Surprise Surprise Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Coming to America

We many of you know of my little trip to Mexico. I hope you remember the lovely Anna. Well I had hoped to somehow get her to America. Anna and I had keep in close contact, for the few weeks between our first meeting and my driving down to San Diego to try and figure a way to get her across the boarder.

After hours and hours of waiting I got the phone call, in the motel room I had rented. I had told Anna to call me when she had gotten to the town of Rosarito.

“Hello,…Eric? It’s me Anna.”

“Anna1 I was worried. Is everything okay?”

“Yes I well be at the spot, at 10:00 pm. You will have to transportation ready?”

“Yes I am going to pick up the boat at 8:30pm.”

“Well then I better go and get in position. I love you Eric!”

“I love you too, Anna! I well be there and waiting for you!”

With that the plan was set in motion. At 8:30 pm it was already beginning to get dark, and the boat was gassed and ready. I got in the boat and started off to south of the border. It took about a few hours to go out far enough to not be seen by the Border Patrol. About 9:45 pm I got to the position, and dropped anchor about two hundred yards of the coast of Rosarito. The sea seemed to calm and not too wavy. After dropping anchor I set a spot aimed about four or five feet away from the boat onto the salt water.

After few minutes I heard a slight splashing, and then the words I had wait for the last three weeks.

“Hey! Hey, it’s me!”

There in the water was Anna swimming up to the edge of the boat. I helped her into the boat. She pulled herself into the boat, and up came the anchor and off we went north. Anna set drying off with the towels I had brought. I watched her as she dried her long tan legs, and patted down the crouch of her bikini bottoms. She then reach to her side and pulled the bikini top loose from her tits. In the dark of the night sea, I could see only then yellow cloth of the bikini moving and sliding off her firm thighs.

After a few minutes, Anna came to set next to me as I drove the boat at top speed to get back to the docks. She began to kiss and nibble at my neck sending goose bumps up my spin and set blood to my cock hard and fast! I began to think of all the pleasure we had shared that night in Mexico.

It seemed like forever before we saw the lights of the dock. After tying the boat to the dock and dropping the keys off in the night drop slot. Anna and I made for my car. She had brought no clothes only the sweats I had brought her from home.

Kissed deeply in the car, me feeling her firm tits, and her foundling my rock hard cock. We drove straight up to my home,..our home. It was already morning by the time we finally drove into the drive way of the house. Anna had fallen asleep on the long drive home. I sat for a moment looking at her dark tan skin, even more tan now, after the weeks she had stayed in Rosarito. She slept, very heavily it took quite a bit to wake her be the poor dear had, swum at least two hundred yards out to a boat and had to change in the dark, I could only image the strain it had put on her.

“Anna, ..Anna we’re home.”

Her big brown eyes fluttered open and the bright sun caused her to squint to keep out the full rays of the sun. She and I walked hand in hand to the front door.

“This is your home?”

Anna’s eyes grew huge taking in the whole of the house. It’s was not a big house by any means, but too her is was like a mansion. Anna walked slowly around the living room, timidly touching things as if afraid she would break something.

“No, this is not my house.”

She turned sharply, with a frightened look on her face.

“It is our house Anna. Yours and mine.”

With that Anna came rushing into my arms, and kissing and licking my face and mouth. I smoothed her jet black hair back. Sweeping loose strains out of her face. I told her to make herself at home as I checked to phone message. The same boring things, work, relatives, and tella marketers. Anna timidly looked around the house; the kitchen, the den, and when she found the bedroom, All I heard, was a gleeful giggle of excitement.

I entered the bedroom to find her gazing out the sliding glass doors to the pool area. I quietly crept up behind her, and goosed her butt. She jumped like she was shot. She spun around and began to playfully hit me. After a moment she asked in a shy and devilish voice.

“When can we go get me new clothes?”

The smile trabzon escort on her face and the gleam in her eye told me she was willing to do a lot for the new clothes. Slowly she lowed herself to the soft carpeted floor and knelt before me. She smiled as she reached up and unbuttoned my jeans. Licking her lips she slowly unzipped them jeans and let them fall to the floor. I had chosen not to wear drawers this day thankfully. The look of surprise on her face said that she had missed me as much as I had missed her.

“Here take off your clothes Eric. And let’s get on the bed.”

I quickly jerked off my shoes and shirt. Happily jumping on the bed watching Anna, slowly pulling the sweat shirt up and over her head. Her tits showed defined tan lines, small triangles framing the deep dark brown nipples, like small mounds of brown sugar. She smiled see the full on erection, I was slowly rubbing.

“Stop that now. I’ll be there with something far better then a hand to wrap around that big hard cock Poppi!”

Anna turned away from me and slowly bent over as she pulled down the old sweat pants I had brought her to wear. As she pulled them down I could she must have be tan somewhere very private for the thong lines were as defined as the ones up above. And that’s when I saw the sack of nuts, I had only a few weeks ago, gently fondled as I had fuck her butt on last time before heading back to the ship.

“So you like my body still?”

