Teasing my coworkers

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Mary had been married to Bradley for almost 9 years, and things were great between them. They had started dating in high school, and besides a couple of short break ups, have been together ever since. They held off on having children, instead focusing on their careers and themselves, and enjoyed planning trips together… they had normal trips they would plan with friends or family, and they had what they called “naughty trips” for when they traveled alone. Mary had been an exhibitionist from a young age, and was upfront about it to Bradley from the beginning… Bradley was a voyeur, but was more hesitant to own up to it at first… but once they started sharing experiences and fantasies, their sex life elevated astronomically!

Bradley loved that Mary was an exhibitionist, but he didn’t like the idea of guys they knew seeing her… it would make him jealous and feel uneasy, and he worried they would try to fuck her. Mary just got aroused at the idea of anyone being turned on seeing her, usually acting unaware she is on display… but they agreed that they should save that kind of play for when they were out of town… on one of their naughty trips. They hadn’t had a lot of experiences yet though, but they enjoyed planning them out together during sex. Mary, on the other hand loved the idea of playfully showing off her “secret parts” to guys she knew… but she didn’t tell Bradley that so as to not upset him… she knew she was a tease, but just thinking about letting Bradley’s friends sneak a peek, or maybe even some coworkers, it always made her horny.

Bradley felt lucky to have a wife that was understanding of his voyeur fetish. She would masturbate for him while he acted like he was spying on her, crack the window shades for him so he could watch as her and her friends tried on bathing suits… he loved seeing his friends wives naked without them knowing, and Mary loved helping him do it… imagining someone peeking on her. It wasn’t always easy to find reasons for girls to undress at their place (it was usually to enjoy the pool or hot tub), but Mary always seemed eager and to enjoy helping Bradley get away with seeing more than he was ever meant to see, and even allowed him to place little peepholes around the house (despite not often having the opportunity to use them). Mary had suggested before that maybe Bradley could set things up to where one of his friends could peek in on her, just like Bradley had peeked on others… but Bradly was quick to nix the idea, saying “it makes me feel to uncomfortable knowing someone I know has seen you like that”.

Mary was a pretty young woman, although a bit thick, with huge breasts that had always brought her attention… of course she always loved that attention, often showing excessive cleavage and relishing in the stares. Mary loved being the object of so many guys sexual desires, and she felt lucky to have Bradley who understood. He’d help her to expose herself to horny guys, whether if it was at a shoe store, or a dressing room… once even in the back of a taxi… she just wished she had more liberty to expose herself to those closer to her… the ones who she constantly caught checking her out, and that playfully joked about her huge tits. Of course Bradley would never be OK with another guy fucking Mary, and honestly, Mary was more interested in showing her pussy to others than fucking them… but of course she had her fantasies here and there.

There’s many stories to share that involve Bradley and Mary, but I think I’ll start with their naughty trip to Tampa. Mary worked in marketing, and it was her first work convention since joining the company a couple years back. Since Mary was getting her flight and room provided for her, Bradley decided he’d go as well and they could make a fun trip out of it… when she wasn’t working of course. Unfortunately his work prevented him from being able to go until the day after Mary left, but seeing as she wouldn’t really have any free time that day anyway, it was probably for the best. Out of the five team members going, she was the only female… so she was going to get a room of her own, while the other 4 guys shared two conjoined rooms… it worked out perfect, and Bradley and Mary were already thinking of ideas for naughty fun… Bradley was the one who usually came up with the ideas, and Mary liked being surprised by what he would think of next.

Mary decided on wearing a tight low cut shirt for the first day of the conference… she wanted to make an impression and make sure she grabbed people’s attention when pitching ideas to potential customers and investors. She knew she would have to wear it during the flight, as they wouldn’t have access to their rooms until after the conference… and she was thinking about how it’ll be fun to grab the boys from works attentions as well. The more she thought about teasing them, the more turned on she started to get… but she knew she couldn’t go to far, both because it would upset Bradley and it would make the work place awkward. She decided to push things slightly though… nothing to crazy, she told herself. Once she was at the airport she went to the restroom, removed her bra, and looked at herself in the mirror… her pierced nipples standing out through the shirts material, she knew it would probably be to much for Bradley to be OK with… but the thrill was to strong… besides, no one would notice until she took off her jacket, and she could put the bra back on once they land.

