Switch Girl Ch. 01-02

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Part 1:

I walked through town, on my way to meet up with Pearly at the Grand Bar and Hotel. I was excited, a little nervous. I walked slowly and “browsed” in storefronts without registering the t-shirts and caps for sell. A car passed on the main street; some friends honked and waved as they drove, startling me from my anxious thoughts of sex. “Hi, hi” I waved. I wondered if they could see the ribs and lace of the corset I wore under my fleece.

My backpack contents rattled slightly; the small metal ching of a handcuff touching the rings of a strap-on harness or the small bottle of lubricant falling into the bottle of Chardonnay. I continued walking past 2 older ladies, also window shopping. Even though they were oblivious to me, I thrilled they might hear.

“Hey Tori”. My friends Mike and Charlotte were standing beneath the Grand Bar’s marquee. “What are you up to tonight?”

Hmm “Hiya!! Well, I am meeting someone here actually. What’s up with you guys?” I noticed a slight sweaty sheen on my palms, and wiped my hands on my jeans.

“You are?! Can you come have a drink with us first?” Charlotte touched my wrist tenderly, and smiled. I think she may already be buzzing. “Where are you heading?” she asked.

“Right here, Char. So, yes I can have a a quick, wee drink with you first. But then I have to dash.” My Chardonnay bottle clanged like a wind chime in my backpack.

I followed them inside the aging bar and we took a seat along the wall. 2 young men played pool on the freshly felted table, and a 30something couple had drinks at the bar. The 1 bartender looked a bit bored, watching local cricket on a wide screen above the juke box. But the place was deserted otherwise.

“Who are you meeting, Tori? A guy?” Mike plopped onto a bar stool across from me, placing a tequila and beer in front of me.

“Yeah, what’s in your backpack?” Charlotte chimed in before swigging back her tequila.

I took a deep breath with a smile, then quickly shot the tequila back. The heat scorching my throat, my eyes watered slightly. “I’m meeting a guy here. I met him online. He is from Christchurch.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Mike was clearly flustered, his thick brows furrowed as he pointed his finger at me.

“Ah, guys! I’m fine. I am meeting him here. I will give you the room number. I will be fine.” I fingered with my beer mug.

“Room number?” Charlotte looked more awake now. “What the hell? No way! Christchurch is dodgy.”

Mike shook his head, continued to look at me sternly. “You don’t know him. I don’t feel right about that.”

I sighed. “Yes, I don’t really like the whole deal either. But I have little choice.” I paused to drink, gather my thoughts. I put up a hand to stop them from further protests. I lowered my voice a bit, “Look, I am into a bit of BDSM.” Pause again to let that sink in. “And, it is really difficult to find partners who also like what I am into. Frankly, it scares most people.”

“What is BDSM?” Charlotte cocked her head. “Is it like S&M?”

I laughed. “Yes. Bondage and Domination is the BD part. You see, there are certain things that I enjoy in bed that tends to frighten most people. Even when I tell a guy straight off that I like to be spanked, he may say ‘ooh, nice’ at first. But when it comes down to the nittygritty, he is less enthused and slightly intimidated that I really want to be spanked- hard. Most people just aren’t into it.”

“Yeah, because beating up people hurts.” sarcasm from Mike. I rolled my eyes.

“I didn’t know you were into S&M” Charlotte is seriously thinking about what I just said now. She twirls her pretty black curls with her fingers, and lightly bites her lower lip.

Mike runs his hands over his shaved head, almost angry. “No way are you going through with this. I don’t trust it.” He shakes his head. “Nope. I will not let you get a room with some wanker from out of town just so he can tie you up and beat you and leave you for dead. Are you serious?”

I fidget in my seat, take another drink. Think a bit. My hands are really sweaty now. I haven’t told my friends about my fetish before. Every slight or blurt I have made about someone getting spanked has always been a joke before. Now I watch them weigh everything I have ever said.

“I want to meet him. I am tired of boring sex. This is what I am into, it turns me on. And I play safe.” I watch one of the pool players bend over the table, his skivvies riding up just over his Levi’s. “I’ll be fine!! I told you, I will give you the room number.” Mike shakes his head to protest, but I raise my hand. “I will text you as soon as I am leaving. And if you don’t hear from me by noon tomorrow, you can call the cops.”

“So what all do you do?” Charlotte’s brown eyes are moist again, almost dreamy. “Is it really painful?”

“Charlotte!” Mike gives his girlfriend a side glance. “Don’t encourage her. What’s gotten into you?”

