Teenage Fantasies – First Girl

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This is slightly based on a true story just the parts that tend to get really sexual are solely fantasies. All stories will be mostly of one person and other people for other chapters and since these are based on real people their names will be changed. Also all people are exactly 18 years old in high school if you catch my drift. Also sorry if the story seems to lose focus, these are old memories.


Kate: This was my first year at a new school, a more degraded school than the one I used to go to that was only ten miles down the road. This school was notorious for being bad at every sport since everyone there didn’t care or were too high to even notice what was going on around them or getting caught up in fake gang wars since we were all white kids trying to act tough and loved the country western lifestyle since this was east Texas.

The house my parents had bought was right off the lake next the town. Over the summer, my two brothers and I were caught up having fun at the lake and in the pool that we had in the backyard surrounded by tall green trees. We all got to paint our rooms, mainly since mine was pink and my younger brother’s was yellow.

I had hoped that I would make the track team while I was here since nobody here is really good at anything was always how the story ended. So I spent the summer running around our rich neighborhood (our neighborhood was the most prestigious in the town even though it was slightly above middle class). The days were always hot and humid and sunny, so any fat or pale skin was quickly transformed into a golden lean body.

I was never excited to start school here only to run since I have come discovered how much I love to. On the first day of school was the loneliest day of my life. I had worn a white shirt and white shorts like an idiot, and if anybody had talked to me I could never make out the words they said. In all of my classes I never gotten anyone’s names and during lunch I sat alone and eat my cold sandwich I waited the entirety of the lunch period for.

Now this story continued on and on until one day in the November, there was this girl that I had found very attractive for appearing very modest with pale skin and lovely short brown hair but striking green eyes and a few inches taller than me. We had third period, health science together and every day when the bell had rung to dismiss us I would take an extra second to act like I’m gathering my things to leave just to watch her leave since she had this big butt that her tight jeans just emphasized. So being a teenager I had sought out this sexual feeling that I wanted almost needed to enact upon. Gaziantep Düztepe Escort

She sat in front of me during class, so I would very faintly almost as if were an accident at first trace outlined or patterns on her back with my pencil or pen and then my fingers when I built up the courage, the thing is that she never stopped me so I got braver and braver with full on back massages that I had learned from the internet and practiced on my basset hound at home.

We never spoke to each other at this point until she messaged me on Facebook that I should text her and gave me her phone number, but I don’t own a phone and only an iPod that I downloaded an app to text people with. So we started texting and she told me how different I am when I write and not who I am in person. We talked about our favorite things and I had made this necklace for her out rectangular strips of pink and purple (her favorite colors) paper that I stapled together and wrote her name on to give it to her during class the next day. And all the time that I was talking to her I had the hardest erection of my life and never relived it since I thought that it would be relieved out of my own hands hopefully sometime soon. So I gave her the necklace the next day and she hugged me to say thank you and told me that I need to work on my hugging skills (before then I had never hugged a girl besides once when a friend told a girl to hug me and I just stood there until he grabbed my hands and made me squeeze her ass).

I don’t remember exactly how we started dating just few moments of us hanging out. I remember once when it was raining outside and I was running, she seen me running around the school after she got released from color guard practice. She told me to come inside with her while she waited on her mom to come pick her up. We talked in the band hall and all the while I kept on looking down her low cut shirt to see the small luscious outlines of her breast being exposed. That’s all I remember from that day.

Just some extra random memories and less of stories. She would always come to see me run around the track during practice, and I would push myself to go faster just because of the feeling she gives me that lust of a physical nature. I asked her one time how sex had worked since I was never taught other than from the biology book I had eagerly looked for as I hoped all teenagers do and wasn’t just me. As she told me that a man puts his penis inside and ejaculates, the sperm swim up the vagina to the uterus and a baby is made from there. I’m pretty sure as I was reading this message my member was harder than any known substance.

I fantasized about her that night but still never gave myself a release. She was my first girlfriend and I wanted to keep her just so I can keep feeling this physical love. I told her that I loved her but she didn’t believe me and she asked me why I loved her, so I told her why which was that she had made me this whole new person as if she had awakened a slumbering giant within me. And she said back was that she loved me too.

