Sunset at Red Rocks

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Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I wrote this story after an “erotic chat” session I had with a friend so as such it is lacking in exposition, plot, and character development… in other words, it gets right to the point. Those of you familiar with Colorado will know that Red Rocks is a real place and a special one too. In addition to its outdoor amphitheater world-famous as a concert venue it is surrounded by hiking trails. The place is just plain beautiful and although I have never had any intimate encounters there I am certain others have. I hope you enjoy it anyway and I welcome your comments and suggestions!


The stood together at Red Rocks watching the sun set over the red, pink, orange, and brown rocks – a kaleidoscope of color. They were on one of the out-of-the way trails away from the main amphitheater – secluded and deserted for the moment. The park was magic at this time, day stretching into dusk, the low sun bathing the park in a beautiful warm glow. His lips found hers as he kissed her long and deeply. His tongue found hers as he held her tight in an embrace. After several minutes with tongues entwined he broke the kiss and moved behind her; pulling her tight to him. Kissing his lover this way always made him want to touch her. His hands on her waist began to roam up and over her large and beautiful breasts casually as they enjoyed the natural beauty of the park. The excitement grew as they both thought about how easily they could be discovered. She moaned softly as she responded to his fingers finding her hardening nipples through her blouse. He pinched and stroked her large nipples while he continued to knead and fondle her amazing breasts.

She brushed her hair aside from her neck as his lips devoured the exposed flesh beneath her golden hair. He felt his cock swell as he kissed her neck. She pushed her ass back onto his fully erect cock – sliding up and down on his bulge like a most skilled stripper giving a private dance in a VIP room. It was now his turn to moan as her ass pleasured him in the most delicious way. He covered her bare neck with kisses and nibbled her ear as one hand slid down her blouse front and found the waistband of her shorts. His fingers slipped slowly and agonizingly behind the waistband and down the front of her shorts. Her panties were wet to the touch; he rubbed two fingers up and down her wet slit appreciating the feel of her pussy lips and the way she shuddered when he brushed her clit. She had just shaved that morning so her pussy was completely bare and smooth to the touch. Mmmm… I just love this woman, he thought as his fingers slid past her panties and into her wet snatch.

He continued to run his fingers over her lips and clit increasing his pace as her breathing grew faster and heavier. He stopped occasionally to slip a finger into her wet pussy before returning to her clit. After several minutes of frantically rubbing her clit she Bostancı Escort reached back, grabbed his cock and came hard.

After a few seconds of gasping and trembling her orgasm subsided; she caught her breath and in a husky voice said, “I need you to fuck me with this thing, baby…”

She led him by the hand further down the trail, his erection plainly visible for anyone walking by to see. As they approached a formation of large pink boulders she led him off the trail and slipped behind some rocks – another hiker was just visible approaching from the other direction.

“I don’t think they saw us,” she said with a grin as she slid to her knees before him. She wasted no time in unfastening his belt and dragging his shorts and boxers down around his ankles. She greedily sucked his cock into her mouth and grabbed his ass roughly to pump him in and out of her mouth.

A loud moan escaped his mouth as he grabbed a handful of her hair and began to fuck her mouth more quickly. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked and tongued his balls as she pumped his shaft. She then ran her tongue up and down his hard cock before sucking him back into her mouth. He smiled when he felt her gag as she struggled to take his thick member down her throat. She continued making delicious gurgling sounds as she sucked and swallowed him whole. Just then they heard the sound of a rock falling and instantly froze – her mouth and lips still firmly wrapped around his dick.

They waited and listened for what seemed like hours while she continued to pleasure him silently now – again running her tongue all over the underside is his slick knob like an obscene lollipop – savoring the strand of pre-cum that was starting to drip from it. When no new sounds were heard she stood and turned away from him and bending at the waist she braced herself against a boulder. She looked over her shoulder and gave him an adorable smirk. He knew what to do. He grabbed her shorts and jerked them down roughly… shoving his hand between her legs from behind to feel her soaking panties and pussy again. She groaned and arched her back as he grasped her pussy from behind. He slid the crotch of her panties aside and sank a finger into her pussy. She moaned as he briefly brushed her g-spot and pumped in and out of her a few times. He licked her juices from his finger and then slowly slid her panties down around her ankles. She slipped one foot from them and again bent over the rock in anticipation. He savored the beautiful sight which was her bare ass. He grabbed both ass cheeks; kissing and licking them with pleasure. He ran his hands all over her – caressing the soft flesh before grabbing both cheeks hard again. He just loved her ass.

“Ohhh…mmm…so nice,” she moaned as he squeezed and fondled her ass.

Then he bent down to give her pussy a long, slow lick; she began purring in appreciation at his oral ministrations. He loved licking and sucking Kadıköy Escort her pussy from behind like this; stabbing his tongue deep inside her and then sliding it down over her clit. She loved it too because she shoved her ass back into his face as his tongue rimmed her pussy lips before piercing her deeply. After several minutes of eating her juicy pussy this way he happened to look up and see a young woman in shorts and t-shirt perched on a rock ledge above them.

