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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“There are four basic human needs; food, sleep, sex and revenge.” — Banksy

Tara walked across campus that September morning. The sunlight bounced off her blonde hair as she walked briskly toward her dorm. She couldn’t ignore the fact that her plump nipples atop her ample breasts (now hard from the cool air) we’re brushing against her 80% mohair sweater to the rhythm of her steps. This was beginning to cause her pussy to get very wet because she couldn’t stop, she wanted to get back to her dorm too rest. Looking down periodically at her bouncing beauties all she could see we’re very hard nipples bouncing up and down in a sea of soft and extremely fluffy mohair as the sweater seemed to just take over, massaging every inch of her torso to the point of her wanting to jump behind a bush and finger her wet pussy that was simultaneously being rubbed in the mohair shorts she had on underneath. Oh god, she thought to herself, I’m about ready to cum right here in front of God and everybody! It had been an all nighter in the library studying for finals with her classmates, she just wanted to crawl into bed and shut down after shoving information into her head. bursa escort It hurt to even think about a simple thought.

Thank God it was Friday, she thought to herself, at least I can sleep for two days. Not that she would, a tired body and mind think irrationally without any immediate recourse when your run down as such. The sun was just cresting over the mountains in the distance causing her temporary blindness as she reached her dorm. Pushing the door open a feeling of relief came over her as the warmth encased her body, bringing her colour back to a rosey pink again. Reaching her door with key in hand, she burst through it. Thank God her roomie was gone for some alone time. Throwing her backpack on the desk she began to settle down to unwind from the last 24 hours. Her wet crotch throbbed in ecstasy begging for attention; she couldn’t ignore it much longer as she stripped off her jeans. Running her hands up and down her curvy frame stopping for a moment to give her begging nipples some attention as she lightly rubbed the soft mohair over them they became extremely erect and excited.

Running her hands down to her awaiting velvet goldmine, she pressed her hand firmly against malatya escort it. Holding it there and beginning to rub up and down. She positioned herself in front of the window because the thought of a stranger seeing her excited her even more. Sliding her hands down she spread her pink lips apart and held them open while fantasizing being forced to do it like a little slut being made to stand in the corner of a dungeon. She always wanted to be dominated a need that’s grown slowly over time that started several years ago. A yearning that seems to become stronger the older she gets; if she knew where to begin she would. As she fantasized more she began to finger her moist clit as the sensation filled her body. Moving closer to the window she sees a strangers glance look her way as she begins her climax, reaching for her nipple she pinches it hard and holds it while she begins to cum and in moans of ecstasy her legs start to rubberized and shake. Throwing her head back, it’s hard to contain her shrieks to an inaudible level as she gushes like a broken pipe spraying the chair in front of her.

Her heart raced as her legs almost gave way from under her while trying to catch her breath. It had been çanakkale escort awhile for her as time and company restricted her freedom to get off whenever she needed too. Drained from the moment and slightly dizzy she begins to undress, it was time to get comfy and sleep. Deviant thoughts still lingering in her mind she heads to the hotpot to heat up water for a cup of tea. Pushing play on her IPod Ladytron’s “Soft Power” begins to saturate her mind in which thoughtless concentration was welcomed. Her 128 lb frame was exhausted with, now overworked 38C beauties, accented with a heart shaped ass. Looking in the mirror she began removing her makeup with her shag haircut and blue eyes that complimented her jet black hair, slightly turned up petit nose. A cross between Deborah Harry and Pat Benetar features created that irresistible thought in others to do inappropriate things to her.

Crawling into bed, she begin to relax. The solitude creeps in and seduces her to the underworld of Greenland. Escaping reality and daily muck that inhibits us all, she drifts off into her most inner kept chambers of her heart’s desires where it’s safe and ok with who she is. Darkness fills her mind and the music in the background lingers but begins to fade away beckoning her to go deeper into the void. In her mind appears a cottage nestled deep in a forest with a dark brown path leading to the door. She’s been here before but when? Lush green trees looming over her head, she’s drawn to the cottage and as she draws near her heart begins to race as the mysterious dream begins to unfold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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