Sweet Dreams

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Once again I flipped the sheet off and for the briefest moment, as the thin material stirred the air, I felt the coolness pass over my warm, sticky flesh. I felt my nipples harden to the cool air. Although it was short-lived as the heat and humidity quickly settled over me like another blanket. My nipples remained pointed and hard. Their tingling began to niggle at me. Glancing at the clock, I tried to ignore the sensation, their need. But as I lay there staring at the shadows on the ceiling, you came to mind.

Your smile, your voice in my ear, and suddenly the sensations intensified. My nipples tightening even more, the flesh puckering into diamond hard peaks. As I lie there, thinking of you, my fingers began to trace over my body; slowly dragging over my rib cage to the swell of the underside of my breast. Tracing around the dark areola I sighed. My breath catching as the edge of my nail grazed the stiff nub.

I wondered if you were doing the same. Laying naked in the darkness; awake, staring at the shadows with unseeing eyes. Were you thinking of me? Were your hands touching you as I would?

Suddenly I saw you.

Stretched out in bed with your hands clasped behind your head. The sheet lay haphazardly over your hips. You were staring at the ceiling. I heard you sigh softly.

As the drapes danced in the breeze, I felt it passing over my naked body. But it was… different, cooler. And I could smell the change in the air. Gone were the familiar aromas of the city, of my room. Replaced by, pine trees.

I knew. Somehow, I’d gone to you. Truly impossible, yes. But I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was no longer in my home, in my bed. Instead, I was standing in your room. At the foot of your bed. I felt the forgeign carpet beneath my feet. Looking down, my toes wiggled into the plush fibers and I smiled.

Then something caught your eye. As you looked at me, the corner of your mouth lifted in a half smile. A sad, “if only” sort of smile. Not believing, you turned your eyes back to the ceiling. The bed dipped as I kneeled on to the end and again you looked at me again. You grinned as I dragged the sheet slowly away from you. I took in the sight of your naked body, glistening in the darkness. Beckoning me. Drawing me closer. As my eyes finally made their way back your face, your eyes were closed, but you were smiling.

“Dreaming,” you said as if to convince yourself.

“No,” I whispered. Moving up your body but never touching you. I could feel the heat radiating off you. “I’m really here,” I said again.

“Not possible,” you argued.

I smiled. Blowing across your chest, I saw you shiver. I saw your nipples harden. “Could a dream make you feel that?”

Stubbornly you answered, “A really good one, yes.”

“What about this,” I asked and leaned closer, my breath feathering over your lips ever so briefly, before I kissed you. Softly. Slowly.

You growled and brought your arms around me. Our kiss deepened, intensifying with every moment, though never rushed. Your Bostancı Escort hand tangling in my hair, cradling me as you kissed me back. Your lips sweet, but not tender as they claimed my mouth.

When you finally pulled away, you looked at me and smiled again. Tucking that rouge strand of hair behind my ear, you caressed my face tenderly. With the ball of your thumb you brushed against my bruised lip. “Maybe a really, really good dream.”

“Maybe this can convince you,” I said sliding downward. Kissing your chin, your jaw, I could feel your pulse against my lips as I made my way over your throat. Kissing and licking my way down your body. Tasting you. Feeling you. I could hear your breathing change as my body and mouth settled between your legs.

“Still not convinced?” I asked with a grin.

Though you were smiling, you shook your head and began to say, “Not in…” but the rest was lost to a growl as I slid up your length with a single stroke of my tongue; circling the thick head. Without the slightest hesitation, I took you between my lips. I felt you jerk and twitch in my mouth, making moan me around you. My tongue swirled around and around the head. Your sounds were low and feral as my mouth sank lower on to your cock. Sliding back only to press forward and take that much more of you between my lips.

Deeply content moans and hums vibrate around you. I love doing this to you. I love your feel. I love your taste. I love the way it makes me feel to please you with my mouth. The way your cock makes me so wet. So slick. The way you lift your hips, forcing your way deeper. Your hand gently on the back of my head, feeling the way I move up and down your full length. I can feel you against my tongue, fat and throbbing. I hear you inhale sharply as my hand wraps around your wet shaft. I catch a wink of gold from my bracelet as I began to stroke with fist and mouth.

Holding you in my hand, my tongue playing along the v of the crown, flicking over it, and then flittering lightly over the head. Dropping my fingers, they graze your sac. I heard you groan as I tease the smooth flesh. My nail tracing the separation before wrapping my fingers around them; feeling their weight as they filled with cum.

Pressing my head forward, letting you threaten my throat before chastely sliding back. My eyes meeting yours, smiling around you. My lips catching and tightening around the crown, trapping the head between my lips just before you could slip away from me. Suckling and swirling my tongue. Moaning softly. Then slowly lowering my head again, inching my way down, further and further along your shaft. I feel the ridges passing over my tongue. Your thickness widening my mouth as I near the broad base of your cock. The moan that began to rumble from me now blocked by the head pressing into my throat. Filling me. My tongue pressing against you, my throat contracting, trying to swallow you. My fingers caressing that smooth spot behind your sac. Massaging the soft flesh, then pressing upwards. Erenköy Escort My jaw tightening around the base as my head bobs forward, deepening you. My tongue stroking; fingers pressing and knead.

