Tasha Pt. 01

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Tasha came home and put her keys on the counter. Taking a seat on the couch, she sat carefully as she removed her shoes and laid back against the back of the couch. The last several weeks had been killer for her. 13 and 14 hour days were really giving her body a beating and there was no end in sight for when things would calm down, especially with Christmas in the near future when the store got busier than ever. She loved her customers but would give anything for a break right now.

It was hard for her to find a way to relax anymore because she was so tired that her body didn’t have a lot of time to relax. She often got in bed and no later than 20 minutes, she fell into a deep, heavy sleep that didn’t help her recover at all for the next day. So although she slept almost all night, only getting up to go pee, she didn’t get rested and her body became more and more run down.

The only way she had for really getting any relaxation was sex. Being sexually inclined actually did make this a little more feasible. Her sex drive was rather strong and it always had been. She’s not exactly sure when things began to build other than to know when it was when she was younger and began playing with her pussy a little more each time she did it. She use to take her fingers and slide them up and down her pussy lips and play around her clit, carefully at first, but then increased in pressure as she went along. Slowly her pussy would get wet and the feelings would become a lot stronger. Finally she used intense pressure and rubbing on her clit and she would have a glorious orgasm. There would be so much cum running out of her pussy that the bed would actually be wet. Cumming was always really powerful for her. As she got older, she was introduced into vibrators and dildos; this allowed her to explore many different types of feelings and orgasms, all which helped her cum even harder at times. Vibrators were a special favorite bursa eskort of hers and she used them as often as she could. Direct contact on her clit was amazing and she loved it.

Tonight was definitely one of the nights that Tasha could use just that kind of relaxation. Her fiancé, Brian, was at his parent’s house with his daughters for dinner so it left her all alone. Although it wouldn’t be as good as real sex with him, she felt that it was time to do something about all of the built of tension in her body. It was hard for her to concentrate on anything else and it would be a great getaway from what she had been doing all day. The first thing she needed was a hot shower to help her muscles relax. Then…it was time to let go of all inhibitions she had.

She got up and went into the bathroom and warmed up the shower. She pulled off her shirt in one smooth motion; unhooked her bra and put it in the pile she started with her shirt. She easily unhooked her belt, unbuttoned the button on her pants and slid the zipper down. With one single motion, her thumbs slid inside the pants – and her thong – and eased them down to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she was now completely naked. Something that made her feel free of the bindings of work.

Tasha looked at herself in the mirror. She thought that she had lost a few pounds from the heavy amounts of physical work she had been putting forth and was pretty pleased with how she was coming along. She ran her hands across her stomach and her sides and down over her hips. Her skin was remarkably soft and smooth and her body really seemed to react to the touch as it sent tingling through her body. Turning to the side a bit and twisting back, she admired her beautiful ass (well, at least that’s what Brian called it and she was actually starting to believe it) and it, too seemed to be slimming up. Again she caressed it with her hands and even spread bursa escort bayan her cheeks enough to get a peek at her asshole. Since she first started seeing her fiancé, she had taken a bit of an interest in it. They had tried several times to try and get it to relax so she could try anal sex because she never had and he was the only one she wanted to try it with. But they had no luck as of yet, but she certainly wasn’t going to give up.

She evaluated her body in the mirror again and noted that a shave would be coming due soon, although it wasn’t out of control. She would leave that for Brian. He really liked to do it and so did she. Usually by the time he had her all set to be done, she was oozing creamy white cum in anticipation. The thought made her tingle and she touched herself. Lightly rubbing up and down her lips and over her clit about a dozen times, she stopped, knowing that she needed to be in a better setting to make it feel the way it should.

Stepping into the shower, the warm water hit her across her neck and shoulders. She almost moaned out loud with the sensation and how good it felt. Taking the time to soak for several minutes, she decided that it was time to get on with things. Tasha has long, glorious hair that nearly reached her ass. It took a lot of shampoo to wash it all but it was always beautiful. She massaged her scalp with the tips of her fingers, which made her head tingle. She rinsed her hair and moved on to what was next.

Tasha grabbed her washing poof and put a liberal amount of body wash on it. She began washing across her chest and down her body. She caressed her sides with the poof and washed her legs. Next came the more delicate – and very aroused – part of her body: her pussy. She knew that she had to be leaking cum by this time but it wasn’t easy to tell because of her body being wet from the shower, but the serious tingling görükle escort and increased feeling of swelling and arousal was enough to tell her that it was certainly there. She ran the poof between her legs and when it hit her clit it was like electricity. Her whole body writhed with pleasure and she knew that her clit was very swollen and likely to be poking out from under the hood. “This is going to be so good” she told herself. But after just a few more passes, she knew it was time to stop, finish up and get to business. There was air conditioning, new sheets and a new vibe waiting for her in her room. So she quickly washed over her ass and made a few swipes over her asshole (just to make sure it was clean,) rinsed her body and turned off the shower.

Opening the curtain, she took a towel and wrapped her beautiful hair with it. Taking a second towel, she barely dried her body and then wrapped it around her. Now, she knew, it was time.

Tasha made her way to the bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she reached into her “naughty drawer” (that’s what Brian called it) and got out her new little vibe, the best one she had found, at least in the recent future. She laid back, opened the towel around her body and turned on her vibe.

Immediately she touched her clit with it and she thought she was going to cum instantly. Pulling it back a little, she lessened the pressure and put a more deliberate pressure and motion to it. This is exactly what she had been waiting for.

As she moved the vibrator up and down over her clit in various speeds and pressures, her body was telling her that it was time to let it all go. She immediately increased the pressure and speed of the use of her vibe on her clit and soon it was like a gun went off in her hot cunt. “UGGGGGGHHHHH FUCK!!” she exclaimed as came so hard that she thought she would pass out. She dropped her vibe beside her and panted heavily. Sweat had replaced the water running over her face when the towel. She slowly tried to recover her thoughts. And then she heard a door shut in the driveway. Brian was home and had dropped off his daughters to their mother.

She smiled widely to herself.

The fun…had just begun.

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