Teasing Teacher

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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My name is Jonathan J. Johnson. I’ll let you guys guess what my middle name is. Let’s just say that my parents are both OCD. Everybody calls me Jonnie.

I’m a Senior at The Virginia Bell Regional High School outside of Skokie Illinois.

I turned 19 just before my senior year started and that meant I was the oldest student in my class. This is because when I was a young child my parents were missionaries in Africa and I caught a very rare jungle fever. It was nip and tuck for a few months but I survived.. I was hospitalized for almost an entire calendar year.

This resulted in my being a year behind all my peers in school and it caused me to be shorter than I would have been otherwise. So here I am, 19 years old and I stand 5’6″ in my stocking feet.

To compensate for my short stature I work out a lot. Maybe that’s my OCD? Anyway, I’m muscular and have an extremely low body fat. Under five percent most of the time. There is one other physical abnormality that I have. But we will get to that soon enough.

The first few days of school were hectic, as usual. Finding out where my classes were, who my teachers and classmates were. You know, the usual.

But after a few day things fell into a rhythm. When I was finally able to get my head up I noticed a few things. One: there were the usual number of girls in my classes that I found attractive. Two: my home room teacher was way better looking than any of the students! She was a fox! I mean she was amazing! Ms. B was new to the school. She had been hired over the summer. So she was leaning the ropes the same way the rest of us were.

Ms. B was almost exactly my height. But in the short heels that she always wore she was taller than I was. I had to look up into her eyes.

Dark hair, which she parted in the middle and fell to just below her shoulder. Brown eyes highlighted by the mascara and make-up that she wore (a little unusual for a teacher). Plush cupid-bow lips (which alway had lipstick) added to the native good looks that she was blessed with. She also wore black-rimmed glasses which I thought added to her good looks!

Sexy in a nerdish kind of way, you know? She kind of looked like Velma from Scooby-Doo. But in real life. And prettier. And bustier. Did I mention that Ms. B was stacked? Even under the blazers that she always wore you could tell that she was really well built!

Ms. B had a smoking hot body under her ever-present blazers. Oneother thing that stood out was the fact that her skirts were short! Almost inappropriately short! And she wore dark stockings! She had magnificent legs!

Ms. B was also my Comparative Lit. teacher. So I had her at the start and end of each school day as well as three classes a week. The Comparative Lit class was AP and there were only 12 of us in the class. None from my home room.

Well, to get to the point:

It started on day In home room. I dropped my binder. All my pens and pencils fell out onto the floor. Along with my papers. It was a mess. As I was getting ready to pick up all the crap Ms. B stepped up across from me.

As I watched she squatted down to help. Her skirt rode up her legs and I got a look almost all the way to her panties! She was wearing stockings, not pantyhose. I could see the snaps from the garter belt that was connected to her hose! I even got a glimpse of her thighs.

I bent over to pick up the papers while she gathered the pens and pencils. She was pivoting and swiveling from side to side as she worked. Every time she swung from side to side her skirt moved up her thighs a little bit. I kind of stopped working and was just watching those amazing legs flex and bend as she slowly picked up one pen after another.

When she handed me the pencils I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her lips. She didn’t stand up immediately. Instead she remained crouched in front of me while I kept gawking. I finally stood up and mumbled a quick, “Thanks” before I put my binder back together.

Ms. B. slowly stood up, brushed her hands over her skirt and smiled at me. “I’m glad to help, Jonnie. See you this afternoon.” She turned and sashayed to the front of the classroom. I watched her ass tick-tock all the way. Was she really showing off for me? Naw, no way!

That afternoon Ms. B. made it a point to ask how the day had gone. And she picked a bit bursa escort of lint off my shoulder while she stood in front of me. I heard someone behind me mutter “Teacher’s pet.” but I couldn’t tell who had said it.

The next couple of days were normal. Well, except that Ms. B. made it a point to smile at me in homeroom and once I swear she licked her lips while she was looking at me. But that was all.

The next week in Comp Lit we had a couple of reading assignments. Ms. B. had a student read passages out loud from each reading and then led a discussion period.

She would wander around the room while the student was reading and then return to the front of the room to lead the discussion. On one occasion she stopped in front of my desk. She smiled placidly at me and leaned over my desk.

“I appreciate your participation,” she spoke softly. “It does seem to be warm in here today, don’t you think?” As she spoke her hand was tugging at the neckline of her v-necked sweater. I couldn’t help myself. I watched as she fluttered the neckline, allowing me to get a glimpse of her upper chest and the swells of her bosom that was pushed into view by her brassiere. She grinned at me while letting me get an idea of how well built she was. And she WAS well built!

As she moved back to the front of the room she made a point to pull her short skirt tight against her butt as she went. And she smiled at me when she got to the front of the room. She was flirting with me! Swear to God she was! I have to admit that I panicked a little. I rushed out of the classroom as soon as the period was over.

