Teaching Sally Ch. 2

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After we rested awhile, Sally again asked me to make love to her. “Have you fucked any boys yet?” I asked.

“Only two” she replied. “They didn’t have much experience and it wasn’t all that great. I have been wanting to try it with another girl for a long time, and the other day when I saw you by the pool, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“How about toys, have you ever used a vibrator or dildo?” I inquired.

“No, but when I saw your collection a while ago, I hoped that you were going to teach me how” she answered. I leaned over and kissed her, pulling her closer to me and then both of us falling on the bed in each other’s arms. I gently pushed her over on her back and began working my way down her body until I reached her beautiful tits. I took one in my mouth and the other one between my fingers and started lightly biting and pinching them. She moaned with delight as I began sucking her nipple in my mouth and swirling my tongue around its hard little shaft. “God that feels so good Chris” she moaned.

I continued to play with her tits for at least 10 minutes and just as I was about to move away and work my way to her pussy, she had her first orgasm. “Oh baby!” she moaned. “That is the first time I have ever cum with someone just playing with my tits. It was wonderful but now I want you to eat me!”

I started my journey to her sweet pussy, stopping long enough to run my tongue deep in ther her naval and make her squirm a little. I couldn’t tell if she enjoyed that or not so I moved on and when my tongue brushed over her engorged clit, she arched her hips and came again. This one more intense than the porno izle first and she grunted a little as she continued to cum. I worked on her hard clit with my tongue until I brought her to another intense orgasm.

“Eat me Chris!” she begged. “Don’t ever stop eating my pussy. I love it so much.”

I stopped, looked up at her and said “I have other things in mind for you this afternoon baby.” I then raised up and moved to her head, kissing her so that she could taste her own juices on my lips. “How do you taste lover?” I asked. “Mmmmmmmmmm good, but not as sweet as you Chris” she replied. I bent over her and leaned down to open the nightstand drawer to get a toy. As I did, my left breast came in contact with her face and she immediately took it into her mouth and started sucking. “It’s my turn to pleasure you now baby” I moaned. I selected a small smoothie vibrator and a medium sized jelly dong. I showed them to her and asked if she would like to try them.

“Yessssss” she pleaded. “I want to try them all. I want you to fuck me with every toy you have!”

I moved back down between her legs and quickly licked her clit again to see how sensative it had gotten from her orgasms. She came quickly and I knew that she could take more so I turned on the vibe and placed it against her clit. Sally went wild as the toy hummed and tickled her clit. In just a few seconds, she got rigid, raised her hips off the bed and screamed “I’mmmmmmm cummmmming again.”

I took this opportunity to place the dildo at the entrance to her pussy and slowly start easing it inside. I was surprised at how easily it slid in, with brazzers little resistance. I soon had the 7 inch toy buried in her cunt and she was moving her hips, trying to fuck the thing. “You are one hot little girl” I told her.

“Oh Chris, it feels so good to have that thing inside of me and the vibrator buzzing my clit” she moaned between gasps of air. “Don’t ever stop…………….I could do this all day.”

“Well baby, we just might do this all day if you have the time” I responded.

I began to pull the dildo out until only the head of the fake cock remained inside. Then with one quick motion, I shoved it all the way back in. Sally let out a scream and I thought maybe I had hurt her. “Oh God that feels so good” she yelled. “Fuck me hard!”

I picked up the pace and soon I was fucking her as hard and fast as my arm and hand to stand. I was having trouble keeping the vibe on her clit so I just laid it on the bed next to her and began concentrating on working the dildo in and out of her hot pussy. To my surprise, Sally reached down, grabbed the vibrator and held it to her clit, causing her to cum harder than any before. She was bucking wildly now, meeting my every thrust with the dildo and driving it deeper into her. The fake balls on the dildo were hitting her pussy lips so hard, that I was sure she would be bruised but she didn’t seem to care. All she wanted was to be fucked hard and fast.

This continued for over 10 minutes and I finally had to tell her that my hands were getting tired. “Take a break” Sally moaned. So I started to remove the dildo and she grabbed my hand fake taxi porno and said “I’ll take it.” She dropped the vibrator and grabbed the dildo and started plunging it deep and hard into herself. I was amazed at how hard she was fucking herself and how often and intense she was cumming.

I knew that she couldn’t keep up this pace for much longer and sure enough, she began to tire and slow down. “Chris, my hands are tired too but I want more” she said to me with tears in her eyes. My hands were still tired and I knew I couldn’t help her right now but I also knew that this young girl needed more attention. Then I remembered the 18 inch double dildo in the nightstand drawer. I reached over and retrieved it, holding it up for her to see.

“You are going to love this one” I told her as I moved back down between her legs. I took one end and inserted it into her pussy. I started pushing it deeper until about half of the dong was lodged deep inside her. Then I moved down further and straddled her with my legs. I moved in closer and took the other end of the dildo and inserted it into my pussy.

“Now we can fuck each other as long and hard as we can stand it” I moaned.

We started fucking the dildo in unison and soon we had developed a rhythm that allowed us to drive the dildo so deep that our pussies touched each other. It felt so wonderful to have this beautiful young woman fucking me with my dildo and I didn’t want it to end either.

We fucked each other for almost 30 minutes. Each of us must have cum at least 20 times and the bed was soaked with our juices. I think she finally had enough because she started moving her shoulders around to my head which caused the dildo to begin to pop out of her pussy. She reached out, pulled me to her and kissed me deeply for a long time.

“I love you Chris” she gasped. “I want to be your lover forever”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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