Mary knew she would be sitting in between Joseph Reynolds and Eddie Rogers… both single attractive guys from the office. Eddie was the kind of guy you can tell gets laid a lot… he’s charming, flirty, and smart. Joseph was more professional and polite, but very flirty as well… plus Mary had overheard talk that he was well endowed as well. She was a bit nervous as she walked up to her seat, both of them already in theirs, and started to remove her jacket to put in the overboard compartment… she looked down at them in their seats and said “you guys both look great today”, getting their attention as she took off her jacket and lifted it above her head… she peeked at them to see if they noticed, and they both certainly did… both of them openly staring toward her nipples as Eddie said “wow Mary, you look stunning as well”. Both the boys wondered if she was aware of how exposed she was… it wasn’t see through or indecent, but it was really close to it. They had both been obsessed with her body since working with her, and this was the most they had got to see of it yet… and they previously had no idea that her nipples were pierced, but it was very obvious now.

Mary took her seat while trying to act like she didn’t notice them both staring at her breasts, and feeling her groin warm in arousal. She attempted to make escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan small talk, but it was clear they distracted… until Eddie broke the ice and said “I’m not complaining, and I hope I’m not crossing a line here… but your top is very revealing and I’m having a hard time not staring”. Joseph chuckled and said “come on Ed, no need to make her feel uncomfortable” as Mary looked toward her nipples and feigned shock. She covered her breasts with her arms as she lied “I didn’t realize my nipples were so evident without a bra on… I just didn’t want wear it during the flight… this is embarrassing”. Eddie quickly replied “no need to be embarrassed, like I said, I’m certainly not complaining…. I just felt guilty for staring and wanted to make sure you were aware”. Joseph chimed in “you didn’t have to tell her you were staring”, to which Eddie replied “I’m pretty sure you were staring too… besides, she knows she’s hot”. Mary quickly got aroused hearing Eddie refer to her hot, and then said “It’s OK, I don’t blame you guys for staring… I’m used to guys staring at my chest anyway… I just didn’t know how exposed I was… if it makes you guys uncomfortable I can put my jacket back on”.

Joseph told her “no, as long as you’re comfortable, it’s fine”, to which Eddie added “yeah, please don’t put on your jacket” which made everyone chuckle. Mary put her arms back down on the arm rests, and said “thanks guys… but please don’t mention this to anyone else, they might take it the wrong way… not to mention my husband would get upset with me”. The guys both reassured her that they understood, and it would stay between them as Mary thanked them and again acted like she didn’t notice them looking at her chest. They changed the subject, and talked about the convention, until they hit some turbulence which made Mary’s tits bounce around… it was so obvious that she just went ahead and pointed it out herself, although she saw they already noticed… they all three openly stared at her heavily exposed cleavage, all wishing that more was exposed. Mary relished in the attention, giving them extra bounces whenever she could.

Once the plan landed, she put on her jacket, and went to the restroom to put her bra back on before meeting back up with everyone and heading towards the convention. She knew what happened wasn’t to big of a deal, but it was for her… and she couldn’t stop thinking about it throughout the day while they met knew people in the industry and worked their pitches together. Everyone staid professional as they continued to win clients over and make connections, which went on until the night at the hotel bar. There was a lot of drinking and laughter, but Mary was a seasoned drinker and could hold her own… her work mates, in the other hand, looked like they were getting a little to drunk and tried to convince them they should call it a night. Unfortunately when they went to check in, the hotel told Mary that they messed up the reservation and she was given a room with two double beds instead of a queen… but she figured it wasn’t that big of a deal since she was still getting her own room, and they comped her a couple bottles of wine.

Once in her room she called to checked in with her husband, and then took a shower… she opened a bottle of wine while she laid on her bed naked and watched TV… slowly rubbing herself while thinking about what fun that Bradley would get her into tomorrow night… and wishing she could tease Eddie and Joshua some more… wondering what they would think if they could see her right then, with her legs spread and her bare tits swaying on her chest as she gently massage her clit… only to be shocked when she heard a light knocking on the adjacent door. In a panic she jumped up and wrapped a towel around herself, but thought to herself “it’s probably just kids playing around” as she walked to the door and then heard Joshua’s voice through the door ask “hey guys, are you awake? Open your door”. Both confused and relieved, Mary cracked open her door and confirmed in was indeed Joshua… and it was obvious to her that he wasn’t expecting to see her as well… apparently the hotel had mixed her room with the other coworkers room… not that it mattered since they were all double bed rooms anyway.

