Taking Mommy’s Place Ep. 07

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If you haven’t read the first 6 episodes of this series, it will make more sense to you if you read them first — especially episode 6. All characters are adults.

I had rushed home, unable to get Lewis out of my mind. What was happening to me? I had to put an end to this. I could not let this boy talk to me this way. Why was my body betraying me? It was one thing to fantasize — and all of us have their own particular fantasies — but I had enough on my plate, already.

I got on the computer and searched for “BBC”. I tried to find a black guy that looked like Lewis. I found one guy that looked a bit like him, but wasn’t as tall. Then I did a search, trying to find videos that he was in that had a girl that looked similar to me. I did find one girl that looked a great deal like me, but she was a lot older — maybe in her 30’s. Still, she was pretty and had nice tits — although hers were fake — skinny legs, brown hair, brown eyes.

I found 3 videos where they were together. I started watching one of them, playing with myself, and soon had a good orgasm. I immediately felt guilty and completely washed out. I shut down the computer and lay on my bed and was soon fast asleep.

I awakened after midnight, having slept since late afternoon. I realized that I had been dreaming, though it seemed so realistic. I had dreamed that Lewis had texted me, then called me, then come to my house and that we had fucked. It was so detailed! I wanted to fall back asleep and resume the dream. Unable to sleep, however, I got up and made coffee, then watched some Seinfeld reruns.

When the sun came up, I went upstairs and showered, then got ready for school. This was the day that I was going to put an end to Lewis’ flirting, I promised myself. I had allowed him to get into my head. As erotic as the dreams had been, I certainly did not need to be involved, in any way, with him. He had absolutely nothing to offer me, except sex, and I was getting enough of that. I admitted to myself that I had a fantasy about black guys, but I certainly could not allow myself to actually do it — at least not at this point in my life. My life was far too complicated, already.

I was so nervous all morning, realizing that I was going to have to deal with Lewis. When he came in, dressed, as usual, in his baggy basketball shorts and jersey that showed off his muscular chest, he smiled and exclaimed, “Yo, teach, you lookin’ fine today!”

I was wearing jeans and a button up, red blouse. Except for the fact that you could tell I had boobs, there was nothing overtly sexual about my outfit. This was by design.

“Good morning, Lewis,” I said. “Have a seat and we’ll get started. We need to get into advanced polynomials — those of degree greater than 2…”

I noticed that he had not so much as taken out a pencil or opened his notebook. “Lewis?”

“I had a dream about you last night, Pamela. I dreamed…”

I interrupted him. “Lewis, I don’t care. I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re being very uncooperative. When you start cooperating and we get caught up, then we can talk about things other than math. Got it?”

Lewis looked angry. He muttered something under his breath, then opened his notebook and took out his pencil. “Proceed,” he pouted.

We managed to get through the lesson. Lewis made no untoward remarks, though he seemed reluctant to follow instructions. The session, though it lasted only 45 minutes, seemed to drag on for hours. Finally it was over and, after I gave Lewis his assignment, he got up to go.

He walked to the door, then turned to me. “You missin’ out, Pamela. We the same age and I know you want it. I been tryin’ to be nice to you, to cooperate with this shit that I ain’t never gonna use, but you act like you got a stick up yo ass. You need a good fuckin’ and you know I could give it to you.”

He turned and walked out the door. I was flabbergasted. This could not stand. I would have no credibility in my own eyes if I allowed this.

I walked quickly to the door and yelled down the hall at him, “Lewis, get yourself back down here, young man!”

He turned and gave me the finger. “Fuck you, bitch. You can take yo third degree polynomials and shove them up yo lily white ass.”

This was a most unfortunate time for Lewis to say such a thing. Just as he said this, the principal of the school walked around the corner. He politely invited Lewis to accompany him to his office.


It was only Thursday and I was already worn out. I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring, especially mathematics, but I hadn’t been prepared for the emotional toll that dealing with Lewis had caused. The principal had asked me to stop by his office before I went home, to give him my side of the story. Lewis had told him that I had flirted with him and that when he reciprocated, I had rejected him. That, claimed Lewis, was what caused him to act inappropriately. Luckily, the principal didn’t buy this story for one moment. He had informed escort gaziantep Lewis that he was out of the program and would be ineligible for sports that Fall. I truly hated that he wouldn’t get to play, but he had to learn that actions have consequences. The principal told me that, if Lewis contacted me in any way, that he wanted to be informed.

