Teaching Computer to a Boomer

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Harshika woke up and looked at the clock. It was almost 5pm on a saturday evening. She had promised her landlord, Anand uncle, to help understand his newly installed computer. According to the boomer generation, you are only fit to be called as a computer engineer if you help them fix their issues which mostly involve turning it off and on. She knew how punctual the former military man was so she just went in her nightie.

“Harshika!” Anand said, opening the door before she could go back home and change. “I am so glad you could make it.”

“I am happy to help,” she said, following him inside.

“Would you like a bite to eat?” he asked, gesturing to the kitchen. “Lakshmi has gone to the temple and would return only late evening”

“Thank you for the offer, uncle, but I ate before I came.” she lied.

Anand led her to what he had dubbed his computer room. Harshika recognized the room as the one that used to belong to his son and there was still a bed sitting opposite the desk that held the room’s namesake computer.

“It’s a Dell,” Anand said proudly.

“Is that so?” Harshika asked. “Did your son order it or you did?”

“He only ordered and paid for it” replied Anand “All I know is that a technician came and set it up for two hours. I want it to video chat with my grandson”

“So, what part do you need help with?” she asked.

Anand looked from the computer to Harshika and back again. “Everything.”

“Okay,” Harshika said. “Well, do you know how to turn it on?”

“You have to turn it on? The man from the computer store didn’t say that when he installed it. “

Harshika suppressed a laugh. It was a generational thing that older people are having tough things with things a Gen Z toddler can do. And it was sweet that he not only wanted to learn more about technology, but also that he thought she was enough of an expert to help him.

“The power button is down here,” she said, squatting down beside the computer.

“Wait, one second!” he said, hurrying from the room. When Anand returned he had a pen and a notebook in hand. “Okay, now I’m ready.”

Harshika bent over once more to press the power button, but the moment she did, she realized that her nightie was fairly short and she should probably not do that. As she straightened up, however, she noticed that Anand was decidedly not looking at her and scribbling in his notebook.

The monitor lit up, to Harshika’s and Anand’s delight, and the Windows logo appeared on the screen.

“I think you can sit down,uncle” she said. “And I’ll help you steer.”

“Right. Steer. Okay.” He held up his hands like he was driving a car.

This time Harshika couldn’t hold it in. She laughed. “No, not that kind of steer. Sorry for the lingo. I meant, I’ll give you directions.”

Anand nodded before she watched him add, “steer: give directions,” to his notes.

“First, you’re going to click on the start button.”

“Alright. How do I do that?”

“The start button. At the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.” Anand touched the screen where Harshika was indicating with his finger. “No, with the mouse.”

“What mouse?” he asked, looking around the room.

“Oh, no, sorry. The mouse is this thing.” Harshika jostled the mouse against the mousepad. “You use it to navigate on the computer. See that arrow? That’s the pointer. It shows you where you’re about to click on the screen.”

Anand nodded and put his hand on the mouse, but then he moved it too quickly and the pointer zoomed off the screen.

“Whoops. You’ll get the hang of it, though.”

Harshika bursa escort reached over Anand’s shoulder to help him control the mouse. However, in doing so, the tip of her breast grazed his shoulder. To her relief, however, it seemed Anand had failed to notice the contact between them. Her hand on his, Harshika navigated the pointer to the start button.

“This is the start button,” she explained, feeling the warmth of him through her palm. “And this is how you click.” Harshika pressed her index finger against his. But she had done it rather forcefully, causing her breasts to graze against once more. And while Anand still seemed unfazed by this, Harshika could feel her nipples tighten.

She looked down and was horrified to see that they were now visible through her nightie.

Thanks a lot, she thought at her breasts. You chose now to become aroused?

At first Harshika blamed it on her hormones, but Anand was also not an unattractive man. Harshika had always had a thing for military men and Anand was still good looking and maintained his body well. He was also tall, which Harshika loved in a man.

“You were saying?” Anand asked, turning around to look at Harshika.

