sighed deeply again.

“Stop it! You’re moping again” she told herself aloud. She turned and went over to her chest of draws and pulled open the draw which contained her summer garden clothes. She pulled out a pair of dark tan, cotton chino shorts and a light blue halter top. She stepped into the shorts and pulled them up with a little wiggle and buttoned them before reaching behind and undoing her bra. She slipped the top on, and tied the halter behind her neck. The she reached for some clips and fixed her hair into two bunches, so that it was up and out of the way, and then left the room.

At the kitchen door, she slipped into her gardening trainers, and went on out into her garden. For a while she just wondered around, followed by Boris, who was showing an surprising amount of energy. She planned in her head what needed doing before going in to the garden shed to collect the things she needed.

Soon she was completely engrossed in her work. The garden was her pride and joy, her little refuge, an oasis of calm and more recently, a significant source of food too. It was the garden that had been the reason for her wanting this house, most of it was hidden from view, and there had been space for a large lean-to green house, as well as a decent lawn, and space for a vegetable plot and even a small orchard.

One nice thing she would say about her ex-husband, and there weren’t many; he hadn’t left her or the kids in the lurch financially, so that in the dark days, she hadn’t lost the house. Not that she needed his money now, because she didn’t. What she received from him went too the children, to get them through university.

The hours slipped by, until, feeling hungry, she stopped for an early lunch. After she had finished eating a light meal, she sat for a while under her rose harbour, sipping iced lemon tea.

Despite her swim and working all morning, she could feel the tension again, building up inside her. Damn, she was so horny all the time. She’d had never felt this way when she was young, in fact she wasn’t even aware what masturbation really was until after the divorce; now she had a collection of ‘toys’ and was wanking herself at least once a day.

She’d almost given up on men, because well, they just couldn’t seem to satisfy her…perhaps another woman? Now a few years ago, she’d have been horrified at that thought; now it just made her even hornier. In fact, lots of things made her horny. The other week, it had been cucumbers while she had been picking them in the green house…for once, she hadn’t imagined a man fucking her, but a women, her neighbour in fact, who was holding it and fucking her with it. Christ, I’m getting wet…and her nipples were hard too.

Just then, she heard the doorbell ring. Puzzled for a moment she asked herself: who could that be, was she expecting somebody? OH Damn! She’d forgotten she had been so lost in her thoughts. It was Kevin, one her son’s friends. He had offered to cut the lawn. The door bell rang again, and she hurriedly got up and went into the house and on through to the front door. She opened the door just in time to see Kevin turning to leave.

“Hi Kevin, I’m in; sorry I took so long, come on in.”

“Hi, Mrs. B…whoa, looking good Mrs. B” and he stepped though into the house. She could clearly see him not looking at her face, but at her boobs, in fact not just looking, his eyes were practically on stalks. Blushing slightly, and partly wishing she had changed, but also feeling very flattered, she followed him on through to the kitchen.

“Kevin, please I’ve told you before, please call me Brenda, and besides, really, I am a Ms now…”

“Sure Mrs….Oops sorry Brenda…It’s just you know, like you being John’s mum, it sort of seems well, like, disrespectful…like.”

“Why’s that then, because I am a yakacık escort frumpy old women?”

“No, no way man, all the guys think you’re a….” and tailed off into embarrassed silence, a blush quickly spreading over his face.

“All the guys think I’m…?” Kevin’s blush deepened and he mumbled something.

“Sorry, what was that” asked Brenda, smiling?

“Well, you know, they all think you’re….”


“A babe, Mrs….sorry…Brenda.” He went an even darker red, and avoided looking at her.

“Me…a babe…aha” she laughed, “don’t be silly…who thinks that?”

“We’ll ermmm, we all do. Dave, Andy, Kyle…”

“And you?”

“Yea…anyway, I better get on” he announced, and before she could say anything else, he rushed out of the kitchen and disappeared from view

Damn and blast she thought, I was beginning to enjoy that…but then perhaps it was for the best, she really shouldn’t think about her son’s friends as anything other than children. She’d never done so before, had she? But if she was honest, that wasn’t really true; she hadn’t considered her son friends in an erotic way because she hadn’t allowed herself too.

The thing is, as they had grown up she had noticed them, but suppressed and buried any erotic feelings she may have had for them. After all, until fairly recently, they’d really had been children in the eyes of the law. Now though, she thought, as she watched Kevin through the window, they where all young men, very fit and muscular young men.

No, they were still her son’s friends. Christ she told herself, don’t even dare think about it, I meet up for coffee with their mothers! How could she face them knowing that they might know I was having sex with there sons?

Outside she could hear the petrol mower spluttering into life. Despite her misgiving, this encounter and its revelations had left her feeling terribly horny and desparete for relief. For a few minutes she dwelt on thoughts of four attractive young men, who thought of her as “a babe”. She didn’t have to feel guilty about it anymore, did she?

NO…you can’t, she berated herself, if you must, find somebody young that isn’t your son’s friend. Brenda went over to the sink and ran the cold tap. Cupping her hands, she splashed her face with cool water to try dampen the moist heat burning inside of her. Then she reached for a cup, filled it and drank some water. That’s it, get a grip of yourself and behave! She pictured Kevin as she had thought of him until recently, as a child. Yes, that’s it, he’s just a child. She turned and went out into the garden to continue the gardening.

However, all her resolve melted in a wave of sexual heat that swept through her body. Kevin was midway down the lawn, bare-chested, his t-shirt tucked into his back pocket. He was lightly tanned and, Oh God, so lean and muscular. For a second, she thought her legs would melt and give way from under her. She felt her nipples harder under the thin material of the halter top.