I was now a bit on edge. Daddy and Jeff were both out of town. I had another night alone and, I remembered, Lewis knew where I lived. I called Jeff and spilled a short summary of the entire week. He told me to make sure that all the doors were locked and the shades pulled down. Well, duh. I had gone from being aroused by Lewis to being scared of him. I couldn’t help that I had been physically attracted to him.

I opened up a can of soup and made a grilled cheese for supper. I watched part of the Braves game, but kept imagining that I heard something. I must have peeped out at least 20 times. I finally turned the TV off and sat on the couch, grading some papers. I was too keyed up to sleep, but when 9:00 came, I went upstairs and took a bubble bath, thinking that it would relax me, then went and read in bed. By 10:00 I had become drowsy enough to fall asleep, so I put my book away and turned out my light.

I woke with a start. Someone was in my room! I had heard something and could sense that I was not alone. Lewis! I lay as still as I could, trying to think where I had put my phone. The door to my room was open, as it usually was when I slept. As my eyes adjusted, I realized that the door to the bathroom was closed and that I could see light under the door. He was in the bathroom! Shit! I carefully felt on my bedside table until I located my phone.

I was just about to dial 9-1-1 when I heard the commode flush, followed by water running in the bathroom sink. What? Would Lewis take a dump in my bathroom and then wash his hands? When the water was turned off, I listened carefully and thought I heard someone walking in my brother’s room. Could it be Jeff? I was trembling, I realized. I tried to tell myself that an intruder wouldn’t use the bathroom and then be so fastidious as to wash his hands! Then I heard a distinct footstep in the hallway, at the top of the stairs, right outside my room.

I screamed.

My door flew open and Jeff ran in, “Pam, what’s wrong?” he yelled as he turned the wall switch on, flooding the room with light. He spied me in the bed, my blanket pulled up to my chin.

“You bastard!” I screamed at him. “You scared the shit out of me! I thought you were that… that… that Lewis guy that I’ve been tutoring. Why didn’t you warn me you were coming home?”

Jeff sat on my bed and I was immediately in his arms. What a feeling! Could anything feel as marvelous as being in the arms of my loving brother? I started crying and clinging to him as if I could not bear to ever let him go. He held me as tears coursed down my face and my body was wracked with sobs.

“Sis, it’s okay. I tried calling you. Do you have your phone on silent?”

I knew immediately that I did. I had put it on silent for school and had never thought to turn the ringer back on. How stupid.

“I saw that you were asleep when I closed the bathroom door,” he whispered. “I didn’t want to wake you up.” He held me away from him, looking in my face. “I knew you were upset, so I came home as soon as I could get here.”

I kissed him as tears continued to roll down my face. “I missed you so bad! This week has been awful!” I whined.

He moved me over and lay down beside me in the bed. He was dressed in jeans and an REM tee shirt. I was wearing my customary sleeping attire – an old tee shirt that had gotten way too short, and panties. “Well, I’m here now… HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAY,” he sang in the old “Mighty Mouse” tune.

This made me giggle through my tears. I stroked his face and kissed him again. I loved kissing my brother! He began kissing me in earnest and I felt his hand on my bare stomach. This sent an unexpected surge of lust through my body. Suddenly I realized that we were alone, with no chance of being disturbed.

I fucked my tongue into my brother’s mouth as I reached for his belt, trying to undo it as our tongues wrestled. He reached and started unfastening his pants as I removed my tee shirt, leaving me in my tiny bikini panties. I got between his legs and wrestled his jeans and underwear off of him as he removed his shirt. He was totally naked, laying on my bed, and I was so hungry for him.

He pulled me up to him, then flipped me over on my back, pinning me to the bed. He began to nuzzle my neck, eliciting moans of need from me.

“You smell so good, Sis! What is that?”

I smiled. “I took a bubble bath. I wish you had been here to share it with me.”

He inhaled as he moved lower to my breasts. They needed him so bad and when he started sucking them, I felt as if I might cum from just the forbidden sensation of my own gaziantep escort forumları brother sucking them. It didn’t matter that he had been sucking them for a long time. It had always felt good and I had always loved his attention. It never got old and I think one of the reasons was that it was taboo — incest. Obviously incest turned me on more than anything else. Even as my brother sucked and licked at my breasts, I reflected that my urges to have interracial sex were also because it was considered taboo, at least in the area where we lived – the old Confederacy.

