Tall Girl Turn-On

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((This story is based on a real person, although everything beyond the 4th paragraph is fantasy))

The girl of my dreams! The biggest fantasy fetish turn-on I’ve every seen! A really tall girl. I don’t mean five-ten or five-eleven; I’m talking six-five if I’m talking an inch—and every bit of it as well-proportioned as any porn star.

I was eating dinner at the “Hometown Buffet” one day when I noticed this very attractive girl sitting a couple of booths away. She was blonde, and had a very gorgeous face, and creamy long thighs exploding out of her very short denim mini. She was sitting across from an older woman whom I took to be her mother. At this point, I couldn’t tell how tall this girl was. All I could tell was that she wasn’t short and she was well built and gorgeous.

I went up to the Buffet line to look for seconds. While going from station to station looking for something interesting, I was suddenly aware of something totally awesome approaching from the opposite direction. The first thing I noticed was this pair of gorgeous legs that seemed to go on for ever. Then my eyes zeroed in on this really skimpy denim mini which was about chest high to me and did very little to hide the charms of so gigantic of a woman. Then my eyes traveled up the rest of her body. Her sexy boobs bulged her blouse out, just slightly above the level of my eyes. And, then there was her beautiful face, so high up there, in the heavens, framed by that cosmic mane of angel blonde hair.

She smiled at me!

She had to know what kind of naughty thoughts I was thinking from the way I was looking at her–but she smiled so sweetly at me as she passed by me and wandered over to the desert bar.

I immediately did an about-face and came up beside her. “Anything interesting here?” I looked up at her in complete adoration.

She smiled back down at me. “Yeah, I guess the cookies look pretty good, but I really shouldn’t. You know, the calories. I don’t want to turn into a whale.”

“Ahhhh,” I said, “but you don’t have to worry. You look so sexy like you are, you look like you could handle a few more pounds and no one would know the difference.”

“Why, thank you. That’s very nice of you.” She grabbed a couple of cookies, smiled and winked at me, then returned to her seat.

I stood there dumbfounded for a moment, incapable of remembering what I was looking for. Her perfume lingered in my nostrils, in my brain, in my heart and soul.

When I finished dinner I noticed the she was still sitting with her mom. I fished out a business card with my E-mail address on it and on my way out the door, I passed by their booth and sat the card down on the table near her plate. “Please excuse me, but I think you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in the world. If you want to hear more ego stroking, or just chat, please drop me a line.”

Seeing her mouth drop in shock, and a funny grin on her Mother’s face, I suddenly felt embarrassed. I turned and exited the restaurant.

To my delight, when I checked my E-mail later that evening there was a note from HER!

“HI! I wanted to thank you again for the sweet comments you made to me At the restaurant today. I think you have a cute body (nice butt!), and I’d Like to get to know you. My name’s Patricia, but everyone calls me Trish.”

I fired off my own E-mail telling her how sexy and awesome I thought she was. After a few more E-mail exchanges she said she waned to see me. I sent her my address and we set a date for Friday evening.

The door bell rang at seven; I went to answer it wearing a pair of dark slacks and a green muscle shirt. I opened the door, and there she was in all her gigantic splendor. She had on a brown corduroy mini even shorter and skimpier than the one she was wearing the other day. It started several inches below her belly button and barely cleared the bottom of her crotch. On top she had on a cut-off white T-shirt many sizes too small and came down only to her upper ribs. The T-shirt was so tight that her enormous boobs were clearly delineated, the material clinging around her boobs like a second skin. Her nipples stretching the material even further told me she was not wearing a bra. In short, it looked like she was wearing clothes that might have looked skimpy on her when she was ten, but now it was totally outrageous. With her unbelievably long legs, and her exposed midsection, there was an awful lot of naked woman there.

“Hello, Trish, come on in.” I held my hand out to take hers.

When she stepped up over the door sill, her skirt hiked up just a tad—but it was enough to give me a glimpse of white panties.

“Thank you, Jeff. It’s so nice of you to invite me over.” She squeezed my hand and bent down to kiss me on the side of the face.