A girl in biology class that was very touchy with me, almost forcefully like I was being raped and everyone in class were doing nothing about it. Her and her friend were pinching my nipples and twisting my hair, and once grabbing my ass as I walked out the door. I had told Kate all of this and she was furiously jealous. I only had wanted her to touch me and not those who stole it, but yet I still searched for when I rode the bus with her hoping she would touch me.

During biology, she would talk to me that would make me so hard, asking me if she found this girl in class pretty and I said sure but she told me how slutty she was and how she gave hand jobs on the bus. Deep within me I wanted her to touch me there even if I was with Kate. I just only want someone to touch me.

It was now Christmas break, I didn’t get to talk to Kate much or see her much since she was away with relatives. So when Kate had got back she told me that how much she wanted to see me and that I could come over to her house tonight. This was the first time we have ever really were together outside of school except text messages. My mom dropped me off at her house and I saw Kate at the front door waiting for me. Once inside, I talked to her mom for a little bit and asked me if I could set up their satellite receiver to the TV since Kate had told her mom how I’m interested in computers. So I just plugged the hdmi cable and power cord and all was good to go. Kate grabbed some movies from her room that we were going to watch and put them in the blu ray player.

She laid right next to me and I loved feeling her right next to me, the skin on our arms touching each other was all I wanted in this moment.

Our exchange of warmth drove my teenage ambition further. I’ve never felt this way before, nobody has ever come this close to me. I wanted it more. I had my arm around her shoulder so she could hear my heart beat so rapidly to provide blood to the only part of my body that needed it most. A bulge became quite noticeable underneath my jeans especially when it twitched in anticipation. Kate leaned her face up towards mine and gazed her green eyes at me and pressed her lips onto my cheek.

I had to return the favor since I feel that I have to when people do things to me and in this instance I desperately wanted to, so I kissed her forehead and then she kissed my cheek again; now we did this over and over until when I leaned in she had looked up so our lips would touch. Our lips kept on coming together ever so increasing in rate since our hormones have taken control, and then her tongue grazed across mine – this was the turning point.

I’ve never felt so alive before, I entwined my tongue with hers and we danced our tongues to a seductive tune. She took hold of my hair, wrapping her fingers up in the thick brown curls, increasing the rate at which our lips and tongues would meet. I grasped a tighter hold of her waist and pulled her into me. Our bodies were as close as they could be, I felt her small perky breasts press firm into my toned chest as she slipped her hands up into my shirt to slide her hand up and down the lean muscle. She rolled over to where she was on top of me just so she could grab hold of my hands around her waist and move them down to what I’ve been dreaming of for months.

She no longer needed her hands to guide me and put them back on my chest as I grabbed hold of this idol and let all of my lust I’ve been keeping inside be placed inside my palms kneading and squeezing and molding my hands around, worshiping it almost. The aggressive touching of her ass was causing her to begin slightly grinding into me as her hands slipped further down my body until her hands had touched what had been boiling up for months. Her fingers rubbed against my member which was scratching against the zipper aching for the real touch of her fingers.

But we had heard her mom’s door open and we had just enough time to gather ourselves and seem like we were enjoying the movie we were watching. Her mom began cooking dinner for us, all the while Kate kept on smiling at me and winking. After that we still hung out after school at each other’s houses but none were quite as magical or sexually intense or hormone driven other than the usual of us just making out and the one instant that I thought would reignite the feelings we bury. Kate’s parents had planned a date for us with Kate’s sister and finance coming along to some fancy Cajun place down the road in another town.

The wait list was an hour, so we were allowed to sit in the car until our table was ready. In the car we kissed with a rush, she placed her hands upon my bare chest, but all did not feel as they once did. Our relationship grew strained since I became too clingy because I wanted to keep feeling that intensity over and over.

Kate broke up with me on Valentine’s Day after I had gone seen a movie with her. But I’ll never stop searching for that feeling.

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