Teaching Sheila

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You and I had both decided we were tired of the rat race. With today’s technology and Internet connections, we could live far enough away from civilization and still be able to earn a living. We sold what we could in the city and bought an old farmhouse that had recently been refurbished. We settled into a kind of routine where I did housework during the day while you worked from your home office.

Shortly after we moved, and got settled in, we were sitting side by side on the couch watching TV. Dinner had been good, and I’d had my bath. You seemed relaxed, and put your arms around me, pulling me close to your side. You have the most luscious kisses. I could never leave a man who kisses me like this. You say, “Cathie, things need to change.”

I said, “Aren’t you happy, darling?”

“No, I’m not really happy with you at the moment.” Well, I thought you were happy enough that I had left my job, sold my car and devoted my life to living here with you. So, I said, “What do you mean?” but inside, in the pit of my stomach, I was worried about your answer.

“Cathie, you need to be more submissive to me.” Well, this seemed like a surprise out of the blue, but there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this man. “All right. You’ll have to be patient with me.” You said, “I have been VERY patient with you.”

“If you recall, this morning after breakfast, I asked you for a blow job, and you got up and muttered something about having to do the dishes. I went up to my office, but once I got there I started thinking about all the other times I’ve asked for a blow job, or have been ready to fuck you, and you give me some kind of excuse. This is not going to happen anymore, Cathie. When I want you to do something for me, you should be willing to do whatever I say, no questions or excuses or other things getting in the way.”

I told you I was sorry and I really do want to please you. I took off my nightgown, and knelt on the floor before you, pulling your cock out of your shorts, and, kissing and playing with him I noticed he’s already hard and almost alive in my hands. Yes, it has been along time since I’ve done this for you, and I really do like it. I began kissing your big cock, and encircling it with my hands, pulling on the base as I’m sucking him further into my mouth. I lap up the pre-cum, and my mouth is making him wetter and wetter. I’m trying to swallow him as deeply as I can as your hands are on either side of my head and you’re fucking my face. Soon your cock gets bigger and bigger around and I know my reward is coming. You shoot your precious cum into me, and I’m swallowing, and licking him up. You’re right, I haven’t done this in awhile, and I miss it. You stood, and pulled me to my feet, we walked together up the stairs.

You aren’t abusive or rough, but you tell me I am long overdue for a spanking. You lay me across the bed, and tie my wrists and ankles to the head and footboards. You say it’s ok, if I cry, because no one will hear me anyway except you, and that’s ok, I can cry all I like. You slowly begin massaging my ass, while telling me that from now on, I’m going to be getting a lot more of these. It seems to be the only way I will remember to do what I’m told. It’s eerily quiet, and then out of the blue, you are raising your belt above your head, and whack! Whack! You begin beating my ass with your belt. I take about the first 25 without too much fuss, but you keep going and now it’s really starting to hurt. I say “I’m sorry I haven’t been very good for you lately.” But you don’t talk, you just beat me with your belt, I have lost count, and I am sobbing uncontrollably. Later you hold me in your arms and tell me you love me, but things are going to have to change around here, and I say, Yes, Sir whatever you say.

In the morning, as you’re eating breakfast and I’m just drinking coffee, you tell me our routine is going to be a bit different. You got up as I did to clear the table. I started the dishes, and you dried them and put them away. With two people, the kitchen was cleaned up in no time. “Now, Cathie, you can come upstairs with me.” I followed you to your office, and asked if I could use the bathroom, you said, yes, but hurry. As I returned, I see you have a hook in the corner across the room from your desk. You fasten my wrists together and pull them up to tie onto the hook. Then you tape my mouth, and say, “That will be all until I get some work done.” I am not even really looking at you, I’m looking at the wall, the corner, the ceiling, the floor. It feels like I’m there for a really long time. You give me a bathroom break, and then tell me to sit in the place under your desk while you work. I sit in this little cramped space for a long time, while you’re on the computer, and on the phone, and writing. Then you tell me it’s time for lunch. Two hours in the corner, and then two hours under your desk, the morning was an eternity for me!

