Taking of Sue

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It was fifteen days since Sue had joined my office. Sue was very attractive. She was wearing a low cut business suit comprising of a blue blouse and a short black skirt. She was wearing a thong and sheer black hold ups on her slender legs. She preferred not to apply make-up as she looked attractive without one. At about 5′ 5″ Sue had a nice firm body because of the workout sessions and breasts were very firm.

Sue’s smile was very infectious that day and she was in a mood to tease. Sue was working me for past 6 days spending 12 to 14 hours a day together. Sue liked to tease and very often in middle of serious discussions she would part her legs giving me a view of her underwear. They were always colorful.

Sometimes Sue will accidentally rub her breast on me. Just electrifying me. Sue’s teasing was making me hornier day by day. My 9 inch dick would go on an erection in middle of serious discussion. Sue would sometime while working on the computer with me would place her hand on my thigh and continue to discuss her work…………… poor me would be trying hard to control my erection. In those six days I had decided that I have to take her and make her a slave of my nine inch pulsating dick.

This particular day we both had been working hard to meet the deadline but naughty Sue would keep on teasing me. Placing her hands on my thigh, giving me unrestricted view of her legs and thong. While walking in front of me she would stop and my dick would ram into her butt. I couldn’t make out whether Sue was enjoying what she was doing. Though I desired her body and wanted to plunge my erection into her, I was not contemplating on anything.

As we had to meet the deadline and send the documents across we were the only two working on the floor. Around 10:00 pm the Air Conditioning was switched off. It was getting stuffy and hot. Sue opened the top three buttons of her top, giving me a view to her firm breast. She was wearing a push up bra which was blue and made of satin. My dick was on a riding erection. I was typing on the computer and Sue was standing behind me fanning both of us with some office papers. Time and again she would come forward to make some suggestions and her breast would rub against me – making me hornier. Though I was on an erection I was not trying to do anything to her. It was getting hot; I very conveniently with her permission took my shirt and shoes off. Sue took her purse and went to the ladies room, when she came out she had only two buttons open but I could make bursa escort out that she had removed her bra off. Giving me view to her tits. Wow they looked so desirable. It was thee in the morning when we finished our work and e-mailed the file to the partner at home for his review and called him so that he could look at it and get back to us for any clarifications he required. For that we had to sit in the office.

But because the project had got over and both of us became relaxed Sue gave me hug and a kiss to celebrate. She should not have as I was getting tormented. I hugged her and pulled her very close to me. I could feel my erection against her body.

I pulled her very tightly around me, she tried to resist and pull back as I am a regular to the gym she was not match to me. I moved my hands down to her skirt and undid the zipper and the button holding her skirt. At this she bit me on my chest and clawed at me. I continued to hold her tightly with one hand as I removed my trouser. My trouser dropped on the floor next to her skirt. She was frantically kicking me; I moved back and slapped her on her face. She was stunned and I took the opportunity to unbutton her remaining four buttons and removed her blouse.

She was looking so FUCKABLE. I wanted to control my self but my desire got hold of me and I removed my underwear. She looked at my cock, but with her hands she took a paper weight and threw it on me. It hit me on my chest and drew air out. I jumped at her tearing her thong and pushing her on the floor. She closed her legs as I started to kiss and tease her breast. I moved my hands on her breast and continued to play with them kissing and sucking, kissing and sucking them. I started rotating her breast clock wise and the counter clock wise. I could see the expression on her face change from anger to enjoying it. But Sue tried to kick me this made her legs open. I drew them apart as I kissed her lips. She at first did not let my tongue enter her mouth. I was lying on top of her and legs were drawn on the side. I moved my finger to her shaved pussy and started playing with it as I kissed her. She started enjoying it and took my tongue in her mouth. We might have stayed in this position for a long time. Kissing each other and her hands were holding my head. The phone started to ring. I had to get up to pick it. The partner was on the phone congratulating both of us for the work we had done. I thanked him and told him that we would be leaving for home immediately and as it was bursa escort bayan 4:30 in the morning we would not turn up the next day. While I was talking to Sue, Sue had put on her skirt but continued to stare at my nine inch dick. The partner also wanted to talk to her. I gave the phone to her. While she was talking to him I undid the skirt again and crawled in between the legs and started licking her outer skin of her pussy. I could see the wetness which had flowed outside earlier. I started licking that – why waste such a precious thing. She caught hold of my head and pushed it towards her glory hole while talking to the partner. I could see that her faced was tensed and she was controlling her face from moaning. I opened the lips as I started deep tonguing her. Moving my tongue slowly inside outside, inside outside, inside outside her pussy, while teasing the side wall. I moved faster and faster as I licked her. Seeing to it that her clit was covered too. She could not take it any more and told the partner that I was ready to leave and hung the phone. She opened her legs wider and took support of the wall to balance her. I started sucking her clit which had come out of its hiding place. Wow the whole thing tasted so gooooood. I kissed and sucked her pussy alternating between her clit. She was approaching an orgasm. I took her clit in the mouth and sucked it as she screamed aloud with her orgasm.

