Taking Control Pt. 01

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I wake up the next morning spooning you from behind. You’re quiet, so I assume you’re still asleep. Your hair is in my face and I breathe deeply in the scent of it and of your skin. Despite our showers I can also smell your pussy. The scent of you brings back the memories of the passionate night before and it’s intoxicating. My cock stirs to life a little so I wiggle my hips to move the semi-hard member between your cheeks. I want to be engulfed by your warmth and softness.

“What are you doing back there?” You’re awake after all.

“I hope I didn’t wake you. I just want to be as close to you as I can. It feels so good lying here with you.”

You roll over to face me. You’re smiling but you’re eyes are red and puffy and your cheeks are wet. You’ve been crying. I suddenly feel terrible about lying next to you oblivious of your pain.

“Carissa. What’s wrong? I hope it wasn’t something that i…” You interrupt me with a finger placed gently on my lips. I smell your skin again.

“Shhh. No, it’s not you, Sean. Well, I guess it sort of is. I was lying here thinking about last night. About how wonderful it was, how wonderful you were, how wonderful you made me feel.” I look complacently into your eyes while you speak, completely at ease for the first time since I can remember. “I didn’t know I could feel that way. Or if i did know, I’d forgotten.” You start to gently rub your fingertips on me—my arm, my side, my back, my butt, my thigh. Your touch feels thrilling.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so wanted, or so beautiful and sexy. When you opened the curtains so the whole world could see how amazing I was, I nearly melted. You did that for me. I’m so grateful.” You kiss me gently and passionately.

“I realized how much of my life had been wasted with John. I felt unappreciated and unworthy for so long. And I’m realizing he made me feel that way. It makes me so mad and sad. I’m mad at myself too. I let him do that to me. Then I started to think about how different my life could have been, and the lives of my children, if I’d spent all that time feeling like this instead. That’s when I started crying.”

I reach up and brush some fallen hair away from your face and gently rub your cheek to wipe away the residue of your tears. “What’s important now is that you forgive yourself. Can you do that Carissa?”

You smile, staring into my eyes. “Yes. I can do that…for you, Sean.” I smile back at you.

“I’m sorry, that all of that happened to you,” I say rubbing my fingers on your arm, neck, and chest. “You deserved better. Maybe we can spend this week together, and try to make up for as much of that as we can.”

I want to spend more time with you. As much as I can before I have to go back to my “real” life. I hope that you reciprocate. Yesterday I went trolling for a one-night stand, but now I want more than that. Do you want that? Am I being unfair to you?

“I want that,” you tell me. You give me another kiss. Your fingers trace down my chest and stomach to my cock. You start to stroke me softly. I’m now fully erect.

“Hmmm. Already hard?”

“After getting to know you a little and being with you, I think I will always be hard around you from now on.”

That makes you smile. You like knowing how much you turn me on. I sigh and roll onto my back so you can have full access. I put my arm under you so I can stroke your back and ass. You rest your head on my arm.

“Don’t stop talking, I just want to touch you for a while. OK?”

“Uhm-hmm,” I consent. “I think I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way. Like I’ve been slowly drifting into the wrong lane for a long time and then you came along and yanked the wheel back just before I crashed. You saved me.”

As you continue to stroke me I’m having trouble thinking of anything to say after that.

“So tell me something,” I finally say. “Why are you still on the pill? You were hardly even having sex.”

“John,” you say matter of factly. “He insisted. At first I thought he just didn’t want to wear a condom, which is stupid and selfish of him.”

“And I another way for him to demonstrate his control over you,” I point out.

“Right. That too. But after he finally got caught, I started to think that he was just paranoid about getting someone pregnant, anyone. It wasn’t even my prescription. He just got them for me from somewhere. I bet he was supplying all of his little sluts with pills. He was probably fucking so many different girls, it was just easier to give them all the pill. One of them was probably a pharmaceutical rep or something like that. They’re always so hot…”

You move your head to look at me and you stop stroking. “Marla!”

“Who’s Marla?” I ask.

“She’s one of the wives. One of the ones that has a job. She’s a pharmaceutical rep, and she’s totally hot.” You start stroking me again. “She’s got red hair and is totally beautiful, and has an amazing body. She doesn’t have big tits, but they’re nice and perky. I saw her in a bikini a few bebek escort years ago at a pool party. I couldn’t stop checking out her perfect little round ass and sexy legs. I was jealous.”