With bursa escort Beethoven playing softly on my stereo, I led her into my living room and poured us both a couple of cokes. As I approached the couch she was sitting on, she crossed her stupendous legs flashing me lots of panty. She caught me looking and smiled.

To offer her the coke, I stood up close to her pressing my leg into hers, then bent forward, extending my hand wrapped around the cold glass. “Thank you,” she said wrapping her long fingers around my hand and looking me directly in the eyes.

The touch of her hand on mine was like sticking my hand in a wall socket—shock waves of sensation rushed through my body. She brought her other hand up to take the glass from the hand holding mine.

I sat down next to her my hand still locked in hers.

We sipped our cokes, neither one of us knowing what to say or do next.

She let go of my hand, which some how then landed on her thigh. She started running her fingers along the short sleeve of my T. She felt my arm muscles, then her hand was on my stomach. She moved her hand up to fondle my pectorals—all the while looking me in the eyes.

“You have beautiful eyes,” she said. “I just love green eyes, and this shirt really brings it out, as well as showing off your body.”

“Thanks, but everything on you is beautiful. You just about gave me a heart attack when I saw you at the door in these sexy, skimpy clothes. You are just so sexy and beautiful I can’t believe it. These legs!” I rubbed her thigh. “And, everything. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Well, maybe you did.” She laughed and put her arm around me pulling me in close to her.

“You’re my angel, my goddess. The biggest fantasy I’ve ever had in my life.”

She bent down and kissed me on the lips.

I was definitely in heaven. The smell of her perfume, so close to me, reeled my senses and sent me to a far-off oases of the Arabian nights. The touch of her lips, so full and sensuous made every cell in my body tingle.

We lingered in this first kiss, savoring it, lip to lip. She brought her other hand up to caress the side of my face as our lips made love to each other, and we breathed each other’s breath.

My hand still on her thigh, I gave her some tongue. She parted and greedily took me in. Then her own long tongue went to the attack, swirling and swarming all over mine. The erotic sensations went directly to my cock taking me immediately from half-mast to full mast bulging out my jockey shorts and my slacks.

The hand around my shoulders slid around to fondle my right pectoral, her other hand fondled my left. As we frenched, I fondled her tits too. Our breathing became frantic.

She broke off the kiss, then smiled into my eyes. “It’s just not any fair.”

“What isn’t fair?”

“Here I am sitting here in these skimpy clothes that I wore just so I could be half-naked for you; but look at you Mr. cute body sitting there all covered up in slacks and shirt. Don’t you think it’s about time you showed me a little more of that body of yours? I mean let’s be fair about this.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I laughed. “What ever you say.”

I stood up, and moving my body back and forth like I was dancing real slow for her, I slowly lifted my T-shirt up while looking her in the eyes. By the time I had my shirt over my head, she had slipped off her pumps. She extended one of her long legs and rubbed her foot all over my stomach.

“Nice abs,” Trish said, smiling at me.

With Trish’s foot rubbing up and down on my stomach, her legs parted enough for me to get a nice look at her panty-covered crotch. And, all my horny desires were bulging out through my pants.

“And this is nice too.” She grinned lewdly, moving her foot down from my stomach to my crotch. She continued looking me in the eye while teasing my cock with her foot.

All I could do was stand there looking up her skirt and drool.

“I want to see it,” she said. “Show me everything. Show me your cute butt, and show me this nice hard-on that’s making my panties so wet.”

“If you want it, come and get it,” I said with an evil grin of my own. I stepped up closer to her.

Trish parted her legs letting me slide between, and scooted up close to the edge of the couch. With her huge, warm thighs hugging mine, she reached her hands around to fondle my butt. She kissed my chest, then started licking my nipples.

I ran my hands through her hair and caressed her face.

She slipped a hand between my legs to cup my balls through my trousers. Then she started rubbing her hand up and down the bulge in my crotch.

The touch of her hand on my cock made me feel sticky sweet all over. I moaned. Then she was undoing my belt bursa escort bayan buckle. Then my zipper.

