Taking Him

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the identities, but this is another one based on a true story. The characters in this story have altered appearances to further protect the identities. Any resemblance in personality or appearance to anyone is purely coincidental. The sex is going to take a while to happen, so if you prefer the short one page stories, move on! Drop some feedback for me, as I love to hear about what I did wrong/what I did right!


I knew from the first date that he was a good person to date. I smiled as I shut my front door behind me, hand tingling from where he’d held it almost all night. I practically skipped to my bathroom past my roommate, Danny.

“Have a good time Alex?” She asked, stopping me.

I blushed lightly. “Yes, it was great.”

Danny was my opposite in every way. Where I was tall and slender with breasts that barely filled a palm, she was petite with curves. I had ebony long hair to the middle of my back, and she had curly golden strands that barely reached her chin. Her face was round and sweet, like an innocent cherub’s. But my roommate was far from innocent—she had a new guy over every other Saturday.

“You’re back awful late. I thought you wouldn’t come back at all until morning.”

“Just because I said I might have him in bed eventually doesn’t mean I was going to on the first date,” I could feel my face further heating up. “I wasn’t gone that long anyway.”

“Love, you left at 1 in the afternoon. It’s nearly midnight. That’s a long first date, and you didn’t even have sex?”

“I didn’t want to,” I shrugged. She followed me into the bathroom, brushing her teeth as I got ready to shower. “We didn’t even kiss.”

“He didn’t even kiss you?! What kind of date was this, anyway?”

I sighed happily. “It was a wonderful date, like… like he wanted to respect me by not kissing me. We laughed and talked and I felt a connection I haven’t felt since…”

The happiness faded out of me. I shook my head to clear those thoughts. Danny shot me a sympathetic look as she spit out her toothpaste.

“Well if you need condoms, you know there’s always some in my purse or in my dresser,” she said lightly. “You know you can never trust the man to bring them. When’s your next date with what’s-his-face?”

“His name is Alec,” I mused. “Isn’t that funny? He’s Alec and I’m Alex. Anyway, it’s next Friday. He’s taking me to meet his roommates for dinner and then we’re all watching movies I guess.”

“Sex after?”

“Is that all that’s on your mind?”

“Most of the time,” Danny, apparently finished in the bathroom, walked over to the door. “Try not to use all of the hot water; I want a shower when you’re done. And Alex?”


“What size are his shoes?”

She closed the door, cackling, just before the towel that I threw at her hit it. It took me what felt like ages to wind down in the warmth of the shower, because every time I thought of Alec I started getting worked up again. He was taller than me, with golden skin almost softer than my own. I looked down at my body in the shower.

“How anyone is attracted to me, I’ll never know.” I muttered. Water droplets clung to my small boobs, accessorized with little bars through the nipples that had hurt like hell to get. I usually trimmed my pussy, but with the anticipation of going on a date I had shaved it bare.

Just in case.

Once I climbed into bed I glanced over at my phone and tried not to feel disappointed. Alec hadn’t texted me, but he had probably gone straight to bed. It wasn’t like he had a bad date… right?

As it was, he refrained from texting me until Tuesday, four days after our date. Danny relentlessly teased me every time my face fell when I checked my phone.

“Text him first,” she’d say. “Or better yet, sext him! I know all the best angles for a pussy shot, here let me show you mine.”

I tried to focus on work, but my hand kept straying down to my phone in my pocket until I picked up the habit of leaving it in my locker. Tuesday night as I was nearly asleep, my phone chirped.

Exhaustion flooded right out of my body, replaced by energy and bubbling excitement as I read his text.

“Sorry I haven’t called or texted. Are we still on for Friday?”

I almost typed “Yes!” Then I almost typed “Okay. Sounds cool.” Which was too passive. After five minutes, I settled on. “Of course. Have you told your roommates?”

I laid awake impatiently waiting.

“I told them I was bringing a friend, because I’m not sure what to call you?”

“Friends that are… kind of sort of, maybe dating?”

Well, I thought, if you’re going to be awkward over text, you might as well go all the way Alex. Now he’s definitely not going to respond.

“That’s almost word for word what I was thinking. I need to sleep now, but I can’t wait to see you again :).”

I almost shrieked with joy. I hadn’t scared him off! It took me another half an hour to stop wiggling with excitement so I could fall asleep. When I did, I had a dream about Lucas.