“So, are you interested in her? In being with her?”

“In fucking her, you mean?” You’re done being coy and demur. “If you’d asked me that yesterday I would’ve said no way, and maybe even slapped you. But after last night…I don’t know. Maybe I am.” Your stroking becomes faster and harder as you talk about how hot Marla is. I grunt feeling the pressure building. You realize what you’re doing and slow back down. You start to play with my balls to give my hard dick a little rest. It still hurts from last night, but I don’t want you to stop touching it.

I feel like it’s OK to tell you about the fantasy I had last night while I watched you talking to Lexi.

“You have a very active imagination. Very sexy.” You smile and kiss me again. “But the only thing I’d want to do with that bitch is fuck her in the ass.”

“Like with a strapon?” I ask eagerly.

“Oooh,” you saying thinking about it. “Yeah, that’s even better. With a big, fat strapon.” You move your hand up to the tip of my cock and find some pre-cum waiting there for you. You wipe it off, making me grunt, and then lick your finger clean.

“Damn. Why do you taste so good?” You start stroking me again.

“I’d like to watch that. No wait. Can I fuck her with you? I’ll fuck her pussy while you’re fucking her in the ass.”

“What? Does that work? That’s really a thing?”

“Oh yeah. It’s called double penetration. Apparently the two dicks can feel each other in there.”

“Oh my god! I can’t imagine what that feels like.” I can tell that you’re trying to imagine what that feels like. You’re stroking me harder again.

“Uhhh. Slow down,” I warn you.

“Oh shit. Sorry.” You move more pre-cum up to your lips and then use your fingertips on my chest and stomach again. You play with my nipples a little when you’re in the neighborhood.

“OK, deal. If I ever fuck sweet little cunt Lexi in the ass, then you can fuck her sweet little cunt.”

“I gotta say, I’m loving that potty mouth of yours. There’s something confident and sexy about it.” I slap your ass.

“Is that all you love about my sexy mouth?” You start stroking me again. You smear the pre-cum that’s accumulated on my stomach onto my hard cock making it slick.

“Oh no, of course not. But it IS the only thing I love about it that doesn’t make me want to cum.”

“Mmmmm. Is that such a bad thing?” You pull the sheet off of us revealing my wet, hard cock in your hand. You kiss me and our tongues dance an aggressive tango in each other’s mouths.

“I want to taste you again, baby.” You start moving your head down to my crotch, kissing and licking as you go.

“Bring that pussy over here. I want to taste you too, baby. I want to make you come on face with my dick in your mouth.”

You purr as you move your hips around to my side and then swing your leg over me so you’re straddling my chest. I can smell your pussy. You’re already getting wet from making me hard and anticipating my tongue. I give your ass another smack, harder this time. You squeal and look back at me.

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask.

“No. You can do whatever you want to me, baby.” I feel your hand back on my cock. You give it a hard squeeze, making me yelp.

I put my hands on your hips to pull your pussy back towards my face while I shimmy down towards it. We both wiggle around until we get the alignment right, then I feel you lay down on top of me. I feel your breasts swing against my stomach before the weight of your body pushes them into me, soft and warm. I feel you stretch your upper body out against mine, running your hands down my legs. Then you start to kiss and lick my stomach slowly moving to the base of my cock. You work up my cock as far as you can stretched on my like this until you’re forced to put your hands on the bed and push yourself back up in order to reach my leaking tip. Your breasts aren’t mashed against me anymore and I can feel them dance around on my stomach as you lick up to the tip of my cock and play with it with your tongue. I moan for you so you know how good you make me feel.

The sensualness of your touch and the way your body moves has completely taken over my senses as I lay there experiencing you. When the tip of my cock enters your warm, wet mouth and you start stroking me, I suddenly remember what I’m supposed to be doing. I had intended to tease you a little by licking your thighs and around your pussy for a while. But instead I sit there and watch your ass and pussy move as you suck my cock. How it responds as you swirl your tongue around the head. How it jiggles and quivers when you start bobbing your head on me. How it clenches up when you take my cock all the way into your throat.