And I was right about the flirting! She would catch my attention in class and while I was looking at her she would run her tongue around her lips! She would smirk at me while doing this. Some times she would stop in front of my desk and make a point to pull her neckline down so I could admire her chest. Which was huge!

Then one day Ms. B pushed the envelope.

Ms. B was helping the girl in front of me. She was leaning over her shoulder to point out something in the text. As she did so she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. This caused her ass to twitch back and forth not more than two feet in front of me. Back and forth. Back and forth!

As I watched her skirt rode up farther and farther until I could see her panties. Again she was wearing hosiery with a garter belt! Really sexy! At one point she looked back over her shoulder. When she saw that I was looking she smiled at me and, Honest to God, she WINKED at me!

And then she took it to another level!

She turned back to the student and as I watched she slid her hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy though her panties! In no time at all there was a large wet stain and then moisture began to trickle down her leg!

She worked with the girl for a little longer and then stood up. She turned to ward me and made a show of licking off her fingers! The ones that had been working so hard between her legs! She smiled at me, extended her tongue to clean off her fingers and palm then sauntered to her desk up front. She pulled her skirt down as she walked to the front of the class.

Later that day in homeroom at the end of the day Ms. B took attendance as usual. There was only a few minutes until the end of the school day. As we waited at our desks Ms. B. stood in front of me and unbuttoned her blazer. Standing as close to me as she could she parted her jacket and held it open so I could see her blouse. It was white, with buttons up the front. Those buttons were pulled tight by her breasts! She pulled her shoulders back, took a deep breath and shimmied herself left and right. I watched, entranced, as her big tits rocked and bounced under that blouse. Her nipples popped out to press against the fabric.

Her pelvis was pressed against the corner of my desk. It was rocking up and down as she smirked down at me over the overhang of her boobs!

While I stared Ms. B took another deep breath. The top button of her blouse popped open. Then the second! Now I had a really good view of her fabulous cleavage. I was able to see the edges of her bra cups and the inner swells of her boobs as they rose and fell in her bra. It was a low-cut bra that exposed all of her cleavage!

Still smiling down at me she reached in with one hand and caressed her breasts. Then she pinched each nipple in turn, tweaking and pulling on them before she started to squeeze her boobs. bursa escort bayan Her hand wasn’t large enough to fully contain her mams, but she was holding them, shaking them for me to watch and bouncing on her heels to cause her breasts to dance under her blouse. It was sexy as hell!

I was stiff as a board in my pants. A fact which did not get missed by Ms. B. Still smiling at me she leaned over the desk which caused her boobs to almost fall out of her blouse.

She slowly drew her index finger up the bulge that my hard on had caused.

“Nice! Very nice! It would seem that you have a lot to offer a girl. I hope I get a chance to confirm that. Really soon, Jonnie. I want to find out really soon!”

And then she was gone. The end of school bell rang but I had to wait quite a while before I could stand up without embarrassing myself!

This went on for several more days. Each day Ms. B would tease me with her cleavage and large tits. Her butt and legs were on constant display for me. She would bend over or crouch in front of me. Panty shots were plentiful and exciting. She wore the sexiest underwear I could imagine!

Ms. B would stand where only I could see and use both hands to pull her blouse to each side to show off! I loved it! I was sporting a hard on most of the time in her classes. I had to hold my books in front of my crotch to avoid embarrassing myself. But Ms. B. knew what was going on and she enjoyed it as much as I did!

Finally, on Friday, Ms. B teased me unmercifully in final homeroom.Leaning over. Showing off her cleavage. Using both hands to plump her breasts for me to admire! I had a hard-on out to here at the end of school and I stalled until it started to subside before i got up to leave. As I headed toward the classroom door Ms. B. stepped up and closed it in front of me. As I watched she locked the door and turned toward me.

Her blazer hit the floor and she slithered right up to me and pressed herself against me. Any softening was immediately replaced with steel-like hardness!

As she smiled into my eyes Ms. B made it a point to sway against me so that I could feel her body. Her boobs were pressed hard against me. Her cleavage surged out of her sweater and brushed against my chin while she kept on smiling. Her groin was rubbing against my hard-on.

“I’ve waited long enough,” she husked. “I want to find out just what you are packing in your overloaded pants.” I felt her hands on my crotch as she said this. I couldn’t move! I was frozen with excitement!

“Um, you seem to be very well endowed,” she continued. “I like a man with a large dick! Let me see yours!” She was on her knees in front of me now. Smiling at me and licking her lips, she unbuckled my belt and drew down my zippier.

“Stop wearing underwear,” she instructed me. “I don’t want there to be any impediment to my accessing you in the future.” She had managed to pull my pants and underwear to my knees while she was talking.

“Wow! Nice! You seem to be almost ten inches long! And look at these balls! I’ve never seen a set of balls like these!” she exulted. Her long, limber tongue came out to lick my ball sack. I did have a large set of gonads. The doctors had said it was part of my body’s reaction to the fever I had suffered as a child. Each one was almost the size of a billiard ball!