She smiled and held a finger to her lips giving him the universal sign for silence and then gestured for him to continue. He was turned on even more knowing he had an audience now. This must be the hiker they saw earlier he thought to himself. He smiled back at her and continued to lick and suck his partner’s pussy as he slowly slid his thumb into her ass. She moaned loader with appreciation as he sank his thumb all the way in and began to finger fuck her ass. Soon he had two fingers in her snatch as well as he assaulted both holes at once.

“Oh God,” she gasped. “Do that harder,” she mumbled.

After several more minutes of alternating between eating her pussy from behind and tonguing and fingering her ass he noticed the girl had also slipped off her shorts and had her legs spread wide. She was slowly rocking back and forth playing with her own pussy; rubbing her clit; sliding two fingers into herself. She matched his tongue and finger thrusts with those of her own. Her eyes were closed and she licked her lips as she masturbated before him. He could clearly see her pussy as its juices glimmered in the fading light.

Completely turned-on by the situation he stood and sank his throbbing cock deep into his love’s cunt. She gasped and moaned loudly at the sudden attack. Her hot, wet pussy felt amazing to him as he slid it deep into her. He felt the walls of her pussy grip his cock as he fucked her slowly. She looked back at him over her shoulder and said, “Harder, baby… fuck me harder.”

Needing no further encouragement he quickly picked up the pace – slamming into her beautiful ass hard and deep as he continued to finger asshole. He looked up and received a smile of approval from his audience – the girl was on her knees now playing with her clit with one hand while the other had pulled up her shirt and was squeezing her tits and tweaking her nipples. There was a growing look of ecstasy on her face as she approached her own climax.

He continued fucking his lover harder and faster his hand now reaching around for her clit. She thrust her ass back hard – obscenities pouring from her mouth.

“That’s right…fuck that pussy you bastard…ahhh…uhnnn…mmmm…you like my ass? Yeah finger my ass too… fill both of my holes you fucker… oh yes, fuck me like that.” On and on she went as he thrust into her.

The long string of expletives had actually surprised him – she didn’t normally swear so much – and it turned him on even Göztepe Escort more. He was groaning and straining now as he fucked her hard and with passion. He felt sweat trickle down his back as he hammered into her under the setting desert sun. He grabbed her hips and ass hard and continued slamming into her. They were both close now.

She moaned, “yes baby… cum in me now… I am so ready.” He started to jerk and buck as his orgasm took him. He came up on his toes as he groaned and ground into her; he felt his legs tremble and grow weak. He slowed his thrusts but went deeper as he pumped jet after jet of cum into her.

“Oooohhh God, I’m cumming,” he moaned. Feeling her lover cum she too felt overwhelmed with pleasure – loud moans again escaping her lips as she came multiple times. He lay spent across her back while she continued to gently shake and moan.

He looked up at the little bird perched above them. He saw her face contort into an “o” as she also came. She continued rubbing her clit hard and fast as waves of orgasms were silently flowing through her. Just then she let out a long, loud “ooohhhh fuuucccckkkk!!!!” and then clamped her hand over her mouth.

He had been mesmerized by the sight but her sudden outburst jerked him back to reality. He saw his lover’s head snap up and stare at the intruder. His cock was still buried deep in her as he continued to make those small, slow thrusts he always did to savor the moment. The young girl had a sheepish grin on her face – her body still exposed to the couple – one finger on her clit unselfconsciously diddling herself as she rocked back on her heels.

His lover said not unkindly, “Young lady, I think you have some explaining to do…”

“Yeah,” I said weakly trying to suppress a grin.

The girl actually blushed. “I am sorry I spied on you two,” she said. “But when I saw you two leave the trail I wondered what you were up to so I climbed the rocks above you to get a better look. And then when I saw you two starting to have sex I got so turned on I couldn’t help myself… You were so beautiful together I just had to join in! I am sorry I interrupted you… I hope you don’t mind.”

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

“Not at all – happy to help, she said. “But next time let us know and maybe you can join us… I am sure my man here would love a threesome with two beautiful women like us…”

“That would be so hot,” the girl said. “I would love that!”

The man mumbled objections and protestations in a very unconvincing manner.

His lover grinned at him mischievously and said, “You knew she was there the whole time, didn’t you!” He meekly nodded his head.

Then she laughed aloud and said, “So did I!”

All three dressed themselves and strolled casually down the trail back to their cars like nothing had happened. The sun was almost completely down now and the park was empty. The man reflected on how lucky he was to have such a smart, beautiful, sexy woman in his life as his hand slid contentedly from her waist down to her ass.

Seeing his smile and the look of affection on his face she turned to the young woman and asked, “Do you have any plans for dinner?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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