She blushes behind her beer glass. “I wanna know. What do you like aydın escort about it?” Her eyes are so glassy, she must be baked already.

“Ha! You’re curious now!” I say, happy the attention is off me for a little while. “Its like eating a jalapeno: it’s hot! But it releases the endorphins into your system and creates a kind of high. It helps you enjoy the rest of your food better because your taste buds are wide open. “

Silence as I watch it to sink in. Mike drinks his beer, his hand resting on his head again. Charlotte starts to get a perma-grin on her rosy face, and there is a serious curl in one strand of hair.

Just then, I feel the vibration from my cell phone. Pearly has texted me. “Rm 5. I hope u r ready 2 party. 2 more who want 2 watch and??. When do u think u’ll b here?”

Mike snatched the phone from my hand.

“Pearly?? What the hell name is that? Another 2 what? People? This isn’t good, Tori. I really don’t want you to do this.” He balanced between pleading and anger.

“Really, Tori. Why don’t you come home with us?” Mike and I looked at Charlotte, startled. She nodded seriously, concerned. “Really! I don’t want you to be in a dangerous situation.” She looked coy momentarily. She is admittedly bi sexual, but never has come on to me because I prefer men, and she is in a committed relationship. She her doe-y eyes beseech me and she grins like mad. “I’ll spank you, if you want.”

You know how in the latest movies, the picture pauses on one scene and the camera spins around 180* to view a different perspective of the same situation? Yeah, the room went still and we were the only people on the planet. As flattered as I was, I couldn’t help but bust a giggle out loud and shake my head. “Ha! Thank you Chaz, but I don’t think that is the same thing. I don’t want to scare you, or embarrass you. We’re friends, and I want us to stay that way.”

Mike relaxed slightly, but I could tell he was picturing me bent over his petite girlfriend’s knee. The rosy glow hadn’t left his cheeks just yet. Charlotte leaned forward, perhaps unconsciously, pushed her breasts forward over the bar table. Whether I went home with them or not, they were clearly gonna have some wild sex that night. I sipped the dregs of my beer, making it last a little longer.

“I’m serious. I want you to come home with us. I want you to tell me more about what you like. What you do.” Charlotte gripped her empty beer mug with both hands, fondled it with her thumbs. She shifted her eyes between the mug and me. Mike was silent now.

“Charlotte.(pause) I… don’t know. I really don’t want to miss my chance for something that might be great.”

Mike piped in “It might suck too. He might be some jackass loser you wouldn’t look at twice. And who is the other couple? No, you are coming with us. I’ll spank you myself if I have to.” Smirk, nervous fidgeting with his hands. ” Come on, Tori. Don’t do this. He can play with the other 2 whatevers.”

I thought about the riding crop in my backpack, the strap on. It would be fun to watch their faces as I pulled out the toys and explained the techniques and various ways I have used them.

Mike opened my cell phone and replied to Pearly’s text. “later, mate”, then slapped it closed. “Done deal. Lets go get some wine and go home.”

Charlotte and I slowly got up, not really sure about this, but excited and giggly like idiots.


We sat in their living room, Mike built a fire, and Charlotte poured the wine I gave her from my bag. They curled into each other on the plush couch and I sat in a comfy chair, all watching the flames intently, avoiding the elephant. I didn’t dare take off my fleece yet, just sat there getting hot by the fire. My texts would vibrate and chime every so often, but I didn’t bother to check them. I bent down to take off my tennis shoes.

Finally, Charlotte broke the lead-weighted silence. “Um, yeah, so… how long have you been doing S&M?”

I swung my legs over the arm of the LazyBoy Chair and revealed the fishnets over my toes. “I am more into the B&D than the Sado stuff, really. But I like spankings and biting, tickle bondage, wrestling. Mmm I sometimes play the role of the dominant and sometimes the submissive. My first boyfriend introduced me a few years ago. But he was always dominant, and being a big guy, I could never really ever dominate him. ” I sipped my wine, wiggled my toes by the fire.

“What do you mean, you dominate?” Mike was perplexed. He gripped his wineglass like a video game toggle, stared at my toes.”Do you beat guys up?”

“Ha-ha, no. not really.” I watched his face. “Unless they want me to…. usually, I just tie them up and spank or bite them as much as I think they can take. I sit on their faces or make them do some menial tasks. Sometimes I spank them while I suck on their cocks. I don’t want to hurt so much, just increase the sensations.” Mike met my gaze and squirmed slightly.