Please don’t look down. Please don’t look down, Harshika thought desperately. Anand had missed her flashing him her underwear. Maybe he would miss this too.

But luck was not on her side and she watched as his eyes travelled from her own down to her chest. She then watched them grow wide with shock as he saw her nipples straining through the fabric of her dress.

Harshika laughed self-consciously, but Anand did not look away. She could not remember the last time someone else had laid eyes on her breasts—well, the last time she had not minded it. So, that was it? Harshika did not mind that a grandpa was checking her out.

“You’ve helped me out so much already, perhaps now would be a good time for me to return the favor?”

“Uncle, we can’t,” Harshika protested, though even she could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

“Why can’t we?”

“But aunty—”

“—won’t be back for at least two hours” Anand finished for her.

“I don’t see why not, then,” Harshika said. She whispered this into his ear, before playfully nibbling on his earlobe. Harshika was not usually this forward when it came to new sexual partners, but something about this big brute did something to her.

Anand’s hands traveled from her back to squeeze her hips. The sensation was absolutely marvelous and sent a rush of heat straight to her core. She could imagine what his hands would feel like on her hips as he drove into her.

“I am glad I could find a way to thank you,” Anand said, pulling down one strap of her dress, followed by the other, so that her breasts were now fully-exposed. He engulfed them in his large, rough hands and kissed her hard on the neck. Harshika thought she might collapse from the overwhelming sensations, but it would be alright because he could support her in his big, strong arms.

Harshika could feel herself the space between her legs becoming slick with arousal. She was enjoying his mouth and fingers on her so much that she was starting to forget why this might be a bad idea. She just wanted to slide her damn dress the rest of the way off and get to the good stuff, but Harshika also realized she would probably be rewarded for her patience.

And indeed she was. Anand picked up her petite frame to straddle him on the small bed abutting the wall. His hands were now on her thighs, her dress pushed up around her waist. She laced her hands through his hair bursa escort bayan while his mouth was on her breast, kissing, sucking, and biting. Harshika threw her head back and keened loudly.

“Wow, you are so beautiful. Do you know that?” Anand said.

“And you’re still fully-clothed,” Harshika responded, tugging at the bottom of his sweater vest. With the vest gone, her hands went immediately to the buttons on his shirt. Each successive button she undid brought her closer to his naked, broad chest, which was covered in smattering of white, curly chest hairs. Harshika sighed appreciatively. She could not wait to see that chest heaving above her.

“Much better,” she said, rubbing herself playfully over his ever-hardening cock. It was becoming more and more obvious to her just how large he was..

“You tease,” Anand said, moving his hands higher up on her thighs. The tips of his fingers getting dangerously close to the apex of her legs.

“Who? Me?”

Anand practically tossed her onto the bed and nearly ripped her dress from her body. After he laved both of her breasts with his hot tongue, he placed gentle kisses down the length of her torso, stopping at her abdomen, where he placed special attention. Harshika could imagine her stomach growing round and him performing the exact same gesture.

He kept travelling southward, kissing and nibbling the insides of her thighs. It took all of Harshika’s willpower not to squeeze her legs around his head and hold him hostage there. But he did not stop at her thighs either. He lifted her legs to kiss the soles of her feet, which sent Harshika into a fit of giggles. Anand smiled at her, which set her heart aflutter. How could looking so wholesome also be so incredibly sexy?

Then, without warning or prelude, his tongue was on her clit and one of his fingers was pumping inside of her, making contact with her G-spot every thrust. Harshika clutched at the sheets, rather usefully, simultaneously craving reprieve from this sweet torture while also hoping that he might pick up his pace.

As if reading her mind, he added a second finger to his ministrations and brought Harshika to that precipice of pleasure.

“Uncle,” Harshika moaned, before she fell from those orgasmic heights, her clenching muscles spasming around his fingers. Other men might have been content to let her come once before unceremoniously rutting into her, but Anand was apparently the type to draw out his partner’s pleasure.