As I watch, your pussy grows visibly wetter. I think I can see drops of pussy juice istanbul escort beginning to form near your clit, but I don’t want to reach out and touch it to see. I just want to watch. I’m mesmerized by you. Your musky scent fills my nostrils I hear you start to moan and I haven’t even touched you yet. You’re doing this all to yourself through the power of your mouth and the unleashed sensuality of your sexy body.

Your moans come more quickly as your mouth bobs faster and faster on my aching, rock hard cock. I watch your ass gyrate and your pussy squirm as it aches to be touched. Your moans turn to grunts. Your fucking me with your mouth, and you may even make yourself cum just sucking my dick. I imagine letting myself go and exploding into your mouth, sending you over the edge. I watch as your ass and legs shake and your pussy quivers tying to suck in a dick that isn’t there. Your pussy juice flows out of you onto my chest and neck.

I can’t stand it anymore. I have to taste you. I have to release the torrent of your ecstatic juice. I put my hands up into the air and then bring them down hard onto the tops of your ass cheeks, pulling my head up to ram my tongue into your hole as far as I can. You scream in your throat, my hard cock still filling your mouth. I can feel your ass and legs shuddering all around me. My mouth is filled with your precious cream. My nose is pressed into your asshole as I wiggle my tongue around inside you to get all the juice I can. You’ve stopped bobbing as your body succumbs to the throws of another powerful orgasm, but my dick is still in your mouth and I can feel your moans on it.

I pull my tongue out and start hungrily eating your pussy. Licking your clit and your lips and pushing my tongue between them. I’m like an animal eating for the first time in weeks. I can’t get enough of you. I feel frantic trying to pull your whole pussy into my mouth, sucking, licking, and drinking all of you in.

You scream again. My cock falls out of your mouth as you lose all control of your body. I feel you writhing on top of me, sliding on the layer of sweat that’s formed between our hot, frantic bodies. The only sounds are the squishing from your pussy and the low guttural moan coming from deep inside you.

“Uh, uh, huh. S-stop,” you manage to whisper. I don’t totally stop, but I slow down. I concentrate on licking the cream from your thighs and around your pussy until your breathing slows and you catch your breath.

“Holy shit. Oh my God. Oh fuuuck, baby. That’s so amazing. I can’t believe you can do that to me.”

“That was all you, baby,” I tell her. “You’re just taking me along for the ride, and I’m loving the view.”

I roll us over so we’re on our sides. I go back to eating your pussy again, not frantically this time, but with purpose. I’m going to eat all of you, and I’m going to enjoy every bite.

“Ahh. Uh. That’s so good. I want you to cum in my mouth again, baby. Ok?”

“Mm-hmph.” I don’t want to stop what I’m doing.

I feel my cock slide into your warm, wet, wonderful mouth again, making me grunt and shiver. Like me, you work slowly and deliberately. You’re letting the pressure and heat rise slowly in order to get the biggest explosion you can. I feel your tongue all over my shaft and tip. You’re sucking hard. I moan into your pussy too let you know how good you are.

I’m already close, just from watching you, tasting you, feeling you, smelling you, experiencing all of you. You’re so hot. I lick your pussy clean of the fresh juice from your last orgasm, then I pull my mouth away.

“Baby, you’re so fucking hot. I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

You increase your effort. I want us to cum together. I slide three fingers into you and watch your body react as you moan. I use the thumb of my other hand to rub your clit. You’re starting to shudder again. I work my fingers fast to make them wet and creamy.

“Fuck, baby. You’re so good to me.”

Your pussy starts to squish again from the work of my fingers. I leave your clit for a moment so I can spit onto the fingers of that hand. I use it to make your asshole slick. You responds by bucking your hips to press your rosebud into my fingers. I return my thumb to your clit, but I take the others out of you. I hear you groan in disappointment.

I put two back on the edge of your labia and the other on your asshole. I can feel you tense up.

“Relax, baby.”

I push into you slowly. Two fingers in your dripping wet pussy and the other in your ass. You moan in response. I work in and out, slowly at first, then faster as I feel you relax and respond to the sensations I’m creating. I pump my fingers into you faster and faster. I watch your sensitive taint get pushed and pulled in all directions as I move my fingers in and out of both of your holes

“Fuck, baby. Im gonna cum!”

I pump your pussy and ass faster while i mash your clit hard with my thumb. We cum together, both grunting and writhing against beyoğlu escort each other. Our bodies are slick with sweat and cum.