I erzurum escort woke up around 4 A.M. in a cold sweat, with my throat aching. Danny burst in through my door, brandishing her little pink pepper spray can. She looked blearily around before she realized I wasn’t being assaulted, and then she looked at me.

“Oh hon,” she sighed. “Come here.”

“I’m sorry, did I scream?” I murmured. She settled on my bed and pulled my head onto her chest. Her heartbeat slowed down to a comfortable rhythm, somewhat soothing the ache in my chest.

“Yes, but I’m used to it by now.” Danny’s small hand trailed through my hair. “It was about Lucas, wasn’t it?”

I shuddered. “Yeah.”

“That piece of shit is nowhere near you anymore,” she promised. “He can’t hurt you.”

“But what if Alec turns out like him?” I asked.

“Well then you put those self-defense classes to use and make sure he won’t be having kids in the near future, right?”

I laughed weakly. “Okay.”

“Let me meet him when he comes to pick you up.”

“Yeah. No problem. You’re a better judge of character than I am,” I said.

“If I were, I’d be in a relationship with the right person instead of playing around.” For once in her life, Danny sounded… wistful and sad. I moved to look up at her. In the dim light from my fish tank, it was impossible to read her eyes. She avoided my gaze.

“What do you mean…?” I asked.

“I don’t want to get into it.”


“Can you get back to sleep?”

I thought about it. “Maybe… can you… stay with me?”

“You got it.”

When I woke up, my best friend was gone from the apartment. The wait until Friday killed me, but the day it rolled around I could hardly stay still. Danny watched me from the couch as I switched between outfits indecisively, pinned my hair up and then let it down fifty times, and then sighed.

“What do you think?” I asked her.

“Wear your hair down.” She said. “Wear the skinny jeans and those black boots. You don’t have much of an ass to work with, but the jeans make it look like you do. Wear the green top, it goes well with your eyes. Don’t forget makeup.”

“Winged eyeliner?” I asked.

“No, here. I’ll help you put some eye shadow on.”

I ended up sitting on the bathroom counter with her fussing over me for at least an hour. I hated makeup for that reason alone; it took forever to get just right, and I’d only end up wiping it off at the end of the night anyway. What was the point?

“Wow,” she breathed as she stepped back finally and admired her work.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah right.”

“Seriously, wow. You look…” Danny ran a hand through her short hair and turned away. “Gorgeous Alex, really. He’ll love it.”

I stared after her as she hurried out of the bathroom, and then I turned to look at myself.


Danny was a girl that used a billion different kinds of makeup I didn’t know the names of, and she always had an assortment of different sized brushes that I didn’t know the purpose of. I had been afraid that I wouldn’t recognize my face when she was done with it, but she hadn’t done that with me.

My full pink lips were lightly glossed, and my skin looked even smoother than usual. She had gone with a casual smokey eye that made my green eyes look bright and entrancing. I had always been a little proud of my high cheekbones, and the way she did the light—emphasis on light here—blush accentuated them.

She was right. Danny had transformed me from “pretty” to “gorgeous”.

She reappeared in the doorway.

“Your prince is knocking at the door,” she said. Her eyes looked guarded, something I wasn’t used to seeing around her. But my excitement had me pushing the confusion away. I practically ran to the door, and then stopped and calmed myself.

“Acting like a teenager,” I muttered. Then I opened the door and beamed up at him.

He took my breath away, and he wasn’t even the one wearing makeup. He was at least three inches taller than me, with his long dark hair pulled back away from his face. He had kind hazel eyes and an easy smile that encouraged me to smile back. He was slender like me, but with lean muscles. He pulled me into a hug that I melted into.

“You look amazing,” he said.

“Thank you. Danny did my makeup for me, don’t expect it too much. I barely know what eyeliner is.”

“You don’t need makeup anyway.”

Danny just materialized next to me, it seemed. She stretched her small hand out to his, and his hand completely engulfed hers.

“I’m Danny,” she said. “Alex wasn’t kidding, you are cute.”

“Thanks?” He glanced at me. My face must have turned red with the laugh he gave. “Are you all set?”


Danny stepped a bit closer, looking almost… hostile. I nervously stepped back. “I want her back home by midnight and not a minute later.”

Then she laughed, as if she was kidding. I almost wondered if I had imagined the hostility on her face. I glanced between the two. If Alec noticed her attitude, he ghpops.com didn’t say anything about it. Danny laid her hand on my arm.

