Switch-On: Uncle Understands

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–commercial begins–

Do you struggle with bad habits like smoking, drinking, or gambling? Does your spouse tell you he wants to clean, but constantly forgets? Do your kids constantly back-talk or struggle with their grades? Tired of throwing away hard earned money on tuition, just to have your son or daughter fail their classes? Then we have a solution for you!


Apply this medical device between the shoulder blades and -presto!- behaviors can instantly change. Encourage a more positive you. Promote a better marriage. And keep those sons and daughters respectful and studying. After just one week you’ll see new, permanent changes in yourself and the ones you love. Turn off the negativity and lack of motivation and Switch-On! Today!

Mom stands over her son at the table and asked with a concerned look on her face, “Hey son, how are your grades?”

The son looks up and smiles, “All A’s thanks to you, mom! And Switch-On!” He gives her a big thumbs up and she hugs him proudly.

Call 1-800-555-SWITCH. You’ll be so glad you did!

–commercial ends–

Switch-On hit the market with a blast from a major corporation, Vabaja, Inc. Critics complained it could be abused. Lawmakers struggled with defining and regulating the devices. Professors debated the ethical nature of tampering with a human being’s free will. And while the talking heads and lawyers and politicians flapped their gums, the Switch-On devices flew off the shelves by the tens of thousands in a matter of weeks. Some people clearly had nefarious purposes to owning one of the devices, but even the benign expectations of innocent buyers were corrupted by their basic desire to control their environment and everyone in it.


Uncle Understands…

Jodi waved goodbye to her dad as he drove away, leaving her on the doorstep of her uncle’s house. Uncle Steve lived here in the country ever since his wife divorced him two years ago. Jodi’s cousin Rachel went back and forth between her mom and her dad’s place, but recently decided to live full time with her father to complete her senior year. Jodi and Rachel loved hanging out in the small town because it was easy to sneak away and get beer and hook up with the boys nearby. Rachel practically begged her to come up for the last few weekends and Jodi got it out of her that she had a new boyfriend, but which one she would not say.

That was okay. Rachel would find out soon enough. It was dinner time and the three of them were sitting down to a late meal. Jodi’s dad couldn’t get out of work fast enough so it was 8pm before they even got to the house. Her uncle and cousin were nice enough to wait for her though and it was chit-chat time between hungry bites.

Jodi looked different, but Rachel couldn’t put her finger on what. Her cousin was trim and wore clothes to show off her curves that night; something that Uncle Steve normally didn’t approve of. Rachel had seen Jodi like that dozens of times… when they snuck out. Jodi’s hair was up in pigtails and her dark brown eyes gleamed with a happiness that could only mean that her new boyfriend was taking care of her properly. Rachel wondered which handsome stud it was and couldn’t wait to get the skinny on the details.

As dinner went on, Rachel found herself more and more fatigued. Maybe it was the long drive there, maybe it was from waiting too long to eat. The eighteen year old teenager hoped she wasn’t coming down with a cold. Uncle Steve suggested she head off to bed and get some rest. “After all,” he told her, “We have all weekend with you being off Monday.”

Reluctantly Rachel agreed and got undressed. She barely had the energy to get her pajamas on before her head hit the bed, and her equilibrium was spinning within her skull. It almost felt like she had taken Nyquil or had too much to drink. Her pretty blonde hair was draped across her pillow as she passed out, oblivious to the fact that her uncle had drugged her soda.

Rachel woke up around 2am, still feeling dizzy from the effects of the drug but unknowing that she was under the influence. The house was a bit chilly so she grabbed a robe off the back of the door and stepped into the hallway, making her way to the kitchen. Her mouth was dry and she desperately needed some water. Once she satisfied her parched gaziantep escort mouth, Rachel headed back to the guest room when a box caught her eye. It was on the kitchen table and was unpacked. A clear plastic clamshell was open and empty adjacent to the box and a small user manual was sticking out of the package. The booklet didn’t say what it was for, only labeled “USER MANUAL X-317”. Rachel turned the kitchen light on and spun the box in her hand. On the flip side was a label which read the shipper was ‘Switch-On’.

Lots of people were talking about the new Switch-On craze which supposedly made students into studying machines. There was a report on the news howver that a man was applying Switch-Ons to unsuspecting customers and then programming them to rob banks for him. They caught him eventually, but it made a lot of people nervous that the electronic devices were dangerous. Rachel wondered if her uncle or her cousin was using one, and what for. They certainly didn’t hide the box so it couldn’t be a secret, but it would have to be a secret for a few more hours.

As Rachel headed back to the guest room, she noticed Jodi’s room was open and the bed was empty. At first she was pissed that her cousin had bailed on her without at least trying to wake her up, but then Rachel figured Jodi still had to be home. She would never sneak out with her door open – Jodi’s dad could wake up, find her missing, and then she would be in a world of hurt.