Charlotte sat up a little nazillibelediyespor.org straighter. “Wait. But doesn’t it hurt?” She hurries to drink her wine, so to have another glass…

“Yes, a little. I personally don’t want major pain. Some people like to really feel the burn and to be humiliated. But I prefer just to stimulate.

“Also, I like the anticipation factor. Waiting for the hand to strike my ass is infinitely sexy.” I tugged the bottom edge of my fleece. My feet were burning hot now, but I just swiveled them on the ankle some more. I unzipped the fleece just enough to let some air into my cleavage.

Charlotte sat legs crossed under her now, refilling her glass. “Do you use handcuffs and whips? What happens if you don’t like what is happening to you?”

“Well, I have rules, n stuff, of course.” I pulled my backpack up from the floor onto my lap. I unzipped it slowly, feeling their eyes on me. Where is that elephant? I pulled out the handcuffs, feeling that they were the least offensive, the easiest to introduce first. “These are a bit harsh sometimes. I prefer scarves if they are tied correctly.” I tossed the handcuffs at Mike. He looked at them like he held a a dead rat. Charlotte reached over and traced her finger around the metal.

“You have seen handcuffs before, right?” They laughed, a relaxed..

Mike flicked one cuff open and encircled it on Char’s wrist quickly. “Hey!” she laughed.

“You DO have the keys for these, right?” Mike held the other cuff tightly.

I pulled some scarves out of my bag and laid them across the chair arm by my legs. “Maybe” I pulled out the riding crop slowly. They watched me intently then. This was something they were frightened of. I imagined an audible gulp from them, and it made me tingle with power. I held it straight up from my hip, the leather flap at the end flopped over. Then I glanced over to the couch. “Wanna test this?”

“Can I see it?” Charlotte reached out with her un-cuffed hand. I met her reach and watched her inspect it.

“Slap your wrist with it, Char.” I urged. I stood to get a wine refill. I hovered at the end of couch, waiting for her to test it, pouring my wine. She tentatively smacked the outside of her cuffed wrist. “Would you like me to show you? I wont do it hard, but it should sting a little.” I put my hand out.

She just sat and stared, torn between yes and no. Eventually, she handed over the crop.

“Turn your arm over; your wrist is more sensitive than the back of your arm.” She held out the un-cuffed arm, wrist up.


“ooh!” She pulled her wrist back tight to her breast. Mike smiled briefly.

“Did that really hurt?” I said.

Charlotte rubbed her wrist against her shirt. “Actually no, not really. I think I reacted more to the shock than the sting.”

“Thatta girl. Once I got over the initial shock, it was easier to relax and enjoy it.” I looked at Mike, “You next? Hold out your wrist.”

He shook his head, “No way! Let me do it to you.” He twisted and turned the handcuff in his hand.

I shifted my weight and bawked at him. “uhh!! I will eventually get you to like this. Don’t be a baby. Hold out your wrist. It will only sting a moment max.” I smacked the crop against my jeans slightly harder than what I had inflicted on Charlotte. “don’t be afraid.”

He wouldn’t budge. “Nope. Nuthin doin.” He leaned over to kiss Charlotte lightly and placed the other cuff on Charlotte’s available wrist. “I’m just waiting until you girls get undressed, so we can go to bed.”

“Chicken!” I said. “I ‘m gonna take Charlotte up to the room and give her a private demonstration.” I took a hold of Char’s handcuffs in the middle. “Kiss her goodbye until I’m done with her.”

His eyes widened with lust, he played a scenario in his head immediately. Pausing only for a second, he followed my order: he kissed his girl hard, and long on the mouth. Until I pulled the cuffs up, and Char off the couch. Any reluctance was just for show. She was excited. I handed her the bottle of wine to carry. I grabbed the scarves and my backpack, and led her up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Part 2:

“Kneel on the bed.”

Charlotte knelt on the bed, ankles crossed. She placed her arms on her lap, wrists out, like displaying the handcuffs to me. I unzipped my fleece, revealing my purple satin corset and all its stiff ribs. It pushed my 36C breasts up high, pulled my waist in tight. Charlotte watched admiringly; her eyes found every freckle across my shoulders down my arms. I opened my fly slowly and pushed my jeans down. Guarder suspenders held fishnet leggings in place. Shiny purple panties dark against my milky skin.

“This is all about trust. I’m only gonna do some mild stuff to you. If I hurt you, tell me to stop. If you want more, then say so.” I twisted a blindfold in my hands. “This is something called sensory deprivation. I am going to put a blindfold and ear plugs on you. Do you trust me?”