“Got your pepper spray?” She asked, loud enough for him to hear.

I rolled my eyes. “Somewhere in my purse.”

Alec and I made our way down the pavement to his car. It was already dark and more than a little chilly out. I told myself that was why my nipples were hardening underneath my bra. It wasn’t the fact that Alec’s scent in the confined car was almost intoxicating. I cleared my throat and smiled at his inquisitive glance.

“How was your week?” I asked.

“Busy. Work was crazier than usual. And I’m sorry I don’t text much, it’s not my thing. I like face to face.”

“What kind of twenty two year old are you?” I teased.

“The virginal kind?”

I sputtered a laugh before I noticed he didn’t. I looked at him. He turned the radio up, and I reached over and turned it down. “You’re a virgin?”

Now he cleared his throat. “Yeah.”

“You’re either lying or you’re religious.”

“I am Catholic, but not a very good one. That’s not why I’m still a virgin.” Alec glanced at me and then back at the road. “Talking to girls is just… awkward.”

“You seem fine with me.”

“You’re a comfortable person to talk to. I don’t feel like I have to impress you.” His fingers drummed lightly against the steering wheel. I examined the side view of his face, deciding that I liked the way the bridge of his nose curved slightly outwards away.

I lived in a shitty little apartment, but since Alec spread the rent out with more people, he lived in a two story house. I couldn’t help but stare at it as he led me to the door. My stomach clenched in fear, and my hand impulsively tightened on his. He stopped.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yeah… yeah. Meeting new people just gets the ol’ anxiety going,” I laughed. “I’m good though, really.”

Inside I was actually screaming, but I was used to pretending. I put on the most pleasant face I could, and we headed in. The house wasn’t completely full of strangers, but there were more than I could count on both hands. Claustrophobia set in almost immediately. Alec glanced at me worriedly, since he could feel my hand still tight on his. My face though was a perfect mask, as no one who introduced themselves to me noticed anything amiss.

“They’re a bunch of huggers,” I noted to Alec when their attention was elsewhere. I nearly said “I hate strangers hugging me”, but that might have concerned him. I kept my worries buried, and tried to relax in the company. Dinner went smoothly; it was pizza and some sort of pasta dish that was burnt on the edges but fine if you got a middle piece.

His roommates, despite the unwanted hugging, were nice people. A few didn’t take much notice of me, but a couple of the guys went out of their way to approach and make conversation. Alec stayed by my side except for five minutes when he excused himself to the bathroom. My mask nearly slipped then as panic closed in on me, but he was back before I could have a breakdown.

Everything was actually going really smoothly until the movie. It was a low budget musical, which coincidentally are usually pretty good. I was just finally beginning to relax into the couch, my head on Alec’s shoulder, when one of the actors cracked a joke about rape.

I flinched, and then when everyone—Alec included—chortled, my fists tightened on my thighs until my nails dug into my skin.

“Sorry, I have to pee.” I mumbled to Alec before jumping up and leaving the room. No one noticed me leave. I had been heading for the bathroom, but somewhere between the bathroom and the living room my mind associated “mental breakdown under the sink” with “get fresh air”. I ended up sitting outside on the front steps, shivering in the cold with my head in my hands. The sharp icy air on every patch of bare skin was enough to bring me back from the flashbacks that were threatening to close in on me.

I heard the door creak gently behind me and lifted my head casually, putting my pleasant face back on. Alec settled beside me and took one of my hands.

“Kind of cold out here,” he noted.

“It’s nice.”

“Are you okay?”

A laugh bubbled its way out of my throat and came out as a strangled chuckle. “Rape jokes aren’t funny to me.”


“I’m not going to say you can’t tell them or laugh at them. I don’t care. I just… don’t like being in the same room. It blindsided me. I didn’t want to be the kill joy, so I got out of there. Sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because it’s my second date with you and I’m not supposed to open up about serious issues you know?” I was aware that I was starting to babble, but I couldn’t help it. “My mother used to tell me there are things you don’t bring up until you’ve dated someone for at least a year: money, politics, and tragic backstories.”

“You have a tragic backstory?”

I winced. “No. I mean sort of. I… The boy that I dated before you didn’t understand the word ‘no’. That’s all. It’s not a big deal anymore. I’m over it.”

I shrugged it off, but there was a lump in my throat I couldn’t swallow past.