The why she asked and the way she looked over her shoulder batting her eyes. Made me speechless, all I could do was nod my head, dumfounded by the hot latina body before me. She turn to reveal a semi erect cock only slightly darker then the skin around in, much like her nipples. The area surrounding her cock, was cleanly marked with tan lines as well.

Slowly she climbed onto the foot of the bed and began to lick at my balls, and cock. My eyes rolled back into my head, as I felt the warmth of her mouth once again surrounding , my swollen cock. Finally regaining my voice, I asked, in between the heavy breathing come from me, and the tan.

“So where did you tan in such a small thong? bet you had a hell of a time keep that dick of yours from falling out.”

Anna left her head and looked at me as she continued to engulf my cock. After a second or two she began to lick the shaft, and explain the new tan lines.

“The weeks after you left, I keep on gettin’ pimped out by Carlos. I hope you don’t mind, but I want us to tell the truth to one another. Anyways, I rented a small room, above the bar we meet in and used the little room in the back, for tricks. Well the room I rented above the bar had a opening that led to the roof of the building no one went up there, so while I waited for you to figure out how to get me here I laid out during the day, and worked of a night.”

God the thought of Anna getting fucking by other guys, made my cock start to jerk. Anna noticed right away. And went back to sucking it lovingly. Deep throating me as I gasped out my answer to question, of did I mind.

“How many…many gu..guys did you fuck?”

“I fucked about 100, give or take. And sucked off about 50 or uh hundred. Does that make you mad?”

I thought of all the cum she had had on her face and firm tits. All the cum that been in her ass. It made me want to see her with them, sucking and licking maybe two or three at a time. My mind raced, as I began to grab her head and force my cock further into her throat.

“No baby! I think I am going to cum in your throat, think about all the guys fucking you. All the cum in your ass. I bet your shit cum for days. When was the last guy?”

I released Anna’ head and she moved up next to me. We lay facing each other only a few inches apart. Anna’s cock had become rock hard too and for the first time I was able to see it clearly. She still had for skin hiding the head of her cock.

“No! No! No cumming yet, Poppi. As for all the cum but my ass I made most of them use rubbers, the ones that didn’t I made them pay me more, only about 25 or 30 came on ass hole. Does that make you want to fuck me even more Poppi?”

I nodded as she spit on her hand and began to pull on my cock gently. I too lubed up my hand and reached down to grab hold of her cock. It felt fuller, bigger then I had remembered.

” Hmmmmm, let me think the last guy? The last one that fucked me. Or that I sucked off?”

“Both! I want details, Anna! I am so fucking horny! escort trabzon Let me fuck you in the butt while you tell me!!”

Anna giggled and shook her head.

“No wait a minute, let’s work you up and get you REAL HORNY!”

With that she climbed up on my lap. I was hoping she’d set on my cock facing me, telling me all her dirty fuck stories. But instead sat just below it. It looked as if one of us had two hard cock sticking out. I continued, stroking her as she began her first story.

“Well the last guys I was with I fucked, so we’ll save that for second. I last guy I sucked was the day before I headed to Rosarito. He was a black dude. Hung!”

The precum began to leak from my cock and Anna’s.

“His name was Malcolm, he said he just needed a quick get off. I guess he was head off to another town. Carlos got $35.00 out of him and he told me the black guy outside was waiting for a blow. So I went outside and found him. I am he’s name that’s when he told me just call him Malcolm. I led down the alley to go to the back and he stopped about twenty feet from the street, almost to the back alley, and said he didn’t have time here would do. He unzipped his panted and whipped out a huge black cock, it was still a little limp so I dropped to my knees and started licking his long…black shaft, and kissing on the head. His balls were still inside his jeans.”

As Anna told me of this last blow job, I began to think of how I could get a guy to do this again to her in front of me.

“After he was good…and HARD! I began to suck him in. I could only get about 3/4, his dick in me. And you know how I can deep throat. Well after I had him in as far as I could, and I had almost nine or ten inches in me, he grab my head and started fuck my mouth! Shoving his cock further and further in me. I was starting to gag when I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat. I pulled off and he told me he was going to finish on “my fuckin’ Mexican slut face. And God did he!!”

With that I couldn’t take anymore I was about to cum.

“Anna, pleassse!! Let me fuck you! Please!”

Anna smiled and licked her lips. She climbed off but didn’t assume the position I had hoped, doggie style. Instead she sat next to still stroking me, and said in a devilish voice.

“You want me?”

I nodded with anticipation.

“Beg me. Make me believe you want this ass hole!”

With that she got on her all fours. And presented herself too me. Teasing me with a sweet little A hole. I lend forward and inhaled the smell. Licking at her ass hole and shack hang like a set of bowling balls.

“Anna please baby, let me fuck you, and we can go later and get you some new clothes!”

I hoped that would do it but she pulled away, as I tried to stick my tongue in her A hole.

“Can I have nighties too? And a new bath suit?”

I would have bought out Victoria Secrets, for a chance to get up in her now. I nodded hungrily. I lend over to the night stand to get the lube and Anna stopped me.

“I don’t need lube anymore. My ass is loose like a fucked pussy! Get up here in me so I can tell you the last guy I fucked!”