She closed her eyes and told herself sternly: get a grip you silly cow, you’re not some teenage girl! You’re a mature women, mother of two…but another part of her added, in desperate need of a good long hard fuck. What was she saying, you never use to think that word, let alone say it. Yet “fuck” was the right word, and it was what she badly needed. A good long hard fuck! She managed to get a grip of herself, and for a while, she got on with her work, firmly resisting the desire to watch Kevin…at least for awhile.

However, it didn’t last, and at first it was just glances and then stares until, finally she stopped her own work and began watching him work.

God, she wished she could slip a hand insider her knickers and give herself a good finger…or better still…no…NO! She managed to gain enough self control to notice that he had almost finished the mowing, and she decided that he could probably do with a drink.

She got up from her knees and walked across the lawn. As she neared him, she shouted his name over the sound of the lawnmower. He turned, she made drinking motion with her hand and he nodded his head.

Again, she noticed his eyes had dropped down, before lifting. He turned back to his work quickly, and she went back up the garden path. As she walked, she wondered if he was watching her, and fought the strong urge to turn around and check. Perhaps he was stroking his cock through his shorts.

She busied herself preparing drinks. She had decided on Ice tea, because on a hot day like this, it was the best thing. As she prepared the drinks, she caught sight her reflection in glass of the oven door. Oh Christ she thought.

No wonder he was starting, with nipple hard and erect, the thin material of the halter top left very little to the imagination. She should go and change, but she was too aroused, and besides it was too late for modesty.

Once the drinks were ready, she carried the tray out to the shaded rose harbour that was in one corners şerifali escort of the garden, by the side of the house. It was large enough to comfortably contain a dozen people, but today it just had just a sun lounger, several chairs and a table. The rest of the furniture was packed away until needed.

Brenda placed the tray on the table, and turned to look down the garden. Kevin was just refitting the hopper back on the lawn mower, and must have just returned from emptying it in the composters, which were right at the end of the garden. She waved and called “Kevin, its ready, come and have a break.”

He stood up and waved, and began to walk up the garden. Again, a wave of excitement swept through her as her eyes roved over his body, before forcing herself to turn and sit down. Kevin came into the harbour and sat down.

“I’ve made up some ice tea; although I do have coke and I think John left a couple of beers in the fridge.”

“Nah, ice tea is great…Mrs…Brenda, cheers thanks.” Brenda poured the ice tea into two tall glasses, and then leaning over slightly, she passed a glass to Kevin, noticing that his eyes were looking at her breast.

Instead of straightening up right away, she held her position for a few seconds. Her nipples would be clearly visible as the material was thin, and she had retied it too, before leaving the kitchen, stretching the material futher. Now they were rock hard and extremely sensitive.

Kevin pulled his eyes away as she stood up and picked up her own glass. Kevin took a long deep drink.

“Cheers, I needed that. Is there anything else I can do around the garden, Brenda?”

Yes, she thought, as she glanced down at the front of his shorts. There was a very large and prominent bulge. You can fuck my brains out.

“Hmm yes, I’m sure there loads you can do, but would you like something to eat first?”

“Yea, sure, that would be great, thanks.”

“I’ve got some fresh quarter pounders; we can have them with a salad?” Or alternately you can me and eat me now, she thought, Oh God what I am thinking.

“Wow, yea, great, I’ll have to come more often, thanks Mrs B…Brenda.”

“You can come around anytime; in fact you and boys have always been welcomed here.”

Brenda sat down and for awhile they chatted about how John was getting on and past memories. Every so often Brenda would lean forward, and watch his eyes drop down into her ample breast, at one point, she even saw him lick his lips.

Then he realised what he was doing, and stood up suddenly, knocking the drink into his lap.

“Shit, damn” he cursed, as he jumped back.

“Oh, poor you”. Brenda grabbed a hand towel, which she’d brought out with the tray, and began to rub it over the front of shorts.

“Please, Mrs B, I’m Ok…”

Under the cloth she could feel his hardness, which hadn’t been effected at all by the cold drink. Before she realised what she was doing, she had dropped the towel, and was now squeezing the front of his shorts.

She pushed him up against the wall, and lifted her head slightly. Standing on her tiptoes, she pressed her lips onto his young mouth. He responded automatically, and began kissing her back.

She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and continued to rub and squeeze the bulge of his shorts. He bought his hands up and squeezed her boobs. They continued to kiss and grope each other for several minutes until she pulled away.

She stood in front of him panting, before she dropped down onto her knees and pulled at the button of his shorts, almost tearing it off. She pulled open the zip and yanked them down along with his boxers, causing him to cry out. His cock sprang out and he let out a gasp.

For second she sat back on her heels and admired it. Wow, impressive she thought, not such a little boy after all. It was long, longer than her husband, but it also thick too.

“Well, Kevin, you are a big boy…very big.” She grasped his cock firmly with one hand and gently wanked it. Then she lent forward, unable to hold off any longer. Taking the head of the cock into her mouth, she kissed it before sucking on the head.

Kevin involuntary bucked his hips, pushing it into her mouth, but only by an inch or two. Recovering from her momentary surprise she began to suck it, just the head at first, and then gradually more and more. Oral sex was something she had tried only recently, in the last few years. Never with her ex, but once she had, she loved it, and when a real cock wasn’t available, she practiced on her dildos and vibrators.

However, none of these objects could compare to the feeling of the real thing, hard and warm, now sliding between her lips and over her tongue. Kevin groaned and bucked his hips again, pushing his cock in deeper, almost making her gag. But she managed to control the reflex, and she continued to suck and lick the cock slowly.

She pulled back, and then went down again, sliding the cock into her mouth. Kevin pressed his hands against the wall and groaned even louder.

She knew what was coming, she could feel the tension, and in the past, she would have pulled away and wanked the cock to finish, but this time, she wanted to taste it, to saviour the feeling of a young man cumming in her mouth.

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