“Hey,” Alec said as he put an arm around me. “I know you don’t know me all that well, but I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Ever. If you don’t want to watch the rest of the movie, you and I can do something else. For instance, I have ever Disney movie ever made up in my room.”

“Your room?”

“Just movies,” he said. “I’ll even sit across the couch from you.”

I laughed. “Okay. That… sounds nice.”


No one noticed us as we went upstairs to his room. It was small, with a twin bed and a loveseat couch. As promised, Alec perched on the armrest away from me when I took my seat. I laughed.

“What Disney movie?”

“What do you have?”

“Literally everything.”

I frowned. “Did you steal those?”

“They were freely available on the internet, if that’s what you’re asking.”

I laughed again. “Pick your favorite.”

To this day I’m not sure what we even watched. About halfway through I ended up patting the cushion next to me. Alec obediently sat beside me, and kept his hands to himself. I leaned my head on his shoulder and got comfortable just cuddling him. His scent drifted up into my nose. His room of course smelled like him, but now that I was against him it was stronger.

I tilted my head up to look at him. He glanced back down at me and offered a small smile. My stomach filled with butterflies, something I hadn’t let myself feel in a year. I didn’t even hesitate to close the space between us and touched my lips to his. They were surprisingly soft, and tasted like he smelled.

“I did say just movie watching,” he said.

“You did.” I agreed. “But you’re easy to be around. Maybe… we could just kiss?”

He answered by covering my mouth with his. He wasn’t the neatest kisser I had ever touched lips with, but what he lacked in experience he made up for with enthusiasm. My fingers wound through his long hair and freed it from the tie. He murmured something against my mouth.

“Hmm?” I pulled away.

“You’re really tempting,” he repeated.

I laughed quietly. “You have roommates downstairs.”

“I do,” he agreed, and then went back to kissing me. Each minute made me feel warmer all over, until I felt that I would faint. I pulled away from him just enough to look into those hazel eyes.

“Why do I trust you?” I whispered. “Why now? After a year of being afraid?”

“I don’t know.”

I closed in for another kiss, open mouthed. His tongue found mine, and my hands—as if they had a mind of their own—found the edge of his shirt. He didn’t protest as I pulled it off of him and ran my hands down the smoothness of his chest. He shivered under my touch.

“So… virgin huh?” I whispered.


It was like someone much more confident had taken over my body. Except it was still me. I wanted to touch this boy—this golden skinned boy who I barely knew but somehow made me feel safer and more comfortable in my skin than I had felt since the boy before him assaulted me. Alec… well… he made me feel alive. Drunk on that feeling, I ended up pulling my own shirt and bra off for him. His fingers found the bars in my nipples.

“Oh!” He gasped, and pulled away to look.

I blushed. “Yeah. Cute, right?”

“More like sexy,” he whispered in my ear, and kissed my neck for a moment before he froze. “Is this okay?”


“Tell me when to stop.”

My heart pinched at how gentle he sounded, and how soft his hands were on me. “I will.”

But I didn’t want him to stop. Not then, and not when his hand found the button on my pants. I pulled my boots off, and then let him help me out of my jeans.

“You tell me when to stop if you get uncomfortable,” I whispered to him. He nodded, but his eyes were glazed over. I wanted to laugh with triumph—was I really so attractive? His mouth found my nipple then, and I gasped as pleasure washed over me. His hand covered my other breast and squeezed gently. I bit my lip to keep myself from groaning.

I let him do that to me for a moment before I was hungry for more. I pulled at his pants, and then we were both on the couch in only our underwear.

“Should we… move?” He panted. “Only if you want! We don’t have to… you know.”

“I want to,” I said honestly, surprising I think both of us. “You don’t have condoms, do you?”

In reply, I felt his whole body deflate underneath my hands. I couldn’t help it as I remembered Danny’s words. “You know you can never trust the man to bring them.” I leaned my head back and laughed, harder than I had in a long time. He pouted at me until I got myself back under control.

“I wasn’t planning on seducing you,” he explained.

I patted his cheek gently and grabbed my purse off of the floor. He watched in amazement as I lifted the box of Trojan out of it. “I come prepared.”

“Seducing me was your plan all along,” Alec said.

“As if.” I blushed. I looked over at his bed. It was small, but there was more room there than on the couch. “Are you sure you want to…?”

“Hell yes,” he breathed. Then he stopped. “But if you’re not–.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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