Jeff knew how much I loved what he did to my breasts. He had done it hundreds of times throughout our teen years and he knew exactly what I wanted and needed and what drove me absolutely crazy. He was playing with them, pinching my nipples, as he kissed my stomach.

He returned to my breasts and suddenly bit one of my nipples. “Ouch! Too hard!” Suddenly I remembered the dream in which Lewis had done exactly the same thing. “Kiss it. Lick it!” I moaned, and just like in the dream, it felt wonderful. “Mmmmmmm! Do the other one!”

Jeff sucked at my other nipple, then took it between his teeth and began to apply pressure. I looked down at him. “You’re such a bad boy!” I chastised him as he bit harder. “Ouch!”

He quickly licked and kissed it, making me tingle with delight. He raised his head and looked at me, a smirk on his face. “I like the idea of a bubble bath,” he said as he bit one of my nipples again, then kissed and licked it. “Can we do that?”

I giggled. “Yeah, sure.” I jumped out of bed and started the water running in the bathtub. I poured a great deal of bubble bath in. The tub was over-sized, but we had not actually taken a bath together since we were children — a shower, yes, but not a bath.

After a few minutes, I yelled at him that I was getting in. He came and started getting in the tub with me, his thick cock almost fully hard. He wanted me, and he was certainly going to get what he wanted. There was no doubt of that. I grasped it as soon as it was in reach. I wanted it on my mouth, but that could wait.

My brother reached for the body wash and poured a generous amount in his hand, then handed the bottle to me. I did the same, then reached for him, smearing the slick liquid on his body. He began to soap my tits, which felt wonderful. I began to rub his penis and balls with the soap, but since they were underwater, the soap was dissipating.

“Stand up, so I can wash your old nasty dick,” I giggled. He stood, as I requested. He was so hard! I took a fresh handful of soap and soaped his thick cock and gently washed his balls, rubbing behind them, as I knew he loved. I took a cup that we kept on the edge of the tub and rinsed him until there was no soap left on his gorgeous genitals.

I reached and, placing a hand on one of his buttocks, pulled him toward me. I took his cock into my mouth and, adjusting myself, took him almost to the root. I had taken the head of his cock into the very back of my mouth, and was trying to turn my head so that he could fuck my throat. I knew he loved that more than anything, and I intended to give him anything he wanted. This wasn’t a good position for that, however, so I reluctantly allowed his throbbing cock to slip out of my mouth.

“That’s just a sample of what you’re getting later, Big Brother,” I coughed.

Jeff sat back down, with a splash. “Now you,” he said, motioning for me to stand. Instead, I got on my knees. He immediately rubbed the body wash into my tuft of pubic hair and then downward, his wonderful fingers massaging my pussy lips and clit.

I could see the lust on my brother’s face and I loved it. To be desired by him was a huge turn on. It always had been. Throughout our teen years, I had always loved to show myself off to him. He had always loved my body — and I loved him so much that I didn’t much care if others liked my body or not. He was enough.

“Turn around,” he croaked. I recognized that voice. He would sometimes get so hot and horny that he could barely speak. He was panting with desire, almost hyper-ventilating. I loved it when he got this way, because I knew that he was out of control with lust. I totally trusted him and when he got this way, he got creative. I was eager for whatever my brother wanted.

I turned around, my ass now in his face. I was on all-fours. Maybe he wanted to fuck me this way? We had never done it in that position. He, once again, rubbed more of the body wash on my pussy. I was dripping wet with need, but this felt wonderful. Then I felt him squirt the body wash above my asshole and it began to run down between my ass cheeks. What was he up to? Then I felt his fingers massaging the wonderfully slick soap around my asshole. He had only once ever done anything back there — he had stuck his tongue in there just the previous week, and although I thought it was weird, I liked it.

He escort gaziantep bayan continued to rub the liquid soap around my nether region. It kinda tickled, so I was giggling a little. Then I felt him slip the end of a finger inside. It was so lubricated that it wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable. In fact, I admitted to myself, it felt weirdly good. He probed a bit deeper.