She shrugged at first, then nodded.

“No, Do you trust me? Tell me.”

She looked me in the eye, “Yes. I do trust you.” She nodded again, sincere.

” I know you have been with girls before, so that part wont be so new to you. Even though it is kinda new to me. I just want to introduce you to other sensations. And, I need you to say yes or no. You need to be vocal. Tell me that you want me to blindfold you.”

She nodded. “It’s OK You can blindfold me.” She adjusted her legs one by one.

“No. Tell me that you want me to blindfold you.” I was stern, but sincere. I stretched the blindfold out in front of her, tempting.

Her eyes were on my panties; she darted her tongue out briefly, then bit the bottom lip. “I want you to blindfold me.” She whispered.

“Excellent. I thought you’d never ask” I smiled, then moved to stand just before her. She stared at my breasts shoved up high towards her face, before I slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

“Do you want me to cover your ears?”

Like a good girl, “Will you cover my ears?”

Then, I massaged an ear plug thin, I leaned over and breathed slowly in her left ear. I grazed my teeth across the outer curve, and slipped the rubber plug in. She sighed. I did the same with the right ear. Charlotte adjusted her legs on the bed again, raising them and holding her tiptoes on the floor.

Laying my backpack next to us, I knelt on the bed behind Charlotte, each leg on either side of her.. I ran my fingers through her dark curls, fingernails light on the scalp. I pushed the hair away from her neck, and ran my lips over the nape. Tongue lightly touching at the base. Then back up. I moved her hair to the other side, and ran my lips over the other side. I pulled her hair up into a pony tail intertwined with my fingers. I pushed her head down, kissing the back of her neck.

Then I bit her.

Not too hard, but it got her attention. She grunted with desire. I continued biting her neck, the nape, the ear, slowly. I heard her slurp, she was salivating. I gripped her hair a little harder and pulled her head back, I bit the tender space just under the jaw. Charlotte moved her arms back and forth over her lap.

I moved back and bit a little harder beneath the ear, testing her. She moaned and opened her mouth, she was way into it now, lustful.

I released her hair, but continued to bite her neck and shoulder. I massaged her shoulders, and down her back, up and down her arms. I reached around and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt. She leaned her head against my face now, pushing into my teeth on her neck. I bit a little harder. She yelped, but stayed in place. My tongue worked the fold of skin between my teeth, as I continued to unbutton. I pulled the shirt open and back over her shoulders. I could see her heart thump against her chest. Her breasts heavy and pushing against the peach lace bra, nipples already erect through the fabric.

I pulled the straps down off her shoulders. She shrugged her shoulders forward, pushing her breasts together. I pulled the shoulders back, massaging them back into a relaxed pose. She moaned, she wanted me to touch her tits. She wanted the bra off. Eh, but that is the beauty of dominance.

Instead I moved my hands down her sides, across her flat belly. Touching lightly.

Then a pinch on the side.


I pinched again, just under the navel.

“Mmm” she moaned.

I bit into her shoulder. And ran my tongue across her upper back. Then I pressed my chest up again her back, smashing my overstuffed breasts against her. I pushed my hands down her outer thighs, down her skirt. My fingers traced over the knees and up the inside of her thighs, pulling her skirt up some. I circled her thighs again, following the same path as before, pulling that skirt up higher.

I pressed my fingers to her inner thighs, pulling them apart. She quickly obliged, spreading her knees as wide as she could, pushing her skirt up high. I slapped her inner thighs, and she tried to close them up again. But I held on, pulling them wide. Charlotte relinquished. I slapped them again, and she kept her knees open.

Without knocking, Mike opened the door. And instant hard-on pushed his trousers forward. With my eyes, I indicated for him to sit in the chair across from the bed. He started to speak, but I shook my head for him to be quiet and not interfere. He closed the door, and took his seat, eyes wide and glassy.

I unfastened Charlotte’s bra, and let it slide down her arms. Her breasts swayed, and she pushed them forward with desire. I grabbed her breasts, held them, weighed them. I pulled and swiveled the nipples, until she moaned again. I pinched them a little harder, pulling them towards Mike. Charlotte was in ecstasy, and rolled her head back and forth on my shoulder.

I released them abruptly and rolled my finger for Mike to come closer. I pushed Charlotte forward, and raised her butt off her ankles. I bent her over, and her breasts swayed into Mike’s mouth. She gasped, quickly moved her shackled hands to his shoulders for support. Mike so full of desire, sucked each nipple, and pinched them as I had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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