“Mary?… are you hanging out with Douglas and Terrell?”. Joshua was clearly drunk, looking confused as Mary hid behind the door and explained the situation to him the best she could… that’s when Joshua fully opened his door, and Mary could see that Eddie was in the midst of kissing some girl in the room… “Eddie asked me to give them some privacy… do you mind if I hang out in your room for a bit?” He asked as he just walked inside her room. Mary wasn’t sure what to say or think, as she honestly just wanted to go to sleep and was worried what her husband would think if he knew she had a guy in her room with her… but she told herself “it’s no big deal, I’m sure he’ll leave once Eddie is done”… besides he had already walked in. It didn’t take long for Joshua to notice that Mary was only wearing a towel, and Mary felt her crotch tingle as she said “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting company… maybe I should put something on”. Mary was worried that the temptation to tease would be too strong… but she was also aroused enough to consider doing it anyway…

Joshua was quick to reply “you’re fine, don’t do anything on the account of me”. Mary reminded him “Bradley will be here tomorrow, so let’s not mention you were here tonight… he’d have a hard time understanding”. Joshua had a seat in the other bed, clearly intoxicated, and asked “Is Bradley the overly jealous type?”, as he looked Mary up and down… starting to develop thoughts of using her sexy body. Mary noticed that he hadn’t closed the door on their side of the room at all, and her door was only mostly closed, still leaving a 4 inch gap that she could see Eddie easily with. She tried to ignore the view and respond to Joshua’s question “he’s actually not overly jealous at all… he just doesn’t want co workers and friends to see me undressed”… she had said that without thinking, and realized she had unintentionally grabbed Joshua’s full attention. “Oh really… please, tell me more”, Joshua responded, as Mary stood up to pour herself another glass of wine. She realized she had said to much, as she responded “we shouldn’t be talking about this, we’re co workers”… but in his drunken state, there was no way he was going to let it go.

Mary knew she was in danger of doing something she shouldn’t, and pulled her towel up to better cover her cleavage that had slowly grown more exposed… but by doing so she felt the front of her towel go up enough to where her pussy escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan was exposed due to her big tits… she had her back to him as she realized it, so she had a few seconds to deliberate what she should do next… should she lower the towel to better cover herself again, or should she turn to face him and act like she didn’t know her pussy was on display… she quickly told herself “what the hell, he won’t know I know” as she turned around and watched the reaction on his face… and it didn’t disappoint. Bradley had just finished saying “we don’t have to be coworkers tonight, you can tell me anything and it stays between us”, when Mary turned around and he could see her bare shaven cunt on display. Mary relished in his obvious staring as she walked closer toward him and then sat down on her bed… she leaned a bit to look into the other room and saw Eddie on his back and the girl laying in front of him sucking his cock with her bare ass in the air.

She pointed out the scene to Joshua as she turned to sit against the backboard with her legs on the bed. Joshua stood up and looked in on Eddie, unintentionally opening it slightly more and then turned to Mary and commented “Eddie is so lucky… I haven’t got laid in over a month” as he resumed staring at her pussy. Mary felt her pussy heating up and getting wet as he walked over to the corner of her bed next to her feet and sat down. She could tell he was trying to hide his staring at her cunt, but he was doing a poor job… and she was fighting the temptation of opening her legs more, because she didn’t want to make it obvious she knew what he could see. Mary tried to break the tension by saying “based on the rumors I’ve heard about you, it’s hard to believe you have trouble getting laid”. Joshua looked up at her with a smirk, still looking drunk and unbalanced, and asked “what have you heard?”. Mary quickly responded “I shouldn’t have said anything, it’s inappropriate”, and then quickly added “I’m sorry, I didn’t offer you any wine… would you like some?”. As she spoke, she dropped one leg onto the floor, and her other knee up… as if she was about to stand up, but was waiting on his reply… but this opened her legs up more for him to get a much better view of her naked pussy, and for him to see just how wet she was… she sat motionless waiting on his reply, acting naive as he soaked in the view before he said “yes please”.

Mary stood up and walked over to the wine to pour Joshua a drink, and they could hear Eddie starting to fuck his date next door… slow steady rhythms that built up to a faster and faster pace. They both looked toward the door and then smiled at each other as she handed him his glass… she figured that Eddie would cum before too long, and Joshua would go back to his room… and although she was having fun teasing him, she worried about things eventually going to far. Joshua walked over toward the door and peeked in, and Mary crawled up on the bed to watch from under Joshua… they could see Eddie’s naked ass bouncing up and down as he relentlessly fucked his new friend, and her moaning was turning on everyone. Mary was on all fours, and turned her head to realize she was at eye level with Joshua’s crotch… and she could clearly tell his shorts were having a hard time restraining his erection. She looked up to him and whispered “are the rumors true?… are you a big as they say you are?”. Joshua smirked and stumbled slightly as he asked her “would you like to see?”.