After lunch, we both clean the kitchen and I say something stupid, like I hope I don’t have to spend the whole afternoon gaziantep escort the way I spent the whole morning. You bend me over the counter, take the wooden paddle from a drawer, and start whacking my ass with the wooden paddle. You’re telling me that I am no longer allowed to complain or tell you what I want or don’t want to do. We go back upstairs, and you have a wooden kitchen chair with you and some twine. You tie me to the chair, really bound, so that I cannot move, and you again tape my mouth.

That night, I am tied to the bottom part of bed, face up, my ass is practically hanging off the end of the bed, and you tie my knees and ankles far apart. You are fingering my pussy until I come and come and your hand is all wet, my come is dripping down everywhere. You said you’ve always wanted to punish my inner thighs and my pussy. Well, I am no longer allowed to complain, but I think, my pussy? You take the belt, and begin spanking my inner thighs, first the right, down by the knee, and you work your way closer to my pussy. 50 hard lashes, then you do the same on my left thigh. Soon my inner thighs are black and blue and welted. I am again crying, but that’s ok, that’s what punished girls do. Now, you begin spanking my pussy with the belt. Her lips are swelling, and you keep lashing them. I can’t believe I am coming again, but you are spanking my clit and my pussy lips and I am coming and coming.

When you decide I’ve had enough, you untie me, and tell me to go clean myself up. When I come back from the bathroom, you are under the covers and snoring. I lie there for a long time; I have had many orgasms, but suddenly realize I haven’t had your cock in my pussy for several days now. I wonder if this is part of the punishment.

I lie awake thinking of you most of the middle of the night. The next morning, after you eat breakfast, and I drink coffee, we clean the dishes together as before. Today you’re going to bend me over the counter, massage some oil into my sore ass and thighs, and butt hole, and your stiff hard cock is going to plunge into my ass. Oh, I love this feeling. Later upstairs, I give you a blowjob while on my knees in My Place under the desk. You are talking on the phone and then tell me that we will be having a visitor. Your daughter Sheila, whom you haven’t seen in years, is coming to stay with us. Your ex-wife has had enough of her misbehavior at school, and isn’t home enough to properly supervise her, so she calls and says, “I’ve had her for 18 years, now it’s your turn.”

Sheila comes with two suitcases. You went to the train station to pick her up while I got the other bedroom ready for her. It has nice wallpaper, and carpet, and furniture. I just needed to freshen it up, and make sure the chest of drawers and closet were empty and the bed made.

Sheila is very subdued at first. She hasn’t seen you in many years, since she was small. And while she may have been a problem to her mother, she is going to be no problem here. We try to engage her in conversation, as we are in her room, I am helping her unpack her suitcases. You are in the chair talking to us. She confesses she Hates school, and doesn’t even want to go there. You tell her I am a teacher, you and I can teach her here at home; she need never go to school again. This makes her happy. She smiles shyly and I ask if anyone’s hungry.

After supper, we are in the family room. Sheila is starting to open up. She is contributing to the conversation, and far from being a ‘problem child’ as her mother claimed she just has a low self-esteem, and is unsure of herself. We assure her that no one here will hurt her. We love each other, and we love her as well. I walk into the family room from the kitchen and sit on the floor at your feet. She asks why do I do that and you say you like for me to sit on the floor next to you. You can reach down and touch me, or fondle me as you wish while watching TV. She asks me do I like sitting on the floor next to you, and I say, yes, I like it very much.

Then you say, “sometimes, Sheila, when Cathie is in need of punishment, I punish her. Like right now.” I’m thinking, right now? What have I done? You continue, “This afternoon, Cathie was so nervous about you being here, I didn’t get my blowjob after dinner.” I was thinking, we only just got through with dinner, I didn’t have a chance, but I knew that you were right. I wasn’t too keen on giving you a blowjob with Sheila there. You tell me it’s ok, she’s got a right to stay and watch, and then you tell Sheila it will be good for her to watch me. She doesn’t protest at all, just looks intently at you and me like she doesn’t know what to expect.

I give you the greatest blowjob. I truly enjoy this, and once I get going, I almost forget that she’s watching. Later, after I go clean up, I come into the family room once again, and you’re in the middle of the couch, motioning for me to lie across your lap. I look puzzled but then you say, “You should never show any kind of hesitation when I expect gaziantep escort haberleri your immediate obedience.” I apologize, and know it’s no use to protest or complain. You explain to Sheila that it’s been difficult for me to learn to do as I’m told, and you often need to punish me to reinforce the lesson.

