Summer Fun

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Big Tits

I must have really been into the task at hand because I had not heard the car in the drive, the front door or the knock on my door. It was not until I heard her voice gasp, “Oh my God!” that I was snapped back to reality and I jerked my head towards the door to see her standing there. We were both too shocked to move or say anything for a few seconds; there I was with my cock in my hand as my sister stood in the doorway with her mouth open just staring at me. Before I could yell at her to get out she stuttered, “I..I’m sorry.” and spun out of the room closing the door behind her. With my mood suddenly spoiled I laid there for a couple of minutes cursing what had just happened as my once erect cock slowly deflated back to it’s normal flaccid self.

“Why didn’t I lock the door?” I thought. It had been a while since I had seen Julie. She was in college and had not been home since winter break. The fact was she was not supposed to be home for the summer till next week. I had thrown on some shorts and a t-shirt and left my room to find her. Once my anger and embarrassment had subsided I had become concerned that she would tell our parents what she had seen and that was a conversation I did not want to have. As I came down the stairs and rounded the corner I saw Julie sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. This was the first time I really got a good look at her.

Julie was about 5’6″ and had a nice body with long shapely legs and perky 34C tits. Her figure was shown off nicely by her outfit of a peach pleated skirt that stopped just above mid thigh and was topped with a form fitting white baby doll tee. When I saw her sitting there my cock suddenly started to swell again. I could not believe my sister could be having this effect on me. Sure she could be classified as a hot piece of ass, but she was still my sister and here I was wondering what she would look like without those clothes on. Wanting to take my mind from those thoughts I spoke up and grumbled, “Hey” as I walked up behind her.

She spun her head around and said, “Oh hey big guy,” as she smiled. She had never called me that before but I figured it was just something she picked up this past year at college.

“What are you doing home so soon?” I demanded making sure my displeasure was apparent.

“One of my professors had to leave town for a meeting so he gave the exam early. I finished up everything yesterday and just decided to come home.” She shrugged as she said this. From the tone in my voice she must have inferred what I was upset about because she continued, “I knocked on your door. I wanted to see if you could help with my stuff but from the looks of things you had your hands full.” She laughed at her own cleverness. I did not laugh.

“Look, you are not going to tell mom and dad are you?” I blurted out because I just had to know the answer.

She looked at me in disbelief, “Hell no! What mom and dad don’t know won’t hurt them.” She smiled and then she winked at me in a kind of teasing way. I smiled as I sat down next to her, relieved to know our parents would not find out and relaxed that Julie did not seem freaked out.

“So is that your car in the drive?” she said after a couple minutes of silence.

Thankful for the subject change I smiled and said,” Yeah, mom and dad got it for me for my birthday. It’s a POS as they say, but it is mine and I do not have to bum rides from friends anymore.”

Julie sighed and looked at me suddenly serious. “I am sorry I missed your birthday Justin. I go so caught up in school and what I was doing I just did not even think about it.”

‘It’s no big deal, I missed yours too anyway.” Even though Julie was two years older than me we shared the same birth month so it was not like we could really forget each other’s birthday.

“Yes, but turning 18 is a much bigger deal than turning 20 and as your big sis I should have done something to help you celebrate. I will make it up to you this summer. I promise.” My cock jumped a little as she put here hand on my thigh.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable I jumped up and said,” Well I am going to go for gaziantep escort bayan a swim.”

“Oh that is a great idea! Let me go change and I will join you.” With that Julie got up and bounced out of the room.

I had changed and made it out to the pool several minutes before Julie so I was just laying back in the pool with my eyes closed enjoying the coolness of the water as the early afternoon sun beat down. My thoughts were drifting back to how good Julie had looked in that skirt and imagining what she would look like in a swimsuit. My cock was just starting to stir at these thoughts when I felt a splash and heard, “Wake up big boy.”

I lifted my head and looked over to see Julie bobbing in the water a few feet away. Her dark brown hair was laid back from the water. Through the ripples and tiny waves I could tell she was wearing a blue bikini. She looked so sexy my cock was almost at full attention. “Why do you keep calling me big boy?” I asked trying to clear my head.

“Well from what I saw earlier it seems appropriate.” She giggled and then splashed me again.