But Harshika did not have much more bandwidth to think about that as Anand swiftly brought her to the edge once more. She moved her hands from clutching the sheets to entangle in his hair, pulling slightly to show her appreciation.

If he had not stopped after three orgasms, Harshika might have protested on behalf of her sanity and her overstimulated clit. But mercifully Anand was back to kissing her mouth, his face slick with her musk and his hands on her breasts.

Harshika, however, was done waiting for what she had come here to do—well, her new, secondary goal—and fumbled for the button on his trousers. When she finally freed his cock from its cotton prison, she was rewarded by being proven correct a second time that day. Unlike her ex,Anand was hung like a horse. And Harshika was about to have the pleasure of riding him.

Met with little resistance, Harshika was able to get the fully-naked Anand onto his back. Now it was her turn to provide sensuous torture, something she would do with relish. But not before her eyes scanned the length of him, taking in every inch of his escort bursa prone form.

As he had done with her, she kissed him from head to toe, making detours around his hip bones, before she grew tired of teasing. When in reality she was drumming up the courage to take that plunge and suck his huge cock. Harshika was not sure if she could fit the whole thing in her mouth but she had to try.

She enveloped the pink head in her lips while gently easing her jaw open. Harshika did manage it, but she was also lucky she did not have to bring him to completion in her mouth—that privilege would be reserved for her pussy. She began bobbing her head up and down along his shaft, one hand resting on the base while the other cupped his balls.

Soon she felt his fingers in her curls which only encouraged her more. Harshika picked up her pace, confident that this man would have stamina for days. And why would she be wrong? She had not been wrong yet.

Harshika looked up from her diligent efforts to see Anand gazing at her, half-lidded, a smile quivering the corners of his lips. She could get used to such a sight.

When her jaw had grown sore from accommodating his girth, Harshika slowly slid her mouth from his cock and brought her pelvis in-line with his. She hovered above the head, but stopped before she fully impaled herself on him.

“Uncle,” she moaned, biting her lip.

With as much control and restraint as she could muster, Harshika lowered herself down Anand’s shaft, absolutely enjoying the delicious pain of being stretched by his thick cock. Anand helped guide her descent by holding her hips, while Harshika braced herself against his chest.

She moaned, deep and throaty, when she reached her limit, before she began her—much speedier—ascent. Anand helped of course, but it was through her strong thighs that Harshika was able to reach a velocity that drew them both mad. Soon he was breathing hard, his face contorted in ecstasy.

Harshika figured this meant he would be coming soon, but Harshika had figured incorrectly. With deft hands, Harshika found herself being flipped onto her back, while Anand took control. Now that Anand held the reins, he could fold and bend her like a pretzel to hit in all of the right spots. Harshika dug her nails into his back and moaned unabashedly. She had never orgasmed from penetration before but if he kept it up, she just might.

“You are so beautiful, my dear,” he gasped. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as divine as you.”

He bent down to pop one of her nipples into his mouth. Harshika cried out at the added stimulation and she felt her muscles begin to tighten as she neared her fourth orgasm of the day.

Anand must have felt her walls contracting around him, because he whispered into her ear, “Come for me, my dear.”

“A-a-Anand,” she moaned, succumbing to the waves of pleasure.

Then she could feel him tense and groan long and low, before he emptied himself inside of her. Harshika thought he had finished several times, but his cock continued to twitch with each successive load of his warm cum. She had lost count of how many times he had done this because they had started kissing again.

Anand lingered a moment longer within her before pulling out and rolling onto his back. It was a tight squeeze since the bed was not very large, but Harshika did not mind being close to this man, even if they were both naked and very sweaty.

Harshika turned to look into his blue eyes, so much like Ron’s, but somehow infinitely sweeter. “We should do that again.”

“I’m free tomorrow,” Anand said, gazing back at her tenderly.

“I was thinking sooner.”

Anand chuckled. “You’ll have to give me a minute. I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“That’s okay,” Harshika said. “I can show you some interesting things on the Internet while we wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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