Mary felt a lump in her chest, but more importantly a strong urge in her crotch. She hesitated with a “umm….”, still deciding on what she should say next, before Joshua just reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock, just a couple feet away from her face. Mary felt her heart skip and her nerves start to unsettle as she came face to face with the biggest cock see had seen in person, and all she could think about was what it would feel like inside of her. “Wow… the rumors really are true” Mary said, not taking her eyes off of it… Joshua noticed she was breathing heavier and biting her bottom lip as he took a step toward her and asked “Do you want me to fuck you?”. His dick was inches from her face, and the whole scenario was just to much… she had been teasing him with her pussy, watching and listening to Eddie fuck a girl while Joshua’s fat hog of a cock dangled in her face… Mary was silent for a few seconds and then felt like she was losing her breath as she said “if I wasn’t married,… I’d beg you to fuck me right now”.

Joshua reached out and started to remove her towel as he asked her “so is that a yes?”. Mary knew she was letting things go to far, but she didn’t know if she would stop it or let it continue… could she stop it…maybe it had gone to far already, so at this point it didn’t matter, she tried to rationalize to herself as she felt Joshua remove her towel… leaving her naked on all fours, with his cock close enough to her mouth that he could feel her heavy breathing. Out of pure instinct, she felt her mouth slightly open to take him in, and Joshua slowly started to slide past her lips… he felt her tongue start to rub the head of his cock, but she quickly pulled back and sat up while proclaiming “I can’t do this, I’m married”… but deep down she knew she still might. Joshua took in his first view of the tits he always stared at, and wondered what they looked like, and now they were openly there for his admiration… her areolas a bit smaller and darker than he imagined, and her pierced nipples standing more perky than he would have thought for such large breasts. Mary realized he was getting a good look at her, which only turned her on more.

She sat up against the headboard with her legs open, grabbed her glass of wine from the side table, and looked into the room to watch Eddie fuck his date from behind… she looked back at Joshua and told him “No one can ever know what happened here tonight… no one… do you understand?”. Joshua grabbed his glass and took a sip before reaching out with his left hand to rub her upper thigh… he told her “tonight you’re single… no reason to feel guilty. No one else will ever know anything that happened here”. Mary chugged the rest of her drink and said “this won’t happen again, understand?… we have to stay professional, and can’t mention it at all… this is one night only, and then it’s like it never happened”. Joshua smiled and chugged the rest of his drink before getting on the bed between her legs, pulling her down to him so that she was on her back, and starting to eat her out. Mary couldn’t believe it was happening, but gave in to the fact it was… she no longer cared about resisting, and was now just excited about what was about to happen.

Mary escort bayan oğuzeli looked down at Joshua as he pulled her legs up and fully explore her pussy inside and out, licking and sucking on her clit, and running his tongue up inside her hole… it had been a long time since someone ate her out so passionately… and hearing Eddie’s body slap against his girls body while they grunt and moan, she was now eager to see what Joshua’s big cock would feel like inside of her. She pushed his face into her soaked slit, and told him “I want you to fuck me now… don’t make me wait any longer”. Joshua was eager to please as he climbed over her, holding her legs up, and slowly started to penetrate her bare pussy. Mary grunted as he slowly slid inside, stretching and filling her fuller than she had ever been before… granted she had only been with a few guys before, she was surprised by how different he felt… and due to her arousal, he slid in with little resistance despite his size. She had a tinge of guilt rush over her as she savored the feeling as he slowly started to thrust into her, but it was quickly washed away with the lust building up in her chest and pussy.