I shook the water from my face and said, “You will pay for that.” And I lunged after her. As I moved toward her she darted to her right and I reached out and grabbed her by the ankle. She screamed as I reached up to grab her leg with my other hand to pull her in. “Payback’s a bitch ain’t it.” She just giggled and splashed me again. This time she was within reach so I put my hand on her shoulders to dunk her when she dipped below the surface. Determined to not let her escape I grasped for anything under the water, but all I got was some thin string that pulled tight and then slipped through my hand as she swam away underwater.

As she resurfaced on the other side of the pool she pushed the water from her hair and looked over at me and said, “You undid my top.” as she held up strings in both hands. It was obvious now that she was wearing a tie string bikini. “Oh well.” she laughed and in one motion pulled the top over her head and threw it on the deck next to the lawn chairs. If I was not hard before I was now!

We swam for a few more minutes and I made sure to keep my distance when she finally said, “Well I am going to get out and sun myself.” With that she swam to the shallow end and climbed the stairs out of the pool. I could not believe my sister was being so casual about being topless in front of me. What is more is I could not believe the effect it was having on me. As she got out I noticed that the bottom of the bikini was also the tie style. I also noticed what a nice ass she had.

My cock was throbbing as I watched her walk over to the lounge chair, her firm ass swaying from side to side. As she turned I got my first real look at her tits and they were perfect, perky with no sag at all. Her tits were completely tan so I knew this was not the first time she had sunned topless. She hard dark, quarter sized areolas with nipples the size of pencil erasers. From where I was it was difficult to tell for certain but they looked hard and erect.

She dried herself as she sat on one of the lounges and called to me, “Hey Justin, how about coming over her and putting some lotion on my back so I do not get burned.” I got out of the pool hoping that she would not notice my cock tenting my trunks. I walked over and sat on the lounge next to her and looked her body over as she lay there; I could not believe how sexy she looked. “Here.” She said as she handed me a bottle of lotion. I squeezed some into my hand and began rubbing it into her upper back between her shoulders. Her skin was so soft and smooth to the touch I kept imagining licking and kissing her body all over. By the time I reached her shoulders I was giving her a massage as much as rubbing the lotion in. “Mmmm, you are good with those hands.” she moaned. I just smiled and continued to massage her and rub the lotion in. I moved my hands down her shoulders and slid them to her sides just below her raised arms. She moaned slightly as my fingers grazed the side of her breasts. I continued down her sides to her anal yapan gaziantep escort waist and slowly moved my hands up and over the small of her back. The entire time I was rubbing in the lotion and applying just enough pressure to give a slight massage.

“Don’t forget my legs.” Julie cooed over her shoulder, “Wouldn’t want them to burn either.” Obligingly I got some more lotion and started rubbing it into her legs starting at her left ankle and moving up her calf. Just as I reached the back of her knee I moved to her right calf continuing to massage her while rubbing in the lotion. I continued to move up her legs enjoying the erotic sensation of her smooth soft skin under my hand, working first on one leg and then the other. As I moved up her thigh she shifted a little on the lounge, by the time I reached mid-thigh she had spread her legs slightly. I took this as a sign that she was enjoying the attention as much as I enjoyed giving it.

I continued up her leg until I was lowly rubbing the lotion into her bare ass exposed by the bikini. By this time Julie’s breathing had become heavy and deep. As I let my thumbs slip beneath the legs of her bikini bottom I was expecting her to end my little fantasy session, but instead she actually spread her legs a little wider so I could now see the outline of her swollen lips through the material. Not wanting to pass an opportunity like this I dropped my hands between her legs and continued to rub her smooth skin. As I rubbed her inner thighs I let my fingers brush lightly over her lips through the bikini. As I did this I heard a little gasp and then a soft whisper, “Yes.” I figured I could not ask for a better invitation and decided to go for broke so I shifted my focus from her thighs directly to her pussy. I cupped my hand over her lips so my fingers were right were her clit would be and I began to apply gentle pressure massaging her. As I moved my hand between her legs I could feel her pushing back against it. With my other hand I was massaging her firm ass. No longer being quiet Julie was clearly moaning and enjoying herself, saying, “Yes, don’t stop. That feels so good.” As she began grinding harder into my hand her warmth and wetness were seeping through her suit.