She doesn’t seem scared or nervous anymore, just enrapt in what you are about to do to me. You have your metal ruler handy, and begin spanking me with it. My ass gets beet red very soon, and all this while, you aren’t talking to me, you’re talking to Sheila; telling her how naughty I get, how I need to be punished everyday for something. She doesn’t say anything, but afterward, you show her how wet my pussy is. When you get up for a drink, and leave us alone, she says, “Don’t you hate to be punished?” I say, “No, I know I need it. Your dad knows I like a good spanking.” She says she’s not sure she would ever like it. And I say, “Well, your dad won’t do anything to hurt you. And until you’re ready for it, he probably won’t spank you.” She says she doesn’t believe she’ll ever be ‘ready for it’, and we leave the conversation at that.

Over the next weeks, she and I come to terms with living together, almost like mother and daughter, but not quite. While you work, we learn not to be jealous of the other’s affection we receive from you. In the evenings, you teach us together how to share your cock, we teach Sheila how lovely it is, and how neat it is to take him into her mouth. Worshipping your cock is one of my favorite things to do.

She is intrigued with this whole concept, and once she starts sucking on your cock nightly, it’s almost like she was born for it. I begin stroking her pussy from behind, giving her a different feeling. At first this is somewhat discomforting to her, but she does like it, and slowly but surely she’s learning to trust everything we do for her. As she sucks your cock with her little girl mouth, she is getting wet, and my fingers are lightly spreading her wetness all around her bottom area.

One afternoon, you call her to you, and tell her it’s time for a practice session, sucking your cock. She replies that she’s not finished with the book she’s been reading. Suddenly your tone changes, and you say, “You’re not Ready!?” She drops the book at that tone and comes to you. You say gently, “You must learn obedience as Cathie has. When I tell you to come here, you don’t protest, you don’t give me excuses. You stop whatever you’re doing and come to me, Do you Understand?” she says, “Yes, Daddy, I’m sorry.” You tell her that first she must do as she is told. She kneels and pulls your cock free from your pants. With her little girl hands and her little girl mouth, she begins pleasuring you the way you love. As you begin shooting your come into her mouth, and it’s dripping down her chin and onto her little girl chest, you tell her that she still is going to have to be punished. With your come falling out of her mouth, she says, “Yes, Daddy, I deserve it for being disobedient.” But she is looking very worried.

You tell her it’s her first spanking, so it won’t be too severe, but she needs to learn her lesson. You pull her over your knee, pull up her skirt, and pull down her panties. I am on the other side of you, sitting on the floor facing her, and tell her it’s going to be ok. You start spanking her bottom with your hand. Not too hard at first, but it is gradually getting more and more strong. She’s crying and sobbing as quietly as she knows how. Soon you stop and tell her that’s what happens when we don’t obey you. She snivels that she’s sorry, and you send her to the corner to think about what she needs to learn from this experience.

Later, when you’re in town running errands (for some reason she and I don’t leave the house hardly ever. You do the entire shopping, etc), she quietly helps me in the kitchen and then tells me she now understands why I said I like the spankings. I said, “I know it’s difficult to explain to someone, but once you experienced it, I knew you would know what I mean.” She said it makes her feel very loved. Like someone cares about her and her behavior. Yelling at someone like her mother always did, just makes you feel resentful. I’m smiling and thinking that’s very insightful for a young girl.

A few days later, we are quietly eating dinner at the end of the day. We have conversation while eating, and you calmly say that you need to go to the city for a couple days. It should only involve one night, but if it’s longer, you will phone and let us know. Sheila looks worried that you are abandoning us, and you assure her you are doing no such thing. We are your life, and you most assuredly will come back. It is cold out, but we have plenty of provisions and everything is in good working order. I tell you that being in the country doesn’t bother me at all, and we’ll be just fine.

That night, Sheila goes to bed early, and we make marvelous love. You are gaziantep escort hikayeleri a wonderful lover, and I feel very lucky and privileged to be the one in this position! We don’t notice it at first, but then see that your daughter is standing just inside the door quietly watching us. You don’t stop what you are doing, just say, “Come on in, honey, it’s ok.” She walks in and sits on the chair just a little ways from the bed, and watches. When we have both reached orgasm, and turn to face each other in the bed, it’s that lovely magical moment, and Sheila says, can I get a hug, too?