Joshua looked down at his married coworker, watching her giant tits wobble as he started thrusting harder and deeper inside of her… he would have never thought he would get an opportunity like this, she was always the hot big tittied girl they had no chance with… and now she was his for the using… he was surprised by how well she could handle him as he fully penetrated her, and then whispered in her ear “you’re pussy feels so fucking good around my cock”. Mary moaned as the words hit her ears and made her pussy flood even more. His pace picked up to where he was fucking her just as hard as Eddie was fucking his girl in the next room, and despite really enjoying it, Mary made Joshua stop due to being to loud. “Shhh, I don’t want Eddie to hear… let me get on top”. Joshua rolled onto his back, and Mary admired how hard and thick his cock was before leaning down to suck it… it was difficult getting it all in her mouth, but that just heightened the arousal as she worked it as well as she could… it sounded like they might be finishing up next door, so Mary quickly climbed on top of Joshua and fed his cock inside of her pussy… she could feel him throbing as she grinded down against him and rubbed her clit… Joshua was fighting the urge to cum, and Mary knew it.

She enjoyed Joshua staring at her naked tits that she knew he had been obsessing over for a long time, as she looked out the door to see Eddie on his back, and his date jerking him off while licking his balls… she could clearly see Eddie’s cock, and knew he was about to cum… she wondered if he had seen her at any point, or he knew what they were doing… the idea worried her, but the exhibitionist side of her loved the idea… but he didn’t seem to give any indication that he noticed… but as she watched his head throw back as he grunted, she knew he was about to cum… and she watched as a fountain of semen shot out of his cock. She looked at Joshua and said “cum… I want you to cum inside of me” as she felt a strong orgasm building up, making it difficult to stay quiet. She felt his cock start pulsing and swelling, and she knew he was cumming inside of her, which sent her over the edge and made her cum as well. She was gasping for air, trying to remain quiet, but Joshua smiled as he watched her face strain and turn red as she cum all around his cock and collapsed on his chest.

Joshua rolled her over onto her back as he slowly pulled out of her, and watched his cum flow out of her gaping cunt. Mary was feeling a bit guilty still, but she was worried more than anything else. She told Joshua “close the door all the way before Eddie sees anything”… Joshua walked over and and took a peek… Eddie was not there, probably in the bathroom, and his date was spread out naked on the bed passed out… he closed the door quietly and told Mary “don’t worry, this stays between us” as he walked back over and laid down next to her. This wasn’t the first time she had cheated on her husband… there had been a couple of others in the past, but she never planned on them to happen… they just happened. She didn’t consider herself a “cheater”, and it wasn’t something she wanted to make a habit of. She did love her husband, just sometimes things get out of hand… but as Joshua got back to the bed and played with her tits from behind, she reminded him “remember, after tonight, this is not to be talked about with anyone… including me… understand?”. Joshua rubbed his semi flaccid cock against her naked ass and said “after tonight, it’ll be as if this never happened… and I won’t expect it to happen again… I understand”.

“Thank you” Mary said before slowly adding “I really enjoyed it… sorry I came so fast”. Joshua started kissing on her neck and then said “it’ll be a few minutes before Eddie falls asleep… maybe we can take advantage before we call it a night”. Mary was well aware they hadn’t even kissed at this point… it had been pure animalistic lust… and as he turned her around to face him, their lips met… escalating to their tongues exploring each other as she reached down and gently massaged his cock, feeling it grow hard and long again in her grasp… he might have been drunk, but he was still able to get ready for round two. Joseph climbed on top of her and slowly slid back inside her pussy as Mary moaned… and as Joseph steadily upped the pace, Mary reached down and started rubbing her clit and said “Oh my God, I’m such a slutty whore!… fuck my married pussy, use me like the cheating slut I am!”. Joshua smirked with a sense of victory as he continued to fuck her, and said “I love knowing you’re another man’s wife as I slide my bare cock inside your pussy”. That was all she needed to hear to start cumming again, except this time Joshua didn’t join her, and just took his time using her body.

By the time Joshua finally finished they were exhausted and quickly passed out asleep. Mary would wake up occasionally, feeling him rubbing on her tits, and at one point even felt him putting his cock inside her again. By the time the morning finally came, she was hesitant to want to open her eyes… for one, she was exhausted from not getting enough sleep… and two, she knew it was the end of her fun with Joseph. She looked at him as he still slept next to her, and she wondered if he could possibly still be able to perform one last time… but that would be it, she told herself. She turned around to check the time, and was startled to see Eddie standing at the door way… not even attempting to hide as he held his phone up, clearly recording them in bed together. Shock hit her, and then deep fear of what might happen if word got out, or even worse, the video he was making! Eddie walked back into his room, leaving the doors ajar as Mary contemplated what she should do… she was still covered by her blanket as she reached to the floor to grab her towel, quickly covered herself, and followed him into his room to confront him…

To be continued if there’s an interest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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