Ms. B was snuffling and snorting as she rubbed her face in my crotch.

“Yes, I do love a big set of balls! It means that you can cum a lot! And I love a lot of cum! I like to have my lovers spurt all over my big, fat titties so that I can lick it all up! And then I get them to cum down my throat and in my ever-thirsty pussy! I’m going to have a lot of fun with you and your huge balls, Jonnie!

She slowly extended her tongue to lick my cock from the balls to the dick head. She did this several times while humming happily and stroking my hard-on! She began to stroke my dick faster and harder. Ms. B. ducked under my spread legs and began to lick and suck my balls. She pulled one big ball into her mouth and popped it in and out while stroking me with one hand.

I was a virgin and I hadn’t had any real sexual experience. I couldn’t take it any longer! With a semi-shout I blew my balls all over. Cum ended up on her back, her hands, the floor in front of me and a little into her mouth once she got herself in position to pull my dick head between her lips!

“Oh, yummy! Jonnie you taste delicious! And you are still hard escort bursa as a rock! I knew it! Come here, darling. Let me show you one of my favorite things to do with a big dick like yours!”

“Is it really big?” I asked. I really didn’t know.

“Oh yes, Jonnie, you have a really big dick!” She grabbed a ruler from her desk and slapped it against my still stiff cock. “Look at this! Ten inches long! And so thick! I can’t touch my thumb to my fingers! I don’t think I’ve ever had a man that thick before! Now shut up and watch this!”

When had she taken off her blouse and bra? She hefted her hooters with both hands and arms and bounced them for me to appreciate how big they were! They were enormous! They overflowed her arms to either side while her nipples were pointing straight ahead and sticking out almost an inch!

Holding them up like that her tits reached almost all the way to her wrists! So big!

Smiling up at me she enfolded my cock between her tits and started to pound them up and down while squeezing her tits as tight around me as she could. It felt amazing! I had never known how good it could feel! It wasn’t all that long until I began to spurt out again!

A look of surprise flew across Ms. B’s face but she kept on going until I had nothing left to give her. “I can’t believe how quickly you came again! Young studs like you are so much fun! Can you go again, Jonnie?”

“I think so,” I said while stroking my dick. I had lost a little stiffness but seeing Ms. B, half naked and on her knees in front of me was bringing me back to full strength fast!

“Goodie! Cause I still haven’t felt this big thing where it belongs, in my hot, wet cunt! Now slide over here and let me see what it feels like.” She pulled me to stand next to her desk while she leaned back on it. She was sitting on the desk blotter and pulling me between her legs. My cock head was at just the right height to allow me to push my dick into her pussy. Her pussy lips resisted at first but as I put more pressure on them they parted to admit my cock.

“OOOhhhhh, that’s so big, so hard, so thick!” Ms. B. was groaning and moaning while her hips bounced and shook as I drove myself deeper and deeper into her. She cried out in excitement and laid back on the desk. I started to move faster and harder. As I did so I got to watch Ms. B’s big titties slosh and move on her chest. They rose to frame her chin and then slid down to cover her navel!

I grabbed hold and tried to keep them under control but it was too hard to do. I ended up just pinching her nipples and pulling her tits out into huge cones as we kept working together to get me deeper into her hot, wet cunt.

It took a while but at last I was giving her all that I had! She was taking ten inches of rock hard dick as fast as I could give it to her and she was loving it!

Moaning and groaning, calling out to God, asking me to go faster and harder, Ms. B was really loud! It crossed my mind that someone might hear us but it didn’t stop me from what I was doing!

I had cum twice and so I was able to pound myself into her for quite a while before the urge to erupt got strong. Mr. B. had convulsed in ecstasy at least four times while we had been fucking each other. The desk blotter under her ass was soaking wet.

Oh, it’s so good, so good,” I told her. “I’m going to cum again. Where do you want it? Should I cum in your tight hot pussy?”

“No, Jonnie, I want you to decorate my tits again! Spurt all over my big tits! I want to watch you blow your load onto me! Do it now, honey! Do it now!”

As I stepped back from her she slid to the floor in front of me and held up her giant tits!

“On me, darling, all over my 34-GG titties! Soak them in your cum, honey! I love how it feels when you splash your seed onto me!”

I grunted deep in my chest as the first of many shots of cum flew out of my dick and landed on her breasts! There were at least six eruptions that splashed on her!

“So much! You came so much!” she gasped as she surveyed the damage. “Look how it’s running down my boobs and I can smear it all over my nipples and there is still so much for me to chase down and suck up! I love your cum, sweetie! I love the taste and I love how much there is! You are amazing!”

She started to lick up my sperm. She was smiling and giggling while she did this.

“You better zip up, honey. It’s getting late. But this isn’t the last time I want to spend some special time with you, Jonnie!” She was wiping up sperm with both hands and bringing it to her mouth.

I did as I was told and headed for the door. When I looked back she was tossing the desk blotter in the trash and starting to get dressed. I hope we can do this again soon!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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