Teacher’s Pets Ch. 2

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She sat at her desk and studied the group of pupils that were hard at work. The book review that she had set them was not an easy one to get your head around. They all seemed to absorbed apart from Paul he seemed to be paying little attention to the work that had been set. She studied him as he sat apparently daydreaming. Was he thinking about lesson 3 she wondered. A smile broke across her face as the memories of lesson two invaded her brain.

She would have to wait a little longer to feel the boys cock inside her but she was sure it would be worth the wait. Of the two Paul had been the most receptive to the lessons and she was tempted to give him some one to one tuition. Her panties began to dampen at that thought. Strange how these young men had such an effect on her. She had trained a few over the short years that she had been teaching but Paul was proving to be her most eager life student yet. She wondered just how far she could take his life education.

The bell for end of class rang out loudly and the class erupted. Every one left except Paul she had asked him to stay behind as she needed to talk to him. As he approached her panties moistened once more at the thought of the next lesson that she would teach him.

“Paul are you ready for your next lesson?” She whispered the question into the young lads ears.

“Urrrr, yes Miss, I think so.” he stammered in reply.

She placed her hand on his crutch and nodded in agreement. Judging by the way his cock had sprung into action at the touch of her hand she had to agree that he was more than ready.

“But Miss, what about David?” He asked quietly.

“Don’t worry about David, I will give you separate lessons this time, I’m sure that you would each prefer my undivided attention.”

Paul nodded, she was sure that he didn’t really understand but the thought of the last lesson as a strong driving factor coupled with the bulge in his pants.

“Ok, so I want you to come over to my place tonight at 7pm, can you manage that?”

“Yes Miss, oh yes Miss.” the boy was eager, very eager she liked that. She had found over the years the more eager they were to learn the easier it was to teach them.

At 7pm the door bell rang. She opened the door and Paul looked at her wide eyed once more. Tonight she had pulled out all the stops when she had dressed. A tight dark black leather skirt, short, very short, little more than a belt infact. A leather halter neck top that held her tits but showed her nipples off to perfection. The obligatory stockings but tonight she wore no panties. The high heels and the fact that she had tied her hair into a tight bun gave her an air of authority. It had had the desired effect on the boy when she had opened the door.

She beckoned the lad into the front room and offered him a drink. He looked nervous but the bulge that had appeared in his tight jeans gave away the excitement that he also felt. She fetched him the Cola that he had asked for making sure that there was plenty of ice in both Kartal escort their drinks. He took the drink and began to take nervous sips from it. She was sure that he was wondering what the next lesson would really entail. She sat on the sofa and beckoned him to join her.

“Don’t look so nervous, this is about enjoyment, mine and yours.” She informed him.

He smiled and appeared to relax a little as she spoke.

“Now have you remembered what we learnt in lesson two?”

The young boy quickly nodded as he took another sip from his drink.

“Good but I think we may need a small recap.” As she spoke the words she place her drink on the floor and removed her top. Her breasts spilled in to the cool air and her nipples sprang to attention immediately. She pulled the lad into towards her bosom and gently suggested that he show her once more.

He needed no second asking, hungrily he began to suckle on her ripe breasts. She threw her head back as he devoured her left nipple. He certainly was eager, she liked that. She allowed him to tease and suck for a while before she raised his head and kissed him. She probed his mouth with her tongue, eagerly he responded needing neither instruction or coaxing now. She decided to slow things down a little as he was in danger of overheating even at this early stage in the lesson. She broke from him.

“Undress for me please Paul.”

Again he obeyed. He rose and removed his clothing, as his pants dropped to the floor she could see his throbbing cock. It was all she could do to stop herself from reaching forward and grabbing the appealing item that was presented to her. She checked herself and reminded herself that waiting would be so much more fun.

She smiled at Paul and requested that he knelt before her. She watched as he licked his lips. He thought he was going to lick her pussy once more, he would but not just yet, she had some finer details to teach him first. She opened her legs and allowed him a good view of her smooth shaven pussy. His eyes widened once more. She reached between her legs and began to part her outer lips. He leant forward fascinated by the sight that his eyes beheld. Slowly she began to explore her own pussy as he watched. She pointed out some of the more sensitive parts as she fingered herself.

“Would you like to try?”

The question broke the boys spell. He cleared his throat and answered “Yes please Miss.”

“I hope that you have been observing well then young man.” She replied.

His hand gravitated towards her moist pussy and slowly as she held her lips wide he began to finger her. She squirmed and wriggled under his fingers as he applied the techniques that she had just taught him. He was a good pupil. The best that she had ever had infact. She moaned as she took her to the edge of orgasm but stopped him just before she reached the point of no return. She hadn’t finished with him yet by a long way.