“Jodi?” Rachel whispered down the hall. There was no answer. There was a sound coming from down the hall near her uncle’s room and the teenager curiously tiptoed forward to figure out what it was.

Springs. Bouncing. Breathing. Moaning. Whispering. Silence.

Uncle Steve had somebody in his room with him? That was a first. Rachel froze on the hallway side of his closed door and listened intently.

“I thought I heard something,” a female whisper came. “Maybe Rachel is up?”

“No way,” a male whisper answered, “I gave her enough to keep her asleep till morning.”

Enough? Enough what? Rachel leaned against the door gently and continued to eavesdrop. She was careful not to make contact with the door which was a mere two inches open – not nearly enough to see into the room.

The female whispered, “Good, because I am feeling so horny, daddy. I need to cum again.”

“Good, because I haven’t cum yet. You stopped right before I could get there.”

“I’m sorry, daddy. I’ll do better this time daddy. You know how much I love to please you.”

Rachel was reeling at the term ‘daddy’. Clearly the voice couldn’t belong to her cousin; Jodi would never do anything disgusting like that. It must be some woman playing around in there with Rachel’s uncle. Some sort of odd role playing fetish she had heard of some people doing. But the female voice sounded so young, so familiar… The bouncing of the springs resumed and soon the moaning did too.

“You like that, bad girl?” Uncle Steve prodded his partner.

“Yes, daddy. Fuck me hard. I need you. I love you so much.”

“Oh I’m gonna, Jodi. You are such a bad little girl!”

It couldn’t be! Rachel was shaking, nervous and dumbfounded by what was happening on the other side of the door. The blonde girl just had to peak, to confirm that her cousin wasn’t in there with her own father. Rachel pushed the door ever-so-slightly to try to sneak a peek inside. As the door moved open, the view of Jodi on all fours came upon her, Uncle Steve behind her. Both were naked and Steve’s hips were flexing forward and back, smacking his skin on the back of Jodi’s thighs. His daughter’s face was drawn open as she moaned in exquisite pleasure.

Steve slowed a bit and grabbed what looked like a cell phone, muttering to himself, “Hmmm, you are just not being loud enough for me tonight, my dear daughter. Let’s up your volume…”

Jodi moaned loudly.

“…And let’s make sure you talk dirtier too.” He pressed a few buttons and then set the phone down. Before he could let go of the device, Jodi was already responding to him.

“Hurry, daddy,” Jodi begged her father, “please fuck me! Use me like a dirty little whore… Oooh, that’s it… Fuck your daughter’s tight little hole!”

“Much better,” Uncle Steve groaned as his daughter bounced escort against his body.

Rachel couldn’t believe it. Jodi was certainly no prude and would cuss all the time when she was away from her parents, but Rachel couldn’t believe the filth coming out of her cousin’s mouth, not to mention the incestuous act that was taking place. It had to be that Switch-On. Uncle Steve must have ordered it and installed it on his own daughter… What a pervert! But why take the chance of being caught? Why not wait till after Rachel left to do this horrible thing? It made no sense.

The Switch-On was supposed to go between the shoulder blades. Rachel risked opening the door a bit further to confirm what she already figured must be true. As she pressed against the door it creaked… Loudly. Both taboo lovers stopped and Rachel ducked her head away just as both swiveled to face the door. She had to get out of there, retreat to the guest room. As quietly as she could, the blonde cousin padded down the hall and into the bed. There were whispers and footfalls in the house getting closer but she didn’t dare slow down, dropping the robe on the floor by the bed. Then a shadow of a man was in her doorway. It was Uncle Steve, naked with his boner sticking out, staring at her. Rachel did her best to look asleep, barely cracking one eyelid open to see his perverse shape standing there. Her heart was pounding and it seemed so loud in her head she was sure her uncle would hear it. But then he slowly walked away and down the hall.

There was no falling asleep now. Her young mind was reeling from the details. What should she do? Who should she tell? Should she act like she saw nothing? Should she try to leave before dawn? Rachel decided the last option was the best. She loved and respected her uncle, but knowing what he had done to his own daughter meant that he couldn’t be trusted at all. Who knew what he might do to his niece?

With her heart still racing, Rachel still struggled to hear anything from the house. As terrible as the thought might be, Rachel hoped that her cousin and uncle would be back at their disgusted sex act so that she could escape. There was no clock in the guest room so the eighteen year old waited for what she thought was long enough before getting up. She grabbed her jeans and slipped them up and over her ass. Standing in the dark, Rachel fumbled on the ground where she discarded her bra. She reached back and fastened it, then turned to look for her shirt when she saw Jodi standing there in the doorway with a sheer teddy on.

“Where are you going this late at night?” Jodi asked loudly. She was smiling and clearly not herself.

“Shhhhhhh!” Rachel hushed. “You scared me!”