After she helped me off with my pants, she eased my jockey shorts down off my ass and cock. Released from its tight prison, my cock sprang immediately to its fully erect position with such force it bounced and jiggled at her.

With my underwear down to my knees, Trish brought her hands back up to play with my naked butt. Then she stuck her giant’s tongue out to flick at my cock. Her tongue struck it with such force that it bounced and bobbed at her.

I played with my tiny, but aroused, nipples while she tongued me, swabbing that huge tongue all up and down my hard-on. Then she licked very slowly up and down on the very sensitive underside.

This was the most incredible sensation in the world, to be tongued by such a beautiful long-tongued woman. Her tongue was almost as big as my cock. Wet and slippery it swarmed all over my hot tool driving me crazy.

Then she took me in her mouth and I thought I’d die of pleasure. She moaned as she sucked me and the vibrations from her vocal chords went right through my cock into my brain. She slid my underwear down the rest of the way off my legs as she sucked me.

I was afraid I’d cum too soon, so I gently pulled her head back, them pushed her back on the couch. I climbed on her lap and holding her face between my hands crammed my tongue down her throat.

She played with my ass as I ate out her mouth—her tongue destroying mine in their erotic duel.

My body pressed against hers, her hard-on nipples stabbed me in the stomach. My cock rubbed against her stomach.

I kissed and licked my way down her neck until I was sucking her huge nipples through her T-shirt. I had slipped a knee between her thighs and brought it up against her crotch. With my legs straddling her huge thigh, I rubbed my balls and cock up and down on it while fondling and sucking her tits. The movement of my cock and balls on her thigh caused my knee to jostle against her cunt. The heat and wetness through her panties on my knee only made my cock throb all the harder.

I ran my hands up under her T-shirt to pull it off over her head. Then I dove at her naked tits sucking and licking her giant’s mammaries like a hungry infant. I pulled her nipples out until they were as big as my thumb.

And all this time she was fondling my ass, and her long tongue licked the top of my shaved head.

I kissed and licked my way down her body until I was kneeling before her. I picked up one foot and made love to it with my hands and mouth, kissing and licking it all over. While making love to her foot, I looked up between her giant’s legs drooling at the huge wet spot on her panties. The whole scene kind of reminded me of a target. I mean her panties were so soaked around her cunt as to be transparent and her blonde, but sopping wet bush, and her huge slit showed through as bright as day. And, they were framed by the rest of her panties, still white. Then her panties were framed by her huge, creamy thighs, and her thighs and panties were framed by her hiked up skirt.

While I lusted up her skirt and made love to her foot, her other foot played with my cock pushing it this way and that and really driving me crazy. I switched feet to make love to her cock-teasing foot. Then I started kissing and licking my way up her long legs. This would take a while I knew. That was one reason why I love tall women so much, I can spend forever making love to their legs and never reach the end.

As I kissed and licked the inside of her thighs she rubbed her feet up and down my back. Then I buried my face up her skirt to suck her cunt through her panties.

“Nggggggggg,” she moaned clamping her thighs around my face, her feet teasing my butt.

Supporting part of her weight on my ass, she lifted her butt up just enough for me to slip her panties off her hips. Then she extended her legs straight up in the air so I could slide her panties up her legs and off her feet.

Her legs were so long that when I stood up my face came up only to her calves which I immediately started kissing while my hands fondled her feet up above my head. I pressed my body in close and stuck my dick in between the flesh of her mid-thighs. I fucked her thighs while my hands and mouth made love to her lower legs.

Trish played with her nipples while I fucked her thighs and licked her calves.

Then I licked my way down the length of her legs swishing my tongue around and around the backs of her knees.

“Stand up a second,” I said helping her to her feet.

Trish stood before me, towering above me in all her beauty. Her hard-on nipples stared me right in the eye, almost threateningly, as they bobbed so sexily escort bursa on her golden globes of femininity.

“God, you’re beautiful!” I moaned putting my arms around her and burying my face in her bosom. “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”

I kissed, sucked and licked her tits like the staved baby I was. My hands found their way to her ass. I fondled and played with the huge, sexy globes.