She removed his hand and looked at. He was so cute, so willing Kurtköy Escort to please her. She only had to instruct him and he would do her bidding. She bent forward and once more kissed him. This time she grabbed his cock and began to run her hand over his hard shaft as she did so. He moaned at her actions. She broke once more, releasing his cock from her grasp. Again he moaned this time in frustration. The trick of a good teacher was to keep the pupil keen, that she had discovered a long time before.

She picked up her drink from the floor and sipped the ice cold liquid. Then taking a piece of ice from the glass began to use it to massage her nipple. Paul again watched fascinated by the display. She motioned to Paul to follow her example. He took some ice and began to tease her other nipple watching it’s reaction as he placed the ice upon it. It grew to twice it’s normal size and the small bumps that appeared around her areola seemed to heighten his pleasure as he watched. Again she guided him. This time she trailed the ice over her body and bid he did the same. Again he complied willingly.

“Use your tongue as well if you want to really please me.” she whispered into his ear.

She arched her back as his tongue traced a trail after the ice cube that was rapidly melting now. He reached for another one without needing to be prompted. This pleased her immensely.

She pulled him to her once more and kissed him. Then sitting him in the right position she guided his hand and the icecube that it grasped towards her pussy. Gently he used the cube on her clit, rubbing it slowly up and down and then in circular motion. She pulled him towards her and he readily placed his tongue on her clit.

“Ummmmm, you have paid attention haven’t you?” A slight nod came from between her legs.

“You like to lick pussy don’t you?” Again a silent nod. His was so interested in his lesson that he appeared to have no wish to break his actions in order to reply.

She ruffled his hair as he continued to lap at her pussy lips. He really was quite good at it for a beginner. The ice cube had now melted and she decided it was time to break for a second. She pulled him from between her legs and smiled at him.

“Remember last time, I sucked your cock, would you like me to do that again?” She asked him.

“Yes, yes.” He pleaded with her with his eyes as well as his mouth.

“You forgot to say please young man, where are your manners?” She asked sternly. Bad manners annoyed her and was not something that she would normally of tolerated but he had been so eager to please her and learn all that she had to teach she let it pass this time.

“Pleaaase Miss.” He pleaded with her, his need for release so obvious in his voice now.

She pushed him back onto the floor and began to lick his cock, slowly she teased him, just using the tip of her tongue to touch the delicate head of her pupils engorged cock. His seed was already seeping from its tip and she enjoyed the taste, Maltepe Escort licking her lips with each touch. She knew that she would have to be careful with him he was so near the edge already. She parted his legs and began to lick his thighs and balls oh so gently. She rolled his balls skilfully in her mouth. It had taken her a long time to master that skill but she had had a good teacher herself. Each time he neared boiling point she would squeeze his balls and stop the flow just at the crucial point. Paul was moaning softly as she licked, squeezed and teased his cock.

When she thought he had finally had enough teasing she raised her head and looked at him. His face was a picture, portraying both the agony and exactasy of the act that she had just preformed. He moaned and she half expected him to pull her back down onto the ripe cock. He didn’t, he opened his eyes and smiled at her. He knew what was coming next or at least he thought he did.

She sat back on the sofa and motioned that he knelt before her once more. He followed her instructions as if in a trance now. She took more icecubes from their classes and began to feed them one by one into her pussy. He watched mesmerised as she filled herself with the small cubes, moaning as each one made contact with her warm pussy walls. She beckoned him to come closer. She positioned him so that his cock was level with her dripping pussy. Slowly she began to feed it into her ice cold pussy. The warmth of his cock and the cold of the ice such a poignant contrast. He began to thrust further into her, she guided him as far as pace was concerned but she was close to the edge herself now. The sensations, the contrasts, the warm water dribbling down her ass cheeks, the warm, throbbing virgin cock buried deep inside her now was just to much.

It proved to be to much for both of them. As she clenched her muscles round his probing cock and held it inside her she felt it erupt. The warm seed flowing freely into her pussy. He let out a mighty roar as he released the torrent. It gushed forth filling her, mingling with the now almost melted icecubes. The sensation was wonderful. Her muscles clamped down once more as she to came. She released her own juices over his cock. The sensation washing over her as came with him. He collapsed onto her and she held him there, enjoying the last few pulses of her own orgasm as his cock began to subside inside her.

Eventually they recovered. Her pussy was dripping as she rose from the sofa and threw a robe on. She kissed Paul and thanked him. He looked suprised as she did that. She was going to explain but then saw the smile that had spread across his face. He understood what she had meant, no explanation was necessary. He dressed, they sat and talked for a while before he announced that he really must be getting home.

She stood at the door and waved him goodbye. As she did so she felt the remains of his seed slip down and coat her thighs. She knew that he would be back.

She had been right Paul was a good pupil. Better than she had dared suspect if she was honest. She still had many more tricks to teach him but next time it would be David’s turn. He would be harder to teach of that she was sure but that would add to the fun. She enjoyed a challenging pupil…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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