With that I jump up on my knees and positioned myself to go in. I spit a little on my hand to rubbed my cock before pointing the head of it at her ass hole. I pushed only a little, and her ass hole swallowed up cock up, like she relaxed her butt hole sooo much, it just guided in. It was still warm and tight, not as tight as I had remember but still nothing like some of the pussies I had been with in the past. I began to pump, and Anna began the finally tales, of her last day as a hooker.

“Well you remember when I called you at the motel. Well I had just finished off with this guy.”

Now that was a shock. I had know she had gotten to Rosarito, only the day before, had she found a pimp to get her a trick that quick. I continued to listen, pumping, knowing I was close. I lend forward and reached around for Anna’s hard cock, she too had precum leaking.

“Well I had got to Rosarito the day before and I thought I could just sleep at the bus station, but the station attendee, said too move on. So I had to use what I had left, of the money I had to get room. Well the next day I knew I needed to get to the beach but I was sooo hunger, I went to the taco stand and just hung around hoping that someone would not eat all their food. Well this Mexican guy, was watching me and he must have known I was hunger. trabzon escort bayan Well he motioned me over to where he was standing, and in Spanish asked if I was hunger. I told him yes, and I was willing to work for it. With that he, told me to follow him. I followed him to the back of the taco stand to the bathrooms. He pointed to the door and I went in. It was smelly like piss, and shit was smeared on the wall. I told him I needed food and some change to make a call. I nodded and I pulled down my drawers. The bathroom was dark and the angle he was at he did see my cock. I bent over and grab the filthy toilet seat and told him to put on a rubber and I’d guide it in. He said, “Fuck you bitch, I ain’t got no rubber.” and started to move forward, well I was so hunger I grabbed his cock, and guided it in. It was about as big as mine. He started pumping, and called me dirty things, like fuckin slut, bitch, cocksucker.”

As Anna continued the story I began to think, she called me only minutes later, and didn’t have time to take a shower or clean up. At that moment I realized my cock was mixing it up with this guy cum. I began to feel the excitement coming over Anna as she relived her fuck. Her cock began to jerk and quiver, and cum shot forth, on the bed, on my hand everywhere, Anna quiver and looked back. I pulled my hand up to my face and smelled the salty aroma, of her cum, She’s seemed really horny, watching me smell her cum. Then for the first time in my life I stuck out my tongue and let it touch her cum. The taste, was familiar, yet different. I had tasted my own cum before in small amount, but this cum tasted exotic, foreign. Anna marveled that I cared about her sooo much as to share her body fluids.

“Ohhh, Poppi! That is so sexy!! How do you like? You wanta cum in butt like the fucker who loosened me up for you!”

I nodded as I began to taste more of her cum.

“Well he was going at it and then all of a sudden I felt his hot cum shot in butt. I even shot a load myself, feeling the ruff way he was fucking me. He pulled out and told me I was a good bitch with a loose hole. I pulled my panties, up and asked for my money. He dropped some money on the floor of the bathroom into the piss, and other liquids, on the floor. It was mainly change and I told him, “Hey I want money for food.” He laughed and said, “You want money for food, you think you can handle another fuck!?!” I thought for a minute and thought yeah why not. But then I thought and told him, “I want the money up front.” He reached in his pocket again and pulled a dirty wadded up dollar bill. Waving it at me he said this was enough for food. I started to stand up and turn around again for a fuckin, but he said no just get no my knees. I knelt feeling the piss on the floor all over my knees, his cock was still out and cum still leaked a little. I took a lick of it his cum tasted bitter, it being mixed with my own shit. But I just closed my eyes, and started blowing, deep throating to get it over as fast as I could. It took only a few licks and sucks to get it hard again after about five minutes his rock hard cock shot a little load on my face. He turned and walked out as I stood and tried to clean up.”

As Anna said those final word of “he shot a little load on my face.” I came hard in her, she even quivered a bit feeling the impact of my shoving and the hot load of cum mixing with the other guys.

I pulled out and laid down on the bed, Anna smiled and moved into a 69 position. Her cock as well as mine own, was only semi hard, but she gobbled mine down, and I looked at her’s. Cum still leaked from the wrinkled for skin. I gentle took her cock and slowly pulled back the for skin, the head of her cock, was beat red, and still had cum, around the bottom of the head. I kiss it gently getting some the cum on my lips. Anna sucked all the harder when she felt the little kisses on her dick. I told myself that I love Anna, and that she has already came so it wasn’t like she was going to shot a load in me. I bashfully opened my mouth and inserted her dick in it. The taste was like the cum only more so coming right from the fountain. As soon as I left the semi hard cock in mouth I knew I have to blow Anna full on someday soon. Anna’s cock as well as my own began to harden. The feeling of a hard cock gently rocking into and out of my mouth, sent me back to the days of being a baby like suck on a bottle.

We lay there lick and suck talking, about the feelings she was feeling. After a good half, neither of us cumming again, but getting plenty of precum on both ends, we showered and dress to go shopping. She wore a pair of my old jean and a t-shirt with no bra, and I dressed causal as well. It was only about 1:30pm when we headed out to do some shopping.

Well let me tell you we still had a big day ahead of us, and plenty of energy to get it done.

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