Sue collapsed on the floor and was panting. Sue was in my control in the control of her rapist. I too also collapsed next to her. I pushed my head underneath her head. Sue got up and she was not sure what was going to happen next. I could make out that she was in doubt what to do next. Whether to get up or carry on further. I kept on staring at her eyes. I didn’t want to force her. I left it up to her. Sue looked into my eyes and realized what I meant. She leaned across and kissed me on my juice covered lips. She moved her tongue across my lips so as to taste her own cum. Sue then moved back still not sure whether she wanted to continue. Sue got up and looked at me; I was still on the floor with my erection. I told her I’ll drop her home and tried to get up. My chest was hurting from the paper weight which Sue had thrown at me and I could not get up and fell back. Sue looked at me growling with pain – she asked me completely lie down on the floor as she got a relief spray from the office’s medical supply.

Sue was nude all the while. She came over with the relief spray as she put escort bursa her legs on either side of me. Sue bent down and looked at the red bruise with littlie blood oozing out of it and started to spray the medication. Her pussy was directly on top my dick – which was still erect. As the medication started burning and hurting me she bent down further to blow at it. In bargain the tip of my cock was in her glory hole. At first she did not notice but as she moved back another one inch of my cock slid in. Her pussy was still wet. She looked at me as she moved up and removed her very very tight pussy from my dick. I think naughty Sue had lost her inhibitions and started to teas me. She would bend down to blow my hurt and at the same time she would touch her pussy on my dick and the moment my erection was an inch inside she would get off. This went on for five minutes. The top of my cock was shinning of juices. I could not take it any longer. Every time this would happen I would raise my butt and try to shove in an inch or two more. Sue realised this and said that I should get and drop her home. At this she too also tried to get up but slipped and her pussy took my erection in as she landed on my nine inches. Because of the force of the fall the whole nine inch was inside. My erection had found a home for itself. Sue looked at me and me at her. I wanted to fuck her but because I had been forceful with her I did not want to force her. Sue moved up squeezing my cock as she forced her self down on my erection. She looked at my blue eyes before lowering her head and biting my nipple. Sue was wet and ready. I told Sue that lets go. She said yes only after I milk you dry with my pussy. She started moving up and down slowly first and then faster and faster and faster. Sue had her first orgasm…….Sue slowed down but she as she took the full length in her. She again raised the tempo but covered only half of my cock. My hands had gripped her butt and I was moving up to match her thrust. We started moving faster and faster and faster as she rode me. The smell of the juices was every where our love making was noisy. I could see her face in the moonlight moaning with desire as she took my erection in her. I could see her pussy eating my dick taking it inside in her. In and out, In and out in out the pussy was taking my cock. I could see sue reaching a mind blowing orgasm her sixth one in past 30 minutes. I too screamed as my cock ejaculated in her pussy. Both of us hugged each other and got up.

As we approached my car Sue kissed me on my lips and invited me to spend the night at her place as my house was further than her. She and her sister stay together. I accepted the offer.

Next story taking of Sue and her sister Sneha after they eat each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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