You swallow each hot load that i spray into your mouth. I pull my fingers out of you so I can put my mouth back on your pussy and let you fill me up with your juice. I put another finger back in your ass and hear your muffled squeal. We swallow each other’s rewards and then lick each other clean while we come down from our highs. We finally fall apart onto our backs, spent and breathing hard.



We lay there caressing each other for several minutes. Neither of us have anything to say at the moment. We just lay together, in bliss, enjoying the raucous perfection of our fucking.

You break the bubble when you lift your head to look at the clock.

“Shit. I gotta get going,” you say flopping your head back down on the bed.

I push myself up on my elbows so I can look at your sexy body lying next to me, sweaty and spent from what I just did to you.

I pout. “What? Where are you going?”

“I got a thing this morning. A brunch.”

“Can I come?”

“No,” you say sympathetically, pulling yourself up to you elbows to face me. “It’s a ladies thing. The Red Hats.”

“Can’t you skip it?” I ask, still pouting.

“Your adorable.” You rub my cheek with one hand. “I can’t. I’m on the fundraising committee and we have a thing coming up. I have to be there.”

“What if I went to the same restaurant and watched you.”

“No way!” you say quickly. “If I can see you there watching me, even if I just think you’re there watching me, it’ll make me all wet again. I think I’m already going to have a problem with that.”

“With what?” I’m being coy.

“If the meeting gets boring, which it will, the my mind will start to wander. I know I’m going to start thinking about you, and last night…and this morning.” You rub my cheek again and smile softly. “And I’m going to start getting wet if I do that. I should probably just wear a pad. I hope I have some.”

I smile at the thought of making you wet when I’m not even there.

“Dirty boy,” you smile back.

“Come on. I don’t have time to take a shower here, I’ll just have to walk out like this.” I look down and your pussy and inner thighs are glistening with cum and saliva.

You get up and start looking for your clothes.

“Ugh. I can’t wear these.” You’re holding your panties. The pussy juice they were soaked with last night has mostly dried and they are maintaining their wadded up shape as you hold them by two fingers. “I’ll just throw them away.”

I jump off of the bed. “No. Give them to me. I’ll take them.”

“A souvenir? I thought you were different than that, Sean.” You give me a suspicious look.

“I want to be able to smell you when you’re not around. I want to have Carissa with me whenever I need her.” I take them out of your hand.

You look up into my eyes and put your hands on my chest. “Look at what you’ve done to me,” you say alluringly. “I’m a respectable woman in the community, a married woman. Then you come along, a stranger, and fuck me so good that now I’m about to walk through the lobby of a busy hotel with no panties on and cum all over me.” You kiss me passionately. “God, I love it. I love what you do to me Sean.”

I get dressed while I watch you get dressed. I watch the way your and your breasts move. I know I’m your captive. I’m excited, but scared. I don’t know where you’re going to take me and I don’t want to hurt you. I…care about..you too much for that. I smell your panties before putting them in my pocket. I go to the bathroom to pee and wash up a bit.

“Hey, they have pads in here. You want one?”

“Oh great. Yeah, thanks.”

I open the door and you’re standing there. My heart flutters at seeing you again after 2 minutes of absence. I hold up the pad and you grab it out of my hand.


I burst into laughter. You’re perfect. You go into the bathroom to wash up a bit and fix your hair. I go over and sit in the chair that I’d moved to the window the night before. I fucked you in this chair. I can see my cum that dribbled out of you while you sucked my cock on the carpet in front of me. I can see your handprints on the window, and where your sweaty breasts were mashed into the glass. I start to get hard again, but my dick hurts. I don’t want to stop thinking about you though.

“You ready?” You step out of the bathroom putting the pad into your clutch. I take one last look around the room. There’s cum on the bed, the floor, the table, the wall in the entryway. We’ve left proof of our sexual compatibility everywhere to see. Two lonely, desperate strangers meet and have an intense and flawless physical interaction. When I’m in bed with you I feel like I’ve known you, your body, all my life. How does that happen? Does it mean something? Will it continue that way? How long can we last? I sigh, and move to follow you out the door. Your foot kicks something and you bend down to pick it up. It’s my wedding band.

“Oops. You’re going to need this.”

I take it from you almost reluctantly. I slip it into my pocket with your panties. I’m not ready to put it back on yet. I reach into my other pocket and pull your ring out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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