I feel you flex and twitch. Your cock thickening. A deep, guttural sound filling the room. That vein throbbing against my tongue, I feel you cumming, even before I can taste you. Your hot seed shooting straight down my throat. I pull back as your cock continues to erupt in my mouth. I taste you, hot on my tongue. My lips tighten, sealing around your pulsating flesh, not wanting to spill a single drop. Drinking from you until you have nothing more to give.

Gently your hands pull me up. Reluctantly let you slip from the warm confines of my mouth with a small playful whimper. I mold my warm body to yours as your mouth seizes mine. I moan deeply. I know you can taste yourself. And this sends a rush through me.

Your fingers travel down my body. You whisper to me, “You held yourself back, didn’t you?” I could only nod. Your light touch stealing the words from me. I moan softly and wriggle wantonly.

“I know you can’t help but cum with my cock in your mouth,” your hot breath teased my ear. Your fingers playing along my wet lips. Teasing them open even more. The cool night air drifting over that hot, wet flesh.

“You’re absolutely dripping,” watching me arch and writhe with need. Your lips move against my throat, “Is your cunt throbbing?” Your fingers just barely grazing my clit, making me inhale sharply.

Another shameless moan. Another stroke of your fingers.

I breathe a shaky, “Yes!”

I feel you smile as your lips dance over mine. “You need to cum.”

Another hoarse “yes” slips from me.

“I bet I wouldn’t even need to touch you. I could just whisper in your ear.”

“No!” I said desperately, raising my hips to your hand. But to no avail. “No, please.” I begged.

“Please, what little one?”

Writhing and squirming beneath you. Breathless and barely able to speak, I managed to gasp, “Please… oh god, please… touch… me.”

“Like this?” You asked just before your fingers sink slowly into me. Your mouth capturing my moan. Deepening yourself into me, until you find that sweet spot. Our tongues slipping over one another. My fingers clutching the sheets. My desperate cries muffled by your mouth crushing down on mine. Your fingers driving into me, pressing, rubbing that hidden nub just inside me.

My mind screamed, “Oh god! Yes!”

My body arched sharply as I cum immediately. Hard, fierce. Every muscle tense. Nevertheless, your fingers and mouth never pulling away from me until my trembling body quieted beneath you. Until my desperate cries are tempered and became soft moans of absolute bliss.

As your fingers slid from me, and move up my body, they leave cooling trails along my hot flesh. As you drug them over my lips, you whispered in my ear, “good girl.”

Rolling on to me, trapping me beneath you, your hands brought and pinned my arms Göztepe Escort above my head. Your eyes never leaving mine until you kissed me softly. Our sounds filling the silence. Sucking my lip between yours, pulling and nipping. I feel your restraint, you want to bite. But you don’t. As you lowered your head to my breasts, you moved your hips. I felt you against me. Hard, ready, and poised at my entrance. I moaned again, begging with my body.

In one swift move, your cock slid slowly into me, your teeth clamped around my nipple, hard. Piercing pain as you filled me. I arch and bow, just as eager to move into the pain, as I am to move away from it. You began to fuck me slowly, your teeth gnawing at the hardened flesh between your teeth. Even as your teeth ground harder and more quickly around my nipple, the slow, sensual pace of your cock never changed. Tormenting me with pain, teasing me with pleasure. Driving deep into me with slow determination. Until you could feel those muscles begin to flex and tighten around you. Until I writhed and jerked beneath you. Until my moans and whimpers became loud and frantic.

“Please. I’m… oh… god, I’m cumming again.”

I heard you growl, your teeth releasing for a brief moment. The blood rushing through my nipple was as exquisite pain as the pleasure of cumming. As I reached that height of orgasm, you seized my nipple again. Cruelly biting down on it as your cock rammed brutally into me. Making me cry out. Loud. Unrestrained. One desperate moment of unquestionable, completely perfect pain. Not diluted by any measure of pleasure whatsoever. Not until another orgasm ripped through my body. My hips bucked wildly beneath you, my chest heaving with each frenzied breath.

My muscles gripped you tightly, their spasms milking you.

Your growl so ferocious. Your hips pumped into me forcefully. I felt you burst inside of me. Your hot cum erupting from you as I gushed around you.

Then your hot sweaty body collapses on top of me, as we struggled to catch our breath. You let my arms free only to have them embrace you. Pulling you tighter against me as I kissed your neck softly, I tasted the salt of your flesh. “Believe me now,” I teased.

You rolled off me with a chuckle. Pulling me to you, so that my back was pressed against your chest. I felt your breath on my neck, as you wrapped me tightly in your arms.

“Not in the least,” you said against my ear. I could feel you smiling as we both drifted off to sleep.


Crawling along the floor with my face to the carpet, peering under the bed there was nothing. I can’t find it anywhere! I even went so far as to tear the sheets from the bed, tossing the pillows from their cases. It was simply gone! As I raised my hand to my forehead in frustration and confusion I noticed the chaffing around my wrist… what the hell?

With your eyes closed you reached out for me to pull me close again. But there was no one. A disappointed sigh rushed from you. “I knew it,” you said rolling on to your back. When your hands slid beneath the pillow to prop your head, your fingers happened along something hard, cold. Curious, you pulled the object from under the pillow. The thick gold bracelet winked and glinted in the morning light. “I’ll be damned…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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