Jodi ignored Rachel’s request to be quiet, “It’s too cold outside to go out. Go back to bed!”

Rachel looked around the room and couldn’t find her blouse or her bag. “Damn it, where are my things?” Steve must have moved them. Why? Why would he move her belongings?

Jodi cocked her head to the side, “Hey, cousin! Want to have some fun?”

It was getting scarier by the minute. “No, I want to go home. I’m leaving…” Rachel pushed passed Jodi and walked to the front door. Screw the blouse. She would just grab her jacket and wear that. It was May and not freezing outside – she would make it to the town easy enough on foot. Rachel grabbed her purse and slipped her shoes on when there was a slap on her back. No – a stab. Whatever it was there was sharp pain that drove her to her knees for a split second as the Switch-On device in Uncle Steve’s hand was thrust into her. The tiny pins pierced her skin and sent what felt like an electric shock through Rachel’s body. The Switch-On sat just above her bra strap on her bare skin and soon felt warm. Everything felt warm. Even the chilly room was warm. Warm and quiet and dark and…

Uncle Steve had hoped to install the device while Rachel was sleeping so that she would have no memory of the installation, but this would have to do. He picked up the controller and fingered in the commands…












It was so sexy watching Uncle Steve’s cock shoving in and out of Jodi. How many times had they had sex over the weekend? Twenty? Thirty? Rachel’s cousin was teaching her everything she needed to know. How to talk, how to move, how to pleasure a man. Not just any man, though. No, Jodi was satisfying her own dad sexually, performing the most wicked acts with him and loving it.

“Oooh, that’s it, daddy… Fuck my dirty cunt right now! I’ll never fuck another man – just you, daddy.. You own me… You own your daughter’s body… Doesn’t that get you hard, daddy? Knowing your sweet Jodi is underneath you? That your dick is buried in your own daughter’s cunt? Ooooh, cumming daddy! More!”

Rachel’s pleasure was only at her own fingertips and she was becoming increasingly frustrated, watching that lurid penetrative act and desiring it so much. She begged her uncle to fuck her but he refused. Instead he teased her, having intercourse with his daughter mere inches away from Rachel’s face, forcing her to watch only as Jodi’s father pounded his little girl so hard that his balls slapped against her pussy. It drove her mad with lust, having to satiate herself with the length of her fingers.

It was 5pm on Monday when Ben pulled up in front of his brother’s house. There Steve stood, waiting for him on the porch. He must have heard the car coming down the long driveway before he could see it, especially with all the trees on this property.

Ben jumped out of the car and warmly greeted his older brother. “Hey, bro? How was the weekend?”

“Good,” Steve responded. “You get your work done? I know you were concerned about the business.”

“Yeah, it’s been stressful.” Ben looked around, “So is Rachel ready to go? I’d like to get back before nightfall. There are no lights up in this area.”

Steve stretched, “Yeah, I like it that way. No neighbors, no lights, no prying eyes. Ah! Here comes Rachel now.”

Rachel’s bob haircut was pulled up in two tiny pigtails that made her look even younger. Her glossy pink lipstick was shining in the afternoon sun matched the pink tight junior t-shirt she wore on her top. A pair of cut-off jeans showed off the teenager’s thighs and the lower part of her ass cheeks poked out from beneath.

“She’s all ready, little brother,” Steve grinned, handing the remote control to his younger sibling.

“You didn’t play with my present, did you?” Ben asked accusingly.

“No! I promised I wouldn’t. It seems some other teenage boys already got to her first long before this weekend, but at least you have her now.”

Ben looked scornfully at Rachel, “Young lady, is this true? Have you had sex already?”

Rachel made an exaggerated frown, approaching her father seductively. “I couldn’t help it, daddy. I’m so sorry! But maybe you’d like to punish me, daddy? I could use a good spanking, daddy.” Ben’s daughter rubbed her hand over his crotch and brought his dick immediately to life. Instinctively his hands felt all over his daughter’s tight body. His fingertips brushed against the Switch-On device between her shoulders and Ben made a mental note to have her wear things that covered the device. At least when she was out in public. She continued to stare into his eyes submissively.

“Have a good drive home,” Steve waved. “Don’t get too distracted!” He watched his niece and brother ride away, her blonde head moving toward her father’s lap before they went out of sight. The car weaved a bit and Steve hoped that they would get back home okay. He turned around to see Jodi standing in the doorway.

The senior high school student would be going back to her regular schedule starting tomorrow. There was some studying to do, but Steve was sure she would get it done in time, especially with the Switch-On installed. That meant there were plenty of hours for fun. Jodi wore matching cut-offs like her cousin and she was posed against the frame in such a way as to show off her tight ass. Steve pulled out his own remote and thumbed through the various presets he had set up for his daughter.












Maybe the AGGRESSIVE preset mode would be fun tonight? Then again, maybe he’d make up a new one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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