“Of course, darling.” She joins us in a nice cuddle. And you ask if it’s the first time she’s ever seen people making love. She said Yes, but I have heard my mother before. You have a funny look on your face, but I say nothing. This is nice, and aside from the fact that I know you’re leaving in the morning, this is one of those moments of closeness I’ll remember for a lifetime.

The next morning, you are packed and leave us. But we are just fine during the day. For supper Sheila is wishing we lived close enough to town to call out for a pizza. I say, “Honey, we can make a pizza. We have yeast, flour and water. We have tomato sauce, spices, cheese, and sausage.” She doesn’t believe we can do this and I show her how. We can make anything from the simplest ingredients if you know what you’re doing. She says she’s glad she’s living with me, I can teach her how to cook as well as how to be loved and accepted!

Just as we’re cleaning up after the meal, we notice it is raining, and by the time we both have a bath, and are curled up in the living room watching TV, the rain turns to sleet. It must be getting colder out, but that’s ok; I tell her we’re warm, and we’re fine. There’s no need to worry. I’m not much of a worrier, but I’m finding out she is.

When it’s time for bed, she tells me her room is chilly, and I had noticed this before. I suggested we share our bed, it’s king size, and there’s plenty of room! Besides, with you gone, it seemed larger and lonelier than ever. She got under the covers and we both lay there. I was thinking about you of course. I don’t know what she was thinking. But then she said, “Does making love hurt?” I said, “No, it’s wonderful.” She said her mother had always screamed and yelled a lot. I said that’s just something some people do when making love, but it’s the most magnificent feeling in the world, with the right person. I said right now, my pussy is so lonely for your dad; you wouldn’t believe how empty she feels! I was trying to joke about it, but she propped her head up on her arm and said, “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” I started to say no, just because I was missing you so much, but then out of my mouth I said, “Yes, if you want to.”

I turned on the lamp on its dimmest setting and reached into the bedside drawer. In addition to a wooden paddle, and a few other toys, there was a nice long dildo. I turned around and said have you ever seen one of these? She said no but then started giggling. Well, if she doesn’t want to talk about it, I won’t make her. I laid the dildo on the bed, and pulled the quilt down. I pulled my nightgown up, and spread my legs. She said, “May I look at your pussy a little closer?” She lay on her stomach right between my legs, and I just lay back, letting her do as she liked. She was touching me lightly, my pussy is shaven for you, of course, and she is just moving the lips to the side, and looking closely. She said, “It’s in layers!”

“I guess that’s one way to put it. I know the feelings come in layers as well.” She kept stroking me, and touching the different places in my pussy, and then told me it’s getting very wet down there. I said, “Yes, she’s wanting something inside.” As I handed her the dildo, she said, “You want me to put it in you?” She didn’t wait for an answer; but pushed it firmly inside. I said, “Now, pull it out and push it in, over and over.” She did that, starting out very slowly, and then, it’s like she instinctively knew to make it faster and faster!

Soon, my pussy was gushing all over the bed. She said, should I stop now? I said, no, honey, just keep going for a little bit. I’ll tell you when. She continued for a little while, and then stopped as I was gasping in ecstasy. She sat up still quietly looking at me, and handed the dildo to me. She said, “You were really enjoying that. Will you do it to me?” I laid the dildo on the bedside table and turned to her as she lay next to me. “Sheila, I should not be the one to do this for you the first time. And I especially won’t do it with you while your dad is gone. Ok?” She said, “Well, it just looked so nice, and I wanted to feel good, too.” I said, “I can make you feel good without pushing anything into you.” She looked doubtful, but I turned off the lamp, and turned to her in the dark.

My hand pushed up her nightgown under the covers and I pulled her panties down. She looked at me funny; it was pretty dark, and I could just barely make out her face. I started stroking her little pussy, and gently asked her how it felt. For some reason I thought if she were embarrassed, it would be easier if I were talking to her. I brought my fingers into her slit only a little way, wanting to be sure not to enter her too far. She was really enjoying this, and the conversation ceased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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