Suddenly Julie spun around on the lounge so she was facing me with her legs spread. She was staring at me with desire in her eyes and said, “I need your tongue on me now.” With that she grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch and said, “finish what you started little brother.” Her scent over powered the lingering chlorine and did she smell good. Needing no further motivation I quickly reached up and pulled the strings on her bikini bottom so it fell away. There I was with my sister’s pussy right in front of my face and it was beautiful. Her outer lips were swollen and rounding forming a perfect valley politely hiding everything beneath. Right at the top of her slit her clit was swollen so it was peaking out. I lowered my face and with the tip of my tongue I began to gently trace the outside of her lips. After a couple of times around I slowly ran my tongue up her slit and circled her clit. I repeated this a couple of times pushing just a little further between her lips each time when she finally pushed my head down and said, “Stop teasing and eat me!”

Not wanting to disappoint my big sis my tongue dove into her pussy and I began to lap up her sweet juices. I now had my face buried in her and my tongue was working in and out as I moved my head from side to side. Then I brought my tongue up to her clit to lick it and then suck it while my tongue twirled circles around it. Then I plunged my tongue back into her sweetness to repeat the licking I was giving her pushing harder and deeper into her. This time as I pulled my tongue out to lick her clit I replaced my tongue in her with two fingers. As I did this I reached up with my other hand and began to massage her bare breast gently pinching her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I was sucking her clit into my mouth curling my fingers inside antep escort her looking for her g-spot. Once I found her spot I pushed my hand hard into her and stroked it faster while sucking her clit. It did not take long of this treatment before she arched her back and moaned, “Oh God, I’m cumming.” I felt her muscles tighten as I felt several spasms pump through her body before she collapsed back into the lounge. She lay there breathing heavily as I gently slid my tongue back into her licking as much of her sweet nectar as I could get. As I continued to lick her pussy her hands began to stroke my hair. My face was covered in her juices as she slowly lifted my head and leaned forward. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you little bro.” then she leaned in and gave me a deep kiss. As she pulled back she smiled and said, “Now let’s see what I can do to help you.” and she looked down at the bulge in my trunks.

She slid her thumbs inside the waist of my shorts and in one motion dropped them to the ground. My cock sprang out in front of me throbbing from everything it had been through today. Julie just stared at it in admiration then she looked up at me and said, “I have been thinking about this ever since I saw you this morning.” Then she leaned in to me and kissed the tip of my cock very gently. As she pulled away a string of precum stretched from her lips back to my cock. With her hand she gently lifted me so my cock was almost touching my stomach and she leaned in and slowly let her tongue trace the underside. Starting at the base and moving toward the head she let my cock lower back to its normal place. As she reached the head she circled it with her tongue and then she looked me in the eyes as she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth.

I could feel her tongue moving around my shaft as she moved her mouth further down my cock. Julie had obvious experience making guys cum with her mouth and I did not know how long I would last. Just as I was thinking this Julie released my cock from her mouth giving me a reprieve. She gently stroked me with her hand a couple of times as she leaned back in and let her tongue tease my balls before sucking one into her mouth while cupping the other with her hand. After a little bit of sucking she released that one and sucked the other into her mouth. I had never experienced this before and the sensation of the air cooling the wetness she left behind was amazing.

Determining that my cock had been left alone long enough she sucked it right back into her mouth. She worked her way down a little further this time before pulling back. She did not release me this time; instead she stopped with just the head in her mouth before moving back down my shaft taking a little more into her mouth. Each time she would tease my cock with her tongue as she moved down my shaft and then flatten he tongue against the underside of my cock as she pulled back sucking on me.

My shaft was slick now with a mixture of her saliva and my precum when she went down on me the fifth time and I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. I was sure she would stop there so I was shocked when the kept going me taking me deeper into her throat so she had me all the way in her mouth. Instinctively I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth, Julie never stopped licking or sucking. It did not take long before I could not stand it any longer. “Julie, I am going to cum,” I moaned and started to pull out. Julie only let me withdraw from her throat before she held me in her mouth. She wanted me to cum in her mouth and that knowledge pushed me over the edge as I shot several loads of cum into my older sister’s mouth. As I finished she slowly pulled off of me, stroking my shaft and sucking every last drop from me. As she released my cock from her mouth I collapsed back onto the lounge next to her totally spent.

Julie looked at me laying there and said, “Well does that make up for me missing your birthday?”

I looked over at her and said,”Well, It’s a start,” and smiled.

She raised one eyebrow at me and responded, “Well, I guess I will just have to keep trying.” Then she stood and grabbed her bikini and started to walk to the house. As she walked away she called over her shoulder, “Come on, we better get cleaned up before mom and dad get home. Last one to the shower is the last one to cum.”

Not wanting to miss another opportunity I grabbed my trunks off the ground and ran into the house after her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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