“You are a very naughty boy, tonight,” I gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Does it hurt?” he gasped. He was gasping for breath. He was so turned on! This really had him going.

“No. It feels weird, though,” I answered, and wiggled my ass at him.

“Fuck, Pam, I want to fuck your ass so bad!”

“No!” I gasped. “I mean, when did you decide you wanted THAT?” I asked, incredulously.

“I’m sorry. Your ass just turns me on. I don’t know why.” He removed his finger from my butt.

“No, don’t stop. I’m not sure about anal sex, but you can play with it,” I told him. I wasn’t ready for him to stop experimenting quite yet.

He took the rinsing cup and poured several cups of water on me to rinse me off, then he pulled me back toward him. He took his hands and, pulling my ass-cheeks apart, pushed his tongue inside my asshole. I could feel his tongue moving as he pushed it as deep as he could get it.

It felt good, and more so now that I knew how much he liked it. I deliberately pushed myself back at his face. “That feels good,” I told him. “I like it!”

My brother was frantic. I didn’t know where this idea came from, but at that moment I didn’t care. He was licking at my asshole in a frenzy. Now that I had told him that it felt good, he was even more intent.

He stopped, suddenly. “Let’s get out,” he said, as he lifted himself to a standing position. His cock was wet and dripping with his pre-cum. From my kneeling position, I grasped his buttocks and pulled him into my mouth. I sucked the head of his cock, savoring the taste of his pre-cum. I sincerely hoped I would have the great pleasure of drinking a load of his cum before the night was over.

We got out and hurriedly dried off. I went to my bed and lay down as he followed close behind me. I lay on my back and spread my legs. He could do whatever he wanted. I didn’t care. He could fuck my face, fuck my pussy, eat me out, suck my breasts — I was ready for anything — except anal sex — I was quite sure that I wasn’t ready for that.

“Get on all fours. I want more of that,” he said, as he reached the bed. I quickly turned over and got on all fours, thrusting my ass in the air, unashamed. If my brother wanted to lick my asshole, he could do it all night and I would not complain. I lived for his pleasure — because he lived for mine.

Jeff reached his hands under my upper legs, enabling him to pull my ass to his mouth. He simultaneously fucked his tongue into my anal sphincter while sticking a finger into my sopping wet pussy. I practically screamed with pleasure.

Jeff continued to worm his tongue into my asshole as he stroked my clit and wormed two fingers into my hungry cunt. “Fuck, Jeff! That feels so good. Lick my asshole! I love it, I love it, I love it!! Eat my asshole!” I screamed as I creamed on his fingers. My orgasm took me by surprise and I trembled like an earthquake. I knew immediately, however, that I wasn’t near satisfied. I wanted more — I needed his dick inside me, preferably in my pussy.

Jeff flipped me over onto my back. “You horny slut!” he exulted, a gleam in his eye. “You just can’t control yourself around your Big Brother, can you?”

“NOOOOO! I can’t! Please, please, please fuck me! I am a slut for my brother!”

Jeff got between my legs and swiftly pushed his long, thick, wonderful, throbbing cock deep inside my grasping pussy. I didn’t know whether or not to be disappointed as I felt his scalding load of cum emptying inside me. He stretched me so deliciously and my cunt hugged his cock so tightly that I could feel every throb as he unloaded. This sent me over the edge.

“I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggg!” I screamed. “I love your cum inside me!” I moaned and thrashed and spasmed for what seemed an eternity. It felt like my pussy was pinching his cock inside me. He was so fucking hung! Oh it was so good!

We held each other and eventually drifted off to sleep. I was horrified when my alarm went off the next morning, realizing that I had to go to work. It was made even worse with the knowledge that my brother could stay here all day and, if I didn’t have to go to work, we could fuck and suck each other all day long. I have no doubt that that’s exactly what we would have done. I was particularly disappointed that I didn’t get to swallow a load of my brother’s cum. It reminded me of the old commercial where the pancakes are good, but not the same, without the syrup. I loved his syrup!


Without having to worry about Lewis, my day flew by. I was informed that I would be paid just as if I had continued to tutor Lewis. The principal said that I deserved it for putting up with him just the few days that I taught him. That gave me an extra hour of free time during the day, so I volunteered to help some of the other tutors with making copies and various other tasks. The day flew by and, by the end of the day, I had a real sense of accomplishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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