Trish had her arms around me and hugged me close to her.

My throbbing cock stood at almost vertical as it sought her hot wet pussy. But she was so tall, my heat seeking missile, as big as it was, could barely slip its horny head up under her skirt—her hot cunt still centimeters away. Her hot, steamy cunt so close my cock could drink of her sexiness without even the slightest of touches.

But then I went crazy and started rising up on my toes so my cunt-seeking missile could kiss her slit. I thrusted as hard and as high as I could, and my cock actually went in between her puffy lips about an inch or so. So, I started fucking her madly up under her skirt like that, rising up on my toes—all the while playing with her ass and sucking her huge hard-on nipples.

I kissed and licked my way down her body, her beautiful jewelry-free, tattoo-free body, until I reached her skirt. I sat down on the edge of the sofa, pulling her up close to me. Then I slid her skirt down her legs while kissing and licking her pussy.

“Now we’re both naked,” she said as she climbed on top of me. She grabbed my face between her hands and mashed her mouth to mine. Her huge tongue invaded me to lick out all of her own pussy taste from inside my mouth. While she ate out my face, she rubbed her huge sloppy wet cunt all over my thigh. Her hard-on nipples raked my stomach and chest.

My hands were going wild trying to fondle this and fondle that. There was just so much of her I couldn’t get to it all. My poor cock was Jamming into her stomach.

Smiling her beautiful smile against my lips, Trish reached down to fondle my cock. “Let’s see if we can’t put this naughty toy of yours to good use.”Trish shifted positions so she was standing directly over my cock. Then she lowered herself onto me guiding my throbbing dick in between her fat, gushing lips.

The heat and the wetness were overwhelming. Never have I felt so wholly taken, so wholly consumed. Her huge, hot, hungry cunt cobbled me all up as she slid her crotch all the way down to meet my crotch. My entire hard, throbbing cock was inside her lava-hot volcano. Her steaming juices made “squish, squish, squish,” sounds as she slid herself up and down my pole.

Trish moaned with pleasure as she fucked herself on my rod, and I played with her huge ass as she bounced up and down.

“Yessssssss!” I moaned. “Fuck me, Trish, fuck me. Use me, use me, use me! Rape me, rape me, rape me! I love it! You’re so fucking hot! I’m going crazy! My balls are ready to explode!”

The weight of her body on my thighs was so erotic I couldn’t believe it. This was something I’ve wanted to feel for a long, long time.

Trish leaned forward while fucking me to feed a nipple to my hungry mouth. I sucked her off as hard as I could, first one, then the other.

“Ngggggggg,” she moaned as her body started to tremble.

Trish leaned back away from me again so her G-spot could find my cock.

I pulled hard on her ass while thrusting my cock upwards to meet her downward fucks.

Her giant’s pussy was so sloppy wet by now that each time our crotches mashed together in our wild fucking it sounded like a group of children having water fights in a doughboy pool.

“Nggggggggggod!” She trembled all over and gushed her cum all over my cock and balls.

I exploded at the same time shooting my hot cream all over her G-spot.

Then she collapsed on top of me, still keeping my dick inside of her. She smothered my face with her bosom.

I inhaled her smell. I kissed her breasts—not with the bestial hunger of a few moments ago—but with the tenderness born of the deepest soul-wrenching love imaginable. The sweat of our bodies mingled. We rested, loving the feel of each other’s bodies against each other.

My dick went semi soft, but she kept me inside of her, her warmth and wetness caressing my tired tool, nursing it gradually back to life.

As soon as she had me hard again, she started fucking me once more. This time her movements were much slower and controlled and less frantic. She leaned forward to feed her tits to me while she fucked me. She moved her cunt in short almost circular motions down near the base of my cock so she could rub her clit into my pubic hairs as she fucked me.

Having just cum, I was in no urgent need for a quick squirt so I stayed with her as she fucked me for what seemed like an eternity of soft, sweet bliss.

And, it did become an eternity, since we fell so deeply in love with each other, and so hard, that night, that we decided to make it a steady fling. My biggest fantasy has become my reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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